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Published by nitinpant.mail, 2016-05-18 23:05:27

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A Nestlé India Newsletter Volume 1 May 2016 CMD’s Message Key Highlights Employee Connect Consumer Connect CSV & NHW Those that Inspire 1

From the desk of The second theme that I would like to focus upon Chairman and Managing Director is what I call the Winning Edge. The Winning Edge happens when determination and competenceIt gives me immense pleasure to connect with you meets the challenge. We in Nestlé India, must bethrough the first edition of our internal newsletter a team and a group of people who passionatelyGrow2Win. believe in the opportunity that Nestlé needs to embrace in India. It fundamentally means thatFor over a 100 years we have been part of the we need people who are fit for battle, ratherIndian society building nutrition, health, wellness than those who are sitting like passengers inand prosperity in the community. We - you and a bus waiting for the driver to take them fromI, as valuable employees of Nestlé, are part of one destination to the other. This calls fora successful Company and we can be Proud of demonstrated leadership. This calls for a level ofthis fact! The challenges of the future and the determination that only you can provide.competitive intensity that has been redefining ourlandscape, makes our journey even more exciting, A winning organization, a winning mindset comescompelling and energizing. We need to be Fast. with thought processes that make us winnersFocused.Flexible in our thoughts and actions to at all points in time. Winning does not happentackle these challenges. I have defined the key simply because of individual excellence. It happenspriorities for the organization in our vision of because of us. It’s because of us being together.Grow2Win and it is important for you and me tomake this OUR journey as we move confidently To make dreams a reality, quickly, efficiently andahead into the future Nestlé India. sustainably, we need to Simplify and enhance relevant aspects of our working, our process,The first dimension is the Consumer. It is not our meetings, our empowerment, our decisionabout what we want to sell. It is about what a making, our risk taking, our coaching, ourConsumer wants to buy. It’s about engaging with competencies. I really want you to embrace thisthe Consumer in different parts of this country, whole simplification theme. As a first, we shouldin different channels, in different geographies, in reduce the time we spend in meetings. Pleasedifferent dimensions of our portfolios, in different push for this. I think the time of our people mustservices, at different times of the year and at be spent in the market, with the customer, withdifferent stages of life. That’s how rich the the doctor, with the DC, with the CD. Developcanvas is. Consumer Led Insight and Consumer the market, grow the market, capitalise on theLed Innovation will be a key growth driver for e-commerce boom that is taking place in thisNestlé India in the coming years, and I want you country. Conservative estimate says anything upall to be a part of it. Innovation lies in not only to 10-15% of all consumer products will be soldnew products but in ways of working & providing on e-commerce. The per capita income is going toservices to make, not just a “product purchase” DOUBLE by 2030 and Nestlé must also more thanbut a “brand experience”. For this to happen, double our business to get our fair share of theno idea is too small, no effort insignificant and increased prosperity. This is the dream that I haveEVERY COLLEAGUE, irrespective of race, gender, and I do hope your vision is ignited by this too!experience and status, counts. The 3 Core elements of our journey ahead will be Consumer Led Innovation, our Winning Edge and our determination and capacity to Simplify to energize. Attitude, competence, passion, commitment, speed, resilience, living the Nestlé values and a will to WIN will define whether Nestlé will be THE most respected Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company. It is OUR choice to make and I invite YOU on the exciting journey ahead to live this dream as a reality…. Suresh Narayanan2 Fast. Focused.Flexible

Leadership Summit 20162016 started with a resolve to come GROW2WIN SAR Team Awards. The Awards KEY HIGHLIGHTSTOGETHER as ‘One Team Nestlé’ like never night had a fun format that included homebefore in order to be FAST.FOCUSED. videos and Groupfies’ of the nominated teams,FLEXIBLE in thought and action. With this as and 7 teams walked away with top honors.our ambition, over 280 leaders from across Further, all the cross functional teams thatSAR attended the ‘GROW2WIN LEADERSHIP also contributed to the RECALL.REBUILD.SUMMIT’ between 13th - 15th March 2016 at RELAUNCH of MAGGI Noodles were awardedGurgaon. for their relentless pursuit of WINNING BACK!The Summit vitalized ‘Proud to Be Nestlé’ The sessions organized were participatoryas our fundamental attitude. It’s focus which included high energy, large formatwas to build an organization that swiftly group discussions in clusters of being amarches back to Double Digit Growth with FAST.FOCUSED.FLEXIBLE Nestlé. Artistica commitment to the Key Drivers of Growth expressions, creative representationsand hence sessions were based on the core and passionate arguments filled the largemessages of: conference hall as teams co-created the Nestlé• Consumer Led Growth of the near future and charted out means to• Winning Edge get there. This was followed by some music –• Simplify To Energize both making and singing an anthem onThe Summit started off on a different albeit ‘Proud to Be Nestlé’.cheerful note celebrating successes with the 3

Setting the tone Nestlé India relates to for the year 2016 “Make in India”…..KEY HIGHLIGHTS The Annual Branch Conference was held at In India since 1912, Nestlé India saw relevance all four Branches in the month of January. It in participating in the ‘ Make In India Week 2016’ comprised of an opening note by our CMD, organized by the Department of Industrial Policy followed by key note addresses by senior & Promotion (DIPP), Government of India and leaders of the organization. The event set the the Government of Maharashtra. The Event tone for the year and motivated the employees was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister to achieve our ambition of Grow2Win. Mr. Narendra Modi. Several State dignitaries including the Finance Minister-Mr. Arun Jaitley, visited the Nestlé India Pavilion. It was an opportunity for us to showcase our contribution to India’s growth and development for over a century and to remain a committed partner living by the ideals of ‘Make In India’. Pantnagar’s Excellence in Action Commencing the Year with a ‘Sankalp’ The entire Infant Nutrition field-force gathered A ‘First’ in Nestlé SAR, the for a day-long session on objectives and “Single Pack Manufacturing” of MAGGI priorities for 2016 and writing their ‘Sankalp’ Noodles Chotu Packs was piloted at for the year. Sessions by Regional Business Pantnagar with a 100% accuracy in the weight. Head, Branch Manager and Branch Nutrition This was ensured through the installation of 5 Operations Manager, set the pace for 2016. new check weighers on 5 wrapping machines – demonstrating the team’s focus on business 4 excellence. Kudos to the team that made this happen! Fast. Focused.Flexible

And the AWARDs We are the best! go to….. Business Today Survey Nestlé India has been ranked 2nd in the annual Business Today “The Best Companies to work for in India” survey. A significant jump of 13.76 index points has been observed over last year. The key parameters for evaluation were: Career & growth prospects, Learning opportunity, Fulfilling work environment, Ethics & Other HR practices such as Recognition, Workplace atmosphere, administrative facilities and other perksConsumer Led Growth: Project Edission-Relaunch of MILKYBAR with “Play.Eat.Learn” concept; Nestlé India-ConfectioneryTeam Awards made a comeback after 4 years EMPLOYEE CONNECTwith a whopping 80+ entries across the 3categories in just 3 weeks of launch. Entrieswere impressive so one can imagine the plightof the selectors who had to declare a total of just3 winning and 4 runners up Awards!The Awards night, organized as part of theLeadership Summit, had a fun format thatincluded home videos and Groupfies of thenominated teams.Congratulations to the winning teams! @ Nestlé we care….Winning Edge: To create brand engagement experiences for 40%of the Sri Lankan population; Nestlé Lanka-Sales Promotions TeamSimplify to Energize: Transformation of traditional milk collection Both fathers and mothers system through automation; Nestlé India-Supply Chain have an added reason to celebrate the arrival of their young one! The Company recently introduced a Paternity benefit for male employees and enhanced the Maternity benefit for women employees. This initiative validated our claim that, “@ Nestlé we care” about enhancing the quality of our employees’ lives…. 5

Family DCaeylebrationsEMPLOYEE CONNECT It was a day of Fast. Focused.Flexible celebrations as employees with their families came together (at their respective locations) for their Annual Family Day. The venue, the participation, the engagement, the prizes, the enjoyment… captured by our cameramen, are reflective of a fun-packed day, well spent amongst our very own Nestlé Parivaar….. Cricketing fever @ Nestlé Samalkha & Chennai Branch The T20 world cup and IPL had the desired impact with Nestlé Samalkha and Chennai Branch in organizing a cricketing league Post match celebrations included various games and fun activities for women and children. Amidst all the fun, the DJ kept the participants entertained through some amazing music. 6

Going Greek with CONSUMER CONNECT NESTLÉ A+ GREKYOLaunched amongst exciting fanfare at HO, a new exotic range of greek yogurts NESTLÉ A+GREKYO is now available in mouthwatering variants of Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple & Orange. Ideation to Execution…… NESTEA Visibility Drive Supermarkets saw a flurry of activity as a large scale visibility drive was executed effectively in Supermarkets. This was a ‘big win’ for NESTEA as the ‘drive’ created the desired impact by enticing consumers to purchase NESTEA. 7

MAGGI NOODLES... MAGGI PAZZTA wears Grain Shakti dhamaka! a new look! MAGGI VEG ATTA and OATS Noodles are creating a sensation in the market place. A much-awaited re-launch for our consumers who understand the ‘Shakti’ behind ‘Grains’, it is heartening to see our products flying off the shelves…..CONSUMER CONNECT Innovate to Premiumize... MAGGI PAZZTA has hit the market in an all new Avatar! The portfolio has a new NESCAFÉ SUNRISE INSTA-FILTER packaging which makes it more attractive and clutter breaking. The launch will be supported We at NESCAFÉ are passionate about with a brand new TVC sharply focusing on providing great coffee experiences to our teens and a slew of on-ground activities, consumers! which should help enhancing the leadership stance for the brand in the category and This passion, expanding the category itself. We will see combined with our exciting promos in the next quarter. global expertise, enabled us to At Head Office, the launch was made even transform the finest more exciting with canteen boys serving coffee beans into a NESCAFÉ SUNRISE INSTA-FILTER dressed DRY DECOCTION, in a South Indian attire and the greeting locking the rich aroma “vanaakam” on their lips! and fresh taste of filter coffee in every granule. Enjoy the authentic taste of filter coffee with the new NESCAFÉ SUNRISE INSTA-FILTER. 8 Fast. Focused.Flexible

NuNtetsintléeIsnsdiaisC.o..mmences Confectionery Exports To Middle East taking over the town!The BIG news on MUNCH this year has been the launch of MUNCH NUTS – aunique wafer chocolate with a sprinkling of roasted peanuts and with peanutbutter layered praline.MUNCH NUTS has received a strong thumbs up from our consumer in the launchmarkets of South and Delhi NCR. We are all set to launch our first TVcampaign with the intriguing tagline – You’ll Go NutsAbout it!Desi NESTLÉ MUNCH goes What’s new about CONSUMER CONNECTInternational…a ‘First’ from Ponda BAR-ONE CHARGE?Ponda began its ‘First’ exports to 3 markets in It is a maltier version of BAR-ONE! Withthe Middle East - Dubai, Jordan and Kingdom a tasty new Nougat filling, it enhancesof Saudi Arabia. The other ‘Firsts’ to its credit the sensorial attributes unique to ourare: brand. Through previous interactions with First confectionery export consumers, the team identified the key First export from Ponda product attributes that delight our consumers. First time Marmagao port used for exports BAR-ONE CHARGE is all set to DELIGHT our First cold-chain export from Nestlé India consumers….. Dare to take a bite? First time HALAL certification for MUNCH 9

Nestlé builds awareness Eye check-up at on Nutrition & Health…. Nestlé Chennai “Free Eye Check-up” was organized at our Chennai Office premises on 24th March 2016. Nearly 75 employees benefited from this activity. To celebrate Empowering women… World Health Day, the Nestlé way Nestlé IndiaCSV & NHW partnered with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries in India to create awareness about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle amongst its officials. The Company conducted a day-long camp at the Ministry, where nutritionists conducted health checks on over 225 officials and provided them with individual nutritional counselling, customized diet plans and advice on physical fitness routines to stay fit and healthy. Goa Tower Run... Tower running is a sport that involves running up Nestlé India reiterates its commitment to the internal staircases of tall buildings. Past records empowering women by encouraging education and (2013-14) indicate that more than 100,000 men inculcating entrepreneurial skills. To achieve this, and women participated in over 200 Tower running as part of the ‘Nestlé in Society’ and ‘Creating races worldwide, across 33 countries. This year Shared Value’ initiatives, the Company has been saw enthusiastic participation from employees supporting women in the supply chain, through: at the Linc Tower Run. Well done and keep  Village Women Dairy Development running….onwards to a 100 years of good health Programmes benefitting over 62,000 village and fitness….. women and  Sanitation Programmes for Adolescent girl students in the community which has resulted in over 81,000 students being encouraged to attend school. Seen in the pic: Amit Duggal, Nirlesh Singh, Nitin Fast. Focused.Flexible Agrawal, Sunil Kumbhar, Varun Bhardwaj, Sukhpal Singh 10

Across the table with Finding ‘time’ for yourRavi Ramchandran passion One of the key aspirations of I was always THOSE THAT INSPIRE Grow2Win is double digit an active growth and I feel that participant in sales team will play a multiple sports. key role in ensuring we However, to get there. There has really enjoy been signs of revival in any sport, one the market and we are needs company clearly moving in the and given our direction of achieving lifestyles it gets our ambition. difficult to find As Nestlé, we have someone. To the advantage of a rich me therefore, ‘Running’ came heritage, diverse product up as a logical portfolio and strong teams. It is option and Ian opportunity for us to leverage this heritage and started running in 2004. This transformed my lifedeliver growth higher than the market. Nestlé has for, from being a means to stay active and fit,always set benchmarks for growth in the Foods & ‘running’ became a passion which I would ideallyBeverages industry and this needs to continue. like to pursue till I am alive….As we speak, there is a slew of new launches Like all beginners, for a few years I ran shortand there is a lot more in the pipeline. We are distances like 5 kms and 10 kms and thena company focused on consumers and these eventually started running longer distances likeproducts truly reflect the passion of our consumer a full marathon and ultra-marathons . I try andinsight led innovation. These launches have run 3-4 times a week and on weekends it is a bitstrengthened the portfolio diversity and will longer. To me, it is really a time for myself anddefinitely re-energize the team and motivate them there is something magical about it. Whenever Ito approach the retailers and consumers with want to solve something or something is botheringgreater confidence. The onus is on the Sales team me, I take that problem or thought with me andnow to ensure flawless execution in terms of head out for a run, and in most cases I realize thatavailability, visibility and freshness. by the time I am back, the problem is either solvedIn the past quarter, number of a new initiatives or it stops bothering me. Guess it has something tohave been taken by the Sales team across with increased blood flow!!branches to increase our reach mainly through I would encourage everyone to do something to bealternate business channels and coverage of fit ….. running is a great hobby as you don’t needsmall outlets. Case in point being Dhaba coverage any equipment. It’s just you and your thoughts andin Delhi Branch, Tele-caller model in Mumbai & trust me it’s a good addiction to have!!!Chennai City, small town coverage in the northeast of India etc apart from the merchandizing These summer interns have always inspired usin OT. Clearly we need more such innovations with their bright ideas and fresh thinking. Theirto tap into regional opportunities and lead the ability to challenge the existing complex processesgrowth in a market which is getting more and more has always motivated us to think beyond ourcompetitive. day-to-day working.As technology is getting more accessible to This year, 19 interns have joined us on 4th April,companies, it is the people who will make the 2016.  Let’s welcome these bright minds!difference. I am confident in Nestlé thatWE SHALL WIN!! There’s more to Life @ NestléOver the years students from the field of HumanResources, Sales & Marketing and Supply Chainhave joined us as part of Summer Sojourn in awell-designed Internship program. Our intent is toprovide them the best practical exposure throughlive projects. 11

Nestlé India MANCOM ‘Walks the Talk’ A ‘Safety & Health Leadership Workshop’ was conducted for MANCOM members on 1st April 2016 at Head Office, Gurgaon.  In his opening address, our Chairman, Mr. Suresh Narayanan, shared the importance of Safety & Health and the critical role his Leadership Team would play to ‘lead by example’. The objective of driving ownership with conviction and passion was met and plans are now afoot to launch the clearly identified initiatives….towards creating a safer and healthier behavior amongst employees…..12 Published By: Human Resources, Nestlé India Limited Core Team: Akashdeep Batra, Pramod Rai, Manoj Rawat, Anjali Menon, Shalini Sangha, Divya Dabas, Nitin Agarwal Fast. Focused.Flexible

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