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Rosper Green Crimes The Plan

Published by hanobooks, 2017-03-09 07:11:04

Description: Rosper Green Crimes The Plan

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 So you want me to count cards? That's illegal! The people of St. Maarten will prohibit us from visiting that island; if we ever got caught counting cards. No! I am not doing it. My business will suffer. Oh my God! What if mom finds out?\" \" Ros, don't be such a pansy pants! Aunt Megan is not a Hellion. Besides, every man's dream is to count cards in a Casino. It's what real men do!\" \" No! They don't! Desperate mother cunts do! That's why they get caught and end up with a rap sheet. There is no way I am doing prison time for one of your hare-brained ideas. Remember what happened on the Royal Caribbean Cruise?\" \" That's just unfair! It was a one-off thing. If you followed the plan and kept your pants zipped things would've been just dandy. But no! That was too simple for you. You had to indulge in a threesome with the Captain's wife and daughter, didn't you?\" 1

\" Oh, so this my fault?!\" \" Yes!\" \" Fuck you!\" \" Okay. Let's just be calm and look at this from an investment perspective.\" \"What the fuck are you talking about now, Nate?\" \" What if we use your sexual prowess to bag a Ship Director?\" \" So now you want me to sleep with an anonymous old hag who runs the cruise line events?\" \" It's no different from sleeping with the old hags who frequent your restaurant.\" ​ \" That's disgusting! I only flirt with them. I do not sleep with them. There is a significant difference between the two pal.“ 2

“ Whatever! For the record, Ship Directors are not old hags. So, here is the plan. You befriend a young Ship Director on Facebook. You work her up into a fast relationship. You have had practice in doing this. It's not alien to you. You sleep with her. Make it memorable. You can call it the Rosper Special. It's a decent code name. It's like ordering a Wonton Special in the Chinese Strip Joint. Once you have your new bride, where you want her, you tell her to host Poker Games among the ship events. But it has to be on special timings or when we choose to play. See?\" \" I have to sleep with a woman just to have Poker Games hosted on a Carnival Cruise Line? At your bidding?\" \" You have a better idea?\" \" So how will this work? Cruise Liners need a special license to host any form of gambling on their premises.\" 3

\" I suppose we can experiment with getting one for The Sparkle.\" \" Your idea is ubiquitous. The Sparkle is a pirate themed yacht used for weddings and inter-island excursions. Remi will never allow you to use his yacht for Poker Games.\" \" It's worth a shot! I will ask Dale how to get a license for The Sparkle to host Poker Games on these inter-island excursions.\" \" You are one obstinate bastard! Do what you want and keep me out of it.\" \" Pansy Pants!\" \" Where are you going?\" \" To see Dale.\" \" Whatever!\" *** 4

\" Who visited Rosper?\" \" Nathan, mom.\" \" Is everything okay with him?\" \" Yes, mom.\" \" What he wanted?\" \" He was discussing his pie in the sky harebrained ideas.\" \" He is the carbon copy of his father. Fred and your dad did the same thing. They talked shop into the wee hours in the morning. A few of their ideas were good. The other ideas were laughable.\" \" Laughable indeed!\" \" So what was his idea this time?\" \" He wants to marry an old woman. She is a Ship Director.\" 6

\" Marry? Nathan? Why a Ship Director?\" \" Nathan wants to sell his pineapple rum to a captive audience on the Cruise Liner.\" \" It sounds like a fair idea. How does he plan on doing that?\" \" He went to see Dale. He wants to acquire the license to ply his trade on the Ship.\" \" Oh, how lovely! Is he following through with this one? Remember the brewery idea? That never got off the ground.\" \" Yep.\" \" So what have you got planned for today?\" \" The Bank and the Supermarket.\" \" The Bank? Why?\" \" To make deposits from last night's earnings, mom, you know this!\" ​ \" Oh, right! Okay, off you go.\" 8

\" It took you a while to get here, Rossy.\" \" How did you know I was coming to the Bank?\" \" You always come here at 10 am during the week to make your deposits.\" \" Oh. Don't you dare start with me! You left and mom gave me the Spanish Inquisition regarding your visit?\" \" What did you tell her?\" \" That you wanted to marry an old Ship Director to sell your pineapple rum on Cruise Lines.\" \" Hahahahaha! No way! Ros, you are a gem. I wonder if she bought it? Maybe she overheard us?\" \" I doubt it. She said you are as looney as Uncle Fred. So yes, she bought the whole marry-the- Ship-Director-to-sell-pineapple-rum gimmick.\" \" So, did you get in touch with Dale?\" 10

\" Nah. He is out at Sea. I did get in touch with Danny at Tourist Board. Did you know that Anguilla does not authorize any form of gambling or casinos? Now, we have to stick with the Ship Director Plan, Rossy.\" \" Why don't you try St. Maarten? They allow Casinos and Gambling in Hotels.\" \" But where am I to find a Superyacht to hold my Poker Games?\" \" JESSUP!\" \" Word on the street is he needs money for his villas too.\" \" That's a decent package to run. When will you talk to him?\" \" Me? He is your friend, and he respects you more when it comes to business talk. He thinks I am an airhead.\" \" Gee, I wonder why?\" 12

\" Come on, Ros, the Poke Game Cruise venture is important to me. I am doing this for you, not for me.\" \" Fine!\" \" How will you talk to Jessup? By phone or in person?\" \" It is prudent to talk to Jessup in person.\" 13

\" A trip to St. Maarten, then? Fabulous. This will give me an opportunity to scout around the Cruise Lines to see which one's host Poker Games.\" \" Why not scout around Casino tables, as well? Make friends with the dealers. They will help you by telling you how to execute your plan and to hire them.\" \" That's an awesome idea, Rossy! You are an amazing buddy. I am glad you are putting your heart and soul into this.\" 14

\" Yes. Why not? If it makes you happy and out of my way, then it can't be damnable.\" \" Always ruining the moment. Ass wipe!\" \" Yes. I am out of here. Off to the Supermarket and do not stalk me there!\" \" Fine! I'll wait for you at the Port. Don't be late!\" \" Yes, dear.\" ​ \" Jackass!\" ​ *** 15

“ Dude, where was you?\" \" What were you doing for three fucking hours?\" \" I met Serena. She was giving me ...\" \" A blowjob? Did you stiff me off for a blowjob from that ugly Bank Teller? Geez!\" \" Calm down. Serena told me that during Christmas, St. Maarten is dead. The island has no action in the Casino. Most of the dealers want to be away with their families for the holidays. So, no dealers work during the slotted time. You know what this means, don't you?\" \" Serena, Serena, Serena, which one is she again?\" \" The Dwarf.\" \" Ew! That's beyond disgusting. A Dwarf who gives blowjobs at a Bank! What do you see in her?\" \" Information.\" 16

\" You mean pus? This conversation is going nowhere near what I had in mind.\" \" Hush! I am talking. This is good information for you. It concerns the Poker Game Cruise. Don't you see? A window of opportunity has opened for us. We can borrow Jessup's Yacht for Christmas Week. You have to ask your dealers to invite their richest Forbes' clients to play. It must be by special invite only.\" \" Alright, Alright, Alright! Nice going, Rossy! What will the Player's Pot be? Because those guys play for Euros, not Pesos.\" \" Yes. That is the next thing we need to consider. If we are doing this, we need to pool our resources together.\" \" I don't think that will be necessary. I am thinking that we should have a Cruise fee to attend the Poker Games Cruise. I think The Christmas Edition is a good name. We could charge a cool million per player. I say we invite ten or twenty Forbes' clients. Once they pay their Cruise fee, we focus on the Daily Pot. Each day, 18

each player must contribute ten million each to the daily pot.\" \" It's a workable idea. Twenty Players is a good number. Two hundred million divides the administrative expenses and the pot. One billion dollars for five days of Christmas! That figure will gain the Forbes' A-List attention.\" \" I love it! Plus the Cruise money and administrative expenses, we can split among ourselves and Jessup. It can work but who will be the Dealer?\" \" That's for you to figure out with your dealers. You can't speculate. You have to talk to them.\" \" True.\" \" Let me talk to them while you speak to Jessup.\" \" No. You have to speak to the dealers first before we approach Jessup.\" \" Because if we get shit-hardy dealers, then we will get nothing out of it.\" 20

\" What you mean? We are making over half a billion dollars in five days. What more do we need?\" \" Dude! We have to pay maids, bouncers, chefs, guards. The Boat Captain and his hands to attend to sailing and boat maintenance for five days. Don't forget the bartenders and the dealers' commission. We have to stock the Pantry and the Bar for five days, 24-7. These things cost money.\" \" Shit! I forgot that completely! So, what are you thinking?\" 21

Change the Game. Let's hold a Round Up Cash Out. Every day the players get to play for one hundred million dollars.\" \" That's wrong, Rossy! People will kill for conning them out of their money. If they are buying in for ten million daily, then they will expect to win something every day.\" \" Okay. Fine. The twenty players contribute ten million each at the beginning of Round One. We know that they will only expect ten winners from that round. Those ten winners will share the one hundred million dollars for that day. Each player will get ten million each. See? They win their money to play round two the next day.“ \" What happens in round two?\" \" In Round Two, ten players will contribute ten million each to play for the pot of one hundred million. But there will be only five winners. 22

This means that each player wins twenty million. The same money is needed for the next day in Round Three.\" 23

\" Why? What happens in the Round Three?\" \" Round Three is a knockout game. One person must take a walk. Each player must contribute twenty million to the daily pot. There can only be two winners on that day. This means two persons will share the daily pot. They each will get fifty million to proceed into the next Round.\" \" How much they have to put up for Round 4?\" \" Fifty Million. Because Round 4 is the Grand Prize of one hundred million.\" \" WOW!\" \" But it does not end there. On day five, we have the Clash of the Titans. In this round, the losers of the Cruise will contribute to the Players Pot for one final attempt to win ten million. There will be ten players vying for this. This number which will be further reduced to five, four, two and one winners.\" \" This is too complex for me, Rossy. So we take half a billion at the end of five days? 24

Meanwhile, every winner per round wins ten million, twenty million and fifty million? The Grand Prize is a hundred million?\" \" Yes. See how easy?\" \" But won't the Forbes List Clientele see the con?\" \" What con? Every day the pot is set at one hundred million. The winners get their money, shared and paid. This is no con. Listen, every game has a winner and a loser. The losers get another chance in Round Five to win their contribution. The choice is theirs. No one is forcing them to play. Remember, these Players are professional Poker Players. They know the risk to lose or gain ten times more.\" \" But isn't sharing the pot wrong?\" \" There is nothing wrong with it. Casinos do it routinely.\" \" I don't know, Ros. It just doesn't sit right with me. Have you thought of the dealers? Won't 26

they get suspicious? What if they squeal? You are placing their biggest paying clients in financial jeopardy. The players will lose ten to fifty million dollars in a week.\" \"Hey! This was your idea, remember? Besides, if they lose, we can loan the money to them at a reduced interest rate. It is their choice if they want to stay in the game to win the Grand prize. We will facilitate their Gamer's wish. They can even pay us by real estate. Payment does not have to be a reduced interest rate loan. It gives us a chance to own lovely assets worldwide.\" \" Ros, you are getting ahead of yourself in this venture. Millionaires and Billionaires will not part with their properties over a Poker Game. No way!\" \" They have no choice. They have to put up the money to buy the chips in values of ten thousand, one hundred thousand and one million. How do you think they will pay for those chips? With hard cash!\" \" You keep mentioning cash but how will they pay for their chips with real estate?\" 28

CHAPTER 5 “ It's simple, Nathan. Let's suppose in Round One a player buys ten chips valued at a million dollars each. The Player lose the game but he wants to play for the one hundred million in Round Four. We lend him the money to do so but on an agreement to repay the sum of money with simple interest. If he does not want to do so, he can transfer an asset or assets to us based upon the value of his loan.\" \" Wonderful. How am I to explain this to the dealers? What if they steal our idea?\" \" Well, maybe it is best if we do not use dealers in the game. We will pay them a commission for inviting their clients to the Cruise.\" \" How are we going to get that sum of money before the con starts?\" \" Stop calling it a con! It's not a con! We will pay them their ten percent after their referral player buys the chips.\" \" Hold on, they get a cool million just for providing a client?\" 30

\" How are dealers seduced into referring their clients to us? They have no knowledge of the full details of the pot. No brochures are printed, or tickets sold.\" \" Man, your plan is too elaborate for me, Ros. Are you sure it will work?\" \" Talk to them and you will see. I should talk to them instead and I will tell you if they will bite. Who is the most influential of the dealers in St. Maarten?\" \" The Guru?\" \" Yes. The Guru.\" \" Arturo Sam.\" \" Is that his real name?\" \" Come on, Ros, you know people on the Dutch side rarely use their real names.\" \" Fine. Where can we find him?\" 32

\" Casino Royale.\" \" Are you shitting me?\" \" No. It's on Simpson Bay.\" \" Geez!\" \" So when is a good time to contact him?\" \" He works the tables on the weekends. During the week he is the Assistant Bank Manager at Royal Bank.\" \" What the flying ...\" \" I know. Casino, Bank, Airport. It's a Bond movie set up.\" \" Fricking fabulous, if you want to move money; if you asked me!\" \" Does the Bank know of the Guru's second job?\" \" No one knows. But it's St. Maarten, it's a wild card lifestyle.\" 33

\" Who owns the Club?\" \" A couple of strange Chinos for sure.\" \" Now, that's not surprising.\" \" Agreed!\" \" So how will you contact him?\" \" Funny you should ask me. Why not try your Dwarf friend?“ \" What?“ \" That's right. It is twenty clean that she is his rep in Axa.\" \" No way!\" 34

\" How do you think she knows the seasons of the Game? Do you think that is public knowledge, Ros?\" \" No, but ... Damn!“ \" Yep! Chicks aren't what they used to be in Pussy Galore.\" \" Pussy Galore is a character in Gold Finger.\" \" Who's fingering her now?\" \" No! Nathan, focus! Gold Finger is the Bond movie which Pussy Galore appeared.\" \" With a Gold Finger, you can come anywhere.\" \" Geez! Why do I even bother? Fucking bother!\" *** 35

CHAPTER 6 “ Be careful around Serena. She is the connected chick in many robberies on St. Maarten.\" \" That's foolishness! If she works in Axa, lives in Axa and her family is in Axa, how can she run robberies in St. Maarten? It is apparent, the Guru is spreading his own rumors to save himself.\" \" You think he is setting her up to take the hit for him?\" \" What else could it be?\" \" Why incriminate herself?\" \" She doesn't know; which is usual for Serena. She lives in the Ivory Tower in her head.\" \" That's just sad. Well, better get as many blowjobs as you can from her. She won't be around for long.\" \" What do you mean?\" \" With such A-list contacts which the Guru has, she is as good as dead.\" 37

\" I better go warn her!\" \" Don't get emotional over a blowjob!\" \" I am not worried about the blowjob or not receiving it. She is my contact at the Bank.\" \" You let a skank handle your financial secrets, Rossy? That's just irresponsible. This is a shocking fix for you! I know you don't want her to get hurt. Yet, you can't want to do business with the Guru and stab him in the back. If you did, you are inviting yourself to your own funeral. I mean what choice do you have in this but to follow whatever the Guru wants?\" \" It's never that easy! I need to find out from her what she got herself into and how we can talk the Guru out of this.\" \" I don't think you understand the entire picture of this, Ros. It's not up to her and the Guru. It concerns the Guru's associates and her.\" 38

\" What do you mean by \"the Guru's associates and her\"? Who are these associates and what could they want with a Bank Teller in Axa? She is not even affiliated with Royal Bank. So how is she involved in any of their business dealings?\" \" Firstly, she is not an innocent bystander, Ros. The Guru's associates are the Triads. She and her family are into the Triads money laundering strategies. We can't touch that. We can't save her because we cannot take on the Triads. We need the Triads for our Christmas Edition Week. Its success is dependent upon the Triads involvement. You just need to get someone else at NBA to do your Banking for you.\" \" So I am just supposed to roll over and let the Chinese Triads kill anyone in my territory?\" \" Anguilla is your territory. St. Maarten is the Triads territory. You can only act if they kill her or anyone else here without your approval.\" \" Have they killed anyone without my approval recently?\" 39

\" Let's see. There was the Randy Horsford fiasco. You heard of it?\" \" He died in the Virgin Islands not here!\" \" That's not the official story. The Triads alleged that he swiped one hundred of their million dollar chips from Casino Royale. The Cashier said the chips were in an unattended, opened vault at the time. Randy was the hired Cleaner that night.“ \" The Triads believed that Randy got his girlfriend, Kat, to cash the chips. Kat used a false alias and disguised herself as a Senior Expat on vacation. They tracked them to their Island Harbour house and killed her. His relatives said that the Triads told Randy to return the rest of the money by a specified date. He hid in Tortola but stashed the notes in the Virgin Islands.\" \" Yes. I thought it was a hit and run in the Virgin Islands.\" ​ 40

\" Ha! As if! The only way they traced him there was because of their bank notes. And guess what? The Casino's notes were fake. Randy, as stupid as he is, banked the notes at First Bank, which alerted the Police. Jack, Randy's father believed that it was the Virgin Police who tattled to the Triad Family. The word around St. Maarten is, that it was Arturo, who pieced the puzzle of events together for the Triads. Arturo ordered the hit on Randy; which, by the way, was no ordinary death. Randy suffered. The pain must have been excruciating. I can't imagine it! Crushed and flattened by a hummer as he exited the Bank. It was nasty!“ \" Why can't I use that on the Guru and Triads? They did kill the girl in Island Harbour. I can use that as an introduction to broker a business relationship. We still need their approval to succeed in St. Maarten, correct?\" \" Not if we are sailing.\" *** 41

\" Nathan, Jessup's yacht is a luxury yacht. It is owned and registered in St. Maarten, where it is docked. Of course, the Yacht will be considered as part of the Triad's territory.\" \" We should dock it at Sandy Island, from the Port we will sail to various islands for the week. Is it not a Game Cruise? The Players will board the ship either at Sandy Ground or at Sandy Island. We use the same ports when the journey ends unless they want to leave the Yacht by heliport.\" \" It is operating on a technicality. At least, we will not be in St. Maarten so we cannot be infringing on their rights and territory. But we still need their clientele.” \" Well, it depends upon how you perceive it. The Triads have ties with the Russian mob and they are both owned by the Kube. If our clientele is the Kube, then the Triads won't touch us.\"

\" Who the hell are the Kubes?“ \" Dubai Militia now operating in liquid gold. They need somewhere to play. Danger often appeals to them and they walk with their own armed security. They are completely bankable but volatile to the extreme.\" \" Nah. They look too high risk for my tastes. They are not our ideal target for this venture. Although they will have money to burn and can buy into our pot. They may not be gracious at losing in a Poker Game. Those are people who may have a desperate need to retaliate.” \" Further, they may not want to go into agreements to take loans on simple interest to stay in the game. I am not comfortable with their affiliations to the Triads. Who knows? It may cause a Triad War on Axa and I don't want to risk that. Not now.\"

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