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New Jersey Christ The King Knanaya Church Bulletin December 2021

Published by JOMY JOSE, 2021-12-06 03:23:49

Description: New Jersey Christ The King Knanaya Church Bulletin December 2021


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Issue 20 - Dec 2021 Christ The King Knanaya Catholic Church, New Jersey Inside this Issue  Pastor's Message 67 Fitch St, Carteret, NJ 07008  Make Every Day Christmas  St. Joseph Year end After the thanksgiving blessings and prayers to our departed souls  Family Bible Quiz we are at the entrance gate of advent for our spiritual preparation. All the activities of  Birthdays & Anniversaries this month should lead us closer to infant Jesus.  Mission League Memories  Thanksgiving Pics Christmas offers us many opportunities to cultivate our attitude of gratitude. The  Blessing Bag Reflections “Spirit of Christmas” is not just a season—it is a way of living in gratitude for God’s  Celebrating First Christmas loving presence active in our lives. Gratitude opens our minds and hearts, our eyes  Announcements and ears to see and give thanks for the good in the Now! As we enter into the Christmas season, let us consciously choose to move through all that is before us in loving gratitude to God, sharing the greatest gift given to us all by God—the gift of our Christ Nature. Let us rejoice always! By God’s grace and goodwill we have all been given the opportunity to discover and develop a healthy gratitude attitude. We can use the power of praise and thanksgiving to lift ourselves and others to a higher level of joy and goodwill. The prospering power of giving thanks daily works wonders in our lives. The most uplifting effect of developing a daily habit of giving thanks is this: we begin to become aware of how much more we have to be thankful for. There is nothing like appreciation, love, praise, and thanksgiving to increase your good. The more you praise and give thanks, the greater will be the outpouring of the riches of the kingdom. We all experience the difference in energy when we feel grateful for our good and pass it forward—expressing our love to those around us. As we move into the busier weeks before Christmas, let us practice joyfully counting our blessings, giving thanks constantly. Remember that as we praise and express gratitude—wherever we are, or whatever we are doing—we become a blessing to others. We let our Christ Light shine in wondrous ways that only God can and does express through us. So as the Christmas season unfolds, sing your praises to God for all your blessings in your life right now! Choose to give the gift of your Christ Light as love, joy, peace, and goodwill in all that is before you and to those around you. Affirm: I am an expression of God’s love and light to all. May your Christmas be filled with love, light, peace, and joy, and may 2022 bring forth abundant blessings in all areas of your life. Bins Achen

Make Every Day Christmas How wonderful if every day were Christmas! Why can’t it be? The spirit of Christmas can and should be the continuing spirit of December 26, 27, 28, and so on, through the entire 365 days of the new year. Perhaps the reason that the Christmas spirit seems to get lost is that our thought and time have been given to the outer activities. The emphasis has been on the preparation for Christmas, and not enough real thought or time have been given to the spirit, the meaning, the reason for Christmas. One of the remarkable things about Christmas is that it is a recurring day; it is a continuing celebration, year after year. It is a day we remember from earliest childhood; it is a day we create in all its joy and wonder for our own children. And even if along the way we seem to have lost the inner spirit of Christmas, to have lost sight of the miracle of Christmas, it is never too late to recapture it. It is never too late to make Christmas not only memorable for its outer joy but memorable forever for its spiritual light, for the rebirth of the Christ in our hearts. This can be a Christmas that you will remember always, that will stay with you, that will live with you, that will continue with you every day of your life. The way to make it such a Christmas is to seek deep within your heart and soul for the Christ, to let your heart be a cradle for divine rebirth. No one ever need feel forlorn or alone at Christmas, no one ever need feel left out of Christmas joy, no one ever need feel that Christmas is just another day; for everyone—no matter where he or she is, whether in the midst of a family circle, far from home and friends, whether young and strong or in a hospital bed— can experience the joy, the wonder, the miracle of Christmas. Christmas is an inner experience, an inner miracle, a miracle that took place in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago, a miracle that is repeated again and again and again as human hearts awaken, as human hearts reach inward in prayer and find the Christ Spirit within, life of their life, substance of their substance, heart of their heart, breath of their breath ... Every day can be a day such as Christmas when we think of the Christ reborn in us and in the world; every day can be a day when we think of others and give to them of our love, our friendship, our time, our substance; every day can be a day when we let our hearts be happy; when we sing and rejoice, because of the wonder of divine love made manifest in us. Every day can be a day when we no longer search the skies for miracles but look with opened eyes to the miracles all about us, to the evidence at hand of the living, loving Christ.

APOSTOLIC LETTER PATRIS CORDE OF THE HOLY FATHER POPE FRANCIS WITH A FATHER’S HEART: that is how Joseph loved Jesus, whom all four Gospels refer to as “the son of Joseph” Matthew and Luke, the two Evangelists who speak most of Joseph, tell us very little, yet enough for us to appreciate what sort of father he was, and the mission entrusted to him by God’s providence. After Mary, the Mother of God, no saint is mentioned more frequently in the papal magisterium than Joseph, her spouse. My Predecessors reflected on the message contained in the limited information handed down by the Gospels in order to appreciate more fully his central role in the history of salvation. Blessed Pius IX declared him “Patron of the Catholic Church”, Venerable Pius XII proposed him as “Patron of Workers” and Saint John Paul II as “Guardian of the Redeemer”. Saint Joseph is universally invoked as the “patron of a happy death”. Now, one hundred and fifty years after his proclamation as Patron of the Catholic Church by Blessed Pius IX (8 December 1870), I would like to share some personal reflections on this extraordinary figure, so close to our own human experience. For, as Jesus says, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” (Mt 12:34). My desire to do so increased during these months of pandemic, when we experienced, amid the crisis, how “our lives are woven together and sustained by ordinary people, people often overlooked. People who do not appear in newspaper and magazine headlines, or on the latest television show, yet in these very days are surely shaping the decisive events of our history. Doctors, nurses, storekeepers and supermarket workers, cleaning personnel, caregivers, transport workers, men and women working to provide essential services and public safety, volunteers, priests, men and women religious, and so very many others. They understood that no one is saved alone… How many people daily exercise patience and offer hope, taking care to spread not panic, but shared responsibility. How many fathers, mothers, grandparents and teachers are showing our children, in small everyday ways, how to accept and deal with a crisis by adjusting their routines, looking ahead and encouraging the practice of prayer. How many are praying, making sacrifices and interceding for the good of all”. Each of us can discover in Joseph – the man who goes unnoticed, a daily, discreet and hidden presence – an intercessor, a support and a guide in times of trouble. Saint Joseph reminds us that those who appear hidden or in the shadows can play an incomparable role in the history of salvation. A word of recognition and of gratitude is due to them all. The aim of this Apostolic Letter is to increase our love for this great saint, to encourage us to implore his intercession and to imitate his virtues and his zeal. We need only ask Saint Joseph for the grace of graces: our conversion.

Family Bible Quiz - Gospel of Luke Chapters 23 - 24 Across 4 Who asked Pilate for the body of Jesus? 5 Who was glad when he saw Jesus and hoped to see a miracle? 6 Who did people want to be released instead of Jesus? 8 What did the women bring to the tomb? Down 1 What did the crowd cry out should be done to Jesus? 2 Which apostle ran to the tomb and saw the burial cloths alone and then went home amazed at what had happened? 3 What did the disciples give Jesus to eat? 4 Which city did Jesus ask his disciples to stay till they are clothed with power from on high? 7 Who carried Jesus cross? 8 Where did they crucify Jesus? Read Gospel of Luke chapters 23 - 24 as a family and send in your answers to [email protected] by 23Dec21. Families that submit the correct answers for the 12months ( from Jan2021 - Dec2021 ) will be awarded.

HAPPY B I RT H DA Y U May you have ablrlinthge, alonvdeayllotuhrehbelaerstscinagnshaolldif,eacllatnheunhfaopldpiness a day can Nate Poozhikunnel Biju Muthalupidiyil Annliya Kolangayil Dec 11 Dec 16 Dec 29 Happy Anniversary ! Ancy & Kuriyan Valiyakalumkal pWgtoreierasafhnetiocntttoghlygeaehrtpayhepeerparf!yrecodtfapbya.eiCirnhageers 35th Wedding Anniversary Dec 29 In Loving Memory Jose Chembanpara 29th Death Anniversary Dec 05

Winter Blessing Bag Reflections \"With Thanksgiving present your requests to God.\" Philippines 4:6. What I realized when we went to the Covenant house was, we have so much more than the homeless youth. We have our parents to buy us branded shoes, shirts, and much more, but they don't have anyone. When we gave them the gift bags they had a huge smile on their faces. They appreciated it very much. We all should be grateful for everything the Lord has given us. We are very lucky people! - Leonna Polaprayil \"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, his love endures forever!\" Psalm 107:1 I thank the Lord for all the blessings that he showered upon us. He gave us laptops, games, phones, shoes, clothing and most importantly our family ! We fight with our siblings day and night but some people are waiting to have a sibling to fight with. We demand things from our parents but others don't have anyone to demand things to. We often disobey our parents but others are just waiting to obey their parents. When we went to the Covenant house I saw that each one of their faces turned bright as we handed the youth the gift bags. I know they very much appreciated it. We should always be thankful for everything the Lord has given us. Give thanks to the Lord for he is good. -Aleesha Polaprayil There is always something to be thankful for and this trip to the Covenant House helped me remind of all the blessings that we take for granted. We always focus on what we don't have and forget that what we have today was once what he hoped to have. I learned to find gratitude by appreciating all the things I have whether it be materialistic or not. From our trip, I have taken into consideration that there are many out there that have no families to come back to or anyone to ask about how their day was, while some of us may feel annoyed about our family because we aren’t thankful. Similarly, we have a roof above our heads, phones, new clothes, shoes, games and more, but we are never satisfied with what we have, while many others aren’t even fortunate to have any of these. Therefore this year, I have learned to find gratitude and be thankful for blessings of all sizes. - Livon Manthuruthil \"God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” Hebrew 6:10. Continually serving others is a form of expressing our faith in and to God. When we start to grow weary in our serving, we can be reenergized in our commitment by knowing that he sees us and he will not forget. Our trip to help out the people that didn't have parents to love and protect them taught me many things. I mainly learned that I am extremely lucky to participate with my family and friends to do many fun activities, and I am happy to live in the comfortness of my home. I also got the chance to participate in this church and help out with the religious activities in the church, and it made me feel the love in helping out others. - Jonathan Kurupunattu I learned that I am very lucky to have parents and I have learned how bad some people get it because they do not have parents or anybody and we should be grateful for our parents. - Aditya Vazhakattu



Upcoming Events Mass Schedule - Friday •••ASicmcoDDDoueeennccctAn455at,,,tn5uFDt,em2eCa0isah2vtl0rieolirsfbtmiummams Bacaicburloleal Qteucioznception and St. Joseph Confessions @ 7:00 PM year conclusion Mal Mass @ 7:30 PM - Sunday • Dec 10,11 Christmas carol • Dec 12, Christmas program final practice Eng Mass @ 10.00 AM • Dec 12, CCD Christmas preparation Retreat Mal Mass @ 11:00 AM • Dec 19, CCD Christmas celebration • Dec 19, Christmas carol Season of Annunciation • Dec 24, 7:00 pm Christmas vigil Mass – Nativity • Dec 25, Holy mass at 10:00am • Dec 26, Youth ministry activity year inauguration First Readings • Dec 26, Feast of St. Stephen 05 Dec - Num 22:20-35 • Dec 31, Year ending mass 12 Dec - Gen 18:1-10 19 Dec - Gen 24: 50-67 26 Dec - Gen 21:9-21 Second Readings 05 Dec - Col 4 2-6 12 Dec - Eph 3 1-13 19 Dec - Eph 5:5-21 26 Dec - Acts:6:8-10 + 7:54- 59 Gospel Readings 05 Dec - Lk 1:26-38 12 Dec - Lk 1.57-66 19 Dec - Mt 1:18-24 26 Dec - Mt 10:16-22 Bible Quote Matthew 24:42 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come” November 2021 - Collections $6,731 Trustees Josekunju Chamakalayil @ +1 732 512 7964 Lumon Manthuruthil @ +1 779 771 1550 For feedback, email us @[email protected] Bulletin Editorial Board - Fr. Bins Chethalil - Alex Nedumthuruthil - Fini Manthuruthil - Joby Thadathil - Jaimy Valiyanilam - Jomy Chembanpara

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