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WE SPEAK Issue 4 Final

Published by Mario wsa, 2021-10-03 09:57:45

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Achieve3000 “To score high, you must achieve 75% or above in as many articles you can do.”

Book of the week “Hands down this is the best MMaarryy 99GG children’s book ever.” “I wondered which was better—to have had Front desk isn’t just a humorous something for just a heart-warming novel, it touches on second and then have it the world of realism, dealing with taken away, or to have social issues of racism, never had it at all.” discrimination, prejudice, bias and ― Kelly Yang, Front poverty. The story centres the life Desk of a young chinese girl, Mia, who migrated to U. S. A with her hard working parents. In time their fantasy of America tears into pieces when her parents put their blood, sweat and tears to earn money from a coal-hearted motel owner, Mr. Yao. Along the bumpy road of friendship, financial issues and unfair working conditions, Mia’s parents welcome immigrants in the motel for free but what will happen when Mr. Yao finds out? Mia deals with finding her voice and trying to help the family she created around her. In this book I saw myself. I can understand the many things Mia faces. Front desk conveys that kindness is necessary, don’t judge any book by its cover and that not all things will come to a happy ending but everything will work out whether you like it or not. This book was an emotional roller coaster and at the end you’d never regret riding it.

Movie Recommendations Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is a British-American fantasy film based on the first novel by J.K Rowling. Its main themes are fantasy, family, adventure and kids. This movie is about an 11 year old orphan who lost his parents and was sent to live with his aunt and uncle. He discovers that he’s a wizard and he was invited to study at Hogwarts. There he enters a world of magic and finds trouble waiting for him. He also makes several friends who help him discover the truth about his parents mysterious deaths. Life lessons that can be learned from this movie: Friends and loyalty beats wealth and status You never know what you are capable of until you try. Being brave is hard, but rewarding. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t judge people by appearances but by their actions. Sometimes people have secrets that you just don’t expect. What if Harry’s Parents lived? If Harry's parents lived then Harry wouldn’t have to live with his aunt and uncle. He also wouldn’t have to fight against Voldemort. But if Harry’s parents lived he probably wouldn’t have had independence and he probably wouldn’t be as brave. Watch the movie and tell me what you think. By Fauziya 9G1


Sewa Day As we wanted to incorporate our learning into our daily lives, we decided to collect masks and give them to people in need as that is one of the major themes that we read and analyzed as a class in the novel ‘A Christmas Carol.’

Gallery of scoops Heated debate in 9G (English Lesson) Topic: In order to become successful, do inventions need to solve a problem?’ Special thanks from Shraddha, Year 6C, to Ms. Roanie, the English Department, and our magazine team Art Integration for SEWA day Picturesque!! and English by Tarunikaa 9G

Train of tales The Musical Treasure Now, before you read, you may be wondering about this column. The title itself gives the meaning. Every issue, this story will be continued by a different student. So, stay tuned with the magazine to find out everything in this story till the end of the school year. -Tarunikaa.M 9G Chapter 1: A lonely summer It was a pleasant evening in Windsvale. The Sun was moving on, continuing its journey to the west. The trees stood by, waving a good journey to the Sun, as their shadows grew long and disappeared. All the birds had settled onto their nests, and was preparing quietly for the night. The whole avenue was still, no cars, no stray animals, nothing. This may seem bleak and quiet, but you would hear a small hint of noise exactly at the left of the avenue. As you move closer, the decibels increase, and a stinging bite reaches your ears. The house in question, was the only house proactive during the summer months. A boy was moving around his room with awkward movements, the blue speaker blazing and screaming with high volume. It danced like an insect that has received an extra dose of energy. A lady stepped into the messy room. She had her blonde hair tied into a ponytail, her striped shirt covered with a denim jacket. Her feet, which was surprisingly clad with sneakers, tiptoed across the room, as if she would only spare her toes to

the mess. The boy hadn’t even noticed the sly movements, and before he could even react, the lady snatched the speaker from his desk. She switched it off, pulled the batteries out, and threw it into the corridor, where one couldn’t deduce the location. The boy, acting upon the sudden silence, stumbled and tripped across various items, and tumbled across his bed. The lady pulled out an object, with a shiny surface and a hole in the end, and placed it near his forehead. A gun. You must have expected for the boy to scream and put his hands up in surrender. The truth was, even at gunpoint, he slapped away the gun from the lady. It bonked around the carpet, having the character of an empty plastic bottle. The lady frowned, yet, her amber eyes twinkled, even at this evening. It showed joy and humor, and at the same time, a mysterious hope. But before one could notice this detail, she put her hands on her hips, and uttered one word. The word seem to fly out of her mouth tiredly, as if it had been used more than billion times. “Johnson!” The boy faced her eyes, and seemed to regret this action, for he had clamped his hands behind him, as if trying to control something. “Yes mom…” This must have been astonishing, if you hadn’t known the ‘mom’ of Johnson. The active mother started talking, “This has been going for ages, and I’m tired of your loud music. How long will you be hearing ear splitting music, before even cleaning your filthy room?!” Johnson glanced around his room, and gave out a sigh. His room had been cluttered around with two genres. There were thick books of music sheets scattered around his desk, with a laptop balancing on top of them. A corner was covered with a guitar, a ukulele and a violin. The speaker was also on the floor, motionless, as if it’s terribly exhausted. Maracas

were scattered throughout the carpet, a reason why he tripped. There was maps lying on the floor too, with illustrations, crosses and even more. Several magnifying glasses had joined with the maracas, one deep under the bed. The lady, who’s Cara, frowned at the whole mess, but again, her eyes twinkled, as if something had appeared in her mind. A memory. Johnson grumbled noisily, and started packing the instruments, and stuffed them in his cupboard. Cara, apparently satisfied, skipped back into the kitchen, and after a few minutes, cheese and pasta swam through the air. After doing up his cleaning, Johnson picked up the gun. To tell the truth, it was never a gun. It was a plastic whistle that was shaped as gun. It was a unique whistle, and Johnson treasured it, because it was his only gift from his father, who has been missing since he was born. He placed it back in his desk drawer and locked it safely. He never knew why his Dad had left it, nevertheless, he keep it to himself. He then picked up one his magnifying glass. It was a metallic blue, with glitter on it. Johnson loved collecting magnifying glasses, and Cara never knew why. As he trooped across the room, he looked closely with glass. A bunch of dust here I guess, mom was right, he thought. As he was deep in his mind space, a little creature skittered near the glass. Johnson’s eyes reverted back to his glass, and saw a peculiar creature. He jolted back, screaming. “Mom, MOM! Are you there? Please come here!” The creature replied with a male voice. “I am extremely sorry young man, but I’m afraid your mother, or Cara, cannot hear you.”

Even if the creature was small, its volume was that of a normal voice. With trembling fingers, he looked back at the creature. The creature was clad in a weird hat, a disheveled trench coat, and large spectacles. But, there was little whiskers poking under the spectacles, and fur was significant on the coat. “Who are you?” asked Johnson. The creature replied, “Young man, the question should be what am I, and I know you have further more questions, but that shall wait. Now, tell me, do you like traveling?” Johnson thought for a moment, and said, “Yes, I do. What does that have to do with me?” “It does with everything with you” “Like what?” “You’ll see”, said the creature with a smirk. And then all could Johnson see was utter darkness, and he dropped unconscious, falling into oblivion. By Tarunikaa 9G

Class experiences My Experience in Science Class Science classes are very fun! Especially in the first day, We get to introduce ourselves very well, and more often get to know about each other, And our Science teacher Mrs. Resmi, has a very good sense of teaching, she’s a wonderful science teacher! She gave us students lots of feelings in Science, it’s very wonderful, it's very Amazing! In Wednesdays we have a progress check on what we have learned so far in class, and it’s very easy to do, you just have to remember what you have learned so far throughout the week that lesson you have discussed, my opinion in Science Class is that if you listen to your teacher more often, your classes won’t be that hard. Of course teachers would check on our assignments and remind us to do it, so I really hope to expect more fun lessons in Science class! - By Julianna, Y7G2

Class experiences Hello I am Sarah Homam from year 7G2. Last week I had a lot fun in English, my teachers were very enthusiastic and they interacted a lot with the students. We read a novel called Holes with Miss Caroline, and started answering questions about it, we imagined how the characters would feel during different times in the book. We dove deep into the ocean of vocabulary and grammar with Ms. Sonia. I am really happy to be in this English class since reading and writing is so interesting in my opinion. So far this week has been really fun and I am glad to be with my amazing teachers! Sarah Homam from year 7G2.

Class experiences In english classes, we are currently learning to analyse an adventure novel, Treasure Island. We extract important text, observe character personalities and development, and learn to extract important information. There are also interesting activities: we drew a character and looked through his personality and history, and labeled his appearance. We also had an assignment to create an item related to the storyline (pirates). I think these activities are very engaging, and it would be good to have more of them throughout our english lessons. Apart from the book, we do reading exercises and vocabulary development. The two can help a student in their english skills, and how to be more knowledgeable in the language. In my old school, our lessons were quite traditional, so I find this approach very enjoyable while also informative for the student. Darya 8G1

Class experiences I really enjoy English classes and I’m developing my knowledge in the language. The subject can help you impressively in your daily life. From helping you get an opinion clear to writing a novel, English can really help you create and communicate. I really like reading and writing stories and learning new words. I say that English is one of the most important subjects and it can help you immensely if you master it. I want give a huge thank all English teachers, all around the world, that helps the newer generation grow our connection through English. Sharline Rodrigo 7g2

Class experiences We have read the novel holes, most of the students have already finished the novel and most of them think the final ten chapters are the most interesting and fun chapter of the whole entire novel since most of the story unravels then. Achieved 3000 is something most of the students have newly experienced. They have been engaged by the point system I think that the points are one of the most engaging parts, since students can compare their points they are very competitive the most points they think is the best. Ilhan 7B2

English, during this week we’ve covered: By Bernice 8G - A different Long John Silver and The Man on the Island. - Year eight is currently reading their way through a book called “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson. - The book is about an adventure novel by a Scottish author, it was written at 1881. The story is plotted at the day where ships set sail with pirates. It’s is a Quest where an enthusiastic boy named Jim Hawkins and his crew is in the hunt to look for a hidden treasure. - Chapter 11: A different Long John Silver, This chapter is about a sailor named Long John Silver, He’s a one-legged man with iconic parrot named Captain Flint his face is pale and despite that he was very strong. At the beginning he was very mild to Jim, and obliging to his fellow crewmates. People described him as a complete opposite of a standard pirate, for instance he was polite and well ordered. When Squire Trelawney met him, he completely admired him at once and he got hired as the Cook of the ship. - At chapter 11 to 14, Jim overhears a conversation which exposed LJS. At first, he was hesitant on exposing him but Soon after that, Jim became way more petrified of him. Once the story twisted its turns he would be described as a Cruel and selfish person his plan all along was to keep the treasure to himself, To be genuine I would personally describe him as a person that’s good at hiding his identity/ his true colors which makes him good at tricking others. - Chapter 15: The Man on the Island, Jim Hawkins finally meets a man who was living marooned on the Island for three years named Ben gunn, it started off when Jim caught sight of a mysterious shadow which seemed to follow him. Ben gunn was living off with oysters, goat meat, and berries but unexpectedly all he wants is toasted cheese. Ben and Jjm made a deal where he will share the treasure with Jim if he helps him. Ben seemed to know alot about Captain Flint and Long John silver, Soon Jim noticed that Ben could be the nemesis of Long John Silver. - Ben gunn details: His hair is white and frizzy the attire that he wore was torned and filthy. Ben has a pale red skin and black lips. - Spoiler: Ben gunn was part of Captain Flint's crew but now he’s known as the ex crewmate.

Drawing By Bernice 8G

Year 9 English Multiple Intelligence Analysing Drawing: paragraphs: Kanz Omer Giann Yousef Sabian Khalid Role-play: Tommy Sabeer “Today’s lesson was a multiple intelligence session. So everyone in the class had a different role in today’s activities. Some had to do drawings, role-play, and analysing paragraphs that describe a certain character and identifying how the paragraph described the character. Here are the students that did the activities in today’s session.” - 9B2

Multiple Intelligence Drawings: Rapping: Left: Lauryn Fauziya and 9G Nushara 9G Middle: Role Playing: Laiba Sarina, Right: Deema “Today’s lesson was a multiple intelligence session on the topic A Christmas Carol - ‘character analysis.’ Our class did different roles like drawing, role playing, singing, etc. We all REALLY enjoyed this unique, fun, humorous and interesting lesson from Mr. Mario” - 9G

By The Students The Contented Fish and the Missing Number By Matthew 6E After a while the fishes had a party inside the muddy lake. When the party ended, the fishes went to bed. The next day they had breakfast and realized one of their numbers were missing. A young curios fish asked, \"Oh no I wonder were the old fish went to!\" The fishes became concerned and they began their day searching for the absent fish. The next day they sat to eat again and another fish was gone, then again and again the days felt like seconds, everyone was disappearing. Each fish, every night. When the moon appeared on the lake, the fishes worried about themselves being taken. The content fish said, \"Do not fear, everyone. You will be saved by me, I will hide behind the mud and see where the fishes have gone to.\" The fishes, with a little hope, agreed with the contented fish. Shortly after they went to sleep. Suddenly, the floor was rumbling with massive force! It felt like an earthquake! A scrawny stick like object with claws longer and thinner than a crab's, grabbed one of the innocent fishes who were sleeping. Another of the objects began rocketing into the lake. Grabbing the fishes one by one. Scream after scream. The last thing the contented fish heard was of the sorrowful screams of the Unfortunate. For a minute he thought it would never end when in the apocalypse caught a glance at a lone unfamiliar bucket. Swimming quickly, he peered into the bucket and audibly gasped. It was what the fishes and he were searching for. Consumed by the discovery, he didn't notice something about to grab him. When he turned back, a fleshy figure was clawing in desperation. He was petrified and frozen in fear.

SPAGHETTI By Kiara 6 Who doesn’t like spaghetti? With either meatballs or sauce topped with so much of cheese, it is so yummy and filling. But let’s find out how spaghetti was discovered and the variety of dishes with spaghetti. Spaghetti is a long, thin, solid, cylindrical type of pasta. Spaghetti is the plural form of the Italian word “spaghetto” or “spago” meaning “thin string” or “twine”. Like any other pasta, it is made of milled wheat and water and sometimes enriched with vitamins and minerals and it is a staple food for Italians. Back to 1st century BC, meals made from pasta managed to evolve in its homeland of Ancient Rome and later Italy and Sicily, slowly becoming more and more popular with newer and better recipes. In the 18th century, they started introducing toppings like ketchup to spaghetti and pizzas. In early to mid-20th century the Italian and Sicilian immigrants arrived to the United States shores. After World War 2, United States started adopting this European meal. With promotion from the famous Hollywood, manufacturing and selling of pre-made pasta meals started and eventually expanded Worldwide.

Types of Spaghetti: Approximately, there are 350 types of pasta. This is because some types have different names depending on the language and may vary from the region or area where it came from. CAPELLINI It is a very thin variety of Italian pasta and often sold in a nest-like shape. BUCATINI Looks like a traditional spaghetti but more round and with a hole through the middle that gives each noodle a hollow center. FETTUCCINE Flat, thicker and more dense spaghetti noodle.

SPAGHETTI Long cylindrical noodles thicker than the capellini but thinner than the bucatini. LINGUINE Resembles fettuccine, but it is not as wide. It is a common noodle pairing for seafood dishes, mixed with white wine sauces and clams and mussels. PAPPARDELLE Wider than fettuccine. Vermicelli Skinny noodles made with semolina.

FAMOUS SPAGHETTI RECIPES BOLOGNESE - known in Italian as ragù alla bolognese or ragù, is a meat-based sauce which has its origins in Bologna, Italy. SPAGHETTI WITH MEATBALLS Is an Italian-American dish consisting of spaghetti, tomato sauce and meatballs. There are many more like plain sauce or with vegetables or seafood. This now makes me really hungry so I’ll go ahead and ask my mom to make me Spaghetti. Alla Prossima (until next time) Resources: Wikipedia / Google (for the photos)


GAMES N’ FUN Word Search #1 Words BCHYKNJ ADF J B 1. Addendum A MP L E S X D T I F S 2. Aghast G Y L C S WT D U O B A 3. Ample HT EPUL VERI Z E 4. Cower AI BVT L UNEF XS 5. Ethical S M E Z C A I D WD R A 6. Intrigue T I I GGCS UOF GH 7. Plebeian QX A T QI A MC A R B 8. Proximity 9. Pulverize 10. Volatile WO N F D H WJ V T E R A RE L I T A L OV HT APF T HEPI T APH K L E UGI RT NI A D Palindromes: Read the sentences backwards even\" \"Do geese \"Never odd or see god?\" \"Madam, I’m Adam\"

“Where Shakespeare quotes, poems and plays thrive!” “Don’t fret! This is an simpler, readable translated Shakespeare sonnet. With tips on how to decode the code.” Shall I compare you to a summer’s day? (‘Thee’ means ‘you’) You are more lovely and constant. (‘Thou art’ means ‘you are’) Rough winds shake the darling buds of May, (In Shakespeare’s time, ‘f’ was used for ‘s’ so, its is ‘shake’) And summer has fallen too short, (‘Hath’ means ‘Have’) Sometimes the sun is too hot, And often is it covered by the clouds, And every beautiful thing will lose its beauty, (‘Faire’ means ‘beauty’) By misfortune or nature’s changing course: By the eternal summer which shall not fade, (‘Thy’ means ‘the’) Nor will you lose the beauty you have, Because in my eternal verse you will live forever, So long as men can breathe or eyes can see, So long lives this poem lives on, making you immortal ” - By Mary 9G, Creator of Shakespeare Today

Shakespeare Challenges Ay, thine If you can write a poem/paragraph/story/record yoursel saying said story/an old english debate with your friends/e you’resubmission will be officially published in the nex issue...but WAIT! There’s a catch. In order to have you name on the wall, your submission must include ‘Shakespearean language.’ Now, don’t be shakenspeare (w already have one of those) below this faire information y will find thou guide. Now, go forth and start your submission! TIPS: ❖ ‘You/you all’, ‘yes’ and ‘are’ are overrated. Use ‘Thy, thou, thine/th ‘Ay’ and ‘art.’ ❖ When in trouble, add ‘e-t-h’ at the end of verbs (falleth, sleepeth runneth) ❖ Men are ‘sirrah,’ ladies are ‘mistress’ and your friends are all you ‘cousins’ ❖ Personification, imagery, synonyms and dramatic lines are your go ❖ RHYME, RHYME, RHYME! And don’t be afraid to be dramati

Word of the Week PETRICHOR (Noun) A petrichor is the pleasant, earthy smell that occurs after rain. ‘After the rain lashed through the city, I inhaled deeply the petrichor.’ A little challenge Tell about how it felt whenever the smell of petrichor occurred. Do send it to wespeakoffi[email protected] And write your name and year also.

Stress-alleviating tips Tired of seeing your homework piling up? Here are a few tips... ● Always remember First come, First serve. Finish off homeworks with the nearest deadline ● Try to set a homework goal everyday: Try finishing two homeworks every day ● Make sure you give yourself at least a 5 minute break, don’t push yourself, it makes you only worse ● If you are not able to focus, leave it! Trying harder would lower your focus even more ● To increase your focus, do something you like for a few minutes, and get back to work. You’ll feel very energetic after this

School News Hello fellow students! For this week’s update, we have a bucket full of scoops. As per the announcement, the student council ceremony will follow this Thursday’s assembly. But not just that. We have a lot events coming up. We have competitions following this week’s E-safety awareness. And lets not forget the coming up Pink Day, Sewa Day, and Teachers Day. Be sure to be ready for the celebrations! And hold your horses for the elections!

Facts to end this issue - Your nose gets warmer when you lie - It is mostly impossible to sneeze with your eyes shut - Dolphins sleep with one eye shut and one eye open - A narwhal’s tusk reveals its past living conditions

End Thank you for your time! “If you have any concerns or submissions for the WE SPEAK Newspaper, then please contact out email!” Email: [email protected] Credits: Main Directors and Editors, Give a big thank you to: Tarunikaa and Mary from 9G. Year 6: Matthew Denzel, Shraddha 7G2: Julianna Tempos, Ilhan, Sara, Sharlene,Dana Year 8: Amogh, Darya 9G: Tarunikaa.M, Fauziyyz, Deema, Laiba, Lauryn, Thea Leonnie, Fauziyya, Nushara, Sarina, Fatema Ali 9B: Giann, Kanz, Omer, Yousef, Sabeer, Khalid, Tommy Teacher in charge: Ms. Madina Teacher Contributions - Ms. Roanie, Ms. Caroline, Ms. Sonia, Ms. Fe and Mr. Mario

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