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Company Profile 2019 Soap Cycling Singapore 2019 Annual Report Saving Lives, One Bar at a Time 001

SCSG Annual Report 2019 About us Mission and Vision Mission Vision Values Saving Lives, One Bar at a Time A world in which no soap is wasted Using hospitality waste recycling as and no one suffers from the lack of a platform to empower and connect hygiene and sanitation resources. various communities to create a more sustainable and equitable planet. 002

SCSG Annual Report 2019 Table of Contents Jackie's Forethought 04 2019 by the Numbers 06 2019 Highlights 10 Local Distribution 12 Overseas Distribution 13 Hotel Partners 14 Corporate Partners 16 Community Partners 18 Meet the Team 20 Meet the Millennials of Soap Cycling Singapore 22 Board and Financials 20 Pat’s Afterthought 22 003

SCSG Annual Report 2019 Jackie's Forethought For vulnerable communities, the importance of a humble The former interns have laid a good foundation, cementing soap bar and its potential to save lives has become all the partnerships with three major hotels for routine collections. more apparent in these unprecedented times – it’s that As word spread about SCSG in the past year, more new essential but it took a pandemic for people to realise that the hospitality and corporate partners have come on board to simple act of washing your hands with soap can potentially join us in this soap recycling movement. keep you safe from Covid-19. Gaining a foothold in the local community is key for the It’s been slightly over a year since I joined Soap Cycling Singapore chapter, and we’re grateful to have found a Singapore (SCSG) as Partnerships Manager. What started supportive charity partner in SG Accident Help Centre, an out three years ago as an organisation run by different NGO that assists injured migrant workers. Through this batches of student interns has grown into a social enterprise collaboration, we have distributed 300 kg of soap to some with 12 hotel partners and regular volunteering, outreach and 2,000 migrant workers in the second half of 2019, and we will distribution sessions. continue to actively channel soap to them. 004

Company Profile 2019 When I first got to know about Soap Cycling while in Hong Kong, I was intrigued by how lightly used soap can be “rescued” and given a new lease of life to benefit whole communities, especially children from developing countries, who have little or no access to this everyday item. Migrant workers are an integral part of the SCSG community; No doubt these are challenging times, but it has been they have also been one of our most active volunteers, heartening to see the outpouring of support from our taking the lead in several packing and distribution efforts. volunteers, and corporate and charity partners. I would As our work expands with plans in the pipeline for liquid also like to thank our student interns, past and present, who soap collection, we are also looking at strengthening our have been instrumental to our growth, with their injection of distribution efforts to low-income families in Singapore. fresh ideas, enthusiasm and creativity into our work. We are So far, 70kg of soap bars have gone out to them. We also confident SCSG can continue to grow if we come together as hope to put in place a part-time employment programme for a community to reduce soap wastage and turn this precious people with disabilities to work with us. commodity into a life-saving resource that ends up in the hands of the people who need it most. Overseas distributions have also been robust: last year alone, 430kg of soap went to children and families living in rural Jacqueline Tan, Partnerships Manager communities and urban slums in Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines. 005

SCSG Annual Report 2019 NB20YU1MT9HBEERS DISTRIBUTION OVEASEAS 320kgs (8,000 bars) COUNTRIES DISTRIBUTED Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia & Myanmar 006

SCSG Annual Report 2019 DISTRIBUTION LOCAL 480kgs (11,750 bars) of soap bars distributed to migrant workers & low-income Singaporeans WASTE REDUCTION 1,400kgs of soap bars saved from going into landfill VOLUNTEER WORK 1,100 volunteers contributing over 2,000 hours of service 007

SCSG Annual Report 2019 Sustainable Development Goals Soap Cycling Singapore strives to connect our local community to the wider global ambitions of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Utilizing the targets and frameworks of the international community helps to guide our young organization to creating additional impact. Relevant SDGs Current Impact Future Plans Provided experiential leadership Expand internship plans to include experiences to 16 undergraduate secondary school students. students in Singapore, creating the Create overseas service learning social leaders of tomorrow. opportunities. Distributed 800 kg (20,000 bars) of Expand distribution network. reprocessed soap to 10 countries in Incorporate handwashing the region, helping to improve lives instruction with distributions. and health outcomes for vulnerable communities. Collected 1,300 kg of discarded soap Expand hotel network. from four local hotels and two soap Commence bottled amenity recycling. manufacturers, conserving a precious Increase messaging related to circular resource from being burned in the economy and zero waste lifestyle. incinerator. Engaged 11 partners and 1,150 Expand partnerships with schools, volunteers to help achieve our mission corporates, and community groups. and raise awareness of hospitality waste. 008

Company Profile 2019 Collect to Protect \"In many parts of the Philippines, even a In 2019, SCSG ramped up its collection efforts with five basic bar soap can hotels and two fragrance manufacturers donating 1,400 kg be expensive. There of lightly-used soap. are many poorer families that still Touching Lives Across Asia use laundry soap to shower and wash SCSG distributed 435 kg (10,875 bars) to nine countries their hair. It causes in Asia, improving thousands of lives from school children health problems in in Batam to ultra-poor families dwelling in slums and the long run. I was cemeteries in Manila. very grateful to be able to get soap from Soap Cycling Singapore to bless the disadvantaged families and children in my village.\" Nina Rotelo, domestic worker from the Philippines 009

SCSG Annual Report 2019 Keeping it Local Coming Together SCSG distributes soap locally as much as possible. 1,140 Singaporeans donated their precious time to help In 2019, we donated 368 kg to our charity partners in us achieve our mission in 2019, with 31 events and 11 Singapore serving migrant workers and low-income partners providing a platform for raising awareness. Singaporeans. \"I have to clear rubbish and Raising the Bar clean the whole day, so I use a lot of soap to keep clean all In September 2019, SCSG was officially admitted to raiSE the time. I use the donated soap to wash my hands and as a registered social enterprise operating in Singapore. also save some of the bars for shower as they smell very nice.\" Aujit, cleaner from Bangladesh 0010

SCSG Annual Report 2019 COLLECTED TOTAL DISTRIBUTED 1,400kg 803kg SINGAPORE REGIONAL 368kg 435kg » Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, » Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam VOLUNTEERS SESSIONS 1,150 31 HOURS SERVED ORGANIZATIONS 2,300 11 0011

SCSG Annual Report 2019 Singapore Distributions: Keeping it Local With a commitment to distributing as much soap as possible to underprivileged communities in our home city, 2019 saw increased volumes donated to our charity partners. Part of Soap Cycling Singapore’s mission is to provide soap to communities who lack access to sanitation and hygiene resources or who struggle to find the means to afford it. Tai Seng Distribution: SGAHC Soap Cycling Singapore joined our charity partner, SG Accident Help Centre (SGcare) for the official opening of their third branch in Tai Seng industrial estate, which has about 5,000 migrant workers living at the dormitories in the vicinity. SCSG distributed about 400 soap bars to over 200 workers who showed up for a free health screening. \"It's remarkable how recycling soap helps build community. It's given Singaporeans and migrant workers a chance to strike up conversations and get to know one another. I can't begin to emphasise the crucial role that these soaps play in providing hygiene to the many migrant workers staying in the dormitories. This is testimony to how the humble soap bar has connected all of us, and how important up-cycling is for our society.\" Jevon Ng, director of SGcare Physiotherapy Clinic EHS Sungei Tengah Lodge: CDL In December, local distributions took place at the Sungei Tengah Lodge where 40 migrant workers who completed their English/computer classes conducted by volunteers of SGcare received a certificate and also got a hand-knitted mesh bag filled with soap bars from us. Packs of soap were also given out to more than 100 workers at the EHS (environment, health & safety) Challenge organised by City Developments Limited. The workers’ welfare event had an exciting lineup of tele-matches and educational activities focusing on well-being and safety. 0012

SCSG Annual Report 2019 We are One: WAO Since SCSG started focusing on building more robust local distribution channels, more than 300kg of soap have been given out to migrant workers who are injured and to those staying in purpose-built dormitories. 200 soap bars were distributed to South Asian migrant workers through the NUS Students’ Community Service Club’s Project WAO (We Are One) initiative. Great to see our youth so actively engaged, and we look forward to working with more youth groups to distribute soap to the communities that need it most! 2019 Local Distributions 368kg2019 Total Distributed: (9200 bars) Organisation Soap (kgs) SG Accident Help Centre 186 AmCham Singapore 50 ACMI 35 HOME 28 Red Cross Singapore 24 Ngee Soon East GRC 20 City Developments Limited 12 NUS WAO 8 Big Heroes 5 0013

SCSG Annual Report 2019 Global Distributions: A Little Soap Goes a Long Way In 2019, SCSG distributed 435 kg to 17 charities and individuals in nine countries throughout the region. A simple bar of soap is one of the most effective ways to prevent diseases such as pneumonia and diarrhoea yet many communities in developing countries still lack access to this basic item. Soap Cycling is committed to partnering with hotels to divert this lifesaving resource from the landfill and put it in the hands of families and communities in need. Soap Bars to Batam Our first overseas shipment of soap reached the kids at Little Angel Bukit Timor in Batam in late July! The school is one of the five kindergartens run by Yayasan Dunia Viva Wanita, one of our regional charity partners that does fantastic work in reaching out to children from the slum areas. \"Soap is considered a luxury in the slum areas. The children Bangladesh: Sanitation at Schools don't know much about hygiene and sanitation because their families' priorities are food and shelter. The soap donated by Soap distribution to the children from the kindergarten Soap Cycling Singapore was distributed to the children and founded by former migrant worker Rahman. Located in the families in the slums, and our teachers taught the kids proper village of Atorshova in Papna, Bangladesh, the pre-school is handwashing before and after meals.\" a realisation of Rahman’s dream to provide the girls and boys in his village with a basic education. Thanks for being our Nurul Ariyani, executive secretary of Yayasan Dunia Viva soaper hero, Rahman! Wanita, a Batam-based NGO that runs kindergartens for slum children 0014

SCSG Annual Report 2019 Himalayan Hygiene “With SCSG’s support, we were able to reach out to a Last December our reprocessed soap wide group of people and was distributed in the Neora Valley of West introduce affordable and Bengal (bordering Nepal), thanks to Project practical means of maintaining Neora IX. hygieNnGeO. WCeouinnttrryoduced the most basic tool to maintain Project Neora, which is in its ninth hygiene – soaps! Each instalment, is a continuing project by recycled soap bar contributed SMU Lee Kong Chian group of scholars. to a cleaner home in the The group was in the valley for three weeks village.\" to carry out various activities aimed at improving the villagers’ economic, social Juhi Agrawal, head of sponsorship for Project Neora IX, an and educational standards. SMU community initiative focusing on improving lives in the Himalayan region of Neora Valley Their project involves hygiene workshops for school children, and has extended to include supporting homestay owners in their business by introducing better hospitality techniques and hygiene standards. 0015

SCSG Annual Report 2019 Hotel Partners: Raising the Bar With new hotel partners being onboarded throughout 2019, Apart from operational issues, she also shared about SCSG’s our partnerships manager Jackie, along with SCSG’s student mission and the importance of sustainability in hotel interns, pounded the pavement to provide training to local operations. hospitality workers on proper soap collection and storage practices. 0016

SCSG Annual Report 2019 Corporate Partners: Lending a Helping Hand Soap Cycling Singapore relies on volunteer labour recruited from all spectrums of society to help us achieve our mission. Our corporate partners are key supporters of our mission to make Singapore a more sustainable and healthier city. Providing manpower, in-kind, and monetary donations, Soap Cycling Singapore is grateful for these generous and helpful partners. Sustaining Partner: Eurofragrance Our most-committed corporate partner, offering space for meetings, wasted soap for processing, and very precious advice on administrative matters from skilled volunteers, Eurofragance has contributed immensely to Soap Cycling Singapore’s recent development. Apart from the donation of resources, the staff of Eurofragance are also passionate about helping Soap Cycling Singapore become Singapore’s next great charity. On May 10th, a group of 15 hardworking staff joined our interns for a volunteer session at their office, preparing 40 kg (1,000 bars) of soap for distribution locally to migrant workers. Great work! Global Handwashing Day: LUSH Our one-week joint campaign with Lush Singapore to mark #GlobalHandWashingDay campaign in October ended with a Charity Pot Party at the LUSH Raffles City store– one that was filled with fun, laughter, action and meaningful conversations. Huge SHOUTOUT to the fantastic team at Lush, for believing in our work and for your dedication and conviction in supporting small grassroots groups and movements! Caring Community: The campaign has come to an end, but the work Credit Suisse continues. Join us in our mission to raise awareness and help improve hygiene and sanitation in different Our biggest volunteer session of the year, 140 people communities around the region. It may just be a simple bar joined Soap Cycling Singapore for a fun-filled evening of soap to you and me, but there are whole communities of quiz games, volunteering, and team bonding. By that still lack access to it. At Soap Cycling Singapore, we combining fun challenges and giving back to the also never lose sight of the fact that our work is about community, this unique event was a great opportunity bringing different communities together and we hope more to introduce our mission to a new group of stakeholders will work together with us to achieve that! while also getting a good deal of work done (40 kg of soap processed). 0017

SCSG Annual Report 2019 Festive Cheer: Amex We conducted a soap scraping workshop for about 50 Amex staff in December, turning their office Christmas party into a meaningful event by setting aside two hours to reprocess some 60kg of gently used soap for the slum communities in Manila. We invited two migrant workers, Rob from Bangladesh and Yun Long from China to join us – both are seasoned volunteers with us and had plenty of tips to share on soap scraping with the participants! They guided the corporate volunteers on safe and proper soap scrap techniques. Through this simple soap activity, the Amex staff bonded and laughter filled the room against the backdrop of festive Christmas music. The more creative participants made Christmas cards and wrote wishes for the recipients. The soaps and cards were eventually handed out to children in the slums of metro Manila the next day. Says Natalie Lim, a senior manager: “We tend to take the little things in life for granted. The work that SCSG does is a great reminder of how we can collectively make small efforts to reduce waste and impact lives whilst providing a meaningful platform for corporate team bonding sessions. SCSG made the organising process seamless and hassle- free, and we look forward to having them back again soon! Looking at the pictures of the smiley children holding onto a bar of soap, I realise how meaningful our actions can be. Keep ‘cycling’!” Thank you, Amex, for making SCSG part of your festive celebrations! 0018

SCSG Annual Report 2019 Community Partners: Singapore Soaper Heroes Soap Cycling Singapore reaches out to many community organizations for opportunities to share about work, run volunteer sessions, and expand our impact. Soaper Heroes walk the streets of the Lion City every day. Join us to find your Soaper Power! \"We are glad to partner with Soap Cycling Singapore as their community- centric focus is closely aligned with our values. The soap scraping and packing sessions have helped our injured migrant workers to keep busy and occupied. We also work closely with SCSG to distribute soap in the dormitories and many migrant workers have benefitted from the soap!\" Singapore Accident Help Centre Our cornerstone charity partner, SGAHC has been the rock that has helped Soap Cycling Singapore scale up its operations from scrappy start up to impactful social enterprise in 2019. Helping us to distribute 190 kg (4,750 bars) to the local migrant worker community has helped improve hundreds of lives in. Apart from distribution, they also host our volunteer workshops at their Farrer Park, allowing us to connect with the community and get our soap processed. Sincere thanks to our friends and supporters at SGAHC! Eric Lee, Executive Director of SG Accident Help Centre 0019

SCSG Annual Report 2019 Indian Women’s Ministry of Education - ELIS Association A big shout-out to the staff at M.O.E's ELIS Singapore! They spent an afternoon The inspiring and impactful ladies scraping and packing close to 40kg of soap for a village school in Bangladesh! at Singapore’s Indian Women’s Our migrant worker volunteers were also part of this event, mingling with staff Association invited us to participate from ELIS and sharing about their experiences volunteering with Soap Cycling. in their annual Festive Bazaar to share about our work at Soap Cycling Special mention to the Staff Welfare Committee from ELIS who gave much Singapore. The fun and festivities thought and creativity in coordinating the event and the packaging of the were a great chance to connect with soaps. We look forward to partnering with more educators and students in the our community and brainstorm new New Year! ways to expand our mission in a fun environment. 0020

“Soap is so essential to keep ourselves clean and healthy, and it was shocking to hear of communities who don’t have access to proper soap bars in this day and age. I realise that this small act of kindness can help many disadvantaged groups that we may not know about.\" Faith Ong, Master Trainer from Ngee Ann Polytechnic's Office of Service-Learning 0021

SCSG Annual Report 2019 Community Partners Singapore Soaper Heroes Ngee Ann Polytechnic Very excited to share our collaboration with a \"One of the pillars of Service-Learning - group of enthusiastic students from Ngee Ann Ngee Ann Poly's signature pedagogy - is Polytechnic! As part of their Service-Learning the immersion activity. Through hands-on Programme, students from the School of Film & experience, our students gain a deeper Media Studies - FMS helped scrape about 20kg appreciation and understanding of the issue of soaps as an immersion activity, and then at hand and hence would be better equipped spent two months working on a social media to deliver high quality work for the Service- strategy for Soap Cycling Singapore. Learning client,” shares lecturer Najib Ahmad 0022

2022 SCSG Annual Report 2019 Meet the Team! Uncle Hou Uncle Wang Migrant Worker Voices Migrant Worker Voices Hou Yan Ming, a migrant worker from Shandong, China, Our very best wishes to Wang Mingjia, one of our migrant got injured at a worksite accident and had sought worker volunteers who recently returned home to Jiangsu, assistance at our charity partner, SG Accident Help China. Centre. He was part of the pioneer group of migrant worker volunteers who helps with the weekly soap scraping and Wang is one of the many injured workers who has received packing activity. assistance and community support from our charity partner, SG Accident Help Centre. Over the last half of 2019 with Soap Cycling Singapore, he played a big part coordinating the soap scraping and For the past five months, Mr. Wang had led a small group packing work. He has even shared about the important of migrant worker volunteers to scrape and pack soap for work that SCSG does at our outreach sessions to students Soap Cycling Singapore's local and overseas distributions. and teachers. He had also helped out with hotel collections. \"I lost my job due to a back injury and spent seven months His work injury compensation was finally settled after a in Singapore unable to work,\" recalls Hou. \"Volunteering year's wait and we're happy he can finally be reunited with with Soap Cycling Singapore has helped take my mind off his family! A Big Thank You for the time spent volunteering things, and has given me the opportunity to be involved with us, Mr Wang. in a meaningful cause. I am glad I could help out in small ways even though it was just for a short time.\" Thank you for volunteering with us, Mr Hou, and all the very best to you! 0023

SCSG Annual Report 2019 Meet the Team! Tracy Yeow Angelo Roxas Steven Chung Advisor Advisor Advisor Serving first as a student intern and Angelo is a Director for Cordevest Steve joined Sentosa Development subsequently as an advisor for Soap Pte Ltd, based in Singapore, working Corporation in 2009 after returning Cycling Singapore since 2018. Tracy directly with C-Suite executives. from a stint in Hong Kong in 2009, works in the Sustainability office and served as Head of Events and of City Developments Limited, a Prior to this appointment, Angelo Programmes, and was at one time leading green property developer in was the MD of Booz Allen Hamilton taking care of all the events and Singapore. ASEAN, based in Singapore. Prior to weekend/festive entertainment Booz Allen, Angelo held a number of programmes and activities on the She specialises in sustainability senior positions at Barclays in London island (outside of Resorts World). reporting, ESG financing, community and Singapore. engagements related to youths and He was a volunteer for the Children the arts and co-manages the activities Angelo is a co-founder and advisor Cancer Foundation, from 1999 to held at the Singapore Sustainability to a number of start-up companies 2004 and was Involved in volunteer Academy, a collaborative space and social enterprises and is the recruitment programmes, summer to advance climate action and UN former President of the University camp organizing and major event SDGs. She is motivated to contribute of Penn and Wharton alumni club management. Just before leaving for her time and skills to create good for of Singapore. He is also the current HK in 2004, Steven co-founded Hair the environment and society. co-chair for Cybersecurity at the for Hope with a few other volunteers. American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. 0024

SCSG Annual Report 2019 Meet the Millennials of Soap Cycling Singapore Zheng Xiang is a second-year undergraduate in Accountan- cy at the National University of Singapore. When I first heard about Soap Cycling, I was attracted by its unique social and environmental causes it stands for, gi- ven how accessibility to soap and sanitation, and the waste generated from disposing soap are things most of us take for granted. I had the opportunity to collect soaps which were subse- quently distributed to migrant workers here and other un- derprivileged communities in Southeast Asia. These collec- tions really helped put things into perspective for me – the sheer amount of soaps which consumers discard unwit- tingly, and how these bars can meet the sanitation needs of so many people out there! Millennials of SCSG: The tedious task of going around collecting soaps would not have been possible without our team of energetic and creative interns! Hong Jin graduated in December 2019 from the Nanyang Business School at Nanyang Technological University. Be- sides helping us with soap collection, he is also involved in the housekeepers' training programme. \"I enjoy exploring sustainable solutions and helping people Samantha Tan, is a Year 3 engineering student at N.U.S., in need. That's primarily why I joined Soap Cycling Singa- She is also an avid rock climber. pore – the organisation helps me achieve both my goals to reach out to the wider community. Our mission is simple: \"I was an ignorant millennial and didn't know much about channel unused or gently used soap from the hospitality in- sustainability movements until I attended university. I be- dustry to the people, especially children, who may not have came more involved in community projects in Malaysia and access to it. Vietnam, and saw for myself how sanitation and hygiene isn't the most ideal in many disadvantaged communities I was given lots of learning opportunities, especially training and how this affects the health of the locals there. Some on the ground. I am involved in the hotel collections – it can of them don't even have access to water, let alone soap. be a daunting task given that we collect about 100-150kg It is so important that everyone has equal access to basic a month. But it's been an interesting experience as well to sanitation, as the lack of it can affect not just the health but interact with the housekeeping staff. also economic outcomes. 0025

Company Profile 2019 SCSG Annual Report 2019 Financials / Board Patrick Davis Mr. Davis is a 2016 graduate of the University of Hong Kong’s full-time MBA. He started as a volunteer with Soap Cycling in Hong Kong starting in September 2015, and later served as general manager from March 2016 to November 2019. He currently works for a New York-based think tank, the EastWest Institute, focusing on East Asian diplomacy. Markus Steger Mr. Steger serves as the general manager of Eurofragance South East Asia. Eurofragance is a Spanish company founded in 1990 that creates and distributes fragrances. Mr. Steger has resided in Singapore for 9 years and obtained permanent residency in 2017. Cora Ang Ms. Ang is an associate with the Hong Kong office of Sidley Austin, a multinational law firm based in Chicago. She has diverse professional experience in legal services in Hong Kong, New York, & Singapore. While focusing on capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, and regulatory compliance, Ms. Ang also has a passion for community service. Apart from serving on the board of a local Hong Kong nonprofit, Greensmiles HK, she was also awarded the Outstanding Pro Bono Service Award in Hong Kong for her efforts providing legal advice to refugees. 0026 0026

SCSG Annual Report 2019 Company Profile 2019 Soap Cycling Singapore 2019 Finances 2019 Total Expenditure: Program Expenses $19,926.62 $16,254 Programme Administration Fundraising Fundraising 2019 Total Revenue: Expenses $11,142 $2,512 Corporates Hotel Collections Events Admin Expenses 0027 $1,161 Corporate $10,830 Other Events $162 Hotel Collections $150 0027

Company Profile 2019 SCSG Annual Report 2019 Managing Director's Afterthought Soap Cycling Singapore faces the new year full of During the last volunteer event of 2019, I was fortunate optimism for the future and pride in the impact created by enough to join our Singapore team to run a corporate a small, but growing organization. Starting from almost volunteer session at the AMEX office. The passion and nothing one year ago, in 2019 we were able to sign up 10 enthusiasm of the volunteers and SCSG facilitators was new local hotel partners. With the tremendous support infectious in the festive atmosphere. Each person who of our donors and volunteers, we were able to distribute took part seemed to personally take pride in their work almost 1,000 kg (or 25,000 bars) of life-saving soap to and truly care about where the soap would eventually end charities all over the region. Our migrant worker outreach, up. A few volunteers even took the time to write personal aided by our local charity partners, saw almost half that holiday greetings on handmade Christmas cards for the amount distributed to help some of our most vulnerable beneficiaries. residents stay healthy. 0028 0028

Company Profile 2019 Leaving Singapore the next day, I flew to Manila to visit one My experience in Manila bolstered my belief that our work of our charity partners to deliver the soap prepared during at Soap Cycling is creating crucial positive change in a the session. Kilos Bayanihan, a charity serving the street world facing an environmental crisis, rapid urbanization, children of Malabon and Tondo, two slums on the north and growing inequality. I look forward to the next chapter side of the city, arranged to accept the 750 bars of soap of my story with an organization that provides so much to bolster their activities in the slum communities. The support to the least vulnerable communities in Asia. Soap kids I met in Manila were ecstatic to receive our donation Cycling Singapore has just started its story. of something we all take for granted every day. Even the Christmas cards were treated as valued treasures as Patrick L. Davis, Managing Director of SCSG they communicated much-needed well wishes to families suffering from difficult living situations. 0029

SCSG Annual Report 2019 BMRTHEEOECPVYASECORMLTAEINPNOGTF Contact: [email protected] 0030

SCSG Annual Report 2019 For Corporates For Welfare Organisations For Hoteliers and Manufacturers Would you like to explore a novel Do you know of any underprivileged corporate volunteering idea? communities that might be in need of Would you like to upcycle discard soap amenities, and be an agent for We can organise a corporate our recycled soap? volunteering and/or team bonding social good? We can work with you to arrange session for your team. shipment or delivery to help support We can arrange to collect soap from your premises and pass it on to those your services. in need. For Schools For Individials For Students Are you looking for a meaningful Would you like to contribute to a Are you looking for internship engagement activity for your meaningful cause? opportunities with a social enterprise? students? Find out about volunteer opportunities Find out more about our internship We are happy to partner with you to with us! programme! conduct workshops to share about hospitality waste and the importance of sanitation and hygiene. 0031

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