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Different culture between Thailand and Cambodia

Published by wisaratt, 2017-05-23 07:50:44

Description: Different culture between Thailand and Cambodia


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Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, definedby everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and art. (Kim, 2015).Cambodia and Thailand have always had a closely liked history. Despite sharing manycommon cultural traditions and traits, the Thai-Khmer relationship has often been stained.Then we have searched more information by interview Mr. Bubray Bun Who is Cambodian.He works at VRU. Author: Could you please introduce yourself? Mr. Bubray: I am Borey Bun, 28 years old, Cambodian and I am a lecturer of English Program, faculty of education-VRU. Author: What is the culture in your opinion? Mr. Bubray: In my opinion, culture is the way of living to follow traditional movements for people to respect. Author: Have you ever found the problem of cultural differences? Why? Mr. Bubray: Exactly, I have found. In Cambodia, we have Pchum Ben Days to give food to monks to pray for the dyed people for 15 days in every Novembers but in Thailand I haven’t found that Pchum Ben Days. I think that it’s because of we are

different country, different traditional events too.Author: How do you solve problems of cultural differences?Mr. Bubray: I think what I can do is to be flexible and follow up to agree withdifferences and we can change anything at all that is traditional movements.Author: Have you ever found the problem about communication from yourstudents?Mr. Bubray: Yeah I have, my students are so noisy, bad organized studying and lazytoo.Author: Could you give me some happens about communication in your class?Mr. Bubray: My students don’t care or listen to my teaching, they like talking, playphone, and make up at classroom too.Author: What is Thai culture makes you confuse?Mr. Bubray: To say hello and to say goodbye in Thai language we use in the sameword ”Suwadi”.Author: What is the Culture shock in your opinion?Mr. Bubray: Oh my students told her classmate in front of classroom that she likethat guy, to say like or love are so easy that is culture shock for me.Author: Could you give me some happen about communication in your leader?Mr. Bubray: Oh yes I could, language is main misunderstanding, I used English but heused Thai sometime. It’s hard for me.Author: How do you solve the problems?Mr. Bubray: I tried to explain him by speaking again and again slowly and show himthe picture or reports that can let him understand easily.

According from interview Mr. Bubray Bun. It found that Cambodia andThailand that are similar culture such as pray, religion, democracy, traditional, andfestival. However, there are some culture that are different such as language that hesaid the problem about language and other have to take time for solution. Finallyauthors want to say thankful for sharing your information. It is very useful for who areinterested about different culture.

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