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Black and White Simple Back To School Newsletter (1)

Published by The Regent College, 2021-09-29 08:48:38

Description: Black and White Simple Back To School Newsletter (1)


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@TheRegentCollege The Official Newsletter of The Regent College Abuja Sept 30, 2021 Vol. 4, Issue 1 IN THIS ISSUE: A Word from the Principal Leadership & Mentoring TRC students represent Nigeria in the Queen's Baton Relay Looking out for others Enjoying College Life Responsibly School So Far... Take Care of Your Vision Good Stress? Who to talk to \"\"We must remember that stress can be good if we set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely (SMART) goals.\"

RPeilmeCmEaphMsoieenrActkdkIaLenyeefotoprudrranuSopteTtdUesaDaotenEf dsN! T The Month Gone By The Month Ahead Sept 6: Resumption/ Orientation Oct 1: Public Holiday Sept 7: Cyber Safety Oct 4: CAT 3 Education Oct 7: University Counselling Sept 9: Classes Begin Oct 8: SRC Screening & Sept 17:Call for Extracurricular Interview activities Oct 11 - 15: Mid-Term Tests Sept 20: Founder's Day Oct 21: University Counselling Sept 24: Mentorship Oct 22: Parents' Webinar Allocation Oct 28 - Nov 1: HALF TERM Sept 27: CAT 2 Oct 29: OPEN HOUSE Sept 30: National Day

A WORD FROM THE PRINCIPAL By: Mrs C.I Ebiai Dear Parents and Guardians, I welcome all new students and parents to the Regent College Family. To the returning students and parents, I say welcome to 2021/2022 session. We appreciate the confidence you repose in us and God helping us, we promise not to let you down. 2020/2021 UNIVERSITY DESTINATIONS University of Essex EXCELLENT RESULTS University of Kent University of Leeds We are pleased to inform you that last session’s results have The University of Edinburgh again proven the fact that our college is second to none.With University of Birmingham 100% A*to C scores in at least 3 Cambridge A Level University of Portsmouth Subjects, 100% A* to C Scores in at least 7 subjects of the University of Sussex OSSD Canadian Programme and in our University University of Bristol Foundation Programme (UFP), 90% of the outcomes were University of Manchester between the Distinction With Honours grade (DWH) and University of Liverpool merit. Newcastle University University of Leicester This session's orientation and induction Program which took University of Southampton place between Monday 6th September and Wednesday 8th Bournemouth University September 2021 ended with each student setting achievement Bristol, University of the West of England goals for each course. These will be constantly measured and Leeds Arts University reviewed against actual performance in the course of the University of Bradford session. University of Huddersfield Nottingham Trent University University of Salford University of Reading University of Nottingham University of Leicester University of East Anglia UEA University of Kent University of Surrey University of Glasgow University of Stirling University for the Creative Arts Cardiff Metropolitan University Glasgow School of Art St George's, University of London University of Limerick, Ireland University College Cork, Ireland Sorbonne University in Paris, France Brock University, Canada Huron University College, Canada University of Guelph New Brunswick, Canada University of Calgary, Canada University of Lethbridge, Canada University of Manitoba University of York, Canada OCAD, Canada Ontario Tech University Carleton University Effat University, Saudi Arabia Gulf University, Dubai

CLASSES Classes started promptly on PLACEMENT Thursday 9th September,2021. Weekly tests which help us Our placement services are rendered way beyond graduation build our students’ academic as we follow up until our students proceed to their various muscles started in week 3 universities. Every graduating student is registered on our (Three) as scheduled. We are a alumni list and we reach out to them to find out how they are Cambridge award-winning doing in their various universities. Updates on our alumni college so you can rest assured students are featured in our newsletters as we receive them, that your children are in good to encourage our current students that the goals we insist on hands. them aspiring for are doable. You can see that you have made the right choice and your children are in for total care. We establish a habit of Our mantra at the Regent College is “Hard work pays”. We, academic rigour in our students therefore, appeal that you back us up in encouraging your which also leads to the brilliant children to hit the ground running. We will work for hand in results and university hand with you as we play our roles in nurturing these young admissions we have recorded men and women to maturity and goal-directed behaviour. over the years. We have university partners in every continent and we access scholarships and rebates allotted to us for our students’ benefit under the partnerships we have built up. Yours Sincerely, C.I.Ebiai (Mrs)

LEADERSHIP UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM QUEEN'S The first day of school began with a whole school assembly and the BATON RELAY Leadership Goal Setting Programme COMPETITION (LGSP) while the rest of the orientation week was loaded with Three of our students (Felix Ogedengbe, series of leadership activities ranging Kashim- Imam Halima and Saleh from seminar viewings, The Regent Ruqqaya Nadeen) submitted Core Values, Safety and Library applications to be part of the University Guides, Mentorship and Signing of of Birmingham Queen's Baton Relay in Academic Integrity Forms. preparation for the 2022 Common Wealth Games. Student Mentoring With utmost pleasure, we report that all This includes practical support for 3 of them were shortlisted to make up new students plus weekly sessions the 6 chosen to represent Nigeria in the focusing on academic work. finals. Each student has been paired with a member of staff whom they share weekly updates about academics and any other related topics. RESPECT RESPONSIBILITY RESILIENCE

We all have a Looking Out For Others responsibility to be considerate of Whether you are living in the hostel or a day student, you have a responsibility to continue others. to be considerate to members of your community. We want you to enjoy your time with us at TRC, however, now more than ever, we all have a joint responsibility to continue tothink of others. The need to adhere to Covid-19 guidance is really important - every member of the community, not just the student community, has a responsibility to do this. The Student Undertaking also explains what our students can expect from our School and what, in turn, the School expects from our students. Enjoying College Life Here are some of the things you should Responsibly consider to get the most out of your time at TRC, whilst staying safe and secure. It may be the first time you've lived away from home and had to take care of yourself. You'll Fulfil your library hours and make the most probably be making a new group of friends, who of independent study. may stay with you for the rest of your life. You Handle your belongings and school might pick up new hobbies or habits, discover property with the utmost care. new interests and take the first steps in your Endeavour to turn in your assignments and career. or project work in time. If you are running behind schedule, inform It's also around this time that you begin to be your teachers so that you can be given an treated as an adult by society. You'll have more extension. choice about what you do and who you'll be Make meaningful and purposeful than ever before. But be aware that, as an adult, friendships you are responsible for yourself and your Remember that for a wholesome student, actions. you also need to eat well, socialise and take breaks when necessary.

Take Care of Your Vision We rely on our eyes to see and make sense of the world around us, so it is important to handle with as much care as possible. For improved eyesight, do the following: Eat a healthy, balanced diet- to include fruits and vegetables. Maintain a healthy weight. Exercise regularly Wear protective eyewear Give your eyes a rest. If you become unwell, don't suffer in silence -inform the school nurse and/or your houseparent to enable you to access health advice and support. Good Stress?! Good stress: ·helps us to perform optimally IIt seems like a paradox to have “good” ·Motivates and “stress” in the same sentence. ·Is usually within our coping abilities There is a general notion that stress is ·Is short term negative, this is not entirely true as it ·Focuses energy can be positive known as eustress. This ·Leads to high achievement kind of stress that helps us feel Our mindset towards stress will ensure that we do not have it motivated to work at achieving a goal, rubbing off us the wrong way. We must think of stress as a and produces good feelings. This kind challenge, a motivator, an opportunity, manageable and try to of stress is healthy and is even required embrace it. to get life going. It is necessary to help As we set goals for ourselves with school work and life us build resilience. generally, we must remember that stress can be good if we set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely (SMART) goals.

School So Far... An interview with OSSD students We welcome especially our new OSSD students who have already demonstrated much zeal and excitement for joining the OSSD programme. With classes already started, some of the students sat down with TRC's media team for a chat in which they talked about their backgrounds and goals. Please have a pleasant read. Christine Barinaale \"I have observed that OSSD uses I like the fact that the OSSD different learning methods, which I assessment is continuous and find both easier and, but at the the final exam is only 30 same time, challenging to adjust to, percent of our grades. Taking especially in these early days. advantage of the progressive However, it is interesting because it grading system, I hope to get is a new experience and I look at least 90 percent on every forward to learning more. I hope to single test, assignment and achieve good grades and expand assessment. my knowledge in many areas.\" FOLLOW OUR SOCIAL MEDIA

September 2019 WHO Vol 1 Issue 21 TO Mr Awonusi TALK A-LEVEL TO [email protected] Mr Monday Mr Tim UFP OSSD Mrs Favour [email protected] [email protected] Student Welfare [email protected] Mr Soji Mr Ikonoh Activities/ Residence/ Mr Lawrence MenI ntos irdiengt h e I s s u e Housekeeping Academic Related [email protected] Services Issues [email protected] [email protected] Mrs Ivie Bursar Miss Sade [email protected] Progression & Placement [email protected] Miss Aisha Dr Prasad Mr Lawrence Health Hostel Exeat & other Academic Related [email protected] related issues Issues [email protected] [email protected] 08134923831 09021250667 Miss Sarah Miss Susan Socials, Marketing & Referrals Counselling & Advisory Services [email protected] [email protected]

EARN N100,000 When you refer a friend to join The Regent College Abuja For more details: SEE THE MARKETING MANAGER (Ms. Sarah) TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY Follow, Like, Share & Subscribe: @theregentcollegeabuja #ComeToTRC RESPECT RESPONSIBILITY RESILIENCE

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