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22-23 Guidelines CV with MAP

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Resort Policies Guidelines & Architectural Standards 2023-2024 6601 E. US Hwy 60, Gold Canyon AZ, 85118 480.288.8844


WELCOME Canyon Vistas RV Resort It is a pleasure to have you join our community. The Management and Staff are committed to providing you with quality service and hope your stay with us will be an enjoyable one; creating many lasting memories and making many new friends. We hope you will enjoy the many events, classes and activities available for your enjoyment. Our activities depend on many volunteers and we thank them for their many hours of community service. The many wonderful Guests and Staff together, make Canyon Vistas the wonderful community that it is today! The following Policies and Guidelines are intended to make living at Canyon Vistas comfortable by pro- moting the safety, well being and quiet enjoyment of each Guest. They also set guidelines for the appearance of individual RV’s and Resort homes and the Site they occupy, thus helping preserve the value of each Guests’ property and the Resort. The Resort reserves the right to amend the Policies and Guidelines as the needs of the Resort and Guests change. These Policies and Guidelines will be enforced consistently, fairly and equally with reasonable notice to correct violations. Canyon Vistas reserves the right to terminate or refuse renewal in the event there have been infractions of these Policies and Guidelines. This includes home site care, Architectural Standards and conduct by Guests and/or their visitors that interferes with the safety, quiet and enjoyment of the Resort. All Resort recreational and/or common area facilities, amenities, and activities are subject to change, re- placement, closure (temporary or permanent), modification, renovating, remodeling and/or replacement at any time, without any change or reduction in the rent that Residents pay. Resort Management reserves the right to restrict or change the use of any facility as to existence, hours, purposes and conduct, in Managements sole dis- cretion. The rent paid by Residents pays for a Home Site on which the Residents' recreational vehicle or Park Model unit may be installed, with the required utility outlets supplied by Landlord under applicable law. Such rent does not guarantee use of any facility or attendance at any activities. Management and Staff of Canyon Vistas Resort Policies and Guideline document cannot be modified by a Resident Working Together Today for Tomorrow’s Lifestyle 3

AMENITIES ASSUMPTION OF RISK, RELEASE, AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AS TO COVID-19 CAUTION: This is a release of legal rights. Read and understand it before entering or using any of the Facilities. ALL USE OF THE FACILITIES IS AT RESIDENT’S OWN AND SOLE RISK AND IS PURSUANT TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SET FORTH HEREIN IN CONSIDERATION OF RESIDENT BEING PERMITTED to use the Resort’s facilities and equipment, and subject to the limitations of A.R.S. § 33-2106, Resident, by using the Resort’s Facilities as defined hereunder, freely and willfully agrees to the following terms: 1. AMENITY USAGE: The Resort offers amenities for Residents’ use, though these amenities are all subject to tempo- rary or permanent closure at Management’s sole discretion. Reasons for temporary or permanent closure include, but are not limited to, remodeling, force majeure, pandemic (including, but not limited to, COVID-19), community spread of COVID-19 or other pandemic, replacement of a facility, obsolescence, and the like. Use of amenities is not guaran- teed, and Resident’s rent allows Resident the use of the rented Home Site but does not guarantee that any or all Resort amenities will be open, existing, or available during Resident’s stay. Amenities that may be available, without guaran- tee, include (without limitation) the clubhouse, pool, gym, billiards room if any, facilities and equipment within the clubhouse and other areas of the Resort. These amenities and facilities are collectively referred to herein as the “Facilities”. 2. COVID-19 is a constantly evolving situation. The Resort’s approach to COVID-19 will be in accordance with all State, Local, and Federal Government directives. This may involve closure of various facilities, requirements of wearing face coverings and reduced capacity at facilities to maintain physical distancing when necessary. In addition, we are taking “best practice” advice from health professionals which may exceed the mandated restrictions. We reserve the right to amend our policies at the resort's sole discretion. We appreciate your understanding and compliance. 3. RISKS: Resident is aware of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Resort strongly advises Resident to visit https:// for information about COVID-19. COVID-19 may cause severe illness and even death. Arizona has community spread of COVID-19. COVID-19 is a viral illness that spreads from person to person via various methods, including, but not limited to, touch and airborne particles. Symptoms can range from mild (or no symptoms) to severe illness or death. A person can become infected by coming into close contact (about 6 feet) with someone who has COVID-19. A person may become infected from respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. A person may also become infected by touching a surface or object with the virus on it, and then touching the person’s face. There is a vaccine for COVID-19. We STRONGLY encourage all Residents and Guests to get the vaccine. It may not stop transmission of the disease but it may lessen the severity in some cases. 4

AMENITIES ASSUMPTION OF RISK, RELEASE, AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AS TO COVID-19 (Continued) RISKS (Continued): The best protection is to avoid being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19. The U.S. Centers for Disease Con- trol and Prevention’s (“CDC”) COVID-19 Guidance suggests, in relevant part: (a) staying home as much as possible and avoiding close contact with others; (b) wearing a cloth face covering over your nose and mouth in public settings; (c) cleaning and disinfecting frequently-touched surfaces; (d) washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol; (e) completing activities online as much as possible (rather than in person); (f) if you must go somewhere in person, staying at least 6 feet away from others and disinfecting items you must touch; (g) getting deliveries and takeout and limiting in-person contact as much as possible; and (h) staying home if you are sick, except to get medical care. Everyone is at risk of getting COVID-19. Older adults and people with serious underlying medical conditions may be at higher risk for more severe illness. Resort has made Resident aware of the risk of contracting COVID-19. Resident un- derstands that if Resident uses Facilities, Resident may contract COVID-19. Resident will review the CDC’s Guidance and website and the Arizona Department of Health’s website and guidance regarding COVID-19, available at, before using any Facilities. Resident has reviewed those sources and is willing to accept the risk of contracting COVID-19 in using any Facilities. Resident uses any Facilities at Resident’s own, sole risk. 4. HEALTH/SAFETY: Resident should consult with a medical doctor regarding Resident’s use of Facilities. Resident should have and maintain health insurance. Resident will not use any Facilities if Resident has COVID-19 symp- toms, a fever, cough, or feels ill. Resident will obey all posted signs and instructions, and directives of Management, while visiting the Resort. Resident agrees to wear a protective face covering when using any Resort Facilities or common area if so required by posted signage or Management directives. 5. WAIVER, RELEASE, INDEMNIFICATION: To the fullest extent allowed by law, Resident, on behalf of Resi- dent’s self and Resident’s heirs, successors, and assigns, by using any Resort Facilities or amenities, releases and forever discharges and holds harmless the Resort from any and all liability and any and all claims, demands, rights of action, or actions, of whatever kind of nature, either in law or equity, which arise or may hereafter arise from Resi- dent’s use of Facilities, which relate to COVID-19 or any related illness. Resident understands and acknowledges that Resident’s use of any Resort Facilities or amenities discharges and will discharge the Resort from any liability or claim that Resident may have against the Resort with respect to any bodily injuries, personal injuries, illnesses, con- traction of COVID-19, death, death from COVID-19, injury from COVID-19, property damage, or any and all other claims that may result from Resident’s use of Facilities. Resident hereby agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Resort and its officials, officers, employees, agents, volunteers, sponsors, and contractors from and against any claim that Resident, Resident’s Guests, visitors, legal guardian, heirs, successors, assigns, or any other person may have for any losses, damages, death, or injuries arising out of or in connection with Resident’s use of Facilities. ALL USE OF THE FACILITIES IS AT RESIDENT’S OWN AND SOLE RISK, AND BY USING THE FA- CILITIES, RESIDENT AGREES TO THIS WAIVER, RELEASE, AND INDEMNIFICATION. 6. BROADEST RELEASE POSSIBLE: This Release is intended to be as broad as permitted by Arizona law, sub- ject to the provisions of A.R.S. § 33-2106. If any provision of this Release is held invalid, the remaining provisions shall not be affected. ALL USE OF THE FACILITIES IS AT RESIDENT’S OWN AND SOLE RISK. 5

TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS 6-8 GENERAL INFORMATION 9 IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS/HOSPITALS AND MEDICAL CLINCS 10 REGISTRATION/RESERVATIONS 11 Minimum Age Policy 12 Arrival-Registration Check Out Time 13 Name Badges Occupancy Site Rents Are Payable In Advance For The Time Reserved Rent Late Charges Reservations Refund Cancellation Policy Visiting Guest Policy and Fees Cal-am Properties: Cactus Grill PET POLICIES Pet Registry Pet Restrictions/Breeds Pet Areas/Droppings Pet Control Pet Behavior Pet Liability Disclaimer Pet Complaints Pet Vaccinations Stray Animals AMENITIES & SERVICES Activities Office Volunteers Welcome Center/Courtesy Patrol Copies Water/Ice Propane Laundry Facilities Mail Room 6

TABLE OF CONTENTS 14 14 SWIMMING POOLS & HOT TUBS (SPA) 14 TRASH COLLECTION 15 UTILITIES RESORT GUIDELINES 16 Age/Condition of RV’s and Resort Homes 16 Bicycles Golf Carts 17 Speed Limit Driving/Walking Through Sites Home Site Maintenance Home & Site Improvements Yard/Patio Sales Fire Pits Parking On The Street/Loading or Unloading Overnight Parking at Guest Services Be A Good Neighbor Guest Parking and Additional Vehicles Parking Towed Vehicles RV/Vehicle Servicing & Repairs Rules Posted Soliciting Businesses Smoking Decorative Lighting LAWS AND DISTURBANCES Quiet Time Cameras Conduct Wheeled Transport and other Motorized Vehicles Fireworks Weapons/Firearms/Dangerous Instruments SELLING, BUYING AND RENTING RESORT HOMES & RV’s Resort Site Evaluations Condition of RV or Park Model to be Sold On-Site Transfer of Ownership/New Owner/Fees New Annuals For Sale Signs 7

TABLE OF CONTENTS 17 18 RENTING YOUR HOME OR RV 18 MOVING YOUR RESORT HOME OUT OF THE RESORT 19 CANCELLING YOUR ANNUAL RESERVATION 20 ARCHITECTURAL STANDARDS 21 Site Improvements 22 REQUIRED PERMITS 22 RV Resort Builder Requirements 22 Canyon Vistas Required Permits 23 Pinal County Required Permits 24 Air Conditioners 24-25 Awnings 26-27 Arizona Rooms/Patio Enclosures Decks Fences/Privacy Walls Landscaping Placement/Setting Permanent Homes Satellite Dishes Storage Sheds Skirting UTILITY INSTALLATIONS Electric Washers & Dryers New Water Sewer Line MISCELLANEOUS Drones/RC Planes Signs, Placards and Flags NONCOMPLIANCE — INDEMNITY & ATTORNEY’S FEES Noncompliance With Resort Guidelines Indemnity and Attorney’s Fees GENERAL ASSUMPTION OF RISK & RELEASE OF LIABILITY RESORT MAP 8

GENERAL INFORMATION Hours of Operation Phone Numbers GUEST SERVICES OFFICE Desk: 480.288.8844 Winter Season Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (10/01-04/15) Saturday (October) 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (10/01-04/15) Sunday (January) 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (01/01-04/15) Summer Season Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (04/16-09/30) ACTIVITY OFFICE Desk: 480.977.3824 Anytime on the Web: Winter Season Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (10/01-04/15) Saturday (October) 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (10/01-04/15) Sunday (January) 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (01/01-04/15) Summer Season Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (04/16-09/30) STAY IN THE KNOW! FOR THE LATEST NEWS, COMMUNICATIONS FROM MANAGEMENT AND WEEKLY COFFEE AND DONUT ANNOUNCMENTS, SIGN UP IN THE ACTIVITIES OFFICE TO RECEIVE OUR BLOG! YOU CAN UNSUBSCRIBE AT ANY TIME. MAIL ROOM Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (10/01-04/15) Saturday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (10/01-04/15) Winter Season Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (04/16-09/30) Summer Season Saturday-Sunday (Closed) ACTIVITY ROOMS For ALL activity room hours, please see the Activities Calendar. Fitness Room, Laundry Room, Library/Computer Lab and Billiards are open 24/7. For your safety, Stained Glass, Lapidary, Pottery, Embroidery, Wood Carving and Wood Shop are open when monitors are on duty. POOLS AND HOT TUBS (SPA) Summer and Winter Open 24 Hours Daily (See event calendar for scheduled pool activities.) CACTUS GRILL Winter Season See Activities Newsletter and Calendar for date and times Summer Season Closed COURTESY PATROL Cell: 480.869.1542 9

Canyon Vistas RV Resort 6601 E. US Highway 60 Gold Canyon, AZ 85118 AEDs are located in the Social Hall, Fitness Center, Concession Building and the Superstition Views Cactus Grill Cantina. IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS Emergency Numbers: Police & Fire Emergency 911 Main Office / Guest Services 480.288.8844 Fire (Non-emergency) 480.644.2400 Activity Office 480.977.3824 Pinal County Sheriff Dispatch 800.420.8689 Welcome Center/Courtesy Patrol 480.869.1542 520.866.5111 ext.2 After Hours Maintenance 480.620.2236 (NON-EMERGENCY) 480.644.2400 Emergency OR Snake Removal HOSPITALS AND MEDICAL CLINICS Banner Baywood Medical Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 480.321.2000 Directions: 60 West to Power Road, go North (right) past Broadway. The hospital is on the left. Banner Goldfield Medical Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 480.733.3300 Directions: 60 West to Ironwood, turn right and go to Southern, turn left, hospital is on right. Mountain Vista Hospital . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 480.358.6100 Directions: 60 West to Crismon, turn right, hospital on the right just past Home Depot. Peralta Urgent Care . . . …….. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 480.616.2500 Directions: 6740 S. Kings Ranch Road, Ste. 102, Gold Canyon, AZ 85118. Gold Canyon Medical Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 480.981.3000 Deseret Family Medicine Directions: East on Hwy 60, left on S. Kings Ranch Rd., 1 mile on the left. Pharmacies are located across US Highway 60 in the Bashas' Grocery Store and Walgreens at the corner of S. Kings Ranch Road and US Highway 60. 10

REGISTRATION/RESERVATIONS Minimum Age Policy: Canyon Vistas RV Resort is a Community for persons age 55 and older. A second person occupying a Site must be a minimum of 35 years of age. Arrival-Registration: All Park Model Owners, RVer’s and Renters must complete the online registration prior to arrival at the Resort. Courtesy Patrol will escort RVer’s to their Site. Annual reservations will be required to furnish a copy of their Title and Declaration page of insurance policy. Check Out Time: 11:00 a.m. Please notify Guest Services of your departure in order to make arrangements for any unpaid charges for rent and final utilities. Return your mailbox key and badges to Guest Services. NOTE: All Guests must notify their home Post Office and Guest Services if they wish to have their mail forwarded. Name Badges: A CURRENT Name Badge must be worn at all times when using the amenities or facilities as a means of identification. Persons who are not wearing or who cannot produce a current badge, may be asked to leave the facilities. There is a charge for replacement of name badges. Occupancy: All rates are based on a maximum of two (2) persons per Site. There is a charge for any additional person and they must be registered with Guest Services. Site Rents Are Payable In Advance For The Time Reserved: Your Site is guaranteed for the period of time you paid for at the time of registration. Annual reservations have first priority. Owners of permanently set Resort Homes must pay the current annual rate each year on or before their anniversary date. Rent Late Charges: If Annual rent is not received within 5 days after the date it is due, a late charge of $25.00 will be assessed, fol- lowed by a $5 daily charge until rent is paid in full. NSF RETURNED CHECK FEE is $25.00. Reservations: We will accept reservations for varying lengths of stay with the appropriate deposit to hold them. For reservations of one month or longer, a deposit of $250.00 is required. For reservations of less than one month, a deposit of $100.00 is required. This deposit will guarantee a site but not a particular site number. The rent will begin the first day of the reservation, not the first day of your arrival, should it be later. Site Rental Priority: Annual Resort Home Site reservations have first priority of Site choice. If there is a request to place a Resort Home/ Annual reservation on the RV Site you are occupying, you will have the choice of either placing a Resort Home on the Site with an Annual reservation or moving to another available Site. All Monthly reservations will be moved for a Resort Home Annual reservation request. Refund Cancellation Policy: Refunds will only be issued for reservations of a month or longer if a written cancellation notification is received 30 days prior to the scheduled date of arrival. No refunds for reservations of less than one month will be issued. A $100.00 processing fee will be assessed on all refunds. Once the cancellation has been made, the Site reverts back to the Resort. There will be no refunds on a previously paid utility bill. Final utility bills, where applicable, must be paid. Mail box keys and badges must be returned at this time. Annual Guests who wish to cancel their reservation must give 30 days written notice by completing an “Intent to Vacate” form obtained from Guest Services. No Refunds are issued for early departures on RV reservations. Visiting Guest Policy and Fees: Rent is based on a maximum of two (2) persons per Home or RV. Your overnight visitor(s) using any of the facilities including children must be registered in Guest Services upon arrival. They will be issued a name badge which is to be worn at all times while using any of the facilities. A visitor host must accompany all visitors in any of the facilities; regardless of age. Resi- dents are responsible for the actions and conduct of their visitors. Guests will be charged the visitor fee of $3.00 per day per person or $50.00 per month plus tax. Annual park model residents are allowed two (2) Guests total, to stay free of charge for up to two consecutive weeks at any one time and no longer than 30 days in any calendar year. Management reserves the right to limit the number of visitors a guest may have at one time. Visitors/Guest staying longer than 30 days must have management approval and complete the annual resident requirements. Visitors are allowed only when the owner is residing at the unit. Underage guests are not allowed to occupy your home in the summer or winter unless the homeowner is on premise or your guest meets our age requirements and is registered at Guest Services. Cal-Am Properties Cactus Grill: Patios, happy hours and certain activities are for exclusive use by the Residents. Authorized Residents are allowed a limited visit by a Guest twice per season (a maximum of two (2) visits by the same Guest each season across all Cal-Am Resort properties). The same Guest may not be sponsored by other Residents or other Cal-Am Resort properties, if the Guest has already visited two times for the season. The visiting Guest may be warned upon the second visit that future events may not be attended, and upon the third visit, the Guest may be required to leave. If the Guest refuses to leave, police will be called and the Guest will be prose- cuted for trespassing under ARS 13-1501, 13-1502, 13-1504, or common law. 11

PET POLICIES Pet Registry: All Pets must be registered with Guest Services. Current vaccination records may be requested. Pet Agreement and Comfort Animal documentation must be signed. Guest will be required to sign an Agreement of understanding of the Re- sort Pet Policies and list identification information of their pet(s). Pet Restrictions/Breeds: Presently, there are no size and weight limitations. Management permits Resident ownership of two (2) pets per homesite. A pet is herein defined as a domestic dog, cat, bird (indoor, caged) or aquarium fish. No other animals (i.e. chickens, ducks, pigs, ferrets, monkeys, reptiles or insects) will be permitted. The following breeds are NOT permitted: Chow, Rottweiler, Staf- fordshire Terrier (Pit Bull) or any mix containing these breeds. Restricted Breed Service dogs must supply papers of authenticity. Therapy dogs do not qualify as a Service dog. Pet Areas/Droppings: Four (4) pet runs are available throughout the Resorts. You MUST pick up after your pet. When walking your pet, please carry appropriate means for cleaning up the pet’s droppings. All droppings must be picked-up immediately. Doggie bags are provided at the pet runs for your convenience. Your pet is not allowed to use your neighbor’s Site or any Vacant Site for potty breaks. Please walk briskly or drive your pet to the pet runs. Pet Control: Pets are to be in the presence and control of the Owner or responsible person at all times. Guests agree to keep their pets inside the RV or Resort Home unless on a leash. Pets are not to be left unattended. Outdoor kennels, fencing or other enclosures are not permitted to be left on the Site when not in use. Pet Behavior: Pets are not to invade the privacy of any other Guests’ Site or must not interfere with other Guests’ peaceful enjoyment of the Resort such as: excessive barking, aggressive behavior, etc. Pets are not allowed in or near the common areas of the Resort. All Guests are expected to be responsible pet owners by keeping their pets on a leash no longer than 6 feet at all times when outside the homes and are expected to clean up after their pets. If a pet is loose on premises, Guest agrees that Management may, but is not obligated to, retrieve and return it to the Guest, or cause ap- propriate officials to impound it. Guest agrees to indemnify Management and Resort Owner for any damages or expenses it may incur carrying out any of these foregoing options. Pet Liability Disclaimer: The Guest agrees to be responsible for their pets and to immediately reimburse the RV Resort, and/or any other Guest or any other persons, for any damages caused by the pet. In any event, the Guest expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, the Management and Owner of this RV Community of any and all liability or claims of liability arising in connection with the pet(s), including attorney’s fees. Pet Complaints: Guest agrees that if any violation of the Pet Guidelines is observed or another Guest makes a valid complaint, the pet(s) owner will receive an official written warning to correct the problem, remove the pet(s) or vacate the Resort. If a second violation is noted or a second valid complaint is received, the pet(s) owner will receive notice to vacate for behavior in violation of the Pet Guide- lines. Pet Vaccinations: Guest certifies that pets’ vaccinations are current and will be kept current for the duration of their stay in the Re- sort. Guest certifies that pets are licensed with the proper authorities. Stray Animals: Please do not feed stray animals, including birds and wildlife. 12

AMENITIES & SERVICES ACTIVITIES OFFICE: This office coordinates numerous events weekly during the season. Services available through this office include information on all events and activities, ticket purchase for events, Resort apparel, and room reservations for private parties. (Subject to management approval; applicable fees may apply.) The current Canyon Vistas/Superstition Views newsletter is now available online at Please see our Events Schedule for this Season’s line-up. Activities Available: See our event schedule for a glimpse at everything this season. VOLUNTEERS: Volunteers donate their time and effort because they enjoy being a volunteer and making a contribution to a commu- nity, or helping out their neighbors and friends. A volunteer is not compensated for the work performed. Recognition and being appreciat- ed is compensation enough for true volunteers. All volunteers must be registered with the Activities Office. Captains, Supervisors and Coordinators will maintain a record of hours contributed by each volunteer. We truly APPRECIATE our volunteers and recognize them for their support, effort and dedicated time to the Community in which they live. Our Community is a better place because of them! Volun- teers Give From The Heart. Everyone has a special talent that can be of help, so if you would like to get involved, please stop by the Activities Office and sign up. WELCOME CENTER/COURTESY PATROL: The Resort entrance is monitored by a roving Courtesy Patrol that is on duty at various times during the day and night but it may not be on a 24 hour basis. They will assist you with information and direction when the Guest Services Office is closed. These services are not Security staff. Please use common sense and take precautionary measures to assure your personal safety and protect your belongings by locking your doors, windows, sheds, etc. It is recommended that you lock your bicycles/scooters with a cable and sufficient lock. Report any suspicious activity FIRST to the police and then to Courtesy Patrol/ Welcome Center or in the Guest Services Office. COPIES: Copies may be done at the Guest Services desk. WATER/ICE: Two Water Dispensers and an Ice Machine, are located just East of the Guest Services parking lot. A beverage Vend- ing Machine is located outside at the CV Social Hall patio. PROPANE: Please contact Guest Services for information on local propane companies servicing the Resort. Propane gas will be per- mitted on rental spaces for personal use barbecues (maximum 7.5 gallon tank) and manufacturer installed tanks on RV units. Responsibil- ity for any damage and all liability shall rest solely with the Resident. LAUNDRY FACILITIES: The laundry facilities have card-operated laundry machines and are open DAILY 24/7 during the en- tire year. MAIL ROOM: is centrally located near the Main Complex. Mail is picked up and deposited in assigned locked mailboxes every day except Sunday & Holidays. Upon checking in Guest Services will issue a mailbox key. Upon check-out key must be returned to the Guest Services Office as part of your check out process. There is a $5.00 charge for a lost key. Please complete a mail forwarding form when leaving the Resort. A new form must be filled out each year as the forwarding expires after one year. If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, please alert Guest Services staff as “inactivity” and mail “pile up” cause concern. Forwarding of the mail is no guarantee of delivery, but provides a best attempt effort. Reminder: When leaving the Resort for the Season or an extended period of time, please complete the appropriate Mail Forward- ing or Mail Hold form available in Guest Services and at your home Post Office. 13

SWIMMMING POOLS & HOT TUBS (SPA) • Please read & follow the posted guidelines at each pool & hot tub. • Note: AZ law states that no one under the age of 16 is allowed in the Hot tubs. • The pools are open daily 24 Hours a day. You must shower prior to entering the pool and after applying suntan lotions which can cause chemical imbalances. • The pool temperature is maintained consistent with local guidelines and County regulations. • Children under the age of 18 years of age are allowed to swim with the responsible Resident during the following hours unless a resort activity is planned: Superstition Views 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. and Canyon Vistas 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. (CV hours extended to 7:00 p.m. in Summer). Children are not allowed in the pool/pool areas outside of those hours. Babies in diapers and children not potty trained are not allowed in the pool without proper disposable swim pants, i.e. Huggies Little Swimmers. • Name badges: Your CURRENT name badge must be with you and readily available for identification when using the pool. • Swimwear: Appropriate swimwear must be worn at all times. Speedo wear and thongs are not allowed. TRASH COLLECTION: Trash collection is each Thursday. Please place your trash in the container provided and have it curb-side by 6:00 a.m. Recycle Bins are located Southeast of the Guest Services Office and all boxes must be broken down. Large Items are never to be placed in the dumpsters such as; furniture, appliance, etc. Please contact Guest Services for information on re- moval of large items. UTILITIES: The Resort furnishes water service to all Sites. Trash and sewer charges apply to all occupied RV sites 30 days or more and all Annual Home Sites. Current rates are as follows: Trash $15.00 per month/Sewer $28.58 per month/Electricity $20.00 base charge plus kwh used. Reservations of less than a month will include utilities. All Monthly and Annual Guests will be billed monthly for their Utilities. Trash col- lection may be suspended when you are off property for thirty (30) days or more. The Salt River Project E-23 Residential Rate including ap- plicable customer charges and taxes, is used to compute electric billing. Rates are subject to change without notice. NOTE: All utility invoices are due upon receipt and are considered delinquent after the 20th of the month. A twenty-five ($25.00) adminis- trative fee will be added at the next billing cycle. UPGRADES: Residents or Commercial Service Companies are not to make any upgrades or repairs to the electric service without prior Man- agement written approval. Please call the Guest Services Office for any needed repairs. If you call for an outside electrician or plumber, it will be your responsibility to pay for the services. NOTE: Replacement of 50 AMP breakers on Annual sites is the responsibility of the Annual tenant. Canyon Vistas strongly recommends that all Residents with RVs or Park Models, install a surge protector designed for their type of RV or Park Model. This recommendation is for the protection of the electrical system in your Home or RV in the event of any type of electrical power fluctuation. The Resort will not be held responsible for any damage to your electrical system. Generator use is not permitted in the Resort unless written permission is given by the Resort Manager. 14

RESORT GUIDELINES Age/Condition of RV’s and Resort Homes: Management reserves the right to refuse any Resort Home or RV based on age, condition and length. The vehicle or home must be fully self-contained, well kept, less than 10 years old and in good condition. There are some exceptions that are at the discretion of Management. The only type of RV’s accepted in Canyon Vistas are Motor Homes, Trav- el Trailers, 5th Wheels and Park Models, NO exceptions. All units must be a minimum of 22 feet in length. Bicycles: Bicyclists are subject to the same rules as operators of motor vehicles. Bicycles may only be ridden in the Community streets using the same traffic patterns as vehicular traffic. Front and rear safety lights must be displayed when riding between sunset and sunrise and helmets are strongly recommended. Bicycles may not be ridden on sidewalks or trails. Bicycles must be parked in bicycle racks when visiting Community facilities and must be walked from the street to the rack. It is highly recommended that you lock your bicycle with a secure chain and lock for safe keeping. Golf Carts: Golf carts are to observe the same traffic patterns as motorists. When driving golf carts at night, they must be properly lit. Golf carts are not permitted on any sidewalks or inside the clubhouse area at any time. Children under 16 must be accompanied in a Golf cart by a Guest and/or licensed driver. Speed Limit: Speed limits are posted throughout the Resort and the posted speed limit must be observed at all times. Driving/Walking Through Sites: Driving through vacant Sites is not permitted. Any damage to utilities will be billed to the per- son responsible. Please do not walk through other Guests’ occupied Sites. Home Site Maintenance: The Home Site and patio areas are to be free of weeds and overgrown shrubs, clutter, unsightly items, loose items such as boxes, trash containers, couches or chairs, appliances, hanging laundry, additional trash containers (other than the one provided by the Resort) and unattached large canopies or tents. EZ Up canopies will be approved by Management with required docu- mentation. Canopies may not be larger than 12’ x 12’, Tan/Brown/White color with rolling or removable screen (see through) side flaps only, no solid side flaps. If the canopy is unoccupied, at least 2 sides are to remain open. [When you leave your home for an extended period of time, it is highly recommended that you make arrangements for a caretaker to assist you with your property’s needs while you are away.] If it becomes necessary for the Resort maintenance staff to clean up your site, a charge of thirty ($30.00) per man hour (minimum $60.00) will be charged and billed to you. It has been recommended by the local authorities that when you leave for the Summer that you do not put up ropes or chains across the driveway or aluminum on the windows. Resort Employees of Canyon Vistas are prohibited from performing tasks for individual Guests except in emergencies and/or specifically authorized by Management. Please see Guest Services for more details. Home & Site Improvements: For Site and Resort Home Improvements/Repairs, Management’s prior written approval is re- quired. Please stop by Guest Services for the appropriate improvement request form. See the Architectural Standards section of this booklet. Yard/Patio Sales: Are not permitted except during Resort-wide events which are typically held twice a year. Check with the Activi- ties Office for dates. Fire Pits: Open/Ground fire pits are NOT allowed in Pinal County, however you may use the above ground, enclosed fire pits. Parking On The Street/Loading or Unloading: All vehicles must be removed from the street by 10 p.m., including RV’s that are loading or unloading. Street parking during the day is permitted for short term only. A temporary parking spot for loading or unload- ing may be assigned for overnight parking if available, but must be authorized through Guest Services. Under no circumstances may a vehicle be parked in such a way that it will block the street or impair the passage of any emergency vehicles. No vehicle of any type may be parked or stored on a vacant Home Site. Vehicles in violation of this guideline are subject to towing at the Owner’s expense. Overnight Parking at Guest Services: This is not permitted, unless approved by Management. Proper identification of vehi- cles is required and a second vehicle log will be kept in the Guest Services Office for quick reference of authorized vehicles. All others are subject to towing at Owner’s expense. Be A Good Neighbor: To park in another Guests’ Site requires written permission from that Guest, and it must be on file with Guest Services. With permission, you may park a car, pickup or van-type vehicle, only. RV’s and trailers are NOT permitted. Please do not drive or walk through your neighbor’s Site. NOTE: Driving through vacant Sites could damage underground utilities and is NOT per- mitted. Guest Parking and Additional Vehicles: The driveway area on each Home Site is the designated parking area for vehicles. This is the only area to be utilized for vehicle parking. This area is limited to two (2) cars/trucks. RVs are not permitted to park in the driveway of a Resort home. If the Guest chooses to construct a room addition or shed in this area, it is that Guest’s responsibility to make arrangements for parking of vehicles in accordance with these Guidelines, or park any additional vehicles off property. No vehicles, in- cluding but not limited to, Golf carts, ATVs and trailers will be permitted to park in setbacks. Parking at Community building’s parking areas is for Guests and Visitors only. Overnight parking is not permitted in these areas unless a special overnight parking permit has been obtained from Guest Services. Vehicles in violation of this Guideline are subject to towing at the owner’s expense. All vehicles parked or stored in Canyon Vistas must be currently licensed, registered, operable and may not be in unsightly condition. All Residents and Guests must have a current Resident Resort vehicle ID sticker, vehicle ID hanging tag for the rear view mirror, or a dashboard vehi- cle pass. 15

RESORT GUIDELINES (Continued) Parking Towed Vehicles: RVs towing enclosed cargo or utility trailers may park on the Site only when they fit properly and do not in- fringe upon proper vehicle parking. With prior Management approval, Park Model Owners may park one cargo or utility trailer in their park- ing area, provided all other vehicles also fit in a neat and tidy manner. This privilege is subject to annual review, and can be revoked. No parking of any vehicles, including but not limited to, Golf carts, ATVs and trailers will be permitted in setbacks. No boats are to be parked on any Site. NO EXCEPTIONS. RV/Vehicle Servicing & Repairs: No RV/vehicular mechanical work, body repair and painting may be performed in the carport, drive- way, street or elsewhere on your Site or within the Resort. Environmental laws strictly prohibit the dumping of motor oil on the ground or in the dumpsters. Washing of vehicles is permitted only if a bucket and/or hose with automatic shut-off nozzle is used and is to be done on the Site, not in the street. Rules Posted: Guests and their Visitors must observe all rules posted by Management at facilities in the Resort. All posted Rules shall be considered a part of these Resort Guidelines. Soliciting: Soliciting is not permitted in the Resort. If you see someone soliciting, please call Guest Services or Courtesy Patrol so that ap- propriate action may be taken. Businesses: Operating a personal/commercial business within the boundaries of Canyon Vistas RV Resort is prohibited. Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in all Community Buildings and Common Areas. Management reserves the right to limit or prohibit smoking, including e-cigarettes and similar devices that mimic traditional smoking, in all areas of the Community, to the full extent allowed by law. Inquire with Guest Services as to the designated smoking areas. Illegal drug use is prohibited in the Community under any circum- stances. Decorative Lighting: String, sidewalk and all other forms of decorative lighting should neither be bright enough or placed in such a man- ner that they are disruptive to others quiet enjoyment of the resort. LAWS AND DISTURBANCES Residents and their Guests, Occupants, and Visitors must also comply not only with the Resort’s Rules and Guidelines, but also with any spe- cial rules posted at Resort facilities and with any Laws, Codes, Ordinances, Executive Orders, or orders from any Federal, State, or Local Government applicable to the Resort, including but not limited to, any health-related orders, guidance’s, or guidelines, and/or mandates. Acts which place Management or the Community Owner, in violation of any Federal, State, or Local law or Ordinance of the City, County, or State, will not be permitted. Quiet Time: Please observe quiet time and keep noise to a minimum between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Small wind chimes are permitted as long as the noise does not disturb a neighbor. If it does, the wind chime must be removed. Cameras: Cameras directed at neighboring resident sites, so as to invade said resident’s reasonable assumption of their right to privacy are prohibited. Conduct: Residents are responsible for their own conduct and for that of their Occupants, Guests, Visitors, and Invitees. Residents and their Occupants, Guests, Visitors, and Invitees must conduct themselves in a reasonable and respectful manner at all times in the Resort. Of- fensive or inappropriate conduct towards anyone, and/or harassment of anyone, including but not limited to other Residents, Occupants, Guests, Visitors, Invitees, or Resort Management, Vendors, Employees, or Staff, will not be tolerated and is grounds for termination of tenan- cy. Residents, their Occupants, Guests, Visitors, and Invitees may not yell, curse at, or behave inappropriately towards other Residents, Guests, Visitors, Invitees, Resort Management, Vendors, Employees, or Staff. Residents and their Occupants, Guests, Visitors, and Invitees must not interfere with the management or operation of the Resort. Loud parties, excessive volume of radios, televisions or musical instruments, or any other excessive noise, will not be allowed. Residents may not disturb others quiet enjoyment of the Resort. Wheeled Transport and Other Motorized Vehicles: There shall be no use of skateboards, motorized scooters or other wheeled recre- ational vehicles in common areas other than streets without prior management approval. Licensed ATVs are allowed by Residents on Com- munity streets and must be operated at a noise level that is conducive to the quiet enjoyment of the resort by all. Violations of this will result in the offending vehicle being banned from the park. ATV’s may not be washed on the parks property. Fireworks: Fireworks of all kinds including, but not limited to, sparklers are prohibited in the Resort. Igniting any kind of fireworks in the Resort including, but not limited to, lighting a sparkler by any Resident, Visitor or Guest shall constitute a material and irreparable breach and shall be cause for immediate termination of tenancy. Weapons/Firearms/Dangerous Instruments: Firearms may not be worn in the Resort or openly displayed except by sworn Law En- forcement personnel at any time. Residents, Visitors and Guests must comply with all Federal, State and Local Firearms laws. Violation of any of firearms restrictions by any Resident, Visitor or Guest shall constitute a material and irreparable breach and shall be cause for immedi- ate termination of tenancy. BB guns, air guns, sling shots and bow and arrows are not permitted in Community public areas. 16

SELLING, BUYING AND RENTING RESORT HOMES & RV’s Resort Site Evaluations: Evaluations must be completed by Resort Management for any Resort Home intended to remain in Canyon Vis- tas prior to the sale. They are valid for one (1) year from the date of evaluation. The evaluation is based on current set back requirements and Architectural Standards. The Seller must correct any violations prior to the sale, or the Buyer must agree to in writing, to make the nec- essary changes within a limited agreed upon time frame. Refusal to comply with required corrections can result in the sale not being final- ized and/or the removal of the Home from the Resort. Condition of RV or Park Model to be Sold On-Site: Canyon Vistas is zoned an RV Resort. All units must be a minimum of 22 feet in length and a maximum of 399sq. feet of livable space including all bays, tip-outs and/or slide-outs. For any RV (including but not limited to Park Models) that a Tenant desires to sell to remain on-site in the Resort, Tenant must advise the Resort at least two (2) weeks before putting the RV up for sale, and must allow Resort Management to inspect the RV to ensure that it meets all Resort Rules and Regula- tions, including but not limited to, any separate Architectural Guidelines. In order to preserve and/or upgrade the quality of the Resort, the Resort reserves the right to require the removal from the Resort of any RV that is not compatible with other RVs in the Resort, and/or that is in a rundown condition, and/or that is in disrepair. Any such RV must be removed from the Resort within sixty (60) days of the sale, and in such cases the buyer will not be approved for tenancy in the Resort. Generally speaking, any RV greater than forty (40) years old will likely be determined to be incompatible with other RVs in the Resort, as the Resort is working to preserve and upgrade the quality of the Resort as a whole. Transfer of Ownership: Cal-Am Home Sales is available on site to assist with all of your transactional needs. Should you decide to sell your home on your own, come to Guest Services to pick up a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) folder. At this time, a $500.00 transfer fee will be due in order to cover the costs of inspecting your home and process the necessary paperwork to facilitate the transfer of ownership and regis- ter the new residents. The included Resort Name site evaluation must be furnished prior to the transfer of ownership. Responsibility for the Site and rent remains with the Seller until this step is completed. Seller must inform Buyer of background check requirement. The Buy- er must complete the Resort registration requirements prior to the sale, with Guest Services. If the Buyer is to reside at Resort Name, he/she must meet the age requirements and have prior Management approval. Cal-Am requests first right-of-refusal on homes sold, to be removed from the Resort. New Annuals: Background checks are required with applicable fees. For Sale Signs: Please refer to “For Sale” or “Open House” sign guidelines on page 23 of this document. All Homeowners are encour- aged to visit our Resort Information Center for details on home sales. NOTE: Tenants staying 180 days or longer are subject to a back- ground check. Such applicants will be charged a fee to cover the costs of these checks. RENTING YOUR HOME OR RV Resident may rent (sublet) their Resort Home under the following conditions:  The Guest Services Office is to be notified of the Renter prior to the arrival and may require a copy of any rental agreement between the two parties. A Renter staying beyond six (6) months must complete all of the Annual Registration requirements including a back- ground check. Resort Management limits the rights to the number of rentals and or sub leases that will be allowed in a calendar year. If you violate the rental agreement policy, your rights to rent your home may be suspended.  Renters and their Guests must conform to the age requirements of the Resort and abide by all Resort Rules and Regulations.  Tenants may not use websites like AirBNB, VRBO, HomeAway, Facebook and the like to sublet their RV/space. The Resort is intend- ed for Tenants who either reside in the Resort full-time or who return seasonally. Subletting using AirBNB, VRBO, HomeAway, and the like constitutes running a business from the Resort in violation of these Rules and Regulations. Residents who use advertisements for such websites will be issued compliance notices. If three (3) compliance notices have been issued, Resort Management will be forced to start the eviction process.  Arrangements for payment of utility bills must be made between Owner and Renter. The monthly billing for electric usage will remain in the Owner’s name. The Owner will be responsible for any unpaid utility bills.  All annual accounts must be current at the time of Renter check-in.  An administration-processing fee paid by the owner for each time the home/unit is rented of $50.00 is payable at the time of registra- tion of the Renter. Renter’s mail cannot be handled until proper registration in Guest Services is completed.  Homeowners relinquish his/her Resort privileges and Resort club privileges during the time the home/unit is rented.  RV Sites Cannot Be Sublet. Your site is for your exclusive use. If you choose to leave early, the Site cannot be sublet to another indi- vidual and another RV cannot be moved on to the site. There are NO REFUNDS for early departure. 17

MOVING YOUR RESORT HOME OUT OF THE RESORT AND CANCELING YOUR ANNUAL RESERVATION Tenant must provide the Resort with a request for a Clearance for Removal (available at Guest Services) not less than thirty (30) days prior to move-out. This time period is necessary for Management to make arrangements to enable the move-out. The Seller is responsible for the Site maintenance and all rent until the home is removed.  The Resort requires all contractors to be certified and to be registered in Guest Services and must provide a proper certificate of liability insurance prior to removal of any RV and/or Park Model. All work must be conducted during regular business hours 8 AM - 4 PM, Monday through Friday only. Contractors must report to Guest Services before starting any type of tear down. NO EXCEPTIONS!  Tenant must pay all rent and other charges through the removal date before the Clearance for Removal will be issued. No refunds for any Annual rent.  Homeowner will continue to be charged rent for 30 days from the date of office’s receipt of notice or until lot is vacated; whichever oc- curs first.  When the RV or Park Model is removed, all accessory structures such as sheds, awnings, carports, fences, Arizona rooms and the like, must also be removed unless the Resort Management requests or agrees to otherwise in writing. Specific information is outlined in Notice Of Intent To Vacate Form - Forms are available in Guest Services Office.  When a Park Model Home is removed, all concrete and asphalt on the space including, but not limited to, concrete pads and driveways, and all landscaping and landscaping materials, must be removed unless the Resort Management requests or otherwise agrees to, in writ- ing. When a Park Model Home is removed, the space must be left completely clear, with all holes and depressions filled in, with clean fill dirt, so that is restored to a condition as if no home had ever been placed on it, and so that it is ready for the placement of a new home.  The space must be left clean, free of trash, building materials and construction debris.  The space must be graded and level, and approximately the same level as adjoining lots. If fill dirt is necessary, Tenant is responsible for supplying clean fill dirt.  Resident or contractor must notify Guest Services when the home is ready to be moved off the Site. Canyon Vistas Site Inspector must conduct a Site evaluation before home is allowed to be removed from the Resort.  Resident or contractor are not authorized to discard any items in Resort dumpsters. NO EXCEPTIONS.  If, after Clearance for Removal 30 days expire, home/shed have been removed and Site has not been cleaned up, 72 hours will be given to complete clean-up. After 72 hours, a twenty-five ($25.00) charge per man, per hour (minimum of $100.00) will be assessed to Home- owner. ARCHITECTURAL STANDARDS Residents are expected to keep their homes and accessory structures up to the Resort’s Architectural Standards. This includes repairing or replacing damaged skirting, air conditioners, evaporative coolers, trellises, storage enclosures, etc., as needed. Homes, carports, patios and other structures which, in the judgment of Management, have become obsolete through neglect, basic design or age, may require remodeling or removal from the Resort at the time of resale or with at least a ninety (90) day notice at any time by Management. SITE IMPROVEMENTS:  Resort Management must evaluate and approve any improvements or new upgrades.  All Site improvements including new Park Model Homes for outside painting, carpeting, concrete, landscaping, etc., requires prior writ- ten Management approval. Home Site improvement request forms are available at the Guest Services Office. Your intended home im- provement will need to be explained on the form and returned to Guest Services. You will be notified when approved.  Approval is based on current requirements of Canyon Vistas and Pinal County requirements, and is not subject to prior conditions. Ab- solutely no work will commence on a Canyon Vistas Site without prior written Management approval and the appropriate Building Per- mit (if required) per the RV Resort Builder Requirements. Modifications attempted without approval will be subject to removal at the Owner’s expense.  CONTRACTORS/SERVICE COMPANIES/PERSONS: It is the Resident’s responsibility to inform the Guest Services Office of the Company name performing services on the Resident’s Site. Only properly licensed and insured vendors/contractors are allowed to work in the Resort. The Resort must have a copy of their current proof of insurance for liability. 18

ARCHITECTURAL STANDARDS (Continued) REQUIRED PERMITS RV RESORT BUILDER REQUIREMENTS Procedure for Addition to Existing Resort Homes: Cal-Am Resorts has standardized the procedure for adding an Arizona Room, Awning, Deck or Shed in all of its communities. To do so, an internal compliance department has been formed to review all sub- mitted proposals in order to evaluate their adherence to our Architectural Standards and local building codes. A compliance/inspection fee must accompany the plans submission. It will be returned if the plans are not approved and you choose not to move forward with your addition. Subject to change with proper notice. It is as follows: • Arizona Room Addition—$1200.00 • Awning—$350.00 • Decks & Sheds—$250.00 Prior to engaging a contractor, inquire with Resort Management for the appropriate forms at your specific Resort. CANYON VISTAS REQUIRED PERMITS: To Place a Resort Home (Park Model) or other permanent unit.  Previously owned Resort Homes (Park Models) must be inspected and approved prior to delivery and must have written permission from Resort Management before delivery and setup.  Any exterior improvement such as installing or replacing awnings, skirting, air conditioners, roofing, siding and windows.  Modifying any electrical or plumbing, for example, washer/dryer.  Landscaping, digging or adding concrete.  Structural modification to any home.  Any exterior “Project” involving any contractor and/or delivery from any vendor from outside the Resort.  Paint colors for home, decks and/or driveways colors or patterns. Please stop by Guest Services to pick up your Site Improvement form. Management approval is required before beginning any project. PINAL COUNTY REQUIRED PERMITS (Your first step before beginning any project):  Electrical additions or modifications. All utility lines must be buried.  Plumbing additions or modifications.  Structural modification to any home.  Raised Decks if weight-bearing, such as below patio enclosures.  Any addition to your Resort Home.  NOTE: No improvements that extend into set backs will be approved due to the hazard to buried electrical and plumbing lines. 19

REQUIRED PERMITS (Continued) AIR CONDITIONERS: NOTE: Devices of any type such as: air conditioners and solar panels, are not to be mounted on the roof of the home or other struc- tures. Solar panels are currently not allowed on homes or other structures.  A/C units are to be on the ground surface only at the rear of the home and out of the rear easement.  Air conditioners on Resort Homes (Park Models) are to be connected to the existing duct work.  No window Air Conditioners allowed. AWNINGS:  A maximum awning length of 40 feet, subject to set backs.  RV awnings must be permanently attached to the RV.  No free standing awnings are allowed at any site.  Window awnings must not infringe upon the access to the side space and are not to protrude less than seven (7) feet from the ground.  Awnings placed over a permanent shed must be 20 gauge; check with local requirements.  In the event you have storm damage to your awning, it is your responsibility to send a reliable person/company to clean up and re- pair the awning. Due to liability issues, Resort staff members will not be involved.  DO NOT USE an auger to anchor your RV, shed, or awning in the set back area. ARIZONA ROOMS/ PATIO ENCLOSURES:  The enclosure may not exceed the length or width of the awning and must not restrict parking for at least one vehicle. The Arizona Room’s set back must be at least eighteen (18) feet and the required set back from the street.  It must be of similar exterior material to the permanent home and must conform to the Pinal County Building Codes.  Drawings for elevation, window and door locations, washer/dryer types, including descriptions of all materials, must be submitted together with any improvements on the Building Permit request.  Maximum combined square footage is 520 square feet; Shed 120 square feet; Arizona Room 400 square feet.  Bay Windows must be noted on permit applications. Bay windows are considered in the calculations of square footage. Generally located front of the unit, not on the side of unit. Sample worksheets are available at the Guest Services office.  Firewalls are required by Pinal County where building structures are less than 6 feet apart.  Electrical service to the Arizona Room must be up to Pinal County Code and wired directly into the pedestal. 20

REQUIRED PERMITS (Continued) DECKS:  May not hinder or restrict the use of any exit from the unit and must not obstruct parking for at least one vehicle.  The set back must be in line with the front edge of the home. FENCES/PRIVACY WALLS:  No fencing of any kind is permitted. Those in existence may remain in place until the home sells, repair is needed, or Management requests removal. Privacy walls must be of similar material to the exterior of the permanent unit. Fiberglass plastic or lattice is not permitted.  Planting borders may be rock or clay colored brick. Those in existence of other colors or types may remain in place until the home sells, they become unsightly, or Management requests removal. LANDSCAPING:  Trees in the green belts, end caps, and common areas are the responsibility of Canyon Vistas. All other plantings on Annual sites is the sole responsibility of the Resident.  Location and type of plants must be submitted for approval by Management with the exception of small flowers.  A minimum of three (3) feet of unobstructed passage must be maintained between sites. No large trees or cactus will be allowed in the side easement.  Management reserves the right to limit the type of plantings and their heights and location. Management also reserves the right to re- move objectionable plantings and bill the Resident/Renter at the rate of thirty ($30.00) per man hour (minimum $60.00). A thirty day notice will be given prior to Management removing the plant/tree to allow the Resident the option of removing them.  Landscaping will not be allowed in the rear easement, unless it is of a temporary nature, such as patio blocks and flower beds. NO CONCRETE other than the parking area/patios. Pavers ONLY.  Restricted Plants: Oleanders, Castor plants, Bougainvillea, Large leaf Cactus, Chollo Cactus, Clinging Vines, Century Plants.  Restricted Trees: No other trees other than the tree(s) furnished by the Resort are permitted without prior written Management approval. Please check with Guest Services for list of approved trees.  Weed control is the responsibility of the Resident/Homeowner and maintenance is required year-round.  Grass and Imitation grass (turf) is not permitted on a homesite. Turf that already exists on the site may remain in place until the home sells, repair is needed, or Management requests removal. PLACEMENT/SETTING PERMANENT HOMES:  Minimum set backs: Size of the site determines the minimum set back distance, which is determined by management and sales.  Bay windows must be noted on permanent placement applications. SATELLITE DISHES:  Prior written approval by Canyon Vistas Management is required before placement of a Satellite Dish.  Maximum diameter of the Dish will be eighteen (18) inches in diameter except for those permanently mounted on the mobile RVs. 21

REQUIRED PERMITS (Continued) STORAGE SHEDS:  All new placements of permanent sheds must be located under the awning, extended all the way to the ceiling of the awning and cov- ered with similar or like material and color as the home, and must meet Pinal County Codes.  Existing homes that have a permanent shed that is not of the same material, will be evaluated at the time of the sale to determine if the shed must be upgraded to meet current Architectural Standards or removed. New shed installation requires that all sides are closed to the awning roof.  Shed maximum size is 120 square feet.  Firewalls are required by Pinal County on the wall of the shed adjacent to any structure closer than 6 feet.  Temporary shed placement requires Canyon Vistas permit. SKIRTING: Skirting is required on permanent units. Skirting material must be new and of like material that is on the permanent unit, this expressly excludes faux/real brick/stone skirting. It is recommended that all skirting be on a four inch (4”) wide concrete base. This will deter rotting and termite damage and alkaline attack to the metal runner. UTILITY INSTALLATIONS ELECTRIC: Each site has one (1) 50 and/or 30 AMP electric service. These are maintained by the Resort. The cost of modifications is the financial responsibility of the Resident. Electric lines on all permanent homes are to be buried and neoprene-covered. Arizona Room electric service is to be wired directly to the pedestal. Electric service to the storage shed must comply to County/City Code. Canyon Vistas strongly recommends that all Residents with RVs or Park Models install a surge protector designed for their type of RV or Park Model. This recommendation is for the protection of the electrical system in your Home or RV in the event of any type of electrical power fluctuation. The Resort will not be held responsible for any damage to your electrical system, regardless of cause. Generator use is not permitted in the Resort unless permission is given by Resort Manager. WASHERS & DRYERS: Must have Management’s written approval prior to installation. NEW WATER: Lines on permanent homes are to be three-quarter inch (3/4”) copper tubing and buried below ground. SEWER LINES: Shall be approved hard plastic line and buried below ground. NOTE: Feminine products are prohibited from being flushed down the sewer pipes. Residents may be held responsible for sewer cleaning fees, if appropriate. MISCELLANEOUS DRONES/RC PLANES: Drones/RC Planes cannot be flown at any time on or above the Resort property by Residents/Guests/third parties. The Resort Management reserves the right to use drones for marketing, special events and/or activities. 22

SIGNS, PLACARDS AND FLAGS: A. The Resort understands that Residents may wish to show their personalities by displaying signs, placards, banners, flags, inflatable items, statues, decals, or the like on their homes, home sites, or personal property located thereon or that may be located or parked any- where in the Resort. The following rules have been developed with the intention of allowing Residents to decorate while respecting oth- ers and refraining from causing unhappiness or dispute. Signs, placards, banners, flags, inflatables, decals, statues, and the like (collectively, “Signs”) that, in the sole discretion of Resort Man- agement, are offensive, harassing, constitute hate speech, or disrupt others’ quiet enjoyment of the Resort will not be allowed, and the display of any such items anywhere in the Resort shall constitute a material violation of these Rules. The Resort is private property, and therefore Resort Management reserves the right to require the removal of any sign, placard, banner, flag, inflatable, decal, statute, and/or the like that, as set forth above, is offensive, harassing, constitutes hate speech, or disrupts others’ quiet enjoyment of the Resort, in the sole discretion of Resort Management. Permanent, outdoor neon signage is expressly prohibited. The decision of Resort Management on any such matter shall be binding and may only be appealed as set forth below (during which time the item may not be displayed). Number/Size Limitations. Residents may display a maximum of three (3) total small Signs on their homes or home sites or on personal property located thereon (as an example, Resident may have one sign, one placard, and one banner, for a total of three (3) items). “Small” is defined as not exceeding twelve inches (12”) by eighteen inches (18”). Additionally, any Sign displayed must comply with all City, Town, or County Codes and/or Ordinances. If a Sign is displayed on a golf cart or other vehicle it must be small enough as to not interfere with driving the vehicle. Holiday Items/Inflatables. Small Signs for a specific recognized holiday are allowed if they are not offensive, harassing, or disruptive of others’ quiet enjoyment, in Resort Management’s sole discretion. Any such items may only be displayed beginning 30 days prior to the relevant holiday and must be removed within ten (10) days after the occurrence of the holiday. Any inflatable item to be displayed on the home site must be tethered to the ground in a safe manner, and the size that may be permitted is within Resort Management’s sole discretion, but generally only small to medium inflatables will be approved. Inflatable items are only permitted during recognized holi- day seasons and may not block the view of drivers or pedestrians. Complaints/Appeal. If any Sign prompts complaint or Resort Management believes it is inappropriate, offensive, constitutes hate speech, and/or is harassing or disrupts other residents’ quiet enjoyment, Management will require its removal, and it must be removed. To challenge that decision Resident may appeal to the Resort’s Corporate Management and will be advised of their decision. The item must not be displayed while a decision is pending and if the Resort’s Corporate Management determines that the item may not displayed, it must not be displayed thereafter. Corporate Management’s decision is final and within their sole and absolute discretion. B. “For Sale” or “Open House” sign. Residents must notify Resort Management before selling their home on-site, as set forth in these Rules and Regulations. Any “For Sale” or “Open House” sign must comply with this Rule. Residents may advertise the sale of their RV or Park Model unit with one “For Sale” sign not to exceed twelve inches (12”) by eighteen inches (18”) which may be affixed to the unit’s front window or siding. The sign must have a uniform and professional appearance; Residents may visit the sales office for a uni- form, pre-printed sign on which to display their home’s sale information. Additionally, Residents may display one “Open House” sign during an active open house not to exceed twelve inches (12”) by eighteen inches (18”). Although Residents may conduct an “Open House” to sell their unit, no “Open House” signs, balloons, or other marketing tools are permitted in the Resort’s common areas, streets, or sidewalks without prior written approval from Resort Management. If the Resort has a central display board designated for such pur- pose, Residents may display a small “For Sale” sign or card stating the name and contact information for the Owner or agent of the RV unit on such central posting board. The size of any “For Sale” sign or card on the central posting board, if any, shall be within Resort Management’s sole discretion. C. Flags and Flagpoles. If Resident flies a permissible flag on a pole attached to the home, the flag may be no larger than three (3) feet by five (5) feet and may be flown between sunrise and sunset. If a current United States flag is flown at night, it must be lighted. Light- ing must be installed in such a way as not to disturb neighbors. Flags may not be flown in a hazardous manner and must be high enough as not to obstruct the view of the road. The flag must be attached to the flagpole in a manner assuring that the flag will not become twist- ed and in a manner that will ensure that noise will not disturb neighbors. If noise complaints are received regarding the flag, the hard- ware must either be replaced with hardware that does not make excessive noise, or the flag must be removed. Residents are responsible for the presentation, care, cleaning, and maintenance of their flags. Faded or torn flags must be promptly replaced. Flags will not be flown during inclement weather unless an “all weather” flag is used. 23

NONCOMPLIANCE – INDEMNITY & ATTORNEY’S FEES Noncompliance With Resort Guidelines: Canyon Vistas reserves the right to terminate or refuse renewal in the event that there have been rule infractions. This also includes Site care infractions and conduct by Guests and/or their Visitors that interferes with other Guests’ quiet and enjoyment of the Resort. Indemnity and Attorney’s Fees: Management is not responsible to Guest, his/her Visitors, employees or agents for loss, damage, death or injury of any kind by the use of the Resort, or by fire, flood, vandalism or other casualties, except those incidents resulting from the gross negligence or intentional acts of Resort, Resort Management or Resort Owners. Guest(s) hereby agrees to indemnify and waive all claims and demands against the Resort, Resort Management or Resort Owners, and will hold them harmless for liability for all claims unless arising from negligence and willful acts of Resort Management or Resort Owners. Guest further agrees to obtain and keep in full effect at his own cost, the extended insurance coverage for Homeowner, fire and other liabilities to protect Guest(s) and all others from loss and liability. Proof of this insurance is to be provided to Guest Services annually. All RV sites in Canyon Vistas remain under the control of Management at all times. GENERAL ASSUMPTION OF RISK & RELEASE OF LIABILITY Caution: This is a release of legal rights. Read and understand it before accepting these terms by agreeing to abide by all Resort Rules & Regulations, into which this Release is incorporated. Cal-Am Resorts operates Recreational Vehicle Resorts throughout the State of Arizona. References to Cal-Am Resorts (\"Cal -Am\") include all of the Cal-Am Recreational Vehicle Resorts in the State of Arizona, the individual entities that own them, the entities that manage them, their officers, officials, employees, volunteers, contractors, agents, and assigns. Each Resort offers a wide variety of recreational and other amenities for use by its Residents. These include (without limita- tion), therapy spas, hot tubs, swimming pools, exercise facilities, tennis courts, pickleball courts, and facilities within clubhous- es and in other areas of the Resort. These facilities include such things as wood working shops, weight rooms, lapidary shops and the like. Each Resort also offers organized activities. These include entertainment performances, pickleball, tennis and other sports tournaments, swimming classes, exercise classes, dance classes, and field trips. Some activities are organized and spon- sored by the Resort; others by voluntary Resident associations. Some activities entail payment of an additional fee to partici- pate. Cal-Am Resorts are “dog friendly”. Additionally some are located in areas where certain varieties of wildlife may be encoun- tered. I/We, by electing to reside in a Cal-Am Recreational Vehicle Resort, may participate in one, some, or all of the activities re- ferred to above, and may use some or all of the facilities and amenities offered by any Cal-Am Resort as described above. In consideration of my/our participation in activities or use of facilities and amenities, I/we agree as follows: RISKS INVOLVED: I/We agree to closely inspect all facilities before using them. I/We understand that some facilities such as therapy spas, hot tubs, swimming pools, exercise rooms, wood working shops, and other facilities represent a risk to health and safety. I/We understand that some activities such as tennis, swimming, pickleball, jogging, and participation in exercise, dance, and swimming classes can be strenuous and can also pose a risk to my/our health and well-being. With respect to such activities I/we understand that I/we will participate only in those which I/we are medically and physically able to. I/We understand that some activities involve risks in traveling to, within, and/or returning from different areas, including, but not lim- ited to, political, legal, social, and economic conditions; different standards of design, safety, and maintenance of buildings, public places, and conveyances; and local medical and weather conditions. I/We agree that in deciding to use any facility or participate in any activity, I/we will make my/our own investigation, will obtain materials from a variety of sources, and are will- ing to accept these risks. I/We understand the risks posed by animals and agree to use care when outside in a Resort espe- cially when encountering dogs or wildlife. 24

GENERAL ASSUMPTION OF RISK & RELEASE OF LIABILITY (Continued) HEALTH AND SAFETY: I/We have been advised to consult with a medical doctor with regard to my/our personal medical needs. I/We state that there are no health-related reasons or problems that preclude or restrict my/our participation in any activities that I/we elect to participate in or use any facilities that I/we choose to use. I/We have obtained all required and recommended immunizations, if any. I/We recognize that Cal-Am is not obligated to attend to any of my/our medical or medication needs, and in fact may ex- pressly instruct its employees to not attend to such needs, and I/we assume all risk and responsibility therefore. In case of a medical emergency occurring during my/our participation in any activities or use of any facility, I/we understand that I/we may receive no assistance from Cal-Am employees or volunteers, I/we am/are responsible for my/our own medical treat- ment and emergency care as needed, and agree to pay all expenses relating thereto and release and agree to hold harm- less, defend and indemnify Cal-Am from all liability of any nature whatsoever for any actions. ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY: Knowing the risks described above, and in voluntary considera- tion of being permitted to participate in the activities and use the facilities and amenities referred to above, I/we agree to release, indemnify, and defend Cal-Am and its officials, officers, employees, agents, volunteers, sponsors, and contractors from and against any claim which I/we, the participant, my legal guardian or any other person may have for any losses, damages or injuries arising out of or in connection with my participation or use. I/We also agree to fully acquaint all Guests and invitees I/we permit to engage in such activities and/or use these facilities, with the foregoing and to defend, indemnify and hold Cal-Am harmless from any claims by any such Guest or invitee arising out of such use or activity. I/We expressly understand that this assumption of risk and release of liability also applies to injury re- sulting from encounters with dogs, wildlife, and other animals in the Resort. SIGNATURE: I/We indicate that by my residence at this Resort, and/or signature on the Resort Registration Card, that I/we have read the terms and conditions of participation and use, and agree to abide by them. I/We have carefully read this Re- lease Form and acknowledge that I/we understand it. No representation, statements, or inducements, oral or written, apart from the foregoing written statement, have been made. This Release Form shall be governed by the laws of the State of Arizona which shall be the forum for any lawsuits filed under or incident to this Release Form or to the participation in an activity or use of a facility. If any portion of this Release is held invalid, the rest of the document shall continue in full force and effect. Revision - June 16, 2022 25




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