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GWI Corporate Profile

Published by ashleigh.dmellow, 2017-08-13 21:25:16

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CorporateProfileWe are a national team ofspecialists who empower ourclients to solve real businessproblems and create value throughtheir information and data assets.Information and data sit at thecore of everything we do.

We are unashamedly unique. We are more than just business advisors, and more than just experts in information and data. We use information and data to discover new insights, make judgements, to deliver evidence-based advice, and to take the guesswork out of decision-making. We are business consultants, business analysts, investigators, information architects, data miners and trusted advisors. We’re inquisitive and committed to delivering results that are truly lasting.A UNIQUE APPROACH TO EMPOWERINGORGANISATIONSEvidence-based advice People-centred Security and sensitivity IndependenceBased on analysing and We know the limitations of We have worked discretely for Because we don’t sell softwareinterpreting information and information and data, which is the highest levels of government or systems, our advice is fiercelydata, we provide robust advice why we use a people-centred and corporations, on sensitive independent.that’s grounded and insightful. approach to our work. and high-profile problems. International standardsComplex problems Data-driven communities Collaborative partnerships Our work is underpinned byTogether with our clients, we We are amongst Australia’s We thrive on delivering advice rigorous internal processes thathave delivered outstanding leading experts in the field, with conviction, because when meet applicable internationalsolutions. We have transitioned merging expertise in civic we work with our clients, we standards, including ISO 9001.organisations, saved millions from data infrastructure, smart city share their problems and makeoperational and capital budgets, strategy and open data. them our own.and delivered tangible results.Strategy OUR SERVICES & Information & DataAdvisory • Enterprise Content Management • Enterprise Information Architecture • Documents and Records Management • Information and Data Sharing • Enterprise Data Management • Master Data Management • Enterprise Business Intelligence • Data Analytics (Visualisation) • Data Discovery and Quality Information Policy Policy & Performance • Program Definition and Assurance & • Procurement & • Policy and Standards Performance • Capability and Performance • Digital Rights Management Data • Data Breach Crisis Response Governance & Security • Information and Data Governance • Privacy Impact AssessmentGovernance Strategy & Advisory • Investment Assurance & • Civic Data Infrastructure • Strategy Development Security • Public Policy Advisory • Open Data Corporate Profile

Exploring the world through an information lens provides insights into the true nature and complexity of our clients’ business problems. It provides inspiration for leaders, and the evidence to enable good decision-making. And our discoveries inspire solutions for the future. And new ways of thinking.GWI INFORMATION JOURNEYEvery organisation is different and every challenge is unique.This is why we develop a ‘fit for purpose’ approach for each of our clients, ensuring they get the service andsolution they need.We ensure our clients are equipped to capture, interpret and organise their information and data to achievethe outcomes they require.We will work with you on every step of your Information Journey, enabling you to find, manage and shareyour information, to explore and make decisions, to improve collaboration and stimulate innovation acrossyour business.Return on Investment We feel empowered to innovate and optimise How do we use How can we it to make collaborate to decisions? solve problems? We found it, how How do we share do we manage it? what we have? We can’t find it, we’re recreating it! Compliance Performance I need to find I need to manage I need to share I need to I need to I need to information information information decide collaborate innovate People spend a lot of time There is plenty of People miss out on Organisations misdiagnose Teams within your Enable employees to take looking for information information generated in business-critical inputs the cause or nature of organisation achieve measured risks while they need to deliver on your organisation, but because information is their business problems or higher levels of creating newer products or their responsibilities. without adequate ways to stored within silos. opportunities because they performance and could solutions. Managers Far too often they struggle efficiently manage it, you Teams can deliver more if don’t collect or connect the improve services if they encourage to know what exists and struggle with maintaining they have access to better right information. could collaborate and experimentation and where to find it. When they vital sources of information processed and high-quality Intelligent exploration and leverage information generation of new can’t, they recreate it. that help leaders make information. analysis powers across divisions or across ideas/solutions. better decisions. evidence-based decisions. multiple agencies. Corporate Profile

SOLVING BUSINESS PROBLEMS WITH CONFIDENCEWe empower our clients by:Organising data and informationwithin organisations, across departments and across differentagencies.Addressing risk and opportunityincluding privacy, digital rights, data breaches, security andidentifying emerging risks.Improving business efficiencyfrom productivity, to operational planning, and investmentplanning.Analysing the true nature of business problemsproviding a robust and grounded analysis for decision-making.Enabling strategic decisionsusing data and information to make evidence-based decisionsfor corporate strategies.Adapting to changefrom disruption, industry changes and regulatory change.Building better communitiesincluding developing strategies for data-driven communities, andusing open data to drive innovation. 1300 364 430 Level 10, 10 Felix Street Brisbane QLD 4000

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