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Published by kara_sutra, 2016-08-25 20:29:19

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  SEX ED  102 W/ KARA_SUTRA All The Stuff You Never learned. . . But Should Have!While  working  in  a    brick  and  mortar  sex  toy  shop  I  came  to  the  quick  realization  that  there  was  a  great  misconception  and  stigma  still  attached  to  human  sexuality.    Sensing  this,  I  made  it  my  goal  to  bring  awareness  to  the  subject  while  allowing  others  a  platform  where  sex  could  be  talked  about  openly  and  honestly,  without  any  judgment.    Sex  Ed  102  is  a  web  series  that  is  informative,  fun,  and  unabashedly  frank.  It  delves  into  the  many  aspects  of  sexual  wellness  that  are  otherwise  ignored  or  mishandled.  Sex  advice  and  product  reviews  dominate  the  show’s  content,  offering  encouragement  and  the  honest,  reliable,  and  straightforward  answers  needed  to  make  healthy  decisions.    Sex  Ed  102  has  been  seen  on  the  Channel5  UK  tv  series  ‘Sex  Lessons’,  made  the  top  10  list  of  Sex  &  Love  Bloggers  in  Glamour  Magazine  (Brazil,  2014),  and  the  top  5  readers  choice  of  Kinkly’s  Sex  Blogging  Superhero’s  (2015),  among  many  others.        To  date  Sex  Ed  102  videos  have  amassed  over  17  million  views  on  YouTube  alone.     37,000+   YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS     23,000+ 41,000+ 11,000+   MONTHLY UNIQUE VISITORS MONTHLY PAGE VIEWS SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWERSSOCIAL ABOUT KARA_SUTRA   7,300+ @Kara_Sutra I   ’m  a  Canadian  based  sex-­‐positive  advocate,  reviewer,     3,200+ @Kara.Sutra vlogger,  branding  and  product  development  consultant     900+ @Kara_Sutra   950+ @KaraSutra who  spends  her  days  reviewing  sex  toys  and  sharing     37K+ @hollidaychild   advice  on  the  web.    AUDIENCE     For  the  last  8  years  I’ve  been  at  the  forefront  of  the  sex   positive  blogging  movement,  including  working  with   manufacturers,  retailers,  social  media  sites,  production   companies,  award  shows,  and  University  programs  to   help  create  a  safe  space  where  readers  feel  inspired   through  their  sexual  journeys.   SERVICES OFFERED BRAND COLLABORATIONS 54% 40% o Web Banner/Text Advertisements                   o Product Reviews Female Male o Sponsored Posts o Custom Content Creation o Website/Blog/Brand Critiquing                 o Brand Ambassadorship o Social Media Campaigns   o Contests & Giveaways 60% 70% o Branded Video Production                           o Product Development/Testing Aged 18- from o Affiliate Program Creation & 29 U.S Maintenance   Have something else in mind? Get in Most are contact! All payments can be made via                         college PayPal. educated,   tech savvy, sex-positive         [ [email protected] ] [ ] [ @Kara_Sutra ]

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