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M1 Final Quarantine Student Packet 2020 (2)

Published by hollisvernita, 2020-12-02 13:36:02

Description: M1 Final Quarantine Student Packet 2020 (2)


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DELLWOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL ACTIVITY PACKET Week of Nov. 30th, 2020 1. Students will complete activities for each of their subjects. 2. Students may work on the Choice Board activities over the course of the day between 9am-3pm taking breaks as needed. 3. Each subject has a labeled Choice Board with activities, instructions, and resources. 4. Students are required to complete assigned activities on all boards attached. 5. Students will use the Student board that immediately follows to track their subjects. 6. Once students complete a subject, they can identify how they felt about the activities from that subject by circling an emoji. 7. Keep all your completed work together neatly. You will need to submit all the work as a portfolio to your teachers on Monday, Dec. 7th.

Name:______________________ Math English Science PE Busines Foreign s Language Studies Encore 1 Social Encore Studies 2

Business Studies Activity BOARD 2 1. Once you have completed the Choice Boards for ALL subjects you will select 3 activities from any of the subjects choices boards to compile into one presentation for Business Studies. 2. Use your creativity to enhance your presentation. 3. Be sure to include images showing you working on the 3 activities you selected. 4. You can use any of the following for your presentation: poster board, powerpoint, publisher, word, video (snapchat, imovie, tiktok, etc.)

FL & PE/Health CHOICE BOARD Complete your name game circuit: DAY 1: Your first and last name – 2 rounds DAY 2: A member ofCOyMoPuLErTEhAoNuAMsEeGhAoMlEdCIR–CU2IT rounds DAY 1: YOUR FRIST AND LAST NAME (TWO ROUNDS) DAYDA3Y 2:: DMEeMlBlwER oOFoHdOUMSEHiOdLDd’SleFIRSSTcAhNDoLoASlT-NAME (TWO ROUNDS) DAY 3: DELLWOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL For push up sections do a set of 15. For sit up sections complete a set of 15 half sit- ups and 15 crunches.

Matching: Match the Spanish vocabulary with the correct English vocabulary of fruits and vegetables. Write the correct letter on the line next to the Spanish word that is the English word Spanish English A. Carrots Zanahorias ___ B. Bananas C. Potatoes Sandia ___ D. Watermelon E. Corn Batata ___ F. Tomato G. Beans Nispero ___ H. Peaches I. Loquat Cereza ___ J. Pumpkin K. Cauliflower Coliflor ___ L. Spinach M. Cucumber Remolacha ___ N. Strawberry O. Beets Pepino ___ P. Cantaloupe Q. Cherry Fresa ___ R. Sweet Potato Maiz ___ S. Pepper Patatas ___ Tomate ___ Cantalupo ___ Duraznos ___ Calabaza ___ Pimienta ___ Frijoles ___ Platano ___ Espinacas ___

WHATS TO EAT IN THE GARDEN AND MONTHS AND SEASONS RESOURCES Months of the Los menos del Seasons Les Estaciones Year ano January Enero In Spring En Primavera February Febrero In Summer En Verano In Fall En Otoño March Marzo In Winter En Invierno April Abril May Mayo June Junio July Julio August Agosto September Septiembre October Octubre November Noviembre December Diciembre Month Vegetables Fruits March/ Marzo Beets – Remolacha Loquats – Nispero Carrots – Zanahorias Cantaloupe - Cantalupo April / Abril Potatoes - Papas Corn - Maiz Watermelon – Sandria May/ Mayo Tomato - Tomate Beans - frijoles Cherries - Cerezas Cauliflower – Coliflor Spinach – Espinacas Strawberries – Fresa Pepper - Pimienta Peaches - Durazno Bananas - Plátano Cucumber – Pepinos Pumpkin – Calabaza Sweet Potato - Batata

WHAT’S IN THE GARDEN RESOURCE Cuando = When Ex. Cuando hace sol en verno hay el maíz. When it is sunny in the winter there is corn. Ex. Hay el broccoli en el invierno cuando hace frío There is broccoli in the winter when it is cold El jardín = The Garden Mi jardín = My garden Ex. Hay las calabaza en mi jardïn There are pumpkins in my garden Vocab for weather: Hace buen tiempo – It’s nice weather Hace mal tiempo – It’s bad weather Hace calor – It’s hot Hace frío – It’s cold Hace sol – It’s sunny Hace viento – It’s windy Hay niebla – It’s foggy Hay tormenta – It’s stormy Llueve – It’s raining Nieva – It’s snowing Ex. Cuando hace calor… When it is cold…

Encore 1 CHOICE BOARD 2 Balanced Choreographer Landscape Meal Hot Art TikTok Beverage Research Dance Merry Photography Company Christmas TAKES PICTURES OF YOUR PRODUCTS TO INCLUDE IN PORTFOLIO

BALANCED MEAL: Plan a balanced meal for your family’s weekly dinner. Create a menu, on paper, stating what will be served on different days of the week. Decorate your menu. CHOREOGRAPHER: Imagine you are a famous choreographer (someone who makes dances) and you have been hired to create a dance for a performance that relates to Bermuda. Parts: head, neck, torso, arms & elbows, hands & wrists, fingers, legs, knees, and feet. Shapes: curved, twisted, angular, small, large, flat, rounded. Using 4 sets of 8 counts. LANDSCAPE ARTIST: Draw your surroundings, you can choose to be inside or outside. Use the drawing steps: take your time, breakdown into shapes/lines, sketch lightly, refine, add details/tone. HOT BEVERAGE: The days are getting colder and everyone wants something hot. Create your signature hot beverage using ingredients you may have at home. Your drink may be a variation of tea or hot chocolate. You can add a special ingredient, that you think will enhance the taste of your beverage. This is to be served to your family. Give your beverage a name. ART RESEARCH: Take a trip! Select a country and find out who is their most well-known artist! Include the following in your writing: the country, artist name, information about the artist, your opinion about the artist, and your opinion about the artist work. TIKTOK: Find your 3 of favorite TikTok dance and put them together in one dance. DANCE COMPANY: Find a famous professional dance company video and write the name of the piece and company name. MERRY CHRISTMAS: During Christmas, Bermudians enjoy the likes of many delicious food items. Find an item, and the recipe for making it, that you would like to be added to your family’s Christmas dinner menu this year. You may ask a relative or you can use the internet. Research other foods that different countries have during Christmas. You don’t need to find the recipes, just a list of countries and the different foods they enjoy during Christmas. Eg: Jamaica – Fruit cake; sorrel drink PHOTOGRAPHY: Tell a story using a still life. Place objects and change them for each picture. Make sure you think about the background and layout when taking the picture. Take at least 3 photos, be creative!

Encore 2 CHOICE BOARD 2 Instrument Product Improv Design Mime Proud Structures to be Bermudian Origami Theatre Musician TAKES PICTURES OF YOUR PRODUCTS TO INCLUDE IN PORTFOLIO

INSTRUMENT: Make your own musical instrument out of found materials. You could use boxes, paper rolls, paper plates, rubber bands, straws, paper or even materials from outside. Be creative! PRODUCT DESIGN: Design and Make a Functional Face Mask Inspired by an Afrocentric Fashion Aesthetic. IMPROV - Create an 8-line scene which includes making a choice / bringing information to a scene (endowment) - includes: (1) an activity, (2) a character, (3) environment. MIME - Make a list of gestures that would be included in making and cooking pancakes for breakfast. No less than 5 gestures in your list. Proud to be Bermudian: Listen to our song ‘Proud to be Bermudian’ and write a new verse or rap to add to the song. Practice, record & perform. STRUCTURES​ - Point of Arrival - STEM 1.Use Popsicle Sticks and Cups to Create the Tallest Rectilinear Structure. 2.Use Card Stock to Create an Unusual Structure. Include a Circular Feature. ORIGAMI​ - Geometric Polygon Design a)Create a Fortune Teller - Warm Up Activity b)Create three 3D Cubes in 3 Scale Factors THEATRE - Create a movie poster for a movie (look at examples on the internet) about the life of your favorite actor. Make sure to include in the credits at the bottom: DIRECTOR, STARRING, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, PRODUCER, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, SCREENWRITER, EDITOR (this is not real, so be creative and assign any one’s name; it can be our own, family, friends etc.) Musician: Research a famous Bermudian musician. Write down what instruments they play, names of their songs and a little bit about them.

Science Find your year level on the next page and select any three of the activities. Be sure to read the item carefully and complete the assignment as you would in class. Presentation is key. So you are to still be neat and lay out your work in a way that it really shines. All the best! ☺

M1- Choose any three: a) Imagine that you have been shrunken down to cell size. Describe your journey through the cell and include how the following structures will interact with you- cell wall, nucleus, cell ,membrane, cytoplasm b) You have developed a chloroplast, how would this new addition to your body allow you to function. Write a short story describing how your day will go. c) Go to Youtube and watch- The Wacky History of cell theory. Summarize the main points in this video and write three points that you found interesting. d) Create a PowerPoint showing how any one of the following systems work. Circulatory, respiratory, muscular, nervous, excretory . Your PowerPoint should have a title slide, at least four slides and include pictures and clear explanations. e) Amazing facts- Google the body systems (Circulatory, respiratory, muscular, nervous, excretory, digestive) and make a list of three amazing facts for each. M2-Choose any three: a) Go outside and do a leaf rubbing of 5 different types and sizes of leaves. Underneath the leaf write the name of the plant that it came from. b) Plants make their own food through PHOTOSYNTHESIS- we can’t. What would it be like to photosynthesize? Write a story describing the day you developed a chloroplast. What you have to do, what would be different? Be creative. c) Create a food diary of your eating and drinking habits for the next 5 days. List what you had at each meal or in between meals and put the items into the various groups- proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc. Are you satisfied with your eating habits? What can you do to make it more balanced? d) Create healthy food guidelines PowerPoint for someone who is in p4. In your guidelines tell them why they need a balanced diet and what they need to make a balanced diet. Include pictures. Use at least 5 slides to create this. e) You are a piece of food. In a short story, describe the process of digestion that you go through as you pass through the main organs of the alimentary canal. M3- Choose any 3: a) You wake up one morning and you have turned GREEN!! You have developed Chloroplasts and can photosynthesize!! Describe in story form what your day would be like. Use your imagination, terms learned in class and be creative. b) You have purchased some celery and carrots from the store. After a few days, they wilt and get flabby. Describe why they have wilted and write what you can do to them to get them firm again. Use diagrams to help get your point across. c) People are clearing large amounts or the rainforest for all sorts of reasons. Create a powerpoint that stresses the need to save the rainforest and why we should plant more trees even here in Bermuda. d) What is crop rotation? Create a powerpoint showing why farmers need to rotate their crops. Find at least three of the main crops grown here in Bermuda and state the nutrients that they need to produce a healthy crop. e) List 5 flowers found around Bermuda and write if they are wind pollinated or insect pollinated. Draw them and lable each them. f) Check around your yard and your kitchen and find 10 seeds. Post them on a piece of paper and write their name and whether it is a dicot or a monocot. ALL THE BEST!!

Social Studies CHOICE BOARD 3 Create a poster Write a letter to a friend Use a Venn Diagram to celebrating one of to persuade them that a compare and contrast Bermuda’s Christmas Bermudian Christmas is Christmas before Covid the best or worst ever. 19 and during Covid 19. traditions. Choose a Bermudian Draw or use pictures Create a traditional tradition or a holiday from a magazine to Bermudian Christmas card that celebrates show 2 or more using toilet paper, Scott Bermudian culture and Bermudian traditions or towel or newspaper. You create an acrostic. holidays. may use any other household item (with parent permission) to complete your card. Create a rap, or write a Create 6 rules to deal Create a word search song, or write a poem with social distancing for that contains 15-20 about one of Bermuda’s the upcoming traditions words that relate to Bermudian traditions holiday traditions. of Christmas and New Years. and culture.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS 3CHOICE BOARD Write a short story about Do you think that you are What are you grateful a fictional city where an organized person? for? Make a list, then everyone has one Why or why not? choose one to write surprising thing in common. about. Choose an object that What good qualities have What is your favorite part defines you and write about why it suits your you inherited from your of the school day? What personality. parents? do you like about it? Are you a morning What qualities make a Do you think you would person, or a night person a good teacher? enjoy being famous? Why person? Explain why. or why not?

Name: ___________________ Geometry Choice Board Complete one activity from each row. Do your best work! Angle Book Transversal Island Shape Superhero Create an angle book including Create an island and include at Create a superhero that uses at least 3 properties of angles least 5 angles in transversals polygons to save the world. Give lines discussed in class. You will your superhero a name, draw a discussed in class (ex: create a map of your island and supplementary, etc). Illustrate a brochure or paper describing picture of your superhero, and each page and include all of the the island outlining the angles write a short story explaining how information needed to calculate in transversal lines. your superhero uses interior these angles. Be neat and angles of polygons to save the creative! day! Make sure to include the angle proof of exterior angles of the polygon in your story. Power Point Your Choice Brochure Create a Power Point Do you have a great idea for an Create a brochure that teaches presentation that explains the activity that is not on your about the different types of following terms and includes real choice board? Get your idea triangles. (isosceles, scalene, world examples of each term. equilateral, right, acute, and approved before starting it by line, line segment, ray, point, emailing your teacher through obtuse) Your brochure must be in parallel lines, intersecting lines, the shape of a right triangle. schoology. perpendicular lines

Reflection 1. Which activity was your favorite? Why? ________________________________________________ __ ________________________________________________ __ 2. Which activity was your least favorite? Why? _____________ ________________________________________________ __ 3. Is there an activity that is not on the think-tac-toe that you would have enjoyed? __________________________________ ________________________________________________ __ 4. How would you rate your work? I did not put forth I tried hard, but I could I did my best work and paid much effort. have done better. attention to details. I just rushed and did the bare minimum.

Name: Idea: Teacher Approval: Is Your Idea Connected to Geometry? Free Choice Approval Form

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