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February 2022 Newsletter

Published by The Regent College, 2022-02-25 13:02:14

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Reminder Please keep note of important dates and Check your STUDENT EMAIL for updates! The Month Ahead CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Mar 3: World Book Day TUESDAYS/ THURSDAYS - Clubs Mar 4: Work Experience / FRIDAYS- Leadership/ Internship Begins Mentoring & Community Service Mar 11: Exeat Weekend Mar 18: Community Service Project Review Mar 24: Term 2 Exams Begin April 8: Term 2 Exams End

FROM THE PRINCIPAL'S DESK By: Mrs C.I Ebiai Dear Parents, It is midway in the session already, how time flies! Many of our foundation students already have a couple or more university admissions which will be validated by St. Andrews College, our foundation partners while that of the Canada bound students will be validated by Rosedale Academy our Canadian partners. FOUNDATION PROGRAMME Foundation students have three more major Academic honesty is a very serious exams. One at the end of term and the issue in the countries our students are June exam which will be in two parts progressing to so we owe them the written back to back. September Start obligation of emphasising this. Foundation Students started their research January Start students will begin their process on the 25th of February 2022 to research process on the 23rd of March end on the 28th of March 2022. Topics are 2022 to end on the 27th of May given to them in two of the foundation 2022. subjects in their course areas to start, the rest will be given to them on submitting the At the end of the research process, first set. each student would be required to defend their submissions. Our They are expected to submit 3000(Three foundation program is second to none thousand) word research papers in their in Nigeria because of its rigorous given topics of each subject area. This academic processes. It is an AQA accounts for 40% of their final grade and (Assessment and Qualifications must be given all the seriousness it deserves. Alliance) accelerated ‘A’ level program. Every student has had to sign a form This also accounts for why Red Brick stating that they would not plagiarise any and Russell Group universities admit previous work in their topic area. our foundation students readily.

A-LEVEL PROGRAM OSSD (CANADIAN PROGRAM) Our A level students have been This program has a 2 term structure registered for AS and A Level exams like university programs. The first term which will begin on the 26th of April rounds off with its end of term exams 2022 with English Language and end which started on the 16th of February on the 10th of June 2022 with 2022 to end on the 25th of February Accounting MCQ’s. All necessary 2022. The students will go a one week plans have been put in place to ensure holiday between Monday 28th that the students complete their February and Friday 4th of March syllabuses in full preparation for the 2022. The second half of the OSSD exam. Please partner with us in program starts on Monday 7th of encouraging them to aim for the very March 2022. best. Hard work is the answer. BOOSTERS/MENTORING Our students who did not quite meet the mark last term are still attending booster classes and are being mentored, coached and encouraged by designated teachers. Each student is allocated a mentor to help support and encourage them to aim high at all times. Please come and let us rub minds for the good of our children. Yours Truly,

TRC UPDATE | ALL STUDENTS Thanks to everyone’s efforts we have been able to limit the spread of infection within the college and maintain working and teaching throughout this very difficult period. The good news is that the public health situation has improved however there is a collective responsibility on us all to continue to be good citizens and to help keep our TRC community safe so we would ask that everyone continues to follow the usual advice to frequently sanitise/wash their hands, and wear facemasks regularly when they are coming to campus.

UFP The month of February has been a very hectic one for the UFP students. The annual research project is ongoing, with September Starts carrying out research in International Relations, Law and Engineering The last and final batch of applications will be submitted in the second week of March Maths, in the first half and all those yet to submit applications are being advised to do so, to meet up with the of the term and deadlines. Business, Maths and The UK application process takes about a period of 2:3 weeks to receive a conditional Economics to join after offer, depending on the course and the universities applied to. Those whose the midterm break. applications were submitted in January have received at least an offer and follow up January Starts emails are sent on behalf of those yet to admission decisions to hasten up their commenced their own in universities. the last week of While the Canadian and US students should start receiving their offers too in March if February. they have met the admission requirements. The weekly tests are ongoing too and these have posed a bit of a challenge to some students that have not been used to academic rigour. The placement office is always open to any enquiry or assistance when needed.

AS/ A-LEVEL Count down to the CAIE May/June 2022 EXAM examination shows that we have about 7 PREP weeks to the start of the first paper. CHECKLIST All practical aspects of the syllabus PRACTICALS required for the advanced subsidiary year one and advanced level year two students PRACTICE TESTS were duly conducted and practice classes to build the confidence of the students are REVISION being carried out. EXERCISES Currently, all teachers have completed 90% or more of the syllabus content on their subjects. Intensive revision exercise will commence in three weeks to this time. We solicit the usual support of our esteemed parents and guardian as we prepare the students for this examination. february, 2022 Volume 4

FEBRUARY 2022 VOL. 4 OSSD “The examination commenced on the 16th, February and STUDENTS SIT END OF ended on 25th February 2022\". TERM 1 EXAM OSSD students have commenced their end of term one examination. This is part of core events marking the winding down of the current term, and paving the way for the start of the second and final term for the 2021/2022 academic session. The examination which commenced on the 16 of February is scheduled to end on the 25 of February 2022. The following pictures bring to you the process which requires proctoring and videoing of whole sessions. Happy TOWN REVIEW viewing!


In order to achieve full FULL AND EQUAL ACCESS AND and equal access to and PARTICIPATION FOR WOMEN AND GIRLS IN SCIENCE participation in science Science and gender equality are both vital for the for women and girls, and achievement of the internationally agreed development goals, including the 2030 Agenda for further achieve gender Sustainable Development. Over the past decades, the global community has made a lot of effort in equality and the inspiring and engaging women and girls in science. Yet women and girls continue to be excluded from empowerment of women participating fully in science. and girls, the United Nations General Assembly declared 11 February as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science in 2015.

COBIS SAFEGUARDING FOR GOVERNORS & TRUSTEES CERTIFICATION The chair of our Board recently Safeguarding training completed a Safeguarding Course for Governors and Trustees with encourages organisations the Council of British Schools (COBIS) and was certified. to maintain best-practice This course addressed the process, that is required to keep practice and culture that should be embedded in an organisation children safe for learning, to create a safe environment where children, young people and living healthy and driving a adults are safe at all times. controlled, consistent standard for duty of care throughout the school system.

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RESILIENCE BY MRS SUSAN LIGA I'm sure you are wondering where you have Engage in Meaningful Activities heard that word and how it applies to you. A Counter Unhelpful Thinking glance around the school will reveal the word Create a Caring Community. resilience as one of our core values. Riopel (2022) of positive, describes \"Consider the above it as being able to adapt well and bounce checklist. Which of these back fast during stressful times. are you currently doing or are willing to try out. You ·Recognize Your Signs of Stress, for example, may well be on your way what body part can you feel it to becoming a resilient ·Focus on Building Physical Hardiness; person\". exercise, sleep, etc. ·Strengthen the Relaxation Response – Calm Body and Calm Mind. ·Identify and Use Your Strengths ·Increase Positive Emotions daily (gratitude, humour, etc.) We can’t overemphasize its importance; it is a skill that is needed to overcome the academic rigour associated with this level of education. It is very crucial to our mental wellness. You would be glad to know that is a skill that can be learned, cultivated, and nurtured. With a positive approach to managing stress, you will find it easier to cope with the challenges that life throws your way, particularly in your academics.

SAFETY ON CAMPUS Since the start of the pandemic, we ensured that risk assessments are completed and appropriate health and safety measures have been put in place. Below, you’ll find information on the steps we’ve taken to ensure that the health, safety and wellbeing of those using our campus continue to be prioritised. There is regular cleaning of high-use areas, such as door handles. One-way systems are in place in some areas of our buildings, helping to direct the flow of traffic. Don't forget to use the hand sanitising stations at the entrance and exit points of each building.

A day to raise awareness of the over 7,000 rare diseases that impact over 300 million people globally! The zebra has become the official symbol of rare disease. Wearing \"zebra stripes\" can start a conversation that helps others learn the facts about the prevalence and challenges of rare diseases. Examples of rare diseases are: germ cell tumor, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis etc. Take a picture of your striped look and tag @theregentcollegeabuja with the hashtags #ShowYourStripes and #RareDiseaseDay and let’s make some noise for our herd.

WHO TO TALK TO Mr Monday Mr Tim Mr Awonusi UFP OSSD A-LEVEL [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Mr Soji Mr Ikonoh Mrs Favour Activities/ Residence/ Student Welfare Mentoring Housekeeping [email protected] [email protected] Services [email protected] Mr Lawrence Mrs Ivie Academic Related Bursar Miss Sade Issues [email protected] Progression & [email protected] Placement [email protected] Miss Aisha Dr Prasad Mr Lawrence Health Hostel Exeat & other Academic Related [email protected] related issues Issues [email protected] [email protected] 08134923831 09021250667 Miss Sarah Miss Susan Socials, Marketing & Referrals Counselling & Advisory Services [email protected] [email protected]

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