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CHP Winter 2014-15 e-Newsletter

Published by njwelsh127, 2015-03-08 16:52:48

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College of Health Professions e-Newsletter Winter 2014-15, Issue 4Welcome Pictured with other RFUMS Franklin Fellow winners Katherine FosterWelcome to the winter issue of the College of Health ’17 (Physical Therapy, DPT), SarahProfessions (CHP) newsletter! As ever, there have been a host Garner ’16 (Pathologists’ Assistant),of exciting events and activities throughout CHP! In this issue, Kelly Smith ’16 (Physicianwe bring you up to date on some of these events around the Assistant) and Lauren ZaludaCollege and share news of a very special event focusing on (Clinical Psychology, PhD) were named 2014–2015 FranklinInterprofessionalism and our future healthcare professionals. Fellows by the Division of Student Affairs and Inclusion. The Franklin Fellowship, generously funded by a gift from MartinCongratulations are in and Julie Franklin on behalf of the Franklin family, serves toOrder! develop a community of students committed to interprofessional service, leadership and educationalRFUMS Fest Honors excellence. Congratulations to all of these outstanding CHP alumni Navy Capt. Scott Jonson, PT ’84, students! DSc, SCS, ATC, CSCS was one of three Clinical psychology doctoral candidate, Chelsey RFUMS distinguished alumni honored at the Wilkes, was awarded the American Psychological RFUMS Fest Awards Dinner and Dance held Association Science Directorate Dissertation on October 18. Capt. Jonson has helped Research Award. Chelsey will apply the award funding to her dissertation research, Ageadvance the physical therapy profession in the military and Differences in Cognition and Emotion and their Relationshipserves as commanding officer at the Navy and Marine Corps to Attention Biases. Congratulations on this wonderfulPublic Health Center in Portsmouth, VA. He received the achievement, Chelsey!inaugural College of Health Professions DistinguishedAlumnus Award and is pictured with Jeffrey Damschke,DPT Second year doctoral candidate Jill Plevinsky, was’04,PT ’03, MS, OSC and CHP Dean James Carlson, PhD ’13, named runner-up for the Marion and DonaldPA-C ’01. Congratulations, Capt. Jonson, and thank you for Routh Student Research Grant by the Society ofyour service! Pediatric Psychology in support of her dissertation research. Her proposal titled, Issues in Emerging Professor John Calamari, PhD and Chair of the Adults with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Before and After the Psychology Department, was elected to serve as a First Semester of College, will investigate challenges for first faculty representative to the RFUMS Board of year college students with Crohn's disease and ulcerative Trustees. Congratulations on this honor, Dr. colitis. Jill received a $1,000.00 award to support her Calamari! research. Drew Fowler, a fourth-year clinical psychology Jill was also featured on the Chrohn’s & Colitis Foundation of doctoral student, received the Healthy Schools America (CCFA) website for her involvement in raising and Communities Scholarship from the Canyon awareness about the lives of students with Inflammatory Ranch Institute (CRI) in Arizona. This scholarship Bowel Disease. In her role as co-founding chair of the CCFA targets people working to improve health and National Council of Student College leaders, Jill attended thewell-being in schools and communities. Congratulations, Escape Velocity to a Culture of Health event hosted by theDrew! Institute for Health Improvement in Cambridge, MA in October. Thank you, Jill, for your advocacy and efforts to raise awareness about this important issue.

Magic in Milwaukee Then, following the conclusion of the program, attendees sought out team members to share their own experiences Interprofessionalism: with interprofessional studies or to inquire about the program A Circle of Care and clinic — and even days later, attendees from across the nation were reaching out to continue the conversation withSomething quite special happened in Milwaukee at the 2014 ICC leaders, staff, and even with me. Connections wereAmerican Physical Therapy Association National Student made with students from New York, Arizona and NorthConclave. As the opening session presenter, April Newton, Carolina – and those were just the people with whom IPhD of the Physical Therapy Department collaborated with remember speaking. At this event, RFUMS clearly took itscommunity member Joanna Rolek, RFUMS colleagues Lecia place at the forefront of the movement on a national stageApantaku,MD ’81; Susan Tappert, DPT ’04, MS ’93; Diane Bridges, and was acknowledged for its leadership. I was proud andPhD ’14, MSN, RN, CCM, student Interprofessional Community grateful to be a participant and join you.”Clinic (ICC) representativesand other RFUMS professionals to To view pictures from this event, click this link!provide an impactful opening presentation titled,Interprofessionalism: A Circle of Care. College and Department NewsUsing story telling as a vehicle to illustrate the importance ofInterprofessionalism, Dr. Newton detailed her experiences at Haiti Medical Mission: Follow-UpSt. Jude Hospital in the West Indies. Dr. Newton shared howInterprofessionalism was very naturally integrated into Former RFUMS Biomedical Sciencespractice by a variety of professionals in this setting resulting graduate and current Health Servicesin improved patient outcomes. Dr. Susan Tappert of the Administration student David AlterInterprofessional Institute addressed the Core Competencies ’16 reported the following afterof Interprofessionalism and challenged students to consider returning from his trip to Haiti withhow they might promote and actualize them in practice. his father, Daniel Alter, MD and CMSStudent ICC representatives Danielle Coppola ’16 (PT), Assistant Dean of Diversity, Mildred M.G. Olivier, MD ’88 .Cameron McIntosh ’16 (PT), Ashley Taylor ’20 (Psychology), Based on existing conditions, the team adjusted their plan toIsrael Labao ’17 (CMS), and Melissa Ballak ’15 (COP) spoke work solely with Reginald Tavern, MD at his clinic to assist ineloquently about their own experiences providing care in the treating retinal conditions. Per David, “During the trip I wasICC and how this and other RFUMS experiences have helped able to support my father as he trained Dr. Taverne and histo shape their perspectives and inform their practice. staff to perform what was probably the first modern and complex retinal surgery ever performed in Haiti . . . As a team,Finally, community member and Executive Director of the we completed 13 complicated vitrectomy procedures in a totalLake Forest/Lake Bluff Chamber of Commerce, Joanna of five days of training and surgery.” While David’s primaryRolek, shared her compelling story involving her family’s role was to program the settings on a vitrectomyoften confusing and difficult journey in the healthcare system machine, he also taught others how to set the machine up,during her late husband Robert Rolek’s illness. In acted as “de-facto nurse” and created a training video for theher impactful speech, she detailed the many ways in which machine’s future use.greater communication and interprofessional collaborationmay have led to different outcomes in her family’s experience David further reported, that from his perspective, the hero induring her husband’s care. At the conclusion of Ms. this story was Dr. Taverne, the ophthalmologist who broughtRolek’s presentation, students engaged in a networking this form of modern retinal surgery to Haiti without anyexercise and shared feedback about how each healthcare former fellowship training. David stated, “… it was trulyprovider individually, and as members of the inspiring to see what one man can do against all odds….Theinterprofessional team, might have collaborated to most important lesson that I learned was that medicalimprove Mr. Rolek’s and his family’s outcomes. missions need to transfer skills to locals and not simply show up, do cases, and leave.” The team hopes to return to Haiti toReflecting on her experience as part of the RFUMS continue their work and to set up low-cost laser clinics topresentation team, Ms. Rolek shared the following: “One of prevent blindness due to diabetic retinopathy. To viewthe aspects of the experience that has remained with me was photos from David’s trip, including a picture of a patientthe level of engagement in that room — it was just seeing her hands for the first time, click this link.remarkable for such a large and diverse group. The 500 or soin the audience were not only completely attentive during the  From 20 to 80!: As part of his Geriatrics class, PApresentations, but their enthusiastic and thoughtful Assistant Professor Ziemowit Mazur, PA-C ’10 recentlyparticipation in the feedback session was just wonderful. arranged for students to participate in a in a real life simulation event on age related impairments. PT

Instructor Patrick Withrow, DPT ’08 lent his expertise Spotlight on Research about some of the physical challenges elderly patients’ face, such as recovering from a fall. In order to A number of CHP faculty members have recently had their experience some of these challenges firsthand, students scholarly work published. These include: were “suited up” with various devices and equipment to  Cantanzaro, S. J., Backenstrass, M., Miller, S. A., Mearns, help them learn how these impairments impact patients. Slings, braces, wheelchairs, and protective eyewear J., Pfieffer, N., & Brendalen, S. (2014). Prediction of coated with Vaseline to impair vision were just some of symptoms of emotional distress by mood regulation the devices employed to help students better understand expectancies and affective traits. International Journal of and empathize with future geriatric patients. Click here Psychology, 49(6), 471-479. doi:10.1002/ijop.12062 to see our “aged” students in action!  Cook, K., & Stoecker, J. (2014). Healthcare student Interprofessionalism and Our DePaul Partners: On stereotypes: A systematic review with implications for January 23, Pathologists’ Assistant Program Director and interprofessional collaboration. Journal of Research in Assistant Chair Mary Dydo, PA(ASCP)cm ’08, and Assistant Interprofessional Practice and Education, 4.2, 1-13. Professor Ziemowit Mazur, PA-C ’10 of the Physician  Bilyk, H.P. (2014). Role of registered dietitian Assistant Department, joined forces to visit DePaul nutritionists in the research and promotion of native and University and talk with approximately 40 students cultural foods. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and interested in health professions. Professors Dydo and Dietetics, (114)11, 1736-1738. Ziemowit conducted a presentation as part of this  Dean, E., Dornelas de Andrade, A., O'Donoghue, G., interprofessional exchange titled, “PA vs. PA.” Professor Skinner, M., Umereh, G., Beenen, P.,... Wong, W. P. Mazur reported that a good time was had by all! (2014). The Second Physical Therapy Summit on Global The Department of Physical Therapy hosted two free Health: Developing an action plan to promote health in Clinics in January, the Upper and Lower Extremity daily practice and reduce the burden of non- Screening Clinics. Visitors received a physical therapy communicable diseases. Physiotherapy Theory & evaluation by a small group of Doctor of Physical Therapy Practice, 30(4), 261-275. students under the supervision of licensed physical doi:10.3109/09593985.2013.856977 therapists. They were also provided relevant information  Fewster-Thuente, L. (2014). A contemporary method to and exercises to assist with their conditions. teach collaboration to students. Journal of Nursing The Department of Psychology hosted a presentation by Education, 53(11), 641-645. doi:10.3928/01484834- Astrida Seja Kaugars, PhD, on November 17 titled, 20141027-02 Evaluating the Impact of a School-Based Mindfulness  Gipsman, A., Rauschert, L., Daneshvar, M., & Knot, P. Intervention for Young Children, as part of their ongoing (2014). Evaluating the reproducibility of motion analysis Colloquium Series. scanning of the spine during walking. Advances in Students from HMTD 515 visited Addolorata Villa with Medicine, 2014. Assistant Professor Marilyn Hanson, MAT and Instructor,  Goldner, J. S., Quimby, D., Richards, M. H., Zakaryan, A., Quentin Conkle, MS as part of their services learning Miller, S., Dickson, D., & Chilson, J. (2014). Relations of project. Students played stimulating games with parenting to adolescent externalizing and internalizing residents such as Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit, and Sudoku. In distress moderated by perception of neighborhood addition, several of the students participated in physical danger. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, activities such as walking and stretching with the 0(0), 1-14. doi:10.1080/15374416.2014.95883 residents. Click here to see pictures from their visit.  Greenley, R. N., Karazsia, B., Schurman, J. V., Gumidyala, David Lowry, PhD,MA, BS, CPhT, presented, \"Pronouncing A. P., Nguyen, E. U., Thomason, M. M.,…Kahn, S. A. Medical Work: A Philosophy of Change in Medical School (2014). Trajectories of oral medication adherence in Admissions,” at the annual meeting of the American youth with inflammatory bowel disease. Health Society of Bioethics and Humanities in San Diego during Psychology.doi:10.1037/hea0000149 October.  Leon, S. C., Miller, S. A., Stoner, A. M., Fuller, A., & Rolnik, A. M. (in press). Change trajectories: Children's Psychology Department Assistant Professor, Kristen patterns of improvement in acute-stay inpatient care. Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research. Schneider, PhD presented The Use of Motivational doi: 10.1007/s11414-014-9432-9 Interviewing in Overweight Children at the Pediatric  Mast, L., Rahman, A., Bridges, D., & Horsley, N. L. Conference at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in (2014). Exploring the impact of an interprofessional care Park Ridge, during September. protocol on the patient experience and outcomes for seniors with diabetes. Patient Experience Journal, 1(2): 117-123.  Moller, A. C., Majewski, S., Standish, M., Agarwal, P., Podowski, A., Carson, R.,… Schneider, K. L.

(2014). Active fantasy sports: Rationale and New Faces in CHP feasibility of leveraging online fantasy sports to promote physical activity. JMIR Serious Please join us in welcoming these talented new faculty and Games, 2(2). doi: 10.2196/games.3691 staff members to our CHP community: Health Services Administration: Nuciforo, M.A., (2014). Minority applicants to physical therapist education programs 2010-2012. Physical Assistant Professor Kimberley Elliott, PhD, Therapy Journal, 95(1), 1-12. recently joined the Health Services Administration Department. Dr. Elliot specializes Nuciforo M.A., Litvinsky Y., & Rheault, W. (2014). in Medicaid and children’s health insurance Variables predictive of admission to US physical therapist programs. education programs. Journal of Physical Therapy Nurse Anesthesia: Education, 28(3), 112-119. (Note: Coauthor, Yelena Administrative Assistant, Ariel Hernandez Litvinsky, was a 2011 RFUMS PT Graduate) Assistant Professor and Clinical Coordinator, Andy Pagoto, S. L., Schneider, K. L., Evans, M., Waring, M. E., Tracy, CRNA, APN Appelhans, B., Busch, A.M., … Ziedonis, M. (2014). Physician Assistant: Tweeting it off: Characteristics of adults who tweet about a weight loss attempt. Journal of the American Medical Clinical Coordinator and Instructor, Jason Radke, Informatics Association, 21(6), 1032-1037. doi: MMS, PA-C. Jason brings a wealth of experience 10.1136/amiajnl-2014-002652 to the program having worked in EM, Pediatrics and Men’s Health. Plevinsky, J. M., & Greenley, R. N. (2014). Exploring Instructor, Alex Kendall, MS, PA-C ’10 also serves health-related quality of life and social functioning in as a Hospitalist and Preceptor at Northwestern adolescents with inflammatory bowel diseases after Lake Forest Hospital. attending Camp Oasis and participating in a Facebook Physical Therapy: group. Inflammatory Bowel Disease, 20(9), 1611-1617. Assistant Professor Laila Alibiglou, PT, PhD who also doi:10.1097/MIB.0000000000000120 serves as Director of the Movement Analysis and Translational Science (MATS) Laboratory Wojtowicz, A. A., Greenely, R. N., Gumidyala, A. P.,  Assistant Professor, Frank DiLiberto, PT, PhD, OCS, Rosen, A., & Williams, S. E. (2014). Pain severity and pain FAAOMPT catastrophizing predict functional disability in youth with  Instructors: inflammatory bowel disease. Journal of Chrohn’s and o Julie Schwertfeger, PT, MBA Colitis, 8(9), 1118-1124. o Sara Kraut, PT, DPT ’01 - InstructorHealth & Wellness Corner Follow CHP on Facebook! Department of Physical Therapy Assistant Professor, Dr. Jeffery Damaschke of HealthyU! is conducting a study to promote fitness among RFUMS students andemployees. Dr. Damaschke teamed up with AssistantProfessor Kristin Schneider, PhD; Associate ProfessorZiemowitMazur, PA-C ’10; and a DPT student research teamto hold pre-fitness tests for all participants. Weekly health andfitness lectures on a variety of topics are also held to helpindividuals start and maintain a proper exercise and nutritionprogram. As stated by Dr. Damaschke, “People who arephysically active tend to live longer and have lower risk forheart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression and somecancers. Physical activity can also help with weight control,and may improve academic achievement in students.” Thestudy will wrap-up with a post-test to gauge improvement inparticipants’ fitness levels. To see any of study's relatedlectures, follow-this link!

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