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Published by christos.b.xb, 2018-05-29 08:58:19

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NOYNOY gouda cheese transforms the toasted cheese sandwich into a Milky Toast! Each slice of NOYNOY gouda cheese contains all the nutrition found in fresh milk but also offers rich flavor that makes everyone ask for more! \"1 slice NOYNOY gouda = 1 glass of fresh cow’s milk\" 1/2 NOYNOY gouda. You don't want any other. You want more! Communication campaign in 2010. Milky Toast becomes Rich in milk Rich in taste \"Big Milky Toast\"! Rich in nutritional value NOYNOY gouda cheese makes the big difference and supports children in their big (milky) endeavors, their big (milky) dreams and talents! That's why we choose Big Milky Toasts with NOYNOY gouda! Put it well in your mind! MeGala Tostakia \"Big Milky Toasts\" For Big \"Milky\" steps, \"Big Milky Toasts\" with NOYNOY gouda. Animated TVC Communication campaign in 2014. for children in 2016. 64

2010 | We are stronger We live Big Moments! And it is certain that with NOYNOY gouda Big Milky Toasts, the family moments become even bigger. Full of energy, drive, nutrition and excitement that bring fun to everyday life of children and their families. Toast occasion now also on pack! \"Big Moments\" Communication campaign in 2017. 65

In 2015... straight to butter! NOYNOY has \"spread\" to the Greek market with the launch of NOYNOY Butter and NOYNOY Soft. NOYNOY Butter is made from 100% fresh cow’s milk, unsalted, ideal for setting off the flavor of any dish, salty or sweet, while NOYNOY Soft, made from fresh butter and pure vegetable oils, has come to make the \"spreading\" easy with its creamy and smooth texture. Straight to creation! Advertisements in 2015. Straight to butter. 66

2010 | We are stronger In-store communication in 2015. Television advertisement in 2015. 67

T radition at its finest! In 2015 NOYNOY takes a brave step and enters the market of Natural Authentic Dairy Products that connected \"tradition\" with \"today\" Greek, Proud… and Eklekto! NOYNOY Eklekto is inspired from Greek tradition. The NOYNOY Eklekto strained yoghurt is made from 100% greek milk and has a unique taste with highest quality! 68

2010 | We are stronger Television advertisement in 2015. 69

Setting the table. Tastes that bonds us. 70

2010 | We are stronger We’ve connected the love of people for good food with their desire to have a good time with the \"family\" of NOYNOY products and we set them on the most special table, all over Greece. \"Setting the Table\" is a unique digital platform that has come to offer a holistic experience around the table of each and every family, at any occasion, so as to mix successfully together our varied preferences. 71

Strong every day Parents and children are invited to discover that they can become champions in whatever they do! Because NOYNOY is not just a glass of milk. It is the strength to make it happen! Television advertisements in 2017. 72

2010 | We are stronger It is not just a glass of milk. It is the strength to make it happen! A glass of milk for every child! 73

NOYNOY Basketaki! High score! Television advertisement in 2017. 74

2010 | We are stronger NOYNOY Basketaki. Drink. Move. Be strong. NOYNOY Basketaki has become the \"Talk of the Town\", with an impactful TVC starring Hercules the lion and Diamantidis, the famous Greek basketball player. NOYNOY milk becomes a Hero and Hercules a Star... while supported by: ★ Powerful Communication that created WOM and Awareness ★ Successful Digital Campaign that created virality ★ Integrated BTL Activation that boosted Sales and Penetration 75

NOYNOY’s non-negotiable values serve the success of the family. 76

2010 | We are stronger Our vision is to create innovative products of excellent quality and high nutritional value that NOYNOY was recognized and awarded with the title consumers trust, love and connect with over a lifetime. \"There are lots of milks. But there is only of \"The leading SUPERBRAND\" one NOYNOY!\". in the Greek dairy market. The values that NOYNOY has consistently embodied over the last 90 years - dedication, trustworthiness and innovation - relate to family, maternity, care, safety and quality of nutrition. The love and trust with which Greek consumers embrace NOYNOY products confirm the consistency with which the brand meets the high quality standards of the entire family. Dedication. NOYNOY is committed to obtaining and offering products of superior quality and high nutritional value. The long-term relationship that the company has built and continues to develop with consumers, business partners, shareholders, employees and the local communities in which it operates, is based on this very dedication. Trustworthiness. Food safety is a matter of utmost importance. To this end, the company has established Corporate Food Safety Standards that fully incorporate the requirements of international and national laws and set even tighter regulations. Innovation. The creation of new products reflects the strategy and philosophy of the company, the core of which is innovation. NOYNOY innovation means adding value to NOYNOY products in a way that is clear and evident to the consumer. World Milk Day. June 1st. We celebrate with the objective to increase consumer awareness and to share the Goodness of Milk! 1.300.00 glasses of milk have been offered!! NOYNOY CSR PROGRAM \"NOYNOY. A glass of milk for every child\" offers milk to selected NGOs dealing with children living in orphanage homes or that are in need. 77

On its brilliant 88-year journey, the NOYNOY can welcomes Tetra Pak packaging, the plastic bowl, the bottle, and packaging film to the family. All of these items enclose new flavours, new ideas, new products to build strength, but also well-loved concepts such as quality, safety, enjoyment, vitality, trust, credibility. Values which, thanks to NOYNOY’s dedication and commitment to the true power of milk, will continue to \"raise\" generations and generations... … so my children, they all lived happily ever after and we even better only because of NOYNOY milk!

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