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SEPTEMBER newsletter 2020

Published by felixp, 2020-09-03 15:45:09

Description: Val Vista SEPTEMBER newsletter 2020


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233 N. Val Vista Dr. Mesa, 85213 September 2020 Guest Services 480-832-2547 Activities Office 480-832-2550

SEPTEMBER VAL VISTA VILLAGE 2020 RV RESORT NEWSLETTER 233 N. Val Vista Dr. Mesa AZ 85213 From the Activities Director 480-832-2547 From the Sales Office From the Resort Managers We are so happy that you have come back home! We look forward to seeing you all! Even though it will be a different season, it will still be filled with fun and surprises! Our awesome staff has been hard at work making Val Vista Villages a more beautiful and safer environment. We hope you will enjoy your stay and please feel free to call or email us, or Guest Services for any questions or concerns you might have. Welcome back to the sunshine! Warmly, Keith and Robin Volker DISCLAIMER: Val Vista Village Newsletter is published by the Activities Office at Val Vista Village Resort. Deadline is the 15th of the month for the following month (October through March). The Activities Office reserves the right to accept, deny and/or edit all submissions for publication. Val Vista Village Cal-Am Properties, its employees, affiliates and assigns do not endorse the paid advertising in this publication. 2

Office Hours & Numbers What’s Inside Guest Services: Monday-Friday Fitness Pg. 10-12 8am-4pm Resort Activities Pg. 5-9 480-832-2547 Monday-Friday Activities Calendar Pg.14-15 Fax-480-924-7009 8am-4pm Sales Events Pg.17 Monday-Friday Salons Pg.13 Activities Office: 8am-3pm Lifestyle University Pg.13, 16 24/7 480-832-2550 Fax-480-325-6030 Monday-Saturday 7am-12pm Sales Office: Call for Appointments 480-981-4822 Call for Appointments Fax-480-396-5209 Courtesy Patrol: 602-228-3556 Post Office: 480-586-5246 Salon & Spa: 480-363-7293 Massage Therapy: 480-440-1436 Welcome! This is your address while you’re here! *If you are staying in Val Vista, your address is: *If you are staying in Ranchos, your address is: 233 N. Val Vista Dr. #____ 101 N. 38th St. #____ Mesa, AZ 85213 Mesa, AZ 85205 *If you are staying in Fiesta, your address is: 3811 E. University #____ Mesa, AZ 85205 Val Vista Village NEW RV RESERVATION POLICY All stays, other than annual, will be on a first come, first serve basis with returning guests of two months or longer getting first priority (2 months or longer must fall under peak season-Jan., Feb., Mar.) RETURNING GUESTS OF TWO MONTHS OR LONGER (during peak season-Jan., Feb., Mar.) MUST MAKE THEIR RESERVATION ON OR BEFORE FEBRUARY 15TH TO EXERCISE THE FIRST PRIORITY RIGHT. A $250.00 deposit is required to reserve the site. On FEBRUARY 16, if you have not made your reservation, your site will be open for others to reserve. As stated in the guidelines, we can not guarantee a specific site. We do, however try our best to accommodate requests for specific sites. Annual resort home placements trump RV reservations. We thank you for choosing Val Vista Village RV Resort! 3

What is the meaning of Labor Day? Labor Day is known as summer’s final fling. Most of us will get the day off, but this holiday always triggers mixed emotions. While summer still has 21 calendar days left, Labor Day signals that school is starting and a sense that summer time is over. So what is behind Labor Day, and how did it earn a place as a federal holi- day? If you get (or have gotten in the past) weekends off, lunch breaks, paid vacations, eight hour work days, or social security, you can thank labor unions and the U.S. labor movement for it! Years of hard fought battles (and the ensuing legislation they inspired) resulted in many of the most basic benefits we enjoy at our jobs to- day. On the first Monday in September, we take the day off to celebrate Labor Day and reflect on the American worker’s contributions to our country. 11 Labor Day Facts 1. The first Labor Day was on Tuesday, September 5, 1882 in New York City, planned by the Central Labor Union 2. 10,000 workers marched from City Hall all the way to 42nd St. and met their families for a picnic, and concert. 3. Canada is said to have originated the idea of hosting a day honoring the labor movement in 1872. 4. There is a disagreement about who actually proposed Labor Day as a holiday. Some say it was Pe- ter J. McGuire, cofounder of the American Federation of Labor. Others believe it was a machinist, Matthew Maguire. 5. Oregon was the first to celebrate Labor Day as a legal holiday in 1887. 6. The decision to make Labor Day the first Monday in September was approved on June 28, 1894. 7. Labor Day started as part of the labor union movement, to recognize contributions of men and women in the U.S. workforce, but modern day is seen as a chance to celebrate the last weekend of summer. 8. Americans worked 12 hour work days, seven days a week during the 19th century! 9. The Adamson Act was passed on September 3, 1916 to establish an 8 hour work day. 10.The expression “no white after labor day” comes from when the upper class would return from their summer vacations and stow away their lightweight, white summer clothes as they returned back to school and work. 11. There is still a Labor Day parade in NYC, that takes place throughout the 20 blocks of the 1882 labor march 4

BOXED CHICKEN LUNCH (2 pieces of chicken, chips, coleslaw & a cookie) Monday, September 7th 11:30am We will pass out the dinners in the ballroom & you can take it home, eat in the ballroom (limit 50), or take it out to the court- yard! Boxed dinners are FREE, but we ask that you please email us by September 3rd with your name and space number so we may get a count! [email protected] 5



Beginning Sept. 10th! Children’s Pool Hours Coffee and Donuts Rancho and Fiesta Pool Every Thursday @ 8:30am 11am-1pm & 4pm-6pm In the Ballroom Val Vista Outdoor Pool Socially distanced, and you must 9am-11am wear a mask *Seating is limited Come play socially distanced BINGO Socially distanced Yahtzee every in the ballroom every Tuesday after- Thursday at 1pm through September You get your own dice and scorecard! noon at 1pm through September Prizes for each game! Prizes for each game! *Masks required *Masks are required Cactus Grille Opening October 19th! Music in the Courtyard will be 3-5pm Monday-Wednesday-Friday 8


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8:00am Core Balance Spin -FC Core Balance _______________ MPR MPR Core BalanceMPR 8:45am Kickboxing MPR 9:00am Circuit Training Barre FC MPR 10:00am Functional Functional Spin Fitness Fitness FC MPR MPR 10:15am Aqua Cycle Taquata RP (November) RP 11:00am Pound Get to Know 11:45am Spin MPR Your Gym FC FC 1:15pm Aqua Cycle RP (November) MPR-Multi Purpose Room FC-Fitness Center RP-Rancho Pool Due to COVID-19 ALL FITNESS CLASSES WILL BE FREE FOR THE 2020-21 SEASON! Free tickets available in Activities or at 10




S Sun Mon Tue E P 1RECYCLE PICKUP T6 E 1pm Bingo for funVB M 13 B 7 8 E 20 R *11:30am Chicken 1pm Bingo for fun VB Lunch VB 27 14 15RECYCLE PICKUP 2020 1pm Afternoon Movie 1pm Bingo for funVB “9-5”VB 21 22 1pm Afternoon Movie 1pm Bingo for funVB “Shall We Dance”VB 28 29RECYCLE PICKUP 1pm Afternoon Movie 1pm Bingo for funVB “The Notebook”VB 14

Wed Thu Fri Sat 2 3 4TRASH PICKUP 5 1pm Afternoon Movie 1pmYahtzee for funVB “Dolittle”VB 9 10 11TRASH PICKUP 12 1pm Afternoon Movie 8:30am Coffee & “Brian Banks”VB Donuts VB 1pmYahtzee for funVB 16 17 18TRASH PICKUP 19 1pm Afternoon Movie 8:30am Coffee & “Midway”VB Donuts VB 1pmYahtzee for funVB 23 24 25TRASH PICKUP 26 1pm Afternoon Movie 8:30am Coffee & “I Still Believe”VB Donuts VB 1pmYahtzee for funVB 30 VB-Vista Ballroom 1pm Afternoon Movie * email by Sept.3 “My Spy”VB (see pg.3 for details) 15














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