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SD April 2021 Newsletter

Published by felixp, 2021-03-26 21:21:45

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Coming in April Easter Brunch Grab N’ GO Event details On page 3 928-342-9333 ~ 928-318-5333 Check online for event tickets 1

March Mind Puzzle Winner 13502 N. Frontage Rd. Yuma, AZ 85367 USA Congratulations to drawing winner! 928/342-9333 Guest Services 928/318-5333 Activities Pat Bohacek (that’s two wins for her) Are you our next winner?!? New puzzles on page 9 of this newsletter. What’s Inside: Solve the puzzles, write your answers on a piece of paper Coming This Month Page 3 or on the newsletter page. Make sure to include your name Coffee & Donut Meetings Page 6 Movie Matinees Page 7 and space number. Drop off your entry at the Activities Music on the Patio Page 8 window or in the night drop box. Winner will be randomly Mind Games Page 9 New This Month Page 10 drawn from entries with correct answers and Monthly Calendar Page 12 awarded a prize. Daily Schedule Page 13 Sundance Salon Page 14 Night Drop Box Payment Drawing Lifestyle University Page 17 Congratulations to this months Sales Ads Page 22 drawing winners! Cal-Am Concert Series Page 24 Bill & TJ Little They won a basket filled with treats to enjoy a movie night. Want to win the next basket?! To be entered in the next drawing being held 4/15/2021, be sure to drop your electric bill payment into the night drop box located on the South wall just outside the doors going in to Guest Services. All March electric payments received by the 10th of April, that are dropped in the box, will be entered into the drawing. Questions? Just ask the front office. Good Luck!!! APRIL OFFICE HOURS Guest Services Office Hours Activities Office Monday—Friday Monday—Friday 8:00am—4:00 pm 8:00am—4:00 pm Saturday & Sunday—Closed Saturday & Sunday—Closed Available by phone or email only. Available by phone or email only. 928/318-5333 928/342-9333 [email protected] [email protected] Available by Skype at sundanceactivities Guest Services and Activities Offices are in a “NO CONTACT” mode. We are here to serve you but over the phone or through email only. 2

Easter Brunch Grab N’ Go Please join us on Monday, April 5th At 10:30 AM on the Ballroom Veranda Beverage included! Tickets available now at the Guest Services/Activities window. Masks and name badges must be worn to receive your meal. 3

Coming This Month! ROOT BEER FLOAT GRAB N’ GO Tuesday April 20th 12 PM Ballroom Veranda Complimentary Tickets for Taco Tuesday are available now at the Guest Services/Activities window! Masks and name badges must be worn to receive meals. 4

More Coming This Month! Tickets for both events are available now at the Guest Services/Activities window. Masks and badges must be worn to receive meals. 5

More Coming This Month Coffee & Donuts Resort Information Meeting 9:00 AM ~ Event Center Thursday, April 1st and Thursday, April 15th G Masks and name badges must be worn in the Event Center 6

April Movie Matinee’s 1 PM - Event Center. Popcorn and Beverages provided! Thursday, April 1st Local Hero (1983) Starring Burt Lancaster, Peter Riegert and Fulton MacKay this life-affirming and often laugh-out-loud funny, feel good movie is film-making par excellence. A young American executive faces opposition from the locals when he is sent to a remote Scottish coastal village to arrange the building of a new refinery. Thursday, April 8th Two Brothers (2004) Starring Guy Pearce, Jean-Claude Dreyfus and Freddie Highmore the Two Brothers is a heartwarming story that follows two playful twin tiger cubs through their carefree young lives in a jungle to their separation, reunion and remarkable adventure as they find their way back home Thursday, April 15th Forrest Gump (1994) Forrest Gump is not stupid and he sees the world far clearer than most. Through his decent, childlike eyes, we too see things in a less confused and muddled way. In this cheerfully straight-arrow moral tale, Tom Hanks stars as the \"wise fool\" Forrest Gump and delivers an Oscar winning performance. GO FULL Thursday, April 22nd PAGE WITH Lemony & Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004) COFFEE A host of Hollywood actors star in this thrilling misadven- ture and visual treat about Count Olaf who tries to steal a family fortune by kidnapping three young orphaned heirs. Thursday, April 29th Gemini Man (2019) An action thriller starring Will Smith about a retiring hitman whose plans are turned upside down when he is targeted by a mysterious operative - a much younger clone of himself, while on the run from the government. Masks and name badges must be worn in the Event Center. 7


April Mind Puzzles Solve the puzzles, write your answers on a piece of paper or the newsletter page and include your name and site number. Drop off your entry at the Activities window or in the night drop box. A winner will be randomly selected and awarded a prize! In 1990 a person is 15 years old. In 1995, the same person is 10 years old. How can this be possible? What always runs, but never walks, often murmurs, never talks, has a bed but never sleeps, and has a mouth but never eats? Two men are in a desert and they are both wearing backpacks. One of the men is dead. The man who is alive has his pack open. The dead man’s pack is closed. What was in their packs? What occurs twice in a week, once in a year but never in a day? What six letter word can you make with the letters L, I, E, and G? 9

Coming in April - New Games Wednesday, April 7th & 21st 1 PM on the Pool Patio and continuing on alternate Wednesdays through the summer season. Wednesday, April 14th & 28th 1 PM at the Event Center and continuing on alternate Wednesdays through the summer season. 10

Friendly Reminder on WEAR YOUR NAME BADGE! Pool Guidelines Wear your name badge as if you were a member of a Masks and badges are required to private club. YOU ARE! enter the pool area. The amenities and facilities of Sundance are meant for Masks must be worn when entering, leaving or your enjoyment NOT former residents or walk-ins. wondering the pool deck. You may remove you mask while lounging or while you are eating/ When using the facilities, if you see someone you know doesn’t belong there, please notify a Resort drinking at a table. Be advised that temperature checks will be representative or Guest Services staff member immediately. happening upon entering the pool area. Thank you for your cooperation! Activity Coordinators! It’s time again to No glass may be brought into the pool area. update our records and room reservations for the season. Aluminum or plastic containers, as well as water If you are the coordinator of an activity, event or class bottles are acceptable. All cups must have a lid. and have not already been in contact with me about reserving your rooms, please contact me at 928/318-5333 or via email at [email protected] so we can get you all squared away. All activities, events and classes need to have the reservation form completed before the fun begins. Thanks so much for your help. 11


DAILY ACTIVITY SCHEDULE 2021 Events Room/Location Time Events Room/Location Time Monday Thursday Water Exercises 8:00 AM Water Exercises 8:00 AM Water Exercises Pool 9:00 AM Water Exercises Pool 9:00 AM Pickleball Pool 9:00 AM Pickleball Pool 9:00 AM Horseshoes Pickleball Courts 9:00 AM Mah Jongg Pickleball Courts 1:00 PM Bible Study Horseshoe Pits 7:00 PM Bocce Ball Fiber Arts Room 7:00 PM Pickleball Fiber Arts Room 7:00 PM Bocce Ball Courts Pickleball Courts Water Exercises 8:00 AM Golf AM Water Exercises Friday 9:00 AM Water Exercises Tuesday 8:00 AM Pickleball 9:00 AM Water Exercises 9:00 AM Horseshoes Pool 9:00 AM Pickleball Mesa Del Sol 9:00 AM Pool Shuffleboard Pool 9:30 AM Pickleball Pickleball Courts 9:00 AM Bocce Ball Pool 7:00 PM Pickleball Horseshoe Pits 7:00 PM Golf Pickleball Courts AM Pickleball Saturday 9:00 AM Golf Shuffleboard Courts AM Church Services 9:00 AM Water Exercises Bocce Ball Courts 8:00 AM Pickleball Courts Water Exercises 9:00 AM Pickleball Courts Pickleball Wednesday 9:00 AM Bingo 7:00 PM Sunday Pickleball Round Robin Par 3 7:00 PM Texas Hold’em Pokeer Exec Course 7:00 PM Pickleball Courts Event Center Pool Pool Pickleball Courts Event Center Pickleball Courts Card Room 13

Sundance Sundance Nail Salon Hair Salon Nail Technician ~ Joanie New Hair Stylist!!! 951/463-8224 Heather 928/304-4258 Hours of Operation Monday - Wednesday Hours of Operation Monday’s By Appointment Only. 8:30 am—2:30 pm By Appointment Only. Sorry, no walk-ins at this time. Sorry, no walk-ins at this time. Call for your Call for your appointment today! appointment today! Masks must be worn while in the Salon Masks must be worn while in the Salon and during services. and during services. PLEASE! GET EVENT TICKETS IN ADVANCE Barber Shop We appreciate advance ticket purchases for all events. By Appointment Only Buying early gives us a more accurate count for Ron / 928-246-3747 seating and/or meals. Located in Guest Services Building Get tickets for all events in the Activities Office. At Fortuna de Oro Concert tickets can be purchased in the Office or online at Always call 911 for immediate help For non-emergency calls please use these numbers:  Fire Dept. (non-emergency dispatch)……... 928 783-4421  Yuma County Sheriff’s office……………... 928 783-4427  Primecare Urgent Care 24 hrs…………….. 928 341-4563  Foothills Walk-in Medical Care…………….928 345-6830 14


April Coloring Page 16









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