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Published by Cyndy A G Werelddoorp, 2021-03-24 18:32:55


Keywords: Health-Care & 0Hunger Programme


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We, hear their cries of hunger. We, see their tears of despair. We, feel their pains of brutality. MI GLOBAL HELP GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN ENNOBLE LEGION PATRICIANS MI GLOBAL HELP Global Humanitarian Ennoble Legion Patricians MI GLOBAL HELP needs your Help Experience and Global Citizenship Support Donate: Email: [email protected] 1


MI GLOBAL HELP MI GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN ENNOBLE LEGION PATRICIANS In the multilateral contexts, MI GLOBAL HELP objective is to provide human sustainabilities services through the receipts of contributions, donations, gifts, grants and loans; ensuring peaceful relations; thru democracy and diplomatic channels to enhance a global alliance in the interests of people needs, economic, and cultural upliftment, to defend human rights and the peaceful settlement of disputes. MI GLOBAL HELP; shall be foremost for the freedom and welfare of humanity, to provide a mutually agreed solution for the benefit of the affected; the purpose is not to perpetuate traditions and formalities for its own purpose, but to ensure the best possible solution to obtain the best result, at the shortest duration of time. MI GLOBAL HELP; is created for all walk of life, age and gender, working within the formalities, tradition and regulatory principles of each Country, where decisions taken in the framework of international concerns; expressly adhered to our activities, with no reservations, preventions and/or interferences. MI GLOBAL HELP; shall implement international guidance, to which our activities shall upheld too, each country in regardless of its size, population, economic power, military power and/or culture will be provided with our Humanitarian Assistance under our Equity Umbrella of Human Rights, Equality, Global Citizenship, Female Adjudgment and Freedom. MI GLOBAL HELP has no influence to advise, administrate or interfere with any country activities, whether or not a country is in violation of any of the Laws, Rules and Regulations established, known as the MI GLOBAL HELP Rules; neither does not assert its own right and demands redress for violation(s) of any given country. MI GLOBAL HELP; sole purpose is to find the best and fastest solution(s), for the benefits of the affected, within the established Rules of Engagements, regarding human sustainabilities, human rights, natural disasters, conflict and dispute resolutions; with funding provided by our Contributors, Donors, Grantors, Lenders, and Patronages; performing our duties, efforts and faculties in a neutral and non-political environment. MI GLOBAL HELP; philosophy is that all persons are unique, and we uphold these five PEARL Essentials which are conducive to (1) Productive, (2) Ethics, (3) Adjustment, (4) Respect and (5) Learning. a) The Executive's guiding role, b) Personnel having update information, c) Personnel should be able to have choices, c) Personnel need practice skills and d) Technology and Innovation must be enhanced into teaching and learning. 3

MI GLOBAL HELP; shall promote their own fund-raising activities, receive private and public contributions and donations, without the affiliation, compromise and/or influence of any third party. MI GLOBAL HELP; shall provide their services in all countries when accepted, whether a country is being poor, has employment issues, refuges issues, immigration issues, religious issues or any other type(s) of issues; our services are provided on neutral and non-political basis. MI GLOBAL HELP; shall (a) promote, ask for economic supports and make formal request to person, group of people, organisation and institution from the affected country; (b) other country(s) and (c) any international organisation and/or institution worldwide. MI GLOBAL HELP; upon its sole discretion, without any affluence or influence shall accept a submission to ask the worldwide audience for Help, for any country and its people needing our assistance, and will appreciate all support available from people, corporation, organisations/institutions both public and private and countries; GLOBAL HELP is there for every man, woman and child. MI GLOBAL HELP; will need the Coorporation among all countries, support when needed, the continuous flow of economic support, and governance. MI GLOBAL HELP shall have deposits, storages, or distribution centres; and all it activates shall be provide under international joint efforts, as per request from each country capabilities and analysed potentials. MI GLOBAL HELP shall maintain in contact with all agencies, institutions and organisation with updates, to man the state of the arts. MI GLOBAL HELP; shall provide their services with multilateralism approach to conflicts zones; for the greater good of the World Order, via a multilateral international structures, reflecting the ongoing process of human sustainabilities, whereas; MI GLOBAL HELP legal status allow participation in any human right defilement, to defend the fundamental rights, freedom and duties of the affected; and will perform with non-retroactivity, where general human rights principles are affected, with given priority on a neutral stand point. Venezuela; the country has turned into a living nightmare, with over 57,000 new born and infant’s death due to starvation, evacuation of people by the thousands daily, lack of medication, food, basic necessities and portable water. Venezuelans; nowadays are facing death, due to lack of everything you can visualize; with much more serious out-turns when looking at the reality that is happening at this moment. MI GLOBAL HELP; is reaching out to people, churches, corporations, organisation, public and private institutions and countries for your support. 4

MI GLOBAL HELP MI GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN ENNOBLE LEGION PATRICIANS VENEZUELA It is the intention, that these pictures bring a common understanding, as to what is needed and for your Help. Over 57,000 New Born and Infants deaths in One Year Starvation and Death by Hunger 5

The wind of instability, more and more accentuated, dominated by the ferocious hatreds that their own clauses of concession had engendered. In an atmosphere of discontent, intermittent violence and uncertainty, the position of the Venezuelan people facing very difficult moments Infants need Nutriments to Survive Daily Evacuation by the Thousands The quash hit the Venezuelan People fast and hard, that they did not hear or see when the hardship entered their lives. Years of travelling in the dark, they are prevented from seeing each other's faces, so that it is impossible for them to interpret the reactions expressed on the faces of people within eyesight. 6

Venezuelans are hoping that in the face of life, civilisation and the entire world will give them hope, which will advance their future. Massive Injuries and Deaths MI GLOBAL HELP; has bequeath their voices for the Good of Humanity and Human Rights. So, may hands for one piece of Bread 7

Youngsters reaching out for Food, with their pot in Hand Infants, children, adults and elders; months without suitable Nutrition Buses and buildings burning, are just a few ways for fighting back 8

A lone protester holds a sign that reads in Spanish \"To have water, light, peace, education, work, food, medicine, transport, security, freedom: free elections, get Maduro out! Stop the usurpation!\" This Infant has the Right to Live, is there any Hope? Water Cannons and Life Bullets 9

Target practice at all hours Cruelty and Violation of Human and Civil Rights Death comes slowly; have bed, love, personal care; But no Food nor Medicine Shooting Life Bullets Showdown 10

Employee at Children's Hospital holds a sign that reads: \"Humanitarian Aid, Venezuela in Crisis\". How long will this Infant stay in this Semi-Living State? Infants, children, young, old and very old, crying out for helping 11

Is it asking too Much? “Each Picture tells a story of a thousand words, and each word will reach your Heart; none being pleasant”. As people, we must look after each other, we cannot be isolated, be satisfied that our Nation is progressing and close our eyes to the ills of our neighbours; as Human Beings, we must have a choice to the activities conducted outside our territory, and Help! To directly relieve and reduce human suffering, disease, hunger, extreme poverty and ruthless adversity. One Day at a Time A Caring Heart, They all stop and watch as they walk by, One day at a time; sharing a fervid feeling, that blossom like a white Irish Tulip. Your Help, will get us There; One Day at a Time 12

Spirituality and Social Awareness towards Humanity Economic supports are used for human sustainabilities, foods, medicines, basic necessities, relocation when affordable to provide such civic amenities; working through special channels, we dispatch to Churches, NGOs and Nurture Homes. It’s not humane, a Baby in Pain, no Food nor Medicine One dozen Eggs, cost three months’ Salary 13

Christianity Under Attack The country is fermented by a deformed socio-economic system, with false ideologies and mythologies; but innocence people need our Help. Yet; another little one, didn’t make it; God Bless As People, we must be ready to help in operations and activities, which may occur on short notice as a contingency operation; to provide aid in specific crises or similar events, and also because they are exclusively address to urgent humanitarian needs. Saving One is good enough, saving thousands will be a God Send 14

Churches; Sisters and Brothers, visit Hospitals, Health Centres and Homes; providing their “Calling and Purpose, fulfilling their God-Given Vision”; and thru Salvation, helping the needed, winning Souls to Christ, Luke 1:68-69; 2:28-32; saving the lives of innocent people and the future existence for a healthier Nation. Fighting to live, but within Nourishments …? Inhumane hostility and massive bereavement, is an everyday mayhem, some are sad, most are unbearable; but it is our global responsibilities and driven efforts, to provide assistance to help make a better World. We need a Helping Hand Eating whatever, somedays the Garbage Dump gives its Blessing 15

Apostle Paul submitted himself to the leadership in Jerusalem; and received Offerings for those in need: we also work to build the Kingdom of God around the world; in accordance to 2 Corinthians 8:1-9, 9:6-7. Human Lives and Human Detriment, thru lack of Basic Necessities All peoples are united by common bonds, their cultures pieced together in a shared heritage, and concerned that this delicate mosaic may be shattered at any time. Thanks God, he got some half Rotten Tomatoes 16

Humanity controversies and Human suffering must be addressed wherever it is found, to protect life and health, and to restore the respect as human beings. Safeguard Lives and Human Dignity, they also need Food Crime against Humanity Crimes committed as part of a widespread, or systematic attack directed against civilian population. Resurrection of Deaths and Complications for Curable Ailments 17

Declined incomes, deteriorating living conditions, and scarcity of food, medicine, water and electricity. Tears of Despairs; Pain of Hunger and Outcries for Help Daily fights, to get whatever little there is? 18

All Help! Assistances are attributable, and such attributions would be well taken and without prejudice to the foregoing, and shall be in virtue to the rendering of a pleasing necessity of Humanitarian Principles. Abomination, in its Purest Form Recognising that at all periods of history, has inflicted great losses on humanity, and being convinced that, in order to liberate mankind from such an odious scourge; international co-operation is required. They are asking for a Free Venezuela 19

Man was created by the special act of God, in His own image, and is the crowning work of His Creation; Gen 1:26-30; 2:5, 7, 18-22; 3; 9:6. Matt 16:26; Acts 17:26-31 and Eph 2:1-22. Help us Now! We can still Save a Few? Hunger; whether committed in time of peace or in time of war, is an “Inhumane Crime”, forcibly people starvation directly or through the use of surrogates. Rotten Sausages, due to no Electricity; but he must eat to Live? 20

Intentional infliction of conditions of life, inter alia the deprivation of access to food, medicine and basic necessities. Deprivation of Freedom, Chances to Survive, Suffering, Injury and Health People by the thousands, leaving to get anywhere life will take them? 21

Christianity is supernatural in its origin and history; we greet every man, woman and child of religion faith. Thousand in Motion and Protest People trying to leave, are Restricted and Humiliated HONES: Humanity, Orientation, Need, Effectiveness and Spirituality; GLOBAL HELP; shall continue to conduct its affairs with the same grace and love that Christ freely gives us daily, we should be charitable in our assessment of non- essentials, taking proactively to apply the truths of the gospel in our lives and to those of our followers, supporters, beneficiaries, and sisters and brothers in Christ, in accordance to Ephesians 4:17-24; Colossians 3:1-17; and Galatians 5:1-26. 22

MI GLOBAL HELP; work acquaint with the journey, and insight that will assist in preparing a spiritual life. Along the way, prayerfully seek the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and we ask Supporters to make every effort to connect with trust and willingness to become part of our activities and teaching. Men are stripped to their bear under-clothes, and are held for weeks without food or water, for trying to leave. MI GLOBAL HELP; Collaborate with our supporters, governments, public and private institutions, NGOs, organisations, corporations and people for a common cause; and prepare men, women and children for a lifetime in ministry. Knowing they may not see Tomorrow They put their lives at Deadly Risks 23

MI GLOBAL HELP; construct our world through Love-Friendship-Togetherness- Simplicity-Compassion-Equality-Sprituality-Kindness; where all men, women and children, can live in peace,dignified, respect and good living conditions; in regladless to their education, culture, religion or economic structure. People having to use canal contaminated water, to meet their needs Drinking Water, from plastic tubes stuck into running streams and rock cracks 24

It’s a concession of opinion that the people would make an Admission to the United Nations for a new Venezuela, to establish fundamental democratic changes, in accordance to the Rome Statute Articles 7 and 53, and the UN Humanitarian Principles. Groceries without Food Products, are Very Common Achieving a high level of safety, health and environmental (SHE) performance, promoting the concept of human sustainability, safe and healthy environment, maintaining our behaviour-based safety system; including in co-operation with other interested parties, communicating the requirements and needs, to facilitate understanding, to the proper assignment of our organisational roles, responsibilities, and authorities, to optimise health, safety and environmental performance on our activities. Donate: MI-GlobalHelp Email: [email protected] 25

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