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Mesa Regal April 2022 Messenger

Published by felixp, 2022-04-04 05:40:40

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470 E Main St Mesa, AZ 85205 | Activities Of- fice 480- 981- 5118 | Guest Services 480-830- 2821 4700 E Main St Mesa, AZ 85205 | Activities Office 480-981-5118 | Guest Services 480-830-2821

What’s Inside: From Manager, Sales & AD Pg. 3-4 Upcoming Events Pg.11-14 Activities Website Pg. 5 Clubs/Classes/States Pg. 15-18 Cactus Grill/ Raves Pg 20-27 Fitness Ticket Calendar Pg. 6 Amenities Maps Pg 28-29 Activities Calendar Pg. 7 Daily Schedule Pg. 8-9 Fitness Class Info Pg, 10 480.830.2821 [email protected] M-F 8a-1p I Sat 8a-12p Summer Hrs 4.18.22 M-F 8a-12p Window Closed Sat M-F 8a-4p l 480.830.8675 2

From The Manager’s Desk…. Warm greetings to the many wonderful residents and guests that chose to extend their stay. We have beautiful weather and great activities planned just for you! As a Native from Arizona, I absolutely love the month of April. It’s my favorite month of the year. Our Arizona desert is picturesque-perfect this time of year. Our Resort roses add an array of color this time of year, too. Special thanks to our great work camper landscaping teams for their work in taking such good care of them. I truly appreciate your passion. It’s this time of year when our roses showcase your gentle care. On the other hand, it’s sad to see that most residents and work campers are returning to their summer homes.We miss everyone already! We wish everyone a safe and healthy summer with their families and urge them to hurry back to see us in the fall. We truly had a fabulous season. We had great weather, lots of good laughs, plenty of dancing and singing and plenty to eat. We also had the opportunity to meet new residents that are now part of our Mesa Regal family and friends. Thank you for spreading kindness and cheerfulness; both very contagious by the way! Our summer promises to be busy again for the staff as we continue to spruce things up throughout the resort awaiting your return in the fall. We will keep you updated throughout the summer. On behalf of Mesa Regal staff and your management team, we wish you all a Happy and Blessed Easter! & “Happy Passover”! Fondly, Gloria & Manny Salgado 3

As we were cruising on the Mesa Regal Cruise Line through March, a blast was to be had...Managers Happy Hours, Dances, Tournaments, Queen Nation concert, & St Patrick's Day. There were many amazing, unique, beautiful, & fun entries in the parade. The St. Patrick's celebration went on into the evening with green beer! Our next Port of Call was Carnival Cruise Day. Fun, fun, fun from 11AM to 10PM. We had calm seas and good weather at the Artisan show where many talented and creative artists displayed their beautiful crafts. We will continue to have Yachts of Fun and excitement through April. Just to name a few: Live Music on the patio Monday thru Friday with great bands, Karaoke most Monday evenings, Outdoor sports plus exercise classes, Paint with Friends April 6, Hawaiian Luau Show April 12th, Special Easter Dinner available for delivery on April 17th. Our Cactus Grill will have food and drink specials throughout the month. THE CRUISE IS NOT OVER! We have many more Ports of Call with pop up surprises! We have the best resort ever! The best shipmates-volunteers, work campers, cruise directors- and the best passengers-residents. With the season winding down, the sales office would like to thank all of our residents for making this year a huge success! You help to create the culture and lifestyle that brings new residents to Mesa Regal year after year. We are excited to have added Rebecca Hopkins to the Sales Team last month and she has proved to be a fast learner and hard worker. We are still listing and selling homes and if this summer is anything like last year, we will be busy throughout the warm weather months. Let your friends and family that may be interest- ed know that we are available if they are looking to buy, sell, or rent. As always, you can view our inventory at and we are available by phone (480) 830-8675, or email at either [email protected] or scotth@cal- If you are heading home, please travel safe. We look forward to seeing you again! -Scott Harvey and the Mesa Regal Sales Team Sincerely, Scott Harvey Scott Harvey Mesa Regal Resort Home Specialist 4


Mesa Regal Resort APRIL 2022 Ticketed Classes Fri: 1 Sat: 2 Mon: 4 Tues: 5 Wed: 6 Thurs: 7 Fri: 8 Sat: 9 Mon: 11 Tues: 12 Wed: 13 Thurs: 14 Fri: 15 Sat: 16 Mon: 18/25 Tues: 19/26 Wed: 20/27 Thurs: 21/28 Fri: 22/29 Sat: 23/30 6

April 2022 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Ticket Required 1 2 9am Coffee & 5 6 7 3-5p Patio 9 D*Mounsut twseianr Ryoeugrabl aHdagell* Reign N Recycle e/o Tues. 3-5p Patio 1-3p Paint 3-5p Patio Country 16 Boomer With Soul Trash Fridays Impressions 8 23 Friends 34 3-5p Patio 14 3-6p Patio Josh West 3-5p Patio Harry 4-6p Patio North Star Matthews DJ & 15 Midnight 5-7p 12 13 Sun 3-5p Patio Karaoke Desert Royal Coyotes 10 11 Islanders 3-5p Patio LUAU 7pm Comeback 3-5p Patio Ticket and badge Buddy Off Your Rocker required 5-7p Karakoke 17 18 19 20 21 22 Grill 3-7p Patio 3-5p Patio 3-5p Patio 4-7p Patio Closed AZ Ave Eric Harry Rocksmith Today Band Morrow Matthews 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 3-5p Patio 3-5p Patio 3-5p Patio 4-7p Patio 3-5p Patio Fairlanes Weezel Silhouette Splash Kristy Dee Brothers 5-7p 7 Duo Karaoke

DDAIaLiYlySSCcHhEeDdUuLleE AAPpRriIlL2200222 Monday - Fitness Wednesday - Fitness Event Rm Time Event Rm Time Pilates w/Friends Royal Hall 7:45a Pilates w/Friends Royal Hall 7:45a Chair Yoga Acacia 9a Chair Yoga Acacia 9a Core Balance*+ Pound*+ 9a Zumba*+ Royal Hall 10a Zumba*+ Royal Hall Aqua Cycle*+ Royal Hall 11a Aqua Cycle*+ Royal Hall 10a Kickboxing*+ Main Pool 11:30a Taquata*+ Main Pool 11:15a Royal Hall Barre*+ Main Pool 12:15p 1p Royal Hall 1p Monday - Activities Silversmith (until 4/15) Silversmith 8-11:30a Wednesday - Activities Lapidary (until 4/15) Lapidary 8:30-11a Silversmith Open Silversmith (until 4/15) Shop Rolle Bolle+ Rolle Bolle 9a 8-11:30a Stained Glass (yr-round) Stained Stained Glass (yr-round) Stained 9a-3p Glass 9a-3p Lapidary Open Ceramics+ (year-round) Ceramics 9-12:30p (until 4/15) Lapidary 8:30-11a Ceramics/Pottery Shop Poker, Dealer’s Choice Poker Rm 11:30a Class+ (year-round) 9:00a- RC Track Racing Ceramics Rm 12:30p Water Volleyball Main Pool 1-3p (year-round) Poker, Omaha (until Thunder Rd 10a Scrapbooking Ceramics Rm 1-4p 4/23) Mah Jongg (year- Poker Rm 11:30a-1p Karaoke+ Half Bar 5-7p round) Lounge 12:30- RC Racing+ year-round Thunder Rd 6p Water Volleyball Main Pool 3p Poker Rm Farkle Lounge 6:30-9p Poker, Omaha (until 1-3p 4/23) Acacia Rm 1-3p Poker Poker Rm 7-10p Rubber Stamping (until 4/6/22) Music Rm 1-5p Tuesday - Fitness Rosary Group+ (until Music Rm 4/29) Game Rm 5-5:45p Functional Fitness*+ Royal Hall 8a 6:30p 9a AA Yoga w/Friends (until 4/14) Putting Green 9:30a 6:30-9p Cribbage Taquata*+ Main Pool 12:30p Royal Hall Beg. Line Dancing Royal Hall 1:30p Intermediate Line Dancing*+ Tuesday - Activities Silversmith (until 4/15) Silversmith 8-11:30a Woodcarving Ceramics Rm 8-12p (until 4/15) Lapidary Open Lapidary 8:30-11a Poker Poker Rm 7-10p (until 4/15) Shop If you enjoy going out in the month of spring, Stained Glass (yr-round) Stained 9:30a-12:30 then you surely love April! Crocheting & Knitting Lounge 9:30-11:30 As per the Gregorian calendar, April is the fourth month of the year. It was originally Board & Card Games Multi-Purpose 10a-12p named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess. Many poets and authors have talked endlessly Poker, Dealers Choice Poker Rm 11:30a about the lushness of the month of April in their publications, such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bridge Lessons Acacia Rm 12:30-3p Pablo Neruda, T.S. Eliot, and Mark Twain. It's such a pleasant month that most poets can't Water Volleyball Main Pool 1-3p help its influence seeping into their work. The warm sun, cool breeze, temperate climate, Meditation+ (until 4/6) Music Rm 2-3p and bloom of flowers, uplift anyone's spirits. Mah Jongg Lounge 6-8:30p Rolle Bolle+ Rolle Bolle 6p Ping Pong+ (until 4/17) Royal Hall 6-8p Poker Poker Rm 7-10p Legend & Notes * ticket required (box office or online) + Details can be found in the Messenger 8

DAILY SCHEDULE APRIL 2022 Thursday - Fitness Friday - Activities (continued) Event Rm Time Event Rm Time Royal Hall 8a Silversmith 8-11:30a Functional Fitness*+ 9a Silversmith Open 8a –12p Yoga with Friends Putting (until 4/15) Shop (until 4/14) Green 9:30a Wood Carving Ceramics 9-3p Taquata *+ Main Pool 10:15a (until 4/15) 8:30-11a Core Balance*+ Royal Hall 12:30p Stained Glass Room 11:30-3p Line Dancing (year-around) 12:30-3p w/Susan*+ Royal Hall 11:15a Lapidary (until 4/15) Stained Glass Get to Know Your 2p Poker, Dealer’s 1-4p Gym*+ Fitness Choice (year-round) Lapidary Shop 1-3p Room Mah Jongg (year- 5:5:45p Kickboxing *+ Tap Room round) Poker Rm 7-10p Ceramics+ (year- 7-10p Thursday - Activities round) Lounge Water Volleyball 8a Woodcarving Ceramics Rm 8a- Rosary Group+ Ceramics 10a (until 4/15) 12p 11:30a Silversmith Open Poker Main Pool (until 4/15) Silversmith 8a- Music Rm 9a Lapidary Open Euchre Poker Rm (until 4/15) Shop 11:30a Game Rm 10a-12p Stained Glass (year-round) Lapidary 8:30a-11a 9:30a Coffee and Donuts Shop 10a Saturday - Fitness Rolle Bolle+ Stained 9a-3p 11:30a- Glass Shop 3p Board and Card 1-2-3 Walk(until 5/15) Royal Hall Games Regal Hall 9a 1-3p 6:30-10p Ladies Pool League Rolle Bolle 10a Zumba*+ Patio Courts Bollywood*+ Patio 7-10p Poker, Dealer’s Choice Music Room 10a-12p Saturday - Activities 1-3p 2p Billiards 11a-3p Rolle Bolle+ Rolle Bolle Room Courts 4-6p Poker Room 11:30a-3p Photography Group+ Computer 7-10p Social Bridge Game Room 12:30p-3p 1st Saturday Training Lab, 3rd Saturday Multi-Purpose Rummikub (year- Lounge 1-3p round) Room Water Volleyball Main Pool 1-3p RC Track Racing (year-round) Ceramics+ (year- Ceramics Rm 1-4p Thunder Road round) Poker, Dealer’s Choice Poker Rm Ping Pong+ (until Royal Hall 6-8p Main Pool 4/17/22) Water Volleyball Pinochle (year-round) Multi- 6:30-9:30p Samba Cards Game Rm Purpose Rm Poker Poker Room 7-10p Poker Poker Rm Sunday - Activities Friday - Fitness 1-2-3 Walk Royal Hall 7:45a Water Volleyball Main Pool (until 5/15) Royal Hall 9:15a Billiards Rm Billiards, Singles Pilates* (until 5/15) Play Aqua Cycle*+ Main Pool 10a Ping Pong+ (until Royal Hall Zumba*+ Royal Hall 10a 4/17/22) Barre*+ Royal Hall 12p Legend & Notes Poker Poker Rm * ticket required (box office or online) + details can be found in the messenger 9

Mesa Regal Saturdays 11:30AM on the Patio Please sign up online or in the Activities Office 10



MONDAY THRU FRIDAY Apr 1 Reign N Country 3-5p Apr 4 North Star 3-5p Apr 5 Boomer 3-5p Apr 6/21 Harry Mathews 3-5p Apr 7 Soul Impressions 3-5p Apr 8 Josh West 3-6p Apr 11 Off Your Rocker 3-5p Apr 13 Comeback Buddy 3-5p Apr 14 DJ & Midnight Sun 4-6p Apr 15 Desert Coyotes 3-5p Apr 19 AZ Ave Band 3-7p Apr 20 Eric Murrow 3-5p Apr 22 Rocksmith 4-7p Apr 25 Fairlanes 3-5p Apr 26 Weezul Brothers 3-5p Apr 27 Silhouette 3-5p Apr 28 Splash 4-7p Apr 29 Kristy Dee Duo 3-5p 13


R/C TRACK @ THUNDER ROAD PING PONG Race Times: SUN 4-6PM, TUE & THUR 6-8PM Thru 4.17.22 Sat 10AM Royal Hall Mon 6PM Wed 10AM Free Lessons, 1st Hour of Play. All Equipment Provided: Balls, Paddles, & Tables Come Race With Us! Everyone is welcome! CORNHOLE ROSARY “FUN PLAY” Wed & Fri 5PM Thru 4.29.22 Open Play every day for practice. Music Room Team play daily 6PM Join others to pray the at the Shuffleboard Courts Rosary as a group! MR PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB MESA REGAL RIDERS MESA REGAL PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB This group is for motorcycle riders in Mesa Regal resort. General meeting Saturday, April 2 Show photos from last outing We do group rides to fun places often for lunch or 10-12 a.m. Computer Training Lab dinner, sometimes Photo-shoot Adventure Saturday, April 16 To be Announced at General meeting April 2 including activities like Meet 9:30 a.m. Multipurpose Room to carpool hike to Tonto National Park, Put 10 of your favorite photos from the Saguaro Ranch (or other outing) on a thumb drive that has your name on it to show and discuss at the general meeting. Your watch sky diving at Eloy etc. thumb drive will be returned to you. It doesn’t matter what you If you wish to attend the meeting by Zoom, email Donna Pearson for more information ride, and anyone in the at: [email protected] group can post a ride or Any Mesa Regal resident from beginner to professional interested in taking photos and event. improving photography skills is welcome. Whether using cell phones or DSLRs, pho- If you would like to learn tographers will enjoy and benefit from the club outings, showings, and educational tips. This club does NOT have a membership fee. We have a lot of fun and make good more please join the memories. Contact for questions: [email protected] Facebook Group 15 “Mesa Regal Riders” Thru 4.30.22

MESA REGAL MEDITATION GROUP MESA REGAL PICKLEBALL Tues 2PM Music Pickleball is going strong! Room Come down to the courts, register and play with us. Thru 4.6.22 Paddles and lessons availa- ble for new players. Scheduled activities We are open to those who practice meditation, or and playing info is on the West Wall of those who would like to give it a try! The CDC has the Palo Verde building near pickle ball stated that “this popular practice can be particularly effective for stress relief.” Studies have shown that courts. You can also register online at this practice can lower a person’s blood pressure and heart rate. In addition to exercise, it can help relieve stress and anxiety. Email: [email protected] For more info, call Marlene Thomasson SEE YOU ON THE COURTS. at 360-580-6122 CERAMICS/POTTERY ROLLE BOLLE Mon 9AM,Tue 6PM Thurs 10AM, Sat 9AM Thru 5.31.22 We play four games to 8 points, teams of 3-4, & play for quarters. You can rent Bolles for .25 cents a day/$10 for the season. If you’d like to learn how to play come 30 min early and we’ll show you! TENNIS Mesa Regal Tennis Club courts are open, come join the fun! The tennis courts are opened for social and rec- reational play MR Residents are invited to join the MRTC and play recreational league or social matches with teammates for some good healthy fun. Players at all skill levels are encouraged to join the club **Contact MRTC Membership Chairperson Sue Yoggerst at #1835 or (217)415-1128 or President Randy Law (816)341-2262 For additional information 16


CAL-AM Water Volleyball Tournament PICKLEBALL - WOMENS DOUBLES at Canyon Vistas 2ND PLACE WINNERS COLLEEN JANUS & On March 10, 2022 SHARON HOHMANN MESA REGAL Cornhole Tournament on 3/28/2022 1ST Ron Howe & Steve McLain, 2nd Bob & Sam Oneill 3rd Daryl Delance & Mike LaChance 18

Need a Massage? Appointments are available for April. Ask us about Gift Certificates. To make an appointment, Please contact Sandi at 480-375-5960 19



7 22








People born in April tend to have good memories, are great diplomats and can assist friends and family with solutions to their problems.Their strong personality and love of attention can make them fun friends.They are highly active and sometimes act too hastily when seeking new adventure.They are great motivators, but can be aggressive and too emotional for some people to handle. 30















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