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January 2022 Newsletter

Published by The Regent College, 2022-01-28 14:36:04

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January 2022, Volume 4 . Issue 4 @TheRegentCollege The official monthly publication of The Regent College Abuja Respect Responsibility Resilience


ALL STUDENTS | TRC UPDATE To enable us to keep delivering face-to-face learning and teaching, we all need to take collective responsibility to keep each other as safe as possible. Please follow the guidelines below: You must wear a face-covering when you are inside our premises - this is a requirement for everyone. These can be removed in teaching spaces such as classrooms, but only if you are keeping two metres distance from everyone else. If you aren’t, for example, if you are moving around or are sitting at less than two metres from anyone else, then you must keep them on. Regularly wash/sanitise your hands and follow any one-way systems in our buildings. There is regular cleaning continuing across our highly used areas, for example with door handles being regularly cleaned.

Upcoming CO- Events CURRICULAR Mid-term Tests - Feb. 7th TUESDAYS - Clubs Achievers' Assembly - Feb. 14 FRIDAYS- Leadership/ Half Term Break- Feb. 17 & 18th Mentoring & Community Service Reminders AS/A2 - Level Exams April 20th OSSD End of Term 1 Exams For More Information: [email protected]

The Principal's Message DEAR PARENTS/GUARDIANS, Compliments of the New Year. We have This accounts for why Red Brick and started this term in full academic mode Russell Group Universities readily admit and all processes are progressing our Foundation students. favourably. We welcomed our January Start Cohort with a special orientation A-Level Programme program to help them fit into our establishment with ease and we wish Our AS & A-Level students have them the very best of experiences during been registered for Cambridge their sojourn at The Regent College. International Exams which will begin on the 20th of April, 2022 and Foundation Programme end on the 10th of June 2022. All necessary plans have been put in Research has begun for Foundation place to ensure that the students complete their syllabuses in full students. They are all expected to preparation for the exam. Please, partner with us in encouraging submit a three thousand (3000) word them to aim for the very best. research paper in their given topics of Boosters/Mentoring/ Community Service each subject area. This accounts for a Our students who did not quite meet portion of their final grade and must the mark last term are still attending booster classes and are being be given all the seriousness it deserves. mentored, coached and encouraged by designated teachers. Each student Every student has had to sign a form of our college is allocated a mentor to help support and encourage them to stating that they would do the research aim high at all times. All necessary processes for the very best of themselves, and would not plagiarise university admissions are in place to enrich their student experiences and any previous work in their topic area. lay the very best of foundations for university life. Academic honesty is a very serious Yours Sincerely, issue in the countries our students are C.I.Ebiai (Mrs) progressing to so we owe them the Principal obligation of emphasising this. At the end of the research process, each student would be required to defend their submissions. Our Foundation Programme is very academic and rigorous. It is an AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance: an awarding body in England, Wales and Northern Ireland) accelerated A-level programme, which ensures that at the end of the students’ year, they are fully prepared for university.

COUNTDOWN TO END OF TERM ONE (OSSD REPORT) BY MR TIM HYUA As term one draws to a close… Yes, you heard right! OSSD term one is just drawing to a close! This is one of the unique features of the OSSD Programme – but that’s another story. For now, we are delighted to share with you, what the students have been doing leading up to their end of term examination. They are completing unit tests as shown in the proctored English and Advanced Functions tests respectively below:

UPCOMING A-LEVEL EXAMS BY MR AWONUSI BABATUNDE The Cambridge AS and A-Level Programme will commence the May/June 2022 examination on the 20th of April 2022. Our students will end their examination on the 10th of June 2022 \"EXAMS COMMENCE 20TH APRIL AND END 10TH JUNE\" All students have been given the examination timetable and intense preparation for the examination is ongoing. We solicit the usual support of our esteemed parents and guardians as we prepare the students for this examination.

FOUNDATION PROGRAMME The month of January comes with Research has continued to be a major feature two very important features of our of our Foundation Programme. Our Foundation Programme - the creation graduated students have continued to testify of the second stream of our to this fact. In other to make it easy for our Foundation Programme, popularly students to score very high marks for the referred to as the UFP 2 or January available 40 marks for research and Start, and the commencement of practicals, a training was organised for them research projects and science in the first week of resumption. practicals. Students undergo daily UFP 2 students are students who assessments & weekly tests joined The College late into term 1, those whose term 1 results were not Our traditional weekly tests and daily good and those who joined us in assessments also featured during the January. With this arrangement, two month, amongst other academic time tables are running concurrently activities. All of these are designed to give for UFP 1 and UFP 2. Both streams our students an excellent education at will write their final examinations in The Regent College. June 2022.

My Research Experience I have covered some grounds At first I thought that the on the topic I am research would be more researching. So far, I have stressful than it is now, though read a few books and visited I just started. After writing the various websites to gather first page, the project has materials. This research has proved more than ever to test exposed me to a whole new my academic strength. It has world of knowledge impacted my way of thinking acquisition and as I proceed I and has also opened my mind think I will gain more. to wider perspectives. - Ibrahim Dambazau - Clinton Nkwocha The research has impacted my ways of thinking and influenced my knowledge of world affairs greatly. Despite this, it is a bit tasking and requires a lot of attention. Nevertheless, I believe that the journey and the mission will be fun. - Johanna Idoko

STUDENT COUNCIL Meet your representatives MY SRC EXPERIENCE by Alu Agabi When I first came in I was told that there is a students council and I immediately got interested in it and wanted to become one of the students' leaders. I know I have the qualities to lead a student body and had always looked forward to an opportunity to do so. So when the time came, I collected an application form and applied to contest as one of the leaders. When all forms were filled and submitted the school shortlisted the names of all candidates and there were 9 of us in total. We were given a week to prepare for our manifestoes, and I had to plan and come up with a fine manifesto that would win the hearts of students. During the presentation of my manifesto, it's safe to say my heart was erratic but I was able to confidently deliver my manifesto and answer the questions students threw my way. No words can express the joy of having been elected as a member of the SRC. It is now my mission to do my very best. All in all, this has been a very worthwhile experience for me and I hope that as a student leader I can positively impact the school and act as a bridge between both staff and students.

Shawn Laah Alu Agabi PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Ronit Martin Aisha Ajiya Preye Ogoriba Treasurer Social Director Community Service

CYBERCRIME The internet plays a big part in students' life. So whether you’re conducting research for your studies, buying course books, or keeping in touch with friends, make sure you stay cyber-safe. Use secure computers with updated If criminals find out your personal security software. details, they may be able to use them to Only shop on trusted and reputable open bank accounts or get credit cards, sites; look for the padlock symbol. loans and state benefits in your name. Keep log-in details and passwords Criminals may also attempt to obtain private. documents in your name, such as a Never publish personal details such drivers licence or passport. as your name and address online – and don’t give them out to people you haven’t met in real life. Keep all your records of online transactions. IDENTITY THEFT \"If you use the internet, always use a different Information that is helpful to criminals password for each includes your name, date of birth, address, account\". National Identity Number (NIN) and bank and debit card details. Dispose of documents that contain personal details. Use a shredder. Report a lost passport, drivers license or credit card to the issuer immediately.

University Placement BY MISS SADE The first batch of applications have In addition, the response time for been submitted and students have applications submitted to started receiving responses from the Canadian and US universities are universities they applied to. between February and March. In They were advised to check their some cases, SATs and an English emails at least twice a day and proficiency test are needed to forward all correspondences to me, make an offer and at the end of so I can assist where necessary. the programme, the final transcripts are sent to the schools For the UK applications already to complete the process. Some submitted, universities are sending universities may also request that out conditional offers and those yet a certain amount be deposited to to, have requested for one secure an offer. supporting document or the other to help make admission decisions. In conclusion, the final batch of These requests require students to applications will be submitted in respond within a particular time the first week of March. This is to frame, hence the need to forward allow the new students prepare such emails to me. Before an for the application processes admission process is complete, which require writing personal students are expected to meet the statements and recommendation conditions of the offers after their letters from their mentors. final results are out. For now, students are to wait till they receive responses from all their university options.

How to beat the January Blues If you’re struggling a bit with being enthusiastic about anything at all, it might be the time of year that’s getting to you. For many people, January can be the worst month for the blues. Making just a few small lifestyle changes can significantly improve your overall wellbeing. Eat healthy Look after your mental Having a balanced and wellbeing varied diet can lead to increased productivity as Paying more attention well as improved physical to the present and mental health. Staying moment can improve hydrated is just as your mental wellbeing. important – to prevent feeling sluggish. Give to others Keep active You’ll feel great when you see the positive impact It’s important to choose an you’re having. Additionally activity you enjoy that fits volunteering will develop easily into your lifestyle. your skills and you’ll be ab to put it on your CV. Build a routine Ask for help A routine can help you If you’re struggling, structure your day and support is stay focused, available. There is a productive and range of practical positive. Schedule support in a time for studying and confidential, remember to plan for professional breaks too. setting.

The Regent College Students Begin 2022 Community Service Projects! On Friday 14th January 2022, The Head of Activities (HOA) led our students on a visit to LEA Primary School Mabushi for their yearly community service projects. The students were allocated to undertake different leadership projects which will be due for commissioning by the end of June 2022. This programme is one of the core activities in leadership as it affords our students the opportunity to reach out to their immediate community. The LEA primary school pupils were so excited to receive our students as depicted in the pictures below;



ORAL HYGIENE WITH BRACES A common problem that most teenagers Here are 4 tips for establishing healthy oral face is how to maintain good oral hygiene hygiene habits with braces: while wearing their braces. Braces are an 1 -Create an Oral Hygiene Schedule. investment in your physical and emotional 2 -Take a tooth pick and run the point around well-being, and you don't want to risk it the gum line, braces, and in-between the due to a lack of oral hygiene. teeth, gathering up the plaque. 3 -Invest in a portable adjustable mirror. One of the top concerns with braces is the This will help make it easier for you to see white spots that can appear on the teeth. what you are doing when brushing. These white spots / lesions are caused by 4 -Brush with water only at first to remove all visible plaque, then brush with toothpaste to decalcification of the enamel. In other deliver the fluoride. Toothpaste is only used to words, they are preventable and all it takes freshen the breath. to prevent them is having good oral 5 -Floss, Floss, Floss. hygiene. When the braces are removed, your teeth will be in excellent condition.

#CometoTRC For Enquiries: 08150982888, 09055692360

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