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2016 Annual Report

Published by Community Foundation of East Central Illinois, 2017-04-06 16:19:56

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2016 Annual Report

For good.OUR VISION: To raise the quality of lifethroughout east central Illinois.Since the Community Foundation was established in 1972, it has distributed nearly$16 million in charitable grants to over 400 nonprofit organizations that work toimprove the quality of life in communities throughout the area. These charitabledistributions include designated and undesignated gifts from endowments, field ofinterest funds, donor-advised funds and scholarship funds. The success of the Community Foundation is found in the spirit of generosity—and the donors who care about this generation and the next.For ever. ON THE COVER:OUR MISSION: To be a leader and major catalyst Urbana Neighborhoodfor long-term philanthropic assistance to the Connections Centerresidents of east central Illinois. Executive Director JaniceThe Community Foundation has been entrusted to serve the long-term philanthropic Mitchell with two enthusiasticgoals of many diverse donors—just as John Franklin and the founders envisioned. The intensive literacy program students.Community Foundation stewards over 120 funds and its total assets have grown from$1,300 in 1972 to over $25 million. Happy smiles from Barb Daly and Jim Hires when Joan deliversThe growth in both assets and distributions is attributed to well-managed endowedfunds and other assets. In addition, the Foundation administers grant dollars on grant check for Foodbank floor scrubber.behalf of the Marajen Stevick Foundation and in collaboration with the LumpkinFamily Foundation. All this has enabled the Community Foundation to distribute Grant to Family Advocacy Center Champaignnearly $1 million annually for the past several years—to nonprofit organizations bought soft, colorful flooring for play area.that provide vital services and enrichment to residents. Phyllis Robeson, Clare Haussermann, Jane Green and Anna Merritt catch up at 2016 Past & Present Board of Trustees Luncheon.

Can You Say “Unprecedented”It is always interesting to look back on a year and reflect on the changes,events, new friends and loyal supporters, as well as to look forward tocontinuing to build upon the new foundations formed.Some things have not changed so much. Both 2015 and 2016 ended without Tom Costello and Joan Dixona state budget. While some of our nonprofits were included in consent decreesthat ensured they would be paid, others were not. Once again, we wereamazed at the determination and grit with which many agencies found newways to ensure they continued to provide vital services. The stock market wasup and down through the year, but showed a somewhat promising upticktoward the end of the year. The “unprecedented” presidential election cycleintroduced the kind of uncertainty typical with changing administrations. Weare certainly hoping to see reliable growth as 2017 progresses.Once again, the Foundation was able to distribute nearly a million dollars,primarily to organizations in east central Illinois. Nearly 130 nonprofits received grants, scholarships,Program Related Investments and designated fund distributions. All three of our Building Better Boardsnonprofits made great progress through the first phase with two receiving $5,000 unrestricted grants beforethe end of the year. Our Collective Impact Grant project is up and running and receiving great reviewsfrom all three partners. You’ll find more details about these projects inside.The Community Foundation will miss two women whose support wasinstrumental in crafting the values that continue to guide our organization. HelenLevin, one of the founders of the Foundation and long-time supporter, andHester Suggs, a former board member and an invaluable member of our grantscommittee for many years, both passed away this year.We were excited to purchase our building at the end of 2015. During the firstquarter of 2016, we bought a “big rock,” indicative of the permanence of anendowment-based organization. We patched, painted and carpeted the stairs andsecond floor space to accommodate and assist emerging nonprofit organizationsprimarily focused on social issues that affect our communities. During discussionsand planning we found new partnerships with several University of Illinoisdepartments and community leaders interested in helping to develop innovativephilanthro-preneurial solutions to social issues. We look forward to implementinga plan during 2017.Looking forward, we are excited to continue our financial and governance support of regional nonprofitsand fully implement our Community Sollutions Incubator. We are planning two new “giving circles” thatwe believe will help us introduce the Community Foundation to new audiences. As always, we recognizeand thank all of our donors and supporters whose generosity enables us to do many great things for greatorganizations that make life better for residents.Sincerely,Joan Dixon Tom CostelloPresident & CEO Chair, Board of Trustees 2016 Annual Report • 1

2016-2017 Homework time at UNCCBOARD OF TRUSTEES is serious business!Tom Costello We bring together people and resources to identify andCHAIR address present and emerging community needs.Tom Brown 2016 CHARITABLE DISTRIBUTIONSVICE-CHAIR Youth OtherRebecca McBride 7% 12%SECRETARY Health & EnvironmentBradley Uken Human Services 3%TREASURER 19%Brooke Didier Starks ArtsPAST CHAIR 13%Katie BerminghamJeff DavisWade HamptonDebra HirschiBonnie KemperJoe LambJeff LivesayJoe PetryJoan M. DixonPRESIDENT & CEOHelen LevinHONORARY TRUSTEE Disabilities Community 5% Development 3% TM Education 38%2 • Community Foundation of East Central Illinois

2016 ACHIEVEMENTSA Million Thanks to Our VisionCommunity Foundation Donors! To raise the qualityThanks to our donors, the Community Foundation was able to distribute nearly of life throughout$1 million dollars in 2016. east central Illinois. • Designated gifts from endowed, non-endowed, donor-advised and scholarship funds 2016 New Funds make up the greatest proportion of the Foundation’s distributions. ENDOWMENTS • Annual Community Commitment Grants, funded by the proceeds from • Terry and Barbara England unrestricted and field of interest funds, are awarded for durable goods and capital • Farm Credit Illinois— items not typically funded by other granting sources. In 2016, 25 area nonprofits received nearly $80,000 in grant amounts ranging from $470 to $6,950. AG-Vocacy • John P. and Artemis C. • On behalf of the Marajen Stevick Foundation, $50,000 in grants was distributed to five organizations for projects focused on enhancing the lives of senior citizens, Trebellis beautification of the surrounding area or promoting excellence in reading and writing, as was the wish of Mrs. Stevick Chinigo. Recipients were Prosperity ORGANIZATIONAL Gardens, WorkSource Enterprises, PACE Center for Independent Living, Illinois ENDOWMENTS Radio Readers and Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center. • Boys & Girls Club of • Capacity-building micro-grants, jointly funded by the Community Foundation and Danville the Lumpkin Family Foundation, provided funding for nonprofit staff or board • Champaign County member training or professional development expenses. Historical Museum • Two Program Related Investments (low-interest loans) were made to organizations • Champaign County whose state and federal grant dollars and payments were delayed by the budget impasse. Nursing Home Auxiliary • Orpheum Children’s Daddy-daughter playtime made comfy on soft flooring bought Museum with grant to Family Advocacy • The Reading Group Center Champaign. PRIVATE FOUNDATION CONVERSION • AnonymousUrbana NeighborhoodConnections Center kids lovecomputer time! 2016 Annual Report • 3

Our Values: Philanthropy Collaboration Bridging Generations, Making We are a leader in promoting Work Meaningful philanthropy in an impartial, unbiased, ethical way, with a The first project funded by a Community Foundation Collective Impact commitment to inclusiveness. Grant is a collaboration between the Community Foundation and three nonprofit partners: We bring together people and resources to identify and • Hope Meadows is a multi-generational 22-acre community of homes address present and emerging built on the former Chanute grounds. Many of the 50+ year old senior- occupied homes are poorly insulated, resulting in high utility bills for its community needs. economically vulnerable population. • Rantoul Township High School offers construction/repair, woodworking, electrical and other vocational classes that prepare students for home maintenance, building, construction work, engineering and other technical fields. The school seeks to build students’ career skills and service learning. • Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County’s goal is to work with all willing partners to improve the lives of families needing safe, affordable, decent housing. Habitat staff is highly experienced and skilled in evaluation, materials acquisition, construction, supervision and instruction on job sites. Rantoul High School teacher Grant Kelly and five students presented their energy assessments and future plans to about 25 Hope Meadows residents.4 • Community Foundation of East Central Illinois

2016 ACHIEVEMENTSHope Meadows residents interested and impressed with the students’ progress and enthusiasm about the CollectiveImpact project.The goal: Develop a model project that helps the high school students learn valuable new skills by working in thehomes of real seniors to improve energy efficiency and safety. The senior citizens will save on energy bills and be safer.Hope Meadows, Rantoul Township High School, Habitat of Champaign County and the Community Foundationwill all further their core missions.In the spring of 2016, the three project partners and the Community Foundation began planning the project. First,the curriculum and the equipment to teach the concepts and skills needed to complete energy assessments weredetermined. During the summer, Rantoul High School Home Maintenance & Repair teacher Grant Kelly tookOSHA Instructor Training and researched and recommended the new equipment to be purchased through the grant.During the first semester of the Home Maintenance & Repair classes, students received training on OSHA safetyrules and thermal imaging. Twenty-two students received OSHA Ten-Hour Construction Safety Cards which arerequired for many construction jobs. Having the card will be an advantage in getting future jobs.As their final class project, students conducted thermal imaging assessments at three Hope Meadows houses andwrote reports on their early findings. Mr. Kelly and five students presented an overview of their work at a meeting ofaround 25 interested Hope Meadows residents. When asked what made this project different from in-school projects,the students answered, “The people in this room!”Second semester classes will teach students ways to further investigate the potential sources of heat loss theirassessments suggested. The students will work with Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County staff to gointo the homes and completeweatherproofing and safety plansto alleviate the issues found.Funded through the CommunityFoundation’s W. Barclay andFrederick C. Brasch Endowmentthat focuses on addressing theneeds of seniors, the CollectiveImpact Grant is a three-year,$150,000 grant. One goal of thegrant is that projects are replicablein other locations. Students demonstrate how the thermal energy camera finds heat loss through walls and ceilings, as well as plastic bags! 2016 Annual Report • 5

Our Mission Building Better Boards Sessions To be a leader and major catalyst for long-term During 2016, three nonprofit boards and their executive directors participated philanthropic assistance in the first Building Better Boards process. By the end of the year, Hope to the residents of Meadows and Courage Connection had completed Phase I: Board Building east central Illinois. and earned their $5,000 unrestricted grants.Hope Meadows board members Diane The goal of the first phase is to strengthen each board through a formalizedMichaels and David Netterfield are eager effort of education, recruitment and evaluation based on best practices into accept Joan’s check for $5,000 for nonprofit governance. Each board reviewed its organization’s bylaws andcompleting Phase I. financial statements, learned the primary roles and responsibilities of board members and examined its own process for recruiting and engaging board members. Each also went through a strategic planning process aimed at better preparing their organizations for stability and sustainability. The organizations began with different strengths, weaknesses and experience. Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center, the youngest of the three, made significant progress during the process and will complete Phase I in early 2017. Isak Griffiths, Courage Connection Executive Director explained, “Phase I helped our staff and Board come together to identify a concrete and unified vision of what is next for our agency, a workable plan for how to move forward, and measurable tasks to make the work achievable for staff and visible to the Board.” “I have been very encouraged by the level of engagement from all the board members. They have been willing to learn and willing to embrace new concepts,” said Joan Dixon of the Phase I process. “I look forward to working with these groups through Phases II and III which focus on the board’s role in both short and long-term fundraising,” she added. “…with unprecedented challenges facing human services agencies across the state, Phase I has helped us focus on moving forward with intention instead of simply having to react, react and react.” —Isak Griffiths, Courage Connection Executive Director Courage Connection Board VP Brice Hutchcraft enthusiastically takes Joan’s hand-off of the Phase I check.6 • Community Foundation of East Central Illinois

2016 ACHIEVEMENTSUNCC intense literacy student gets right to work on Mrs. Hand helps a small group on next day’s homework and oral readinghis individualized plan for the day. fluency skills.Literacy Intervention Crucial to Future Academic SuccessUrbana Neighborhood Connections Center (UNCC) was awarded an $18,000 grant, funded by theMarajen Stevick Foundation, to develop and implement the Intensive Literacy Intervention and AcademicAssistance Program. This individualized literacy improvement program is being used in the Center’s AfterSchool, School Out Days and Summer Sessions.The ProgramUNCC has provided the program to enrolled students on Tuesdays and Thursdays for about two hours fromJune 2016 through the present. During this time, students complete homework, study for tests and receiveindividualized instruction in reading and, if there is time, math. When parents pick up their children, thestudents have completed their homework, made gains in reading and other academic skills and have enjoyed abalanced meal, giving parents the evening for quality family interactions.Ongoing communication between parents, teachers and staff are built into the program “Thank you so much forto ensure that families, teachers and UNCC staff work collaboratively and consistently working with my children...toward improvement on specific skills. you (Mrs. Hand) and Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. SmithEach student receives a baseline assessment in oral reading fluency (specified grade level have been patient and onor percentage of alphabet letter identification depending on the level), phonic skill and him about school work,site word acquisition. The total number of sessions are noted for each child. Gains for the respect and responsibilitiesthree skill areas are recorded after each session. One child who began in June with 55% and for that I am trulyidentification of upper case letters knew 100% of both upper and lower case letters and grateful...I see how far hehad begun reading at a pre-primer level by the end of the calendar year. Another child has come and know he canbegan in June with a baseline 41 cwpm (correct words per minute) oral reading fluency at excel further...thanks forthe first grade level and in January had improved to 86 cwpm at the 1.5 grade level. the support.”Executive Director Janice Mitchell, MEd, LCSW, recalled the program’s star pupil so far —Note from a parentwas referred to the program by his parents in September when he was failing almost allhis subjects in school. After 19 sessions, the boy was making As and Bs in his subjects andwas much more confident and engaged in the classroom.Beth Hand, MEd, LCSW, Academic Consultant for UNCC, said “Each child is uniqueand brings different issues and circumstances through our doors. Because our programis largely one-on-one, we really get to know each student and they learn to trust us. Itis wonderful to see each child gain skills, confidence and a more positive outlook onschool.” 2016 Annual Report • 7

2016 ACHIEVEMENTSSecond Hearts of Gold Gala CelebratesPhilanthropists Among Us2016 Kyle & Phyllis Robeson Philanthropy Award Recipients: Kyle and Phyllis Robeson were at theHelen Levin, Emily Levin and the Ezra Levin Foundation Gala to congratulate Helen for receiving the philanthropy award named in theirThe Ezra Levin Foundation was established in 1970 to benefit local nonprofit honor.organizations. Helen and Ezra, until his death in 1981, demonstrated exceptionalgenerosity to the Champaign Urbana community and the University of Illinois.Helen continued that generosity through Foundation distributions to many localgroups focused on the arts, education, health and human services, literacy, theenvironment and faith. Now, daughter Emily is continuing the family tradition ofinvesting in worthy organizations through Foundation distributions.While the Community Foundation had thirteen founding fathers in 1972, HelenLevin was our founding mother on the first Community Foundation Board ofTrustees (1972-1979). Helen was elected Honorary Trustee in May, 1980.The Community Foundation is grateful for her contributions to the CommunityFoundation and her decades of service to the community.President & CEO Joan Dixon presented five well-deserved 2016 Hearts of Gold Awards Rose Gates, retired nurse John Muirhead, volunteer and founder, Food for and Board Chair, East Central the Children backpack Illinois Refugee Mutual program, nominated by Assistance Center, was Patrick O’Shaughnessy, was nominated by Deborah Hlavna awarded for creating the for his longtime dedication to program and for being a championing adult and family spokesperson and advocate literacy programs to facilitate for Vermilion County immigrant assimilation into children. communities.Peggy Campo, Anita Hochberger, resident at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Youth Group and leader Gary Maxwell,nominated by Cloydia Hope Meadows multi-generational were nominated by Karen Kelly, for their year-round commitmentHill Larimore, was neighborhood, was nominated by and tireless volunteer work to ensure that families and the elderlyawarded for her Katy Kavanagh, for her dedication in the Gifford and Rantoul area have food, safety and the comfortdecades of work with to educating, mentoring and caring they deserve. the USS Indianapolis for the children at Hope Meadows.Survivors Organizationin honor of her father,who is a survivor.8 • Community Foundation of East Central Illinois

2016 CFECI DONORS825 Fund James and Margaret Rooney John and Judith Busey John and Kimberly Powers—In honor Suzanne and Craig Stundahl Willis Colburn Evan and Karen Coobs of David Downey In Memory of Barbara Meek Jeffrey and Jodi Davis Bob and Suzanne Aldridge M. T. and Marlene Davisson Boys and Girls Club of Danville Consolidated Construction Safety Steve and Jayne DeBruyn Endowment Fund Matt and Katherine Deering Boys & Girls Club of Danville Fund of Illinois Marie and Rudy DesChamps Joseph Fabrizio and Phyllis Dougherty Mildred Dubois Christy and Mike Devocelle John and Gayle Fazzini Brooke Didier-Starks and Lee Starks Fabrizio Elizabeth Gildner Mark and Vicki Dixon Fred Faulstich Mary Harland John and Lois Elder William and Claire Gifford Wallace and Phylicia Hart Keith and Mary Emmons Alice Marie Jacobs Delbert and Patricia Hess Ruth Ann and Charles Evans Rotary Club of Downtown Daniel Kuglich Ezra Levin Foundation Bill and Marilyn Satterwhite Janet McClelland Judy and Vic Feldman William and Norma Truax Nancy and Laurence McClelland Susan and Pat Fitzgerald Steven McClelland Beverly Friese Bridge to Significance Family McCoy Construction Co. Rochelle Funderburg Scholarship Douglas and Elizabeth Meek Henry and Ruth Gerlach Farm Credit Illinois Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & William Gleason Helen Grandone Champaign County Historical Stewart, P.C. Randall and Theresa Green Museum Endowment Fund Margaret Parkinson C. Kristina Gunsalus andChampaign County Historical Society Kip and Janet Pope Sharon Steffen and Jeff Gillespie Michael Walker Champaign County Nursing Home Charles and Carolyn Haines Auxiliary Fund Community Foundation of East Roger and Fran Haughey Champaign County Nursing Home Central Illinois John and Barbara Hecker Bill and Coletta Ackermann Debra Hirschi Auxiliary Harold Adams Brice Hutchcraft Carl and Sandra Duderstadt Richard Adams Henry and Elizabeth Jackson Lila Jean Wicklund Carl and Nadja Altstetter Lenrose Jahiel Chester Alwes and Marlys Scarbrough Francis and Helen Jahn In memory of Esther Bright Apollo Hotel Consultancy Bonnie and Gordon Kemper Ben Sliwinski and Brenda Carlton Don and Suzi Armstrong Chris and Suzette Kittell Mark Ballard Barb and Dave Kuhl Children’s Advocacy Endowment Anthony and Anna Benjamin Joe and Sheila Lamb Fund Katie Bermingham Mark Lipton David Cahill and Adelaide Aime Dave Bernthal Walt Manske Betty Littlejohn Schultz & Co. David Marshall Clif Rocks! Fund Todd and Sara Black Rebecca McBride and Betsy BachmannBob and Suzanne Aldridge—On behalf Susan Bonner and Dena Hasselbring Candace Branigan and Bill Youngerman Continued of John & Mary Beth Aldridge Tom and Mary Ann Brown Carol Aldridge Victoria and Daniel Corkery Scott Filkins David Hess—In honor of Clif AldridgeLaurie Johnson 22001126AAnnnnuuaall RReepport • 79

2016 CFECI DONORSDiane and Bill Michaels Anthony Cobb Kathleen Harleman Dennis Muncy C-U Mass Transit District Janice Jayes Joseph Murphy Karl and Heidi Gnadt Chloe Lee Mark Netter and Eve Harwood Katherine Grayson Yonghwa Meling Alan and Kassandra Nudo Larry Helm Armine Mortimer Tracy Nugent Cynthia Hoyle Joseph Murphy Jean Paley Susan Jones Nudelman Family Jenny and Peter Park Jan Kijowski Ratko Orlandic and Mirjana CesnjajRobert Patton Ben LeRoy Pursuit Institute, LLC Joseph and Ann Petry Robert Patton Donald and Gay Roberts Kip and Janet Pope Amanda Perez Vaidotas and Birute Simaitis Lance and Jana Raver Amanda Raklovits Sullivan Parkhill Max Redmond Adam Shanks Terry and Barbara England FoundationRobeson Family Benefit Fund Bryan Smith Marquerite Torrey Ken and Joan Sensenbrenner Stuart Smith Stephen Trotte and D. Trotte KasakDavid and Jan Sholem Amy Snyder Vasundhara Vigh Myron and Sonya Sholem Robert Stickels James and Diane Wardrop Gift On behalf of Q.L Snook and William Wilson O.J. Watkins Deanna Williams and Young Kim M.L. Snook Joan M. Dixon Endowment Fund Jerald WrayCecile Steinberg Joan DixonJohn and Terry Thies ECIRMAC-Joy Endowment Fund Richard and Marilyn Thies DoCha Richard and Genevieve JoyLott and SuAnn Thomas Carl and Nadja Altstetter Art and Shirley Traugott Anonymous Elizabeth’s Literacy FundTom Ulen Janet Bassett Endowment Rebecca and Monty Wade Ken Bengoechea Anne Conley-Goldstein Ruth Youngerman Richard and Carol Betts Elizabeth Goldsmith-ConleyAnthony Zahrn Charles Boast and Marsha Clinard Minas Charalambides Terry and Barbara England Fund Patrick Thomas Costello Carol Colburn Albert and Barbara EnglandEndowment Fund Willis Colburn Tom and Rose Costello Dragoljub and Ruzica Cuk Fire and Police Memorial Fund Delores Das Gregory Abbott and C. Adam SenalikCradle 2 Career Fund John and Terri Dodson Michael and Jill Bayless Lee Ann Kelly Joshua Downs Champaign County Civil War RoundKim and Denise Martin Ed and Kathy Feser Thunderstruck Design Victoria Fligel Table Michael Fuerst James and Dana Clark CUMTD Bus Pass Program John Fundator Anthony Cobb Drew Bargmann Mildred Gerard Rick and Cheryl Dixon Mike Braden Patricia Gifford Tyler Funk Eric Broga Ondine Gross Gary Gula Beth Brunk John Hart Darlene Coad Joshua and Amy Jessup KS Energy Services 10 • Community Foundation of East Central Illinois

Annette Livingston Park Place Condo Association In Memory of Helen LevinGary Ludwig Edra Scofield Joan Dixon John Maloney Jane Green Mary Mullen Mahomet Public Library Mary and George PerlsteinBen and Jennifer Newell Endowment Edra ScofieldMary Beth Norris Friends of the Mahomet Public LibraryCharles and Leslie Sullivan John and June Holmes In Memory of Hester SuggsJane Weston Joan Dixon Carrol Whitehouse Anna J. Merritt Endowment Edra Scofield Anna Merritt Kenneth Freeland Memorial UNESCO Center for GlobalScholarship Fund Monticello Railway Museum CitizenshipRusty and Jill Freeland Endowment Conservatory of Central Illinois David Marshall Esquire Lounge Wade Hampton & Andrea Reno Mary and George PerlsteinFund Noel EndowmentWade Hampton and Andrea Reno Noel Foundation United Way-Tammy Lemke Leadership FundJane A. Hays Family Charitable Orpheum Children’s Science Tammy Lemke Fund Endowment FundJane Hays Orpheum Children’s Science Museum United Way-Edwin and Carol Scharlau FundCharles and Barbara Hundley Steve and Esther Portnoy Fund Edwin & Carol Scharlau Fund Stephen and Esther PortnoyCharles and Barbara Hundley Upper Sangamon River The Reading Group Endowment ConservancyBill J. and Karen Hunsinger Fund The Reading Group Bart and Kristen Duesdieker Bill Hunsinger Timothy and Linda Garrow Rosmarino Fund Elmerita Hays—In honor of Scott HaysIllinois Futbol Club-Joe Seeley Mary Vita Rosmarino Scott Hays Memorial Fund Joseph Niernberger Dan Bernhardt and Margaret Rotary District 6490 Grant Fund Nancy Payne Noeli Anderson Robin Pletcher Ballantyne Paul Anderson Martha Sivier Human Kinetics Bloomington Normal Sunrise Rotary Daniel WalkHuman Kinetics—On behalf of Hank Campbell Douglas McCarty Urbana Public Arts Commission Dr. Sophia Nimphius Barbara Morgan FundJeff Rubin Gabriel and Joquine Nege City of Urbana Roger Schmidgall First Busey Corporation John K. Jones Endowment Bob and Karla Weldon Jack and Virginia WaalerJohn Jones Drake Zimmerman and Jan Elfline WGRC FundMary E. Jones Fund Sustaining Fund Kenneth and Margaret BuelJohn Jones Phil and Patricia Abruzzi Jane Green In Memory of Mary JonesJoan Dixon Jacob Kuebler 2016 Annual Report • 11

STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITIONFor the Year Ended December 31, 2016 2016 2015CURRENT ASSETSCash and cash equivalents $ 599,289 $ 561,636Grantor investment receivable 20,000 55,000Current portion of accounts receivable 3,821 3,821Cash value life insurance 17,891 16,515Total current assets $ 641,001 $ 636,972Property and Equipment:Land 26,500 26,500Building 246,500 246,500Equipment and Furniture 18,121 13,384Accumulated depreciation (21,021) (13,910)Total property and equipment, net $ 270,100 $ 272,474Other assets:Accounts receivable, net of current portion 3,820 7,641Building held for sale 810,000 -Investments 14,402,132 13,369,814Other InvestmentsPrivately held stock, held for investment 1,628,000 1,628,000Real estate, held for investment 58,000 58,000Peer farm property, held for investment 800,000 800,000Total non-current assets $ 17,701,952 $ 15,863,455TOTAL ASSETS $ 18,613,053 $ 16,772,901CURRENT LIABILITIESAccounts payable $ - $ 5,574Grant funds awarded pending disbursement 47,942 21,941Total current liabilities 47,942 27,515Contract for sale liability 810,000 -TOTAL LIABILITIES 857,942 27,515NET ASSETSUnrestricted $ 289,673 $ 225,647Temporarily restricted 4,182,915 3,979,023Permanently restricted 13,282,523 12,540,716Total net assets 17,755,111 16,745,386TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS $ 18,613,053 $ 16,772,90112 • Community Foundation of East Central Illinois

STATEMENT OF SUPPORT, REVENUE AND EXPENSES-MODIFIED CASH BASIS For the Year Ended December 31, 2016 Temporarily Permanently Unrestricted Restricted Restricted TotalREVENUE AND SUPPORTGifts, grants and contributions $ 33,821 $ 360,187 $ 740,431 $ 1,134,439CFECI administrative fee 221,616 - - 221,616Peer farm income - 27,581 - 27,581Condo rental - 8,070 - 8,070Life insurance value increase - - 1,376 1,376Investment income, net 13,025 801,865 - 814,890Private stock income distribution - 169,257 - 169,257Annual meeting income 9,760 - - 9,760Other 4,058 - - 4,058Net assets released from restrictions 1,163,068 (1,163,068) - -Total revenue and support 1,445,348 203,892 741,807 2,391,047EXPENSESProgram services 1,322,163 - - 1,322,163Management and general 41,745 - - 41,745Fundraising 17,414 - - 17,414Total expenses 1,381,322 - - 1,381,322CHANGES IN NET ASSETS 64,026 203,892 741,807 1,009,725NET ASSETS – BEGINNING 225,647 3,979,023 12,540,716 16,745,386NET ASSETS – ENDING $ 289,673 $ 4,182,915 $ 13,282,523 $ 17,755,111 2016 Annual Report • 13

2016 CHARITABLE DISTRIBUTIONS CFECI Donors Make $1,000,000 Impact— Again! For the fifth straight year, the Community Foundation of East Central Illinois has distributed nearly $1,000,000 on behalf of our donors! As a result, 129 nonprofit organizations and causes, primarily in our nine-county regional service area, have been able to improve, expand or enhance the vital services they provide to residents.Altrusa Club of Champaign-Urbana Champaign Park District - Prairie Farm Danville Light Opera Musical Theatre Developmental Services CenterAUL Champaign Park District - Virginia DoCha Theatre Don Moyer Boys & Girls ClubBanks Bridgewater Lewis Fine Arts DREEAM House Academy Champaign Urbana Cradle to Careers Eastern Illinois Foodbank Education Justice ProjectBloomington Normal Sunset Rotary Champaign Urbana Film Society empty tomb Club Family Advocacy of Champaign Champaign Urbana Jewish FederationBloomington Rotary Club County Champaign Urbana Mass Transit Family Service of Champaign CountyBoys & Girls Club of Danville District Bus Pass Program Fellowship of Christian Athletes First Methodist Church of RantoulButler University - Farm Credit Illinois Champaign Urbana Symphony First Presbyterian Church of Scholarship Champaign Urbana Symphony - Youth ChampaignCalvin College Music First United Methodist Church ofCanaan Baptist Church Safe House Channing Murray Foundation Champaign FirstFollowersCASA of Champaign County Church Women United Clothing Friends of PEB Center Girl Scouts of Central IllinoisCASA of Vermilion County Grace Community Church Clinton Rotary Club Griot ArtsCentral Illinois Volunteerism Community Elements (now Rosecrance)Champaign Fire Department 150th Celebration Community Resource & Counseling CenterChampaign County Bikes Courage ConnectionChampaign County Forest Preserve Foundation Crisis NurseryChampaign County Humane Society CU Illini After 5 Rotary ClubChampaign County Nursing Home CU One-to-One Mentoring Cunningham Children’s Home14 • Community Foundation of East Central Illinois

Hillel - UIUC Parkland College – Pearl Sisk U of I Foundation - Department of Scholarship Intercollegiate AthleticsHoly Cross Grade School Peer Court, Vermilion County U of I Foundation - English DepartmentHoopeston Multi-Agency People Assuming Control of their U of I Foundation - Friends of theHope Chest Pekin, The Environment (PACE) LibraryHope Meadows Piatt County Mental Health Center U of I Foundation - School of MusicIllinois Radio Readers Planned Parenthood of East Central U of I Foundation - WILL AM-FM-TV IllinoisIllinois State University - Charlie Due UNESCO Jazz Festival Scholarship Prairielands Council, Boy Scouts of America United Way of Champaign CountyIllinois State University - Farm Credit Illinois Scholarship Promise Health Care/Frances Nelson University of Chicago - Kathy Murphy ScholarshipIllinois State University - Horizon Promise Health Care/Smile Healthy Scholarship University of Illinois - Clif Rocks Prosperity Gardens ScholarshipLand of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation Rantoul Public Library University of Illinois - Farm Credit Illinois ScholarshipLead 4 Life Reading Group, The University of Illinois - HorizonLincoln Land Community College - Rice University - James Sisk Scholarship Scholarship Kenneth Freeland Scholarship Rose Hulman Institute of Technology - University of Illinois - Lucien &Litchfield Rotary Club James Sisk Scholarship Christine Nesbitt ScholarshipMadison County YMCA Salt & Light University of Illinois High SchoolMahomet Boy Scout Troup #25 Salvation Army University of Minnesota, Twin Cities - Kathy Murphy ScholarshipMahomet Seymour Schools SBL Peace Meal Senior Nutrition Foundation Program University YMCAMarin YMCA Peer Court Serenity Shack Upper Sangamon River ConservancyMartin Luther King Scholarship Fund Southern Illinois University – Horizon Urbana Neighborhood Connections Scholarship CenterMaryville University - Farm Credit Illinois Scholarship Southern Illinois University School of Vermilion County Rape Crisis Center Medicine – Farm Credit IllinoisMonticello Railway Museum Scholarship Wesley Food PantryMuseum of the Grand Prairie Spring Initiative WorkSource EnterprisesNew Covenant Fellowship Family St. Matthew Lutheran Church/Sola Gratia YMCA of the USA World Service Fund Farm YMCA SouthcoastNewton Rotary Club Stephens Family YMCA Young Life Champaign CountyNormal Rotary Club Three Hierarchs Greek Orthodox Church YWCA of the University of IllinoisOrpheum Children’s Science Museum Tuscola Rotary ClubOrthopterists’ Society U of I Foundation - Applied Health SciencesParkland College – Horizon Scholarship 2016 Annual Report • 15

FUNDS OF THECOMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF EAST CENTRAL ILLINOIS(As of December 31, 2016) Bold Type Indicates New FundEndowments Illinois Futbol Club-Joe Champaign-Urbana Donor Advised Funds Seeley Memorial Special Recreation2076 Fund Clif Rocks!Academy Memorial Mary E. Jones Family Service Downey Family CharitableAccess to Recreation John K. Jones Jean Driscoll WheelchairWilda Adams Robert D. Jones Generations of HopeAnonymous (Private John Michael Kauffman Racing Frances R. Kesler Memorial Mahomet Public Library Cynthea Geerdes-Todd Foundation Conversion) Morris KesslerW. Barclay & Frederick C. Bud & Sandy Leister Orpheum Children’s Martinez Stephanie Manuel Museum Elva Greeson Bell Tower Brasch Anna J. Merritt Wade Hampton & AndreaH.R. Bresee August Meyer The Reading GroupMichael J. Carragher Monticello Railway Museum RenoChampaign County CASA Albert D. Mulliken United Way Jane A. Hays FamilyChampaign Southwest MTD Marthena Nonneman FundChampaign-Urbana Symphony United Way – Early CharitableChildren’s Advocacy for Children Childhood Circle Horizon FundDavid & Faye Cole Dorothy Ozier Bill J. & Karen L. HunsingerCommunity Foundation David R. & Katherine D. United Way – Tammy Alice & Gene Lamb Lemke David George Miller Capacity Building Parkhill Curtis C. Nash Children’sCommunityWorks Hobart L. & Mary K. Peer United Way – Carol A.Patrick Thomas Costello Mary K. Peer Administrative Scharlau CreativityJoan Dixon Mary Vita Rosmarino Open Road PavingDavid C. Eades Justus Seaman United Way – Edwin A. Robeson Family BenefitECIRMAC – Joy Marajen Stevick Foundation and Carol A. Scharlau Rotary District 6490Albert Eisner Linda Nelson Stocks Gloria Valenti CompassionateElizabeth’s Literacy John P. Trebellas United Way –Emanuel Farms John P. and Artemis C. Volunteerism Circle CareTerry and Barbara England Barry & Linda WeinerMary Alice English Trebellis United Way – YouthJoyce Ettensohn Youth Music Appreciation Circle Special Project FundsFarm Credit Illinois— WGRC – Champaign Rotary Urbana Legacy Tree Fund Central Illinois Volunteerism AG-Vocacy Club Champaign Fire DepartmentFounders (Sustaining) Urbana Parks FoundationGeorgia May Fisher Organizational Fund 150th AnniversaryFranklin Prairie Farm Endowments CU Cradle 2 CareerMargaret O. Franklin Urbana Public Art CU Film SocietyFranklin Youth A Woman’s Fund Commission CUMTD Bus PassesHolly Williams Gallivan Bottenfield P.T.A. DoChaH.I. & Mabry Gelvin Boys & Girls Club of Urbana Public Television DREAAMGreen Meadows Fire & Police MemorialDon Moyer Boys & Girls Club Danville Scholarship Funds Public Art League – EbertIda Haack Champaign CountyHansen-Peer Bridge to Significance Sculpture Historical Museum Family Scholarship UNESCO Center for Global Champaign County Nursing (Farm Credit Illinois) Citizenship Home Auxiliary Dana Buerkett Memorial Upper Sangamon River Champaign Park District Charlie Due Baseball Conservancy Kenneth Freeland Memorial Rep. Naomi Jakobsson Kathy Murphy Lucien & Christine Nesbitt Memorial James Sisk Pearl Sisk16 • Community Foundation of East Central Illinois

In Fond Memory& Appreciation Helen Levin Founding Mother of the Community Foundation Board member 1972-1979 Honorary Board Member 1980-2016 Hester Suggs Community Foundation Board Member 1996-1998 Grants Committee Member 14 years Each generation improved the community so as to make life less harsh and richer for future generations. We should not assume that no more needs to be done. We must continue helping our neighbors and we must continue to improve and add to the humanitarian resources of our area for the benefit of present and future generations. Community Foundation of East Central Illinois, May 1972

TMCommunity Foundation of East Central Illinois 307 W. University Avenue Champaign, Illinois 61820 217-359-0125 •

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