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Published by medialab, 2020-08-14 04:58:45

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The Social Science Newsletter Vol. 16 || Issue 1 SPRING The irony is not missed on us as we celebrate Independence Day within the confines of our four walls. The very same lives our ancestors marched valiantly onto the battlefield to save, we continue to preserve by remaining at home. As we celebrate the unsung heroes of the past whose unrelenting bravery paved way for the freedom we retain today, it is only fitting that we pay ode to those putting themselves out on the frontline now. Healthcare workers, delivery people, restaurant and grocery staff, and many more who forfeit the privilege of staying safe at home to do their job. The word 'respect' falls short. Though it may seem like eons since this situation has found its footing in our daily lives, we have buried ourselves in doing what humans do best during times of despair: creating art. When the dread of monotony gets too overbearing, we turn to creators for a breath of fresh air. We turn to the writers and the poets, the photographers and the filmmakers, the artists and painters, the dancers and the musicians. After all, we survive through technology and thrive through art. The ability to connect minds hundreds of miles away through creativity, interlink them with passion and empower through imagination- these are powers that course through you. And so we urge you: unleash them.  This issue, our team came together to record a glimpse of what the world around us looks like today, to etch a small indelible mark in history. This is the work of creators and this is the legacy of artists. -Editorial Team

CONTENTS 1 2 1. Toppers (2018 -2019) 3 2. The MUNSOC 4 3. Effect of COVID-19 in Our Homes 6 4. COVID-19 vs. the Environment 8 5. The Mind-emic 10 6. The Brighter Side of Lockdown 11 7. Parliamentary Debate: Training and Orientation 12 8. Experiencing the Quarantined Life 14 9. Laws Imposed During a Disease Outbreak 18 10. Curating Change: The SPECTRUM Parliametary Debate 2020 19 11. Life During Coronavirus Pandemic 22 12. Virus: A Virulent of the Centuries 13. Photography-Videography Workshop 24 24 CREATIVITY DURING CORONAVIRUS 25 25 1. The Pandemic 26 2. He Wishes to Live Under the Pandemic Roof 28 3. Kept In: Emotions During the Tough Times 29 4. Disappearance 5. Tough Love 31 6. View From My Terrace 32 7. Blossoming in the Time of Quarantine 32 8. Metanoia 33 9. Last Nights 35 10. The Poet 36 11. Timing our TIme 12. Candid (Photography) 13. Oeuvre (Artwork)


predictive policing, the ‘Boys Locker Room’ scandal, US THE withdrawal of funding from the WHO and the increase in mental MUNSOC health issues amidst the lockdown in India. Having provided an insight into the basic skills required for MUNning, the MUNSOC then decided to focus its attention on one of the more There’s a new club on the block and riveting aspects of any Model UN it’s doing incredibly well. You conference – the crisis. This was guessed it! The MUNSOC. In the few carried out in two parts – the first, months since the club’s inception, ‘Zero Hour’, a crisis simulation the Model United Nations Society of event in which participants were Christ Junior College has conducted given the description of an everything from training sessions to incredible and complex debate competitions, constantly international situation and only 4 keeping its members on their toes. hours to come up with viable The club began its journey with solutions; the second, ‘Deep ‘Eloquium’, a training session Waters’, a crisis-based training conducted by Sarah Jose and session conducted by Anmol Betala, Chathurya Srinivasan on the key to which outlined the entire framework making artful speeches and for dealing with crises effectively developing your lobbying to the in a MUN, from writing strategic point of perfection. The session was directives to delivering killer fun and interactive, and even speeches. Once again, the events allowed time for a JAM session for left an impression on the minds of participants to try out their newly all its participants and introduced learnt skills. The club then went on them to realms of possibilities. to organise its first competition: Without a doubt, the MUNSOC and Tug of Words. This two-round its members have had a productive debate event challenged few months, despite it being a new participants to dig deep for organisation and despite the information and harness all the unpredictable circumstances that oratory skills that they had. The we have all had to deal with. But topics selected for the event this is just the beginning. There are covered parliamentary debate more exciting events that the classics as well as the most recent Society has planned for the weeks issues, including the morality of to come. 2 BY SATVIKA ARUN 2 CAMS J

EFFECT OF COVID-19 IN OUR HOMES We were told by the authorities that to protect ourselves from the novel coronavirus, it is mandatory for us to stay at home. Hence, the prolonged lockdowns and curfews. While following these mandatory norms, we fail to realise that our mental health is also at stake. If you have felt that you are being productive during this lockdown, it is certainly not the same for some of us who are fortunate enough to start adjusting to a future which does not seem like it is going to change in the upcoming years. There are people with certain occupations in which human contact is the only option to bring bread. Of course, we have a few ideas on what those jobs are but, to empathise with those victims is nearly impossible. A daily wage labourer staying at home due to lockdown, who is deprived of his daily consumption of alcohol and the toxic distress or the worry of the little savings that is decreasing day by day, may beat up his innocent and defenceless wife. We can’t really blame the government’s decision on the lockdowns and curfews as we know they are trying their best, but, some might argue otherwise due to the worrying matters that arise: the mental health of not only the youth, but also the aged. \"Time block or planning your day the night before may make you realise how worthwhile your day can be.\" When your grandparents or the elderly in the house are only exposed to the ongoing news and its disturbing topics, it might lead them to feel anxious. Therefore playing a board game or simply watching something different and lively can lead to a more active atmosphere in the house. When it comes to the youth, many of us already have an idea of what we should be doing to be productive but don’t come near to implementing it as other distractions seem more worthwhile. I, who have personally experienced the fall into this pit, will advise you to not dig the hole you are in even deeper. Time blocking or planning your day the previous night may or may or not be followed, but will at least make you realise how worthwhile your day can be. This will slowly motivate you to sincerely follow that time block. I hope this article was of some help to your daily day at home. BY ANAGHA MAHESH 3 2 PPES O.

COVID 19 VS. THE ENVIRONMENT Covid 19 has been both bane and boon in many aspects of human life around the globe. But it is doubly so where the environment is concerned. The lockdown due to the virus prevented people from venturing outside and running businesses, thus reducing pollution drastically. The Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air reported that in China alone, lockdown measures and travel bans resulted in a 25% reduction in air pollution, and 50% reduction in nitrogen oxides emissions. Carbon emissions dropped drastically, and  governance- system-controlled investments towards a  sustainable energy transition  and other goals related to environmental protection have been undertaken. Pakistan recruited labourers affected by unemployment to plant trees as part of Pakistan’s 10 Billion Tree Tsunami campaign. Water canals, lakes and rivers have become cleaner and experience greater water flow due to reduced water traffic and lack of pollution. The depleted fishing stock has repopulated in the few months of lockdown due to the sharp decline in fishing. Turtles flocked to nesting sites that were previously abandoned due to human presence. However, the lockdown has also provided a perfect cover for illegal activities, such as deforestation in the Amazon rainforest and increased poaching in Africa. 4

Closer to home, India’s environment minister, Prakash Javadekar, has used the confusion amidst the lockdown to virtually greenlight close to 200 projects that would severely impact the environment. Due to the lockdown, the people affected by these projects will not be able to raise their voice or give legal consent. These projects, among which include a large hydropower project in the Dibang valley and a proposed highway expansion that would affect the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary in the Western Ghats, would pose great harm to the already endangered flora and fauna of Indian forests, while also adversely affecting the indigenous people living there. If the Covid-19 crisis has taught us anything, it’s that the Earth should be taken care of better, and that only human indifference and apathy to the environment is to be blamed for the pandemic. While one would think that this is evident to all, it is clearly not so. Moreover, though the pollution levels have dropped for the moment, it will bounce right back once restrictions are eased. The quarantine has provided us ample time to reflect on things; let us use this time to ponder on how to make the world a better place for humans and the environment alike. MOC.TSERETNIP© YSETRUOC EGAMI IMAGE COURTESY ©DREAMSTIME.COM   IMAGE COURTESY SHEFALI KUMAR  Referenes: BY HARSHITHA HEBBAR 2 HEPP N 5

THE MIND-EMIC The current pandemic that the world is facing is a very new and unexpected situation for a majority of its population. This virus outbreak has not only caused stress to our physical health, but also to our mental health. Self-quarantining and social isolation has resulted in several individuals experiencing anxiety, worry, aggression, and sadness. This is so especially for individuals already struggling mentally. Not being able to go outdoors for fresh air to clear your mind or even as a temporary distraction can be emotionally taxing. Young children are most likely to experience similar fears as adults. The fear of death or losing a loved one are very real fears. THE INFLUENCE OF THE CURRENT PANDEMIC ON MENTAL HEALTH Children are very perceptive and witnessing domestic violence, abuse and familial stresses in general can be deeply upsetting and it becomes a huge factor in sculpting their personality. The number of domestic violence cases reported between 27th February, 2020 to 22nd March, 2020 in Bangalore alone is 396 in number, approximately. To many individuals, home is a work-free, stress-free space. But, with the ongoing online classes or requirement to work at home, it is taking a toll on people’s mental health. This situation has also created a massive uncertainty in regards to the future. Young adults may find it difficult to get hired at jobs or get enrolled into educational institutions in various other countries. One may feel stress, exhaustion, fear for future, etc. 6

Mental health is a very important concern in this pressing time. Statistics show an increase in non-Coronavirus related deaths during the nationwide lockdown in India due to factors like loneliness, withdrawal symptoms, fear of contracting the virus, starvation and financial distress, etc. Since we cannot in-person reach out to people, many therapists, psychologists and others in the field of mental healthcare have resorted to offering therapy sessions online. A few other ways to preserve mental health are: Learning new skills Making time for self-care Trying one’s hand at tasks one has always wanted to participate in Casually using this time to take a step back and relax Exercise and yoga Positive thinking Doing things one loves to do Getting in touch with loved ones, etc. We may not often notice how our environment affects our moods, feelings, or emotions, but it does play a major role in controlling our emotions, problem- solving abilities, cognition, and concentration. In these difficult times, it is very important for everybody to be kind to oneself and others, and take it easy because in the end, our sanity is our only ally. BY MANASI D S 2 HEPP N Don't be afraid to reach out for help Referenes: 829941.html domestic-violence 7

THE BRIGHTER SIDE OF LOCKDOWN While this pandemic has brought This lockdown also gave us the misfortune to most of the people in opportunity to get in touch with many terms of business, employment, old friends and loved ones, people education and many other industries whom we stopped contacting because and sectors, it has not taken one of some reasons. Our usage of phones thing from us- family. As soon as the and other objects of technology lockdown was announced, one issue reduced immensely as, after a point that all of us noticed was that of time, we lost interest in that too. migrant workers and immigrants were Instead, we started trying out new in a rush to return to their home things like learning a new language, countries, states and cities to meet reading books, cooking old family and be with their families. recipes, learning new skills and many more. When we are with our families it gives us a sense of security and a feeling of hope. They also tend to listen to our problems and might even give us simple solutions to it. During this lockdown, having so much time on our hands, most of us who were lucky enough got to spend a lot of quality time with our families while doing many things together. Majority of us had to do our own household chores and each family member got assigned to do a particular chore. We brought back many old board games like Snake and Ladder, Ludo, Housie and played them together. We cooked several meals and shared childhood stories about each other. 8

This period of lockdown taught each of us many lessons. We learned to appreciate things which were otherwise considered not so important. It taught us to be satisfied with what we have, as such things would be considered as an item of luxury for people with less privileges. It also taught us that even when we are faced with difficulties, when we are together around the people whom we trust the most, we feel relaxed PICTURE BY RAHUL DIXIT, 2 HEPP N knowing that someone is with us to share our burdens. Mother nature too took this time to I sincerely pray along with many other rejuvenate herself. It was observed people that this lockdown comes to that the worldwide pollution levels an end and a cure for this pandemic decreased considerably. The is discovered. environment as a whole became so pure and clean. Many new trees started growing, pollution of the water bodies like rivers and lakes also reduced substantially. Many creatures that were believed to be extinct came out of their hidden places. Various animals, which originally lived in the forest, were seen venturing into cities and towns. This lockdown also gave a chance to BY MEGHNA S NAIR many individuals to learn more about 2 PPES O themselves and the environment they live in. It gave many people a period ‘alone time’, something which we always wished to have. People also started thinking of ways to save their money and be cautious about how much they are spending. 9

The Parliamentary Debate Training Workshop, conducted by SPECTRUM- PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE: The Social Science Association of TRAINING AND Christ Junior College on the 3 rd of ORIENTATION June 2020, proved that the pursuit of knowledge does not stop even during testing times like these. The riveting two-hour workshop aimed to enhance imperative skills like critical analysis and reasoning, among many others. Trained by high-achieving students in the debating circuit, who currently study at the CHRIST (Deemed to Be University)- Joel Jacob, Lekha Suki and S. Sriram-the students were exposed to the depths and intricacies that go behind framing a well- constructed argument. The workshop covered a wide range of topics pertaining to the Asian Parliamentary Debating style, such as the list of speakers and their roles, the format of the debate, analyzing the motions; framing, structuring, and presenting arguments; rebuttal, and more. With the help of sample motions presented to the students from time-to-time, they were challenged to critically analyze the same and come up with plausible arguments, on the spot, which helped them to further understand the topics covered, and also ensured an engaging and interactive session. The Parliamentary Debate Training session cultivated a thirst for logical thinking and rational argumentation. The students were encouraged to broaden their knowledge, fine-tune their communication skills, and most importantly- stay informed. 10 BY HIRANMAYI 2 HEPP N

EXPERIENCING THE QUARANTINED LIFE A worldwide pandemic and a country-wide lockdown is a very novel situation for a majority of people as it was utterly unexpected. I, too, was thrilled for the new year, pondering the endless possibilities. But, the year taught me the difficult lesson of staying cooped up in one place. This is when I could empathise with caged birds and comprehend how difficult it must be for celebrities to be isolated for 100 days for a reality TV show. I also understood the saying, “Everything happens for a reason”. When something bad or good happens it’s our duty to accept it and move forward. Similarly, accepting this quarantined life too is our duty. It’s very hard to justify whether this quarantined life is good or bad, as everything has its pros and cons and so does this situation. This period has helped us to embrace the smallest experiences of life like a very sunny day which might have annoyed us under the ordinary circumstances but now, we miss it. This is the reality, which says we never truly appreciate something when we have it, but we worry when we are away from it. Those weekly hangouts with friends and family, travelling in trains and flights, hotel food, crowded places, the hype and craze behind watching a well-awaited movie starring your favourite actors, etc. are now just dreams that we wish for. However, not everyone is bored during this quarantine. This quarantine has given us the chance to experience the beautiful feeling associated with spending time by yourself. Many have tried their hand at different hobbies like cooking, art, writing, dancing, poetry, and more. Spending time with family was like a dream for many employees, which is now achieved. Hence adjusting with quarantine is a subjective experience for people. It depends on our attitude towards this particular situation. The world united in fighting against a deadly disease. It is our duty to respect the doctors, police officials, nurses who are sacrificing their quarantined life in order to keep us safe. Therefore, it is in our hands to make this quarantined life useful for ourselves and help each other in the progress of the nation and its fast recovery. BY JANANI BHASKAR 11 2 HEPP N

LAWS IMPOSED DURING A DISEASE OUTBREAK Government plays a huge role during epidemics and pandemics. It provides vaccination for all diseases and makes sure that the medicines reach the people of all strata. It further imposes certain laws during emergencies to prevent the infection from spreading furthermore. In case of a pandemic, when all countries are affected, certain international laws are enforced by international organisations such as the WHO. According to WHO (2020), India has faced many epidemics and pandemics such as: Smallpox (1974), Plague (1994) the Bombay plague epidemic (1896), Flu pandemic (2009), Gujarat hepatitis (2009), Odisha jaundice outbreak (2014), Indian swine flu outbreak (2015), and the Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala (2018). India also has certain laws which insufficient, they can conduct come into power during health inspection on any ship or vessel emergencies. One of these laws is that is arriving or departing to the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 avoid the infection from spreading which was enacted during the furthermore. Section 3 of this act Bombay plague epidemic (Business suggests that any person who line; March 2020; Prashwati disobeys the orders laid down by Awasthi). According to this act, the government can be punished the state is provided with special under section 188 of Indian Penal powers in order to control the Code under which a person can be infection. Section 2 of this act arrested for some time or a simple states that any activity of a citizen one month imprisonment after trial. wherein the person does not obey Section 4 states that no suit or the rules and regulations set by the legal proceedings can be imposed country to avoid the spreading of on a person who does anything in the infection, can be fined or good faith of the act. This act has imprisoned (Economic Times; March been implemented in situations like 2020). Section 2A and 2B of this the 2018 cholera outbreak in act states that when the state Gujarat, 2015 dengue and malaria confirms that the country or any in Chandigarh, 2009 swine flu in part of the country is threatened Pune, and now the 2020 by any kind of disease and the coronavirus. (Economic times; country believes ordinary laws are March 2020 ) 12

Another act is The Disaster If a person spreads false alarm Management Act. It is an act which is imposed during a mishap or a about the disease to the people, calamity which is proven to threaten lives. This act allows the they will be imprisoned for two government to access the national, state and the district disaster years. If any company goes against response fund. According to this act people are punished under the laws where the company does sections 51 to 60. Anyone who disrupts government officials or not allow employees to work or employee duties will be imprisoned or fined for one year. If the broken does not give a paid holiday then law leads to any loss of life or any type of danger then, the person the company can be held liable can be imprisoned for two years. In case of an outbreak, if a person under Section 58 (Business line; makes a false claim intentionally to avail any advantage, they will be March 2020; Prashwati Awasthi). imprisoned for a year. Both these laws have been criticized by different sets of people. Some say that since the epidemic disease law has been framed before independence, the law sometimes does not match human rights and furthermore, the disaster management act does not take NGOs, local representative or social workers into consideration. Recently, Health Minister, Harsh Vardhan introduced “The Public Health Rules, 2020” on March 24, 2020 according to which the Health Minister has the power to impose lockdown on any area which has been infected for 28 days. Anyone who tries to escape or assists a person in escaping will be held guilty and would be imprisoned for over two months. Though these are the main laws which can be imposed, there are many other laws which can be applied indirectly (NDTV; Srinivasan; March 2020). BY JAYASHRE E 13 2 PPES O

CURATING CHANGE THE SPECTRUM PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE TOURNAMENT 2020 Registrations were open to students of all the Social Sciences classes, and participation was made easy through registration forms. All preparations and cautions were taken in order to help the participants, including a mock session to familiarise them with the Parliamentary Debate format, as well as the platform they would be using for the event. The committee of judges and moderators consisted of students with years’ worth of debating experience studying at School of Law, CHRIST (Deemed to Be) University. Joel Jacob, Lekha Suki, S Sriram, who were later joined by Raj Rishi, Varada Bhat, Pranav Rao and Keerthivasan J. They were present on all three days and provided much needed support and guidance to the debaters. Four teams, formed with students from across all the Social Sciences classes, competed against each other, each getting a chance to argue against all the teams until two reached the final round. The Spectrum Parliamentary Debate Tournament 2020 was a three-day event conducted successfully on a virtual platform. 14

The atmosphere was passionate and spirited in Round 1 as the teams were faced with motions that pertained to the Social Sciences. “Capitalism in Crisis” was the theme, and the teams got to rank and debate the following motions: THBT (This House Believes That) Economic Growth is the Solution to Climate Change, THW (This House Would) Suspend All Regulation Regarding Environmental Protection Laws and Policies During Prolonged Periods of Economic Recession, and THBT Governments Should Lie to Their Populations in Times of Economic Crisis, Where the Lies are Deemed Likely to Improve the Economy. The debaters made compelling points and excellent rebuttals during Round 1 with two teams adjudged the winners. After a productive feedback session by the adjudicators, where they further analyzed the motions, judged the speakers individually, and gave pointers for the teams to improve on- Round 2 was conducted immediately after. The theme for the second round was “Do We Teach You What You Want to Learn?”. The motions were related to the education system in regards to constructed nationalism, deification in history and representation in literature- THR (This House Regrets) The Deification of Individuals in History Textbooks, THBT Literature Written By Non-Indians Should be Purged and Replaced With Dalit Literature in State Sponsored Course Material, and THBT History Textbooks Shouldn’t Construct Nationalism. The teams once again put forth well thought-out arguments and compelling narratives. Post the two rounds and the session of feedback that followed, the teams called it a day. 15

Round 3 commenced the next day. With the theme “Of Death, Morals, and Will”, the teams debated over topics such as convenient morality and free will with the motions- THBT We Should Reject the Culture of Fear of Death, THW Prefer to Live In A World Where People Live in Recognition of Their Moral Flaws as Opposed to Convenient Morality, and TH Prefers a World Where There Is A Universal Belief That Free Will Exists.  After an hour and a half of intense debates, Team Irrelephant, consisting of of Hiranmayi (2 HEPP N), Vriti Singhvee (2 HEPP N), and Prateek A (2 HESP M), and Team Agni with members Agni Tejas (2 HEPP N), Riddhi Juyal (2 PPES O), and Akshay (2 PPES   O) were selected to advance to the finals. The much-awaited grand finale of the Spectrum Parliamentary Debate Tournament 2020 was conducted on the morning of 14th June. The theme for the Grand Finals was “No One is Free Until We All Are Free”, the two teams debated on the motion “THBT Forcefully Removing Symbols of Oppression Is A Legitimate Means Of Protest. Team Irrelephant took the stance of the proposition, with Team Agni on the opposition side. Both the teams put forth highly competitive arguments, pre-empted rebuttals, and thought on their toes to make it till the end of the debate. There was an observable improvement in the quality of debate from the mock round to the finals, with the experience they gained over the three days showing itself in their quality of research, structure and arguments. 16

Team Irrelephant, consisting of Hiranmayi (2 HEPP N), Vriti Singhvee (2 HEPP N), and Prateek A (2 HESP M), emerged as the winners of Spectrum Parliamentary Debate Tournament 2020. Team Agni- consisting of Agni Tejas (2 HEPP N), Riddhi Juyal (2 PPES O), and Akshay (2 PPES  O)- emerged as the Runner Up. The Best Speakers of the tournament were are as follows: Best Speaker of the Grand Finals: Hiranmayi (2 HEPP N) Best Speakers of the Tournament: 1st Place- Hiranmayi (2 HEPP N) 2nd Place- Riddhi Juyal (2 PPES O) 3rd Place- Smriti Kudva (2 HEPP N) The Spectrum Parliamentary Debate Tournament 2020 enhanced skills imperative to the world we reside in such as critical analysis and reasoning. The participants were encouraged to broaden their knowledge, sharpen their communication skills, and most importantly- stay informed while also deepen their thirst for logical thinking and rational argumentation. The riveting competition showcased the hard work and dedication of the teams and provided a platform to fine- tune the art of debating. BY HIRANMAYI 2 HEPP N 17

LIFE DURING THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC The past few months have been a trying time for everyone, with hysteria and overall fear praying on the minds of the populace. However, that being the case, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. For this particularly lethal cloud, it can be said that the silver lining has been that during these challenging times the world has become one to fight a common invisible enemy, the COVID-19 pandemic which has taken just a bit over 600,000 lives all over the world in which the USA, Brazil and India are the 3 worst hit countries in the world. Life has not been easy during this pandemic; things that had once been the norm now becomes not only a vestige of the past, but also a terrifying action. One must think twice before even leaving the house for something as essential as the purchase of necessities. Monotony has become the only constant with boredom being almost as terrifying as the intangible virus. It is not to be misconstrued; the Government has taken steps to inhibit the spread of the pandemic by imposing the largest lockdown the world had ever seen (population wise of course). Lives took a drastic turn due to the lockdown. People could not step out of their houses and students were given leave from schools and colleges. This has caused for a wide spread of online classes, a new avenue for learning. This drastic shift within the method of learning has caused for a more difficult means of interaction. Now, it is not all as bad as one would think, the pace of learning has eased over while students are given more time to pursue more of their passions. Families have more time to bond and more time to relax as such. Overall, though the new and fresh paradigm has caused for a drastic change in one’s life. With productivity now completely under the control of one’s own time, it is imperative to remain safe and to exploit all the chances that one must further and better one’s own life. BY VEDANT GOENKA 18 2 HESP M

VIRUS Through the centuries man has been plagued by various afflictions. Often at the drop of the century, a mass wave is born, engulfing the whole world and acting as a sort of reset button. A metaphysical do- over that the world employs. One just needs to look at the trend of these afflictions to be cognizant of that fact. From the olden times, beginning in the ancient city of Athens, to the Cyprian plague, to the Spanish flu of the 1918s to now, the advent of Corona. It is the latter two that shall be remarked upon in this small article. A VIRULENT OF THE CENTURIES The Spanish Flu: A History A deadly disease that saw its advent in the autumn of the 1918s bringing with it a myriad of effects, each deadlier and more horrifying than the last. The plague saw the world on its metaphorical knees when it infected close to five hundred million people, a whopping third of the world's population at that time. By the time the plague ended the body count stood at a staggering 50 million. This, coupled with the recent war that was still ongoing albeit at its far end, crippled the already doddering society of that time. 19

NIAMOD CILBUP / SREHPARGOTOHP GNIWE ;PMA& SIRRAHThe flu was characterized first by meek chills, lukewarm fevers which were otherwise moderate, and tame symptoms. The second wave, however, appeared with a vengeance, decimating the off-guard populace, who had been celebrating what they assumed to be the fall of the pandemic. The wave struck swiftly, within hours the afflicted could be seen fallen, with their skin and lips turning blue and their lungs filling with fluids that choked them, grotesquely killing victims at every corner. A strange aspect of this disease what that the United States of America reported more young soldiers dying from the disease than the war. The painful similarity is that with the advent of the Corona outbreak one can see the most blusterous and muscle-headed response, with a certain number of people even protesting the virus. Slogans being raised against government mandated quarantine with phrases like “I need a haircut” being used to express the group's dislike of the mandate. Unfortunately for us, the similarity between this response and the floated response of that time share the same level of absurdity. The formation of an \"Anti Mask League\" and the poking of holes in the masks to smoke exemplified the callous outlook. The justification that the groups often employed redefined the standards for statements of absurdity, many complaining that it was \"hot and stuffy\" and others claiming that masks were tools of fear. 20

CC / HO ,YTIC EVORG MORF 9991REKCEBOther than these reasons, the more immortal excuses too existed, with a majority claiming that masks somehow infringed upon the populace's civil rights. Businesses worried that customers would shop less if they wore masks, thus they too rose to join the horde to protest the same. In fact, resistance to these governmental policies in states like the United States seemed to mirror their actions during the American War of Independence! Finally, the way that the protestors and otherwise exploiting members were convinced to care about the situation of their societal compatriots was by making such medical necessities a fashion statement. After all this, in the opinion of this humble writer, information, technology, law and order may have all improved but people seem to have not changed a whit from that time, with the same apathy and overall ignorant indecision being displayed over the ages. In fact, the level of such actions have even increased over the ages. BY PRATEEK A 2 HESP M Reference: Information on the Spanish flu obtained from Information on the current crisis - Predominantly news articles from NDTV and The Deccan Herald 21

PHOTOGRAPHY- VIDEOGRAPHY WORKSHOP TRAINING AND ORIENTATION TO ENHANCE THE DYNAMICS OF CAPTURING AND EDITING VIDEOS AND PHOTOGRAPHS On 6 June, the Photography and Videography online session was held on Microsoft Teams. Nearly 45 students, including students from Social Science classes and students from other Clubs and Association joined. The trainers were Jaffer and Prajwal M, renowned in the field of photography and film for being a part of many film festivals in Bangalore. It was a very interesting and fruitful session where students learnt about various concepts and aspects of editing, photography, ethics in the field of photography, capturing of photos and handling of camera. Students were very curious and enthusiastic, utilizing this opportunity to enhance their skills and learn new art. Overall, it was a great session where students were satisfied and encouraged to sharpen their talents. Hence, both sessions were great assets to the students and enabled them to learn new skills and enhance their abilities during the time of lockdown. 22 BY AGNI GOPINATH 2 HEPP N


THE PANDEMIC PICTURE BY RAHUL DIXIT, 2 HEPP N As the pandemic raged People were caged, When this pandemic shall pass, Love will surpass, I wish this suffering ends And sadness dwindles. Wishing our heroes come out unaffected And hoping that they will be respected. Let’s start a pandemic of just being kind Corona has cast a spell on humankind. I want a Hug! I want a Touch! I so want to walk amidst the crowd Pray that this deadly scourge be controlled. BY INCHARA K 2 HEPP N HE WISHES TO LIVE UNDER THE PANDEMIC ROOF In between a room and the sun and moon, lies the pandemic roof. Is where I build myself to face the virus outside, which I will see soon. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but remember to keep your head up and fight back. The day is now gone and night shall fall. The virus has got to me and urges me to drop into my grave, before another sunrise shall come. Sleepy and tired, I fall asleep thinking my time has come. Yet I wake again tomorrow and open my eyes and say bring it on. For I still want to live and I won’t let this virus take it all. BY SHREYAS GHOSH 2 PPES O 24

KEPT – IN EMOTIONS DURING THE TOUGH TIMES I imagined that We are together And that you really do love me But, once again I was only imagining. People change Cause they’ve been; Hurt, Betrayed, Forgotten, And replaced by those they care about. Photographs give a feeling of nostalgia, why? 'Cause they are proof of a time Where just for a heartbeat, Everything was perfect. BY RACHANA SINGH 2 PPES O DISAPPEARANCE It's hard to see the world crumble beneath your feet, Not be able to breathe the air all around you, But what can I say?  We did this to ourselves.  Now we feel the sun's heat, And the rage of nature on our skin, And realise the mistakes we've made,  Before we all disappear. BY KHUSHI KEERTHY 2 PPES O 25

TOUGH LOVE A thousand years ago, your very forefathers Worshipped the holy ground I rest on, dancing around the angsty grail Their labour was never left forlorn. In dire attempts to coax me for the rain, Their prayers to the goddesses were never restrained. And when the sky would bear fruit on their grains, They would whisper chants relentlessly again and again. But now as I look upon you, Your ignorance baffles me. It scares me. The motherland that was once revered Now rests in your clutches, she dares to be free. My blessed feet that were then sought with care, Now fumble and stumble in your debris with faulty despair. Disgraced by your complete indifference, Desecrated and profane, I tirelessly lay bare. As I bleed my doleful tears year after year, The fire of your idiocy dries them up. They disappear. Before they can satisfy my desolate pleas, I outstretch my hands, in hopes to appear. Now my bountiful trees no longer dance, In winds that once used to glimmer in glee, The early bird cowers silently in her nest, With doleful dreams of things that were once heavenly. You left my smooth edges dented and bruised, And finally after all these years of being misused, Your selfish actions have reaped their fruit. While you blatantly shiver within the walls of your home, Your absence is my benevolent healing, And every time you utter a sigh of being locked in, Peruse and peak, remember this feeling. You are timid, and frivolous, I am a part of something more magnanimous. So now, I warn you. Fear me. 26

Fear me because I don't rely on your sheer existence, as much as you suffer from my absence. Fear me because when I am suffocated, it is you who shall clench his throat, quivering from being choked. Fear me because the very air you breathe is my charity. Fear me because I possess the ability to make you question the touch of another of your kind, I can make the social animal distance himself, so don't be blind. FEAR ME. Because I once sought only your love and respect but you have driven me to this prospect. Because a caregiver can always foster another, But you humans, my children, have only me as your mother. BY DHRUVI S 2 HEPP N 27

VIEW FROM MY TERRACE When the lockdown was announced, there was a sense of panic among us. This was completely unexpected and new to all generations. I wanted everything to go back to normal again and the whole situation was very disturbing. My family decided we would go watch the sunset from the terrace and I'm really glad we did. It was the only part of the day where we would be under the open sky and it had the most beautiful shades of blues, pinks, reds and violets, getting to experience that helped us find peace in hard times. The sun would set in different colors everyday and it made me realize that nothing in this world is permanent and this would pass too. We would sit there and talk until it got dark while watching the sky filled with stars which we never could due to light pollution. In a life with no routines, we wouldn't miss going to the terrace for anything. It made me realize that this was the most amount of time I had spent with my family in a long time and the lockdown did have a good side to it. BY SATVIKA DONTHI 2 PPES O 28

BLOSSOMING IN THE TIME OF QUARANTINE When this summer’s heat settled itself, I burned with the rest of the world. Like butterflies pinned to a cutting board, I felt trapped in my own home. My home, which I usually found lovely, Became the only place I could be in When I didn’t want to. I missed the outdoors more than ever before. Travel and adventure are things of the past, This year, There will be no Olympic medals won. A butterfly’s life is short – lived And so was our time in the sun. 29

I found that the trees outside were BY DIYA KUMAR still gentle 2 PPES O And the mountain that was my heart sang another dream. My garden smells like the rain the seasons bring And I feel the flowers in my chest bloom again. The delicate blossoms spread as they bloom. And if it weren’t for the rain, This summer wouldn’t have blossomed. And if it weren’t for this summer, My hands wouldn’t have been cleaner. As I stare out of the window. I notice the butterflies fluttering in the breeze. I smile as I flap my own wings, There is still a little prayer that lives within me. 30

METANOIA The world came to a stop Several jaws did drop Their lives took a turn Their futures very uncertain A lot of lives lost in the battle Little did the virus settle? It just spread more and more Until it got to the core People got locked in their own homes Making everyone Sherlock Holmes Seeing it in a positive way Gets you through your day Spend time with your loved ones Let’s live in a world without guns Appreciate the little things Aha! What joy it brings Do what you can to make this world a better place We should learn to love and embrace Let’s stay at home and prevent Rather than to go out and repent Because you are given one life So, we shall strive… BY ANUSHA GANESH 2 PPES O 31

LAST NIGHTS THE POET When was the last night when we were This poet was born with me. excited when we slept, He wrote not of hope planning for a long day ahead? When was the last night we dressed up Happiness, desire, love or will to go out to a lavish dinner? But rather sang of melodies When was the last night we went on a drive, Which with its truth your dreams it Fearless on the empty roads? Would kill. And when was the last night we met   friends, Over ice-cream or coffee? This poet makes men suffer, Makes men cry; Now I keep wondering, staring at the deep darkness of the sky, Makes men differ; If there will ever come a time again Makes men try; where everything will go back to   normal. With every passing day, This poet clenches our soul, The only thing I am left with Throws at us is a ray of hope and reminiscent memories. The greatest of pains. Beginning to wonder again! He has scraped the burning When was the last night when we were wounds of my breath. excited when we slept, He makes us think whether planning for a long day ahead? When was the last night we dressed up This is just a game. to go out to a lavish dinner? He writes our life with a pen When was the last night we went on a Which is called sorrow by name. drive, Fearless on the empty roads?    And when was the last night we met But rather, I embrace friends, Over ice-cream or coffee? His words, Read his verses. BY TANISHA KANODIA Though it spells on us its curses, 2 HEPP N I feel the meaning rather than just Whining. For I know it is when He is out of words Out of ink And now when he is lost, Is when he writes the real melody BY RAHUL S 2 HEPP N 32

TIMING OUR TIME Oh time! Oh time! You are the reason for our cheer. You are the reason we play. You are the reason we fear. You are the reason for our dismay. You wait for nobody as they say. Can’t stop you if we may. You are the reminder that we have a meaning. To know that our days are numbered. Though we know this, We spend our days slumbered, Shiftless, not noticing you’re your ponderous presence. And then fretting about your absence. For I know my friend You leave in the mind of men a mark. Sometimes they rejoice, Sometimes they are just dark. You see us stand. You see us falling. You do things without a warning. You make us strong; You make us weak; You prove us wrong; You make us seek. If we are colours, You are our light. If we are in a hurry, You make us fight. I will never fear you, For I will use every bit of my soul 33

Every bit of breath, BY RAHUL S Every bit of will, 2 HEPP N Every bit of life Left in me Not to chase you, But waiting for you. I will not hate, For I will love. I will not forget, For I will cherish. I will not wait, For I will do. So, come what may, I will not do as you say. I will live on my will. I will spend every moment not remembering What happened or what will. I will take risks. I will strive. I will stay hopeful. I will revive. So let me live, time. Let me live until My heart has beaten enough. Until I have dreamt enough. Until I have seen The sunshine, The night, The love,  The might, For I want to fly, time. Not stop. So let me live until I’ve felt enough Time, oh time! Oh time! Let me live. 34





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