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The Avantgarde 2.0 IV

Published by The Avantgarde Magazine, 2021-04-20 17:50:08

Description: The Avantgarde 2.0 IV


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The Avantgarde Dear future me An ironic view trough the evolution of women physiology 2-3 THE WORLD BY PEYTON ROALFE NY as meaning of St Valenting 5-6 ARTPOP - A GUILTY PLEASURE An art view w/ Moira Huff 7-8 open culture Spanish and Portuguese content 10-16 |2 0 T H O F T H E Y E A R 1 2 0 IV EDITION


EDITOR'S NOTE Adrió Súria i Talarn This is the fourth edition of The Avantgarde, and the first this year. A new year with new challenges, challenges as difficult as they are beautiful and fun. In just one year of life, we have already had to face the problems that a magazine brings. Sleeping writers, editors who, due to personal circumstances, cannot continue with their work at the magazine and delayed magazine launch dates. But fortunately and with a lot of effort, we have managed to overcome each of these problems. This fourth edition of the magazine is different. We have listened to the reviews carefully, and we are trying to evolve to satisfy all of our readers. With more colors, more games, puzzles, different content, and new writers. I cannot finish this note without mentioning Istanbul Magazine, which has unfortunately closed indefinitely. The Avantgarde was born thanks to the inspiration of Istanbul Magazine, and the help of several of its members (such as Aurora Dell'Acqua). Our doors are open to all Istanbul Magazine members who want to join in on this beautiful project. Thanks for reading The Avantgarde!

Speaking of Kobe, did you master the Kobe Sutra? Girl! I hope you did, I know you’re flexible enough to do all the moves, and only Kobe and those men you’ve been with know what can we do. What about those boobs though? did they grow a bit? Did your butt bubble? Don't tell me I’m doing squats for nothing? if you don’t have those, I am disappointed in you. What are you doing reading this letter? Get up and go do your exercises, lazybones! Oh did you get any weird tattoos in weird places? I dream of getting a nipple piercing, did you FINALLY have the balls to do it? Dear future me AN IRONIC VIEW OF THE EVOLUTION OF HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY. Maya Parsons Are you still a mess? Right now, your life is a complete mess, you’re still a teenager, rumbling around, trying to figure things out, you ask a lot of questions which may seem like a pain in the ass for some people but I hope, at least, you have a few more things figured out by now, else WTF? (slap yourself for me… Good girl!) Do you still answer the couch’s calls even when you have tons of things to do? Did you at least change the couch? The poor thing is sick of you and your smelly fart. Go out, make plans, go camp, go for a sail (please not the seven seas again!), have some wine, smoke a joint, or throw yourself in front of a car and pray to Kobe nothing will happen. Trust me, you do wanna do that you’re just playing it safe.

I hope you became a famous musician, you bubblehead. If you haven’t, MOVE GO GO GO GO NOOOOW! Did you do as we planned and married all your girlfriends (If anybody ever wants to be with this bomb of insanity!) and had an army of children with your boyfriend? You did, didn’t you? You nasty! Do you have flying cars yet? Funky silver jumpsuits? Are aliens friends and business partners? Did you learn how to dance or do you still dance like a newborn fawn? I know I ask too many questions, by like I mentioned « »b e f o r e , I a m a q u e s t i o n s f r e a k ! B I T E M E ! Future self, I intend to bolster you with all the support and love you will need for the next chapter of your life. You’re going to make the same mistakes a lot!! (because we’re stupid!). Be aware of your patterns! I hope you feel like you've weathered the storm in ways you didn't think possible and are surprising those around you with the limitless nature of your compassion. Don't cry, ew. I was just saying. This is why I don't tell you nice things hmph. With love, Maya Parsons.

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THE WORLD by Peyton Roalfe It's Peyton Roalfe but you can call me 'Passenger'. I'm a 20-year-old young woman who loves travelling, seeing & exploring the World and getting to know foreign cultures. In this section, I want to share with You some pieces of my adventures.

New York is my Valentine I NEVER THOUGHT I'D SEE MY HOME LIKE The day took its name from a Saint, every soul THIS. IT IS MAJESTIC, AND INCREDIBLE. deserves to be blessed; who's capable to carry a real love in their heart. And for them, any random Hello again, lovers and losers! And, of course, free day can be a celebration of love, as long as they spirits, who cannot be captivated. I couldn't be with are together. No one needs to buy fancy things to you in former edition and I'm sorry, I was too busy show their love, words or looks are enough to prove with boring stuff. Miss me? No? Okay, I'm not their loved one's worth for them... for those who offended! can realize the worth of it. I had only one Valentine's day as a couple, we were behind 'the As you know, we recently survived another disaster wrong kind of bars' together, you know what I mean. called 'Valentine's Day'. I don't know how or with No roses, no fancy gifts, or a romantic dinner but who you spent that day but as for me, I treated still, it's worth remembering. myself to a nice dinner at 'Loaf and Devotion', located in midtown New York. Dinner was tasty and Love is too pure and holy, cannot be priced or the place is stylish and warmblooded, soulful like its labeled but it's good to celebrate it. Just carry it in name, recommended by me, etc. your heart and be genuine about it. Go whisper 'I love you' to your special one, don't wait for any day The main point is, there were dozens of single to do this. Real love doesn't need any reminder, you people dining around and I did not feel like I'm the always feel it in your heart, in your soul. only chain breaker in this 'buying red things and 3 times more expensive roses' day on Valentine's, Enough with boring cliches! Happy Valentine's folks going out alone is not wrong right? Despite lovely and go visit New York, it is always beautiful but the or fake couples (\"Jeeez, I can't be single on best in Valentine's. Sorry, Paris. My heart beats with Valentine's! Introduce me with someone, who can NY's cabs horns and shiny night sight. breath is enough!\") killing the single people with shooting eyes.

MY GUILTY PLEASURE artpop Moira Huff AN ART ARTICLE FROM AN ART LOVER. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT! I’ve been told that the first piece of art I created was when I, at I want to do other stuff than just paintings of myself. I’m the hopeful age of three, used my fresh out-of-the-box crayons so incredibly beautiful that all the art should be about to draw on the white wall of our home. I’m pretty sure it’s true me, right? Yep, didn’t think so. I love how we’re pushed because it’s embarrassing and my brother wouldn’t let me forget at school to think outside that damn box. Instead of an embarrassing story like that. I don’t remember what the art painting a bowl of fresh fruits, we paint rotten ones. was about, I was probably in my native stage as an artist. Though Instead of being taught about all the classic schools of now I’ve learned that it’s naïve art and even that doesn’t mean painting, we’re given a studio space and liberty to do our what I thought it did! worst. I can go to a park and paint a squirrel or try to capture the struggle of a really bad guitar player I’ve learned that because I managed to doodle together an essay struggling with barre chords. I dream of being able to that portrayed me as a potential art student and a painting that provide for myself with my art, but even if I can’t, I’ll still portrayed, well, me. Okay, I claimed it didn’t, saying the hair do it. wasn’t like on me, but I just didn’t want to say out loud that I got into an art school with a nude picture of myself. It’s showing just my bareback, though, so keep your pants on! Why did I want to get in though? Because I had to. Inside you, inside your head/heart/mind and you just have to get it out or you’ll burst! It can be about anything you create! You see a lump of clay and you know you have to make something out of it. You see a pristine wall of concrete and that spray can in your backpack is calling you. You see an empty canvas and have a yearning to put some paint on it. Create. I have to create.

Page 33 Grande classe Magazine pour ados So, is this one of those you-can-be-anything-you-set-your-mind-at motivational texts? Maybe with a picture of a cute kitten saying ’hang in there? No! Because the chances are that you can’t do that. Most likely you’re not talented enough and there’ll be people that have no problem in telling you that. Stop wasting your time with stupid dreams. It isn’t going to happen. You’re not so special, you’re not unique, you dumb snowflake. What you call art isn’t that. It’s just stains on the paper, spot on a canvas. It’s vandalism of public property, it’s an uninspired pattern of notes of music that gives nothing to anyone. You will be told these things and the people telling them will make sure you listen and believe. And they are right. Because art is stupid. It’s silly. It’s unnecessary. Art is useless, pointless. Art is less. But if you have that yearning, you don’t care. Maybe no one will even praise what you do. Maybe they overlook you and what you create, but you don’t care. You’ll burst if you don’t do this most important of the unimportant things in the world – art. You’ll be what and who you are because staying true to yourself and your art is the only way to exist. But then again, what do I know. I’m just a 17-year old girl who thinks she’s an artist and that she can paint. She’ll probably stop doing this soon, wise up and start studying for some real, proper profession. She really should. Luckily she’s not that smart.

Well, it is not only what women want, or what men What women want but what everyone wants; to be seen as a want person and not a faceless, disposable lech-gadget of self-gratification. Kira Lacey Don't get me wrong. There is nothing nicer than Haranguing them further with insults will not make the feeling of a sweet smile from a stranger an erotic encounter more appealing. All it will do passing by, or a random invitation to a café even if is bruise the fragile ego of the misguided it’s eventually declined, a nod of acknowledgment instigator, and annoy the recipient of the or appreciation. After all, it is what we do. We unwanted verbal assault. Accounts get blocked reach out. We try to make contact, to make a and significant others get involved... connection. We can not live in isolation. We are born to be a part of a community. It is an unnecessary and avoidable situation. Some like-minded people share the love for rough and But sometimes, for some people, somehow, it all sexual talk. There is a multitude of people who are goes fantastically (and unpleasantly) wrong, in a just waiting to engage in this with you if you share most off-putting way, and its effects may linger. that interest. It is a valid choice. Just don't force it Disgust has no sell-by date. onto unsuspecting strangers. And alas, The Sleazy, as well as The Poor, are with Whether you choose the rough stuff or a more us always (I prefer the poor). gentile mode of reaching out, of interacting, make sure you get your demographic write. The phrase, \"No Means No\" is dear to my heart, and so is \"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Are we not more than our genitalia and pectorals/ 'Whereas I charge all practitioners of' unsolicited mammary glands? accusation with a selfish attitude of \"Devil May Are we not more than the sum of our parts? Care\" and \"Ignorance is a Bliss\". Do we not all have a soul, a divine spark that deserves respect and understanding? How many of us had to suffer the indignities of a Yes, we do. Nobody deserves to suffer the sex pest lurching out of nowhere and blind-siding disrespect of unsolicited sexual accusations or us with their sleaze-dripping opinions of our verbal abuse. physical assets? STOP IT! NO MEANS NO! Do they think it’s a sexy move? I hate to be the one to disappoint them, and say, NO! But I will. Nope! No, it’s not sexy, not even the tiniest bit alluring! Do they take the time to think about whether it’s acceptable or not? Hmm? Doubtful? I guess that it would take more than a modicum of common decency, a level they seemed to have dropped below. And what remains of it, they most likely wrestle with daily and consider a damning flaw in their character. What happened to look at faces and not facets? Have we lost the art of getting to know one another? Or do some of us prefer the anonymous quick shag scene? If so, it is a valid choice but please! do not involve strangers. Know who you are going to talk to. Look at their relationships, their choice of partner(s), and don’t even then, assume that you fit into their life. Pouncing onto a stranger with dirty talk is most likely to meet with a curt rebuff.

Open Culture is a space for articles in a language other than English. Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German... we will be able to enjoy exclusive content in all those languages in each edition of the magazine. In this way, we will not only be able to read (and learn) other languages, but we will also be able to get to know the culture of many parts of the world through natives.

The Avantgarde Edición en español Gudrun Andersson

R: Considero que pertenecer a la comunidad es indispensable. Conocer a la gente y lo que pasa alrededor es clave para poder considerar que clase de historias se crean para la revista, que sea de interés para todos. ¿P : C u á l e s s o n l o s t e m a s s o b r e l o s q u e m á s t e g u s t a ¿e s c r i b i r , p e r s o n a l m e n t e ? Y s o b r e l o s q u e t e gustaría que se centrara la edición hispana de la revista? R: Personalmente en mi blog hablo mucho de mis amigos y mi familia, pero quisiera que la revista se centrara en cosas generales, comolo son loseventos, las reflexiones sobre la vida del mundo musical y del criminal. Entrevista a Gudrun P: Ahora te toca formar un equipo para el The Andersson, Editora en español de The Avantgarde ¿A v a n t g a r d e e n e s p a ñ o l , y a t i e n e s a l g ú n / a Recibimos, en nuestros sede de la Quinta Avenida de Nueva candidato/a en mente? York, a Gudrun Andersson. La nueva Editora en español del The Avantgarde nos dedica unos minutos para presentarse y R: Aún no tengo en mente a alguien en particular, responder algunas preguntas. pienso que en el futuro podría elegir a alguien del equipo de escritores. ¡P : H o l a G u d r u n ! G r a c i a s p o r a t e n d e r n o s , y f e l i c i d a d e s . P: Apenas llevas unos días como Editora Recientemente has sido nombrada Editora Ejecutiva en ¿E j e c u t i v a . . . y a t i e n e s a l g u n a i d e a e n m e n t e p a r a ¿E s p a ñ o l d e l a r e v i s t a , q u é s e n t i s t e c u a n d o l a d i r e c c i ó n atraer lectores y escritores? del The Avantgarde te hizo la propuesta? R: Quiero invitar a todos los ciudadanos de nuestro R: Hola, es un placer y un honor hacer parte del equipo de mundo, y del TGH, a integrarse en la revista. Este este gran proyecto que es The Avantgarde. Agradezco la es un medio pensado para todos, mi casilla de correo está abierta para todas las ideas, artículos, oportunidad que me han brindado y espero hacer un historias y contenido que quieran compartir con buen trabajo para todos los lectores. Me siento toda la comunidad. halagada que hayan considerado mi nombre para este cargo. Por lo pronto quiero animarlos a unirse al concurso de blogs del The Avantgarde. Pueden encontrar las P: Eres una escritora empedernida, asidua a escribir blogs y bases del concurso en uno de los hilos del foro artículos, y además cuentas con tu propio espacio general en español, 2343955.1 (, por lo que tienes experiencia P: Muchas gracias por tu tiempo Gudrun, estamos muy contentos de contar contigo y muy ilusionados. ¿e i m a g i n a c i ó n . T e v e s p r e p a r a d a p a r a e s t e d e s a f í o ? ¡Mucha suerte y buen viaje! R: Suelo escribir porque es una forma de guardar en la memoria buenos y malos momentos y de reflexionar en R:Nuevamente, gracias al equipo deL The Avantgarde que ha confiado en mí para este las decisiones que he tomado, y de lo que pasa a mi cargo. alrededor. Espero que todo esto me prepare para el reto que he asumido con la revista y los lectores, y los invito a ¡Espero hacer un gran trabajo para toda la que si tienen observaciones sobre mi trabajo me lo hagan saber, siempre se puede mejorar. comunidad hispana! ANTG V A A P: Además, eres alguien con muy buena imagen en la E R H D comunidad hispana, asidua a foros y chats generales. T E ¿Consideras que eso podrá influir en el buen funcionamiento Learn spanish de la edición hispana de esta revista? L E N O ÑAPSE

Gudrun Andersson ¿Que qué es GoT? Si perteneces a la comunidad sin importar su ranking o su género musical se una en cualquier momento del año. De igual hispana, seguro habrás vivido bajo una roca para manera la mayoría de miembros de la gira no saber. Por suerte aquí estoy yo para explicarte, estamos dispuestos a ayudar a quien lo GoT es una de las giras más tradicionales y necesite con consejos, dinero, ayuda con populares de esta parte del mundo! invitaciones a clubes, productores de pistas y Personalmente hace 3 años giro con videos, y sobretodo con un ambiente agradable. ellos y fue una de las mejores decisiones que ha tomado mi banda. Mi experiencia Un poco de historia Corría el año 99 cuando Lola Ciscar junto a Personalmente, mi banda comenzó a girar en Olivia Salvatore, Anna Cuervo Jackson y Maricruz GoT en el año 117, hace relativamente poco. Tovar decidieron organizar una gira para Desde el primer momento Lola e Iker nos sus bandas, atrayendo a las de sus amigos. Se acogieron como otros amigos más, nos sentimos decidió que la gira empezara en Toronto, el más que bienvenidos y ahora consideramos primer día del año. este grupo como una familia, que no se queda quieta durante mucho tiempo en ningún lugar, Las fechas de la gira llevaba a todos a ciudades pero eso es lo divertido. clave en el calendario anual, así no tendrían que viajar de más para estar presentes en los eventos Para celebrar el aniversario número 20 de la más importantes del año como el Big Bang, el día gira los organizadores han preparado varias de Frank Blomdahl, el día de Santa Kobe y por sorpresas, como fiestas y concursos, ya que al supuesto, año nuevo en la ciudad de Nueva York, fin y al cabo 20 años no se cumplen todos los donde finalizaba la gira. La ruta trazada en ese días. año se ha mantenido prácticamente igual en estos 20 años de conciertos y celebraciones. Por muchos años más girando con todos ustedes, familia GoT! El espíritu de esta gira es la camaradería. El hilo del foro está abierto para que cualquier banda

The Avantgarde Edição portuguesa Anne-Laure Bouleau

E ANTG R Esperança H V D T E Anne-Laure Bouleau A A Fui atingido por uma onda gigante que virou meu barco de cabeça para baixo Learn portuguese Não meu caro leitor, eu não estou nos sete Ê M mares a desbravar todas aquelas ilhas S E misteriosas. Esta foi apenas uma recordação que veio a mim diante do que vem me U P acontecendo nos últimos dias. Pareceu mesmo O que minha vida virou de cabeça pra baixo e G que estive me afogando. R Após o o meu \"felizes para sempre\" terminar de forma repentina, quando minha doce Cristal foi levada pela musa celestial, me vi perdida. É como se todas as vozes tivessem se calado e o dia virado noite no mesmo instante. Por muitos dias eu apenas sentei na varanda de meu quarto, local onde costumávamos conversar sobre tudo, para fumar um baseado e beber meu uísque. Ali eu perdia a noção do tempo e ficava até adormecer, desta vez não haveria ninguém pra me levar pra cama e cobrir os meus pés. Dizem que se entorpecer nos deixa mais relaxados e até faz com que a dor diminua. Quanta bobagem! Parecia que quanto mais eu me embriagava, mais clareza sobre os fatos eu tinha. Então eu passei a escrever, mas não eram as cartas de amor de outrora ou os versos românticos, que ultimamente preenchia meu diário. Desta vez os versos vinham carregados de meu pesar e se apresentavam numa escala de cores que rumava para tons cada vez mais escuros. Houve quem disse que meus versos estavam tão negros quanto a noite. Num destes momentos de desabafo, eu peguei meu caderninho. Eram 3 da manhã, acordei num sobressalto após mais uma vez ter adormecido no chão frio da varanda, tomei um gole do que sobrara de meu uísque e fiquei a olhar pra escuridão. Fiquei ali com o olhar fixo e absorta por alguns minutos até que vieram- me estas palavras. U T

Sei que parece difícil No mesmo instante meu coração se acalmou Aguentar este vazio e um sorriso veio em meu rosto. Não sei se foi Acredite, é possível a onda do álcool e do baseado, mas foi como Recuperar o seu brilho se a própria musa tivesse tirado um tempo para vir me consolar. Não se deixe mais abater Nem tudo tem explicação No dia seguinte eu vesti o meu uniforme de Você ainda haverá de ter bombeira e parti para uma missão de resgate Conforto em seu coração na torre infernal. Resgatar aquelas pobres pessoas inocentes me trouxe paz e me fez Neste olhos hoje tristonhos sentir mais viva do que nunca. Um brilho novo há de surgir E terá ainda mais sonhos Sei que você aí quando perde alguém pode pensar que sua vida acabou ou que o vazio Nesta dor que não termina nunca mais será preenchido. Entretanto há Alguém mais forte está por vir muita força em você e tudo que precisa fazer E bem maior do que imagina é se dar um tempo e após este período acreditar que ainda há algo pelo que lutar. Eu ainda estou viva! Você ainda está vivo! Enquanto há vida há esperança!

AD SPACE T&A BROWN ENT, INC. is a multifaceted global company with gyms, studios, production facilities, resorts, jam studios and restaurants. A growing company proud to be a sponsor of The Advantage Magazine. Here's a pic of our new Mexican restaurant: Promotion by T&A BROWN ENT, INC., A company established in New York Company ID 44405

crime series Here we go with our Crime Series! In this new space of the magazine, criminals from all over the world (and outside of anonymity) will tell us about their adventures and their best robberies! In this first appearance of our Crime Series, French thug Laurent Cannone tells us about his experience with his own criminal gang, called Ephemera. Le Voyou Laurent Cannone Well, hello to everyone! I don't really know what I'm getting into but I've been asked to write a little article about my life as an outlaw (I've mellowed down, the cops reading this should leave me alone, it's not me, I'm innocent!) First of all, I apologize if this article awakens vocations in some of your children (it's not me, I'm innocent!) I was asked what differentiates a rock star from a criminal. So I answer: a lot of things! There are advantages and disadvantages. First of all, we have a hard life! We know about jails and escapes, chases and beatings. And we know Bubba! Do you know Bubba? No, I don't think so... A lot of people think that prison is shit and misery, but it's not! It sculpts a man (or a woman) in jail! You learn a lot of things against a packet of ciggy from time to time and sometimes you find interesting things left by the former tenant of the room. Once I was alone in the prison (I say in the prison, not in the cell) it was a complete desert! There was only one guard staring at me with his evil look. Although deep down I knew he was really pissed off to be there, watching me so I wouldn't escape. And honestly, I'm really lazy about escaping that day.

He probably would have preferred to finish at 4pm to go Of course, it's not always an back to his little family, but no, he had to stay there. And advantage to be a thug... The only I was being a pain in the arse! After walking around in time it really pissed me off to go to circles all morning, I saw something sticking out from prison was when I missed my first under the bed. It was a box and inside I found two wedding. Yeah mine, not a mate's. I jackets, one in jeans and the other a yellow Teddy jacket. wasn't a best man or anything, I was the husband! Damn it, it made my day again! So yes, it's not much, but you have to know that striped suits from the clink make I was so fucking pissed that day! me look bad. So yes, I was happy to be able to put on a Two days before, we had recovered great denim jacket! Well the other jacket I didn't wear some jewellery from a hotel room because it reeked of its former owner's sweat, very little safe. I'd smashed the bellman's face for me! So it's cool in prison, you can find cool stuff in, I was pretty proud of myself. sometimes. Unfortunately we had left a trail and the pigs were looking for us. There's also something in prison that can be as fun as it is dangerous. It depends on who's taking a shower at the We hid out for two days at a friend's time actually. house, but our official wedding was Yeah, because when it's Bubba who drops the soap, it's fast approaching and I didn't even really not classy at all... But when it's your wife, it's not have anything to wear. the same! Well, I'm not going to give details because there might be innocent people reading this, but you get The day before the wedding I thought the idea. it should be fine, they must have forgotten about us with that bank Because yes, I've been in the slammer with my first wife. robbery thing from another gang. So We played it a bit like Bonnie and Clyde. But when we I went to get my suit... and they got found ourselves in the showers after a day in solitary me! They took me away while I was confinement, I can't tell you how it went! trying on my suit, I barely had time to put my pants on! Oh luckily they didn't get my fiancée at the time, she left quickly for London. So I missed my wedding because I was in jail. We organised it the following month and I was good. But in the end it was all for nothing as I've now changed my wife! All this to say that just because you've spent days, weeks, years in prison and you be built like a badass that we don't have a great anecdote to tell! We've seen more of them than even rock stars!

funniest side!The Avantgarde's We introduce this new section, created by our Executive Editor Maya Parsons, to laugh and have fun. The Avantgarde's funniest side! was born at the request of our readers, who demand content out of seriousness and ordinary. We all want fun, jokes and games. This is the space we have created for it! In addition, with the contests that we will organize in this new space, you will not only be able to compete but also earn a good amount of cash!

The Mistery Case They were four band members. A Guitarist, a Bass player, a Drummer, and the youngest one is the Lead Singer. They were going to jam but Lead Singer never showed up. Others saw him last night, in his house, they all gone drunk. Hung out. And they split into their own homes.   Lead Singer is a bit cocky, riding his high horse. But he is cheerful and friendly too. They all like him but also jealous of him. Still, his disappearance made them sad.   Now, he's missing for two days and cops are searching for him. No one knows if he's alive or dead, he may be kidnapped but no phone calls came for any ransom or something. Other group members were questioned. They almost said the same things. They hung out and gone to their own homes. Seems like a dead end!   But, some night walker-dealer guy told the police that he saw Lead Singer at dawn, walking on the beach with some other guy. It was still dark so he couldn’t identify the other guy but he said 'I'm not sure but I heard they were arguing about the future of some kind of a band? But I'm not sure because I was so high that night'   Police should try everything to solve the case so, they need to search on New York public beach and places near it. Do you think you’re up to the challenge ? can you help the police to find out what happened? Clues will be spread on the magazine pages, look carefully! \"The Police should start searching for the first clue in the 'Open Homes' of New York City. When they find it, they should inform Chief Officer Miss Roalfe. After the first clue come to the light, the second will come to sight. When they find out the second clue, they need to discuss the case in the forum.\" Guidelines: 1- Search for the first clue in one of the open homes of NY 2- Comment on the AG forum thread and tell us what was the clue 3- The second clue will be dropped in another place, this time, you need to search for that place’s name somewhere on the magazine pages Prize: 5M will be given to the lucky winner Good luck!

Prank on demand! HEY IT'S MY DEBUT FOR THE AVANTGARDE. I REALLY LIKE TO RELEASE THE NEW SECTION 'THE AVANTGARDE'S FUNNIEST SIDE' WITH THIS PRANK. I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT! Michela Righi Joking is a serious thing! Yes, I know, it may seem like a contradiction but trust me. Ok, I can already hear your objections: how can you trust a stranger? Pleased to meet you, my name is Michela Righi, I am from Rome and I love metal. Here, I'm no longer a stranger now! Can you trust me already?! But, seriously, surely most of you will know Maya Parsons, one of the splendid editors of this magazine, so if despite my presentation you were still assailed by atavistic and monstrous doubts, you could trust her judgment. But why did I bring it up?!?

Good question, easy answer: Maya and I have set up a professional joke company, M&M's. We are professional, dedicated, zealous, and treacherous enough to deliver any kind of joke you plan to play on any of your friends or foes. We have no qualms. We're too cool. And ruthless. And elusive. We are at your service, in case you don't feel like messing with your karma. And we don't care about our karma, because we know it. We know we are destined for hell... and we're delighted about it! But now enough talk, let's move on to the facts. That day, Maya and I (M&M's) were talking about how much we love to be wicked, about the perks of evil. One thing led to another and our nature led us to talk about teasing our friends with something perverse. And speaking of a joke, our first victim had to be our Franck. I mean, prank - Franck. They sound pretty much the same! So our mind got filled with obscene thoughts (yes, let's pretend it was just for that moment!). What could we have done to confuse him immensely?!? We sent him all the cocktails with the kinkiest names, weird digits on his bank account, but the highlight was the personalized bears. A TIDE of personalized teddy bears. (I'll let you imagine the nature of the customization, though *wink wink*). From that moment the dances began. Franck contacted us both, so confused. Also because the sentences were broken and arrived in random order. (*evil laugh*) We invaded his London apartment with teddy bears. We made him wait for days before giving him a clue, we did not let ourselves be moved by his desperation, by subterfuges (like a solitary interrogation suffered by myself), no sir! We are tough girls! To be honest, I'm not even sure he has solved the mystery of the teddy bears yet!

HOW TO JOIN? READ THIS! REQUIREMENTS There is no special requirement to join The Avantgarde. The only thing that matters is that you feel like having a good time and creating cool content for readers. I WANT TO JOIN... Text a message to any of our writers / editors, tell them about the topics you would like to cover, and send them a sample article to whet their appetite. Wait patiently until you get a reply. if the topics you have proposed do not quite fit, they will propose You other topics to write about. FOLLOW US! 2342326.1

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