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233 N. Val Vista Dr. Mesa, 85213 February 2021 Guest Services 480-832-2547 Activities Office 480-832-2550

FEBRUARY VAL VISTA VILLAGE 2021 RV RESORT NEWSLETTER 233 N. Val Vista Dr. Mesa AZ 85213 480-832-2547 From the Activities From the Sales Office Director January is off to an amazing start. We have Welcome to Fabulous February! Although there momentum for a successful February! We are so many challenges and changes this sea- have sold several homes and have had son, there is so much going on. Music in the many new listings. Thank you all for your courtyard, Tuesday specialty dinners, paint class, support at our Open Houses! Please help us fitness and much more. The newsletter is packed welcome Fred Beristain to our Sales Team. with fun things to do. Don’t forget about Lifestyle He is a new addition, not just to our team, but University and all the online learning and infor- to Cal-Am. He has many years of experience mation available there. working with people and has already proven he can help you Heat and Eat is a wonderful addition to Cal-am Food Service. If you have- through a smooth sales process. Myself and Paula are here to help. n’t tried it, you are missing out. It’s easy and so yummy! We also love Don’t hesitate to call or stop by. Thank you for your patience as we ordering food and drink at the Cactus Grill on our online app. It truly is so do our best to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Above efficient and fast. Don’t forget about the RaV’es Bistro. Check out what all we want this to be a healthy and happy year for everyone! they have to offer. Keep smiling and enjoying the Arizona Sunshine. We are so glad that you Kathy Snieder are here. If you were unable to come, we really miss you and look forward Sales Manager to your return. Deb Kannenberg Activities Director From the Resort Managers Hello Everyone! I hope you had a wonderful time during the month of January in our Village. We had some beautiful weather, great events and it was so great to see so many of you come back home! I want to thank you all for being so great with the changes that we have made to try and keep everyone safer! We appreciate you all so much and want you to have a great time as safe as possible. We have a lot of fun to look forward to and I can’t wait to see you all enjoying it! On a personal note, I was hoping by the time I wrote this note to you all that I would share our new granddaugh- ter’s arrival with you….but….she is still not ready to come in to the world. I look forward to writing to you in March and sharing with you all the great news and details! Until then, stay safe, be happy and have a great time! And to all you lovers out there…..Happy Valentine’s Day! Robin and Keith Volker Resort Managers DISCLAIMER: Val Vista Village Newsletter is published by the Activities Office at Val Vista Village Resort. Deadline is the 15th of the month for the following month (October through March). The Activities Office reserves the right to accept, deny and/or edit all submissions for publication. Val Vista Village Cal-Am Properties, its employees, affiliates and assigns do not endorse the paid advertising in this publication. 2

Office Hours & Numbers What’s Inside Guest Services: Monday-Friday Fitness Pg. 10-12 8am-4pm Resort Activities Pg. 4-9 480-832-2547 Monday-Friday Activities Calendar Pg. 20-21 Fax-480-924-7009 8am-4pm Sales Events Pg. 25 Monday-Friday Massage Therapy Pg. 39 Activities Office: 8am-3pm Salon Pg. 13 24/7 Lifestyle University Pg. 14-16 480-832-2550 Cactus Grill, RaV’es, Heat & Eat Pg. 17-19, Fax-480-325-6030 Monday-Saturday 22-24 7am-12pm Sales Office: Call for Appointments 480-981-4822 Call for Appointments Fax-480-396-5209 Courtesy Patrol: 602-228-3556 Post Office: 480-586-5246 Salon & Spa: 480-363-7293 Massage Therapy: 480-440-1436 Welcome! This is your address while you’re here! *If you are staying in Val Vista, your address is: *If you are staying in Ranchos, your address is: 233 N. Val Vista Dr. #____ 101 N. 38th St. #____ Mesa, AZ 85213 Mesa, AZ 85205 *If you are staying in Fiesta, your address is: 3811 E. University #____ Mesa, AZ 85205 Val Vista Village NEW RV RESERVATION POLICY All stays, other than annual, will be on a first come, first serve basis with returning guests of two months or longer getting first priority (2 months or longer must fall under peak season-Jan., Feb., Mar.) RETURNING GUESTS OF TWO MONTHS OR LONGER (during peak season-Jan., Feb., Mar.) MUST MAKE THEIR RESERVATION ON OR BEFORE FEBRUARY 15TH TO EXERCISE THE FIRST PRIORITY RIGHT. A $250.00 deposit is required to reserve the site. On FEBRUARY 16, if you have not made your reservation, your site will be open for others to reserve. As stated in the guidelines, we can not guarantee a specific site. We do, however try our best to accommodate requests for specific sites. Annual resort home placements trump RV reservations. We thank you for choosing Val Vista Village RV Resort! 3

Monday Line Dancing February 15th Monday Night 10m-2pm MPR at 7:00pm Ballroom Free tickets required at Creative Cards Ranchos Craft Room Mon , Wed , Fri 10am-2pm Space is limited! Must wear a mask Wednesday at 7:00pm Ballroom Wednesday Seating is limited to 50 6:30pm Vista North Room in the Main Bldg Wanted If you or someone you know is turning 90 or older this year Volunteer Contact Shirley Oratto Rangers 412-478-3128 of Patio Got too much stuff? Val Vista Village Sales Sell it at our community Interested in becoming a Patio Sales Ranger? 2021 Patio Sale Dates Rangers are an important part of our February 6th resort that help get all the rv’s to March 6th their space and parked correctly. Four hour shifts per week. We hope you join us! Applications available in Activities 4

Children’s Pool Hours Rancho and Fiesta Pool 11am-1pm & 4pm-6pm Val Vista Outdoor Pool 9am-11am Val Vista Every Thursday Bowling 8:30am League In the Courtyard Open to all Cal-Am residents (weather permitting) Mesa East Bowl (Broadway, east of Ellsworth) Seating is limited & you must Every Friday ~ practice 8:45am ~ bowling starts at 9am wear a mask 3 games for $11.00 Contact Barry Folsom for more info Cactus Grill Hours Daily 11:00am—7:00pm Ice Cream Feb. 24th ~ 1pm ~ Courtyard $1 for 1 scoop—$2 for 2 scoops Pay at the door Sign up with the QR Code 5

February 1st– Boomer 16th– Big Zepher 2nd– Northstar 17th– Desert Coyotes 3rd– Hot Lyks 18th– Come Back 4th– Harry Matthews 5th– Rich Mancini Buddy 6th– Caution (SND) 19th– Dakota Kid 8th– Kristy Dee 22nd– Soul 9th- Riff Raff 10th– Van Arlon Impressions 11th– Rein N Country 23rd– Boomer 12th-Art Slumski 24th– AZ Keys 13th– Thaddeus Rose 25th– Rhythm Edition (SND) 26th– Van Arlon 15th– Bruce Russell 27th– Mogollon (SND) Band 6


Event Location Time Day Dates Arts & Crafts R Act Rm 1 12:30-4:00pm Friday Nov-April Arts- Open Art Studio Ranchos Craft Room 10:00am-2:00pm Mon-Wed-Fri mId Oct-April Ranchos Act Rm 1 1:00-3:00pm Thursday Nov-March ** Creative Cards & Scrapbooking Ranchos Rm 1 1:00pm Wednesday Nov-March Crochet with Plastic Fiber Arts Building 9:00am-9:00pm Mon - Fri Nov-March Crohet Advanced Technique VV Bldg J 9:00am-4:00pm Mon - Fri Fiber Arts Center Fiber Arts Building 9:30am-12:00pm Mon - Fri Nov-April Pottery room, Bldg X Hours Posted Mon - Fri Nov-April ** Lapidary/Silversmith Stained Glass Room 9:00am-4:00pm Mon - Fri Nov-March Needleworkers V North Bldg 9:00am-3:00pm Mon - Fri Oct-March F Woodshop 9-12pm 1-4pm Mon - Fri Nov-March ** Pottery Oct-March ** Stained Glass Card Room Ballroom 1:00-4:00pm Sunday mid Oct-April Wood Carving Card Room doors open 6pm Wood Shop Poker Room Wednesday Nov-March Cards & Games Vista Room North 12:30pm-5:00pm 65 Card Game Vista Room North 12:45-4:30pm Wed, Thurs Nov-April Bingo Card Room 6:30-10:00pm Card Room 6:30pm-9:00pm Wednesday Oct-April Bridge - Duplicate Card Room 7:00-9:00pm Bridge - Party - Afternoon Vista Room North 1:00- 4:00pm Tuesday Nov-March Bunco Multi Purpose Room 6:30-9:30pm Chase the Ace Card Game Card Room 6:30-9:00pm Sunday Oct-April Cribbage Poker Room 6:30-9:00pm Cribbage (Group) Card Room 7:00-9:00pm Monday Nov-March Euchre (Bid) Poker Room 1:00-4:00pm Garbage Rancho Room 2 12:00-3:00pm 1st & 3rd Sat Year Round Hand and Foot Poker Room 6:30-9:00pm Joker Cards Poker Room 1:00-4:00pm Thursday Dec-March King Gin Vista Room North 5:00-9:00pm Mahjong Vista North Room 7:00-9:00pm Thursday Oct-April Mexican Train Dominoes Vista North 6:30-9:00pm Pinochle - Double Deck Poker Room 6:30pm Friday Nov-April Poker - Dealers Choice 1:00-4:00pm Poker - Penny VVV #244 6:00-9:00pm Tuesday Nov-March Polish Poker Ponytail Canasta Ballroom Monday Jan-March Shanghai Cards Texas Hold'em Ballroom or Courtyard Tuesday Oct-April Classes Ballroom Write Your Own Story Monday Oct.14-April Clubs Multi Purpose Room Book Club Rancho Patio Mon & Tue Year Round Community Coffee & Donuts VVV Rancho Pool Tuesday Nov-April HOA Meeting - All Welcome VVV Rancho Pool Dance V Indoor Pool Tuesday Dec-March Line Dancing Multi Purpose Room Multi Purpose Room Thursday Nov-March Beginning Line Dancing V Indoor Pool Exercise Multi Purpose Room Friday Nov11-March ** Aqua Cycle 8 Wednesday Oct-March ** Aqua Cycle Thursday & Friday Year Round Aqua Guys and Gals ** Barre 10:00am-12:00pm Wednesday Jan-March ** Core Balance 7:00pm 1st Tues of Month Jan-March Early Riser Water Aerobics VVV 8:30am Thursday Year Round ** Functional Fitness TBD TBD Nov-April 7:00-9:00pm Monday Nov-March 1:00pm Tuesday Dec-March 10:15am Monday Nov-March 1:15pm Thursday Nov-March 7:45-8:30am Mon - Fri Jan-March Mon & Wed Oct-March 11:30am/9:15am 8:00-9:00am Mon, Wed, Fri Oct-March 6:45-7:30am Mon - Fri DELAYED 10:00am Tue & Thurs Oct-March

** Kickboxing Multi Purpose Room 8:45am Friday Oct-March Range of Motion Water Aerobics Fiesta Pool 8:00-8:45am Mon - Fri Nov-April Multi Purpose Room 11:15am Wednesday Oct-March ** Pound Class Fitness Center 11:30am Wednesday Feb-March ** Spin VVV Rancho Pool 10:15am Tues & Thurs Oct-March ** Taquata V Indoor Pool 9:00-10:00am Mon - Fri DELAYED Multi Purpose Room 9:00am Mon & Thurs Nov-March Water Robics ** Yoga Multi Purpose Room 11:30am Tuesday Nov-March ** Zumba Ballroom TBD TBD TBD Music Multipurpose Room TBD 1st & 3rd Monday TBD Multipurpose Room 1:00-2:00pm Wednesday Nov-March Country Music Jam Karaoke Vista Room North 6:30-8:00pm Wednesday Jan-March Lou's Kazoos Vista Room North 12:15-1:45pm Thursday Jan-March Spiritual Bible Study Meet at Fiesta Flagpole 8:00am Monday Nov-March Ladies Bible Study Nov-March Sports Bocce Ball Cts 9:30am-12:00pm Mon - Fri Nov-March Bicycle Riding Nov-March Bocce Ball for Fun Bocce Ball Cts 6:30-10:00pm Thursday Nov-April Bocce Under the Stars Bowling League AMF Mesa Lanes 9:00am-12pm Thursday Dec-March Golf Nov-March Various Sign-up Sheets outside of Activities Year Round Hiking Club Horseshoes - Open Play Meet at Main St. Gate Ran- Tues & Thurs Year Round Mini Golf cho 7:45am Nov-March Nov-March Pickleball Horseshoe Court All Day Open Daily Shuffleboard - Organized Play Year Round Softball - Coed Mini Golf Course All Day Open Daily Nov-March DELAYED Tennis Tennis Complex Open play 9am- DELAYED Tennis Round Robin 9pm Open Daily DELAYED Water Volleyball (Coed) Water Volleyball (Resort) Shuffleboard Courts 9:00am Mon, Wed, Fri Water Volleyball(Women's) Check flyer outside of Activities Scheduled Tennis Complex Open play 9am- 9pm Open Daily Tennis Complex 8:00-11:00am Thursday V Indoor Pool 2:00-4:00pm Mon - Fri V Indoor Pool 12:00-2:00pm Mon, Wed, Fri V Indoor Pool 7:00-9:00pm Wednesday *Most clubs & classes are led by volunteer residents. Dates, times, and WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?! Beginning February 4th at 9:00am Find the PINK dogs hidden around the resort and bring it to the Activities Office for a prize! *One per household please 9

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8:00am Core Balance Core Balance Core Balance MPR MPR MPR 8:45am Kickboxing MPR 9:00am Yoga 9:15am Yoga Barre MPR MPR MPR 10:00am Functional 10:15am 10:15am Aqua Cycle Fitness Functional MPR Fitness MPR RP Taquata Taquata RP RP 11:30am Barre Zumba Pound MPR MPR MPR ________________ Spin 1:15pm FC Aqua Cycle RP Due to COVID-19 ALL FITNESS CLASSES WILL BE FREE FOR THE 2020-21 SEASON. GET YOUR FREE TICKETS ONLINE AT CAL-AM.COM/CONCERTS OR SCAN THE QR CODE MPR-Multi Purpose Room RP-Rancho Pool FC– Fitness Center 10










Sun Mon Tue F 1 2 RECYCLE PICKUP E 3-7pm MCY Northstar B7 11:00am Organ Stop Pizza* 5:00pm Steak Fry CY** R 3-5pm MCY Boomer U 14 A 89 YR 21 9:00am Country Store RP 3-7pm MCY Riff Raff 2021 28 3-5pm MCY Kristy Dee 5:00pm Rib Dinner CY** 15 16 RECYCLE PICKUP 10:00am New Image 3-7pm MCY Big Zepher Fashion VB 5:00pm Steak Fry CY** 3-5pm MCY Bruce Russell 22 23 9:00am Country Store RP 1:00pm Painting for Fun 3-5pm MCY Soul VB** Impressions 3-7pm MCY BoomerWILD WEST SALOON DAYS 5:00pm Rib Dinner CY** *Sign up with VBVista Ballroom RP Rancho Parking Lot QR Code MCY Music in the **Ticket Required Courtyard ***Free Ticket CY Courtyard SND Saturday Night Required Dance 20

Wed Thu Fri Sat 3 4 5 TRASH PICKUP 6 3-5pm MCY Rich Mancini 3-5pm MCY Hot Lyks 8:30am Coffe&Donuts CY 8:00am Patio Sale 7:00pm BingoVB 3-7pm MCY Harry 7:00pm SND with Caution Matthews CY** 10 11 12 TRASH PICKUP 13 11:00am Lets Make a Deal 8:30am Coffee&Donuts CY 3-5pm MCY Art Slumski 7:00pmValentines Dance CY 3-7pm MCY Rein N withThaddeus Rose CY** 3-5pm MCYVan Arlon Country 7:00pm BingoVB 17 18 19 TRASH PICKUP 20 3-5pm MCY Desert 8:30am Coffee&Donuts CY 1:00pm Afternoon Movie Coyotes 3-7pm MCY Come Back “FordV Ferrari”VB*** 7:00pm BingoVB Buddy BACK TOTHE 50’S 3-5pm MCY Daktoa Kid PARTY Ash Wednesday 25 26 TRASH PICKUP 27 24 8:30am Coffee&Donuts CY 8:30am Pancake Breakfast 7:00pm SND with Mogollon CY** 1:00pm Ice Cream CY* 3-7pm MCY Rhythm (times vary) CY** 3-5pm MCY AZ Keys 7:00pm BingoVB Edition 3-5pm MCYVan Arlon 21








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