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Introducing Debi Warren, a Liz Moore Rainmaker

Published by lynnettetully, 2020-11-30 23:08:38

Description: Introducing Debi Warren, a Liz Moore Rainmaker


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Daytripping: All the Best Home Ideas: Let’s Go To Charming New Kent Find Them on Pinterest The Dog Park MAGAZINE Celebrating the Region’s Most Influential Real Estate Professionals Glowing Reviews Are the Norm for This Hall of Fame Real Estate Pro Debi Warren Realtor®, ABR A Conversation With A Wife, Adventurer And Award-Winning Real Estate Professional

Rainmakers are selected based on their sales DEBI WARREN accomplishments earning them a spot among the top 20% of Liz Moore & Associates’ top performers. REALTOR®, ABR In addition to sales volume standards, Rainmakers ALMA MATER share client-centric philosophies, a dedication to being masters of their craft, and a commitment to giving University of Colorado - back to the communities they serve. Colorado Springs I am thrilled to have been selected as the featured SUPERPOWER Rainmaker for the month! I can work through problems in Debi Warren a calm manor. When someone or something makes me really upset I will solve the problem, then literally forget about the negative energy in the situation. I will not allow anything to create negative energy in my mind. FAVORITE CHALLENGE The 18 mile hike to the top of the Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, climbing up the granite rock with cables to get to the very top. My husband and I did it in 13 hours. HOW I START MY DAY Quiet time with the Lord, followed by the gym. BIGGEST MOTIVATOR People who say I can’t do something. It’s awesome when I prove them wrong! Debi is one of the best real estate professionals I have ever encountered. Not only for her expertise and professional attitude, but her positive personality. If you are thinking of buying or selling, DEBI IS THE ONE TO CONTACT! Captain John F. Payne

Rainmaker Debi WarrenSpotlight: BORN TO Debi Warren is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. She is also one of the SELL AND hardest working people you’ll ever encounter. Her outgoing manner, combined with her EMBRACE ALL diligent attitude, have helped make her one of Liz Moore’s most successful REALTORS® HER CLIENTS and this month’s Rainmaker. LIKE FAMILY Debi knew she wanted to be a REALTOR® starting in the 6th grade. “I’ve always enjoyed sales. As a kid, I went door-to-door selling different items to fundraise for the color guard. I always knew I wanted to be in sales, and what better sales job than real estate?!” As the daughter of a career Air Force Chaplain, Debi is no stranger to moving and has lived all over the world. After earning her Business Management degree from University of Maryland in Germany, and a Communications degree from University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Debi relocated to Virginia with her parents in 1999 and started studying immediately to earn her real estate license and become a REALTOR®. Debi and her mother worked as a team in the beginning of her career and they were among Liz Moore’s first agents when the company was started in 2003. Debi’s mother retired in 2004, but Debi met the goals that were set for their team all by herself!

“I am very goal oriented,” says Debi. “I was always taught if you put your mind to it, you can do anything!” Debi’s perseverance and hard work have earned her countless glowing reviews and referrals as well as many real estate awards including induction to the Liz Moore & Associates’ Hall of Fame. She is also consistently among the top performers in the company’s Peninsula office. Debi credits her success to her ability to connect with people immediately. “I truly want to be part of their lives. I really listen to what’s important to them, taking the time to really understand them and their needs. I truly support my clients and encourage them to do what’s best for them, even if it doesn’t end in a sale.” For Debi, real estate is about building relationships and keeping them long term. “I keep in touch with my clients and keep our relationship going long after the transaction. I go to their celebrations, and anything else that is important to them in their life. When we work together, we become friends, often it’s more like family. Real estate gives me the avenue to meet so many wonderful people and become a part of their lives.” Debi and her husband Jon and their two rescue cats moved to the Riverside area of Newport News where she started a welcoming committee. “We deliver welcome baskets to our new neighbors,” says Debi. She shares similar baskets with her clients at closing containing wine and glasses, bread, and salt from the famous Christmas movie, It’s a Wonderful Life. “It truly is a wonderful life to be able to share that special moment at closing, nothing compares.” Debi is known to help clients with every aspect of the transaction. “I’ve cleaned an entire kitchen the day of a walk-through to ensure the transaction would be successful. I’ve spent hours helping find quality fixtures on sale, so clients can afford to update their home and sell it looking its best. I help them get through the process, whatever their needs, with no pressure and the utmost flexibility.” “Everyone wants to be noticed and loved,” says Debi. “I meet all different personalities and ages, and I’m able to relate to every person and become part of their story. I have the honor of being the first person people walk into their future home with and I get to share that vision with them. I love helping people picture themselves and their lives in their new home and helping build that dream. Being able to share that pride with them is the coolest thing in the world.” “People love HGTV and I get to live it,” says Debi “I love it and I’ll do it forever, I’m not going anywhere!”



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