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Dec 2018

Published by Burhani Library, 2019-01-03 02:16:39

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VOLUME 105 | ISSUE 111 | DECEMBER 2018 Page 4 Feedstock for Bio digester Established by H.H. Dr. Syedna Environment Wellness & Lifestyle Monthly Newsletter Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA)The material that is used in anaerobic digestion is called feedstock. What goes intoa digester determines what comes out, so careful choice of feedstock’s is essential. in 1992The feedstock doesn't have to be waste, any biodegradable non-woody plant oranimal matter is a suitable feedstock for a digester. However, anaerobic micro- Turning The Tide Against Plastic Pollutionorganisms cannot break down lignin, the complex polymer that gives plants theirstrength, which means that wood products, paper and straw will slow the digester. Commemorating the celebrations of theListed below are feedstock’s that can be commonly used in anaerobic digesters: 108th Birth Anniversary of our founder, the 52nd Dai-al-Mutlaq, His Holiness Dr. SyednaAgricultural Feedstock Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA), and the 75th♦ Animal manure Birth Anniversary of the 53rd Dai-al-Mutlaq,♦ Energy crops♦ Algal biomass♦ Crop residuesCommunity-Based Feedstock His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS), BFI and Project Rise have joined♦ Organic fraction of Municipal Solid Waste Industrial Feedstock♦ Municipal Solid Waste ♦ Food/beverage processing hands with Environmentalist and UN Champion of the Earth, Advocate♦ Sewage sludge ♦ Dairy♦ Grass clippings/garden waste ♦ Sugar & Starch industry Afroz Shah, to raise awareness and inspire action against the growing menace of♦ Food remains ♦ Pharmaceutical industry♦ Institutional wastes etc. ♦ Cosmetic industry plastic pollution. ♦ Biochemical industryManure and animal wastes are an easy ♦ Pulp and paper The announcement of the campaign titledchoice for anaerobic digestion because it ♦ Slaughterhouse/rendering plantgenerally has a neutral pH. Blending of ‘Turning the Tide’ against plastic pollutionenergy-dense feedstock with livestockmanure is a common practice to maximize was organized on Wednesday, 28th Novemberbiogas production. 2018, in Mumbai. The campaign is aimed at creating awareness, inspiring discussions and involving the Dawoodi Bohra community in cleaning beaches and actively contributing to Shahzada Ammar Bhaisaheb DM with turning the tide on plastic pollution. Mr.Afroz ShahBurhani Foundation (India) After becoming synonymous with the world's largest beach clean-up project in has partnered with Versova, Afroz Shah has set out his latest endeavor to clean up the Dana Paani Beach at Malad and rejuvenate Mithi River, which has turned into a sewage overRecycled Paper Used the years. Mr Shah is not only cleaning Mithi River, but also going door to door Recycled Paper Used and educating people – living on the banks of the river–on how to generate BURHANI FOUNDATION (INDIA) circular economy by effectively handling garbage.Amatullah Manzil, 65 Bazargate Street, Fort, Mumbai-1.Phone: 22678480 / 22634326 Youtube: Burhani Foundation India ChannelWebsite: Facebook: Burhani-Foundation-IndiaEmail: [email protected] Twitter: [email protected] Instagram:

Page 2 Page 3 ….. Continued from page 1 BFI and Dawoodi Bohra community members joined Afroz Shah and his team at Dana Paani beach and Mithi RiverDawoodi Bohra community members from Mumbai and Marol Jamiat will join MrShah at Dana Paani Beach and Mithi River, Powai, every weekend in rotation tovolunteer in cleaning these locations. This will be a long term association and wewill keep working on different locations one after the other.Let us all unite together and lend our hands, let us come out in large numbersevery weekend. Can’t we even give a few hours to save our Planet? Although it isnot necessary for all of us to come to Dana Paani beach or Mithi River, those whocan come are most welcome. While others can select any such place in theirlocality, or can begin their own cleanliness campaign. If nothing let us all at least stop using plastic completely. Cleanup at Daana Pani beach will be held for 2 hours on every Saturday, from 10 AM to 12 PM (subject to high/low tides) On Sundays the cleanup will be held at Mithi River from 10 AM to 1 PM. Come join US, join the campaign to make our Planet Plastic Free.Recycled Paper Used Recycled Paper Used

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