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LU 2022 Catalog (February Revisions)

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Lifestyle University Cal-Am Resorts 2022

“Learning Never Exhausts The Mind” Leonardo da Vinci 2022 CLASSES Gardening in the Desert 4-5 Essential Care for Your Body 13 Cooking Techniques & Tips 6-7 Natural Grocers Seminar s 14 Mixology Education & 8-9 Simple Green Living 15 Cocktail Crafting Dog Training at Resorts 16 Just About Dogs 10 Technology at Resorts 17 Sign Language 11 Spanish Language at Resorts 18 Navigate Your Healthcare 12 DIY Crafts 19 Dignity Health Workshop 12 • Name Badges must be worn for all classes New Classes for 2022! • Bring your paper ticket or digital ticket to class • Please wear a face mask if you have not been vaccinated 2

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER Welcome Back to Cal-Am’s Lifestyle University! Wow-does it feel great to offer a curriculum of exciting classes, seminars and workshops to you again this season! While this past year and a half has taught us all how to be safer and more aware, it is wonderful to see our resorts filling back up with our residents and RV guests whom we’ve missed so very much! For the 2022 season we will start the majority of our classes off via a ZOOM format and, depending on how the world is progressing, we hope to be back in our wonderful classroom again soon. Zoom virtual classes affords us to reach many residents with each class given! Should the Lifestyle University Classroom open up for “in person” classes (with limited, socially distanced seating), we will be recording each class and making them available for view via YouTube during the season. Lifestyle University Curriculum: We’ve got many returning classes that were big hits in the past, such as Mixology Demonstrations (cocktail making), Gardening in the Desert programs along with Healthy Living seminars & workshops by Dignity Heath and Natural Grocers; DIY Crafts plus our Spanish Language and Technology with Smart Devises classes! Extra-Exciting: We’ve added SIX new offerings to our catalog of courses! Have you always wanted to learn how to Chop like a Chef? This season we will be teaching a COOKING TECHNIQUES & TIPS taught by our talented Cal-Am Catering team. Did you hear a WOOF in your neighborhood? We have a new ALL ABOUT DOGS course chalked full of many different topics on caring for your furry loved ones. Does “going green” pique your interest? Then please take part in our SIMPLE GREEN LIFESTYLE SOLUTIONS classes. Have you’ve ever traveled and needed to attend to healthcare issues? Have you wondered how to get the most out of your physician’s visits? We now have a seminar of helpful tips on NAVIGATING YOUR HEALTHCARE. Did you know that signing is the 5th most widely used language in the world? We are now offering a series of SIGN LANGUAGE classes that will get you started in the wonderful world of signing. And is your furry friend a little “out of control”? Does he or she jump on strangers or bark just a tad too much? Would you like to correctly learn how to use the agility equipment found at your Cal-Am dog park? This season we will be offering a 4-week DOG TRAINING WORKSHOP series at several of our resorts. Reserve your place in class! ALL CLASSES will need a ticket reservation. For Zoom Classes, links will be emailed to participants whom have made ticket reservations one days prior to each class date. We are also offer- ing a few classes at specific resorts, class size will be limited, and tickets will be required. We thank everyone for navi- gating this current situation along with us and for your understanding that we are trying to keep everyone safer. We’re very excited to get the season going and gain some new knowledge along the way! Starr Davis & Carrie Flower The Regional Lifestyle Team 3

GARDENING IN THE DESERT Thursdays, from 9:30-10:30 AM Complimentary Class On Zoom! Reservation is required. Tickets can be reserved at your Resort’s Activities Box Office or online at Class Outlines will be emailed along with the zoom link 1 day prior to class. January 6: Gardening in the Desert! Meet Rebecca Phillips of Mesa! She will be teaching our gardening “To Plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”-Audrey Hepburn classes this year. Rebecca has her bachelor’s degree in Therapeutic Can you believe that you can garden in the desert during the winter? Learn Recreation and ensures to make the how to adapt your gardening skills (whatever the level) to enjoy a garden in AZ! gardening classes fun while We will discuss the different types and techniques of gardening in the low informative. Gardening is one of desert and get an overview of what to plant and when. Rebecca’s passions and she enjoys finding that balance between wild January 13: Gardeners Know All the Dirt! nature and practical gardening. She is excited to share what she’s A green thumb starts with Brown! It’s actually more important to farm your learned while we explore gardening soil than to farm the plant. That means learning the methods to create rich, in the Arizona desert! self -sustaining soil that keeps replenishing the nutrients and in turn, the plants. Learn how to promote soil health through composting, crop rotating, and planting “nitrogen fixers.” Discuss the use of chemical fertilizers vs. natural organic methods. January 20: Lets Experiment with AZ Veggie Gardening! “There are no gardening mistakes, just experiments” -Janet Kilburn Phillips The real question is how costly you want those “experiments”! Learn low and no cost options to growing your own food while discussing the different methods of square foot gardening, container gardening, “no-till’ method and in-ground gardening. January 27: Vermiculture-It’s all About the Worms! Find out what “Black Gold” is and how you can start your own goldmine of worm castings to create a healthier soil and beau- tiful plants. Learn how to har- vest the power of worms to cre- ate healthy, beautiful plants by using worms in your composter, creating worm tea to spray on your plants and how to harvest the “black gold.\" 4

GARDENING IN ARIZONA February 3: Trees and Vines! “Faith plants the seed, love makes it grow”- I love learning about the trees and vines that grow well in AZ. We will discuss planting methods, propagation, and maintaining. You will also get to learn about the fast-growing edible tree, the miraculous moringa tree and all of its health benefits. February 10: Succulents and Cacti -“Aloe You Vera Much!” Learn about different succulents and cacti. Discuss the health benefits of Aloe Vera and how to harvest, propagate it and use it to make a tea for your plants. February 17: Aquaponics and Low Water Gardening “Love is like water. We can fall in it. We can drown in it. And we can’t live without it.” We can garden without the soil but not without water! Learn about hydroponics and low water maintenance gardening. Learn about the different hydroponic systems of gardening. Discuss the benefits of mulching and microclimates to conserve water. February 24: If You Plant It, They Will Come: Bugs and other Pests “A good gardener always plants in threes. One for the bugs, one for the weather and one for themselves”. Learn about AZ pests and how to combat them. But make sure you know how to identify beneficial vs harmful bugs so you don’t kill the good guys! We will discuss natural and chemical options for pest control so you can decide what is best for you and your garden. March 3: Try your Luck with Tropical Plants! Yes, bananas can grow in AZ! Learn about the different types of tropical plants and trees that not only survive but thrive in the desert! Learn about microclimates and how they can create a tropical environment for your tropicals to thrive. March 10: No Class this week due to Spring Break for Rebecca’s family March 17: Herbs and all their Amazing Uses & Benefits! Whether for medicinal purposes, cooking, color or taste, there are so many reasons to grow an herb garden. Learn about the different herbs that grow well and how to harvest and propagate them for future plants! March 24: Sprouts-Growing a Tiny Garden “The tiniest garden is often the loveliest'- Vita Sackville West Grow a tiny garden by sprouting seeds! Learn the health benefits and ease in sprouting your own sprouts. Use as snacks, in smoothies, or to add to salads. Recipes included with this fun class. 5

NEW COOKING TECHNIQUES & TIPS CLASS This year’s Cooking Classes are Demonstration classes and are Complimentary to you! Handouts and recipes will be included with each class. We hope you’ll join us, take some great notes and return to your This season we’re proud to kitchen with vigor (and a willingness to try what you’ve learned in class!). announce that our Cooking Twice a Month on Fridays Techniques classes will be taught 10:30-11:30 AM On Zoom! by our talented Cal-Am Catering team of accomplished Chefs! Tickets will go on sale 2 weeks prior to each class date on Friday’s at 8 AM. A ticket Reservation is needed to attend the Zoom class; A Zoom Link and Handout/Recipe Packet will be emailed 1 day prior to each Zoom class to all registered participants. Reserve Your Place in Class through your Resort’s Activities Box Office or Online at January 14: Culinary Techniques 101: It’s All About the Protein! Executive Chef Keith Deakin has Basic Instruction for preparing meats, been cooking for Cal Am Resorts chicken and seafood. for 7 years! He is a native Arizonan and has 20 years of experience in Techniques: Discussion, tips and the Hotel & Fine Dining industries. demonstration of selecting items for roasting/baking, searing/sautéing, braising and poaching. Recipes included with class. January 28: Culinary Techniques 201: Knife Skills: Learn to use All the Knives in your Set! How to choose and use your cutlery. Selecting knives to purchase. Different knives for different jobs. Techniques: Proper care & maintenance of your knives (including sharpening). Demonstration on vegetable cuts & chopping techniques, meat trimming, cutting (dissecting) a whole raw chicken, carving of roasted chicken and how to use the other knives in your knife block! Handout included with class. Executive Pastry Chef Leticia Harris February 11: Let’s Get Ready for the Super Bowl! has been baking for Cal-Am Resorts for 7 Years. She’s originally from From easy, make ahead appetizers to Riverside, CA but spent 10 years in America’s Favorite NEW Food– Sliders! We Memphis, TN and attended the Le will be demonstrating all recipes that can be Cole Culinaire (culinary school) at assembled before your guests arrive, so you that time! don’t miss a minute of the BIG GAME! Techniques: Prepping dips, homemade chips, sliders you can bake ahead. Recipes included with class. 6

COOKING TECHNIQUES & TIPS February 25: All About Apps...Countertop Appliances that Is! Those small (and sometimes medium to large) countertop appliances to make your cooking & baking easier or better-or both! Techniques: Let’s learn about how to use and care for a Panini Grill, Air Fryer, Immersion Blender, Countertop Grill/ Hibachi, Sous Vide & others. Chef will be demonstrating how to grill a perfect Panni sandwich, baking up healthy fries in an air fryer (served with a homemade dipping sauce), how to cook meat perfectly in a water bath (aka Sous Vide) and finish it off in a cast iron skillet, as well as a winter soup using an Immersion Blender. Recipes included with the class. March 11: It’s all in the Pantry—Let’s Put it to Use! Intimidated by all those herbs and spices in your cupboard? And what about all those different sauces & condiments in the fridge? How to use herbs, spices, salts and other pantry & refrigerator staples that can turn your dishes from ho-hum to a dish that’s packed with flavor! Techniques: On their own or mixed in blends, rubs, marinades and aromatics used in stocks, sauces and other cooking methods. Methods of mixing rubs and how they’re best applied to meats, poultry, vegetables & starches. Plus ways to use sauces, honeys, jams, mustards and other food items accumulating in your kitchen! Recipes included with the class. March 25: Kitchen Hacks! Simple tips and little things to do that make your cooking easier! Techniques: How to dice an onion-perfectly, how to make your rice light & fluffy, how to cook perfect pasta, the easiest way to peel—a boiled egg, and many other cooking hacks (skills) that will make your time in the kitchen go much more smoothly! Handout included with class. Reserve your Spot in our Zoom Cooking Classes at your Resort’s Activities Box Office or online at! Let’s Get Cook 'in! 7

MIXOLOGY EDUCATION & COCKTAILS Mixology Classes on Zoom! Complimentary Reservations are needed to receive Zoom Links & Recipes Secure your Spot in Class at your Resort’s Activities Box Office or Online at Handouts will be emailed 1 day prior to each zoom class along with the zoom link. MEET OUR MIXOLOGIST! My name is Dana Eastman and I manage Canyon Vistas and Superstition Views for Cal-Am Resorts. This season, I will also be heading up our Lifestyle University journey through the fascinating world of spirits. I have a certificate from the Court of Master Sommeliers and a 30 year background working with adult beverages in the hospitality industry. I have done just about everything in fine dining establishments from the kitchen to the front of the house. My history includes managing many wine programs over the years, with up to 500 labels represented. In addition to wine, I have a passion for boutique spirits and their evolution. So, in our mixology classes this season we will create some top notch cocktails, as well as learn about the foundation of spirits their history around the world. I look forward to making friends with many Cal-Am family members and having fun on our season long sojourn at the bar! Spring Buzz French Martini Tequila Mockingbird 8

CLASS LISTING ONCE A MONTH MIXOLOGY CLASSES Wednesday, January 19; 1:30-2:30 PM America’s Spirit-Bourbon! Bourbon Bonanza- Join us for an afternoon spent learning the history of America’s signature spirit, Bourbon Whiskey. We will explore the rich diversity of this robust whiskey created only in the hill country of the great state of Kentucky. We will be mixing up the classic Brown Derby cocktail and showcasing a Winter Bourbon Smash and the Spring Buzz! The Classic: Brown Derby Wednesday February 16; 1:30-2:30 PM Vodka Gimlet Vodkas-the Spirit of the Tsars! Vivacious Vodka Cocktails- Vodka has been the spirit of the Tsars for centuries, but it may have its origins in Poland. Then let’s jump up to the 20th Century in the United States when the infamous Hollywood RAT PACK made the martini the epitome of cool & debonair! We will also embark on a discussion of the different easy libations one can whip up with Arizona’s bounteous citrus production. The Vodka cocktails we will be crafting for this class include; the citrusy Vodka Gimlet, the modern (and quite tasty) French Martini and we’ll finish with Le Grand Fizz! Wednesday March 16; 1:30-2:30 PM South of the Border? It’s all about Tequila, of course! South of the Border Tipples- Tequila it’s not just for margaritas anymore! With the advent of boutique Tequila producers, the craft cocktail movement has wholeheartedly embraced these Mexican, or Mexican inspired, gems. We will learn how Plata, Reposado and Anejo Tequilas differ from one another, and how tequila is produced. As a capper we will make my favorite Tequila libation, the superb poolside sipper, Tequila Mockingbird. (I trust that pun was not lost on all of you literary buffs out there!), the luxuriously modern, Siesta Cocktail and the El Diablo, fashioned after the famous restaurant, Trader Vic's in the 1940’s. The El Diablo 9

NEW JUST ABOUT DOGS CLASS Join Us this Season for Just About Dogs! Each class will bring a new topic to discuss with plenty of information and tips for a healthy, happy life with your canine friends! This is an Interactive Zoom Class. Terri has been involved in Just About Dogs Class Schedule breeding and showing dogs since she was eight years old. She Tuesday, January 18; 1:30-2:30 PM started showing her Boxers back Finding the Right Dog for Your Family: Review dog breeds, then and since 1979 has actively been showing in breed, mixed vs. purebred. Selecting from a breeder, shelter or rescue. Tips on obedience, and agility bringing home your new canine family member. competition--English Springer Spaniels. Terri has bred over Tuesday, January 25; 1:30-2:30 PM twenty champions. Health & Nutrition of Your Dog: Learn about vaccinations, In 1987 Terri designed a diseases and health issues. The process of selecting a veterinarian. boarding kennel in Henderson Selecting the right dog foods for your pet. Exercise programs and senior (Las Vegas), Nevada—Paws ‘N pet care. Claws Pet Resort. Along with 60 indoor/outdoor dog kennels and Tuesday, February 8: 1:30-2:30 PM 10 large cat condos, the business Good Citizenship & Behavior Issues: Learn about dog socialization, also had 5 all-breed dog & cat groomers (including Terri). owner responsibilities, and laws. Basic training, behavioral problems and suggestions. In 2001 she developed a dog training center next door to the Tuesday, February 22; 1;30-2:30 PM Kennel and launched Paws ‘N Grooming: Do it yourself hints and tips. Tools of the trade (brushes, Claws Canine Sports Park. combs), to clip or not to clip. Nail trimming and selecting the right groomer. In 2011 Terri moved to Mesa, AZ and Good Life RV Resort. She has Tuesday, March 8; 1:30-2:30 PM been active in the dog community Dog Sports & Activities: The how-to’s of obedience, agility & games. and started the Pet Welcome Wagon, greeting and welcoming Therapy & canine companions. Herding, hunting & course work. Dog dancing, new pet owners. Good Life is dog competition & awards. definitely the right place for Terri. She IS “The Dog Lady” of the Tuesday, March 15; 1:30-2:30 PM resort. Traveling with Your Pet: Dog friendly trips/vacations. Driving by Car/ Terri brings a wide breadth of RV. Flying with your pet. Parks & Recreational Areas. Hotels & Restaurants. experience and expertise to Cal-Am Lifestyle University’s “All This is a Complimentary Zoom Class- About Dogs” classes…welcome A ticket reservation is needed to receive the Zoom Link Terri! and Class Handout. The Zoom link & handout will be emailed to you 1 day prior to each class. To reserve your spot in class pick-up a ticket at your Resort’s Activities Box Office or Online 10

SIGN LANGUAGE NEW CLASS Come join instructor, Rebecca Phillips in our NEW 4 -Week Sign Language Series, offered 3 times this season. Each class can be independent or built upon monthly to retain and improve the skills you learned the previous month. Sign Language 101: Emergency Signs for Basic Needs Rebecca Phillips began studying sign and Wants language thirty years ago. She continued her study in college with taking ASL Thursdays-Jan 6, Feb 3, March 3: 11AM-12PM (American Sign Language) as her foreign Think of the benefits of learning a visual language that you can use language while getting her bachelor’s across the room or when you just can’t talk. Walk away from this class degree in Therapeutic Recreation (yes, with a grasp of emergency signs to communicate basic needs and that means I love to make learning fun!). wants. Also, gain an understanding of the history of American Sign She has studied other languages but the Language and how it influences the signs we are using today. visual nature of sign language and the opportunities to use it and share it has Sign Language 102: Sign Language Building Blocks made it her favorite! Rebecca received language training in Russia while teaching Thursdays-Jan 13, Feb 10, March 10: 11AM-12PM immersion English classes. She has used Learn how to sign the alphabet and numbers. Learn how to those skills to develop sign language “fingerspell” your name and how to count to 10 using one hand. classes that she has used in her children’s Now let’s see how many nouns we can add to our growing list of sign school and in community settings. language vocabulary words! Would you like to learn a new language? Sign Language 103: Signs for Social Interactions Come learn a visual language that not only gives you the brain health of learning Thursdays-Jan 20, Feb 17, March 17: 11AM-12PM another language but also a great way to We will be adding to our vocabulary and learning sentence structure expand your communications skills and phrases to quickly and effectively communicate our ideas. We will without saying a word! Did you know that gain a greater understanding of American Sign Language by learning American Sign Language is the 5th most about the Deaf Culture and how it affects this language. used language in the United States? So I think you will find that learning sign lan- Sign Language 104: Total Immersion Sign Language guage will come in “hand”y! Training Jan 27, Feb 24, March 24: 11AM-12PM Put your sign language skills to work in this one-hour class of silence. Have your notebooks ready to write down any questions while we review over the signs we have learned in this series with a game at the end of “Silent Bingo” for prizes! An Interactive Zoom Class; Complimentary tickets are needed to secure your place in class and receive Zoom Links. Reserve tickets at your Resort’s Activities Box Office or Online at Due to the interactive format of this classes; tickets are limited. Links & Handouts will be emailed 1 day prior to each class. 11

NAVIGATE YOUR HEALTHCARE Take NEW CLASS Charge of Your Healthcare! -Inside and Outside the Healthcare System- Would you like to get the most out of your visits to your physician? Want good healthcare outcomes? Join Connie Grauds, pharmacist and medical insider, for an hour of useful tips! Class on Zoom! This seminar is offered 2 times during the season! Select the best date for Your Schedule! • Tuesday, January 18th • Tuesday, February 15th 9:30-10:30 AM on Zoom! Tickets are Complimentary and can be reserved at your Activities Box Office or online at Zoom links will be emailed to you the day before the class along with a class outline. Connie Grauds, PhD(c), MNPA, RPh Connie is a registered pharmacist; President of the Association of Natural Medicine Pharmacists; and Faculty, University of Minnesota, Center for Spirituality and Healing. Connie is a cancer -survivor herself, and her passion is helping others navigate the overwhelming nature of our modern healthcare systems. Trained in Western Medicine, and alternative integrative medicine, Connie is author of several books, including The Energy Prescription–a remedy for energy and vitality, and others. Connie is happy to say that she resides at Mesa Regal RV Resort. 12

DIGNITY HEALTH DIABETES WORKSHOP BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!! A Complimentary 6-Week DEEP Workshop ZOOM Class this SEASON! Make your Reservations at your Activities Box Office or at Limited seats are available- Reserve your place in the workshop today! Dignity Health East Valley is partnering with Cal-Am Resorts for a workshop series to Empower Your Life! Join facilitator, Jeffrey Lewis, for one of our most popular programs—DEEP! This is a complimentary 6-Week Workshop where your weekly participation is encouraged. Many Cal-Am Residents and RV Guests have experienced this workshop in previous years— —Won’t you become an ACTIVE self-manager of your own health? Wednesday, February 2– March 9 8:30-11:00 AM on Zoom! Diabetes Education & Empowerment Program Become an Active Self-Manager of your Diabetes. You can expect to learn: • Diabetes Education • Preventing Complications • Medications & Medical Care • Physical Activity Needs • Dealing with Symptoms of Diabetes • Understanding Risk Factors • Monitoring Your Body • Meal Planning & Nutritional Concepts 13

NATURAL GROCERS SEMINARS NATURAL GROCERS PRESENTS: HEALTHY 4 U SEMINARS We are happy to offer, once again, the educational and information packed Heathy 4 U seminars from the local Natural Grocers Stores in the Phoenix area. The nutritional health coaches are a wealth of “healthy” information on maintaining a health-conscious lifestyle. Here’s the line up of seminars for 2022! Natural Grocers Nutritional Health Coach, Damien Sullivan Tuesday, January 25: 9-10 AM Damien graduated from Arizona CRAVINGS & WEIGHT GAIN: How to Survive the State University with a bachelor’s Blood Sugar Roller Coaster! Achieving your healthiest weight degree in philosophy, and received a doctoral degree from the Southwest is not about dieting or even pure willpower, but rather understanding College of Naturopathic Medicine in how certain foods affect blood sugar levels and appetite. Learn how Tempe, AZ. Rather than practice nutrient-dense meals support healthy metabolism and which nutrient medicine, Damien coached clients in supplements support healthy blood sugar levels and appetite control. all seasons and areas of their lives including career, relationships, and Tuesday, February 22: 9-10 AM health. Damien is excited to bring his education and experience to Natural IMMUNE SUPPORT 101: Nutrition and Immune Grocers, and help the customers and Function! Most people know vitamin C is important for the the community to achieve their health and wellness goals! When not immune system, why? And what about the other vitamins? Just like at Natural Grocers, Damien can be the rest of our body, the immune system requires optimal nutrition to found spending time with his family work at its best. Keeping your immune system fed with the right stuff (both the 2- and 4-legged kind). will ensure that your body is ready to handle what ever comes its way during the winter months. Tuesday, March 15: 9-10 AM NATURAL HACKS TO SUPPORT A HEALTHY MOOD! Don’t worry-be happy, lose the ‘tude, turn that frown upside down...all easier said than done, until now. Gain a new understanding of the many complexities that play a role in supporting a healthy mood or hindering it. Nutritional, supplemental, environmental, lifestyle and other key factors will be discussed. All Seminars are Complimentary! Reserve your spot in class with a ticket from your Activities Box Office or online at Zoom link will be emailed 1 day prior. 14

SIMPLE GREEN LIFESTYLE SOLUTIONS NEW New this season are classes presented by Phoenix magazine publisher on “green living”, CLASS Dorie Morales! Dorie has created an eco-conscious lifestyle publication that aims to educate, inspire and empower readers to make eco-conscious choices for a healthier lifestyle and planet. She will be sharing many of these inspirations with us this season! SIMPLE GREEN SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE! A University of Arizona alum and Thursday, January 13th 1:30-2:30 PM magazine veteran, Morales has worked Simple Green Solutions for Your Home: in the publishing industry since 1997. In 2010, Morales transitioned into a This class will showcase the many green options for new role as a partner in her second cleaning up your home and making it sparkle. Learn start-up magazine, Green Living how you can reduce unnatural chemicals and simple magazine. The publication was met swaps you can make to reduce the plastics and waste with warm reception when it debuted, in your home to lead a healthy lifestyle. as it provided a functional and fun approach to leading a sustainable life, Thursday, February 10th 1:30-2:30 PM and continues to do so today. Going Green with Your Wardrobe: Morales is deeply engaged in the The fashion industry is the dirtiest industry after the Phoenix “green scene.” She is involved oil and gas industry. Each person now consumes in many organizations that focus on about 80 pieces of clothing every year - 400% more sustainability, including the Arizona than we consumed just two decades ago. Learn Green Chamber of Commerce, Arizona about clothing swaps, recycled clothing, and natural Forward, Local First Arizona, Arizona fibers that you can wear to be a little bit gentler to Foundation for Women and USGBC the planet. Arizona. Currently, she sits on the board of the USGBC Arizona chapter. Thursday, March 10th 1:30-2:30 PM In previous years, she served on Going Green with your Beauty Products: Arizona Forward’s Environmental Excellence Awards committee, as well Skincare, hair products, and makeup can help you as, Big Hearts for Little Hands achieve a more waste-free lifestyle. Since 2009, 595 committees of the Arizona Multi- cosmetics manufacturers have reported using 88 housing Association. chemicals in more than 73,000 products that have been linked to cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. Learn how to can choose natural and low waste products that help you look and feel great.\" A Complimentary Zoom Class! Reserve your spot in class with a ticket from your Activities Box Office or online at Zoom link will be emailed 1 day prior to the class date. 15

DOG TRAINING AT CAL-AM RESORTS New this season...Dog Training Classes are NEW Coming to YOU! We are very excited to SERIES offer this Dog Training Workshop Series at 5 of our Cal-Am Resort Dog Park facilities. The training workshop is a 4 week-dog training commitment! Your spot in class must be purchased for The entire workshop series at the time of your ticket registration. To receive the best result for you & your furry friend it is important to attend all 4 of the classes in the workshop series . Trainer Belinda Ahern & her dog Fur-Nando! Once you sign up for the Series you will receive an Intake Form to fill out. Vaccinations for your pooch are required to join this program. You will also need to provide for your pooch when taking the series; a flat collar, 6’ leash, training treats & poop bags. Dog Training 2022: The Basics Boot Camp This 4 Week series will teach you to better understand your dog’s personality, temperament and their current stage of development. Whether you have an over aroused herder, healer, hound, hunter or lap dog. We’ll show you how to avoid the common mistakes that lead dogs to not listen to anything you say. We’ll have fun and work in collaboration with our dogs to ditch the stress of repeating commands without success. Help your dog gain impulse control and become calm and able to focus their attention on you instead of the environment. Class Locations, Dates & Times: Towerpoint Dog Park: 9-10 AM Valle del Oro Main Dog Park: 9-10 AM Feb. 22, Mar. 1, Mar. 8, Mar. 15 Feb. 23, Mar. 2, Mar. 9, Mar. 16 Mesa Regal Mail Dog Park: 11-12 AM Canyon Vistas Softball Dog Park: 11-12 PM Feb. 22, Mar. 1, Mar. 8, Mar. 15 Feb. 23, Mar. 2, Mar. 9, Mar. 16 Val Vista Villages Dog Park: 1-2 PM Cost: $80 (includes 4-one hour classes Feb. 22, Mar. 1, Mar. 8, Mar. 15 for the training series) (Purchase includes the 4-week series) Purchase your tickets at least one week prior to the first class start date. Please fill-out the Trainer’s In-Take form prior to attending the class. (Provided by your Activities Office). Class Reservations can be purchased at your Resort’s Activities Box Office or Online at 16

TECHNOLOGY AT CAL-AM RESORTS We’re excited to have returning to your resorts, George Poirier, our Technology Expert! This season George will be adding a new class on APPS and all the exciting ways of using apps from ordering food, canceling subscriptions, shopping at grocery stores, watching your health & fitness, and many other uses. Browse the following schedule and note that you can attend a variety of classes at your resort this season! About George: He worked for IBM on Mainframes to PCs for 35 years! He began his career as a programmer and ended up in worldwide Technical Sales Support for software applications. He built and delivered classes and presentations to support the IBM sales force in 22 countries. These Classes are Complimentary to our Residents TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THIRSDAY Make your reservations at your Resort’s Activities Box Towerpoint Val Vista Vill. Good Life Office or Online at 10-11:00 10-11:00 11-12:00 Social Hall George has created a website for his students to use to access Garske Room Vista Mtg. Rm Sun Life videos, links and download presentations during the season. Mesa Regal Canyon Vistas Please utilize this link for tutorials on classes & how-to videos. 11:30-12:30 1-2:00 Computer Rm. 12:30-1:30 Computer Rm. Portalas II JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH iPhone Basics Special Note: Classes will not be held the Mobile APPS first 2 weeks of February. Jan 4 Towerpoint, Mesa Regal Mar 1 Towerpoint, Mesa Regal Jan 5 Val Vista Villages, Canyon Vistas iPhone Basics Mar 2 Val Vista Villages, CV Jan 6 Good Life, Sun Life Mar 3 Good Life, Sun Life Feb 15 Towerpoint, Mesa Regal Android Basics Feb 16 Val Vista Villages, Canyon Vistas Health with Smart Phone & Feb 17 Good Life, Sun Life Watch Jan 11 Towerpoint, Mesa Regal Jan 12 Val Vista Villages, Canyon Vistas Android Basics Mar 8 Towerpoint, Mesa Regal Jan 13 Good Life , Sun Life Mar 9 Val Vista Villages, CV Feb 22 Towerpoint, Mesa Regal Mar 10 Good Life , Sun Life Mobile APPS Feb 23 Val Vista Villages, Canyon Vistas Feb 24 Good Life, Sun Life Photography on Smart Phone Jan 18 Towerpoint, Mesa Regal Jan 19 Val Vista Villages, Canyon Vistas Mar 15 Towerpoint, Mesa Regal Jan 20 Good Life, Sun Life Mar 16 Val Vista Villages, CV Mar 17 Good Life, Sun Life Health with Smart Phone & Watch Using Web-Based Tools Jan 25 Towerpoint, Mesa Regal Mar 22 Towerpoint, Mesa Regal Jan 26 Val Vista Villages, Canyon Vistas Mar 23 Val Vista Villages, CV Jan 27 Good Life, Sun Life Mar 24 Good Life, Sun Life 17

SPANISH LANGUAGE AT RESORTS HOLA AMIGOS!! Spanish classes will be offered for 12 weeks, starting in January at various Cal-Am Resorts. We welcome Beginner, Intermediate, and Ad- vanced Students; don’t be shy, these classes are fun and not intimidating. All Spanish Language Classes will be taught from the #1 selling book Spanish in 100 Days. On-line support for this book is provided through a FREE app and website. This years Book Club selection is Easy Spanish Reader. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much Spanish you already know! New for Advanced Students is a Spanish Journal Writing class with a wonderful book, Todo Empieza Aqui. We will explore how to use the Subjunctive and some of those other rarely used mysterious tenses. Books are required for all classes this season! All books are available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. HASTA PRONTO! Susan Rome-Turpin, Spanish Instructor Spanish in 100 Days is available at Easy Spanish Reader (McGraw-Hill) Todo Empieza Aqui is available at Amazon Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $14.95 is available at Amazon and Barnes and Barnes & Noble for $12.95 (paperback) (paperback) & Noble for $15.00 (paperback) 18

DIY CRAFTS ON ZOOM Please join our creative genius, Diana McLaws, for her ZOOM DIY Craft classes this season! Diana is a native Arizonan and is currently our Décor Director and a past Activities Director for Cal-Am Resorts. Her passions outside of the workshop include; traveling, camping, family history and of course, DIY Craft projects. We are excited to present these 3 fun & easy craft classes to you! Don’t be shy, join in on the creativity and get your scissors & glue gun ready!! JANUARY CRAFT: DECORATIVE CUTTING BOARD WALL ART This popular Farm-style Cutting Board will be a perfect compliment in the kitchen, porch or spots in the home. Makes for a wonderful gift as well! WEDS. JANUARY 12TH at 1:30 PM on Zoom! FEBRUARY CRAFT: LEARN TO MAKE A BOW FIVE DIFFERENT WAYS Diana will be teaching 5 ways to make beautifully festive bows! The best part will be where we’d like to display them all! WEDS. FEBRUARY 9TH at 1:30 PM on Zoom! MARCH CRAFT: EASY TO MAKE NAPKIN RING HOLDERS with TWINE Save your toilet paper rolls! We’ll be making these neutral, twine napkin ring holders to go with many table settings! WEDS. MARCH 9TH at 1:30 PM on Zoom! CRAFT TIME! Ticket Reservations are Needed! You will be emailed the Zoom Link & Craft Shopping List & Instructions 2 days prior to each class. For Class Reservations: Go to your Activities Box Office or online at 19


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