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TAG I Edition prueba

Published by The Avantgarde Magazine, 2021-01-25 18:30:38

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TENNISBACK1ST OF THE YEAR 119 | I EDITION The Avantgarde PRO ATENNANLYISZIANSGSOTCHIEATNIOEWN $130 MILLION WILL BE DISTRIBUTED EACH YEAR BY THE PTA TO PLAYERS 64 prizes confirmed during the first season THE PTA RANKING WILL REWARD THE MOST REGULAR PLAYERS Independent tournaments as the Olympics' Tennis will count for the ranking as well

Contents 1 Introducing the PTA 2 Ultimate List of Leading Sports 3 The Avantgarde's Opinion 4 An Interview w/ Faun Fangorn Part 1 5 An Interview w/ Faun Fangorn Part 2 6 Special Contents 7 In the Spotlight 8 Ads

THE PTA WILL BRING TOGETHER THE BEST TENNIS PLAYERS IN THE WORLD 7 Events per year The PTA Tour will hold 7 official events each year, divided into 3 Major Events and 4 Open Events. New York, London and Rio de Janeiro will host the 3 Major Events. Each round of Majors will distribute twice as many points as the same rounds of Opens. In total, the Major Events will distribute 90 million dollars in prizes per year, for the 40 million dollars that the open events will distribute. Innovative Ranking WHAT IS THE PRO 1 TENNIS ASSOCIATION? The new PTA ranking will I EDITION | PAGE 1 reward the most regular by Corinne Bhacon, Pro Tennis Association's Founder and President and dedicated players, assigning points from the The Pro Tennis Association is a project that has been developed for years. It is opening rounds up to 2,000 part of the legacy left by the PopTennis Federation, the first international tennis points for the winner of a competition in our world, which was created in 78 and passed away before the Major. arrival of the new century. Also, the PTA will assign points to winners of associated independent tennis events. Like, for The PopTennis Federation was created by the mayors of Glasgow and Seattle, example, 2,000 points for the winner of the and brought together more than 50 tennis players a year. It was the first major Olympic Games' Tennis. sports competition in our world and, in my opinion, the most special. The Ranking's Terms Now, more than 40 years later, We believe that it is time to return to give the world of tennis more excitement. We are very grateful for the support of all the Distribution of points in the mayors of the cities where our events will be organized, since without their help Majors: Winner, 2,000p; nothing would be possible. The work of Stijn Squier, Miles Lacey, Isis Nefertari, Runner-Up, 1,200p; Anne-Laure Bouleau and Roxie Saint has been very important to the PTA. SF, 720p; QF, 360p; R16, 180p. We also have to thank our sponsors - Kori Swine and Alma Foundation - for helping us make this project a reality. Distribution of points in the Opens: Winner, 1,000p; Runner-Up, 600p; SF, 360p, QF, 180p; Our board will be formed by highly experienced people in the world of sports. R16, 90p. Yong-Jun Baek will be the Tour Commissioner, Anne-Laure Bouleau as Tour Coordinator, and Zenaide Ribeiro as Tour Assistant. Distribution of points in the independent associated events: Winner, 400p; Runner-Up, 300p, SF, 240p; QF, 120p; R16, 60p.

THE ULTIMATE LIST OF LEADING SPORTS By Adrió Súria i Talarn We are only a couple of years away Leading the way, We have the from reaching the third decade of Pro Football League. Founded by the second century of our blue David Seals in the year 80 - Yes, world. No one can deny that We almost 40 years ago - it is the live in the golden age of sport. oldest sports federation in our world. Exactly 22 teams make up Football, Basketball and Volleyball. the league this season, and more In that order, they are possibly the than 150 players play their matches three most played - and followed - every weekend. sports in our world. In second position, We have the In the next group, We have the Pro Basketball League. Founded in World Chess Federation that was the year 105 by Miles Lacey, born just a few years ago. World Mayor of New York, it is now Surfing Association and some local almost 15 years old. This season, fist fighting tournaments attract 16 teams and more than 100 many athletes each year as well. athletes compete for the title of the 13th season of the PBL. Next, We will briefly comment on the history of the three biggest In third position, the Pro Volleyball 2 sports competitions worldwide: League. Founded in 95 by Noémie Pro Football League (PFL), Lindi Eccleston, it currently has 15 I EDITION | PAGE 2 Pro Basketball League (PBL), and teams and more than 70 players in New Pro Volleyball League (NPVL). its 18th season.

THE AVANTGARDE'S OPINION THE POWER OF THE SERVER ANALYZING THE POWER OF THE UNOFFICIAL POP DISCORD SERVER AS A COMMUNICATION PLATFORM Twelve years ago since the Unofficial Popmundo Discord We are talking about a platform that raised, undoubtedly Server was born. Twelve years since a new tool arrived in thanks to the support of a large part of its users, 620.5 our blue world, which has been imposed as a necessary million dollars to continue growing and continue offering good for multiple and different uses. first-rate services. Whether it is to chat, to advertise, to buy or sell, or just to With a number of users that does not stop growing, now hang out with friends. The server has become an active approaching 2,000, one has to wonder how far the server part of our lives. In a faithful friend, always available to can go. Created as an open, modern and out-of-the-box solve our needs. Thanks, also, to the dynamism of its communication platform, many new variants of it remain to creator Faun Fangorn, and to the help of its team of be seen. moderators. Interviews, news, columns... a large number of services that Today, this tool saves endless options. Almost anything the Unofficial Popmundo Discord Server can still offer, you need, You can find it there. Whether material or which is establishing itself as the main means of immaterial. Simply by posting a message You will have communication in our world. The future is here. endless answers and people willing to help You. I EDITION | PAGE 3

AN INTERVIEW Jorge Luis Quesada WITH FAUN interviews the founder of FANGORN the Unofficial Pop Discord Server on the 12th anniversary of the server. The Avantgarde Magazine welcomes Mr Faun Fangorn, founder of the Unofficial Pop Discord Server, Q: Welcome to The Avantgarde, Mr Faungorn. It's been 12 years since you founded the Unofficial Popmundo Discord Server (UPDS). Please, tell us... Who was Faun Fangorn before creating the UPDS? What motivated You to do so? A: Q: A tool as useful as it is extroverted, which has become a key instrument for communications in our world. What balance do You make of these twelve years of life of your project? A: 4 I EDITION | PAGE 4

+35 12th CHANNELS ANNIVERSARY Q: Six years ago, You organized a date Q: Could You tell us something about the auction that raised an impressive amount of next features that We could see on the 620.5 million dollars. How did You feel server soon? when You saw the support of the people A: materialized in such an incredible way? To Q: Could We see news, articles and what extent do You think that money has interviews in the future of the server? helped UPDS grow? A: Q: Would you like to see the Unofficial A: Popmundo Discord Server and The Avantgarde Magazine creating content Q: Little by little, You have been building a together in the future? team of mods and helpers to run the A: server, quite successfully from the looks of it. Are they very important in the server’s A+U1CS, T9EI0RVS0E day to day? A: Q: In your opinion, what is the main advantage and the main disadvantage of the UPDS? A: I EDITION | PAGE 5

DID YOU KNOW... I EDITION | PAGE 6 That The Avantgarde and Istanbul Magazine have signed a collaboration agreement, whereby We will create cool content together? THE AVANTGARDE X UPDS The Avantgarde and the Unofficial Pop Discord Server have reached an agreement to conduct live interviews through the server! SPECIAL MENTIONS For the date auction - 2341783.1 - that the Vilnius Government has organized to raise funds. The deadline to participate is February 3rd!

THE AVANTGARDE IS BORN The Avantgarde Magazine is on newsstands. After many I EDITION | PAGE 7 time of work, We can finally say that the first issue of our FIRST precious magazine is finished. EDITION, ACHIEVED! This first edition is dedicated to the world of sport and, in particular, tennis. Sport moves our world, with hundreds By Aurora Dell'Acqua of professional athletes working hard every day to fulfill their dreams. With children who are preparing from the IN THE SPOTLIGHT age of 7 or 8 to one day become professional athletes. In particular, We have focused our work on analyzing two specific questions in depth. On the one hand, the Pro Tennis Association, heir to the PopTennis Federation, which was born to group and promote tennis worldwide. On the other hand, We analyze the Unofficial Popmundo Discord Server, the world's leading communication platform. We have analyzed its present and its future, to try to find out to what extent it still has the capacity to grow and become a more and more relevant tool in our world. If You want to be part of our team of editors and writers, do not hesitate to contact us! NOMADIC | 24

...ereh dnAPromote your business here! ...and also here! I EDITION | PAGE 8

1ST OF THE YEAR 119 I Rhiannon Stark / Aurora Dell'Acqua / Faun Fangorn / Eva Porter / Roy Studebaker / Stormy Finders / Jorge Luis Quesada / Corinne Bhacon / Adrió Súria i Talarn The Avantgarde Magazine - All rights reserved A trademark owned by Associated Broadcast Communications, Ltd. Fifth Avenue - New York City WWW.THEAVANTGARDEWEB.WEEBLY.COM

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