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The Avantgarde Magazine III Edition Draft

Published by The Avantgarde Magazine, 2021-03-24 09:36:02

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X X F E S T I V A LThe Avantgarde 53RD OF THE YEAR 119 | III EDITION


THE AVANTGARDE'S OPINION THE BESTS OF THE XX FESTIVAL OUR OPINION ABOUT THE XX EDITION OF THE LARGEST MUSICAL EVENT IN OUR WORLD, THE FESTIVAL, AND ITS PROTAGONISTS Music is the leitmotiv of our world from the first The Avantgarde Magazine dedicates its third day of the first year. Virtually the entire edition to reviewing the present and the future population studies and works with the goal of of the festival, and to speaking with the great becoming a world star of the music industry... protagonists of the twentieth edition of the or, if not, being billionaires in the same industry event. making records, operating clubs or organizing world tours to artists of all existing genres . On the one hand, we have interviewed the band AEONIAN, a New York band made up of The XX Music Festival of our world has come to five members and whose leader, Elizabeth an end, whose headquarters for such a special Jack, attends us in the middle of her tour of edition has been the Turkish city of Izmir. This America. Due to scheduling problems We have city, one of the most important and most not been able to meet with DaVinlys, the populated in our world, has met - notably - the winners of the Festival, but for sure We will be expectations generated. We have lived a few able to ask them some questions in the near weeks of real excitement and fun at Ephesus future. Festival Venue where, apart from enjoying concerts by the best musical bands in the On the other hand, We met Edvin Rockford, world, We have also had events and activities Mayor of Izmir, on the festival grounds, where for everyone. We had a very entertaining and productive afternoon. PAGE ONE | THIRD EDITION

THE XX POP FESTIVAL IS OVER! After four years of waiting and many weeks of preparation, contests and activities, the XX Pop Festival is over. We were really looking forward to the festival, as Rome XIX and Ezmirna have remarkably met expectations. Ephesus Festival Venue, Izmir's festival grounds, has become a place of enjoyment, party and fun for a few weeks of top-notch music. The local band DaVinlys, led by Ayça Brennan and Norman Harvey, prevailed as the best group of the event. While the second position went to AEONIAN - a New York band - and the Turkish band Valyrians completed the podium. by Adrió Súria i Talarn PAGE TWO | THIRD EDITION

IZMIR F E S T I V A L V E N U E The Government of Izmir, led by Mayor Edvin Rockford, knew how to attract everyone through a fun number of events where, apart Our gods decided that Ephesus Festival Venue from having fun, you could win a lot of cash! (Konak) would be the venue for the XX Pop Festival. The festival grounds are located in the ş gaveThe cartoon contest (Karikatür Yarı ması) out over a hundred million dollars in prizes; the heart of Izmir, one of the most important cities ş gave almostcartoon contest (Karikatür Yarı ması) in the world and located in the western part of one hundred million dollars in prizes, and had more than 60 participants divided into 23 Turkey. teams; and the festival's private party (Özel Partisi According to the rankings of our world, Izmir is the Festival) motivated dozens of people to sixth best city in the world in terms of quality participate to share a loot of ninety million dollars. and is ranked number four in terms of population. We can say that the gods had great Nearly $300 million in prizes at three of the biggest events! wisdom and judgment when choosing Smyrna as the venue for the twentieth edition of the most important event in our world. by Jade Osório-Bhacon PAGE THREE | THIRD EDITION

LANDMARKS OF IZMIR And, on the other hand, if your intention was to enjoy the Festival breaks visiting beautiful places and taking a breath of fresh air, in Izmir you must have had a great time. Halk Plaji (Public Beach), Saat Kulesi (The Clock Tower), Konak Square, Agora Open Air Museum or Basilica of St. John are just some of the beautiful monuments that this city offers us, and that leave us tremendously amazed. Due to scheduling problems, we were unable to meet Edvin Rockford, Mayor of Izmir, but we can echo his statements to the press after the festival ended: “When I was told that Izmir would be the venue for the festival, my heart was pounding, playing nice background music, I called my friends and my wife, whom I had hyped for months, and shouting: \"WE HAVE BEEN SELECTED TO HOST THE! FESTIVAL!\" I screamed. I ran like crazy from one corner of the house to another.” It is the dream of any mayor, to bring the most important event in the world to his city, and we can say that Izmir (and its government) has lived up to the expectations generated. PAGE FOUR | THIRD EDITION

Izmir XX has had a large number of protagonists, not only bands and artists: also community representatives and volunteers who have made possible the organization of a first-class event, with many contests and complementary activities. THE KEYS OF THE FESTIVAL by Maya Parsons - English Executive Editor of The Avantgarde The XX Pop Festival has already ended, and More than 200 people have taken it has left us a great number of part in the Festival, and thanks to protagonists. Some have been preparing all of them we have been able to for the great event of the music industry for experience a magnificent, 4 years, and others are protagonists organized and fun event. Each because they are part of the organization person who has taken part in the of the event and have the responsibility of festival, whether as an assistant, organizing other activities that encourage organizer or artist, deserves even more people to visit the city that hosts thanks and recognition for their the festival. support and for her contribution. PAGE FIVE | THIRD EDITION

BEER, JOINTS, SEX, MUSIC AND PARTY ON! Popmundo Festival XX is a long-awaited While the site was surprisingly colorful and event that took place in Izmir. With a huge fun-friendly, I enjoyed seeing everyone mix of music, famous bands, wild fans, and a having fun and passing beers and joints variety of activities, it was set to be the which made the festival’s atmosphere event of the year! It was not kids friendly inviting, too inviting actually! Who can say no though, so to everyone who brought their to stoned friends and drunk strangers? kids, shame on you! I’m kidding of course… or I know I won’t! am I? VENUE AND CAMPING The XX Pop Festival took place at the Festival grounds in Izmir. The site itself was mesmerizing and joyful and so many people were welcoming and helpful so I knew It was going to be great from the first glimpse! PAGE SIX | THIRD EDITION

What was exciting for me was the festival tent that you could buy and just chuck it down and make it a warm mini home for as long as the festival goes. It was a great idea to invite people over to enjoy a cup of coffee (or beer!), music, delicious food (don’t get me started on those yummy Baklavas) or something something secret (AKA Doing the no- pants dance). THE FESTIVAL AND THE MUSIC The Festival is in the end a music festival and this year it had a GSG lineup and there was something for everyone, from Jazz to Punk to Heavy Metal ! The list included DaVinlys, Guns seM’ Roses, La La Land, The Smashing Pandas and I can go on forever. Since it was my first festival, I didn’t know what to expect but I know now that I had a blast, it was epic and DaVinlys was just Ş əb r e a t h t a k i n g . bnem’s glorious voice, Ayça’s incredible dance moves, çiçek’s heart- piercing-beautiful violin tones, and Erik’s guitar performance were on point which made everyone hyped and chanting for more ! PAGE SEVEN | THIRD EDITION

MY EXPERIENCE AT THE XX FESTIVAL GOD SMACKINGLY GLORIOUS! I enjoyed every minute of every day and I’d do it all over again if I had the chance! What’s not to like? Beer? ya ah! Food ? hell yeah! Joints? oh com’on! Sex ? I’ll leave that to myself Music? I’m all for it! So yes! Expect to see me at the next festival! With love, Maya Parsons PAGE EIGHT | THIRD EDITION

China Huawei The Largest Company in the World. Owns Seven club chains, banks, hotels, shops, university, park, etc 全球最⼤跨国企业,物拥中有⼼7、条⼤连学锁、俱公乐园部及、其12他个各体类育场场所,。多家银⾏、酒店、购 CHINA BLUE CHINA R&B CHINA HE & SHE MR CHINA TIME CLASSIC CHAIRS & BEERS COUNTRY CHINA 7865 PUNK CHN ESTRELLA LATIN CHINA NIAO'S HOUSE Promotion by CHINA HUAWEI, a company established in Shanghai ID 47770

THE MAYORS' Miles Lacey, Mayor of New VIEW PAUL SCHREIBER York, interviews Paul Schreiber, former Mayor of Montreal. Both star in the second edition of our segment 'The Mayors' View'. Paul is one of the most beloved mayors in Montreal's history, and he spends a pleasant afternoon with us. I'm Miles Lacey, mayor of New York and subject It was faint at first but it soon turned into the sound of a sax solo backed by just the tightest of the first The Mayors' View interview. As the rhythm section. I knew then I was playing the subject of the first interview it falls to me to be the wrong sort of music. I taught myself how to play the saxophone, devoured every jazz I've chosenquestioner for the second interview. record I could lay my hands on, found an to interview Paul Schreiber, former mayor of amazing jazz duo & formed a band with them. Montreal. Once I started playing jazz I really felt like my life made sense, like I was in the right mode. He's in NY supporting his basketball team the But I didn't have anywhere that really felt like Montreal Pistols. After the game we spent the home evening in my office sharing whisky & talking. M: Did you always know you were going to M: Paul, I want to thank you again for agreeing to leave London? do this interview. I'd like to ask you to start by introducing yourself. P: Yes, I think so. Very soon after moving to London I'd contemplated moving to Rio. I'm old P: My name's Paul Schreiber and a long time ago I enough that I remember when new cities was mayor of Montreal. I recently got a second arrived & Rio was the newest city there was. chance and here I am. But I was advised not to move there, took that advice and regretted it for a while. Of course M: Tell us a little about your time before politics... if I had moved to Rio you wouldn't be interviewing me now. P: I'm from the North East of England and when I turned 16 I moved down to London to make a living PAGE TEN | THIRD EDITION as a musician. I was a blues singer for a while but things just didn't click for me. One day on tour the bus radio lost signal. After a few minutes of static fading in & out a new station started coming through.

FROM LONDON TO M: And then Montreal came along? MONTREAL'S CITY HALL P: Eventually. There were another dozen or so cities between me moving to London & Montreal appearing on the map. But M: Were you in London much or were you doing the musician when it did it just felt right straight away. Luckily Montreal thing of always being on the road? appeared after mobile phones so I was able to phone Hanna & we both agreed it's where we should be so that's where P: Mostly on the road. This was before bands had their own we moved. jets or people could charter private jets. This was even before mobile phones! If you were playing a gig in M: Did you decide to run for mayor straight away? Melbourne you could be on your tour bus for 24 hours before you got there. P: Not at all! It hadn't even occurred to me. But once the elections started I looked at the candidates and none of M: I've heard of this before but it's almost impossible to them seemed capable of doing the job so I threw my hat in imagine that world. There was no way to phone people in the ring. different cities from you? M: And became mayor? P: No. If you were on tour you basically only saw the people who were in your band or if you were on an organised tour P: Oh no, I didn't even make the second round! with other bands. I'd started dating Hanna [Weingärtner], we're still together all these years later, and we wanted M: Were you disheartened or did it make you more resolute? somewhere we both felt at home. She was from Berlin but she felt about it how I felt about London, it was okay but not P: Neither really. I was disappointed of course but the people home. who made the second round had joined the election after me. If they'd joined the election earlier I'd probably never have entered myself. I wanted to win of course but once I didn't that was the end of my ambition for elected office. PAGE ELEVEN | THIRD EDITION

After that the mayor resigned. I knew that I would be a good mayor and could help the city heal, help rebuild it from it's turbulent beginning. M: Do you think you accomplished that? P: Partly. After my term we had a terrible, thankfully short lived, mayor. After him we had David Kuehl, Pascaline Foulquier, Paul Vaughan, that's a good set of mayors to have. Pascaline was my Treasurer, David was my Chief of Police, Paul was named after me. They were good without me but I think that era of good governance was one I brought in. Of course it's not just mayors. Your dad was Treasurer in that period, Alina was vice mayor, although your dad, Alina & Paul were both a little after my time. \"NY SENT SOME DOCTORS TO HELP US GET THINGS UNDER CONTROL\" ELECTED AS MAYOR OF MONTREAL M: But obviously you did end up going for elected PAGE TWELVE | THIRD EDITION office again. What changed? P: The administration wasn't doing a good enough job. I don't mean they were making decisions I disliked I mean they were not up to the task. They mismanaged things, or maybe just ignored them, to the point our Doe health was atrocious. Really truly abysmal health. It was so bad we ended up with an outbreak of the plague. The literal plague. And still the government did nothing. I organised some citizens to help try and manage things and New York sent some doctors to help us get things under control.

STAGE OUTSIDE POLITICS M: You're out of politics now but still involved in M: It's good to see you enjoying your second Montreal. Tell me about your basketball team? chance. Could you tell us a little about how being a mayor is different now than it was then? P: The Montreal Pistols. We're in our second season now, it took us a full season to come up P: I don't know too much about being a mayor with a name! Things can be tough for an now. We never had to deal with zones thankfully. expansion team but we're improving. I don't play But we did have to deal with Doe subsidies. Too often, I'm strictly the 6th man. Hanna & I run the much and you'd have more Does than jobs and team together, I tend to focus on organising the that would lead to an increase in crime. Too little behind the scenes things & she leads the team on and you'd have jobs with no-one to work them. the court. Then we have Eileen Ryba, our top The subsidy could only be changed every week or scorer last season, Denver Mason, Abigail Starr two so it was vital you got it as close to perfect and a new recruit for this season is Jacob de as possible. And as I've already mentioned if the Man. heath of your Does dropped things could get We know we've got a long way to go to challenge really bad really quickly. for the championship but Hanna & I want to build something for the people of Montreal. We've got Overall my impression is there's a lot less a great young team, really dedicated players, micromanagement now, and a lot more general players the people of Montreal can be proud of. steering required. M: And you play your home games at a park M: Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. It's a named after you? little strange to be sat here sharing a whisky with you, when I was a kid you were this almost mythic P: Yes. I think it's a little too egotistical but figure from Montreal's past that my dad spoke Hanna convinced me that's where we should play. about. It's been great to get the opportunity to It's strange to see a park named after me get to know you a little. [Schreiber Memorial Park] and a hospital named after Hanna [Hanna Weingärtner Clinic]. Both of P: I like the idea of being mythical but I like the those locales are thanks to Pascaline Foulquier. idea of being a real live person even more. Thank The only bigger surprise was finding out that we you for inviting me to do this interview. had a grandson we didn't know about, Mason Rummens. And even some greatgrandchildren, M: Thank you. Is there anything ese you'd like to Neven & Storm. Pascaline raised mine & Hanna's say? daughter Alexia. She and my sister Bike adopted Alexia so my greatgrandchildren are due to Pasca P: Just that throughout everything I've gone too in a way. through I'm blessed to have had Hanna with me every step of the way. PAGE THIRTEEN| THIRD EDITION

Y O U HAVE T A STE IT T O ! PAIN AU CHOCOLATINE PARIS - CHAMPS-ÉLYSÉES ID: 3164714 NO PAIN NO CHOCOLATINE GYM HALLES DE PARIS ID: 50645 Promotion by Pain au Chocolatine, A company established in Paris ID 57129

Open Culture is a space for articles in a language other than English. Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German... we will be able to enjoy exclusive content in all those languages in each edition of the magazine. In this way, we will not only be able to read (and learn) other languages, but we will also be able to get to know the culture of many parts of the world through natives. PAGE FIFTEEN | THIRD EDITION

Anne-Laure Bouleau Sempre que tenho algum tempo dentre os meus inúmeros afazeres que invento para UMA GARRAFA DE não cair na rotina, eu pego o jornal para ler VENENO X UMA os classificados. Juntamente com com as notícias publicadas, os anúncios que eles me SOCIEDADE DOENTE trazem, refletem bastante o comportamento e a necessidade da sociedade no momento. Não vim aqui falar sobre barganhas de itens comuns, nem de valorização de itens antes banais ou de queda brusca de outros até ontem caríssimos. Fato que inclusive levou alguns investidores à falência. Estas são notícias que todos nós sabemos serem comuns de quem lida com o mercado de especulação monetária. Nada novo por aqui. O que venho tratar é de um assunto um pouco mais sério e que considero merecedor de maior atenção por parte de todos os que lêem os jornais e dos que não o fazem também. Eu me refiro a busca cada vez mais frequente por garrafas de veneno e do absurdo número de pequenos comerciantes deste produto que traz um lucro irrisório, mas faz um estrago enorme na vida de muita gente. E ANTG R Uma pessoa coloca um anúncio em busca de H V D um frasco deste, num momento de angústia T E e desespero. O comerciante vê ali uma A oportunidade apenas, não pensa sequer na A possibilidade de ter alguém sofrendo do outro lado. Em quais tipos de horror sua Learn portuguese alma tem vivenciado a ponto de querer desistir de tudo. O vendedor de garrafa de Ê M venenos mortais também não pensa que S E aquela pessoa pode ter alguém que goste dela e que um aviso nem que seja por UP telefone, poderia ajudar a resolver as coisas e mudar o final desta história. E tudo isso G O para quê? Obter uma renda de 20mil em média? Uma vida vale isso?! UTR PAGE SIXTEEN | THIRD EDITION

É importante ressaltar que nem todos cobram por isso. Alguns mandam a garrafa de veneno de presente, fazendo a pessoa ver que talvez o único ato de boa vontade direcionado a ela, seja uma oferta de algo que tire sua própria vida. Estas pessoas acham que estão fazendo um favor em oferecer sem cobrar nada. Mas nem procuram saber o que originou aquela triste procura do anunciante. Há também os que pegam o telefone e ligam para a vítima (vou chamar desta forma porque é o que são ao meu ver), não para dar algum apoio. Elas ligam para pedir seus bens materiais, dizendo que a pessoa não vai usar mais. Então que pelo menos não desperdice o item. Eu fico aqui pensando na falta de lisura desta pessoa. Pois se propõe a ligar para um suicida sem oferecer nenhuma palavra de carinho e ainda pede a ele que doe sua coisas como um último ato de generosidade. Além de não oferecer ajuda alguma, ainda faz chantagem emocional para piorar tudo. Por último há os bons samaritanos, cada vez mais raros hoje em dia, mas que ainda lutam por um mundo onde todos se ajudam. Eles ligam para o suicida e dedicam um bom tempo de sua própria vida pra \"resgatar\" aquela pessoa. Compartilham seu mundo alegre e sua energia positiva para que ela note que o mundo ainda é um lugar bonito, fazendo isso de forma completamente desinteressada. Os bons samaritanos no máximo desejam conquistar um novo amigo se o destino assim o quiser. A maior satisfação para eles é ver aquela pessoa renascer emocionalmente e se reintegrar a sociedade de forma alegre e produtiva. Deixando de ser um pessoa sombria e anônima para ser cheia de vida e amiga de muitos. Você que leu até aqui e se pôs a pensar no assunto ou já viveu algo parecido, está convidado para uma carta resposta. Podendo ser a favor ou contra a minha opinião. Creio ser um assunto polêmico e merecedor deste debate. PAGE SEVENTEEN | THIRD EDITION

III EDITION: ACHIEVED! The third edition of The Avantgarde Magazine is already on the newsstands. The last edition that We launch in this year 119, a year that will always be special and unforgettable for us. It was during this year that The Avantgarde saw the light and when We began to receive feedback from readers. We close the year talking about the Festival, the most important event in our world. We toured Ephesus Festival Venue - Izmir's festival grounds -, We interviewed Elizabeth Jack, AEONIAN leader, and Edvin Rockford, Mayor of Izmir. But We can't close this edition without thanking all the people who collaborate every day so that our magazine - and everyone's - continues to create content and continues to be fun for our readers. To them, who dedicate part of their time to reading our pages, We must also thank them for their support. For them, The Avantgarde Magazine was born, and for them it is all our work. Special mention from The Avantgarde Magazine for Enrique Ferreira de Medeiros, creator of the official logo of the XX Festival, and for Erim Serim, creator of the official slogan. Two X's, just one winner! PAGE EIGHTEEN | THIRD EDITION

HOW TO JOIN? READ THIS! REQUIREMENTS There is no special requirement to join The Avantgarde. The only thing that matters is that You feel like having a good time and creating cool content for readers. I WANT TO JOIN... Text a message to any of our writers / editors, tell them about the topics You would like to cover, and send them a sample article to whet their appetite. Wait patiently until You get a reply. if the topics You have proposed do not quite fit, they will propose You other topics to write about. FOLLOW US! 2342326.1

53RD OF THE YEAR 119 III Rhiannon Stark / Aurora Dell'Acqua / Faun Fangorn / Eva Porter / Roy Studebaker / Anne-Laure Bouleau / Miles Lacey / Corinne Bhacon / Adrió Súria i Talarn / Maya Parsons / Peyton Roalfe / Edvin Rockford The Avantgarde Magazine - All rights reserved A trademark owned by Associated Broadcast Communications, Ltd. Fifth Avenue - New York City WWW.THEAVANTGARDEWEB.WEEBLY.COM

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