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Published by The Regent College, 2022-05-30 15:53:49

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@TheRegentCollege MAY 2022 • ISSUE 8 • VOLUME 4 The Official Newsletter of The Regent College Abuja

UPCOMING EVENTS READING SUGGESTIONS June 3 - Half Term Break The End by Charlie Higson June 6 - Classes Resume June 10- CAIE AS/ AL Exams End What I Couldn't Tell You by Faye Bird June 13 - Democracy Day June 15 - Final UFP Exams End Harry Potter and The Half-Blood June 16 - Work Experience Begins Prince by J.K. Rowling June 24 - OSSD Term 2 Exams End FRIENDLY June 25 & 26 - Exeat Weekend REMINDERS June 30 - Work Experience Ends Please keep track of important dates and check your STUDENT EMAIL for updates! CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES TUESDAYS/ THURSDAYS - Clubs FRIDAYS- Leadership/ Mentoring & Community Service

MAY 2022 VOL. 4 INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Principal's Welcome--6 A-Levels----------- 9 UFP--------------- 10 OSSD Message------ 16 Exam Phobia ------- 17 Residence Life ------18 Smallpox-----------19 Placement----------21 Scams ------------ 22 Activities---------- 24

MAY 2022 | ISSUE NO. 7 TRC UPDATE ALL STUDENTS THE USE OF FACE MASKS Beginning Monday 6th June, the wearing of face masks by students will no longer be compulsory. All adults and staff will be required to wear their face masks while onsite. However, exceptions will be made for only fully vaccinated adults and staff. The school will continue to comply with all public health measures as well as observe non-pharmaceutical interventions put in place by the authorities. We will also continue to enforce and ensure compliance when necessary in line with the relevant guidelines. Thank you.

THE PRINCIPAL'S WELCOME “College is the reward of surviving Many people loudly blamed high school” - Judd Apatow. the King for not keeping the The above saying strikes the same roads clear, but none of them cord as the usual saying I hear did anything about getting the whenever an adult achieves stone out of the way. A anything. People would say, “the peasant came along carrying a reward of hard work is more work”. load of vegetables. Upon approaching the boulder, the The third term usually seems to peasant laid down his burden come too soon for the student who and tried to push the stone out isn’t prepared, which is why at the of the road. After much Regent College our students are pushing and straining, he kept on their toes all session long finally succeeded. Afterwards, and academics is never allowed to the peasant went back to pick fall below a certain level without up his vegetables, he noticed a support and caution to level up. purse lying in the road where the boulder had been. In ancient times, a King had a boulder placed on a roadway. He then hid himself and watched to see if anyone would move the boulder out of the way. Some of the king’s wealthiest merchants and courtiers came by and simply walked around it.

The purse contained many gold coins and a note from the King explaining that the gold was for the person who removed the boulder from the roadway. Moral: Every obstacle we come Final exams are again around across in life gives us an the corner which means you opportunity to improve our should prepare to put in a lot circumstances, whilst the lazy of work to achieve or surpass complain, the others are creating the goals you set at the opportunities through their beginning of the session. Put willingness to get things done. everything aside and face the Examinations are milestones or business of the day. You can obstacles that you must overcome still cover a good part of your to get to a successful future. syllabuses if you start serious College can be stressful, especially preparations NOW! during exams but remember that we have all been there. If we did Yours Truly, it, you can do it even better than we did. “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”. Walt Disney. Mrs Ebiai C.I

A-LEVELSMAY 2022 VOLUME 7 The advanced subsidiary and advanced level (AS/A Level) Cambridge International examinations for 2022 are gradually heading towards their completion with seven papers left. So far, the conduct of the examinations has been smooth and our students have been recounting positive expectations. Some of the students' comment about the examination is as follows: So far, the examination The examination has been going questions have been relatively smoothly. Although I felt anxious similar to questions from with some papers before the previous years, which I solved exam, I have seen that most of the extensively before the exams. question papers were better than I In general, I believe I will do had thought. Overall, I am well. anticipating high grades in the examination. LEILA CINDY

UFP MESSAGE After months of academic rigour, University Foundation Programme students would be starting their final examinations on June 6th, 2022. There is anxiety among the students about how the examinations would turn out to be. Here is what some of the students are saying:

ECONOMICS FOUNDATION MONGUNO ABUBAKAR AHMED My revision routine has mainly consisted of going through slides and notes given on the google classroom as well as notes I’ve taken from classes. I’ve also been practising past papers and especially from the weekly tests. I have been using YouTube videos to revise particularly harder topics.

ENGINEERING OMEIZA FOUNDATION HANNAH OZAVIZE To prepare for the fast- approaching exams I have been doing the obvious, which is studying. Since this is the final lap, the grit and resolve are definitely higher. I study a good amount of time every week as the exam date approaches with friends and most times on my own. I also go through past exam papers, pay attention in classes and ask questions which would benefit me with respect to my exams. All of this is to make sure I finish at The Regent College with outstanding results and end on a good note too.

ECONOMICS SODANGI FOUNDATION RUQAYYAH BASHIR Preparing for my final exams has been quite hard. We still have 2 research projects to submit and so you have to multitask. I have started preparing for my final exams by attempting past examination questions and reviewing past test questions. I have also created a timetable that I strictly follow to enable me to achieve my dream of graduation with Distinction With Honours.

ENGINEERING MGBODILLE FOUNDATION NODEBECHUKWU JULIAN Final exams are approaching, and they are approaching quickly. I've never had one at The Regent College before, but there is no need to panic. It'll be a stroll through the park. It has to be that way. Nonetheless, it will take a great deal of effort and determination. The Foundation program syllabus is extensive, and I have accomplished so much in just two terms.My preparations have already begun. I've been gradually reviewing the several topics I learned last term I've been learning more about these topics and looking into additional resources outside the notes that the teacher gave us in class. It is critical that I prepare for the most difficult questions imaginable. I should have finished revising and begun practising past question papers a few days before the tests to familiarise myself with the types of questions I'll encounter. Final exams are extremely crucial, and nothing less than the best result I can attain is acceptable.

OSSD MESSAGE As the month of May draws to a close, it Besides, students are utilizing a set heralds a critical point in the current OSSD of carefully selected differentiated academic session: final examinations! The examination resources available on second and final term examinations typically Rosedale’s Moodle Learning mark the end of the academic session. For all Management System (LMS). All the students, the results of these examinations these are designed and deployed to are needed to validate the many offers they ensure that students are thoroughly have already received from top universities in prepared and go into their final the UK, US and Canada among other examination with much confidence. destinations. Therefore, OSSD students are working round FOR ALL OSSD the clock completing projects and other STUDENTS AND summative tasks. They are also adjusting their EVERYONE ELSE, THIS study plans to suit the requirements of the IS WISHING YOU A impending examinations. SUCCESSFUL FINAL EXAMINATION! Similarly, at the disposal of the students is a variety of support and intervention measures. Teachers are focusing more on Unit Highlights which provide an overview of unit work covered. This focused learning is targeted at optimizing performance in the final examination.

EXAM PHOBIA Have you ever felt fully Exam phobia is more than prepared for your exams? Does your heart skip a feeling a little nervous before ·Good study habit: start at least 2 beat when you think weeks before, use a study timetable about fast-approaching a test. For students who ·A positive outlook: motivate yourself, exams? Do you have think positive thoughts dreams of missing exams struggle with test anxiety, a ·Stay Focused: cut out distractions, or coming late for an friends, TV, phone, etc and examination that you bit of pre-exam nervousness concentrate on your studies were prepared for on the ·Mnemonics: Charts, spider diagrams, days leading up to an turns into debilitating feelings and mind maps help you organize exam? I believe we can all your points on different topics. relate to one or two of of worry, dread, and fear, ·Relaxation techniques: take deep these questions, but when breaths and relax your muscles when does it become troubling? which can negatively impact you sense panic during the exams ·Visit the school counselor if you feel performance. (Oxford overwhelmed. learning, 2022) It can commonly be found among high achieving and underprepared students. As you count down to your final exams, let's look at some tips for overcoming exam phobia:

RESIDENCE LIFE \"My boarding experience\" My hostel experience is Hostel has been an extremely Boarding has been a rollercoaster amazing. It took me time to insightful experience for me. ride for me because the hostel is adjust so I was quite reserved Living with people from different comfortable. It is different from until I met Amal. She has been backgrounds and having to the secondary hostel experience a nice friend and a sister to cope with these personalities and I love it here. I’m surrounded me; I will miss her for that. Mrs. and interacting at different by people from different Amina, the house parent has levels have been a life lesson backgrounds and it took a while been a mom that anyone for me. The hostel is a very to settle and make friends but as could ever ask for. She gives conducive environment to time went on we got along really every one of us listening ears. I study and make new friends. nice. My house parent is the will truly miss the girls in the My hostel master (Mr. Ikonoh) absolute sweetest, she makes the hostel because staying with has also been of great help hostel a home away from home them for these few months and assistance to me as he for us. We also have activities to feels like I have a family of my encourages me and attends to engage in such as table tennis, own. I’ve had my ups and my needs without any movie nights etc. All in all, the downs but there are sweet complaint. This whole hostel is a really fantastic place moments that I will never experience I guess prepares to be and if I could travel back in forget. me for life ahead. time I wouldn’t change anything.

MONKEYPOX The first human case of monkeypox The illness begins with: was recorded in 1970 in the Democratic ·Fever Republic of the Congo (DRC). Since ·Headache then, monkeypox has been reported in ·Muscle aches people in several other central and ·Backache western African countries: Cameroon, ·Swollen lymph nodes Central African Republic, Cote d’Ivoire, ·Chills the Democratic Republic of the Congo, ·Exhaustion Gabon, Liberia, Nigeria, Republic of the Within 1 to 3 days (sometimes longer) Congo, and Sierra Leone. after the appearance of fever, the patient develops a rash, often PREVENTION beginning on the face then spreading There are number of measures that to other parts of the body. can be taken to prevent infection with monkeypox virus: Avoid contact with any materials, ·Avoid contact with animals that such as bedding, that have been in could harbor the virus (including contact with a sick animal. animals that are sick or that have ·Isolate infected patients from others been found dead in areas where who could be at risk for infection monkeypox occurs). · There is currently no treatment for monkeypox.

Over the years, our college students Most of these universities have various have progressed into top scholarships ranging from merit-based to universities worldwide through our automatic discounts on tuition fees. One such foundation, OSSD or A levels worthy of note is the University of Sheffield, programmes and this session is no which awarded one of our foundations a different. student a 50% scholarship if he chooses to study at the school. Currently, our students hold offers from the University of Toronto, Please note that all these offers are only valid University of McMaster, Kings when the academic requirements are met. College London, and the likes. Most Hence students yet to write their final exams of these universities have various are advised to prepare extensively and give scholarships ranging from merit- their very best in the upcoming exams. Our based to automatic discounts on teachers are approachable and always ready to tuition fees. give the academic support needed by all students to achieve their goals. CONTACT: 08155450050 for In addition, parents that could not join the visa placement enquiries application session should contact me to get the recorded video of the event. Kindly note that the placement office is available to answer any admissions enquiry.

SCAMS Being scammed is stressful and it could have a big impact on every student. Remember that a scam is a criminal offence so it’s really important to report anything you think is a scam even if you don’t personally fall victim. While there are many different scamming methods and ploys, there are a few tell-tale signs that someone is trying to target you. Follow our advice to make sure you’re protected. CYBER CRIME Keep all your records of online transactions. The internet plays a big part in If criminals find out your student life. So whether you’re personal details, they may be conducting research for your studies able to use them to open bank or keeping in touch with friends, accounts or get credit cards, make sure you stay cyber-safe. loans and state benefits in your name. Criminals may also Use secure computers with attempt to obtain documents updated security software. Only shop on trusted and FOiLnLOWyouOrURnSamOSeIsA, L sMuEcDhIAas a reputable sites; look for the padlock symbol. driving licence or passport. Keep log-in details and passwords private. Never publish personal details such as your name and address online – and don’t give them out to people you haven’t met in real life.

SCHOOL ACTIVITIES The Regent College Students Complete Their Community Service Programme This is an exam period and whatever that has a My experience over the past few months visiting beginning must have an end. It was quite an the LEA has been a very eye-opening experience emotional moment for our students and the for me. From the first day; met my two mentees pupils of LEA primary school on Friday 20th James and Jacob I learned a lot. Firstly, about May 2022 as the community service exercise how privileged I have been my whole life having which began about nine (9) months ago was access to basic necessities, top-tier education and successfully completed. No doubt, it was an so much more without having to worry. . Due to opportunity for The Regent College students to this, I used the opportunity to give back what I demonstrate leadership by impacting their know to the children by sharing knowledge and community members. A short interview was helping them in aspects they struggled in. conducted during the week and below are the comments from our students; I felt the need to ensure these kids felt loved and cared for and so I helped get them stationary and learning resources to help them with the school. This experience was a very much needed one, and I feel so much gratitude for it. Also, it makes me happy that I was able to impact those kids' lives with the little knowledge I gave them as well as the smiles I put on their faces. I aim in the future to continue to do this and help those who aren’t as fortunate as I am. I learnt that no matter how little you think it is- the gesture goes a long way, and putting a smile on people’s faces is truly priceless, knowing you’ve made them happy. -Rahma Jaafar

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