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Global indian e paper november 15

Published by pglobalindian, 2022-11-15 01:24:50

Description: Global indian e paper november 15


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1 IDSDSAUAEIIL-L1Y7Y2 november 15 -2022 ISSUISES-U1E17-1S7e2ptneomvbeemr b1e1r -12502-2022 cml- p 22\\v KpP- d- m¯- n \\yqU- Â- l- n:- - t- Im¬- {- Kk- v t- \\X- m- Kp-P-dm-¯n-Â- -Bw-B-Z-av- n- -]m-À- kv C- X- ph- s- c- {- ]J- ym]- n¨- p. hv c- ml- pÂ- - K- mÔ- n- 22- \\- v K- pP- d- m- «n- -{]-Nm-c-W-¯n-Â- -G-sd- -ap- AS- p¯- -Z- nh- k- §- f- nÂ- -]- mÀ- «- nI- s- f- ¯nÂ- - {- ]N- mc- W- w- \\- S- ¯- pw.- `- mc- X- v t¶-dn-b-t¸m-gpw- -tIm-¬-{K-kv -] Ãmw-{- ]a- pJ- -t- \\X- m¡- s- f-C- d- ¡- n-d- m- -tPm-tUm- -bm-{X- -\\-bn-¡p-¶- -cm- n¶- m¡- a- ms- W¶- -]- c- mX- nb- pï- .v -C- u- enI- f- pa- mb- n- {- ]N- mc- W- w- s- Img- p¸- n- lp-Â- -ln-am-N-Â- -{]-tZ-iv -{]-Nm- k- ml- N- c- y¯- ne- mW- v c- ml- pe- ns- \\- ¡m³- -X- oc- pa- m\\- n¨- n«- pï- .v -_- n.s- P.]- c-W-¯n-Â- -\\n-¶v -hn-«p- -\\n-¶-Xv -tIm-¬-{K-kv -{]-Nm-c-W-¯n-\\n-d- n- {- ][- m\\- a- {- ´n- \\- t- c{- µt- amZ- ns- b- a- p- h- na- À- i- \\- ¯- n\\- nS- b- m¡- nb- nc- p¶- p.- ¡p¶- X- v.- U- nk- w_- À- - H- ¶- ,v - A- ©- v ¶nÂ- - \\- nd- p¯- nb- pÅ- - {- ]N- mc- W- a- m- A- ²- y£- ³- - a- Ã- nI- mÀ- Ö- p\\- - J- mÀ- - -Xn-b-Xn-I-fn-Â- -\\-S-¡p-¶- -Kp-P-dm- WvB- k- q{- XW- w-sN¿- p¶- X- .v -Aa- nX- v sKb- pw- {- ]nb- ¦- m- K- mÔ- nb- pa- mW- v ¯v \\- nb- a- k- `- m- X- nc- s- ªS- p¸- n\\- v j- m- A- S- ¡- w- {- ]a- pJ- - t- \\X- m¡- f- ps- a- l- na- mN- e- nÂ- - {- ]N- mc- W- w- \\- b- n¨- X- .v 142- Ø- m\\- mÀ- °- nI- s- f- t- Im¬- {- K- ¯pw. - _- n.s- P.]- n- k- nä- nwK- v F- w.]- n- k- zX- {- ´³ Kp-P-dm-¯n-se- -h-tKm-Un-b- a- [- p`- mb- v 1995Â- - k- zX- {- ´\\- m- .]- n-P- nÃ- m-A- ²- y£- ³- -A- i- zn³- - bn-Â- -\\n-¶v -B-dv -X-h-W- -P- bn- P- b- n¨- - t- \\X- mh- mW- v. -]-t«-Â- -H-cp- -{]m-tZ-in-I- -Xn- bn¨- - a- [- p`- mb- v {- ioh- mk- X-v h- v {][- m\\- a- {- ´n- t- amZ- nb- pa- mb- pw- c-sª-Sp-¸n-Â- -t]m-epw- -hn- C- ¡- pd- n- k- zX- {- ´\\- mb- n- a- Õ- - -jm-bp-am-bpw- -X-\\n-¡v -t\\-cn- P-bn-¨n-«n-sÃ-¶pw- -a-[p-`m-bv cn¡- pw.- _- n.s- P.- «v -_-Ô-ap-sï-¦n-epw- -ko-äv ]- d- ª- p.-C- X- ph- s- c- {- ]J- ymn- ¨- - ]n- -ko-äv -\\n-tj-[n-¨-Xn-s\\- \\- nt- j[- n¨- X- n\\- v t- ij- w- A- h- - Ø- m\\- mÀ- °- n- ]- «- n- X- pS- À- ¶- mW- nX- v.- t- aJ- e- b- nÂ- - tcm-Sv -kw-km-cn-¨n-«n-sÃ-¶v I- {- ]I- mc- w- A- ©- v -\\-Ã- -kzm-[o-\\-ap-Å- -a-[p-`m- a- [- p`- mb- v ]- d- ª- p.- a- {- ´na- mc- pw- k- -v bn- -_m-lp-_-en- -F-¶m-Wv 1995Â- -h- ³- -`- qc- n]- £- ¯- nÂ- -h- n- ]o-¡-dpw- -D-Ä-s¸- -A-dn-b-s¸-Sp-¶-Xv.- 2002-se- Pb- n¨- t- ¸mÄ- - t- amZ- nb- pw- A- a- n- sS- 38- -kn-änw-Kv K- pP- d- m¯- v I- e- m]- t- ¡k- nÂ- - Xv j- mb- pw- A- `- yÀ- °- n¨- n«- mW- v -Fw.-F-Â.-F-am- {- ]X- nt- NÀ- ¡- s- ¸«- nc- p¶- p.- a- p¼- v -_n.-sP.-]n-bn-Â- -tN-À-¶-Xv.- sc- _- n.s- P.]- n- H- g- n- t- Im¬- {- Kk- ,v - P- \\- X- mZ- Ä- - ]- mÀ- - X- \\- n¡- v ]- I- c- w- ]- mÀ- «- n- k- oä- p- hm¡- n. «nI- f- ne- pw- {- ]h- À- ¯- n¨- n«- pÅ- - \\- Â- I- nb- - h- t- UmZ- c- - _- n.s- P bph- X- ns- b Ig- p¯- v sRc- n¨- ps- Im¶- v Ij- vW- §- f- m¡- n Im«- n XÅ- nb- t- Ik- n bph- mh- v Ad- k- vä- n ZnÃ- n: enh- nwK- v ]mÀS- W-v d- mb- bp- arX- ic- oc- w 35 Ah- i- y km[- \\- §- f- ps- S hne- hX- ns- b Ig- p¯- v sRc- n¨- ps- Im- Ij- W- §- f- m¡- n ¶v I-jv-W-§-fm-¡n Im-«n apd- n¨- v A^- vX- m_- v hÀ[- \\- XS- ª- v XÅ- nb- tIk- n ZnÃ- nb- n bp- {^nU- vP- n kq£- n¨- p. bpF- C- kÀ¡- mÀ hmh- v Ad- Ì- ne- mb- nc- p¶- p. 18 Zn- hk- w XpS- À¨- b- mb- n cm{- Xn cï- v Wv sIme- ]- mX- I- w \\S- ¯- nb- s- X- Adkä-v v A_- pZ- m_- n: H¼- X- v Ah- i- y ]m-N-I F-®, ap-«, ]mÂ, aW- n ka- b- ¯- v Cb- mÄ ]¦- mf- n- ¶mW- v A^- X-v m_- ns- â {]mY- a- nI- ]nX- mh- ns- â km[- \\- §- f- ps- S hne- hÀ[- n- s{_-Uv, ]-bÀ, ]-©-km- bps- S ic- oc- `mK- §- Ä ZnÃ- nb- ns- e samg- n. s^md- ³k- nI- v hnZ- K- [-v \\- mb- ]c- mX- ns- b XpS- À¶v ¸n¡- p¶- X- v XS- ª- v bpF- C- c, tIm-gn-bn-d-¨n F-¶n-h- sal- d-v uf- n h\\- ¯- n XÅ- ns- b- sUI- Ìv- À tamÀK- ³ cm{- Xn Ime- - kÀ¡- mÀ. 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4 വിവിധം ISSUE -172 november 15 -2022 s\\l- d-v ph- ns- \\ Db- À¯- n¡- m«- m\\- mW- v {ia- n¨- X- v ; hm¡- p- ]ng- b- pï- mb- X- n ZpJ- w, hni- Z- oI- c- W- h- pa- mb- n kp[- mI- c- ³ I®- qÀ: Ph- l- Àe- m s\\l- dv- ph- ns- \\¡- pd- n¨- pÅ- ^mk- nÌ- p apJ- ¯- n\\- v t\\s- c P\\- m[- n]- X- y¯- ns- â cs- ªS- p-¸v kJ- yw D-ïm¡- -cp- {Kk- mW- .v he- nb- P\\- m[- n]- X- yw ]c- ma- À- i- §- Ä hnh- mZ- a- mb- kml- N- c- y¯- n hni- - I®- mS- n sh¨- ps- ImS- p¡- m³ thï- nb- mW- v A{- X- sX-¶pw F-{X sXc- s- ªS- p¸- p- hn-f-¼p-¶ kn-]n-Fw t]m-epw ZoI- c- W- h- pa- mb- n sI]- nk- nk- n A[- y£- ³ sI kp- bpw ]d- ª- p sh¨- X- v. FX- nÀ i_- !v *!Z§- s- ft- ¸m- IÄ ]c- mP- b- s- ¸«- me- pw hÀK- ob- _n-sP-]n-bp-am-bpw kw-L-]-cn- [mI- c- ³. 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5 സിനിമ ISSUE -172 november 15 -2022

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7 ISSUE -172 november 15 -2022 വിവിധം 3BHK fully furnished flat, 4th floor in CLASSIFIDE Manikunnam, Kottayam Muncipality tIm-«-bw Pn-Ã-bn aq-t¶-¡À Ø-e-hpw ho-Spw hnÂ-¸-\\-¡v with all amenities. Please contact more tIm-«-bw Pn-Ã-bn-se A-bÀ-¡p-¶- information Mr. P.S Reji Tel. ¯n-\\-Sp-¯v a-ª-a-äw \\-K-c-¯n 3 G-¡À Ø-e-hpw ho-Spw hn-ev-]- 91 8848007323(India). Babu \\-bv-¡v. c-ïv h-i-hpw ]n.U-»n-bp SmÀ sN-bv-X tdm-Upw _-kv dq-«pw, Chacko +1 7135578271(USA) ]-Ån, kv-Iq-fp-IÄ, B-ip-]-{Xn F-¶n-h-bv-¡v k-ao-]w, t¹m-«p-I-fm- bn Xn-cn-¡mw. kz-´w In-W-dp-Å {]-Ir-Xn-Z-¯ P-ew kp-e-`w .hn-hn-[ ]-²-Xn-IÄ-¡v A-\\p-tbm-Pyw.Iq- Sp-X hn-h-c-§Ä-¡v _-Ô-s¸-Sm- \\p-Å t]-cv:

8 ISSUE -172 november 15 -2022 t\\cpÅ hmÀ¯IÄ t\\tcmsS t\\cs¯ t¥m_ C´y³ \\yqkv Chairman & Managing Editor Editor in Chief Chief Executive Officer JAMES KOODAL HARI Namboodiri Thomas Stephen Editorial Board Abraham Varkey, Esq P.P Cheriyan Adv.Paul Sebastin[email protected] Phone: +(346) 773-0074

9 ISSUE -172 november 15 -2022 AD PAGE

AD PAGE 10 ISSUE -172 november 15 -2022

11 AD PAGE ISSUE -172 november 15 -2022

12 AD PAGE ISSUE -172 november 15 -2022

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