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The Avantgarde Magazine II - Chess

Published by The Avantgarde Magazine, 2021-02-18 00:22:47

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C H E S SThe Avantgarde 15TH OF THE YEAR 119 | II EDITION


WF EODRE LRDA TCI OHNE S S The World Chess Federation was born at the beginning of the decade - at the same time that chess came to our world. Created by Cato Dicker, this organization brings together a large number of chess lovers from around the world - as long as they can afford to pay the 55 million dollars it costs to register with the federation. According the Federation, the impressive number of 58 players signed up at the beginning of the organization - an incredible amount! If we multiply the number of players initially registered by the registration price, we can conclude that chess has been able to move more than 3 billion dollars worldwide! For many years now, words like capture, checkmate, flagfall, gambit, queen or stalemate have become a regular part of our society and our forums. Thanks to chess, many people have found a new activity to practice. A different one, more relaxed - at least if We mean to body, that You can practice anywhere and (almost) at any time. A sport for everyone, which only requires a board, a handful of figures and a rival to checkmate. PAGE ONE | II EDITION

THE QUEEN'S This Club already has 83 members, a GAMBIT number as real as it is incredible, and it has headquarters distributed throughout the The Queen's Gambit is the first chess club 49 cities of our world. In any city, at any in our world. With just a few days of life, It time, The Queen's Gambit offers You a has already been placed as a very attractive chance to play chess. option and demanded by chess players. To join the Club, all You need is a chess Using a couple of keywords in chess - The board and eager to take on rivals from all queen is the most important piece and over the world, eager to give You what You gambit is a series of moves that You can make at the beginning of a game of chess Leadingdeserve! when You offer a piece - usually a pawn - in Chess Club order to get an advantage. Maya Parsons has created the first official chess club. PAGE TWO | II EDITION

THE AVANTGARDE'S OPINION INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL ACADEMIES OUR OPINION ON THE PRESENT AND THE FUTURE OF THE MAIN INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL ACADEMIES Since the beginning of time, the educational The Avantgarde Magazine dedicates its system has been the main concern of our second editorial to analyze the three leading society. We have all had to study and educational academies of our world during prepare to reach our achievements and the last decades. goals. Whether in schools, high-schools or universities, We have been able to enjoy first- From 3 years old to approximately 20 years rate educational centers and this has old, our children can join London's Schools, allowed us to continue evolving. NYC Academy or Pop International Education without the need to pay a dollar. Our society has always shown its commitment to increasing the quality of They will be able to study in high quality education for new generations - largely by educational centers, with the best using their knowledge as teachers. Every so professionals and with top facilities, in cities often, new projects and new academies as relevant as London, New York or Montreal, come to light. learning languages and being independent from a very young age. Educational quality, good services and personalized attention are the hallmarks of Thanks to public funding, no one needs to be modern education. rich to receive a world-class education . PAGE THREE | II EDITION

In the second place, We have New We have an obligation to start by York's Schools, founded in 81 by talking about London's School. The Mickey Ruth (RIP). For several years, oldest academy in the world, founded it has been known as the NYC in 58 by Stijn Squier - current mayor of Academy and is directed by the city. We could say that it is the Jessenia Alvarez - leader of the NYC world's leading educational system, Board of Education. Its services are the most reputable. It welcomes offered to children from 3 years to students from 2 years to 15 years. 16 years, and it is characterized by its diversification and personalized Also, London's Schools has tennis, attention. basketball, soccer or volleyball teams. For more than 60 years, this academy has served as a projector for many students from subjects as diverse as music, economics, politics or science. In addition, thanks to its sporting excellence, the academy has trained many athletes who today are professionals and participate in competitions such as the PFL, the PVL or the PBL. LEADING ACADEMIES: LONDON'S SCHOOLS, NYC ACADEMY AND PIE BY JADE OSÓRIO-BHACON In addition, the NYC Academy has soccer, basketball, volleyball and dance teams. We end with PIE Pop International Education. Founded in 108 by Pops and Justo McCarthy, it is the most international and globalized educational system of all. It has branches in Montreal, London, New York, Nashville, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris or Berlin and is aimed at a very wide range of students, from 3 years old to 25 years old. It also has a varied sports representation, such as football, basketball or volleyball teams. PAGE FOUR | II EDITION

THE MAYORS' Corinne Bhacon, Mayoress of VIEW MILES Nashville, opens this space LACEY in which interviewing Miles Lacey, Mayor of New York. Welcome to a new column, where mayors will interview each other to give us a different perspective on their experiences. NYC, the home of the PBL, The US Open of I thought that if She was going to step up I should too. So I Tennis & the best place to enjoy the fireworks volunteered to be Treasurer if She won, She said yes and I during New Years Eve. But I'm not sitting alone ended up doing that for about 10 years. She served as mayor in the Empire State Building... I am with the Mayor, for 3 terms. I was the Treasurer for her first 2 terms and husband, father & brother Miles Lacey to chat part of her third term as well as being vice mayor for her about his life as Mayor of the city that never sleep. second term. Jessenia decided her third term would be her last, I looked around and didn't see anybody running for Q: Hello again Miles! You are on your 2nd mayor that I thought could do better than me so I decided concectutive term as a 1st time Mayor but this isn't to run for mayor. That pretty much brings us up to date I your first foray in politics. What other positions think! have you held in Gov? And can You talk about your journey that got you to where You are now? Q: Its also safe for me to assume that You have accomplished some of your goals since being in office, what A: When I was born my dad had been NY's was the biggest challenge that You have had to face along Treasurer for a long time. And He continued in the way? And what do You think are some of the challenges that position for a couple of decades afterwards all mayors face regardless of the city they govern? too. I decided I wasn't ever going in to politics. I just focused on music. I was in a band with my A: In terms of running the city the toughest thing was sister Jas. We'd be together, fight, break up. Then fixing the zones. They were in a bad way when I took over, I'd be solo for a while, Jas would join the band and the whole thing would start again. Eventually we ranked worst in the world, and I had to figure out how to fix 4 both just needed a break from the road and each other. I stayed in NY for a while and did nothing them as quickly as possible. Melbourne's mayor Grant musical at all. Ida Bullock was the mayor and I got Littleton was a huge help with that. In terms of personally in touch to ask if she needed a CEO. I ended up at during the last election one of my opponents ran a very dirty NYU. After Ida resigned there was a serious campaign, told a lot of lies about me and did his best to need for someone qualified & competent to smear me. Eventually he decided to be honorable and own step up and run for mayor. Jessenia Alvarez did up to his behavior but those were a tough few weeks. that and was planning on working as mayor & Waking up every day to see lies written about You is Treasurer both. something (next page) PAGE FIVE | II EDITION

I hope no-one else has to go through. As I say he A: My mom & dad were both New Yorkers born and stopped that and that was a huge weight off my bred. They were rich & successful musicians when shoulders. There were other dirty tricks being they met and both had children from previous played in secret by other people too, trying to deal relationships. They both loved Rio & both had beach with that without being able to publicly address houses there. That's why I was born in Rio, I was a them was very difficult. And all this while my fiancé typical spoiled rich kid! I've always been a New was heavily pregnant with twins... I won't lie it was Yorker and I became a citizen as soon as I became extremely difficult. an adult. I grew up mostly in New York with some vacations in Rio. When my parents started touring The people who see mayor as an entry level position. If again I spent some time on the road but mostly I was everyone, regardless of the city, who runs for elected in NY with my siblings and our nanny. I would tell a office every couple of years but otherwise disappears young Miles to be nice to Jas, and to let go of grudges from the city volunteered to help the current mayor more easily. And to be less of an ass! then they would be putting their city in a much better place & putting themselves in a much better position Q: You are also from a family who has been in politics, to become mayor. Of course there are other so What is your opinion on having family members challenges like deciding taxes, managing zones, controlling the city for example as both the Chief engaging with citizens but those are part of the job; Justice and Mayor? And what do You think some of they'll always be there. the advantages & disadvantages of having one family running a city ? Q: Born in Rio and obviously You eventually moved here then became citizen. I am sure NYC has changed A: Now that our justice system is more automatic I a lot since You first arrived and although I'm curious as don't think it's necessarily a huge problem but they're to what led You or your family to this city. I also like to separate positions for a reason. I wouldn't want to hear What would a todays very accomplished Miles make a blanket judgement because there can be Lacey tell a young fresh from Rio to NY Miles Lacey ? different circumstances each time. And with basically all the judging & arresting work being automatic the PAGE SIX | II EDITION CJ & CoP are more specialised CEOs than before when their decisions could make a difference on someone being set free or arrested & jailed.

I will say that I understand why sometimes a mayor will be Treasurer too. I think it's a shame and I'd encourage anyone who runs for mayor to have someone else be their Treasurer but I get that in some smaller cities that isn't possible. I suppose the advantage is You know everything will happen the way You want. But that's a disadvantage too because You won't get different perspectives, the chances of finding a better way to do something increase when you have more people involved. Q: Instead of asking You what is your best part of your job as mayor thats too easy, I'll ask what do You feel is the worst part of being a mayor? A: Well apart from the situation I mentioned earlier about people trying to smear me and telling lies to try to win an election the worst part is the idea that there's some sort of shadowy cabal running things who pass power between themselves. There really isn't any power to pass around, it's mostly just zoning permits! I think a lot of people think the mayor can do all sorts of things that We just can't. Mayor's have a few tools We can use to run the city but I believe a lot of people assume We have a magic wand We can wave to change whatever We want. The other worst thing is people complaining that there's a small group of people running the city and other people aren't allowed in. And then when you publicly invite people to help run the city you're met with a deafening silence from those same people. Seriously, if anyone reading this wants to be involved in running New York send me a message and I will find You something You can do to help the city. Q: I briefly mentioned the Pro Basketball League which is synonymous with the NYC Basketball Tournament that is held annually at NYC basketball park. But You actually founded the PBL and I've recently heard that You expanded the league. So can You elaborate on how long has your league been in existence and fill us in on some of the obstacles You dealt with when creating the tournament as well as what is the rewarding part for You when operating such a successful league over the many years. A: I started the New York Tournament back when I was vice mayor. After that Jessenia ran it and then after I became mayor I started running it again. It's my intention to keep running it regardless of who is mayor in future. The big challenge of the tournament is because it's open to everyone You can get some people involved who might be new to these sort of events and just don't know how to keep things going smoothly. I remember during the very first tournament after all the headaches Jessenia had gone through to get it off the ground standing on the courts and watching 7 or 8 games all going on at the same time. That was tremendously rewarding, it's one of my proudest moments. Winning the tournament with my brother Gabriel was pretty amazing too. The year Gabriel & I lost in the semi-final to my then girlfriend now wife's team was a bit of a low moment! PAGE SEVEN | II EDITION

For the PBL, Ryder Innocent & I founded that together. Q: Hmm I am guessing You are familiar with the game F***, Although there can be struggles when You have 16 different marry, kill. But if You're not, I can explain it to You if You like... teams all with slightly different ideas of how things should but I would like to play a version of that with you if that's OK ?! be run just the knowledge that we created a league that's just I'll call it... Like it, trash it, can't live without it. 1. Poly finishing it's 13th season now is very rewarding. Maybe more relationships 2. blogging 3. 420 rewarding for Ryder because his team has won the PBL and mine never has! I'm really pleased that we managed to make A: This is tough. Obviously I'd never want to ban any of those basketball synonymous with New York. things for other people. Let's see. I don't blog often but I did just write a blog about how my wife Joye is perfect. So I think Q: So my next question for You is... For a person thinking about that has to be Can't Live Without It. I enjoy joints, especially maybe one day getting into politics, what advice would You after a game of basketball. My teammate Simone Julian makes give them about what not to do and what they should try the best joints and is good company to smoke them with too. avoid doing when thinking about exploring the world of Plus she gives me joints to hand out to newbies. So 420 has to politics? be Like It. That leaves poly relationships. My brother has been very into poly relationships but it's never been for me. I was in A: Don't think of being mayor or chief justice as a starting an open relationship for a few years before I was with Joye. I point or a stepping stone. If You want to be mayor it used the open part of it once, my partner never did. Since I've should be to improve your city, to do a good job running it. met Joye I've never had any desire to be with anyone else. So So start there. Get experience in running different types of although I think people who are happy to be poly should be locales. Volunteer to help new people in your city. Organise able to be poly for me it's Trash It. events. Don't ever run in an election saying \"I have no experience in running a city but I want to do x,y,z\" instead work Q: Any regrets as Mayor? first and be able to run in an election saying: \"I've done x for the city, I've helped out on y, I'm right now A: This will sound egotistical but not really. Some of the locale working on z\" staffing levels were affecting zones in a way I wish I'd figured out sooner but I can't really call that a regret. There are things Elected office is the goal not the starting point. Don't try to I regret in my life for sure but not really as mayor. This be mayor because You like the sound of the title, try to be came before I was mayor but it is a olitical regret so I think it mayor because You know You'll be good at it. counts. During my last year or so as Jessenia's Treasurer things were very tense and I regret how that ended up. I'm not saying Q: As You already know each city forum activity differs from the either one of us was blameless I'm just saying I wish it'd gone next. And as more people relocate to NY what are some of the differently I hope that bridge is a little repaired now compared steps You or your city has taken or attempted to do to attract to how it was then. more locals to be active on your city forum? Corinne: Well, Mayor.. Your love for New York is evident & A: We have a newbie fund run independently of the the city is fortunate to have you in office as Mayor or in any government by Chelsea Sherwood, and likewise a mentorship capacity. I appreciate You taking time away from your hectic program run by Jessenia Alvarez. I try and greet new people schedule to sit with me for this interview, I really enjoyed in town and make them feel welcome but honestly having talking with You. Thank You for being so candid with me today a more active forum is one of the things I'd love for New & I would like to personally thank You for being a friend to me York. over the years! PAGE EIGHT | II EDITION

China Huawei The Largest Company in the World. Owns Seven club chains, banks, hotels, shops, university, park, etc 全球最⼤跨国企业,物拥中有⼼7、条⼤连学锁、俱公乐园部及、其12他个各体类育场场所,。多家银⾏、酒店、购 CHINA BLUE CHINA R&B CHINA HE & SHE MR CHINA TIME CLASSIC CHAIRS & BEERS COUNTRY CHINA 7865 PUNK CHN ESTRELLA LATIN CHINA NIAO'S HOUSE Promotion by CHINA HUAWEI, a company established in Shanghai ID 47770

THE WORLD by Peyton Roalfe The FeIZstMivIaRlXX It's Peyton Roalfe but you can call me 'Passenger'. I'm a 20-year-old young woman who loves travelling, seeing & exploring the World and getting to know foreign cultures. In this section, I want to share with You some pieces of my adventures. PAGE TEN | II EDITION

RAISE YOUR HANDS! YOU'RE UNDER ARR ...FEST! Hey all! If You are reading this, I am... in İzmir! Shaking my head to the beat! (don't kill me yet I'm too young! But I may die in there, it’ll be too crowded.) Well, let's talk about this 20th Pop Festival You were dying to attend when I'm still alive! Yeah, yeah, I know that most of You still has no idea about it - too busy with flirting nonstop or etc. - Don't be lazy! Move your butts and find an empty spot to pitch your tent next time! (Yeah, I also know You'll continue to flirt in festival area) Last week, right after finally returning to the shores from Seven Seas, I ran to LA to attend the qualifying round of the 20th Popmundo Festival with my sea legs - Nah, I drove there with my Kawosaki. And yeah, I'll write about Seven Seas later, It was hell of an Adventure. You know, I'm not allowed to make predictions on winners, just because I'm a loyal follower of Ma Baker; which is bullshit, now let me 'Bo' to DEVs for this inequity; 'Boooooo!! What do you guys think? That I'll empty people's pockets just because I'm FBI's Most Wanted? Hush! Shame on You! *breaths deep, straightens her clothes and hair, clears her throat* Well, I'm relaxed. What were we saying? Ah, okay. The Fest. I was saying, just because I can pick-lock or know how to use crowbars on windows, doesn't mean that I can't enjoy some quality music, right? So, I dropped all my things to my vehicle and casually walked into Festival area through million guards. Sorry? Asking how despite my warrant of arrest? Well, I have a card with a mysterious cleaner number on it *grins proudly*. My Wasteland tour worth all the suffer after all - Yup, I'll write about it too, later. …right, the Fest. PAGE ELEVEN | II EDITION

The very first thing that I saw was the huge ferris whell rising on the horizon. I smiled wide and got excited like a child (do not judge me, of course I’m still young! I was a child just this morning; ate a full bowl of coco-pops with semi-skimmed milk) I love ferris whells; addictive, precious feeling on their top (Ok, that sounds weird) let’s skip to the crowd and environment! Colorful tents were everywhere. And their owners in not-joint-but-music-high modes were everywhere; singing with their bifurcated voices, sitting as circled groups around ground fires and playing guitar at night, cheddar cheese scent rising from their - cold sandwiches or tacos? Well yeah, I’m not gonna think about this one too much. But I can swear that I smelled some bitter joints. So, you pop-lover guys! Seems like you're not that innocent either! Just kidding. Don't mind me... No, I'm not kidding. Lol. Crowd, snuggling close as couples, maybe too close; spreading their love and other things to universe - Yeah! *sighs* Now I need something to smoke too! At this point, I can mention food vendors; They were as excited and high as their customers with their sugar-frosted soft candys, ‘consciously’ coldened hot dogs, sneaked in ‘with a secret holly ingredient’ muffins – worth to try *rolls her eyes up and recalls her memories* - now forget the very last thing I said, muffins are bad, mkay? Finally, it's time to talk about music. Wait no, It’s not. I am not very familiar with this subject so, I’ll leave this to experts. As for me, all the bands and songs were GOD SMACKINGLY GLORIOUS! Well, You guys know the rest about the Fest (rhymed! liked this.) *All of a sudden, all her ears to the door suspiciously* Now, I gotta go! See You all in İzmir, be safe and have a lots of fun! PAGE TWELVE | II EDITION

Y O U HAVE T A STE IT T O ! PAIN AU CHOCOLATINE PARIS - CHAMPS-ÉLYSÉES ID: 3164714 NO PAIN NO CHOCOLATINE GYM HALLES DE PARIS ID: 50645 Promotion by Pain au Chocolatine, A company established in Paris ID 57129

Anne-Laure Bouleau Passos lentos pela rua em plena madrugada. Corpo quente em ambiente frio, pensamentos mornos e DOCES por vezes sombrios. O frio intenso faz meu corpo LEMBRANÇAS expelir aquela fumaça típica de fumantes. A mesma que durante a infância tive o costume de brincar que estava a fumar algum charuto. Hoje que posso fuma-los a vontade, não os uso mais. Aliás me divertir com charutos é apenas uma das coisas que acabei deixando pra trás. Aquela fumacinha saborizada e com aroma envolvente não faz parte de minha rotina já faz um bom tempo. Fico me perguntando o que mais eu perdi por aí. Não faz muito tempo as pessoas se encantavam com tantas coisas simples. Tirar coelhos de cartolas e até mesmo andar de skate no parque era algo muito comentado entre todos. Hoje o que ainda move algumas pessoas são as aventuras. Mas não aquela nostálgica ida ao Hotel Califórnia, onde por acaso eu estava presente durante a inauguração. Ainda lembro da caravanas que foram feitas para buscar desvendar seus mistérios e suas recompensas. Bons tempos que realmente não voltam mais. No mundo de hoje a grande procura é pelo deserto ou pelos sete mares. Empreitadas mais sofisticadas onde precisa de preparo prévio e é claro de um passaporte místico que nos leva para este mundo paralelo imediatamente. ANT G Eu até concordo que são aventuras fascinantes e partir para enfrentar o desconhecido e descobrir V tesouros, pode ser uma experiência transformadora. Eu, pessoalmente, sinto que nunca mais fui a A A mesma depois de enfrentar aquelas ilhas. O que será que o deserto reserva para mim? Eu ainda E R preciso ir lá pra descobrir D H E Mas eu não vim aqui falar de aventuras. Eu vim aqui T refletir com você, que teve a paciência de ler até aqui, o que você deixou de fazer porque Learn portuguese simplesmente perdeu a graça. Será que se tentar novamente, sentirá ao menos um pouco da nostalgia ao voltar no tempo por alguns instantes? Tipo quando comemos aquela torta doce feita por nossa mãe quando éramos crianças. Ê M Se você aí se sente perdido ou mesmo desanimado S E com a vida, tente resgatar algo do passado. Mesmo que pareça ser algo simples, certamente não será U P simplório. Vivenciar coisas de sua juventude pode G lhe trazer aquela injeção de ânimo que você busca O nas novidades. A resposta nesse caso, pode estar dentro de você, basta saber procurar. U T R PAGE FOURTEEN | II EDITION

By Aurora Dell'Aqcua We also added two new sections to the digital edition of The Avantgarde Magazine: II Edition: The Mayors' View, where Corinne, Mayoress A c h i e v e d !T H E Y O U N G W R I T E R of Nashville, interviews Miles, Mayor of New York; and Learn Portuguese, where Anne- In this second edition, We talk about sport Laure González, editor in Portuguese of our again. About a very special one in particular, magazine, will speak about opinion and and still young in our world: chess. personal experiences. Chess came to our world a few years ago and it has already become one of the most We keep working hard practiced sports worldwide. day after day to improve the quality of our This time, our editorial edition talks about the Magazine! leading educational systems in our world, highlighting London's School, NYC Academy and Pop International Education. PAGE SIXTEEN | II EDITION

HOW TO JOIN? READ THIS! REQUIREMENTS There is no special requirement to join The Avantgarde. The only thing that matters is that You feel like having a good time and creating cool content for readers. I WANT TO JOIN... Text a message to any of our writers / editors, tell them about the topics You would like to cover, and send them a sample article to whet their appetite. Wait patiently until You get a reply. if the topics You have proposed do not quite fit, they will propose You other topics to write about. FOLLOW US! 2342326.1

15TH OF THE YEAR 119 II Rhiannon Stark / Aurora Dell'Acqua / Faun Fangorn / Eva Porter / Roy Studebaker / Anne-Laure Bouleau / Miles Lacey / Corinne Bhacon / Adrió Súria i Talarn / Maya Parsons / Peyton Roalfe The Avantgarde Magazine - All rights reserved A trademark owned by Associated Broadcast Communications, Ltd. Fifth Avenue - New York City WWW.THEAVANTGARDEWEB.WEEBLY.COM

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