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Published by The Regent College, 2022-08-05 01:11:39



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@TheRegentCollege The Official Newsletter of The Regent College Abuja | Vol. 4 | Issue 9 GRADUATION SPECIAL EDITION

JULY 2022 Vol 4. Issue 9 WELCOME INSIDE THIS ISSUE: THE MEET OUR GRADUATION VALEDICTORIANS CEREMONY 6 3 LEAVERS' BALL- @TheRegentCollege is a monthly MAFIA ELEGANCE publication of The Regent College Abuja. 62 All rights reserved

THE GRADUATION CEREMONY In the paraphrased words of John Mark Green, we blinked our eyes and in an instant, time flew by! Incredibly, you have graduated and we all could not be prouder of you! We heartily celebrate you, the class of 2022, in this special edition of @TheRegentCollege because you have journeyed to success from what felt at the beginning like an impossible mission. By overcoming the impossibilities cast at you by the novel COVID-19 pandemic, the rigor of assessments, and validation, you all are conquerors. In all your future endeavors, we wish you more victories. Congratulations! Pictured here are sights from the ceremony:


HALIMA KASHIM-IMAM VALEDICTORIAN CAMBRIDGE A-LEVELS Halima spent two years in The Regent College. She has offers from Keele University and RAK Medical & Health Sciences University. She would be going to RAK to study Medicine.

\"YOU CAN NEVER APPRECIATE SOMETHING AS Mrs AbdulRazaq, The principal, You can never appreciate MUCH AS WHEN YOU DO NOT HAVE IT ANYMORE. Deputy Principal, Heads of something as much as when you Departments, members of Staff, do not have it anymore. In these Parents, Graduands, Ladies and two years, I have made IN THESE TWO YEARS, I HAVE MADE MEMORIES Gentlemen, good morning. I am memories that will last me a THAT WILL LAST ME A LIFETIME, I HAVE MET truly honoured to be standing lifetime; I have met people I will here today representing the forever appreciate; PEOPLE I WILL FOREVER APPRECIATE, class of 2022 as the I have grown and I have learnt. I HAVE GROWN AND I HAVE LEARNED\". valedictorian of A levels. I never A lot of things are ending today, thought that this day would and new ones are beginning too, come, it almost seemed no more weekly tests A-level impossible, but it is here now students!, but as much as I and as said by Napoleon dreaded writing tests every Bonaparte, “The word week I have pushed myself to impossible is not in my work harder because of them, dictionary.” and as the African proverb says, \"Smooth seas do not make Firstly I would like to thank skillful sailors\", meaning, we almighty Allah for allowing us learn better from overcoming to see this day, I would like to challenges and difficulties. thank my teachers, Mr Benjamin, Mr Bernard and Mr When we walk out through Ikonoh for their support and these doors today we will never hard work put into educating be known as the students of the me. To the Heads of Regent College ever again but Departments Mr Babs, Mr Tim, rather the alumni, the path on Mr Monday and Mr Soji, Thank the journey we have been you. To the Principal and taking together will split into Deputy principal, Thank you. To 125 exact paths. Mrs AbdulRazak for establishing an indelible When we walk out through institution, Thank you. these doors we should never Thousands of thanks to my forget to implement the values mother who has always instilled into us because when encouraged me to do my best we walk out, we will meet new and supported me through people and it is left to us to be every stage of my life. To all the respectful. When we walk out members of staff at the regent we will be trusted and given college, I appreciate you, and to authority and it is left to us to everyone who has helped to put be responsible, and when we me on this stage today, thank walk out of these doors, there you. will be adversity and obstacles and it is left to us to be resilient. I have spent two years as a student in the Regent college, Congratulations class of 2022, one of the longest and most we have completed yet another ornate two years of my life. A stage of our lives and it wasn't few months ago I was awaiting easy. So when you walk out for today and the day I was always remember at every stage done with my A-level exams. you go through, Life will always And like some of you, I couldn't throw stones at you and it is wait to flee, but now that today your choice to dodge them or has come it feels as though allow them to knock you down. these two years have gone too fast.

AYOMIDE OSOSANMI VALEDICTORIAN ONTARIO SECONDARY SCHOOL DIPLOMA (OSSD) Ayomide spent 1-year in The Regent College and is graduating with nearly perfect scores in all his subjects. Ayomide holds offers from Guelph, Ontario Tech and Carleton. He has chosen to study Mechatronics at Queens University, Canada .

The Board of the I most definitely would not have been able to Regent College, The accomplish this without her and to her I am most Principal, Deputy thankful. Principal, Staff, Furthermore, I would Finally, thank you once also like to thank my again to The Regent Parents, Fellow teachers. I would like College for honouring me to thank Mr. Seyi, Mr. with this award. To my Graduating Students, Tim, Mr. Bernard, Mr. fellow graduates here Benjamin, Mr. Agboola today, I also say a big Distinguished Guests, and my mentor as well, congratulation to you all. Mr. Babs. Throughout May we all continue to Ladies and Gentlemen. my stay here they have shine brighter and always been so brighter. In the years It is with great honor supportive and they ahead, may the that I stand here before are definitely some of preparation that we have you today, to accept the best teachers I’ve been so richly blessed with this award. My time at ever had the pleasure at Regent be a solid The Regent College, of learning from. Right foundation upon which to although short, has from the beginning of build and lead the next certainly been one I OSSD they were also generation. would never forget. It encouraging, easy to Thank you! has been extremely work with and learn enlightening, educating from and this went on and filled with joy. right until the end. Looking back on my They were all really time here, I see that at influential to me being this moment, I am able to get here. thankful for a lot of things. Finally, I would like to thank and also Firstly, I am thankful to dedicate this award to \"The Regent College has such an The Regent College for my mother. Without amazing learning environment and presenting me with her I wouldn’t even be this award. I am also receiving this award or has afforded me such an thankful for the even be in The Regent incredible learning experience opportunities I have College. Being a single and I’m so happy that I was given found in this mother, she sponsored the chance to make my choice of wonderful institution. my education here and what university I would like to The Regent College has she was always there such an amazing when I needed her. All attend. learning environment the times when I was and has afforded me stressed and felt I such an incredible didn’t have what it took I would like to thank and also learning experience to be in OSSD, she was dedicate this award to my mother. and I’m so happy that I always one call away was given the chance and ready to give me Without her I wouldn’t even be to make my choice of the pep talk and receiving this award or even be in what university I would motivation I needed. like to attend. The Regent College. Being a single mother, she sponsored my education here and she was always there when I needed her.\"

NODEBECHUKWU MGBODILLE VALEDICTORIAN UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION PROGRAMME (UFP) Node joined the Engineering pathway of the accelerated Foundation Programme and he holds offers from Nottingham, Birmingham, and Leeds. He has chosen to go to Purdue University, Indiana, USA to study Chemical Engineering

JULY 2022 • VOLUME 9 \"There will be times when you may feel completely alone, and it is Good morning Mr. and Mrs. A, the Principal, Deputy then that you must remember the Principal, Teachers, Parents, my Fellow Graduands, values The Regent College has and Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen. taught us. It is nearly impossible to put into words how quickly No matter how hopeless you may the year has passed. The sun's constant shine in the feel or how buried you may seem sky gave the impression that time was passing. This to be, you must cling to hope and swift passage of time might be thought of as clock keep it alive. At such a time, you hands that continued to spin at the speed of light until must all remind yourselves of they disappeared from view. Indeed, the months have today’s victory and that past.\" rolled by since we first walked through the gate of The Regent College. Personally, I was most strongly reminded about the passage of time, not by the days and weeks that raced by. On the contrary, Continuous Assessments and Exams did, almost in a prowling manner. Every time I believed I had completed a test, another one would appear, almost out of nowhere. And before we knew it, final exams were already knocking at the door! But today, at this very moment of our graduation, everything including the brevity of time is behind us. Indeed, in the words of Julius Caesar, we came, we saw, and we conquered! We could not have attained this success without the unceasing support of a host of individuals and groups. My first appreciation, therefore, goes to The Regent College; the faculty staff for impacting us intellectually. Also, my thanks go to all support staff, especially the kitchen staff for always making my favorite part of the day tasty and hot. Similarly, thank you to all my friends and the entire class of 2022 for making our stay here enjoyable. Finally, my sincere thanks to our parents for all the enormous sacrifices you have made over the last year, including paying the school fees and doing school runs. Even though we may not always tell you, please know that we see and truly appreciate all that you have done, and will continue to do. Fellow graduands, on a day like this, it is easy and proper to feel optimistic. We have made countless sacrifices including, for some of us, sleepless nights just trying to make an A in one test or the other. We have done everything we needed to do and achieved our goal, so there is every reason to celebrate. But in the years ahead, there will also be dark times. There will be times when you may feel completely alone, and it is then that you must remember the values The Regent College has taught us. No matter how hopeless you may feel or how buried you may seem to be, you must cling to hope and keep it alive. At such a time, you must all remind yourselves of today’s victory and those past. You must reach deep down and show that you are much more than how the world sees you. In fact, my sincere wish for us all is for us is to be hope itself. Although it may seem like we are saying our goodbyes, we will keep little bits of each other with us as we move on in life to serve as a constant reminder of who we are and what we are meant to be. I have had a wonderful year with you all, and I will miss you all very much. Thank you!



AYOMIDE OSOSAMI Best student - Engineering/Science Based Mathematics Stream (OSSD Programme)

CHRISTINE OLAMIDE HEATHERINGTON-POPOOLA Best student- Health/Environmental Science Stream (OSSD Programme)

SOPHIA ODO Best Student-Humanities (University Foundation Programme)


NODEBECHUKWU MGBODILLE Best Student - Science (University Foundation Programme)



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