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CNU End-of-Term Portfolio Report

Published by yvonne.palaganas, 2021-04-28 11:20:38

Description: CNU End-of-Term Portfolio Report


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PROGRAM Entrance of Administrative Council Members INVOCATION CNU Chorale PHILIPPINE NATIONAL ANTHEM Mrs. Darlene A. Yap, conducting WELCOME MESSAGE Dr. Laurence L. Garcia Overall Chair, EOTRP Committee INTRODUCTION OF GUEST SPEAKER Dr. Floriza N. Laplap Vice-President for Administration CONGRATULATORY MESSAGE Commissioner Perfecto A. Alibin Chair, CNU Board of Regents PLAQUE OF APPRECIATION FOR Mr. Kim Francis R. Rodriguez PARTNERSHIPS Presenter Ceremonial Acceptance by: Dr. Grace N. Malaga Dr. Levi T. Atibula Dr. Floriza N. Laplap SONG PRELUDE Ms. Therese Marie A. Villarante Faculty, College of Arts and Sciences PRESIDENTIAL CITATION FOR Dr. Meshel B. Balijon EXEMPLARY PERFORMANCE Dr. Joseph Sol T. Galleon IN INSTRUCTION Dr. Rodin M. Paspasan Ms. Marili B. Cardillo Presenters Ceremonial Acceptance by: Dr. Ethel L. Abao Dr. Milagros M. Greif Dr. Emiliano B. Suson, II Dr. Daisy R. Palompon DANCE INTERLUDE CNU Administrative Support Staff PRESIDENTIAL CITATION FOR Ms. Ma. Mayla Imelda M. Lapa EXEMPLARY PERFORMANCE Dr. Evelyn G. Tradio IN RESEARCH Dr. Catalina B. Canasa Dr. Gwendelina A. Villarante Presenters Ceremonial Acceptance by: Dr. Laurence L. Garcia Dr. Angeline M. Pogoy

DANCE VIDEO PRESENTATION CNU Dance Troupe Mrs. Dara-Hill Medillo PRESIDENTIAL CITATION FOR EXEMPLARY PERFORMANCE Adviser IN EXTENSION Engr. Ray A. Fernandez SONG INTERMISSION NUMBER Mrs. Ma. Divina D. Torrejos PRESIDENTIAL CITATION FOR Dr. Glen M. Pesole GREATNESS IN SMALL THINGS Mr. Renan O. Elcullada VIRTUAL CHORAL PRESENTATION Presenters PRESIDENTIAL CITATION FOR SERVICE Ceremonial Acceptance by: AND PLAQUE OF APPRECIATION FOR THE BOARD OF REGENTS AND Mrs. Naila Y. Beltran ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL Dr. Angeline M .Pogoy END-OF-TERM PORTFOLIO & UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Mr. Kim Francis R. Rodriguez TRIBUTE SONG GIVING OF TOKEN OF APPRECIATION CNU PIO AND BOUQUET CNU HYMN Mr. Omar B. Roma RECESSIONAL Mr. Martin S. Sentina Dr. Michelle Mae J. Olvido Presenters Ceremonial Acceptance by: Mr. Vincent F. Monacillo Dr. Laurence L. Garcia Dr. Gwendelina A. Villarante Dr. Flordelynn E. Escarda Dr. Floriza N. Laplap CNU Chorale Dr. Michelle Mae J. Olvido Presenter Dr. Filomena T. Dayagbil SUC President III Dr. Daisy R. Palompon Vice-President for Academic Affairs Mr. Diosdado B. Ceniza Supply Officer

A MESSAGE FROM THE UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT Cebu Normal University (CNU) has stood for over a hundred nineteen years with a fair share of defeats to learn from, a good number of victories to celebrate, a legacy of excellence to sustain, and a challenge of significance to cultivate. As an employee of the University for over thirty years, I have carried in my heart stories of these defeats and victories. I acknowledged when I took oath as the fourth president of the University that I had the responsibility to uphold a legacy of excellence built by generations of leaders that have come before me. CNU was already recognized as a leading state university in the country and has already started making an impact in higher education through significant achievements in instruction, research, extension, and publication. In moving onwards, the only way is upward to greater heights. The Latin word for ‘ever upward’ is ‘Excelsior’ which Stan Lee, a famous comic book writer, used as a catchphrase to mean upward and onward to greater glory. As I render my end-of-term report, I borrow this word to represent not what I have achieved as a leader of the University but what the entire CNU community has collectively journeyed through the years. Cebu Normal University has accumulated noteworthy and remarkable achievements in its five strategic directions during my term as SUC President III. In the area of Sustaining Quality and Relevance, the University produced 24 topnotchers in the last 4 years in the licensure examinations for Teachers, Nurses, Guidance Counselors, Psychometricians, and Chemical Technicians. With a consistent 100% passing performance in the Nursing Licensure Examination and consistently very much higher than the national passing percentages for all other programs, the University is always in pursuit of innovations to surpass previous performances. In order to improve the delivery of instruction, efforts have been made to embrace blended instruction starting in Graduate Studies. In SY 2017- 2018, module development began, and in SY 2018-2019, the Learning Management Platform was slowly developed and pilot tested. However, at the onset of the pandemic, the Center for Innovative and Flexible Learning was established to provide options for students through online or modular instruction. The institution has retained its Center of Excellence in Teacher Education and Nursing programs and it has already received from the Commission on Higher Education the Certificate of Program Compliance for all its program in undergraduate studies and has submitted all of its graduate programs for evaluation. A curriculum quality audit (CQA) has been implemented to relevantize and internationalize the curricular offerings. A mentoring program for students in Teacher Education has been established in partnership with the Philippine Business for Education which becomes the model for student mentoring across disciplines. For four years, students have excelled and garnered local, regional, national, and international awards for leadership such as the Outstanding UNESCO Club of the Philippines, Region VII Awardee for the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines, and Coalition for Better Education Medal of Excellence Award to mention a few. Our students have also excelled in Research, Journalism, Storytelling, Sports and Culture and the Arts Competitions. Students in the Integrated Laboratory School have had significant achievements in Science Fairs and Physical Science Investigatory Project Competitions. All of these have become the imprimatur of quality and relevant trainings which the students acquired from the university. Still, on quality and relevance, the University has also been recognized as a sustainable and eco-friendly school by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources as Region VII champion and second place at the national level. CNU is also 2nd runner-up for the 2019 Freedom of Information (FOI) Award for State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) Category and is the only school in the Visayas to be part of the finalists. The FOI award is given to government institutions who showed exceptional and significant contribution to the FOI program’s progress and development in pursuance to Executive Order No. 2, series of 2016 which mandates government institutions’ transparency of public service for national development.

CNU has also secured the most coveted ISO 9001:2015 certifications and is recognized by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines as Rank 1 among all SUCs in terms of the highest percentage of accredited programs from 1992-2019. At present, all accreditable programs in the undergraduate and graduate levels have been accredited with all colleges having Level IV Accreditation. Taking cognizance of the role of the faculty and staff in the delivery of quality education, faculty and staff development has been pursued aggressively with 100% of the faculty and staff being capacitated thru trainings and scholarships. From 2017-2020, the faculty profile of the University shows a 35% increase in the number of teachers with doctorate degrees with all regular faculty members possessing a relevant master’s degree. In the implementation of NBC No. 461 Cycle 7A, there is an almost 50% increase in the number of professors and associate professors in the University. This is a testament to the strong teaching force of the University that facilitates robust student and faculty exchange and mobility programs. For Enhancing Research, Development, and Innovation, research institutes have been established that contributed to the tremendous outputs in research publications in high indexed journals. Annual departmental research conferences have been held; citations of faculty researchers increased dramatically and utility models, publications and book productions of faculty rose exponentially. From 2017-2020, the research institutes have brought in more than Php 24M in grants and are yet to receive Phph14M in 2021. Now with its very own Research Ethics Committee, the various research outputs of the research institutes have been utilized as a basis for policy briefs, and curricular enhancements to name a few. Looking at Expanding Community Engagement and Linkages, the University has 118 extension projects, assisted 109 organizations, and partnered with 48 universities in 15 countries worldwide with E-HELP (Education, Health, Environment, Livelihood, and Peace) as a framework for all the extension advocacies. Working on Digitization and Automation of Operations, the Human Resource Management System was institutionalized garnering the PRIME HRM Level 2 award, the CNU website was revitalized, and online academic processes were adopted. Lastly, for Maximizing Resource Generation and Utilization, fiscal performance in the last 4 years has improved having been able to raise its budget utilization rates for both obligations and disbursements in the last four years. Even amid a pandemic, the obligations budget utilization rate is at 98% while the disbursements budget utilization rate of the University is at 93%. The University’s budget in FY 2017-2020 has not been more than Php330M but has now been granted P729M for its FY 2021 Appropriation. When funds are optimally utilized, it helps the agency in the accomplishment of its Programs, Activities, Projects (PAPs) including a boost in infrastructure development to support instruction. This covers the construction of the eight-story Academic Center for Arts and Sciences Building which houses classrooms and state of the art chemistry, biology, physics, and psychology laboratories, the CNU Balamban 3-story building, its concrete driveway and covered pathwalk, the CNU-Medellin covered court; modernization of the University Library which is now called the Learning Resource Center that provides online learning resource materials, discussion nooks, reflection hubs, self-return books, and other state-of-the-art features that cater to the needs of the students in the new learning modality. The refurbishment of offices is also done to serve the stakeholders better and the acquisition of vans is realized to cater to the ever- increasing demands of extension services. These and more are concrete manifestations that when we work as a TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More. Remaining true to the University’s color of crimson, the University exemplified courage to grow, aspire, create, innovate, and take risks. Consistent with its color of gold, the University stood for character, integrity, honor, loyalty, perseverance in the face of adversity, and exhibited humility in the acquisition of knowledge. Together, we worked on improving systems and practices knowing that every person has a significant contribution to what the University has become, is becoming, and can become. In every way, it is iCNU. All the accolades of CNU are made possible by team effort in shining colors of crimson and gold.

At the beginning of my term, the call was to sustain excellence, to go ever upward, and to continue to thrive. We moved through four years achieving one milestone after another where the University cultivated significance in higher education, always moving onwards and taking the challenge to lead. As I reflect on what glory the colors of crimson and gold represent, I am brought back to the reality of a state university operating in the middle of a pandemic and how we found ourselves facing unprecedented challenges. Difficult is the times but shining amid the darkness is the CNU family helping and reaching out to one another and a greater community, complementing the creative innovations of iCNU to the compassionate service that is iCARE. Sustaining excellence and cultivating significance comes down to one thing: service. CNU’s legacy of excellence is a strong foundation and our aspirations give us direction but it is in service that CNU draws its inspiration. My end-of-term report is but a small portion of CNU’s story but it tells a story of moving upward and onward to greater glory but that this glory is not one defined by medals, trophies, and awards but by excellence that is translated to quality higher education in the service of building a much stronger nation. As one chapter ends and another begins, let us continue to strive, lead, and serve. Thank you for serving with me for the last four years. Excelsior! FILOMENA T. DAYAGBIL, EdD, CESE SUC President III

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