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October (1)_compressed

Published by Pravallika ketha, 2022-11-08 07:57:58

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OCT MONTH PRINCIPAL DESK Dear Parents, Greetings! “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.” The month of October seems like bonanza for the students of Pallavi Aware International School as it gave them ample of opportunities to come up with flying colours in every field. May it be academics or co-curricular, students proved to be the best availing the active participation certificates and even bagged many prizes adding features to their caps. By participating in competitions organized by our school, Interschool or other organizations, students have a new opportunity to show their talent and apply their skills. In turn, the rewards of student competitions, whether tangible or otherwise, can help them achieve their educational and professional goals. Some research studies suggest such competition can motivate students, make them put in more e ort, and achieve results. Indeed, competition increases physiological and psychological activation, which prepares body and mind for increased e ort and enables higher performance. With great pleasure and pride, I express that- *PAIS students participated in semi classical singing competition held by Satya Sai Nigamagamam on 3rd October 2022, on account of Dussehra celebrations and secured first position. Students were given memento and books.

And as a token of appreciation a memento was given on behalf of the whole school. PAIS, Saroornagar, participated in National competition in Patriotic Singing on 16th October, which had 4 categories (Hindi, Sanskrit, Folk, Regional). Our students took part in all the 4 categories and won second position. *Our group of students participated in Dance and Music competition held by Sri Siddhi Vinayak Dance and Music academy on 16th October 2022 and bagged first position. Students were awarded with certificate and medals. I appreciate the sta and students of all faculties who use various modes of expansion to present their ideas. My heartiest congratulations to all the winners and faculty who put their e orts together for making PAIS team proud and helping students achieve their potential thereby making them confident and inspiring others. Warm wishes Radhicka Borgaonker

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF GIRL CHILD Dt. 10. 10. 2022, The International Day of the Girl Child is celebrated annually on 11th October. The main aims of the day are to promote every girl’s empowerment and fulfilment of their human rights while also highlighting the challenges that girls all over the world face. The first International Day of the Girl Child was observed in 2012. The year 2022 will mark the 10th anniversary celebration of IDG. International Day of the Girl Child Theme 2022 is - “Our time is now—our rights, our future” Pallavi Aware International School always steps forward to take the opportunity of celebrating the special occasions through special assemblies. Students of grade - VII led the assembly. To start with, the choir was all set. It was a wonderful assembly which included the children of all age groups participating in it. Students recited poems, conveyed a few slogans, displayed the posters. They even presented speeches which was followed by the performance of an action song. It was indeed a highlighted programme. On this occasion Principal Mrs. Radhicka Borgaonker elevated the value of every girl by exemplifying the importance of a girl child.

INTRA HOUSE KABADDI COMPETITION Dt. 12.10.22 and 13.10. 22 Playing sports builds your personality and teaches you to live life in a better way. Getting involved in such activities teaches good values, ethics, and skills in your life. The person starts to have a positive outlook towards life and can easily deal with obstacles in their life Skills like teamwork, leadership, patience, discipline, learning from failure, Sportsmanship, etc., are developed only when children play sports regularly, and these skills are equally important when it comes to studies and management. The Intra House Kabaddi Competition was held on October 12 and 13 October, 2022, at school premises with enthusiasm and ample excitement. There was tough competition across all the sections of Grade VI and VII. On this occasion, the physical education teachers were present and ensured that there was fair play and students enjoyed, and all were thrilled to watch all the matches were nail biters and the runners lost with negligible margin.

SFA CHAMPIONSHIP KHO-KHO Dt. 16.10.22 SFA Championship Kho-Kho U-14 Boys & Girls match was conducted on 16th October at Gachibowli Stadium. The selected students from PAIS were escorted by PET. SFA CHAMPIONSHIP KABADDI Dt. 20.10.22 SFA Championship Kabaddi U-14 &U-17 boys match as were conducted on 20th October at Gachibowli Stadium. The physical education trainer escorted the student participants and had returned victoriously. Principal Ms. Radhicka Borgaonker addressing the students invoked them to participate in co-scholastic activities conducted by the school actively and sincerely which will help them in the overall development of their personalities. TELUGU WEEK CELEBRATION Dt. 17.10.22 to 19.10.22 “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” Nelson Mandela Language is a vital part of human connection. Although all species have their ways of communicating, humans are the only ones that have mastered cognitive language communication. Language allows us to share our ideas, thoughts, and feelings with others. It has the power to build societies, but also tear them down.

Pallavi Aware International School has given it’s assembly platform to express their love of language whether it is Telugu, Hindi or English. It has Week Celebrations for every language along with other main subjects with a perfect balance. There was the prayer at the beginning which was followed by the pledge in Telugu, recitation of poems, Harikadha conveying the importance of rain to grow crops and concluded with very exciting Indra Jaalam leaving every audience in spellbound. Principal Radhicka Borgaonker appreciated for each act and congratulated the teachers who guided the students.

INTER SCHOOL ESSAY COMPETITION Dt. 19.10. 22 “The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.” – Leo Tolstoy Moral values play an essential role in any student's life. They help build a positive character with traits such as compassion, respect, kindness, and humility. They can make students distinguish between right and wrong or good and bad. Pallavi Aware International School always strives to implant human values through di erent ways. As a part of it students of PAIS from grade VIII to X took part in the State level essay writing Competition for the students was conducted by Sri Satya Sai Seva Organisations, Telangana, Hyderabad on 19th October, 2022 on the topic- “ Service to Man is Service to God” of which the participant who secures highest marks in state level will be awarded with a gold medal at Prasanthi Nilayam. A volunteer of Sri Satya Sai Seva Sudha, Saroornagar conducted the competition where 35 students participated enthusiastically. “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” – Dalai Lama

UNITY IN DIVERSITY Dt. 20.10.21 Unity in diversity is very important for a country because it is easy to disintegrate people with di erent views and ideologies. If there is unity among the people despite their di erences, it will always be impossible for a force to disintegrate the nation. The seeds of national unity are present in our culture and in our blood. Our religious books, epics, music and dances, festivals are all common. Hence, these sources of unity are a cementing force. The best example of India’s unity is diversity of our defence services. In our defence services, people from all the communities and faith work together. Another best example is at Pallavi Aware International School children celebrated 20/10/22 as unity in diversity assembly with great enthusiasm and determination. The assembly started with a good quote on unity in diversity and it was followed by conversation and a beautiful speech. Ended up with an oath to live in unity.

DIWALI CELEBRATION Dt. 22. 10.22 Diwali, the festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. Pallavi Aware International School celebrated clean and green Diwali with festive gusto. The day started with a special morning assembly wherein students delivered speeches on the significance of the festival and the relevance of eco-friendly celebrations. To mark the celebrations, PAIS conducted various activities and competitions. Various competitions, including DIY Diwali cards, Yarn wrapped candles, Wall hangings and paper lanterns competitions were held for di erent age groups to bring out the creativity in students and mark the festivities with full fervour.

UNITED NATIONS DAY Dt. 27.1022 It was on 24 October 1945 that the foundational treaty of the United Nations brought the organisation into existence. Mainly, the aim was to encourage co-operation between all the governments of the world after the failure of the League of Nations. In other words, it was an e ort to prevent another war like World War II from breaking out. In many countries around the world, people celebrate United Nations Day with national costumes, flags, and music performances. That is because this day is a symbol of cultural diversity. The United Nations is famous for their work in disaster relief, humanitarian aid, peacekeeping, and international unity. Every 24 October we celebrate its anniversary as a reminder of the importance of diversity, culture, and the spirit of brotherhood. Students of Pallavi Aware International School were all set to convey the significance of celebrating this day. It started with the regular prayer and followed by the quotes, speeches, and displaying the colourful posters. Principal Radhicka Borgaonker addressed the gathering saying, “War is not the only way to bring peace.” There are many alternative ways such as negotiating to terms which are reasonable for both the countries and hence resolving the problem. There shall always be a win-win situation. Some terms shall be accepted by one party and some by the others.

NATIONAL ANIMATION DAY Dt. 28.10. 22 Every day we witness the importance and beauty of animation in a variety of media. It spreads in commercial theatres – featuring 3D animation and special e ects, on TV, publicity, music industry, cross media, internet, but, and most specially, it develops and grows as an art form, through shorts, multimedia and feature films, created by independent authors, artists, students, and children from all over the world. Animation includes an impressive range of approaches, techniques and goals. Created by drawing, painting, animating puppets and objects, using clay, sand, paper and computer, working with multiple narratives and non-narratives, reflecting a diversity of themes and performances, presented on a variety of platforms. All of this confirms that ANIMATION is an extraordinary and powerful medium of art, cultural expression and communication. And, as a visual storytelling medium, animation can communicate across cultures without verbal language. It truly is a means for cultural connection. Pallavi Aware International School strives to support the opportunities for exchange and celebration that this event o ers. Students of grade-IV and VIII together showed through the di erent acts how animation has become a part and parcel of one’s life in the present scenario. They expressed the importance of this day through the speech, quotes and posters with catchy slogans

RASHTRIYA EKTA DIWAS Dt. 31.10.22 Ts Well said that, “Manpower without unity is not a strength unless it is harmonized and united properly, then it becomes a spiritual power.” In India, the Rashtriya Ekta Diwas or National Unity Day is observed every year on October 31 since 2014, to commemorate the birth anniversary of the Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. This year marks the 146th anniversary of the great leader who played an instrumental role in India’s struggle for independence, and later during the integration of the country. Pallavi Aware International School always stands for every occasion work for a good cause. Students of grade I to IX presented the assembly conveying the “Unity is Strength. “United one can face any challenges in life.

COMPETITIONS PARTICIPATED PAIS students participated in semi classical singing competition held by Satya Sai Nigamagamam on 3rd October 2022, on account of Dusshera celebrations and secured first position. Students were given memento and books. And as a token of appreciation a moment was given on behalf of the Pallavi Aware International School too. PAIS, Saroornagar, participated in National competition in Patriotic singing on 16th October, which had 4 categories (Hindi, Sanskrit, Folk, Regional). Our students took part in all the 4 categories and won second position. *Our group of students participated in Dance and Music competition held by Sri Siddhi Vinayak Dance and Music Academy on 16th October 2022 and bagged first position. students were awarded with certificate and medals. FIELD TRIPS -The educational trips Going on a field trip enhances their critical thinking skills and gives students a chance to think about a topic or theme from a di erent perspective. Several children do not get to experience the typical field trip locations with their families. A school trip gives students the chance to experience new venues. Pallavi Aware International School balances academics as well as activities giving proper weightage to each one whether it is outdoor or indoor activities In continuation of our endeavour to expose school children to di erent experiences for their overall development, it is proposed to organise an educational trip to Nehru Zoological Park for our students of Classes PP – Grade V from 19-10-22 31-10-22 and Birla Science Museum and

Planetarium of Classes VI – X from 27-10-22 29-10-22. This visit has been planned to provide them an authentic and developmental platform to discover, explore and learn about the di erent types of Flora and Fauna exhibited there. Nehru Zoological Park is home to some of the world’s exotic wildlife species like Bengal Tiger, Indian Rhino, Panther, Asiatic Lion, Indian Elephant, and several others. The park is also a breeding ground for several amazing bird species like manias, dove, pied hornbills, pelicans, finches, love birds, peacock, dove and parakeets to name a few. Birla Science Museum and Planetarium is the first phase of the Birla Science centre in Hyderabad, which was nothing less than a landmark in bridging the gap between science and the common masses. This dome shaped structure was developed with the technological help from Japan. This place presents its visitors with the latest information about the Universe and about various inventions and theories related to it.

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