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Is a Manufactured Home Engineering Certification Necessary

Published by Foundation Engineers, 2022-08-05 05:24:52

Description: Buying a new home is always an exciting time in life. No matter if it is your first home or you have bought many homes, financing always has rules and regulations. If you are buying a mobile home, An FHA loan requires a Mobile Home Foundation Certification for insurance. For more information please call us at +1 407-591-0359


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Is a Manufactured Home Engineering Certification Necessary? Why do I need an Engineering Foundation Certification ? Moving to a new home is an exciting phase promising maximum ROI! Whether it's your first home sweet home or you have experience buying homes, financing comes with rules and regulations. If you are planning to buy a mobile home, it must comply with FHA, HUD, and VA requirements for financing. What is a Manufactured Home? A manufactured home refers to a prefabricated home with siding and built inside of a factory. The home is brought to a plot of land or a housing community. To qualify for financing through FHA, HUD, or VA, it must clear the Mobile home foundation certification. This requires the home to be set on a permanent foundation.

Manufactured Home Engineering Certification Process A licensed engineer or registered architect must look over areas delineated in the Foundation Guide for Mobile Homes. Anchorage capacity ensures that the house is structurally sound and well tied. This is especially crucial in the case of harsh wind or seismic forces. You don’t want the home to sink, like Titanic. Drainage and Footings The inspector examines footings to make sure they are in concrete and the correct size to steer clear of soil settlement. Checking the drainage is important to ensure that the basement crawl space will not get swayed in flood. The over 400- page PFGMH is an extensive guide and offers recommendations for thorough foundation checks. The inspector signs off on the compliance letter if it meets the HUD/FHA requirement. If it doesn’t meet the necessary requirements, the inspector recommends the areas to be fixed. It is crucial to make these changes so it is up to code and in compliance in the years ahead. Concrete footers in the ground readily available for a mobile home Length of Time & Total Cost for a Mobile Home Engineering Certification The inspection takes approximately one hour, along with turn around time to access the compliance letter, which takes approx. 6 hours. However, don’t wait until it is time to close! Inspections can also cost money, and this one averages about $450. Remember, having peace of mind, and in this case, specific types of loans require it. Contact Details Website: Phone: (407)591-0359

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