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Q2 Newsletter

Published by thilakgene, 2017-10-26 01:04:55

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Setting NewStandards inHealthcareWe make use of our seasoned collective thinking to ful l thedemands of healthcare and its related sectors. Our teamspeaks the language of enhancing healthcare delivery andimproving its e ciency at all levels.Q2 FE Group - eNewsletter Jul-Sep 2017

CONTENTSWelcome 03Vision & Mission 04Leaders’ NoteConsulting Division 06Medical Tourism 08Senior Home CareAssisted Living 12FrontEnders Foundation 14 17 1902

WELCOMEto the unique healthcare collective wherethe young and enthusiastic talent exert inpeace and harmony to bring a dynamicchange in healthcare delivery. We auntexpertise and constantly strive to honeour skills to continue our thrives in the elds of in Healthcare Consulting, SeniorCare, Medical Tourism and Senior Living. 03

VISION“To be a principle enabler of quality,a ordable, accessible, and sustainablehealthcare services globally.” MISSION “To create, build, and deliver innovative solutions that suit our clients’ needs and also facilitate healthcare players in patient-centered care delivery.”04

FrontEnders as a group endeavours to adapt the ground-breaking trends in HealthcareIndustry and apply them same in the client’s marketing strategies and aspirations. Weensure every move that we make for our clients is e cient and cost-e ective and it is ournorm. We pitch in, nd a solution, employ it in the best way, ensure the issue is xed andthe preventive measures are in place – This is how we work and it’s been working for us for almost a decade.…05

WORD FROM I’m elated to see how FrontEnders Group is occupying the place of the fastest growingTHE LEADER healthcare concern in India while spreading its roots across the Globe. 02 Our Consulting Division is, as usual, consistently G. SRINIVASAN helping the healthcare dreamers to pursue their dreams by accompanying them in their endeav- (Founder & CEO, FrontEnders Group) ours. Senior Care division has expanded its band- width and now available in all major cities of Tamil Nadu. Also, it has recorded its best gures in terms of enquiries which shows our increased potential in the market. Medical Tourism division is continuing to be a unique partner of medical tourists and assisting them with the best services with enhanced patient experience. Assisted Living division pacing up with more occupancy at our facilities, thanks to the entire team for their e orts. We, as a group, are stepping into Quarter 3 of this nancial year with lots of hopes and aspirations while addressing some of the unanswered issues in healthcare with the help of our innovative thinkers. It will be my great pleasure to take you through our endeavours in Quarter-2 of 2017 and objectives for the next quarter in this e-Newsletter. Happy Reading! 06

J. Krishna Kavya COO TALK(Co Founder & COO, FrontEnders Group)The trends and norms in Healthcare industry are capricious and they change minute byminute. Experimenting or following the existing patterns, eitherway healthcare organiza-tions are guring out the best ways to optimize hospital operational e ciency while em-ploying sustainable cost-reduction strategies. Only the collaborative approaches can andwill construct the sustainable system that can deliver high quality medical care.07

A HEALTHCARE LEADING BY MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTSWhy consultancy services required to establish a successful Healthcare Practice? In verysimple words – to manage the complexities of today and to create opportunities whilereducing the challenges of tomorrow.To adopt this change of trend in the industry, the management reins of hospital need tobe passed onto the management professionals who are part of the consulting rms.They carry vast experience within them and fanatical about e ciency of operations and.cost-e ectiveness. Any hospital infrastructure, irre- spective of its position in the prog- ress ladder, needs sustainable busi- ness module. They need an expert advice on operations manage- ment, resource management, infra- structure management talent acquisition, supply chain manage- ment and every other miscella- neous business aspect of the hos- pital system. And, healthcare con- sultants can help the providers in the following ways. “ ”E ective strategy and management teams on board can make the hidden opportunities and challenges, visible 08

In order to enable the healthcare practice to deliver high-end care, the collaborativeapproach is essential. Over the decades the hospital industry has faced rapid changes and itis now all about being able to provide value-based healthcare that is cost-e ective. Transparency in Communiction E cient Business Model Increased Enhanced Patient Experience Management Tactics Infrastructure with Proximity Technological Advancements09

Increased Patient Experience: Enhanced Management Tactics:It is the core value that is being considered By implementing multiple quality checkingto gauge the hospital practice. The total parameters at various stages consultancieshospital should function in order to ensure that operations are error-free andenhance the Patient Experience in every e cient.possible way. Technological Advancements:E cient Business Models: As we can observe the Information Technol-Combination of in-depth market knowl- ogy is completely involved in Healthcareedge and wide range of operational Industry and changing the way it functionsimprovement can help the consultants to minute by minute.plot the E cient Business Models. Infrastructure with Proximity:Transparency in Communication: To increase smooth patient ow within theTransparency encourages an innovative hospital, it is imperative to ensure the diag-culture that hovers on the facility while nosis centres, consultation, operation the-communication ensures the organization atres are nearer and have easy access.runs smooth. 10

PRESENT IS PROMISINGFUTURE IS ENDURINGThe merger of technology has changed the healthcare sector like never before. Thenature of predicting the challenges and developing solutions and aiming for consistentand constant development gives FrontEnders an opportunity to leave its unique mark onthe projects it handled, worldwide.Operations ManagementOur strength and agship expertise is Oper-ations Management in healthcare practicesand our expertise has been recognized allover Asian and African continents. Thisquarter for us has been promising as antici-pated with new projects nation and inter-national level.We are elated to announce that we have FrontEnders CEO Mr. Srinivasan G with the Management ofsigned to manage complete Operations of Karen Hospitals, Kenya.two multi-super speciality hospitals locatedin Kenya. Branding and Online MarketingBusiness Planning Branding and Marketing aspect of FrontEnders is continuously striving with aFrontEnders aspires to make a di erence in vision to grow while learning from experi-every project we handle. This quarter has ences. There is a need to stress the impor-been gratifyingly productive in the tance of strong presence in both o -line‘Business Planning’ aspect for the hospitals and online media considering the fact thatthat are under establishments. The compa- the whole world is communicating throughny is able to thrive by continuously accumu- this medium.lating new approaches and features in thesystem that yield best results.This nature attained us the opportunity to Recognized our Digital Marketing services,provide business plan to establish 10 two of the India’s leading hospitals part-Dialysing Units in various countries of nered with us for branding and online mar-African Continent. keting solutions.11

B MEDICAL TRANSPLANTS MADE EASYAccording to a source in 2016 India alone haswelcomed approximately 200000 medicaltourists to its hospitals across the country. As thegrowth percentage ranges between 40-50 percent every year, it is estimated that by 2020India’s Medical Tourism value projected to growall the way between 7-8 billion USD.While India remains the destination of the world for all medical procedures, medicaltransplants being the major. The reasons are India houses the renowned and best skilledmedical professionals in the likes of surgeons, consultants and the advanced medicalequipment that help the doctors to produce the best results in transplantations. There areother key factors that make India a destination for getting the best treatment. 12

Over the decades, Healthcare in India has grown drastically andcurrently occupies the top spot in Medical Tourism, attractingthe patients world-wide. Transplants at A ordable Costs – Easy Accessibility – The medical Compared to other countries that tourism policies in India are simple provide high-quality treatment and wouldn’t take much time for solutions, the medical care in India processing, thanks to its medical way a ordable and yet provides tourism ministry. The paperwork assured and quality treatment. and visa will be issued faster. Immediate Treatment – The wait- Various Travel Option – With its ing period for India for transplanta- ancient culture and diversi ed tradi- tion is considerably less compared tions India is blessed with various to the treatment in other countries. tourist destinations. Post treatment The procedure for transplants and the most of the medical tourists like the easy access to organ donation to explore the exotic tourism spots agencies help patients. in India. On top of this, India is famous for its hospi- tality. Indian authorities prioritize the med- ical visa processing based on the serious- ness of the issue. Starting from the arrival at the airport, transportation and accom- modation is easy and the medical tourists will have lots of options to reach their des- tinations. “ ”The hospitals ensure the treatment is provided without any waiting period, as per the scheduled timing13

C FOR SENIORS, HOME IS BETTER THAN A HOSPITAL! “ ”It is medically proven that there is no better place than home to heal faster! 14

Aging makes everyone weak and slows down their activities. This is why seniors requireadditional medical support. But, rushing to hospital every time they need medical assis-tance or care makes them even weak and here is the solution.The same doctors who treat at hospitals But, at doctor home visits, there will bewill attend the patients upon appoint- only one patient and he could call thements. It, in turn develop a personalized doctor whenever he’s in need irrespectivetreatment atmosphere as at a hospital the of time and date. The advantage of thissenior could be one among the patients. new innovation is a boon.General Geriatric Care - Doctor Neurological Care - Care forvisits at home for seniors who seniors who su er from Parkin-require general care for minimal son’s disease, Stroke and otherillness. brain disorders.Orthopaedic Care - Long-term Oncology Care - Homeboundtreatment for seniors who su er care for the oncology patientsfrom arthritis, recent falls. who require symptomatic treat-Personalized - Through the No Need for Travel - ThroughDoctor at Home service, you doctor on call services, seniorscould get proper attention and can just call the doctor and getpersonalized treatment. treated at their home itself.Cost E ective - Considering the No Waiting Period - Doctordirect and indirect costs of the home visits can avoid longerhospital, including the travel waiting periods and you can getexpenses, doctor at home would to see the doctor at your conve-be way a ordable. nient time.Instead of taking the seniors to the hospital for minimal illness, doctors visiting theseniors at their homes gives a great relief to the patients and their loved ones. Seniors canavail the services that they could get at the hospital, at home itself by availing doctorhome visits. 15

EXPANDED HEALINGAT HOMEPost gaining the unparalleled trust across Chennai region, Healthabove60 has expandedits roots all over Tamil Nadu. Now it is providing few of its well-received services, DoctorVisits and Physiotherapy and Blood Sample Collection by the experienced doctors, phys-iotherapists and medical lab technicians for seniors. We are serving the elderly with care and compas- sion across all major cities of Tamil Nadu. We are now located in Chennai, Coimbatore, Mad- urai, Trichy and Pondicherry.Doctor Home Visits The sessions by our Physiotherapists are more personalized and focused onThe Doctor Visits at Home service, improving mobility of the elderly.exclusively for seniors provide completehealing solutions while addressing all their Blood Sample Collectionhealth issues in the most appropriate andhealing manner. All our doctors who Seniors require more medical attention asconsult the seniors are experienced and they age and almost every major medicalcommitted to heal the elderly lives. procedure starts with a Blood Test. It would be di cult for the elderly to reachPhysiotherapy at Home out to the medical lab every time they are in need of blood test.Be it’s a lingering joint pain or a persistentknee pain… whether it’s a stubborn neck Making it easier for the elderly,pain or obstinate back pain… The Healthabove60 is providing all the serviceswell-quali ed and experienced where the quali ed medical professionalsphysiotherapists from Healthabove60 can visit the seniors' houses ensure the elderlyaddress all the body pains and other are received best services at homemobility related issues faced by seniors, environment.with help of result oriented physiotherapysessions at the comfort of their homes. 16

Assisted Living D SIMPLIFIED SENIOR CAREConsidering the intensity of the illness and The sta at the assisted living facilities willthe treatment options available in hospital it be well quali ed and trained profession-is always advisable to see the doctor but als in senior care. They provide completehome healthcare would be ideal to get treat- support in personal activities and providement for minimal illness and regular health timely medicine and also ful ls the foodcheck-ups. requirements based on the personalIt’s common to hesitate to join our beloved choices.parents in assisted living homes thinking the In the fast-paced world, nuclear familiescare level and other societal factors. have become a norm of society and theHowever, it could be a better decision rather percentage of children living with theirthan leaving them on their own which is parents or even living in the same city hasdangerous. become very rare, making elderly lives vulnerable. Medical Care at assisted In cases like these, assisted living facilities living homes for senior can be of great help as they provide citizens, gives an comprehensive senior care and assist the opportunity to the doc- elderly in most appropriate way. It helps tors to provide personal- them to age slowly while enjoying the ized treatment while essence of elderly life amid the same age addressing all their needs. group and likeminded people. “ ”During the old age, change of care is essential for the senior citizens17

The daily activities that will be conducted in the assisted living facilities will promote aes-thetic lifestyle that ensures a peaceful and healthy living. Here seniors will have a chance tosocialize and make some friends or develop a hobby that keeps them engaged and occu-pied. The same may not be possible for the seniors who living alone at a home atmosphere.Stating from the facility infrastructure these assisted living homes will be designed in themost senior friendly way. The interiors, exteriors, bedrooms and the bathrooms will bedesigned keeping the seniors in mind.If you are receiving care from an external hand does not mean being dependent. It is justyou are in a phase of life that requires support. Professional Care for the Life that is Challenging 18

E STEPPING INTO THE PAST Tapping the Talents, Contributions and Participation of Older Persons in SocietyElderly Lives that can Inspire!As per the theme of International Elders Day - 2017, FrontEnders Foundation has lmedthe lives of elderly that are restlessly inspiring the younger generation. There is this writerwho is an avid reader and thinker - Mr. Rajendran K (84). A painter who makes beautifulhand-works and paintings - Mrs. T.K Sakunthala (75). The energetic electrician withunending enthusiasm for an engaging tomorrow - Mr. Parthibarajan (64). The man whoenergizes everyone with his tasty tea and co ee - Mr. Raj Mohan (61). And, a priest who isself-motivated and inspiring the other lives with his personality - Mr. Padmanabhan H(68). 19

For the Knowledge They Could Share: For the Skills They Possess:There is always, a lot more to learn from This year theme denotes that seniorsthe older generations. Elderly people are should actively participate in the life andfull of knowledge and experience of life. contribute to the society with theirHowever, due to various reasons seniors immense knowledge and ability. This canmight have stopped engaging actively be achieved by tapping the talents andwith the life. This day emphasizes on lead- skills seniors use to have and haveing the elderly lives with enthusiasm and stopped due to various reasons andperseverance with a commitment responsibilities that life has given themtowards whatever seniors pursue in their to give priority.older age. For the Change they Could Bring:For the Respect They Deserve: The awakening theme of 2017 promotesThere is a need to look back and and establishes a healthy partnership ofencourage the unheeded and unnoticed the elderly in developing a substantialskills and capabilities of the seniors. We all world and a rewarding future. Every mindneed to join together and take the pledge that understands the signi cance of thethat no senior is left behind while ensur- elderly should extend their support foring the whole elderly is advanced to the the overall wellbeing of the elderly forpromising future. the betterment of the society. 20

On the occasion of International Elders Day 2017, FrontEnders Foundation in associationwith Healthabove60 has organized free medical camps and free medical kits for theSenior Citizens. These camps have got a great response and here is a glimpse of it.21

FrontEnders || || || || Ph : +91 (44) 2489 0001 | +91 (44) 4014 3333

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