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The Avantgarde V Edition

Published by The Avantgarde Magazine, 2021-12-05 10:30:31

Description: The Avantgarde V Edition - In Memoriam of Maya Parsons and Peyton Roalfe


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Editor's Note After a period of rest, this is the most difficult editor's note we've ever made. This time, our magazine loses all its color to take refuge in a crude black and white. We have to say goodbye to our former executive editor, Maya Parsons, who recently passed away. The same happens with Peyton Roalfe, writer of the section 'The World by Peyton Roalfe', who also left our world a few months ago. Two amazing human beings. They transmitted a lot of energy, enthusiasm, kindness and had an impressive team spirit. You have left a void in the magazine that cannot be expressed in words, girls. We can never forget you. We never will. As a tribute to Maya and Peyton, we bring back some of their articles from the past to remember them. One of them, Maya's experience at the XX Festival in Izmir. A very timely memory! As a show of respect, this time we will not show any ads in the magazine. AS SOMEONE ONCE SAID: I AM NOT AFRAID OF THE DARK. IT IS BETTER TO DIE THAN TO LIVE WITHOUT LIVING. 02

Dear future me Oh did you get any weird tattoos in weird places? I dream of getting a nipple AN IRONIC VIEW OF THE EVOLUTION piercing, did you FINALLY have the balls OF HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY. to do it? Maya Parsons Are you still a mess? Right now, your life I hope you became a famous musician, is a complete mess, you’re still a you bubblehead. If you haven’t, MOVE teenager, rumbling around, trying to GO GO GO GO NOOOOW! figure things out, you ask a lot of questions which may seem like a pain in Did you do as we planned and married all the ass for some people but I hope, at your girlfriends (If anybody ever wants to least, you have a few more things figured be with this bomb of insanity!) and had out by now, else WTF? (slap yourself for an army of children with your boyfriend? me… Good girl!) You did, didn’t you? You nasty! Do you still answer the couch’s calls even when you have tons of things to do? Did Do you have flying cars yet? Funky silver you at least change the couch? The poor jumpsuits? Are aliens friends and business thing is sick of you and your smelly fart. partners? Go out, make plans, go camp, go for a sail (please not the seven seas again!), Did you learn how to dance or do you still have some wine, smoke a joint, or throw dance like a newborn fawn? yourself in front of a car and pray to I know I ask too many questions, by like I Kobe nothing will happen. Trust me, you do wanna do that you’re just playing it « »m e n t i o n e d b e f o r e , I a m a q u e s t i o n s safe. freak! BITE ME! Speaking of Kobe, did you master the Kobe Sutra? Girl! I hope you did, I know Future self, I intend to bolster you with all you’re flexible enough to do all the the support and love you will need for the moves, and only Kobe and those men next chapter of your life. You’re going to you’ve been with know what we can do. make the same mistakes a lot!! (because What about those boobs though? Did they we’re stupid!). Be aware of your patterns! grow a bit? Did your butt bubble? Don't I hope you feel like you've weathered the tell me I’m doing squats for nothing? If storm in ways you didn't think possible you don’t have those, I am disappointed and are surprising those around you with in you. What are you doing reading this the limitless nature of your compassion. letter? Get up and go do your exercises, lazybones! Don't cry, ew. I was just saying. This is why I don't tell you nice things hmph. 03 IN MEMORIAM OF MAYA PARSONS

BEER, JOINTS, SEX, MUSIC AND PARTY ON! Popmundo Festival XX is a long-awaited While the site was surprisingly colorful and event that took place in Izmir. With a huge fun-friendly, I enjoyed seeing everyone mix of music, famous bands, wild fans, and a having fun and passing beers and joints variety of activities, it was set to be the which made the festival’s atmosphere event of the year! It was not kids friendly inviting, too inviting actually! Who can say no though, so to everyone who brought their to stoned friends and drunk strangers? kids, shame on you! I’m kidding of course… or I know I won’t! am I? VENUE AND CAMPING The XX Pop Festival took place at the Festival grounds in Izmir. The site itself was mesmerizing and joyful and so many people were welcoming and helpful so I knew It was going to be great from the first glimpse! MY EXPERIENCE AT THE XX FESTIVAL GOD SMACKINGLY GLORIOUS! I enjoyed every minute of every day and I’d do it all over again if I had the chance! What’s not to like? Beer? ya ah! Food ? hell yeah! Joints? oh com’on! Sex ? I’ll leave that to myself! Music? I’m all for it! So yes! Expect to see me at the next festival! IN MEMORIAM OF MAYA PARSONS 0 4With love, Maya Parsons.

THE WORLD by Peyton Roalfe It's Peyton Roalfe but you can call me 'Passenger'. I'm a 20-year-old young woman who loves travelling, seeing & exploring the World and getting to know foreign cultures. In this section, I want to share with You some pieces of my adventures. IN MEMORIAM OF PEYTON ROALFE Page XX/XX

New York is my Valentine I NEVER THOUGHT I'D SEE MY HOME LIKE The day took its name from a Saint, every soul THIS. IT IS MAJESTIC, AND INCREDIBLE. deserves to be blessed; who's capable to carry a Hello again, lovers and losers! And, of course, free real love in their heart. And for them, any random spirits, who cannot be captivated. I couldn't be with day can be a celebration of love, as long as they you in former edition and I'm sorry, I was too busy are together. No one needs to buy fancy things to with boring stuff. Miss me? No? Okay, I'm not show their love, words or looks are enough to prove offended! their loved one's worth for them... for those who can realize the worth of it. I had only one As you know, we recently survived another disaster Valentine's day as a couple, we were behind 'the called 'Valentine's Day'. I don't know how or with wrong kind of bars' together, you know what I mean. who you spent that day but as for me, I treated No roses, no fancy gifts, or a romantic dinner but myself to a nice dinner at 'Loaf and Devotion', still, it's worth remembering. located in midtown New York, far from New York Love is too pure and holy, it cannot be priced or Artists Home. Dinner was tasty and the place is labeled but it's good to celebrate it. Just carry it in stylish and warmblooded, soulful like its name, your heart and be genuine about it. Go whisper 'I recommended by me, etc. love you' to your special one, don't wait for any day The main point is; there were dozens of single to do this. Real love doesn't need any reminder, you people dining around and I did not feel like I'm the always feel it in your heart, in your soul. only chain breaker in this 'buying red things and 3 Enough with boring cliches! Happy Valentine's folks times more expensive roses' day on Valentine's, and go visit New York, it's always beautiful and it is going out alone is not wrong right? Despite lovely the best place to be on Valentine's. or fake couples (\"Jeeez, I can't be single on Sorry, Paris. My heart beats for NY's cabs horns and Valentine's! Introduce me to someone, who can shiny night sights! 06 breath is enough!\") killing the single people with shooting eyes. IN MEMORIAM OF PEYTON ROALFE

We loved you, we love you and we will love you forever, girls. You will always be part of our team.

The art of the Pen And how to escape from a difficult reality Who can describe what you feel when you take Many people around the world use writing as the pen and reflect on a canvas (or sheet of therapy to grow, to mature and to find paper, of course) what you feel, what you themselves. To forget about their problems perceive, what you want to communicate, too, of course. The pen is a tool that better than yourself? accompanies us throughout our lives... like a toothbrush. For those of us who like to write, it is perhaps one of the most special moments of our day. From the beginning of time until today, we Take the pen, dip its tip in ink and let us go. have felt the need to communicate with the To escape from everything else, to concentrate world through articles in magazines, blogs or on the canvas and on the written language. simply personal statements. Well, that's what I, personally, call the magic of From The Avantgarde, we are certain that ink. The same feeling of an athlete when literature must accompany us during all stages competing, or of an artist when jumping on of our lives, either actively or passively, and stage. A reduced time where only you and your therefore we invite you all to be part of our mind exist. family. 08

EXPLORE PARIS VENUE OF THE FESTIVAL’S XXI EDITION The Festival is back, and this We know for a fact that Sonny time the gods of our world Vincent, Mayor of Paris, is already decided to host the event in Tour working to attract as many people as Eiffel, Paris. For the first time, possible to the city from December France will host the most 15 to 17 to attend not only incredible important musical event in the musical performances, but also very world! entertaining activities and games for young and old! The festival grounds are located in the Quais de Seine area, the On the next page, The Avantgarde heart of the 15th most populous presents some of the most iconic city in our world. places in Paris that you should not miss under any circumstances. In terms of quality, Paris is the Leaving aside the Eiffle Tower, fifth best city in the world. In which will be the epicenter of the addition, it is one that is very Festival, we focus on the Arc de easy and fast to reach from any Triomphe, the Conservatory of corner of Western Europe. We Music, the Notre Dame temple and can say that our gods have made the Paris Beach. a good decision organizing the XXI Festival in the French We hope to see you in Paris, and capital. that you send us lots of pics! Enjoy it! 09

LANDMARKS OF PARIS ArcWe begin this article by showing the de Triomphe, perhaps the most remarkable place in Paris. In the Champs- Elysées area, it is one of the largest arches in the world. If you choose to visit this glorious monument, you can climb to the summit, from which you have a panoramic view of Paris, be it day or be it night. Then we have the Conservatoire de Musique de Paris, a monument to music lovers and one of the most prestigious conservatories in the world. In addition, it has an incredible design. You have to see it in person! Located in the historic center of Paris, on Notre-the end of the Ile de la Cité, the Dame Temple is the most visited monument of the city. Indeed, this architectural masterpiece shines over the entire district. It is a must-see in Paris. The sound of the bells will guide you to it, with their such charm that “it’s said to be the soul of Paris setting ablaze when they ring.” Finally, and if you want to sunbathe and take a good dip, we have the Paris-Plage. In the middle of the blue coast, a place of white sand and paradisiacal water, at the perfect temperature throughout the year! 10

The Avantgarde's choice for the festival logo and slogan Logo by Yong-Jun Baek (message 2349012.39 ) EIFFEL IN LOUVRE WITH YOU AT FESTIVAL XXI Slogan by Amara Mahan (message 2349012.44)

The Avantgarde's corporate statement Víctor Baphomet acquires 25% of the shares of the magazine and we plan changes in the board of editors We are proud to announce that Recently, we have been able to Víctor Baphomet, businessman add Cliff Dragon, one of the most from Buenos Aires and owner of reputable publishers in our the Baphomet & Asociados club world, to our team. Cliff, the chain, has invested $125 million to current mayor of Nashville, acquire 25% of the shares of The serves as executive editor of The Avantgarde Magazine, Ltd. Avantgarde. With this operation, investors We have decided to focus the have allocated 350 million to magazine on the English and acquire shares of The Avantgarde Spanish languages, so all the Magazine, something that we are content we launch in the nearest extremely proud of. future will be in those two languages, and all people Five years have passed since the interested in joining our team birth of The Avantgarde. Five must handle one of the two years of hard work and a lot of languages. enthusiasm and, now, the time has come for changes at all levels. In relation to our edition in Spanish, we have recovered Alma We have lost, over the years, Healy, who returns to the team, many important people in the and we have created the Literary magazine who have left our world Soul Awards in conjunction with and that has considerably the Soul Foundation to reward the weakened our structure. Four of most outstanding writers of the the seven members of our board community in Spanish. of editors are no longer there, unfortunately. 12

A place to talk about relevant events that are happening in the world. Facts that affect politics, sports, culture, music... This time we are talking about the Mayoral Academy of New York, Mayor Miles Lacey's latest project to train and integrate all citizens who have an interest in the politics of the world's capital. A charitable, cultured and generous project for everyone.

MAYORAL ACADEMY OF NEW YORK Miles Lacey, mayor of New York for the past 12 We look at the latest project by years, recently announced his decision to end his Miles Lacey, Mayor of New York. political career at the end of the current term. The position of mayor is the most delicate and To ensure that the future of the world's capital is important in any city, regardless of whether it is a always in good hands, he has presented his latest large or small city, in one part of the world or in project: The Mayoral Academy of New York. another. How he explains himself in the thread, and It is common to see cities in which government quoting his words, 'what I don't want is for the next positions are inherited or assigned among a small mayor of NY, or any future mayor of anywhere, to be group of friends, without giving other people the in a position where they don't know where to go for opportunity to start a political career and help. That's what this thread is for'. discrediting them for 'lack of experience'. Miles will step back from City Hall to be the leader Starting an academy where any citizen can learn of the aforementioned academy. what is necessary to be able to aspire to any position within the government of their city is something very positive and generous, and it will serve to integrate whoever has the courage to start a political career. 14

HOW TO JOIN? READ THIS! REQUIREMENTS There is no special requirement to join The Avantgarde. The only thing that matters is that you feel like having a good time and creating cool content for readers. I WANT TO JOIN... Text a message to any of our writers / editors, tell them about the topics you would like to cover, and send them a sample article to whet their appetite. Wait patiently until you get a reply. if the topics you have proposed do not quite fit, they will propose You other topics to write about. FOLLOW US! 2345405.1

31ST OF THE YEAR 124 V MAYA PARSONS PEYTON ROALFE The Avantgarde Magazine - All rights reserved A trademark owned by THE AVANTGARDE MAGAZINE, Ltd. Fifth Avenue - New York City WWW.THEAVANTGARDEWEB.WEEBLY.COM


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