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Liz Local Williamsburg - Summer 2022 Edition

Published by lynnettetully, 2022-08-11 11:16:45

Description: Liz Local Williamsburg - Summer 2022 Edition


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WILLIAMSBURG SUMMER 2022 Creating A Pet Friendly Backyard Oasis Interior Design with Pets in Mind Berret’s Seafood Restaurant Heritage Humane Society Take Me Out To The Dog Park Moving With Your Family Pet

A Message from Liz Emma Happy Summer! Check out one of our favorite spots! The local real estate market has been a PRESENT THIS CARD FOR roller coaster so far this year. Interest rates have more than doubled since January, 10% OFF which has definitely put a damper on buyer activity. As a result, many buyers YOUR TOTAL FOOD ORDER have either been priced out of the market or are choosing to sit on the sidelines Honored for food only at lunch or dinner Monday-Thursday. and wait until things settle down. We’re Not valid with any other offers or at the Taphouse Grill. seeing the supply of inventory and time on market begin to inch up, which are both (757) 253-1847 | telling signs of a market stabilization in 199 S Boundary, Merchants Square, Williamsburg the works. For sellers, most are seeing a more normal negotiating environment,withthereturnof home inspection, appraisal and even some home sale contingencies. Prices remain strong, and sellers are still benefitting from the incredible appreciation gains of the past 2 and a half years. Now, perhaps more than ever, you need the counsel of an experienced REALTOR® to help you navigate the changing market. We’re dedicating this issue of Liz Local to our four-legged, furry friends! At our house, our 4-year-old Irish Doodle, Emma, rules the roost. We hope you have a wonderful summer! Liz Moore, President

Congratulations! Contents We recently asked kids to draw their pet’s ideal house Creating A Pet Friendly Backyard Oasis and submit their completed work on Facebook. Interior Design with Pets in Mind Congratulations to Nishka, Bella and Pippa, Berret’s Seafood Restaurant who received the most votes for their age range. Heritage Humane Society Take Me Out To The Dog Park Moving With Your Family Pet NISHKA BELLA PIPPA SUMMER 2022 / LIZ LOCAL 3

Creating A Pet Friendly Backyard Oasis By Leslie Pearce Perhaps you are a new pet owner or just bought a house with an outdoor space? Read on for some helpful information about your pet and the outdoors. Perhaps you are a new pet owner or just bought a house with an outdoor space? Read on for some helpful information about your pet and the outdoors. Be sure your fence is sufficient to keep your dog from going over or under. Gardening chemicals should be kept away from pets. Don’t forget that cats can climb into or onto most anything! Keeping up to date with vaccines, flea, tick, and heart worm medicines is always a good idea. Some plants are toxic to animals like oleander, poinsettias, and others. Check the ASPCA website. “Lilies are very toxic to cats, even licking the pollen off their fur can cause damage,” said Heidi Garman, DVM at Colonial Veterinary Clinic. Perpetual water bowls or a water fountain are good as is a play area with shade. Dog runs and doggie door options are important for outside pets as well. Keeping these tips in mind will help you and your pet get the most enjoyment from your time outdoors this summer! 4 SUMMER 2022 / LIZ LOCAL

Interior Design with Pets in Mind By Leslie Pearce Spending quality time indoors with your pet is one of life’s great enjoyments. With that in mind here are some helpful tips to make sure both you and your pet are as happy inside as outside. A big question to think about, where are your pets going to sleep? Under the kitchen table? In a dog bed, kennel, sofa or with you? Your pet will appreciate a quiet place and their own bed where they can catch a quick nap before looking for their next adventure. Animals need plenty of toys to chew on, otherwise the remote and your glasses can be mighty tempting! If you like open windows, make sure your screens are secure. Give your cat an alternative to the couch such as a scratching post. Waterproof luxury vinyl and tile are the best options for flooring. Buy furniture with pet hair and claws in mind. Silk, velvet, denim, and woolen fabrics are magnets for animal hair. Leather and its alternatives are good choices. Rugs with non-skid pads are a must for safety. Cats love rubbing against something scratchy or lumpy so AVOID textured walls or embossed wallpaper. Cats and dogs play and drink in toilets, close lids. Chocolate, avocado, tomatoes, and other tasty snacks can be harmful to your dog or cat. Keep cords from blinds secure, a dangerous enticement for animals. Having a well thought out indoor environment for your pet is always a great idea! SUMMER 2022 / LIZ LOCAL 5

Pet-Friendly Places: Want to go? Berret’s Seafood Restaurant Berret’s Seafood Restaurant By Karen Newton 199 South Boundary Street Berret’s Seafood Restaurant welcomes pets and people to Williamsburg’s only outdoor bar, along with their generous outdoor seating area. With Williamsburg close to 20 tables that can be rearranged for groups of all sizes, there’s enough room for everyone, whether on the exterior of the bar area, on (757) 253-1847 the terrace, or on the lawn. There, tables are raised on low platforms and provide shady ambiance thanks to a bevy of umbrellas. It’s that lawn area where a stage is set up to provide live music seven days a week, weather permitting, with outdoor lighting strung over the tables to complete the vibe Guests who bring their furry friends can count on being offered water bowls to keep their best friend hydrated, while their humans enjoy rotating draft beers, one dollar oysters every day from 11:30 a.m. through 7 p.m. and fresh seafood thanks to Berret’s proximity to the James and York Rivers, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean. Like most restaurants who welcome the four-legged set, dogs must be very well-behaved, which means no barking fits or outbursts. Most importantly, all dogs must be leashed. Outside tables cannot be reserved like indoor tables can, so it’s best to stay flexible when bringing Fido out with you. Located in Merchants Square, one block from historic Colonial Williamsburg and across from William and Mary, Berret’s is a favorite for those with or without dogs. 6 SUMMER 2022 / LIZ LOCAL

Heritage Humane Society Heritage Humane Society 430 Waller Mill Road By Karen Newton Williamsburg (757) 221-0150 Laid-back Zane is an older hound who’s looking for a home to call his own. At 7-years-old, he’s well beyond the typical annoying puppy behaviors and still has a lot of love to give his forever family. Incredibly friendly and very calm, Zane is one of over 200 pets currently housed at the Heritage Humane Society in Williamsburg. HHS is dedicated to being compassionate stewards of companion animals -both strays and those who have been surrendered- that are in transition to finding their new homes. As part of that mission, they educate the community about humane animal care and treatment, advocate animal welfare, and offer affordable adoption and spay/neuter services as a means of reducing overpopulation of unwanted animals. In 2021 alone, 1,445 animal lives were saved through their adoption and transfer partnerships. The foster care program, vital to saving the lives of sick, injured, neonatal and under-socialized pets who need time to adjust and heal, fostered 556 pets. Their Kibble Kitchen assisted 1,211 pets with pet food and supplies. According to Kimberly Laska, Executive Director of the Heritage Humane Society, “Getting the word out about our pets is critical, so our social media sites are updated daily with stories of adoptable pets.” Ongoing events provide a way to show support for those not able to adopt. As a privately funded program, events and fundraisers keep the program going financially while bringing awareness to pets available for adoption. SUMMER 2022 / LIZ LOCAL 7

Take Me Out To The Dog Park Dog parks are becoming more and more popular across Dog parks provide both mental and physical stimulation the country and our area is no different. Dog parks as they run and play and interact with other dogs. Parks provide a place where pups can run freely, off-leash and help eliminate energy for bad deeds proving true the old socialize with other dogs. These parks provide many saying “a tired dog is a good dog.” benefits to dogs and their humans alike. Dogs are highly social, pack animals, who enjoy running Dogs were born to lead very active lives. For thousands and playing with other dogs. At the park, your pup of years, dogs worked alongside man, hunting, herding not only gets to play with new and old friends, he also and protecting, while their wild ancestors spent their gets practice reading a variety of other dogs’ body days hunting, scavenging, and avoiding predators. language and using their own communication skills. Today, most dogs spend the majority of their time alone These valuable play and learning experiences help guard at home, napping on the couch or on their fluffy bed, against your dog developing fear and aggression around and eating and drinking from food bowls. other dogs. Many behavioral problems in dogs stem from lack of The fun isn’t limited to Fido! People enjoy dog parks just physical and mental stimulation. Many dogs become as much as their pups. They get to exercise their dogs bored, lonely, and overweight when left home all day. without much effort, meet new people and socialize No wonder they create ways to entertain themselves like with other dog lovers, bond and play with their pups, unstuffing couch cushions or chewing your shoes! practice off-leash training skills, and enjoy watching the frolicking dogs. 8 SUMMER 2022 / LIZ LOCAL

Are you and your pup ready for the park? Before taking your pup to play, visit the park alone and observe. Stop by on different days and at different times As parks are a place where dogs run freely and mingle of day if you can. Take note of the rules so you can together, their behavior and social skills are a top come prepared. Inspect the park for water, shade and consideration. Is your pup aggressive or anxious around security. Also observe who utilizes the park and if they other dogs? Is he fearful? You should work on social are actively supervising their pups and take note of busy skills in small groups and on the leash before entering times and days. A first visit might be most successful at the wide-open dog park. Your dog could become a less crowded time. overwhelmed and fearful and might even become Now that you’ve found the perfect park, prepare aggressive in that situation. yourself and Fido for a great time! Put together a dog- park kit with essentials like a leash, a water bowl and Make sure Fido is up to date on important vaccinations water for you both, bags for clean-up, toys, and treats. like rabies, distemper, adenovirus, and parvovirus. Also, Dog parks can be wonderful places for exercise, play, depending on your area, the age of your dog, and the and socialization. With a little research and preparation, time of year, there may be other necessary vaccinations, you and your dog are sure to have a great time! such as leptospirosis, bordetella, Lyme disease, parainfluenza, or even canine influenza (“dog flu”). Waller Mill Park Check with your vet to see what’s appropriate. 901 Airport Road, Williamsburg While all parks are different, there are some ideal (757) 259-3778 features to look for. Make sure the park is big enough for the dogs to run and socialize and have space to get away from the pack if they want. Overcrowding can lead to tension and fights can erupt. Even if your dog reliably comes to you when called, it’s safest to play in a dog park with fences. Even better are parks with “holding pens” or double gates to allow dogs and people to enter and exit without accidendy letting the other dogs slip out of the park. Before playing, inspect the fence for holes and sturdiness. All parks should have a clean-up station with bags and trashcans available. Always make sure to pick up after your pet! Water and shelter should be available, especially in our warmer climate. Exercising dogs need access to plenty of fresh water and shade. Look for parks with a separate area for smaller dogs. Small dogs need exercise and play time too, but they can be afraid and overwhelmed by much larger, faster dogs. Keeping the smaller pups separate allows them to run and play safely. SUMMER 2022 / LIZ LOCAL 9

Moving With Your Family Pet Moving can be very stressful, especially for our furry Crate Training family members. This stress can manifest in upset stomachs, lack of appetite, bald spots, potty accidents, With all of the impending changes, this might be a unusual behavior, and even aggression. With some good time to crate train your pet if they aren’t already. planning and a few easy steps, we can help make the If trained properly, a crate is a safe space where you pet transition easier for everyone. feels comfortable and is protected. To acclimate them to their crate, you can place their food or a favorite Showing your Home toy in an open crate to encourage them to enter. Also, developing a positive association with the crate, When showing your home, often your pet’s routine is like treats or play time after exploring the crate, will interrupted. Whether they’re placed in a crate, attend help your pet feel positive about their crate and more doggy daycare, or just walked at different times than comfortable in there. usual, these changes can stress your pet. It’s best to ease our pets into these changes gradually giving them time to acclimate. Keep as much routine as you can, don’t change brands of food or litter, keep their food and water in the same place, and try to keep their beds and scratching posts in the same place. 10 SUMMER 2022 / LIZ LOCAL

Choosing the Right Place Settling in Your New Home When selecting your new home, it’s important to make It’s tempting to just turn your furry friend loose in sure your pet will love it as much as you do. Take a walk your new home and let them explore, but such a large around the neighborhood and take note of unsafe areas new space can be very overwhelming for pets. Start and neighboring animals. Does the home have a fence by introducing your pet to just one room, this can be or an invisible fence? Are there receptacles around the their “home base” and will include their food and water neighborhood for pet waste while you’re on a walk? It’s dishes, toys, and a litter box for cats. When they seem also important to consider stairs and flooring, especially comfortable in this room you can gradually introduce for older pets with mobility issues. Knowing what your them to other rooms in your new home. You can also new pet care routine will look like in your new home relocate the litterbox to a more permanent location will help you be better prepared and make the transition gradually by moving it a few feet towards its final smoother. destination every day. Packing Up Your Old Home Medication Pets are very intuitive and will immediately be on high If your pet is still stressed despite your efforts, consult alert when you start bringing in big boxes and packing your veterinarian. They can prescribe medication to help away all of your belongings. To help ease their stress, with your pet’s anxiety during this transition period. consider bringing in the boxes early for them to sniff With some planning and patience, your cat or dog will and explore, cats will especially love this! It’s also helpful adjust to your new home in no time at all. to keep your pet in a familiar room while you’re packing and pack up that room last to keep them in a familiar environment as long as possible. Moving Day Moving day is always crazy. People coming in and out, the door constantly opening and closing, this is not only stressful for your pet but potentially dangerous as they could easily slip out the door and get lost. Keeping your furry friend in a crate in a quiet room, or behind a closed door in a familiar room, or even at a different location all together will ensure their safety and reduce stress for everyone involved in the move. Ideally, it’s best to keep your pet’s routine as normal as possible while moving, but their safety is paramount. Pet-Proofing Much like baby-proofing, it’s a good idea to petproof your new home before introducing them to their new home. Tuck away electrical cords, close off areas where they could get trapped, secure window screens, remove any poisonous houseplants, and confirm there are no poisonous pest-control traps anywhere in the home. SUMMER 2022 / LIZ LOCAL 11 Oyster Point Newport News | 11801 Canon Boulevard, Suite 100, Newport News, VA 23606 New Town Williamsburg | 5350 Discovery Park Boulevard, Williamsburg, VA 23188 Richmond | 14061 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23113 Northern Neck | 276 N Main Street, PO Box 548, Kilmarnock, VA 22482 Kingsmill Williamsburg | 350 McLaws Circle, Suite 2, Williamsburg, VA 23185 © COPYRIGHT LIZ MOORE AND ASSOCIATES. IF YOUR HOME IS CURRENTLY LISTED WITH ANOTHER REALTOR® PLEASE DISREGARD THIS POSTAL, AS IT IS NOT INTENDED TO SOLICIT ANOTHER AGENT’S LISTING. ADVERTISEMENT REASONS TO INVEST Diversify Your in Rental Property Portfolio Investment properties come with many benefits. Increased Wealth Eligible Tax Professional Management Deductions Earn Services Rental Rental Income Income Pays The Mortgage Contact our property management division for professional management services for your investment rental. Virginia Payne, Director of Property Management 757-707-5388

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