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Example Worksheets & Chore Charts

Published by Sasha Mogensen, 2019-11-26 16:07:17

Description: Example Worksheets & Chore Charts


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YOUR Why Why did you buy this What 3 things are you book? hoping to gain? Because I'm fed up of fighting with my #1 More harmony in the house without fights family about stupid things like dishes. about chores #2 A tidy home so I feel more relaxed and don't feel overwhelmed. #3 More free time so I can enjoy life a bit more. What emotions do you What emotions do you feel when your home is feel when your family untidy/dirty? doesn't help? Stressed, overwhelmed and a failure. Annoyed, taken for granted, undervalued and disrespected. What emotions do you How do you feel when feel when your home is your family work ctidy/clean? together as a team? Accomplished, relaxed and in control! Connected, appreciated and invincible! Why I need a Family Cleaning Plan I believe I deserve to feel respected in my home and my needs are important. When my family work together as a team and stick to our cleaning plan, we are showing that we care for and respect each other. COPYRIGHT 2019 -

SOCIETY'S Assumptions Who \"matters to you? Why does their opinion Whose opinion is matter to you? important to you? Steve and the kids are the people that mean Steve and the kids' opinions matter to me most. the most to me in life. I want them to be My friends and other family are important but proud of me and our home. My love for them their opinions don't matter as much. drive me to be a better person for their sake. What is your idea of a How much work do you perfect home? think it takes to A home that is calmly under control. Nice maintain that idea? decor, clean and tidy most of the time but also full of fun and laughter. Chores that must be done very day to keep on top of it. Also weekly and monthly chores that can't be skipped. Do you and your family What do you feel about have that amount of time? the traditional image of Yes. We will need to make sure we adjust a household? our priorities and commit to it. It's very old dated and doesn't work in our house. Although I grew up in that type of home, I can't do it with working full-time. Is that something you Do you have time to do are looking for? everything in that trational role? Not at all! I like Steve and I to work as an equal team. We have skills that compliment No way! Between work and all the kids each other, we just need to be more organized and honest with each other. activities, I can't do all the cleaning and cooking too. COPYRIGHT 2019 -

FAMILY Expectations What do you expect each family member to contribute? Name: __________________ Name: __S_t_e_v_e ____________ I can do 30 minutes on weekdays Steve can do 15 minutes on weekdays I can do 1 hour on weekends Steve can do 1 hour on weekends I will be responsible for meal planning Steve will be responsible for paying and grocery shopping bills I will cook about 50% of the meals Steve will cook about 50% of the meals I will share responsibility for the Steve will share responsibility for the laundry laundry I will share responsibility for the Steve will share responsibility for the cleaning cleaning Name: ___D_ia_n_a____________ Name: ___N_ic_k_____________ Diana can do 15 minutes 4 times a week Nick can do 5 minutes on weekdays when it’s not soccer season Nick can do 10 minutes on weekends Diana can do 15 minutes twice a week Nick can do 10 minutes a day during during soccer season school vacations Diana will be responsible for keeping Nick will be responsible for keeping his her bedroom tidy bedroom tidy Diana will share responsibility for Nick will be responsible for showing loading and emptying the dishwasher Mom his homework planner every day Diana will share responsibility for Nick will share responsibility for cleaning the bathroom loading and emptying the dishwasher Diana will share responsibility for Nick will share responsibility for looking after the dog looking after the dog COPYRIGHT 2019 -

FAMILY Meeting Your cheatsheet for your family meeting! Voicing Your Concerns Why It's Important I feel like the house is always a mess I’m just so tired and overwhelmed all the because we just don’t have time to do time. It seems like there is always everything. We often forget to clean up something to do and I can’t sit down or the kitchen in the evenings and then the relax without feeling guilty. I also feel house smells in the morning.I get like it sets a bad example for you kids. I embarrassed with our friends come over don’t want you to feel like this when you because the house is such a mess. are adults with your own homes Silent Expectations Everyone's Input I know I get upset when you don't do Steve, I know you hate it when you can’t chores that I expect you to do. However, I find your car keys and end up being late for also know that I'm not always very clear work. Diana, remember last week when your about what needs to be done or when it black pants weren’t clean, so you couldn’t should be done. wear the outfit you wanted? And Nick, you must get fed up of me always saying ‘no’ when you ask me to play with you. Your Family 'Why' Setting Up The Plan We believe that our lives will be happier, I really like it when we work as a team to more relaxed and we will feel united as a accomplish things. I think that if we work team, when we all do our share of the as a team to keep the house clean, then it chores around the house will be better for everyone. We’ll all get to enjoy a cleaner home, we’ll have more time and there will be less fights and arguments! COPYRIGHT 2019 -

CHORE List Chore Duration Frequency Responsibility _M_a_k_e _b_ed_s______________________< _5_m__in_s______D__ai_ly___________A__ll________________ _T_i d_y_b_e_d_r o_o_m_s__________________1_0_- 1_5__m_i n_s_____D__a i_l y___________A__l l ________________ _S_o_rt__la_u_nd_r_y___________________5__m_in_s________D__ai_ly___________C__ar_o_l ______________ _P_u_t _a_w_ay__la_u_nd_r_y________________1_5_m__in_s_______D__ai_ly___________S__te_v_e ______________ _W_a_s_h_b_e_dd_i_ng___________________1_5_m__in_s_______B__i-_w_ee_k_ly________C__ar_o_l _&_S_t_e_ve_________ _C_l_ea_n_k_i_tc_h_en__co_u_n_te_r_s____________5__m_in_s________D__ai_ly___________C__ar_o_l ______________ _L_o_ad_/_U_n_lo_a_d_d_is_h_w_a_sh_e_r___________1_0_m__in_s_______D__ai_ly___________D__ia_n_a _&_N_i_c_k _________ _C_o_o_k _d_in_n_er____________________3_0_-_4_5_m_i_n_s ____D__ai_ly___________C__ar_o_l _&_S_t_e_ve_________ _G_r_o_ce_r_y_s_h_op_p_in_g________________4_5__m_in_s_______W__e_ek_l_y _________C__ar_o_l ______________ _V_a_cu_u_m__&_s_w_ee_p_f_l_oo_r_s____________1_0_m__in_s_______W__e_ek_l_y _________C__ar_o_l ______________ _M_o_p_f_lo_o_r_s____________________1_5_m__in_s_______W__e_ek_l_y _________S__te_v_e ______________ _C_l_ea_n_b_a_th_r_o_o_m_s________________1_0_m__in_s_______W__e_ek_l_y _________D__ia_n_a _&_N_i_c_k _________ _D_u_st_i_ng_______________________1_0_m__in_s_______W__e_ek_l_y _________C__ar_o_l ______________ _D_u_st__ce_il_in_g__fa_n_s________________5__m_in_s________M__o_nt_h_ly_________S__te_v_e ______________ _C_l_ea_n_c_o_m_p_u_te_r_d_e_sk______________1_0_m__in_s_______W__e_ek_l_y _________S__te_v_e ______________ _P_o_li_sh__w_oo_d_f_u_r_n_it_ur_e_____________1_0_m__in_s_______M__o_nt_h_ly_________D__ia_n_a ______________ _P_i c_k_u_p_l_i v_i_n g__r _o o_m_______________<_5__m_i_n s_______D__a i_l y___________A__l l ________________ _S_w_e_ep__fr_o_n_t _p_or_c_h_______________1_0_m__in_s_______M__o_nt_h_ly_________C__ar_o_l ______________ _S_w_e_ep__ba_c_k_p_a_ti_o________________1_0_m__in_s_______M__o_nt_h_ly_________C__ar_o_l ______________ _M_o_w_g_r_a_ss_____________________4_0__m_in_s_______W__e_ek_l_y _________S__te_v_e ______________ _W_e_e_d_f_lo_w_e_r _b_ed_s________________3_0__m_in_s_______M__o_nt_h_ly_________D__ia_n_a _&_N_i_c_k _________ _W_a_l_k _d_og______________________3_0__m_in_s_______D__ai_ly___________D__ia_n_a ______________ _F_ee_d_d_o_g_a_n_d_c_a_t ________________1_0_m__in_s_______D__ai_ly___________N__ic_k_______________ _C_l_ea_n_b_a_s_eb_o_a_rd_s________________2_0__m_in_s_______B__i-_m_o_n_th_l_y ______C__ar_o_l ______________ _W_i_p_e _li_g_ht__sw_i_tc_h_e_s _a_nd__do_o_r_h_a_n_dl_e_s __1_0_m__in_s_______M__o_nt_h_ly_________N__ic_k_______________ _S_c_ru_b_g_r_o_u_t ___________________1_5_m__in_s_______M__o_nt_h_ly_________S__te_v_e ______________ _W_a_s_h_w_i_nd_o_w_s__________________4_0__m_in_s_______Q__u_ar_t_er_l_y _______D__ia_n_a _&_N_i_c_k _________ _C_h_a_ng_e_A_/_C__f_il_te_r_______________<_5__m_i_ns_______Q__u_ar_t_er_l_y _______S__te_v_e ______________ Pay bills 15 mins Monthly Carol COPYRIGHT 2019 -

OUR FAMILY What are your family's tho What do you think about the idea of a family cleaning plan? Steve - I like the idea! Diana - I'm not sure about doing more work, but I want my friends over more often. Nick - As long as I can feed the dog, then I like it. What chores can you do? Our Fa Steve - Whatever needs to be done. Cleanin Diana - The dishwasher and other stuff. Nick - Feed the dog. Is there anything your not sure about? Do you have a Steve - All clear to me! Steve - Rewa Diana - What I'll have to do and when. Diana - A cal Nick - How to clean the toilet. Nick - Momm Question What do your think about the idea of a family cleaning plan? How do you think it will make things better? Why is it important to you to have a clean and tidy home? COPYRIGHT 2019 - ww

Y Thoughts oughts on a cleaning plan? How do you think it will make things better? Steve - Calmer sounds good to me. Diana - The house being cleaner for friends to come over. Nick - If it makes mommy happy, it's worth it. amily Why is it important to you? ng Plan Steve - I like a clean home. It's stressful when it's messy. Diana - So I won't be embarrassed about the mess. Nick - It makes mommy happy! any ideas that will help us stick to it? rds when we stick to the plan. lendar so I don't forget to do things. my checking on me to make sure I do it. n Prompts ? What chores do you think you can do to help and when? Is there anything that you're not sure about? Do you have any ideas that will help us stick to it?

OUR FAMILY We Work As A Team We believe that our live relaxed and we will feel u all do our share of the c COPYRIGHT 2019 - ww

Y Why k Together m Because... es will be happier, more united as a team, when we chores around the house

CLEAN HOME PlanMonthof____/____/____ ___C__a_r_o_l __________'s Tasks When? __W_a_s_h _b_e _d d_i _n g_________________________________________________E_v_e r_y_  _o t_h_e r__w_e e_k_e _n d __C_le_a_n_a_p_p_li_an_c_e_s ______________________________________________1_st_S__at_e_a_c_h _m_o_n_th_ __S_w_ee_p__fr_o_n_t _an_d__ba_c_k_p_o_rc_h_______________________________________1_st_S__at_e_a_c_h _m_o_n_th_ __C_l e_a_n_b_a_s e_b_o_a r_d_s______________________________________________2_n_d _S_a_t _e_a c_h_m__o n_t_h __W_a_s_h_w_in_d_o_w_s________________________________________________2_n_d_S_a_t _e_ac_h_m__on_t_h Pay bills 15th of each month ___S__te_v_e___________'s Tasks When? __W_a_s h__b _e d_d_i n_g_________________________________________________E_v _e r_y_  o_t_h _e r_w_e_e_k _e n_d __D_u s_t_c_e_i l_i n_g_f_a_n _______________________________________________1 s_t_S_a_t_e_a_c h__m_o_n t_h_ __S _c r_u_b_g_r_o u_t__________________________________________________1 s_t_S_a_t_e_a_c h__m_o_n t_h_ __C_h_an_g_e_A_/_C__fi_lt_e_r _____________________________________________1s_t_d_a_y_o_f_q_u_ar_t_er__ ________________________________________________________________________ ___D__ia_n_a___________'s Tasks When? __P_o_li_sh__w_oo_d_f_u_r_ni_t_ur_e___________________________________________1_st_S__at_e_a_c_h _m_o_n_th_ __W_e_e_d _f_lo_w_er__b_ed_s______________________________________________1_st_S__at_e_a_c_h _m_o_n_th_ __W_a_s_h _w_i n_d_o_w_s ________________________________________________1_s t_d_a_y_o_f_q_u_a_r t_e_r _ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ___N__ic_k____________'s Tasks When? __W_i_p_e _li_g_ht__sw_i_tc_h_e_s _an_d__do_o_r_h_a_n_dl_e_s ________________________________1_st_S__at_e_a_c_h _m_o_n_th_ __W_e_e_d _f_lo_w_er__b_ed_s______________________________________________1_st_S__at_e_a_c_h _m_o_n_th_ __W_a_s_h _w_i n_d_o_w_s ________________________________________________1_s t_d_a_y_o_f_q_u_a_r t_e_r _ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ COPYRIGHT 2019 -

CLEAN HOWeekof____/____/____ Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thu ___N_i_c_k_____'s Tasks ___Di_a__n_a____'s Tasks __S_t_e_v_e_____'s Tasks ___C_a_r_o_l____'s Tasks ___M_a_k_e_b_e_d_________M_a_k_e _b_ed_________M_a_k_e_b_e_d _________M_a_k_e_b ___T_i _d y__b e_d_r_o _o m_______T_i d_y_b_e_d_r o_o_m______T_i d_y_b_e_d_r_o o_m_______T_i _d y__b ___S_o_r_t _la_u_n_d_ry_______S_o_rt__la_u_n_dr_y______S_o_r_t _la_u_n_dr_y_______S_o_r_t _la ___C_l_ea_n__co_u_n_te_r_s_____C_le_a_n_c_o_u_nt_e_r_s ____C_l_ea_n_c_o_u_n_te_r_s_____C_l_ea_n_ ___C_o_o_k_d_in_n_e_r_______T_id_y_l_iv_i_ng__r_oo_m____C_o_o_k _d_in_n_e_r_______T_i_dy__li Vacuum Grocery shopping Dustin ___M_a_k_e _b_ed_________M__ak_e_b_e_d_________M_a_k_e_b_e_d _________M__ak_e_b ___T_id_y_b_e_d_r_oo_m______T_i_d_y _b_ed_r_o_o_m______T_id_y_b_e_d_r_oo_m_______T_i_dy__b ___P_u_t _a_w_ay__la_u_n_d_ry___P_u_t_a_w_a_y_l_au_n_d_r_y___P_u_t _a_w_a_y _la_u_n_d_ry____P_u_t_a_w ___T_id_y_l_iv_i_ng__r_oo_m____C_o_o_k_d_i_nn_e_r_______T_id_y_l_iv_i_n_g _r_oo_m_____C_o_o_k_d ___M_o_p_f_l_oo_r_s______________________C_l_ea_n_d_e_s_k ____________ ___M_a_k_e _b_ed_________M__ak_e_b_e_d_________M_a_k_e _b_ed__________M_a_k_e_b ___T_id_y_b_e_d_r_oo_m______T_i_d_y _b_ed_r_o_o_m______T_id_y_b_e_d_r_oo_m_______T_i_dy__b ___W_a_l_k _d_og_________W__al_k_d_o_g_________W_a_l_k _d_og__________W__al_k_d ___L_o_ad__di_s_h_w_as_h_e_r ___L_o_a_d_d_is_h_w_a_sh_e_r____L_o_ad__di_s_h_wa_s_h_e_r ____L_o_a_d _d ___S_w_e _e p__f l_o_o r_s____________________________________C_l_e a_n_ __M__a_ke__be_d_________M_a_k_e_b_e_d_________M_a_k_e _b_ed__________M_a_k_e_b __T_i_d_y _b_e_d r_o_o_m______T_i _d y__b _e d_r_o_o m_______T_i d_y_b_e_d_r o_o_m_______T_i d_y__b __F_e_e_d_d_o_g_&__ca_t_____F_e_ed__d_og__&_c_a_t _____F_ee_d_d_o_g_&__ca_t______F_e_ed__d __U__nl_o_a_d _d_is_h_e_s _____U_n_l_oa_d__di_s_he_s______U_n_lo_a_d_d_is_h_e_s ______U_n_lo_a_d _______________________________________________C_l_e a_n_ COPYRIGHT 2019 - ww

OME Plan ursday Friday Saturday Sunday _b_e_d__________M_a_k_e _b_ed__________M_a_k_e_b_e_d__________M_a_ke__b_ed_______ _e_d_r_o_o m________T_i d_y_b_e_d_r o_o_m_______T_i_d y__b _e d_r_o_o m________T _i d_y_b_e_d _r o_o_m____ _a_u_n_d_ry________S_o_rt__la_u_n_dr_y_______S_o_r_t _la_u_n_d_ry________S_or_t_l_a_un_d_r_y____ __co_u_n_te_r_s______C_le_a_n_c_o_u_n_te_r_s _____C_l_ea_n__co_u_n_t_er_s______C_le_a_n_c_o_un_t_e_rs___ _i_vi_n_g_r_o_om______C_o_o_k _d_in_n_e_r _______T_i_dy__li_vi_n_g_r_o_o_m_____C_o_ok__di_n_n_er_____ ng _b_e_d__________M_a_k_e _b_ed__________M_a_k_e_b_e_d_________M__ak_e__be_d_______ _b_e d_r_o_o _m_______T_i d_y_b_e_d_r o_o_m_______T_i d_y__b e_d_r_o _o m_______T_i_d_y _b_e _d r_o_o_m____ _w_a_y_l_au_n_d_r_y____P_u_t _a_wa_y__la_u_n_dr_y____P_u_t_a_w_a_y _la_u_n_d_ry____P_u_t_a_w_a_y_l_a_un_d_r_y_ _d_i _n n_e_r________T_i d_y_l_i v_i n_g__r o_o_m_____C_o_o_k _d_i n_n_e_r _______T_i_d_y _l _i v_i n_g_r_o_o_m__ ____________________________M_o_w__gr_a_s_s _____________________ _b_e_d__________M_a_k_e _b_ed__________M__ak_e_b_e_d__________M_a_k_e _b_ed_______ __ed_r_o_om________T_id_y_b_e_d_ro_o_m_______T_i_d_y _b_ed_r_o_o_m_______T_id_y_b_e_d_r_oo_m____ _d_o_g__________W_a_lk__d_og__________W__a_lk_d_o_g__________W_a_l_k _d_og_______ _d_is_h_w_a_sh_e_r_____L_oa_d__di_s_hw_a_s_h_er_____L_o_a_d_d_is_h_w_a_s_he_r_____L_oa_d__di_s_hw_a_s_h_e_r _ __b a_t_h_r _o o_m_________________________________________________ _b_e_d _________M__a_ke__be_d__________M__ak_e_b_e_d__________M_a_k_e _b_ed_______ _e_d_r_o o_m_______T__i d_y _b_e_d r_o_o_m_______T_i_d y__b_e d_r_o_o _m_______T_i d_y_b_e_d _r o_o_m____ _do_g__&_c_a_t _____F_e_e_d_d_o_g_&__ca_t______F_e_e_d _d_og__&_c_a_t______F_ee_d_d_o_g_&__ca_t___ _d_d_i_sh_e_s______U__n_lo_a_d_d_is_h_e_s ______U_n_l_o_ad__di_s_h_es_______U_n_lo_a_d_d_is_h_e_s ___ _b_a_t_h_r o_o_m_________________________________________________

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