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Read the Text Version RNI No. UTTENG/2010/37634 Vol 11 No 53 magazine THE INDIA EDUCATION LANDSCAPE UPDATE March 16 2020 OTPRMS certificates to Big Push towards Internationalization of Higher Edu UGC. The draft regulations be linked with Regulations drafted on collabIorative come with a caveat, “A DigiLocker with franchise arrangement, complete waiver of internationalization with foreign HEIs, whether overtly or covertly, registration fees by whatever nomenclature used, between a foreign In order to ensure hassle higher education institution free access to verified after public feedback/suggestions, all eyes on final notification and an Indian higher Online Teacher Pupil education institution shall not Registration Management be allowed under these System (OTPRMS) In what could be a major 2020) that calls for permitting from the combine of BJP, E d u c a t i o n . Regulations.” Certificates, the Ministry of big step towards credits acquired in foreign Left parties and others. The draft regulations while While it will take some time Education has decided to internationalization of countries to be counted for Though the draft regulations explaining the permissible before the final set of link the certificates with country's higher the award of a degree. are not exactly meant for Academic Collaboration regulations emerge, the DigiLocker. The issued education and also its “Furthermore, the budget allowing foreign universities between Indian and foreign circulation of the draft has certificates will capacity expansion, announcement of 2021 open their branches in the higher education institutions certainly brought a lot of automatically be transferred University Grants p r o p o s e d r e g u l a t o r y country, but these would lays two modes through homework for HEIs in India to DigiLocker and the same Commission (the higher mechanism to permit dual certainly pave way for a lot which it can take place. In the as lot of institutions have may be traced at the website education regulator) on degrees, joint degrees and of their courseware to enter first mode called 'Automatic some sort of collaboration and of National Council for Feb 17 circulated the twinning arrangements,” said India through collaborations mode' only Indian accredited exchange program with Teacher Education (NCTE) draft of the University the public notice issued by with Indian higher education by National Assessment and foreign universities. Though at Grants Commission UGC. institutions. “This is a most A c c r e d i t a t i o n C o u n c i l these draft regulations don't (Academic Collaboration Once implemented, these welcome move and will help (NAAC) with a minimum talk of online mode, many DigiLocker.aspx and between Indian and regulations will allow: 1. our students access a wider score of 3.01 on a 4-point people feel, there will be DigiLocker at Foreign Higher Education Credit Recognition and range of courses. Given the scale (at the time of enough feedback for it and it . Institutions to offer Joint Tr a n s f e r ; 2 . Tw i n n i n g stringent guidelines that application) or must figure in will be interesting to see if the DigiLocker App may be Degree, Dual Degree and Arrangement, 3. Joint Degree have been proposed, it will the top 100 in University final regulations allow online downloaded from for Twinning Programmes) Programme and; (4) Dual ensure that quality is not c a t e g o r y o f N a t i o n a l courses/degrees as well. Android phone and for Regulations, 2021 Degree Programme between compromised and, in fact, I n s t i t u t i o n a l R a n k i n g Will it impact the outward iPhone. (hereafter referred to as collaborating HEIs. improved, while expanding Framework (NIRF) (at the student mobility is a question The registration fee of Rs. the Regulations) for The Regulations could well capacity of higher education time of application) or shall that has to wait for an answer. 200/-, payable for obtaining public prove to be a watershed in the country,” opines b e a n I n s t i t u t i o n o f An estimated 7.5 lakh OTPRMS Certificates, suggestions/feedback until moment for India's higher Pramath Sinha, a well- E m i n e n c e . F o r i t s students who opted for study issued by NCTE has been March 15. education in a decade after known institution builder counterpart foreign higher abroad before covid19 in waived off. This will enable the Foreign Educational known for raising reputed education institution has to 2019 cost the country about $ all stakeholders across India The development is in line Institutions Bill in 2013 ISB Hyderabad as its be figuring in top 500 of 16 billion in forex. But one to be digitally empowered with the implementation brought by UPA II failed to founding dean and one of the Times Higher Education or thing is certain that the facilitating ease of doing process of the National pass muster the support and f o u n d e r s o f A s h o k a Q S Wo r l d U n i v e r s i t y E d u c a t i o n Q u a l i t y business. Education Policy (NEP- lapsed following opposition University and Harappa ranking (at the time of Upgradation and Inclusion application). The second Programme or EQUIP roll out mode called 'Approval for a five-year vision of the COVID-19: mode', there is an approval h i g h e r e d u c a t i o n a n d process based on proving supported by NEP 2020 and a Schools for more than 168 million c r e d e n t i a l s b y b o t h a target of 50% GER by 2035, collaborating partners and the regulations as and when children globally have been will be evaluated by an come into effect, will be expert committee of the landmark without a doubt. completely closed for almost a Delhi announces own state full year, says UNICEF school education board, DBSE INDIA HIGHLIGHTS Bihar govt launches Delhi government on March minister and will be overseen 'Praveshotsav' campaign to 6 announced its decision to by a governing body. Its In India, closure of 1.5 million schools due to the pandemic bring back students to set up a state level school everyday activities will be and lockdowns in 2020 has impacted 247 million children education board called the coordinated by an executive enrolled in elementary and secondary schools. In addition, The campaign includes 80,000 schools. This action Delhi Board of School body headed by a CEO. To there are over six million girls and boys who were already out prabhat pheri, rallies and is carried out in cooperation Education (DBSE), which start with, 20-25 Delhi of school even before the COVID-19 crisis began. door-to-door marches to with the Department of incidentally will be the first government schools will be Online education is not an option for all as only one in four connect with young people. Rural Development and the ever state level school affiliated to DBSE from the children has access to digital devises and internet The decision to launch this Department of Social examinations board for the 2021-22 academic session connectivity. Pre-COVID, only a quarter of households (24 campaign was made due to Protection and aims to national capital city-state of and according to chief per cent) in India had access to the internet and there is a large declining enrollment in ensure that no child is Delhi. Currently all Minister Arvind Kejriwal all rural-urban and gender divide. public schools in 2020-2021 deprived of education. The secondaries (high schools) the state-run and private Till date in India only eight states/UTs have opened all classes due to a pandemic. The State district judge will lead the and senior secondaries (10+2 schools will come under the from class 1 to class 12, 11 states have reopened classes 6-12 Education Minister, Vijay campaign in each district. As schools) in Delhi—1028 new board within four to five and 15 states have only opened classes 9-12. Three states Kumar Choudhary, during part of this special government schools and years. The CM said at a have reopened anganwadi centers, with younger children the elections to the State enrollment drive, 100 1700 + private and other virtual press conference that losing out greatly on crucial foundational learning. Assembly, confirmed the percent of children who have schools—are either affiliated the decision about the “It has been nearly a year since the pandemic caused schools news. However, he noted that turned 6 years old enter first to CBSE (Central board of government schools to be to close and disrupt the normal routine of children throughout only 1.11 lakh of children grade. In addition, special secondary education) or affiliated with the DBSE will India. We know that the longer children stay out of school, the dropped out of school in attention is paid to other national and be taken after consultations more vulnerable they become, with less chances of returning 2020-2021, compared to enrollment in 6th, 8th and international boards. with principals, teachers and to school. Any decision to reopen schools is made with the 3.80 lakh in 2014-2015. 9th grade. The decision to set up Delhi's parents concerned. However, best interests of children in mind and as schools re-open in a The “Praveshotsav” new education board was private schools in the staggered manner with children returning to their classrooms, campaign will involve some taken at a cabinet meeting national capital will continue we must strive to support them in catching up on the learning chaired by the chief minister. to have an option to get they have missed. This is especially true for those who were The government has set aside affiliated to the DBSE. not able to access digital or remote learning opportunities. Rs 62 crore to set up a Further, the mental health and well-being of children is a separate state board of Contd on P3 crucial concern. Psycho-social support from teachers, parents education. and caregivers is a priority,” said Dr Yasmin Ali Haque, The new state board will be UNICEF India Representative. chaired by education

2 Curriculum March16, 2021 News Updates NIOS to introduce ancient Indian three disciplines of Philosophy, namely Indian, Islamic and While the public Institutions of Eminence (IoE) such as the Western Philosophy,” Prof. Latif Shah Hussain Kazmi, IITs are better-represented in the QS World University knowledge curriculum, 100 madrasas to Chairman, Department of Philosophy, said. The objective is Rankings, the private ones have made a mark in the Subject to propagate secular, humanist, pluralist and liberal ethos of Rankings edition. Among the private IoEs, Birla Institute of offer the option Islam, added Kazmi. Technology and Science has entered the rankings (151- 200 The proposal to set up the Centre of Sufism and Islamic band) for Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Mathematics (451- As part of the National Education Policy (NEP), the National Philosophy has been passed unanimously at the Ordinary 500 band) and Business and Management Studies (451-500 Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) will introduce its new Meeting of the Academic Council. “We hope for a better band). Jamia Hamdard and Manipal Academy of Higher curriculum based on ancient Indian knowledge and tradition mutual understanding among all religions, a sense of Education have been placed in the 101-150 band and 151-200 at 100 Madrasas. There are around 100 Madrassas with brotherhood with the teaching of the saints,” Kazmi added. band, respectively for Pharmacy and Pharmacology. The 50,000 students are accredited with NIOS. Further, there are The proposed centre also has plans to conduct research in the Vellore Institute of Technology has broken into the top 300 for plans to accredit around 500 more Madrassas with the NIOS fields of Sufism, comparative study of Sufism and mystic Electrical and Electronic Engineering (251-300 band). in the recent future- totally on the basis of demand of traditions in other religions such as Hinduism, Christianity QS World University Rankings by subject calculate Madrassas. It will begin the basic course for classes 3, 5 and 8. and Judaism, etc. “We will encourage research on the various performance based on four parameters — academic NIOS has prepared 15 courses of Bharatiya Jnan Parmpara dimensions of Sufism and Islamic Philosophy and the ways reputation, employer reputation, research impact (citations (Indian knowledge tradition) such as Veda, Yoga, Science, of enhancing religious understanding in our country,” he per paper) and the productivity of an institution's research Vocational Skills and Sanskrit language subjects in Sanskrit, said. faculty. Hindi and English medium at all three levels of Open Basic The centre also plans to organise inter-faith dialogues, Education Program. seminars, conferences and extension lectures on Sufism, Naveen Jindal commits Rs 1,000 Cr Under these courses, the subject of Vedas covers topics such mysticism and bhakti movement etc. as the Ramayana epic narratives, the teachings of the The concept note of the centre envisages that Islamic for 'JGU Vision 2030' Bhagavad Gita, the Panini propounded Maheshwara Sutras, Philosophy has remained for long spells of time under a the Samarasa shloka sangraha, the Ekatyasastotra, the shadow of doubt, criticism and uncertainty. Some thinkers, Leading Indian industrialist and philanthropist and the numerous Vedic hymns, the Vishnushatranama stotra, the mostly orientalists, denied its very existence. Those founding Chancellor of O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU), Shikshaavalli, Brahmavalli, Bhriguvalli, Lallishatnama philosophers who tended to deny the very existence of an Mr. Naveen Jindal, has announced an elaborate investment stotra, according to a Ministry of Education release. Islamic Philosophy in view of their social and religious plan of Rs. 1,000 Crores for sustained futuristic expansion of These courses are equivalent to classes 3, 5 and 8 of prejudices, misunderstood the very vision and mission of the University as per 'JGU Vision 2030' for the next decade. elementary education. Islam. They consequently maintained that the teachings of The Sonipat, Haryana-based JGU was recognized as an The development comes as the Union Education Minister Islam are opposed to all free discussion and rational Institution of Eminence (IoE) by the Ministry of Education, Ramesh Pokhriyal on 2 March released the study material on investigation. The only fruits that Islam, according to these Government of India in 2019. ancient Indian tradition at NIOS headquarters in Noida. philosophers, has borne for its followers have been The focus of the investment plan will be on academic, Speaking at the occasion, the minister highlighted that the intellectual despotism, irrationalism and dogmatism, the infrastructure development, creation of new world-class New Education Policy-2020 also emphasises on the creation concept note states. student facilities, hostels, schools, faculty offices and of a sense of pride towards Indianness in the learner's inner “The centre would serve as the platform for advanced teaching facilities. Substantial commitment of financial self as well as the establishment of our ancient knowledge, learning and research investigating the philosophical resources for the JGU Vision 2030 by Chancellor Mr. Naveen skills and values. doctrines of the great Islamic philosophers such as Ab Bakr al Jindal will bolster efforts to achieve financial, academic and It should be noted that NIOS course material on yoga has Razi, Suhravardi,al Farabi etc. Their philosophical physical outcomes that were laid down in its implementation sections of patanjali kritasutra, yogasutra exercises, surya contributions in Islamic framework need to be revisited, plan of becoming an 'Institution of Eminence' that has global namaskar, asanas, pranayam, relaxation exercises, anger explored and re-examined in the light of contemporary recognition and standing. management exercises and concentration and memory philosophical discourse.” Prof. Kazmi said. The Founding Chancellor of JGU, Mr. Naveen Jindal said enhancement exercises. “Throughout centuries, Sufis travelled across Asia, Africa that, “In the JGU Vision 2030, we have laid plans to further The vocational skills curriculum of NIOS covers watering and Europe. They lived with or co-existed with Jews, Hindus, build and develop the JGU campus. We will have offices for plants, cow-rearing, cleaning of cowsheds and hygiene, Buddhists, Confucionists, Christians and Pagans. They were 1600 faculty members, housing facilities for more than garden care, sewing and harvesting, vegetable service, at peace with all of them. These men of God mingled with all 12,000 students, a world-class sports centre with shooting organic farming, etc. In addition, skills such as making beds, human beings irrespective of caste, creed, gender, colour, ranges totalling an investment of Rs 1000 crores.” constructing biometrics for farms, using Ayurveda in daily race and culture,” he said. The senior leadership of JGU has set out the JGU Vision 2030, life, methods of cooking and serving have also been included. which is aligned with the aspiration to climb up within the The ministry has clarified that various subjects are offered to 25 programmes, 12 institutes in elite group of leading global universities and contribute to learners under this provision-without any hard line nation-building by producing the best and the brightest minds boundaries of fixed subject combinations unlike that in the top 100 QS subject rankings of the country. Within 11 years of establishment, JGU has formal education system. It is totally the discretion of the been ranked in the top 651-700 universities in the world and learner to opt for subject combination from the bouquet of the TWENTY-FIVE PROGRAMMES — mostly in engineering has become India's number 1 Ranked Private University. JGU subjects provided by NIOS. In an open education system, — offered by higher education institutions in India rank is also India's top-ranking university with a focus solely on students are free to choose, so it is not a compulsory among the top 100 in the world in their respective subject Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities as per the influential QS component. There is a gamut of subjects in our open categories, according to the latest edition of the QS World World University Rankings 2021. education system that madarsa students can pick. University Rankings by Subject. Last year, this number stood at 26. Delhi Skills and Entrepreneurship Punjab to integrate gender While the number of Indian universities/ institutes in the top 100 subject rankings has increased from eight to 12 this year, University gathers momentum sensitisation curriculum in syllabus IIM-Calcutta, which is embroiled in a turf war between its Board and director, suffered its worst-ever ranking. While The Delhi Skills and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU), Gender: The Punjab government has partnered with IIM-Ahmedabad, IIM-Bangalore, IIM-Lucknow and IIM- which was enacted in 2019, has plans to start its first nonprofit organisation, Breakthrough, and the Abdul Latif Kozhikode have more or less maintained their positions in academic session this year. In run up to this on March 2, the Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) South Asia to integrate a the Business and Management Studies category, IIM- Delhi government 13 government institutes to create the gender sensitisation curriculum for adolescents into the Calcutta slipped from the 101-150 band last year to 451-500 Delhi Skills and Entrepreneurship University to boost syllabus of all government schools in Punjab. band this time. higher and technical education. These include 10 The state government's Department of School Education will Except one, all the 25 programmes are in institutions run by government institutes of technology and Delhi Institute of embed Breakthrough's gender equality curriculum in schools either the state or union government. The O P Jindal Global Tool Engineering (Wazirpur and Okhla Campus) and during the upcoming academic year; the aim is to change University is the only private university to have entered the Govind Ballabh Pant Engineering College. gender-biased perceptions and provide tools to enact top-100 club. Its law programme is now ranked 76th globally. Under CBSE, Telugu is only a subject taught and the behavioural change among adolescents. And, interestingly, 17 of the 25 globally ranked Indian curriculum will be in Hindi or English medium. The The curriculum consists of a series of interactive, safe, and programmes are in engineering. IIT-Madras's Petroleum government did not specify whether it will do away with the open discussions held over two and a half years to empower Engineering programme registered the best performance state syllabus completely or introduce CBSE system parallel adolescents to transform their gender attitudes, aspirations, among Indian institutes — 30th in the world. to it. and behaviours. The four new universities/ institutes in the top 100 subject The school education department will work with rankings are: IIT-Guwahati (for petroleum engineering), IGNOU launches gender, agriculture and Breakthrough to train teachers to integrate the curriculum in Jawaharlal Nehru University (anthropology), Anna grades six to eight. J-PAL South Asia will conduct an University (petroleum engineering), and O P Jindal Global sustainable development course independent process evaluation to generate insights for University (law). sustained, high-quality, government implementation. IIT-Bombay has cornered more top 100 positions than any The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has other Indian institution. Seven of its programmes (art and launched a certificate programme in gender, agriculture and AMU plans to set up a Centre of design; computer science and information systems; chemical sustainable development through open and distance mode. engineering; civil and structural engineering; electrical and The programme is for six months and students who possessed Sufism and Islamic Philosophy electronic engineering; mechanical, aeronautical and a Bachelor degree can apply for the course. The online manufacturing engineering and mineral and mining application window will be closed on March 15. The Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has proposed to set engineering) are among the best 100 in the world. Last year, it According to IGNOU, the programme will address key issues up a Centre of Sufism and Islamic Philosophy with the aim to had nine — chemistry and materials science engineering do on women's participation in agriculture and farming. “Women provide a platform for inter-religious studies and dialogues at not feature in the top 100 this year. and men are affected differently by economic change and national and international levels, The centre will re-examine IIT-Delhi has four programmes among the top 100 and IIT- development, and thus an active public policy is needed to the core issues of Islamic Philosophy in its historic-cultural Madras has three. IIT-Kharagpur and IISc Bangalore have intervene to close gender gaps. In this context, agriculture context. It will also revisit the classical Islamic tests to recorded two programmes each. IIM-Ahmedabad and IIM- needs to look towards sustainability in its planning and policy provide a deeper understanding of Islamic thought, culture Bangalore are ranked 80 and 76, respectively, for business process and the women's contribution to sustainable and civilisation. and management studies. agricultural development,” IGNOU in its release mentioned. “We aim to bring a clear picture of Islam and its relevance in The programme aims to create awareness about gender roles all times. AMU is perhaps the only seat of learning that has

Curriculum March16, 2021 3 News Updates Sri Sri University launches 4 new Mother Earth” to commemorate the World Soil Day XLRI sets up a Centre for including March-Past and distribution of promotional Research Centers materials on soil health to the participants. Gender Equality and Inclusive Cuttack-based Sri Sri University launched 4 new Research India Science Research Fellowship Leadership at Delhi-NCR Centers and 20 New Programs at the hands of global spiritual master and founder of The Art of Living, Gurudev Sri Sri (ISRF) 2021 announced Campus Ravi Shankar, opening up the academic avenues for research and development in some of these areas for the very first time Forty scholars from six countries have been awarded with the In line with this year's theme of women's day 'Women in in the world. opportunity to carry out their research in Indian Institutes and Leadership : achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world', Centers like Sri Sri Centre for Advanced Research in Kathak Universities using state of the art facilities in these places. XLRI– Xavier School of Management, celebrates (first and largest in the world); Sri Sri Centre for Advanced These scholars have been selected based on research International Women's Day by setting up a Centre for Gender Research in Bharatnatyam; Sri Sri School of Cyber Peace ( proposal, experience, academic merit and publication record Equality and Inclusive Leadership at Delhi-NCR Campus to first in the world); Sri Sri Centre for Translation and and recommended for the award of India Science and promote women's participation in economic activities and Interpreting Studies( 1st in India); and Sri Sri Centre for Research Fellowship (ISRF) 2021. help bring more balance in the society. Advanced Research in Water Resources and Environment As a part of India's initiatives to engage with neighbouring The new centre will be led by Prof. Shreyashi Chakraborty, an Management, were inaugurated, apart from a New Faculty- countries to develop S&T partnerships, the Department of Assistant Professor in the area of Organizational Behaviour at Faculty of Emerging Technologies. Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India has launched XLRI. Her primary research interests are inequalities, ISRF Programme for Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, diversity management practices in Indian workplaces and “The world is incomplete without our art, architecture, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand researchers career experiences of women employees. She had also won culture and science,” said Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at the to work in Indian Universities and Research Institutions. It the Emerald Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award in the inaugural ceremony, “This is something unique that research has been implemented since 2015, and as of now, 5 calls have area of HRM in 2017. which is a left-brain activity is now shaking hands with what been announced in this programme with participation of The centre will be housed at the newly opened Delhi-NCR have been essentially right brain activities.” Gurudev also young researchers from these countries. About 128 fellows campus, which was borne out of XLRI's desire to further emphasized that, the all-round development of students can from these countries have been awarded fellowship under strengthen the Industry-academia interface further. The NCR only happen when we create such an ecosystem where this programme. A number of quality research papers have region is a hub of manufacturing and a centre of the happiness is realized as one's own nature along with learning. been published by awardees during the ISRF calls from knowledge economy and will help facilitate the new centre's 2015-2019, and fellows also participated in various functioning. The Delhi-NCR campus is nestled in a serene, 37 PM releases Manuscript with conferences/symposiums of their relevant fields. Because of acre green campus close to Jhajjar, a 45-minute drive from commentaries by 21 scholars on the pandemic, no award was made last year. Gurgaon, and has world-class infrastructure. shlokas of Srimad Bhagavadgita ISRF programme has provided an opportunity to the young Prof. Shreyashi Chakraborty, said, “In September 2020 the researchers from neighbouring countries to get access to the World Economic Forum published their 14th Gender Parity The Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently released a state of art facilities available in the Indian Report. The research report was alarming – India ranks very Manuscript with commentaries by 21 scholars on shlokas of institutes/universities. This fellowship is a platform to low. The Top-5 countries have closed 80% of the gender gap – Srimad Bhagavadgita. He said thousands of scholars have establish research cooperation with neighbouring countries Iceland leads at 82%. India is at 112th position – a 4 spot dedicated their whole lives for in depth study of the Gita, of India, which is one of the mandates of DST's International decline, behind several LATAM, Caribbean, middle-eastern, which can be clearly seen in the analysis of different Science and Technology Cooperation. and north-African nations. Globally, the economic interpretations on every verse of a single scripture and the Realizing that they are still going through the pandemic, participation and opportunity gap expanded in 2020 – a expression of so many mystics. He added that it is also a awardees are being encouraged to have virtual interaction worrying sign that women are persistently less present in symbol of India's ideological freedom and tolerance, which with their host institutes and host scientists. They could visit labour-markets than men. WEF report calls out that economic motivates every person to have his own viewpoint. Indian institutes once travel restrictions are eased and the opportunities for women are extremely limited in India (149th The Prime Minister said Adi Shankaracharya, who united overall environment is conducive to doing regular laboratory rank) at just 35.4%, followed only by Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, India, saw the Gita as a spiritual consciousness. Saints like research. and Iraq. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has further Ramanujacharya had put forth the Gita as an expression of intensified the gender-related challenges. There is a severe spiritual knowledge. For Swami Vivekananda, Gita has been Tutopia Learning App for Students need for promoting women to participate in economic a source of unwavering diligence and indomitable activities for the betterment of women's economic confidence. For Sri Aurobindo, the Gita was a true of WB Board in Bengali empowerment.” embodiment of knowledge and humanity. Gita was a beacon Fr. P Christie S.J, Director, XLRI commented, “Our in Mahatma Gandhi's most difficult times. The Gita has been Tutopia learning App, an online learning App especially ambitious goal is to significantly increase the participation of the inspiration of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's patriotism designed for the Bengali medium students of 8th, 9th and women in the workforce within the next 5-10 years through and valor. This is the Gita, which was explained by Bal 10th standards of West Bengal Board, was launched recetnly. strategic and broad-based interventions. As a first step, we are Gangadhar Tilak and gave new strength to the freedom The App can be downloaded from Google PlayStore and setting up the Centre for Gender Equality and Inclusive struggle. AppleApp Store. Leadership.” Interestingly, Jesuits as an order decided to The Prime Minister noted that our democracy gives us Developed by Subrata Roy, Director, Tutopia Pvt. Ltd, along focus on women empowerment in 1995 (more than 25 years freedom of our thoughts, freedom of work, equal rights in with partners Gaurav Dugar and Anurag Chirimar, the app ago). They committed to the inclusion of women via a formal every sphere of our life. This freedom comes from the course material uses high quality 3D-animation and decree signed in that year.” democratic institutions that are the guardians of our graphical representations, infographics etc. The tutoring XLRI as an institution has always been a pioneer in taking up constitution. Therefore, he said, whenever we talk of our programs are structured in a modern user-friendly various issues like Ethics, Sustainability and Social rights, we should also remember our democratic duties. storytelling manner that helps the students to easily – 'relate Entrepreneurship much before they became fashionable. The The Prime Minister said that the Gita is a book for the whole and remember' – thus reducing the burden of cramming centre brings together a large group of professionally well- world and every creature. It has been translated into many through rote. It sets a new pedagogical standard in Bengali established alumni and industry practitioners who will Indian and International languages, research is being carried online education as per the company press release. collaborate with XLRI to design and deploy a wide range of out in many countries by many international scholars. “We have put in hundreds of man-hours to understand the interventions to transform the daily lives of Indian women. The Prime Minister said that it is in India's culture to share its students' learning needs by mapping their goals, strengths, knowledge. He said that our knowledge in mathematics, weaknesses and interests in order to get the best out of them. Ed Tech Healthcare Focused Training textiles, metallurgy or ayurved are always treated as the We are also developing curricular for the Higher Secondary humanities wealth. Today when, once again, India is Classes to be followed by ICSE and CBSE Board,” said Startup, Virohan, Launches in Pune building its potential to contribute to the progress of the Subrata Roy. whole world and serve humanity. He noted that India's “During the pandemic I realised that the English medium Technology-based training Institute, Virohan, has brought its contribution was seen by the world in recent times. This students were having access to online educational resources one-of-a-kind, gamified, easy-to-understand, Blended contribution will help the world at a much wider scale in the and tools. So I tried to find out how the Bengali medium Learning teaching method to Pune to enable students to efforts of an AtmaNirbhar Bharat, he concluded. students were doing. I came across teachers who were using become healthcare professionals such as OT technicians, novel ways like uploading Bengali educational videos on Medical Lab technicians and healthcareAdministrators. ICAR awarded YouTube, while others were sharing notes online and some Virohan is one of the only Training Institutes to offer Industry were hosting live classes. While people were making earnest Demand Driven Training, where the curriculum provides only Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has efforts, I found the whole thing somewhat disorganised and what is relevant and needed for on-the-job. Virohan's Blended received the prestigious “King Bhumibol World Soil Day - the idea struck me if all this could be brought under a single Learning teaching method is unique - training is done through 2020 Award”of FAO. Dr. Chalermchai Srion, Minister of online platform for the students, much of their problems videos, class activities with real time quizzes and results. This Agriculture and Cooperatives of the Kingdom of Thailand could be solved,” he added. has helped Virohan to increase pass percentage to over 90% of conferred the award in a Ceremony held early this month at In a novel move to reach out to the students directly, Tutopia students pan India and minimize drop-out rates to below 7% Bangkok, Thailand. Suchitra Durai, Ambassador of India to has decided to spread the brand through the use of Tutopia- of students compared to an industry average of 35-40%. the Kingdom of Thailand received it. branded bicycles. “We have put in place a team of trained Kunaal Dudeja, CEO & Co-founder states, “Virohan's vision The international recognition was announced by the FAO, personnel who would reach out to the students in rural areas is to educate over a million students by 2025, through its Rome on the eve of World Soil Day - 2020 in view of the through our Tutopia-branded bicycles. Since the bicycle is engaging and effective blended learning platform. We are ICAR's excellent contributions in “Soil Health Awareness” one of the most used and easiest means of transport in rural very excited to be expanding to Pune, which is known for on the theme “Stop soil erosion, save our future” during the areas, we decided to create a team that would pan out into the being the Education Hub of India” last year. villages on bicycles and reach out to the Bengali medium The ICAR-Indian Institute of Soil Science, Bhopal, Madhya students and explain the working of the Tutopia learning App Pradesh organized a wide array of several programmes with and its benefits,” said Anurag Chirimar, Director, Tutopia great fervour and enthusiasm for the school students, farming Pvt. Ltd. community and general public. The Institute organized a The Tutopia learning App courses have been named Ashtam massive awareness campaign for preserving “SOIL - Our Shreni, Nabam Shreni and Dasham Shreni. There is also the Madhyamik 2021 curriculum which is entirely free and can be subscribed through free registration using a referral code.

4 Curriculum March16, 2021 Excel/Couseling Quitting smoking is linked How to fight Depression? to improved mental health – study Published to coincide with symptoms in people who Studies say 41% people have suffered some degree of depression during corona pandemic No Smoking Day 2021 on stopped smoking with period. Though this condition has been endemic for long, in the recent shake up, it has been March 10th, the research changes occurring in people commonly talked about. So, let’s understand depression, it's causes and symptoms and more found people who stop who continued to smoke. importantly how to win over this mental hazard smoking may experience They also combined results improvements in their from 10 studies that MENTAL HEALTH Following ways could be adopted in our daily life mental health such as measured how many people in the recent past to check depression - reductions in anxiety and developed a mental health has become a common Ÿ·Start your day with meditation, breathing and some kind depression symptoms, a disorder during the study. new study reveals. It also The studies involved a wide term in our society. And of physical exercise. Inculcate this as a habit. found that people's social range of people, including Ÿ·Comparison and expectation disturb our mental peace. relationships are unlikely people with prior mental depression is the most to suffer if they give up health conditions and people Once we accept ouselves as a person we are, comparison smoking. with long-term physical talked about manifestation illnesses. The length of time drops naturally. So introspect, accept yourself and respect Led by the University of the studies followed people of an ailing mental health. Bath, working with the varied from six weeks to up your individuality. Universities of to six years. It is commonly used by Ÿ·Work upon yourself to know your strengths and Birmingham, Oxford and Lead author Dr Gemma New York, the Cochrane Taylor, of the Addiction & people to denote any sort limitations. It is important to know what one can do and Review found that those Mental Health Group at the who quit smoking are not University of Bath, said: of mental illness affecting what not. This will help to balance your aspirations with likely to experience a “Smokers often believe that worsening in their mood cigarettes are the crutch they Dr Nitesh Dhawan, individuals. Though in your abilities. long-term, whether they need when they feel low, but Public Servant, Author psychological terms, Ÿ·Be true to yourself to remain happy. have a mental health there is good reason to think depression has specific Ÿ·Appreciate yourself and others for accomplishments. condition or not. that smoking is actually and Educator symptoms and particular Ÿ·Don't be stressed, if things are not coming your way, just making them feel worse. Smoking is the world's “The daily cycle of waking psychotherapeutic methods be patient, keep calm and carry on with your efforts. Focus leading cause of preventable up with cravings, satisfying illness and death. One in the cravings through are used to overcome it. on the process part and outcome will take it's own course. every two people who smoking only to be back Ÿ·Believe in karmas and the law of nature. Everything well smoke will die of a wanting another cigarette The good thing is that at least, it is being talked about in smoking-related disease within hours has an deserved will come at the right time. unless they quit. However, understandable impact on society with many celebrity icons also sharing their phases Ÿ·Count your positives and pay your gratitude to stay in some people still believe how people feel. that smoking reduces stress “But get past the withdrawal of depression and how they fought their psychological balance. and other mental health that many smokers feel symptoms, and that quitting when they stop, and better battles. It has helped to break shackles of social taboo The studies on depression and suicide have revealed that might exacerbate mental mental health is on the other about three fourths of all persons who do commit suicide are health problems. Some side. related to mental disorders to some extent. The corona found to be depressed at the time of the suicidal act. people who smoke also “From our evidence we see According to researches, the individuals are hurt and worry that stopping might that the link between pandemic and lockdown period has also affected the disappointed with their lives and are unable to think have a negative impact on smoking cessation and rationally. They become emotionally incapable to perceive their social lives and mood seem to be similar in emotional health of many in the country. realistic solutions for their problems. It is in such times, that friendships. a range of people, and most they need professional help to combat depression. In cases The review, which crucially, there is no According to one study about 41 percent of people have of severe depression, professional psychological help is to summarises evidence from evidence that people with be sought after. However, when the depression is mild in 102 observational studies mental health conditions suffered some degree of depression during this period. In nature and symptoms have just started to occur, the family involving nearly 170,000 will experience a worsening and friends could be of great help. They need to get people, found that people of their health if they stop this backdrop, it becomes imperative to understand activated as a supportive system. who stopped smoking for at smoking.” least six weeks experienced The new research comes as depression, it's causes and symptoms and more importantly less depression, anxiety, and Public Health England has stress, than people who published data that shows how to win over this mental hazard. continued to smoke. People smokers have poorer mental who quit also experienced well-being than non- A depressed person regards oneself as helpless, worthless more positive feelings and smokers. The data shows better psychological well- that in 2019, 1.6 million and inadequate. He sees the world as posing obstacles and being, and it is possible that smokers had high levels of stopping smoking may be anxiety. As anxiety finds the future as bleak and insecure. A depressed associated with a small increased for the whole improvement in social well- population in 2020 as a individual forms a cognitive triad having self defeating and being. result of COVID-19, 2.4 Dr Amanda Farley, Lecturer million smokers reported negative thoughts towards self, the world and one's future. in Public Health and high levels of anxiety - an Epidemiology at the increase of 50%. Smokers This makes life miserable, the environment threatening and University of Birmingham, reporting low levels of said: “Cochrane reviews happiness also rose, from the future full of insecurity. These negative thoughts are bring together all the latest 900,000 in 2019, to 1.3 research evidence using million in 2020. repetitive in nature and therefore keep a person in a systematic and rigorous Deborah Arnott, Chief methods to answer a Executive of Action on depressive state. Depressed people make lot of errors in specific question. Smoking and Health, said: “ “Our review finding that, Using nicotine replacement, their thought process which only aggravates their situation. after at least six weeks, whether patches gum or mental health is not worse vapes, can help deal with Causes of depression Role of family and friends in those who quit smoking any withdrawal symptoms, and instead is linked with which last at most a matter In a highly complex society where aspirations and ŸCreate an enabling environment so that person starts improved mood is good of weeks. Be confident that expectations from oneself are rising everyday , any sort of sharing his feelings as much as he can ; it is important to news for smokers, and may once you've put smoking failures or disappointments could cause depression. provide a healthy outlet for repressed emotions. help to address some myths behind you not only will Moreover, the setbacks in relationships, poor economic ŸFamily and friends can provide a person an environment that smoking helps mental you be healthier and conditions and uncertainties of life are other causal factors. to disclose his inner sentiments. It is important to never health.” wealthier but feel happier The imbalance between one's abilities and aspirations, let him feel isolated. The review authors too.” however is the major cause in a highly materialistic society ŸSharing and caring both are needed at this time. It is combined the results from of modern day world. required to embrace the good memories of person's 63 studies that measured achievements and happy moments of relationships. changes in mental health The person in depression shows following ŸFacilitate a person to think in a reasonable manner symptoms- which is based on current situation, the limitations and ŸLoss of appetite opportunities. ŸSleep disturbances ŸFamily and friends can encourage a person to take one ŸLikes to live in isolation step in a right direction showing full trust without ŸDifficulty in making decisions expecting in return or any outcome. ŸLower productivity ŸMake them to realize their negative thought patterns, ŸDerives little enjoyment from life, even from being biased interpretations and errors in logical thinking by discussing patiently and showing full support, respect with loved ones or engaging in leisure time activities and empathy towards them. ŸFocus on negative or aversive aspects of his life ŸHelp them to recognize their false assumptions that lead situations to wrong conclusions, keeping faith in them and their ŸDevaluation of self image capabilities. ŸMany people harbor unrealistic goals, beliefs and Avoiding state of depression perfectionist approach towards life which cause failure, frustration and feeling of guilt within a person. Family People may easily succumb to depressive state owing to and peer group could be of great help by letting a person various causal factors, however it becomes indispensable to come in sync with the reality. to prepare ouselves mentally in this highly competitive world to maintain a psychological balance while keeping As depression has started to affect larger section of people in pace with the changing demands of society at the same society , it necessitates for more awareness and sensitization time. at personal, family and social levels. We as individuals can be more empathetic towards people suffering from If you have any question or issue regarding depression. Being sensitive towards their psychological counseling, please email to us at needs and hand - holding could prove to be a great help. [email protected]

Curriculum March16, 2021 5 Useful Briefs BML Munjal University to admit admissions as well. Admissions will be purely on the basis of Youth need to focus on innovation & merit and aptitude. The core focus at the school is every students through BMU-SAT entrance individual student's personal transformation. The University on creating new jobs: DST Secretary brings together outstanding academics, industry test professionals, experienced researchers and the latest “There has never been a better time to be in innovation facilities to deliver a unique hands-on and multi-disciplinary business. It is important to be in the area of innovation and BML Munjal University (BMU), a Hero Group initiative, has learning experience. connect with the Nation's aspirations and priorities,” announced the BMU-SAT(Standard Aptitude Test), an online Secretary Department of Science and Technology Professor entrance examination to admit students to its undergraduate HSNC University starts certification Ashutosh Sharma said in his keynote address at the KPIT programmes.. The new aptitude test, starting this year, is sparkle virtual grand finale on Mar 9. aimed at determining an applicant's propensity to succeed in programs in Real Estate He spoke about the difference between invention and various undergraduate programmes at BMU, and gauges innovation and the connection between them. school students' readiness for university education to an HSNC Mumbai has opened a first-of-its-kind School of Real “Invention is something which takes resources and produces undergraduate programme of preference at the university. Estate program for undergraduate students under the mastery knowledge that has both direction and relevance that can be BMU-SAT score would help a candidate beat the competition of Niranjan Hiranandani School of Real Estate (NHSRE). leveraged for innovation. Essentially invention is producing by securing early admission in his / her preferred programme. The courses went live on 2nd March, 2021. new concepts, new knowledge and innovation starts where Applicants can start applying before or along with the To begin with, NHSRE offers a Certificate Course in RERA invention stops. It takes the new idea, concept or prototype national-level entrance exams to gain first mover advantage. Compliance and a Certificate Course in Real Estate and converts it into new socioeconomic opportunities. For Admissions are open for B.Tech, BBA, B.A. LL.B (H), BBA Entrepreneurship for not just undergraduate students but also innovation to succeed the idea has to be converted into LL.B (H), B.Com (H) and B.A. (H). postgraduate alumni, professionals and every individual who something that people can use,” he added. Admissions into any programme of preference at BMU like wishes to hone one's knowledge and skills in the sector. The Addressing the audience present at the grand finale event he B.Tech, BBA, B.A. LLB would be based on the performance experts will use a blended approach of online and offline pointed out that the participants of KPIT challenge are now at in the BMU-SAT. In the interest of health and safety of teaching for the period of 2 months through 30 sessions a juncture or twilight zone at which they have developed a candidates, the university will allow candidates to attempt during the weekends. successful idea or prototype. This is the first step towards BMU-SAT from their location. In addition, applicants Exuberant while announcing the multi-disciplinary innovation consisting of a chain of events starting from applying for the BMU-SAT, can also take up other national approach to learn the development and management of real scouting of people and ideas, training, mentoring, level tests such as JEE & CLAT, the candidate's programme of estate sector, Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, Provost – HSNC encouraging and beyond. interest. Upon applying, the applicant will receive the BMU- University stated, “Real Estate is the fastest growing He said that the participants should 'know their problem' SAT date and time along with relevant instructions to attempt business opportunity nationally, that offers scope of which means they should be have knowledge about the the online test successfully development for entrepreneurs, employees, and market, competitors, need of the product, as well as market Commenting on the launch, Dr. Ziya Uddin, Assistant Dean - professionals while striving to preserve natural surroundings realities. Admissions & Associate Professor with BML Munjal and setting benchmarks at the same time. By introducing the “DST has increased the budget of startup and innovation by University said “As we are gearing-up to open admissions for Niranjan Hiranandani School of Real Estate, HSNC 500% in the last five years and that has led to creation of more the undergraduate courses at BMU, the BMU-SAT exam is University recognizes the immense potential of real estate technology incubators (TIB) and supported more startups in designed to gauge the scholastic capability of the students and and the lack of specialized educational curriculum and the last five years than in the previous 50 years. DST is on a prepare for a university education at BMU. BMU-SAT will learning for students aspiring for a future in the multi-billion journey of doubling startups in every three to five years with serve as an alternative route for students to get admission into dollar fast-growing industry. And, this initiative is a step to thrust from other ministries like, MEITY, DBT and Atal undergraduate programmes at BMU. Given how grade fill that void and be the rising sun for the one who seeks a innovation mission of NITIAyog” he pointed out. inflation is rising in the country, it's time for educational place of reckoning in this ever growing industry.” He stressed that there are a lot of opportunities available at institutions to switch to a new format. These competitive The alumni of NHSRE will get opportunities pan India to every step for starting innovation journeys --- grant of Rs 10 exams will eventually help attract teaching and research talent augment their scope of learning in areas like planning, lakhs for prototyping for pre-incubation period, seed money apart from the collaboration with the industry for liaisoning, architecture, marketing and communications, up to 1 crore Rupees per startup from DST. He added it has placements.” critical thinking, crisis management, people management, been found that for every one rupee given by the government The eligibility criteria for the application would be a 10+2 and environment rules, legalities, procedures, financial aspects as grants to startups boosts the confidence from investors to standardised test scores as per university admissions' criteria and entire gamut of the real estate sector. the tune of 11.5 rupees. mentioned on the website for UG Professor Sharma emphasised that the future is going to be nothing but disruptive and we must build the capacity to learn, Happy Valley Business School goes an extra mile helping relearn and move forward with the understanding and their students to connect with the industry willingness to change. KPIT Sparkle Virtual Grand Finale was a three day virtual Happy Valley Business specific domain Happy Valley Business Speaking at the event organized recently by KPIT Sparkle which is a platform School, a leading stand- Networking and School mentioned, “An concluding session of the that connects budding technology entrepreneurs with the alone AICTE affiliated B- Leadership connect internship not only valedictory event, incubation ecosystem. School in Coimbatore benefits students but also Subramanyam S, CEO & affiliated to Anna Commenting on the the organization in Founder of AscentHR, 812 primary school teachers removed University, Chennai is internship, Dr. C. channeling bright young said, “We wish to help the encouraging its students Kanagaraj, CEO, Happy graduates into the graduating student from service in UP to get involved in Valley Business School company's talent pool. community who are at the internships. The intent is said, “We have been Our students were very crucial cusp of Uttar Pradesh government terminated services of 812 to encourage students to encouraging our students keen about this internship. transforming into full- primary school teachers and issued directives to lodge FIRs build a strong foundation to connect with corporates As we hoped, it provided fledged professionals by against them for seeking appointments on fake degrees.after for their career and as a matter of preparation them real-time exposure stressing the importance on a February 26 High Court verdict declared B.Ed degrees streamline the journey to begin their professional to the corporate world. It of soft skills, the openness of 812 primary teachers as fake. These teachers had from campus to journey. We are concerned has proved very useful in towards communication, obtained the B.Ed degree from Agra University and got corporate. This is an about grooming our youth adding domain-related participative attitude, and their appointment in government primary schools. important part when they and sending them off into expertise and on-the-job most of all, The High Court in its order found that their degrees were start their career. their next phase of training”. professionalism. We share fake and directed the state government to initiate action productive life with the The overall feedback the collective against these teachers. The High Court, however, allowed The two-month internship tools required to grow received from the students responsibility of molding seven teachers to continue for one month to continue on the “Begin Your Ascent” by professionally. “Begin after the internship a responsible and agile basis of documents they produced in the court. AscentHR, a leader in HR your Ascent” is a great touched upon multiple workforce within our Solutions, Payroll, opportunity that we found dimensions of the capacity.” Contd from P1 Benefits and Compliance to be very well-structured. corporate world In this valedictory event Services was announced Our promising students experience. The students conducted at AscentHR's Delhi announces own state early November, 2020. benefited immensely by found this internship Bangalore headquarters, school education board, DBSE Students from various observing the inner giving them a view of an evening with a few specializations and workings of a truly corporate culture and an modules on Announcing the board in Delhi, Chief Minister said that the courses from Happy professionally-run operational work “Employability and board will “bring revolutionary changes in the education Valley Business School organization.” environment. In addition Professionalism” followed system of Delhi”, thereby “taking Delhi to new heights. participated in this This batch, which started to helping them build by some rollicking fun Obliquely taking a dig at CBSE's exam centric reputation, he internship. on 15th November, 2020 confidence, the internship flagged off the newly- added, “focus will not be on learning by rote. It will be on and concluded on 19th program gave them minted professionals on understanding (of concepts) and personality development.” The highlights of the February, 2021 focused on timeless understanding their way to make CM Kerjiwal said that the government decided to set up its internship were: the Payroll & Compliance about the grooming and fulfilling careers. own school board as the next step of “experiments” like Exposure to domain was tailored to etiquette, behavioral introduction of 'happiness' and entrepreneurship curricula, organizations' structure, meet the demands of the aspects, and training of school teachers and principles being done in the policies & procedures market. professionalism that are education field. “We have not decided to set up our own On-the-job training on a Dr. T. Bina, Principal, expected at a workplace. school board just because we are in the government. This board will achieve three goals– to produce 'kattar deshbhakt (staunch patriots)', 'good people' and to prepare students to not be reliant on the job market for employment.” He added that the board will be of international standards and cooperation will be sought from various global bodies. The government has studied best practices at international levels and will bring them to the board and schools in Delhi.

6 Curriculum March16, 2021 News Notes Pearson launches BTEC Higher putting the two together - Rocket Didi aims to demonstrate mission is to build the nation through education and beyond. that women are capable taking a center stage in technology That's why we have a pool of qualified faculty members with Nationals in Rail Engineering led careers, through voices of women achievers such as extensive management & technical experience as well as high Geetha Kannan, the founder of Wequity, Ashwini Asokan, an academic qualifications which raise the level of students to program Artificial Intelligence expert and Ms Debjani Ghosh, the first get placed in various renowned colleges and universities,” woman president of NASSCOM. said Captain Amardeep, Founder and Director, Tritya Group Program aimed at imparting international of Institutions. ICRI and Sardar Bhagwan Singh Tritya Educational Trust has successfully proved its mettle in qualification to mechanical engineers for University, Dehradun collaborate Maritime education, Event management education and Air on clinical research courses hostess training education enhanced employability in railways Immersive Software Engineering (ISE) launched The collaboration aims to provide BSc Clinical Research and Analog Devices, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADI) has collaborated with the Pearson has collaborated with Kings Cornerstone Healthcare, MSc Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance, University of Limerick (UL) and other prominent companies, International College, Chennai to launch BTEC Higher MBAHealthcare & Hospital Management including economic infrastructure technology leader Stripe, Nationals in Rail Engineering program in Tamil Nadu. The Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI) and Sardar to launch a world-leading computer science program called program is designed to equip students with specialized skills Bhagwan Singh University (SBSU), Dehradun signed a Immersive Software Engineering (ISE). and enhance their employability prospects to pursue a career Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote Given increased demand for developer talent globally and in rail engineering. Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes in Clinical rapid growth of the internet economy, ISE is designed to The course which commences from 01 March, is structured Research and Healthcare. The specialized programmes revolutionize the way computer science is taught, creating as a mix of virtual and in person sessions to provide a holistic offered by ICRI in collaboration with SBS University will industry experienced software professionals to drive greater and blended learning experience to students. Through this give an edge to students in terms of curriculum, practical business impact. As part of the research start-up aspect of this program Pearson aims to engage with a wide range of exposure and placements. ICRI-SBS University will follow a UL initiative, ADI will fund experimental development and students, employers, higher education providers, and subject blended learning approach in its curriculum to achieve research with the aim of developing new software processes experts to ensure that the new qualifications meet their needs excellence in education. and services. and expectations. The program is structured with highest “Our partnership with Sardar Bhagwan Singh University is “ADI is committed to increasing the impact of software assessment and grading standards, and the content is closely another step towards our vision to prepare job-ready advancements across industries and we are uniquely aligned with professional Body, employer, and higher professionals in the field of Clinical Research and Healthcare positioned to do this as the bridge between the physical and education needs. The program will support students wanting Management,” said Pankaj Karnwal, Business Head, ICRI. digital worlds,” said Vincent Roche, President and CEO of to continue their education through applied learning that will ADI. “We understand the vital need for programs such as ISE in turn facilitate the bridging of industry-academia gap in the CSR: Relaxo Foundation adopts in training software engineers of the future.” sector. 32 Primary schools in Haridwar Through the ISE program, students will be able to take Ramananda SG, Vice President - Sales and Marketing, advantage of the resources offered at ADI Catalyst, a hands- Pearson India said, “India is witnessing a sharp shift towards Relaxo Foundation, the CSR arm of Relaxo Footwears on, incubator-like R&D facility in Limerick, Ireland, focused technology advancement and various reports suggest the Limited has signed an MoU with School Education on forming new communities, creating living labs and demand for skilled workforce in near future to cater to the Department of Haridwar District for redevelopment of the 32 developing breakthrough technologies such as artificial mounting railway industry, both in India as well as abroad. primary school of Khanpur Block, Haridwar to develop intelligence, robotics and sustainable applications. ADI Our collaboration with Kings Cornerstone International will them under Parivartan model school project in next 3 years. Catalyst serves as a collaboration center that uses a true help provide students from Chennai an exceptional platform The MoU was signed between Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, Chief partnership approach to help customers resolve the challenges to acquire in-depth understanding of the sector and prepare Executive Officer, School Education Department of they face at an accelerated pace. It provides a unique setting them for employment, progression within employment or Haridwar District and Gambhir Agrawal, CSR Head, Relaxo for customers and research organizations to interact with ADI further education. The program resonates with the NEP Foundation along with Mr. Kumar Gaurav, CSR Officer- and solve problems together in a single collaborative 2020's thrust on skill education of students to prepare Relaxo Foundation. At the time of signing the MoU, Mr. environment. Limerick is also home to Analog Devices' employable youth”. Neeraj Khaiwal Additional Secretary to Chief Minister, Mr. European Research and Development Center, which has a The program offers multiple pathways to choose from like, C. Ravishankar District Collector Haridwar, MV S long-standing reputation for developing cutting-edge Track, Power, Command and Control, Traction and Rolling Chaturvedi DEO, Mr. H.P. Vishwakarma, Dist. CSR technology. Stock, Rail Systems. The first stage of the program offers Coordinator , Dr. Santosh Chamola Dist. Education were John Collison, Co-Founder and President of Stripe, said: students a broad introduction to the subject area via a also present . “Software engineers enjoy incredible careers solving some of mandatory core of learning, while allowing for the On the MoU signing Gambhir Agrawal, CSR Head of the world's most important problems in the fastest growing acquisition of some sector-specific skills. This effectively Relaxo Foundation said that “under Parivartan model school industries, yet we have nowhere near enough of them. builds underpinning core skills while preparing the student project, Relaxo Foundation will develop infrastructure part Immersive Software Engineering seeks to provide a great path for more intense subject specialisation in the second stage. of each school, equip all schools with Digital Learning for more secondary students (especially young women) into Students with higher secondary certificate profiles are concept, convert the existing building in Building as a technology.” eligible to join the course and engineering graduates seeking Learning Aid (BaLA) concept, build new toilets, kitchen Leveraging an ecosystem of well-respected organizations, a career in Rail Engineering are also welcome. gardens, improvement of play grounds with sports materials, such as ADI, UL, Stripe, and other industry leaders, will bring Aditya Birla World Academy Binary Bolts launches Rocket installation of water purifying system. Relaxo foundation has the ISE program to life for students while providing Didi initiative already been working on redevelopment of 13 Government employment opportunities to its graduates. ISE consists of a The program launched on 8th March and will highlight the primary schools of Khanpur block, Haridwar district from three-year intensive undergraduate program with an importance of STEM as a career choice for female students January, 2018 under Parivartan model school project”. integrated fourth year at the master's level. Industry Aditya Birla World Academy Binary Bolts launches their Further he added, “Relaxo Foundation will ensure the residencies where students gain in-company experience will outreach program Rocket Didi to encourage girl students to training of Teachers of Joyful Learning, BaLAconcept, Child account for nearly half of the total program, enabling them to participate in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, friendly assessment and punishment free schools. Training acquire necessary skills in real-world settings alongside Engineering & Mathematics). Through this program, Aditya and meetings of School Management Committees (SMC's) instructors. The first students are expected to enroll in the ISE Birla World Academy aims to highlight that girl students are over their rights and responsibilities, developing School program in September 2022. as capable when it comes to building successful careers in the Development Plan and ensure interface in between SMC University of Limerick President, Professor Kerstin Mey said, fields of technology and robotics. The essence of such members, Teachers and Parents. For children, the foundation “Analog Devices is one of our most committed, generous and empowering initiatives for girls is critical to helping India has planned training to develop their leadership skills and long-term collaborators, and I am delighted to have the become a country with strong women leadership across develop them as a caretaker of their own school facilities to company join us in this exciting new initiative. We welcome industry sectors. spread awareness about wash, hygiene etc by forming Bal the opportunity to work with ADI to reshape how tomorrow's Aditya Birla World Academy Binary Bolts 'Rocket Didi' Mantri Mandal in each school. “ software engineers will be educated in such a significant program was initiated by the students- Sanchay Gadia- 11AS, Through this program Relaxo Foundation is envisaging the way.” Vibhav Singh -10, Rishne Jain- Grade 9 primarily because no school led comprehensive development in next 3 years. Analog Devices is leveraging its unique domain application girls signed up for FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), an expertise in the form of what matters at the end use and international high school robotics competition. FRC has Tritya Overseas Education providing the biggest impact to the businesses of customers. teams of various high school students, coaches, and mentors platform offers whole admission ADI advancements in software are having a significant work during six weeks to build robots capable of competing procedure and training influence on how customers adopt and use its solutions. in that year's game that weigh up to 125 pounds (57 kg) as they lacked confidence. Students from grades 9th -12th are Tritya Educational Trust has expanded its reach and started Sainik Schools in collaboration with eligible to participate in FRC. Out of the six teams from India an abroad-education wing Tritya Overseas Education. Tritya who participate in the competition, the students of Aditya Overseas Education will offer offers comprehensive Private Players Birla World Academy observed that very few teams had classroom training for tests such as MAT, GRE, SAT, female participants. TOEFL, IELTS and PTE. They provide a wide bouquet of Government is proposing to bring a new scheme for setting up Prodipta Hore, Coordinator-International Initiatives, Aditya services including career counseling, overseas study, Sainik Schools in the country in partnership with Birla World Academy said, “Robotics and similar immigration and funding, visa, and admission in countries NGOs/Private Schools/States etc. The endeavor is to provide technologies have predominantly been a male dominated such as Canada, New Zealand, UK, Ukraine, USA, and schooling opportunities in “CBSE Plus” type of educational career choice. This initiative has been developed to showcase Australia. So far, more than 1000 students have enrolled environment by involving desirous Government/Private how participating in competitions such as FRC can be themselves and Tritya Overseas Education delivered results Schools/NGOs to partner in establishing/aligning their interesting for girls too. Through this event, we want to to these students at a lightning speed. They are providing system with Sainik Schools ethos, value system and national encourage girls from a young age to develop the skillset admissions in postgraduate and undergraduate courses like pride. It envisages enrolling existing/upcoming schools to be required and awaken interest in them to choose career path in BA, BBA, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Masters in IT, Hotel run on the lines of Sainik Schools curriculum. The schools are the field of technology and robotics. We sincerely hope that Management among others besides providing specialized proposed to be affiliated to Sainik Schools Society. Detailed this initiative will motivate girls to pursue STEM as a career MBBS program in Ukraine. guidelines and requisite approval are at an advance stage. choice.” “We feel education is the backbone of any nation and our This information was tabled in a written reply by Raksha The word “Rocket” from the 'Rocket Didi' initiative hints at Rajya Mantri Shri Shripad Naik in parliament. rocket science which is often regarded as being extremely arduous. The word “Didi” in Hindi, refers to a sister. By

Curriculum March16, 2021 7 Ed Tech Round-up Mercer l Mettl launches web-based wearables. The objective is to improve the lives of people credentials in LIVE Classes, tech, product and content. living with health-related challenges. examination platform The collaboration agreement seeks to contribute to FIBRE, a GoDaddy concludes Web Build-A-Thon research initiative that will be fuelled by the UHN hospital Mercer l Mettl, an online assessment company, has launched network, which includes Toronto General and Toronto program to enhance digital literacy its web-based examination platform as an all-in-one, Western Hospitals, the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, integrated solution to digitize academic exams. As physical Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, and The Michener Institute As digital literacy becomes one of the biggest priorities in examinations pose multiple challenges at each step of the of Education. In addition, three universities, four colleges India, GoDaddy, Inc (NYSE: GDDY), the company that process for academic institutions, administrators and and a number of industry partners are actively working on empowers everyday entrepreneurs, concluded a unique tech students, Mercer l Mettl, using new-age digital tools, has FIBRE's goal. building program last week, Web Build-A-Thon, created made online exams a reality in the easiest and efficient The University Health Network (UHN) is a public research exclusively for students and faculty members across the manner. and teaching hospital fully affiliated with the University of country to help them learn how to build successful websites. As schools, colleges, and other educational institutions Toronto. The scope of research and complexity of cases at This program, created by GoDaddy in association with continue to remain shut, and e-learning gains momentum University Health Network has made it a national and SmartBridge, an Indian edTech platform providing e-learning with deeper penetration of the internet in the remotest areas, international source for discovery, education and patient on emerging technologies, was aimed to create an opportunity the need for a safe and secure way to conduct exams online care. to develop enhanced digital and web development skills. has grown tremendously. Mercer l Mettl's online examination As part of this agreement Bengaluru and New York co- Launched on 28th December 2020 and eligible to all students management system offers an end-to-end solution to address headquartered Vee Technologies will make significant cash and faculty members across engineering, MCA, computer this growing need. contributions to the current and future research projects to be sciences, business schools and polytechnic schools in India, Mercer | Mettl's solution caters to the entire examination undertaken by the collaborating institutions, universities and GoDaddy's Web Build-A-Thon saw more than 7600 cycle, enabling faculty and administrators to create question hospitals in Canada. Vee Technologies and Sona group of participants join the program. Out of these, 9 finalists were papers, schedule exams, invigilate using a mix of AI and institutions will be the only partners outside NorthAmerica. identified in the final project development challenge stage of human-led proctoring, assign answer scripts to evaluators The Salem-based Sona Group of education institutions – the program, where they were asked to create individual and reviewers, and finally declare the results. The digital NIRF ranked Sona College of Technology, 63-year-old websites basis pre-set parameters and judging criteria. All the solution does all this without compromising students' exam- Thiagarajar Polytechnic College and Sona College of Arts finalists were recognized with GoDaddy Academy taking experience. With these solutions, the system and Science – will contribute to the FIBRE project through certification, along with different cash prizes worth INR eliminates the challenges of centre-based physical their faculty, laboratories and facilities. 50,000. examinations, such as logistical hassles and monetary Counsel General of India Apoorva Srivastava hoped that the Anisha Arya, Sandhiya Kanthakumar and Damarla Venkata overheads, managing large-scale invigilation, physical coming together of the best scientific minds from India and Sai Chandana, were the top three winners who bagged first, answer sheet evaluation and real-time tracking of the Canada would lead to new breakthroughs to meet the second and third positions and received INR 15,000, INR evaluation process. healthcare needs of people in India, Canada and across the 12,000 and INR 10,000 respectively. On the development, Siddhartha Gupta, CEO, Mercer | Mettl world. She added that the arrival of 'Made in India' Covid said, “. Our new-age tools and methods now enable remote vaccines in Canada earlier this week marked a new milestone The Web Build-A-Thon program started with three-day, online exams on the platform. The state-of-the-art software in healthcare partnership between the two countries. hands-on online training, which included free web courses allows both human and AI proctoring, ensuring credibility from GoDaddy Academy, the company's first online training and sanctity of the examination process. It also allows secure 21K School introduces IGCSE Program and certification program in India. This was followed by 36 evaluation and results declaration after the completion of hours of project development challenge, powered by exams. The entire process is cost-effective and practical in with Nisai Group, UK SmartInternz, which included tech bootcamps and mentoring today's day and age when e-learning is ruling the roost.” by SmartBridge experts guiding the participants on how to 21K School - online school, announced their partnership with build a website. As part of the project, participants developed MyCaptain with FilterCopy to launch a Nisai Global School, United Kingdom. The collaboration websites specific to different themes including Education, E- will witness the commencement of British Curriculum for Commerce, Food & Drink, Tourism, Business and Corporate. Social Media Management course grades 6th to 12th with effect from 1st March 2021. The winners were judged on: website design, content of the The course structure will comprise of online IGCSE program website, its functionality, and structuring, functions and MyCaptain, an India-based online learning platform has for 6th to 10th grade wherein foreign teachers will conduct safety of the plugins (if any). announced the launch of an advanced Social Media the live classes online with an average class size of 1:8. Management course in partnership with India's leading Besides this, the program will be beneficial for grade 11th Furtados School of Music Associates digital entertainment company, Pocket Aces' short-form and 12th as this will give them an opportunity to graduate video channel, FilterCopy. with IGCSE and gradeAS-Alevel qualification. with Berklee College of Music Pocket Aces' FIlterCopy joins as an in-depth partner to bring The curriculum will include three different types of learning the best of social media expertise and audience understanding solutions – Homeschooling, Secondary Education and India's leading music education school; Furtados School of along with MyCaptain's e-learning background which in turn Vocational and Professional Education – catering to the Music (FSM) has partnered withAbu Dhabi's Berklee College will provide a top-class learning experience to students. different needs and demands of the target audience. of Music for Pearl Certification Programme. The core focus of Beyond learning, the course is outcome-focused that aims to the course is to enable students to up-skill music knowledge, offer the best placement opportunities to students. Vedantu acquires Instasolv create music based business plans and strengthen marketing With social media playing an increasingly critical role in strategy skills to effectively sell their production as well as every aspect of branding, there is a huge demand for a skilled Vedantu, a LIVE online learning in India has acquired monetize music created by them. The programs within the workforce in this space. This new partnership brings together Instasolv, the 2nd largest doubt-solving app in the country for course include image designing, songwriting, music deep skills in social media management, ideation, and students from Class 6 to 12 for science, mathematics, IITJEE, production, music monetization, learning marketing and content development to help students learn the nitty-gritty of and NEET. This is Vedantu's first acquisition in an EdTech distribution strategies. The program starts from 11th April the subject. This course will be replete with synchronous and company to strengthen its focus in the instant doubt-solving 2021 to 1st July 2021 and is directed towards the students of asynchronous learning spanned across a period of 3 months. space, where doubts are solved by quality teachers in a chat age 15 years and above.Goal of this program is to empower All the live-learning classes will take place over the weekend. format. Vedantu's tech prowess will strongly complement budding music professionals to produce& sell their own The course has been strategically planned so that working Instasolv's instant doubt solving capabilities leading to a music projects. With this association FSM intents to provide professionals or students pursuing higher studies can easily winning partnership in the EdTech space. Earlier in 2020, wings to many aspiring musicians while repositioning music opt for it. Vedantu had invested USD 2 Million as part of a pre-series A education in India. Commenting on the partnership, Mohammed Zeeshan, Co- funding in Instasolv. Founder & CEO, MyCaptain said “MyCaptain is foraying This also marks Vedantu's growing focus into Tier 2 & Tier 3 Ben-Gurion University (Negev) invites into helping students and learners make a Career in offbeat towns where the access to quality teachers is a growing applications for Global Health International fields. One of these fields is Social Media Management, the challenge and doubt solving is a key imperative for students. Summer Program demand for which is high in India but very few actually While growing acceptance and changing mindsets for LIVE provide learning with Industry experts in the same. That's online learning have contributed towards category growth, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) is inviting why we have decided to join hands with FilterCopy for an Vedantu's superior pedagogy and user experience have made applications for the second online edition of its special Global advanced course that will not only provide the best industry- it the most preferred K-12 learning platform amongst Health International Summer Program. The specially designed standard learning for students but also outcomes in the form students and parents in India. In 2020, Vedantu has delivered 1-month long program aims to teach students about various of guaranteed job interviews and hence jobs! ” 75 million hours of classes across its platform and with 6.3 aspects of global health decision making, such as globalization, Shreya Agarwal, Senior Manager, Content Strategy, Pocket million students attending LIVE classes. ethics, migration, and case studies (such as COVID-19, Aces, commented, “At Pocket Aces, we have built a data- Vamsi Krishna, CEO, and Co-Founder, Vedantu said, \"Last Climate Change, AIDS, and Mental Health) and is led by BGU driven content platform that solves boredom while creating year we took a strategic decision to invest in Instasolv to researchers, Prof. Nadav Davidovitch & Dr. Anat Rosenthal sustainable career paths for young creative professionals. By strengthen our play in doubt-solving, which is one of the key from BGU School of Public Health. partnering with MyCaptain on this advanced Social Media aspects of learning online. We have seen tremendous Taught completely in English, the course is a comprehensive Management program, we hope to empower more such potential in Instasolv and share the same mission to learning experience that combines dynamic, online classes, live young talent and enable them to create social media content democratize education in the country. Through this discussions, international group work, and an applied that not only yields tangible results for brands they market but partnership we endeavor to change India's learning curve individual assignment. also provides value to the audience.\" through definitive outcomes.” Admission Cycle: Course dates: July 5th – August 9th, 2021 Aditya Singhal, CEO Co-Founder, Instasolv said, “We are Application deadline: April 20th, 2021 Vee Tech and Sona to collaborate with excited to extend this strategic investment from Vedantu to a The university is also offering Need-base and Excellence full acquisition. Instasolv has been at the forefront in offering scholarships for the course. Canada's University Health Network doubt-solving solutions and its partnership with Vedantu will Admission Requirements: only strengthen Vedantu's Live Class platform and help Students in their third year (or higher) of bachelor's degree, and Technology services firm Vee Technologies and Sona Group achieving quality learning outcomes to millions of students.” students who are pursuing their Master's or Ph.D. degree, in the of educational institutions have forged an agreement with With this acquisition Instasolv brings in close to 1 Mn of its fields of Health Sciences or Social Sciences and health Toronto-based University Health Network, Canada to potential active learners to Vedantu's platform. In addition, professionals with interest in Public Policy and Health collaborate on a multi-institution research and Instasolv will leverage Vedantu's already existing strong Economics. English proficiency required. All applications will commercialisation effort to develop smart fabric-based be evaluated by an admissions committee. For more information visit:

8 Curriculum March16, 2021 Opinion/Perspective Let's climb the stairs instead of Future of Online learning with propelling to the top with fancies the reopening of schools Degrading or integrating—the debate on recent More than 4,530 active Ed-Tech companies present in India. Most of moves allowing Ayurveda practitioners to perform these are here to stay as during the past one year of closures, online 58 types of surgeries and now making physics, education has been mainstreamed to a great extent and now blended chemistry and mathematics (PCM) optional for entry to classrooms are widely accepted by the ecosystem engineering discipline, needs more time to settle. In principle, the government move on both counts look Parul Uppal, many schools and among children to help them with similar interest people. great but from a distance only. The standard of Ayurveda Co-Founder, Inkclick universities are attempting find out about their strengths, They will also be able to education, students and institutions has a long way to go to provide virtual learning weaknesses, and interest to interact with industry experts before; one can handle critical care to practitioners from IN THE WAKE of an with the help of various better understand themselves and have a deeper complementary and alternative medicine in our country. unprecedented pandemic, platforms available. Still, and their attributes. understanding of the field Best way would be going a staggered way and allowing the whole world came to a because of our country's Looking at the current they want to choose. It will only basics procedures and that too from reputed colleges. halt. The streets were empty, diverse socio–economic market, there are more than create attributes such as Once science, ethics and standards come to safe levels, lot the markets were closed, and strata, many students were 4,530 active Ed-Tech cooperation, discipline, and more surgical procedures will become available to everyone was functioning left out because of the lack companies present in India, many more, which will make Ayurveda practitioners with time, acceptability and from their homes. The of affordable technological with very few bringing in them responsible and confidence. schools in India have been equipment. innovations in education and understanding citizens. The government and planners it seems are looking at closed for almost a year now, The future of online learning learning. Need of the hour is plumbing solutions to tide over shortages of doctors. In and in this span, many fresh does not depend upon the not just an online learning Blending education and fact, Dental Council of India was earlier requested to trends emerged in education school's reopening. Former platform but an addition to online learning will help formulate an 'Integrated Modern Medicine and Dental that helped students learn education and online online learning, which will institutes to execute accurate Curriculum' that will allow undergraduate dental graduates remotely from their homes. learning are two aspects of help students academically, and safe functioning in such to be general practitioners. Schools shifted their an equation; if successfully emotionally, and a shaky situation. The The Indian Medical Association (IMA) is rightly contesting physical classrooms to combined, it will be an psychologically. schools are opening after these decisions and generating awareness of the core issues virtual classrooms, and incredible reaction. Among The Online learning long-standing fear of the that need to be addressed before any drastic step is taken to teachers became virtual most parents, the current platforms should have a COVID – 19 virus, and many shake confidence in the public health and healthcare educators to make the best concept of online learning is community-building feature countries are still under delivery. out of the situation. In fact a mainly associated with that will help teachers share lockdown. The online Now to the curious case, where AICTE's 'Approval Process leading publication, former education, but that is relevant content with their network will help them to Handbook 2021-22' hosted and removed from its website, mentioned that 1,66,000 not the case. Online students. Students can also control the population on the generated a lot of outrage and approval for an students went off the grid as education is also used as an interact with their teachers campus yet provide unimaginable change in subjects required to enter into schooling shifted from educational supplement for personally and build a better education to every student. engineering education. In fact, the three subjects— physics, physical learning to virtual better understanding, relationship with their The students with a lack of chemistry and mathematics—considered as the classrooms. knowledge, and higher teachers, which will enable technological support can fundamental requirement to get into the discipline, were This paradigm shift has retention. It can also be used them to share personalized attend the class physically, almost 'dropped' in AICTE's communiqué. So, it was quite bridged the equality gaps in to acquire vocational examples with their students. and the same lecture can be natural that it evoked strong reactions from cross section of education but also came learning and honing child Thus, making him/her broadcasted to students who people, some even cracked jokes and social media with different sets of the skills to develop their understand the concept and are studying from their home platforms poked fun. problem and new solutions. interest and give them a learn better. The student remotely. Realizing the goof up and as it said 'typographical error'; Throughout the country, more heightened sense of community will help them the technical education regulator removed the handbook self-identity. Parents should build their interests, hone from its site. Now, it has come with the explanation that promote online education their skills, and also network PCM has not been done away with but are part of 14 subjects (of which a combination of three will be required to enter engineering education). Those who don't have studied PCM can also apply to engineering courses and those admitting them will have bridge courses in which they will be taught maths, physics etc). Some engineering courses where these are not required can nevertheless admit them without. Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronics, Information Technology, Biology, Informatics Practices, Biotechnology, Technical Vocational Subjects, Agriculture, Engineering Graphics, Business Studies, and Entrepreneurship are the 14 subjects given by the AICTE. However, it remains to be seen how this will practically translate into reality. Nevertheless, NEP 2020 wants us to move in that direction and the attention the development got is in a way good beginning towards understanding the finesse and positive aspects of NEP. All these must be medium term goals and surely not the starters. While in theory the concept is good, but again the quality IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION of school education is still a grey area. Also, mathematics We are going to start publication of webinar summaries . Host institution, organizations is part of life and must not be discouraged. Ways and and public relation agencies can share details for listing and later the summaries for means must be explored of making study of mathematics online publication less fearsome and more rewarding. The attention, resources and energy must go to basics with final goals in mind. It will foster a culture that will surely organically drive the change. Printed, Published and Owned by: Avtar Krishen Kaul, Saraswati Editor: Autar Nehru Associate Editor: Suneel Bhan W: REACH US Colony, Smith Nagar, PO- Prem Nagar, Dehradun (Uttrakhand)- Editorial/Marketing : 248001 and Printed at Microsoft Technoprint India Private Limited, 37 Consulting Editors: Sudha Passi, M K Bhat, Ramanathan Iyer Circulation Old Cannaught Place, Dehradun (UttraKhand) and Published at [email protected] Dimple Nehru, Ganesh Saraswati Colony, Smith Nagar, PO- Prem Nagar, Dehradun Advisory Board Members: Ashok Pandey. Dehradun: A K Koul; Meerut: Uzma Rizvi (Uttrakhand)-248001, Prof. Raj Kachroo, Navin Bhatia [email protected] Patna: Manoj Kumar; Jammu: Sandeep Dhar General inquiry Editor: Avtar Nehru RNI No. UTTENG/2010/37634 Director Outreach: Farindra Pande call us at 011-28051642/22; 9868256512 Associates : Gurbinder Kaur, Akshay Sahu Business Development: Ashok Bhat, Vijay K Rajesh Kaul

Curriculum March16, 2021 9 Focus Practical Challenges in the implementation of NEP 2020 as opportunities of reform Dr.S.P.Dutta, Principal, Krishnagar Public School, Nadia (WB), who recently conducted training sessions on NEP 2020 for the teachers under COE Bhubaneswar and principals of Odisha CBSE-affiliated schools, discusses five challenge areas—ECCE, Foundational literacy and numeracy, Teach & Teachers Education, Curriculum and Pedagogy in school and Equitable and Inclusive Education: Learning for All— vis-à-vis enabling their implementation The National Education name we called them may be aganwadi or ashramshals. institutes must be made crystal clear so that there is no scope Policy 2020 (NEP) As per the 2011 census Bihar has the lowest Literacy Rate of of ambiguity leading to loss of a students' academic year envisages far-reaching 63.82 % whereas the average Literacy rate of our country is because of unacceptance from Institutes due to subject transformations for our 74.04%. Keeping these data in mind, the policy makers need combination chosen at school level. existing education system. It is truly a significant stride to formulate alternative methodologies where education is As we plan to move ahead with outcome-based learning, we towards making our education system meaningful, not restricted to infrastructure. Radio programme, TV need to focus on the learning styles and MI of students. assimilative and skill-centric. The new policy seeks Programme in addition to modern aids must be used to Students to be grouped on the basis of their learning styles and rectification of poor literacy and numeracy outcomes achieve the 100% target. Quality books should be made pedagogy to be designed accordingly. Learning outcomes to associated with primary middle and secondary schools and available to the needy through government provisions. be specific as per class and subject and not generalized. adoption of the multi-disciplinary approach in the higher Adequate stock should be there in public libraries which can Education standard and practices requires schools to facilitate education system. be accessed by all and sundry. Moreover, to actually make and promote collaborative learning for the purpose of However at the same time, there are a few suggestions on our foundational education relevant and befitting of turning curriculum development and review. The curriculum must certain parameters that I would like to put forward in this the entire ambition of this Policy into reality, 'basic' should be provide continuity and outline a progression of learning. regard: interpreted as those significant cognitive and psycho-social Moreover, the objectives therein should guide teachers in skills that are necessary to interact with and interpret the making decision about developmentally appropriate learning 1.Early Childhood Care and Education: world. 'Basic' must mean the necessary thinking structures experiences including formative and summative assessments. It is praiseworthy that the NEP 2020 is putting so much of that the children must have or must develop to be able to As students develop the vertical articulation of subject content focus on Early Childhood Care and Education with new become the mentioned 'lifelong learners'. The understanding over the years, teachers should plan increasing complex units standardized curriculum designed by NCERT under the of these 'basic' skills must shift from mere reading and of work that encompasses multiple objectives within which guidance of Special Joint Task Force of Ministries of HRD, writing to language proficiency from 'basic' mathematical discrete tasks of smaller unit of work might concentrate on Women and Child Development (WCD), Health and Family operations of addition and subtraction to mathematical and specific objectives on individual strands. Horizontal Welfare (HFW), and Tribal Affairs. However, there are spatial thinking through scientifically researched pedagogic articulation of each year should coordinate teaching and certain areas that we need to rethink and plan before practices. learning across all courses as well as to identify shared implementation: Firstly, Extensive training is required for While most part of this segment in the Policy deals with the conceptual understanding which in turn should help to create teachers especially the existing Anganwadi Teachers whom issue of making 'foundational' education accessible to all a coherent learning experience for students throughout the the government is planning to use for this purpose. I don't children focusing especially the children belonging to the year. think mere digital/distance training mode using DTH disadvantaged areas, it does not highlight on the 'quality' of channels as well as smartphones would be enough effective to education. Unless we stress on quality as much as we stress 5.Equitable and Inclusive Education: Learning forAll: train the teachers sufficiently. about accessibility, the outcomes of the policy in the later We talk of inclusive education but in practice we hardly ECCE teachers need to possess a lot of knowledge of both stages will be achieved only by the students from a more follow the same. Even if we follow that comes under pressure. cognitive and metacognitive skills in order to achieve privileged clusters (if at all) and would never become part of The schools in India are not even aware of the rules to be learning outcomes. They should be able to interpret what the expectations and aspirations of students all across the followed for inclusive education and we do not have that young children feel, say and do and to maintain reasonable nation irrespective of other privileges. The increased infrastructure even to cater to the varied needs of all types of expectations from young children. This will require a lot of participation of SEDGs in the schooling system will be learners. Broad and clear policies should be set out and made hand-holding, mentoring and sharing of experience. The strengthened resulting in a promising return. available to all the stakeholders so that anyone can claim their Anganwadi can be paired with existing Preschools who have basic right to education. Adequate provisions for training the experience of handling children of this age-group so that the 3.Teacher and Teacher Education: family members of gifted and especially able children should Anganwadi teachers can directly interact and learn from Teachers should develop a global context for teaching and be done at schools so that teaching learning process becomes shared experiences and mentorship of experienced Pre- learning, or develop additional contexts that help students joyful rather than a burden. school teachers, who can even monitor and support them as explore the relevance of their inquiry (why it matters) and for As suggested by NEP and believed by all educationist the and when required. It's good that steps are taken to prepare this NEP recommends Continuous Professional Principle in all circumstances is to focus on what students initial cadre of high quality ECE Teachers as government Development (CPD) and each teacher will be expected to CAN do not on what they CANNOT. It is universally accepted plans to introduce 6 month certificate program in ECE or 1 participate in at least 50 hours of CPD opportunities every that school plays a vital role in defining student's future lives, year diploma program covering early literacy, numeracy and year for their own professional development driven by their including their leisure and pleasure. For students with other aspects. own interest and passions. However, it should be in a planned physical injuries or disabilities, it may be vitally important Secondly, another biggest challenge even with the existing manner for example 1 hour of training every week that they undertake appropriate activities which may include system is the lack of a system of Registration and compulsorily in a schedule manner. Time table may be exercise or therapy (perhaps something that is presently Certification of Pre-school systems which implies that there planned in such way that one teacher is released every week missing). are no guidelines of basic requirement of facilities like size of to attend the training session and upgrade themselves. In addition to Divyang, students who have suffered classrooms, standard of safety and security and quality of Continuous development in a phased manner like we psychological traumas need appropriate support to help them infrastructure or mandatory presence of tools and equipment recommend for students is always long term and far reaching. rebuilt their confidence. Specially designed activities that required for development of cognitive and psychomotor Same policy may also be adopted for Principals and Heads. craters to their mental needs to be designed through group skills of children during early childhood. Since in all these Moreover, the training should not be only on pen and paper discussion among teachers, counsellors, special educators years we are finally thinking of re-vamping our preschool rather it should be provided to the teachers as a part of and parents as well. system nation-wide, introduce ECCE Curriculum and refresher training course. The General Education Council I am sure the implementation of this policy, if done effectively pedagogy development, it is high time we introduce some should be given free hand to unbiasedly assess the worth of keeping in mind the practical challenges in our system, will system to monitor the basic facilities including safety of the teachers through the National Professional Standards set make the pedagogy more experimental, holistic, integrated, young children in the preschools. for the teachers both in rural areas as well as in urban areas. discovery-oriented, learner-centric, discussion-arousing, The teachers teaching in schools situated in rural India flexible and enjoyable. 2.Foundational Literacy and Numeracy: should be given the same scope to participate in various Over the last three months there has been a lot of research and The initial pages of the Policy documents grandly state the activities when compared to their urban counterparts. experimentation on implementing NEP in the true sense at all ambitions and targets with which the Policy has been framed. Teaching still, to many of us is an alternative profession so levels of educational pedagogy. In his speech Prime Minister Somehow, as we reach the section of Foundational Literacy rigorous training needs to be imparted so that we can give our Modi did explain how NEP 2020 aims to shape Indian and Numeracy it articulates the foundational learning best to the future citizens of the country. students into Global Citizens and aspires to lead them outcomes with the notion of 'basic' ability to read and There is a need to revamp the entire teaching learning process effectively into the 21st century. He also praised the policy as comprehend basic text and the ability to carry out basic of Bachelor of Education course (and which is happening) being helpful in structuring the thought process of the students addition and subtraction with Indian numerals even though keeping in mind the multidisciplinary and integrated and help them 'How to think' instead of ' What to think'. the same Policy document states that – “The rest of this policy approach of curriculum that the government intends to According to our Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal will become relevant for our students only if this most basic provide to the learners right from their early childhood and 'Nishank' , “NEP 2020 will equip India to hold a position in learning requirement (i.e. reading, writing and arithmetic at fortunately one of the main aim of NEP is to support and global knowledge system and NEP 2020 has been the foundation level) is first achieved.” nurture teachers through all phases their tenure. implemented with a futuristic mindset, thereby turning the In our country where parents still prefer their child to challenges into opportunities”. accompany them to the fields instead of sending them to 4. Curriculum and Pedagogy in school: As Educators, we all are looking forward with open and school the target of achieving of 100 % foundational literacy Learning Should be Holistic, Integrated, Enjoyable, and optimistic mindset to accept these much-desired changes in and numeracy seems to be a dream but it is achievable. The Engaging-The Policy documents talks of a shift to new our education system. We are really hopeful that the provision for giving breakfast in addition to mid-day meals to 5+3+3+4 design of school education but somehow does not implementation of this highly-anticipated policy will the students so that they can be lured and made to come school justify the need and rationale behind it. Schools and teachers establish a new world of learning for our coming generations. will be a good initiative but this will ultimately result in a high need to be briefed clearly and intensively before turning this NEP 2020 will surely play a significant role in producing pressure on the government exchequer only. In rural India, structure into reality. The Policy also stresses on 'greater quality human resources who will be equipped not only with student presently come to school with utensils instead of flexibility and student's choice of subjects. Before this is knowledge of the content and desired intellect, but also with books and copies to have the mid-day meal and leave just as implemented for Board appearing students especially at the essential skills, values and attitude, to face the challenges in the meal is over. Majority of the learners do not have access to Senior Secondary Level it is essential that directives of the path of future success to navigate our nation in the desired early child care so going to school is still a dream by whatever admission criteria for Colleges and Higher Education direction of growth and development.

10 Curriculum March16, 2021 Focus COVID-19: Schools for more than 168 million children globally have been completely closed for almost a full year, says UNICEF UNICEF unveils Schools for more than 168 year two of limited or even The majority of where schools have been classrooms, they will need 'Pandemic million children globally no in-school learning for schoolchildren worldwide almost entirely closed – a support to readjust and catch Classroom' at have been completely closed these children. No effort rely on their schools as a solemn reminder of the up on their learning. School United Nations for almost an entire year due should be spared to keep place where they can classrooms in every corner of reopening plans must Headquarters in to COVID-19 lockdowns, schools open, or prioritise interact with their peers, the world that remain empty. incorporate efforts to recover New York to call according to new data them in reopening plans.” seek support, access health “This classroom represents children's lost education. attention to the released on March 3 by and immunization services the millions of centers of UNICEF urges governments need for UNICEF. Furthermore, School closures have and a nutritious meal. The learning that have sat to prioritise the unique needs governments to around 214 million children devastating consequences longer schools remain empty—many for almost the of every student, with prioritise the globally – or 1 in 7 – have for children's learning and closed, the longer children entire year. Behind each comprehensive services reopening of missed more than three- wellbeing. The most are cut off from these critical empty chair hangs an empty covering remedial learning, schools quarters of their in-person vulnerable children and elements of childhood. backpack—a placeholder for health and nutrition, and learning. those unable to access To call attention to the a child's deferred potential,” mental health and protection The analysis on school remote learning are at an education emergency and said Fore. “We do not want measures in schools to closures report notes that 14 increased risk of never raise awareness about the shuttered doors and closed nurture children and countries worldwide have returning to the classroom, need for governments to buildings to obscure the fact adolescents' development remained largely closed and even being forced into keep schools open, or that our children's futures are and wellbeing. UNICEF's since March 2020 to child marriage or child prioritise them in reopening being put on indefinite pause. Framework for Reopening February 2021. Two-thirds labor. According to latest plans, UNICEF today This installation is a message Schools, issued jointly with of those countries are in data by UNESCO, more unveiled 'Pandemic to governments: we must UNESCO, UNHCR, WFP Latin America and the than 888 million children Classroom,' a model prioritize reopening schools, and the World Bank, offers Caribbean, affecting nearly worldwide continue to face classroom made up of 168 and we must prioritize practical advice for national 98 million schoolchildren. disruptions to their empty desks, each desk reopening them better than and local authorities. Of the 14 countries, Panama education due to full and representing the million they were before.” has kept schools closed for partial school closures. children living in countries As students return to their the most days, followed by El Salvador, Bangladesh, and Bolivia. “As we approach the one- year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are again reminded of the catastrophic education emergency worldwide lockdowns have created. With every day that goes by, children unable to access in-person schooling fall further and further behind, with the most marginalized paying the heaviest price,” said Henrietta Fore UNICEF Executive Director. “We cannot afford to move into How Atal Innovation Mission's Tinkering Labs Are Boosting Skills Of Indian Youth Ronak Jogeshwar, Innovation Lead for Atal Tinkering Labs, AIM, NITI Aayog and Ramanan Ramanathan, Mission Director, AIM, NITI Aayog Recent events such as the election of India for the eighth term oriented approach, AIM engaged with over 3000 within a span of 49 days! Undoubtedly this initiative is an ode as Non-Permanent UN Security Council Member and the schoolteachers and trained them in developing skills such as to the power of a community and the capability of the local Prime Minister's clarion call to make India 'Aatmanirbhar' game design, coding, and app development to better equip manufacturing ecosystem. have put Indian youth in the spotlight. We are excited about them to further train budding innovators under their wings. To compete, conquer and thrive in this century, Indian youth what the future has in store. With 5100+ ATLs already established, more than 2 million must constantly upgrade their skillsets. We are a part of an At Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, we are committed students have access to these state-of-the-art resources for infinite game, where players must constantly gather new to enabling our youth to learning new skills. Covid-19 learning and stimulating their creative thinking. resources and skills to stay in the game. Embracing the presented us with a unique opportunity to innovate and In his speech earlier today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi infinite (growth) mindset will help us build strong and leverage digital technology for enhancing the skills and too stressed, 'India needs to skill up, re-skill and up-skill to innovative ecosystems in an ever-changing and evolving creativity of young students even during the lockdown. become self-reliant and aatmanirbhar.' world The goal was simple, enable Indian youth connected with More than two-thirds of the Indian population is in the NITI Aayog through the Atal Tinkering Labs community to working age of 20-59 years. This demographic dividend is Abridged version. The article was originally published on step up, learn, and innovate. shifting towards better work culture and nature of the job, Niti Aayog portal Accordingly, AIM launched the #TinkerfromHome initiative where 'skill' becomes and the ATL Community Day Challenge on Ambedkar aspirational'. Taking Jayanti (14 April 2020), where young students and teachers inspiration from his thoughts, honed various skills such as design thinking, artificial AIM has grown and nurtured intelligence, 3D design, game development, mobile- and the above-mentioned web-app development, drones, creativity, and digital initiatives with Made-in-India learning. startups and associations. The 'Tinker from Home' campaign was created in In a particularly uplifting collaboration with experts from industry, academia, and story, as many as 300 Indian startups such as NASSCOM FutureSkills, Dell-LLF, individuals or 'makers' Adobe, Lego, IIT Delhi, NIC CollabCAD, Drona Aviation, brought together the largest Plezmo and many others. unorganized makerspace The 'ATL Community Day Challenge' witnessed over a movement of India: 'M19 thousand innovative ideas from young students to tackle the collective'. These individuals, Covid-19 challenge. The top 30 ideas selected were who did not previously know represented by 25 states, which proves the richness of the each other, were able to innovative minds of our youth across the length and breadth manufacture 1 million open of India. source design face shields in With a combination of thought leadership and action- 42 cities, towns, and villages

Curriculum March16, 2021 11 Careerwise Career in Retail Sector as Visual Merchandiser Dr. Roopak Vasishtha, Visual Merchandising is develop interest among the and Home Furnishing, in ability and computer gaining some experience you CEO & Director General, critically important in the customers by perfectly which students are also knowledge. Career experts can work in a retail outlet of a AMHSSC ever-evolving fashion styling mannequins and taught about visual say that visual merchandisers big brand and get an industry as well as creating a their surroundings. They merchandising. should know the psychology attractive package. Salary In the course of strong brand identity. It is a plan store themes, arrange In the course of visual of consumers and should also package increases with skill visual rapidly emerging sector and display fixtures and lighting, merchandising, students are anticipate trends. and experience. merchandising, there are good career set up stores before opening, trained on various aspects students are trained prospects in this field. Visual work with floor plans. related to visual Future Prospects It is rightly said that 'First on various aspects Merchandising is the art of Under this, he has to work in merchandising such as store Impression is the Last related to visual creating visually appealing areas such as window and display, presentation of With the increase in the Impression', whether it's a merchandising such displays that attract interior displays as well as products, and attracting number of shopping malls, job interview, or attracting as store display, customers to the store and stock placement and staff customers through the use of five-star hotels, boutiques, customers into the fashion presentation of promote sales. Now this training. The more you various communication and retail outlets, the demand store to increase sales. As a products, and concept is being used as a make the store attractive tools. for visual merchandisers have fashion lover, you keep an attracting marketing tool in the retail through music, lighting, also increased significantly. eye on the latest trends, but customers through sector. The sector etc., the more consumers Personal Attributes Visual merchandisers can presenting the garments the use of various encompasses all activities will be attracted towards work in fashion boutiques, strikingly and appealingly is communication that help increase sales of your store. It is very important to have shopping malls, emporium, equally important. As the tools. products in retail stores. So the quality of designing and architecture firms, design fashion industry is let's know in detail about this Educational creativity among the companies, theme party expanding throughout the interesting career option of Qualification students looking for a career organizing companies, etc. world, several new creative Visual Merchandising. in this field. A visual They can also do freelancing career options including Nowadays many institutes merchandiser must have on a contractual basis for Visual merchandising are What is Visual offer certificate and diploma excellent organizing skills window displays at coming into it. So, go and courses related to visual as well as qualities like exhibitions, fairs, beauty grab it!! Merchandising? merchandising. Those planning, project contests, award ceremonies, students who want to pursue management, and time malls, retail. Visual Merchandising is art this course must be 12th pass management. Apart from or activity of displaying and out. However, in most this, they also need to have Salary Package promoting the products in institutes, visual communication and such a manner that it appeals merchandising is taught interpersonal skills, must A fresher can easily earn ten to the eyes of the customer. under the Fashion have problem-solving to fifteen thousand in this It's considered an important Designing or Fashion field. At the same time, after support for fashion retail Technology course. Given operations. Visual the career prospects in this merchandising includes emerging field, two courses window displays, signs, and have been specially interior displays. A good designed by Apparel Made- combination of colour and Ups and Home Furnishing theme plays a vital role in Sector Skill Council visual merchandising. The (AMHSSC), formed under goal of visual merchandisers the Ministry of Skill is to create a distinctive Development and atmosphere and aesthetic Entrepreneurship (MSDE), appearance to drive Government of India. One is customers' in-store purchase Merchandiser and the other decisions. They are creative is Merchandiser Made-Ups and use their skills to Five critical skills needed for jobs in the real estate sector 2021 By Annuj Goel, Managing Director, Goel Ganga Developments Being the second-largest employment provider in the can develop these skills gradually by practising in front of expert. It is about essential computer skills such as making country, a career in the real estate sector can be rewarding a mirror and taking feedback from friends about your body a presentation, excel sheet, and use of social media such as and challenging at the same time. However, to make a mark language. Facebook and Instagram. Being comfortable with in the field, you must be equipped with some essential technology saves a lot of time and lets you better manage skills. Active listening your clientele. You must learn Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, If you have remained mesmerized with buildings and Along with effective speaking skills, active listening is and Google Docs for better career prospects. skyscrapers during your childhood, a career in the real equally important. Attentively listening to the exact estate sector can be a rewarding choice. From relationship requirements of the customer is essential. Only then you Social cues and local dialect manager to direct sales executives, there are several roles to will be able to suggest to him the options in the given Be prepared to face people from every income strata and make a head start in the property market. However, like budget and configuration. background. While meeting an international client, you every other job, you must be equipped with a gamut of Being enthusiastic, empathetic and honest with the must be presentable with adequate mannerisms. While skills to succeed and stay relevant in the real estate industry. customer will automatically incite your interest in him. dealing with a native client, you might have to incorporate Skills such as basic calculation of construction cost, You can also develop active listening skills by listening to some local sayings and serve them accordingly. Knowledge estimation of appreciation, knowledge of rules related to online podcasts and making notes out of them.\\ about the local dialects, societal trends and using it to seal stamp duty and registration charges, and basic knowledge the deal will be immensely useful. Moreover, passion for of building codes etc., come in handy for a real estate Negotiation skills your job will automatically drive you to know more about manager. Here is a list of five critical skills needed for It is business at the end of the day. You must be able to the geography and people around. landing a job in a real estate firm: convince the customers that they are making the right You must refer to online property listings portals to keep a choice. However, as real estate investment is heavy on the tab on the price trends. You can also refer to dedicated Communication skills pocket decision, be prepared for a lot of questions. online portals covering real estate news and insights. If you are foraying into a career in the real estate sector, be Be thorough with the details and communicate effectively. Conclusively, patience is the key ingredient of success. prepared for a one-on-one with the potential homebuyers. Satisfying the customers with all their queries and being Being a good listener and an effective communicator with a Excellent communication skills are an essential part of the honest will put you in the right stride. Learn to negotiate passionate attitude can help you make a bright career in the job. The executives must be able to lay bare the features of effectively. Following up is a part of the process, and you real estate sector. the project in simple words. must be persistent in keeping track of a beneficial lead. As real estate investment is a cost-intensive proposition, one must be able to spell out the pros and cons as well as Tech-savvy the approximate 'Return-on-Investment' (ROI) clearly. You Being tech-savvy is not about being a cybersecurity

12 Curriculum January 16, 2021 Higher Edu Updates ISBF and JBCN Parel partner to NMIMS Hyderabad Collaborates with Proposals will be invited for joint research projects in interdisciplinary areas such as air pollution, sustainable form EMF Club FICCI mobility. AMR/MDR infectious bacteria, epidemiology, immunology, Artificial intelligence/Machine Learning in The Indian School of Business & Finance (ISBF), one of the With a view to strengthening research infrastructure for the healthcare, economic data, socio-economic, gender London School of Economics's top five Global Teaching development of Industry and academia in Telangana and inequality and policy issues among others. Institutions and an affiliate institution to the University of Andhra Pradesh, SVKM's NMIMS Hyderabad campus The partnership between the two institutions will enable London (UOL) partnered with Mumbai's JBCN International signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) with FICCI Telangana & AP exchange of knowledge and jointly support collaborative and School, Parel, to form the EMF Club- a student-led body State Council (FICCI-TAP) on 26th Feb 2021. The two interdisciplinary education and research initiatives for the aimed at facilitating and igniting the enthusiasm and passion organisations will work closely to bring more practice- development of collaborative activities that will lead to for innovation in the fields of Economics, Management & oriented research through case writing and policy initiatives impactful research outcomes. Finance (EMF). in core areas of growth, skill development, innovation, and Speaking at the launch event on Friday, February 26, 2021, sustainability. The letter also proposes setting up of FICCI- Prof. Sriman Kumar Bhattacharyya Mr. Davi Sanchez Netto, Principal, JBCN International NMIMS Hyderabad Center for Indian Business as a joint School, Parel, said, “I am extremely pleased, not only initiative to work together. appointed as VC of SNU, Chennai because such an initiative will benefit our students Endorsed the alliance, Dr. Tapan Kumar Panda, Director of immensely, but more importantly because this will be the first NMIMS Hyderabad said, “As an academic institution with a Shiv Nadar University Chennai, recently announced the student-led club at the School. I thank ISBF for helping us strong research-based ethos, we are proud of this partnership appointment of Prof. Sriman Kumar Bhattacharyya as the provide our students with this opportunity and wish the Club with FICCI Telangana & AP State Council. It will help us to University's Founding Vice Chancellor. Prof. Bhattacharyya all the very best.” further strengthen our relationship with the industry. Our is a widely acclaimed academician and was previously the Also speaking at the launch was Chiraag Mehta, Associate faculty and students will be working actively to facilitate Director (officiating) at IIT Kharagpur. In a career spanning Director, ISBF, who outlined the importance of in-depth research work for the development of the industrial sector in over three decades, Prof. Bhattacharyya has demonstrated study in the fields of Economics, Management & Finance, in the region. Our aim is to facilitate growth, bring innovation, outstanding scholarship in his field, rigor for academic helping students build sustainable and successful global and ensure sustainability. One of the core objectives of the excellence and support for the faculty's role in achieving this, careers. “Economics, Management and Finance are heavily FICCI-NMIMS Hyderabad Center for Indian Business is to driving pedagogical redesign as well as commitment to inter-related disciplines. I have been a beneficiary of this work with MSMEs as core drivers of economic growth and teaching and research. He has also been the Director of interconnectedness with my past stints in Advertising, innovation.” Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) - Central Investment Banking, the Development sector and now Speaking on the association Dr. Malabika Sarkar, Vice Building Research Institute (CBRI) in Roorkee. teaching Economics. These fields are pathways to several Chancellor, Ashoka University said, “This is a wonderful As the Vice Chancellor, Professor Bhattacharyya will provide lucrative and intellectually challenging careers like in the opportunity for researchers. Both Ashoka and IIT Delhi are academic and administrative leadership to the University's BFSI sector for example, which is rated as among the highest committed to serving the society and helping it in tackling vision of becoming a pioneering institution of higher paying sectors in the world and in India,” he said. wide ranging issues in the fields of environment, gender, education, setting new global academic benchmarks and Close to 100 learners from the 9th and 11th grades of the biology etc. Ashoka and IIT Delhi recognize each other's revolutionizing the education landscape in the country. school led by Founder member Mohammed Amaan strengths in research and education in various disciplines of R Srinivasan, Chancellor, SNU Chennai said, “We are Panchbhai of the 11th grade who attended the launch were science and social science. This partnership for academic delighted to welcome Prof. Bhattacharyya as the founding treated to an engaging and interactive EMF quiz conducted cooperation will enable exchange of knowledge and lead to Vice Chancellor of Shiv Nadar University Chennai. We are by Mr. Aryapriya Ganguly, Associate Professor, ISBF. impactful research outcomes.” confident that he will steer the University along with a team of Gayatri Dutt of the 11th grade won the quiz handsomely and Prof V. Ramgopal Rao, Director, IIT Delhi while welcoming acclaimed academicians and industry mentors to create an was awarded a certificate by ISBF. the MoU with Ashoka University said, “The Ashoka enabling environment that blends academic rigor, culture of Among the activities of the EMF Club, JBCN, Parel, as University researchers will get our full support in the projects research and sustained industry engagement. Under his outlined by Amaan, the Founder member will be a focus on they would like to pursue in collaboration with IIT Delhi. The leadership and vast experience, Shiv Nadar University the enhancement of collaboration and critical analysis of real- Department of Science and Technology (DST), had selected Chennai will establish itself as an institution creating an life situations and business problems, feasibility check on IIT Delhi for setting up a shared, professionally managed, enduring foundation for success of its students.” ideas, internship opportunities, sessions by industry leaders, Science and Technology infrastructure facility, SATHI Speaking on the appointment, Prof. Bhattacharyya said, think tank competitions, and the like. (Sophisticated Analytical and Technical Help Institute)'. This “Excellence in education is the bedrock of a nation's facility along with a few more high end research facilities prosperity. It is an exciting time for university education in our UNESCO Chair on Museum in the Asia will come up on our Sonipat campus. We invite faculty and country as the National Education Policy promises to usher in students of the Ashoka University to come and utilise those transformations enabling a more global approach for Pacific region set up at Anant National facilities also.” institutions of higher education. The Shiv Nadar Foundation The interdisciplinary research groups will also attract has established itself as a pioneer of world class education and University support from external funding agencies and catalyze the I am excited to lead its youngest initiative – the Shiv Nadar 'cross-research activity' between the two institutes, leading to University Chennai – which has been modeled on global best The UNESCO Chair on Inclusive Museums and Sustainable joint research publications, patents etc. standards with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary Heritage Development is the first on Museums in the Asia research. Pacific region and has been set up in in the International TechnoStruct Academy Signs MoU with Centre for Inclusive Cultural Leadership at Anant National Indian campuses should be more University (AnantU) Ahmedabad. It is second worldwide JC Bose University after Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris. Serving as a think tank and inclusive of LGBTQ+ community: Study bridge-builder between academia, civil society, local TechnoStruct Academy, an educational enterprise of communities, research, and policy-making this Chair will renowned US Engineering and Technology BIM Firm – A report published by Boston Consulting Group, Indian promote and support the development of museum policies in TechnoStruct, LLC, headquartered in California USA, has Institute of Management Ahmadabad and Pride Circle the region. signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with J.C. Foundation delves into the issues faced by LGBTQ+ students Designed to promote excellence and innovation, the Chair Bose University of Science & Technology, YMCA on Indian campuses and has come up with a recommendation will establish new modes and modalities of locating culture in Faridabad. The MoU was signed between Mr. Arun Kochar, that campuses should consider establishment of a diversity sustainable development. AnantU through this facility will North India Head, Registrar Dr. Sunil Kumar Garg, and inclusion (D&I) student interest group . provide critical direction to Sustainable Development Goals TechnoStruct Academy and Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dinesh The study examines inclusivity issues around the LGBTQ+ (SDG) with a focus on the built environment and inclusive Kumar. JC Bose University in the presence of Chairperson of community on Indian campuses through a survey of over design. Moreover, it will establish a nexus of collaborations Civil Engineering Prof. M.L. Aggarwal, Director, Industry 1700 students in colleges across India. It demonstrates how that will benefit institutions across theAsia Pacific region. Relations Dr. Rashmi Popli, JC Bose University and the establishment of a D&I student interest group can offer Launched by UNESCO in 1992, with a vision to promote Associate Professor Ms Divyashree Yadav, TechnoStruct these students greater representation and improve the quality international cooperation and networking between Academy of their campus experience. It offers guidelines for the universities and research institutions, the UNESCO Chairs This MoU is to provide training and hands-on experience to establishment of such a group. Programme inducted the UNESCO Chair on Inclusive the students on Building Information Modeling (BIM) The report presents statistics that prove how LGBTQ+ Museums and Sustainable Heritage Development 2021. Technology which is one of the most recent developments in students can feel empowered when their institution has a D&I Serving as an accredited facilitator of UNESCO, being the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry. student interest group. It identifies key challenges and inducted in the UNESCO Chairs Programme enables The MoU intends to offer 'TechnoStruct Training and provides tips on how to address them. knowledge-sharing on a range of diverse themes. Facilitating Development Programme' to the students of the university 'Inclusivity' for the LGBTQ+ community is taken as UN SDGs, the chair will help build capacities and capabilities which include free internship, hands-on exposure to representation for members in an environment where they feel in the development of UNESCO and UN Standard Settings. international projects and placement assistance for three belonged, safe and comfortable to express their identity. The Additionally, this will allow them to advocate the UN Agenda years. students were surveyed about forms of direct and 2030 and the United Nations World Tourism Organization indirect discrimination towards themselves or other (UNWTO) focus on responsible heritage tourism and post Ashoka University and IIT Delhi to set up community members. The awareness of students about pandemic poverty alleviation. LGBTQ+ issues was ascertained across campuses. They were Commenting on the induction as the UNESCO Chair, Prof. Research Platform asked to share their personal beliefs and biases about the Amareswar Galla, UNESCO Chair said, “It is a matter of LGBTQ+ community. Apprehensions and acceptance levels great pleasure and pride at being inscribed in the UNESCO Ashoka University and IIT Delhi have entered into an were examined. Case studies have been presented about the UNITWIN Network. We look forward to establishing global agreement to establish “Ashoka University-IITD formation and relevance of support groups. partnerships and collaborations around the 2030 Agenda for Collaborative Research Platform”. The platform will The report is a must-read for college administrations, faculty, Sustainable Development, and contribute significantly to undertake joint activities on academic research and human and student representatives. Each of these stakeholders have a UNESCO's priority areas on Education, Natural and Social resource development, which will have a great economic and distinctive role to play in creating an inclusive environment Sciences, Culture and Communication. We aim to provide the social impact on the society. on campus. cultural leadership that is much needed in the region for Ashoka University and IIT Delhi will contribute matching Explaining the rationale for the study, Seema Bansal, Partner addressing the paradigm shift from conventional museology funds to support collaborative and interdisciplinary and Director, Social Impact, Boston Consulting Group, said, to a global centre for excellence and knowledge generation education and research initiatives through a joint call for \"We don't think of diversity and inclusion as a 'good-to-do' or for museums.” proposals, for the development of collaborative activities a 'responsible corporate citizen' act; we think of it as a core that will lead to impactful research outcomes.

Curriculum March16, 2021 13 Campus Buzz IIITB hosts Web Science for session threw light on various aspects of the Indian economy Competition virtually amid the crisis. including return of consumer confidence, robust financial Development (WS4D) workshop on the markets, an uptick in manufacturing, education sector and Apeejay School of Architecture and the decrease in the budget allocation this year, PSU 'new world' disinvestment target, health expenditure, skill India, fuel Planning organises Online FDP on Best prices reduction, savings and borrowing scheme, upskilling: The International Institute of Information Technology for automation and gig workers, investment in infrastructure, Practices Bangalore (IIITB), conducted the third Web Science for agriculture and many more. Finance minister, Nirmala Development(WS4D) workshop with the ''Brave Sitharaman, joined MBAstudents in the session. The Apeejay School of Architecture and Planning, Greater Conversations 2021 conference on February 19-20th. The During the session, the Finance Minister encouraged the Noida, organised a five-day-long online Faculty virtual event further developed the conversations begun in students to expand their boundaries and said, “You all are Development Programme (FDP) on 'Outcome-Based 2020 whilst exploring the impacts of the COVID-19 fortunate enough to be in an institution like this [IIMA]. My Education: Best Practices inArchitecture Education' recently. pandemic as a catalyst for a leap forward in global only request to you is spare sometime for the country and the The programme commenced with the Saraswati Vandana and digitalisation. It also included a multitude of workshops and nation to get stronger. India needs your support. Concentrate blessings of Honourable Chairman, Mrs Sushma Paul Berlia, panel discussions conducted by IIITB's Web Science Lab. on yourself but also concentrate on making India brighter and Apeejay Education. Honourable Vice-Chancellor, Prof. With the aim of creating a fast-paced learning environment smarter” Vinay Kumar Pathak, Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical the concept of 'Brave Conversations' provides a dynamic Acting as co-chairs, Prof. Errol D'Souza, with IIMA students University, Lucknow was the Chief Patron. opportunity to explore the impact of Web Science on the Arunabh Saxena and Ms. Sonakshi Agrawal, among other Patron Dr S.K. Salwan, CEO, Apeejay Institute of everyday lives of ordinary citizens. Hosted by Prof. S. points discussed about disinvestment targets of PSUs and Technology and Principal Advisor to the Chairman, Apeejay Sadagopan, Director, IIITB and Dr Srinath Srinivasa, Brave government's approach towards it. They also addressed the Education congratulated Prof. Vivek Sabherwal, Director, Conversations is guided by Anni Rowland-Campbell, concerns of consumers bearing the high costs of fuel today Apeejay School of Architecture and Planning for organising philanthropist and Web Science practitioner, Web Science and how is the government resolving these challenges. the FDP and allowing faculty & scholars to keep them ahead Trust, who through conversations with guests Professor When asked about the rationale and steps taken by the of time. Dame Wendy Hall, Regius Professor - Computer Science, government to ensure quality education, Smt. Sitharaman Prof. Vivek Sabherwal, Director, Apeejay School of University of Southampton (returning to the conference for said, “That the desire for encouraging twinning programmes Architecture and Planning, in his welcome address assured to the second time), and Senapathy 'Kris' Gopalakrishnan, in hopes of getting a world class university certificate and have a purposeful five-day deliberation and an opportunity to Chairman - Axilor Ventures and former CEO - Infosys, technologically driven tools like optical fibres even at the learn from each other as well as effectively implement the highlight some of the thornier issues facing us all as we panchayat level will add to the betterment of education in the ideas shared during the five days for future Architecture increasingly move our lives online. Each conversation was country. Hence there has been a conscious attempt in education endeavours. followed by an interactive Q&A session designed to be improving the funding of education. I would want to Chief Guest, Architect Sapna Kumar, Vice-President Council challenging and thought provoking. underline the fact that the New Education Policy, the of Architecture, in her address highlighted the complexity of The second day of the workshop was inaugurated by Prof schemes under it, and the long term vision under which the Architecture Education due to a large number of other Debabrata Das, Director Designate, IIITB, and entailed over NEP looks at making the Indian education a lot more vibrant professional skills, and also emphasised teaching as a two- eight talks and discussions led by experienced speakers, has received due consideration in the budget making way process. professors and students - Dr Prasad Ram, Founder & CEO, process.\" Keynote Speaker, Dr Vandana Sehgal, Professor and Dean, Gooru, Nishant Baghel, Director - Technology Innovations, The institute has a unique model of a convivial combination Faculty of Architecture, Dr Abdul Kalam Technical Pratham, Dr Nachiket Mor, Senior Research Fellow, CITAPP of the union, state and the business community. IIMA University, U.P. in her address emphasised Architecture - IIITB, T B Dinesh, Founder, Janastu, Prof Pauline Leonard, research programmes are the most coveted and prominent in course as holistic with definite outcomes which are set in the Executive Director - Web Science Institute and Professor of the areas like Strategy, Economics, Finance, Operations and course, however, with a need to streamline the course. Sociology, University of Southampton, Prof Ponnurangam Marketing. IIMA also set up a number of sector or mission- Blended teaching in the future through research, digitization Kumaraguru, Professor - Computer Science and Dean of oriented thrust groups termed 'Centres' to apply management & technology, and basic hands-on learning is essential. She Student Affairs, IIIT-Delhi, Preeti Mudliar, Assistant science to other sectors of the economy. These Centres are led also stressed that the parameters of OBE need to be more Professor, IIITB, and Raksha PS, PhD student, IIITB. The by faculty members from different inter-disciplinary areas flexible for the Architecture programme, and that discussions aim to address varying concerns that surround the that come together to pursue research and consulting. documentation is the way forward for the outcome. use of web technologies and its effects on humanity. Professor Sadagopan, Director, IIITB had chaired the '20th Moot Team from University Institute of Anant National University organizes International World Wide Web' Conference in Hyderabad in 2011 and holds the subject close to his heart. As the Lab Legal Studies, Chandigarh wins Workshop on 'Disaster Management' Director at IIITB Web Science labs, he says, “Web Science as a discipline was born as an increasing number of individuals SAARCLAW-JLU Moot Court Anant National University, Ahmedabad conducted the first- realised the need to understand how the web and related ever virtual workshop on Disaster Management and Design technologies can affect humankind. With events like the Competition thinking for its students of Architecture. The series included 4 WS4D and 'Brave Conversations', we hope to encourage and lectures delivered by subject experts and domain specialists provide platforms for open conversations surrounding the The Third SAARCLAW Moot court competition was on architecture and disaster management. Learning relationship between humanity and technology. The last year successfully concluded at Jagran Lakecity University (JLU), Commons, the central library of Anant National University has seen proactive, fast-paced changes to the digital and with leading law colleges from across India participating. arranged the workshop, to address the changes in the functional aspects of how we work, and I am interested to The current situation at the Indo-China Border, trade education system due to the pandemic. hear how our attendees and speakers feel about the situation.” relations and growing international interference in Indian Dr Sandip Trivedi, Geotechnical Consultant spoke on Dr Srinath Srinivasa, Dean (R&D), IIITB added, “The waters were the key points around which the mooting Learning from failures: a geotechnical perspective, Dr Repaul objective this year is to spark relevant conversations on the revolved. After an intense mooting battle and argumentation, Kanji, Research Scientist & Programme Manager, Gujarat effects the pandemic has had on changing the world's digital two teams finally out of 28 participating colleges entered the Institute of Disaster Management (GIDM), Gandhinagar environment. We not only want to provide a platform, but also final round to vie for winning prize money of INR 1.5 Lakhs. spoke on the Basics of Disaster Management and Disaster be a part of the event to track different opinions expressed. While the team of University Institute of Legal Studies, Preparedness Plan, Dr Abhiyant Tiwari, Assistant Professor The goal is not to simply inspire debate, but also to inspire Chandigarh emerged victorious, the team representing Rajiv & Programme Manager, GIDM spoke on Disaster action.” Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala came at the management during COVID-19: design thinking, idea and “There is a sense of continuity that stems from actionable runners-up position. Rakshit Taneja of University Institute of implementation of ICT application for surveillance, and we conversations”, said Prof Debabrata Das, Director Designate, Legal Studies, Chandigarh was awarded as the best speaker also had Ms. Prashansa Dixit, Research officer & IIITB. “I look forward to the invigorating ideas that will be while Arif Majruddin of Jamia Millia Islamia University was Program Manager at SAARC Disaster Management Centre, discussed at the workshop tomorrow and hope to see our adjudged as the best researcher. Best memorial was given to Gandhinagar spoke on Hazard resilient design and participants draw parallels from today's conversation. No the team NLIU, Bhopal. Total prize money of INR of INR construction practices. conference works in silos. Each thought stemming from 3.25 lakhs was disbursed during the tournament. Recent times have been an awakening for us to deal with discussions can inspire the action that spurs invention.” The final bench of judges comprised of renowned names disasters that have led to mass destruction and loss of life. The 'Brave Conversations' is the result of a series of conferences such as Hon'ble Justice Atul Shreedharan, Madhya Pradesh seminar focused on the importance of earthquake resistance organised to discuss emerging issues surrounding humanity High Court, Hon'ble Justice Ved Prakash Sharma, Chairman structures, role of architect in disaster mitigation and recovery and technology by an accomplished group of luminaries from of the State Law Commission of Madhya Pradesh, Prof. (Dr.) after hazardous events, both man-made and natural. The the Web World. The conversations are generated by the V. Vijayakumar, Vice Chancellor of NLIU Bhopal and Mr. workshop specifically highlighted the successful participants who bring their backgrounds, knowledge and C.S. Lodha, Senior Advocate and Managing Partner of C.S. implementation of ICT application for Covid-19 surveillance experience to discuss the relationship between technology Lodha Associates. across 9 districts in Gujarat, an ideal example of Design and society. Keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic, the entire three-day thinking in the disaster management period. The concepts event was virtually conducted by JLU, hosted under the were explained through live case studies, interfacing JSW – School of Public Policy discusses seasoned purview of JLU's Faculty of LAW. The inaugural architectural education and disaster management. ceremony of the event was graced by the presence of Shri More than 135 participants attended the lecture series. 'The Economic Rebound and the Indian Vivek K. Tankha, Member of Parliament and Senior Speaking on the workshop, Mr. Chintan Pandya, Head Advocate, Supreme Court of India as the Chief Guest and Librarian said, “The role of an architect is multi-faceted, and Economy in 2021 and Beyond' Prof. (Dr.) Subir K. Bhatnagar, Vice Chancellor, Ram is more than just building a building. You cannot build or Manohar Lohia National Law University, Lucknow. design a good building without understanding its current or The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA), Representing Jagran Lakecity University at the inauguration future relationship with nature and the surrounding welcomed Hon'ble Finance Minister of India, Smt. Nirmala were, Dr. Sandeep Shastri, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Yogendra environment. Such practical workshops, proves to be a bridge Sitharaman, as she joined MBA students of the globally Srivastava, Dean – Faculty of Law and Prof. Vivek Khare, to that thought, and makes it beneficial for the students in the recognized, premier management institute, for an interactive Registrar. long run” session on the theme 'The Economic Rebound and the Indian Shri Tankha in his inaugural address emphasized the Economy in 2021 and Beyond' with its students. challenges of the legal profession and nuances of virtual Hosted by IIMA's JSW-School of Public Policy, an hearings during COVID-19 pandemic. He heartily interactive session on the theme 'The Economic Rebound and complimented the University especially the faculty of law for the Indian Economy in 2021 and Beyond' was the first on organizing this highly coveted International Moot Court ground event held at the Institute since the pandemic. The

14 Curriculum March16, 2021 Announcements 1M1B announces Lead Z Teacher Karnataka launches 'Target PSI' Course offering a next generation blended learning, comprising five modules, which have been co-created to provide a learner awards, extraordinary efforts during on Unacademy with a great legal learning experience. Owing to the current situation, the first batch of this course COVID times to be honored Dr. Ashwath Narayan, Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka shall commence virtually. Subsequent batches will have to has launched a specialised course for aspiring police sub attend a 7-day immersion week, which would be held in 10 teachers from across India to be selected to showcase inspectors/constables on Unacademy. The course is called Webster University's campus in Geneva, Switzerland for their work at the 6th 1M1B summit at the United Nations Target PSI and is a comprehensive study module exclusively students at a separate fee. in New York available on Unacademy. The batches have begun from 9th Speaking about the collaboration, Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, 1M1B (One Million for One Billion), a United Nations March 2021 for aspirants of Karnataka police service. LawSikho said, “With the Indian education system primarily accredited not-for- profit organization focussed on future The course covers all important topics like Current Affairs, being imparted online, this collaboration with Webster skills and leadership development among youth in India has Polity, Science and Technology, History, Geography, Essay, University will help amplify the learning capabilities and announced Lead Z Teacher awards for teachers, educators, Translation, Economics, and Mental ability related to PSI/PC experiences of the students looking to understand changemakers and mentors across India, who have made exams. Over 10 top teachers from this field coach and mentor international business laws through this course. We continue extraordinary efforts during the pandemic to advance the via interactive live classes. The course and notes will be to seek opportunities wherein we can help connect learners to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No 6 covered in Kannada. the best universities and institutions around the world to be on Quality Education. The selected 100 educators will be After inaugurating the course, Deputy Chief Minister, Dr. able to gain international experiences.” recognized and invited to the national final and top 10 Ashwath Narayan said “this course is most useful for the “The 'Diploma in International Business Law' is first of its teachers will be awarded with prizes etc in India. youth interested in serving the police department. The course kind collaboration for Webster University Geneva in Asia. We Additionally, the 10 award winners teachers will be given an is called Target PSI and is specially designed by Unacademy are bringing high quality Swiss education and the best legal opportunity to showcase their work at the prestigious 1M1B for Police Sub Inspectors and Police constable Aspirant.” education to students in this part of the world in collaboration Activate Impact Summit scheduled at United Nations, New With the aim to fill in the 545 open vacancies stated/notified with LawSikho,” said Professor Dominique Jolly, Chair of the York in December 2021. by the Karnataka State Police Department, the course will be Walker School of Business and Technology, Webster The Lead Z teacher awards is a first of its kind of initiative and helpful to all those candidates aspiring to be a Sub University, Geneva. opportunity given by 1M1B foundation for teachers in India inspector/Constable. to showcase their work at 1M1B Activate Impact Summit at The Live Classes for 'Target PSI' for Karnataka PSI/PC are NEET 2021 Date announced, will be New York. Over the last 6 years, 1M1B have given the designed to cater to all Learners, from beginners to those in opportunities to over 120 youth from India who have done advanced stages. Live Classes are accompanied by doubt held on Aug 1 extraordinary work to advance the SDG's and presented the resolution sessions by top Educators and the recordings of projects at New York. these classes are available for viewing, post the session. The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) for The objective of Lead Z Teacher Awards is to recognize and admission to undergraduate medical courses will be conducted acknowledge the unwavering dedication and commitment Simplilearn and IIT Kanpur Launch on 1 August. The online application process will begin shortly. shown by India's teachers in these testing times. Any teacher, \"The NEET (UG), 2021, is going to be conducted by NTA for educator, changemaker or mentor who has been innovating Online Certificate Program in admission to MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BSMS, BUMS and BHMS with teaching methods, reaching students online or courses as per the relevant norms, guidelines and regulations otherwise, ensuring that they are guided well and getting the Blockchain Technology notified by the regulatory bodies concerned,\" the ministry of right education during the Covid period is eligible to apply or education's National Testing Agency (NTA) announced. Union being nominated for the award by1M1B foundation Simplilearn- a gdigital skills training provider, announced its education minister Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank' earlier said that Speaking on this occasion, Manav Subodh, Co-Founder of partnership with IIT Kanpur to offer an exclusive there is no plan to cancel NEET 2021. 1M1B, said “We are excited to honour the educators who Professional Certificate Program in Blockchain Technology. \"The exam will be conducted in 11 languages, including Hindi have been the silent COVID warriors and have gone above This in-depth program will provide learners with a and English, through pen and paper mode on 1 August,\" the and beyond their call of duty and responding with comprehensive co-created curriculum covering the most in- National Testing Agency said. compassion, care, innovation and dedication in these demand skills in the field of Blockchain. Learners will also Bulletin containing detailed information regarding the test, extraordinary times. During the COVID19 and the 'school get the advantage of interacting with expert faculty at IIT syllabus, eligibility criteria for age, reservation, categorisation shut down era', the teachers emerged as the true leaders. Kanpur through Master Classes. The four-month certificate of seats, examination fee, cities of examination, state code will 1M1B wants to celebrate and honour the unsung nation program is best suited for individuals working as Software be available shortly when the submission of the application builders i.e. our Teachers.” Developers, IT Professionals, Engineers, Analysts, and form for NEET (UG) starts The Lead Z teachers award has been categorized in following Technical Leads. By the end of the program, learners will segments - The Climate Warrior, The Lockdown Innovator, gain expertise in streamlining supply chain efforts and SHRM India to organise Talent The Social Impactor, The Sports/ Fitness Leader, The STEM working with complex ledger systems. On completion of the Champion, The Arts Advocate, The Inclusion Agent, The program, learners will receive a Certification of Completion Conference and Exposition in April Tech for Good Campaigner, The Happiness & Wellbeing from IIT Kanpur. Activist and Changemakers in Education and The Delivered via Simplilearn's high-engagement bootcamp- 2021 Entrepreneurship Mindset Creator. style learning model, this intensive program is designed to All applicants to Lead Z Teacher awards will get access to a provide learners with a clear competitive advantage via an SHRM India will organize its Talent Conference and Teacher Development Workshop conducted by a renowned ideal blend of conceptual training and applied learning Exposition 2021, virtually on 15th and 16thApril. faculty. The top 100 teachers will be announced over 5 rounds opportunities that help perfect the skills they have learnt. The conference expects to witness 2500+ attendees, 100+ (27th of every month - March, April, May & June 2021), and Learners will also have access to self-paced videos and live Speakers and domain Experts and 50+ In-depth Knowledge the final round will be held in July 2021. They can choose to virtual classes conducted by industry experts. Program Sessions. apply in multiple categories as well. A nominal fee per graduates in India will also be enrolled in Simplilearn's Job Announcing the conference, Ms. Achal Khanna, CEO – application is applicable. Teachers from underserved and Assistance service and have access to the IIMJobs Pro- SHRM India and Business head, APAC & MENA said, “The rural backgrounds will be given scholarships and travel Membership for six months. pandemic has drastically changed the role of HR support. The applicants can apply by registering on the link With 70+ hours of applied learning and 50+ hours of self- professionals worldwide. Hybrid workplace has become a given below paced learning modules, the program offers participants a new normal. At this crucial moment, I am happy to announce comprehensive learning experience covering advanced the SHRMITALENT21 Conference where delegates will get ABB India with Lila Poonawalla blockchain technologies. The key domains covered include a chance to network with peers and experts to get abreast on applications of blockchain technology, Bitcoin, platforms the latest trends in recruiting, nurturing and retaining talent. Foundation to extend scholarships to that use Blockchain, application building on Ethereum, We are hopeful that the attendees will learn from eminent Hyperledger, and other prospects of Blockchain. At the end speakers through engaging sessions and will take away the 100 girls for STEM education of the program, learners will get to work on a Capstone learnings to enrich their workplaces”. project on industry use cases, an opportunity to solve real- Some of the eminent speakers who will attend the conference ABB India has partnered with Lila Poonawalla Foundation world ledger challenges, and labs that provide hands-on are Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., SHRM-SCP, President & Chief (LPF) on a holistic merit-cum-need based scholarship experience. Executive Officer, SHRM; Pramod Bhasin, Chairman, program for meritorious girls from economically challenged According to a leading industry report, the global blockchain ICRIER, Founder, Genpact Ltd Chairman, Clix Capital;Amar backgrounds, to give them an opportunity to realise their market size is expected to grow from USD 3.0 billion in 2020 Raj Singh, Chairman & MD, Gamma Pizzakraft India & dreams in the field of technology. Through this holistic to USD 39.7 billion by 2025, at an impressive CAGR of Gamma Pizzakraft Lanka Pvt Ltd, Raga Olga D'silva, Co- program, ABB will support the higher education and skill 67.3% during the period. “With the application of blockchain Founder & Director, Speaking Minds, Santosh Desai, MD & development for 100 girls, selected by Lila Poonawalla growing beyond cryptocurrency, there is an upsurge in CEO, Future Brands Ltd, author, Columnist, Social Foundation, every year. The selected candidates are provided blockchain-related jobs. As the demand for talent rises, there Commentator; Deeya Bajaj Mountaineer, Adventurer, the necessary support to pursue an engineering degree and is a need to further blockchain education in India and train the Explorer & Motivator, Emily M Dickens, Corporate develop core skills and competencies required to be future- upcoming generation of blockchain developers. We are Secretary & Chief of Staff, SHRM; Nick Schacht, SHRM- ready, without having to worry about financial constraints. delighted to partner with Simplilearn to deliver the most SCP, Chief Global Development Office, SHRM. This program covers initiatives that go beyond academics in updated industry-relevant curriculum to learners, featuring Some of the topics to be discussed at the four conclaves order to equip these girls with a well- rounded experience. hands-on projects in developing smart ledgers and records,” during the conference are : The rules have changed, Switch One such enriching initiative is the ABB Volunteering said Sandeep Shukla, Professor, Department of Computer your recruiting game; Creative Transformation in TA: program wherein ABB employees volunteer to impart Science and Engineering from IIT Kanpur. Reimagining Recruiting post pandemic ; Integrating talent industry knowledge through well structured, pre-planned management and workforce planning in uncertain times; sessions with these students. Online 'Diploma in International Applying workforce analytics to measure and manage your \"Education and Skill enhancement has been one of the core talent pool ; Mindset Reset – How to Thrive in post areas for our local CSR initiatives. Our as-sociation with Lila Business Law' launched pandemic world; Cultivating Employee Motivation and Poonawalla Foundation for a holistic scholarship and skill Wellness post Pandemic; WFH and work at home – Will building program is a small step towards enabling LawSikho, online education company that creates advanced this crisis set women a generation back; Navigating through outstanding young girls to become the future leaders in and practical legal courses, has collaborated with Webster turbulence – Reliability on HR; technology and bring about a more equitable world,\" said University to curate and execute an online education legal For more information please refer to Sanjeev Sharma, Country Managing Director,ABB India. course – Diploma in International Business Law. Through this collaboration, LawSikho and Webster University aim to create high-impact learning experiences for learners by

Curriculum March16, 2021 15 Science & Technology Researchers at SSN College of Engineering Develop University of Birmingham Technology to Manufacture High-Performance Solar Ingots teams up with ARAI on Department of Science & Technology awards INR 12 crore grant to the research team, the transport research technology has potential to Help India Become Self Reliant in Solar Technology University of Birmingham and The Automotive Research SSN College of growing high performance said, “At SSN it is our towards an Aatmanirbhar Association of India (ARAI) based in Pune, India, have Engineering, (the first multi-crystalline silicon constant endeavour to Bharat.” signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreeing to initiative of the Shiv Nadar ingots. This will aid the encourage innovative ideas The team designed and identify joint research interests in the fields of air quality Foundation in the field of production of cost-effective, and research that can developed mathematical management, alternative fuels, power train and electric education, recently next-generation solar wafers contribute towards finding simulations to use on vehicle technology. announced that a team of its and ingots and paves way for solutions to issues of industrial Directional The Vehicle and Engine Technology Research Centre in the researchers led by Prof. P. domestic manufacturing of national and global Solidification (DS) system University's School of Mechanical Engineering has a world- Ramasamy, Dean large and better-quality importance. This research to produce high quality leading research profile in combustion engines and low (Research) have been silicon (mc-Si) ingot with by our faculty has the silicon (mc-Si) ingots. They carbon vehicle technology. The University works closely awarded a grant of INR 12 enhanced efficiency of solar potential to help our country studied – melt-crystal with UK industry in engine architecture and advanced engine crore by the Department of cells. realize its renewable energy interface shape, impurities, technologies, helping to design the engines and fuels for the Science & Technology Currently, India has a goals and at the same time and von mises stress under future; including hybrid powertrains. (DST), Government of domestic manufacturing encourage local different temperature India towards Directional capacity of only 3 GW for manufacturing to become profiles to achieve better ARAI is India's premier automotive research and Solidification (DS) solar cells and is heavily more self-reliant.” quality silicon (mc-Si) development institute set up by the automotive industry with technology that has the dependent on imports to ingot. Further, transient the Government of India. ARAI is an autonomous body potential to catalyze India's meet its requirements. In Dr. Ramasamy, Dean global heat transfer model affiliated to the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public solar wafer and ingot 2018-19 alone, India (Research), SSN College of was used to optimize the Enterprises, Government of India and is recognized by the manufacturing abilities. imported USD 2.16 billion Engineering, Chennai said, temperature profile of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Wafers and ingots are the worth of solar photovoltaic “Multi- crystalline silicon is Directional Solidification Government of India. building blocks for (PV) cells, panels, and an important material used (DS) process. It is the most University of Birmingham's engineering experts will work manufacturing solar cells modules. Chinese in production of low-cost, efficient simulation to with ARAI to develop and deliver hi-tech and environment- and modules and are companies dominate the high efficiency solar cells. receive a slightly convex friendly vehicle systems that will improve transport for essential to India's clean Indian solar components Our indigenously designed interface shape with lower people across in India. energy plans. Globally, market, supplying about Directional Solidification thermal stress, and lower The partnership will also see British and Indian air pollution solar wafer and ingot 80% of solar cells and (DS) technology system will impurities in the silicon (mc- experts working together to create a blueprint to tackle the manufacturing is dominated modules used in the country. allow us to grow high Si) ingot. challenge of particulate emissions in India – looking to by China followed by This breakthrough research quality mc-Si ingots suitable The research has been develop and deliver solutions identified in the plan. countries such as Japan, has the potential to enable for the fabrication of solar published in Material The partners also plan to support the development of Taiwan, and S. Korea. the country to reduce its cells. We also aim to transfer Letters, an international education programmes that will help produce future The research features an dependence on imports and this technology to industries journal for Science and transport leaders and world-leading research. indigenously designed become more self-reliant. to indigenously Technology for Materials by Dr. Reji Mathai, Director – ARAI, commented: “ARAI is Directional Solidification Dr. Kala Vijayakumar, manufacture high Elsvier, as well as other happy to be associated with University of Birmingham for (DS) technology system for President, SSN Institutions performance mc-Si solar prestigious journals promoting joint research in upcoming areas such as cells, taking a crucial step alternative fuels, e-mobility and air quality.” Mr N. B. Dhande, Senior Deputy Director for Business Smartphones could help to prevent glaucoma blindness - study Development & Corporate Planning at ARAI and Professor Tim Jones, Provost at the University of Birmingham, signed Smartphones could be used prompting early diagnosis diseases are easier to assess full eye examination – not the agreement. to scan people's eyes for and treatment. – for example, in the case of possible in a mobile Professor Tim Jones commented: “Signing this MoU further early-warning signs of Scientists at the University diabetic retinopathy, situation. Also, the strengthens our commitment to India and, through this glaucoma – helping to of Birmingham have individuals with diabetes equipment is too expensive partnership, we are pleased to contribute to the development prevent severe ocular successfully carried out are specifically at risk and for most people to purchase of impactful transport and environmental research. diseases and blindness, a experiments using are constantly monitored for for long-term home “The University of Birmingham has a number of significant new study reveals. soundwaves and an eye tiny bulges that develop in monitoring. partnerships in India, underpinned by its India Institute Some of the most common model, publishing their the blood vessels of the eye. IOP is a vital measurement which aims to increase the visibility, impact and coherence of eye-related diseases are findings in Engineering The current 'gold standard' of healthy vision, defined as Birmingham's engagement in the country.” avoidable and display Reports. method of measuring IOP is pressure created by strong risk factors before Co-author Dr. Khamis Essa, applanation tonometry, continued renewal of eye The British Deputy High Commission Mumbai was onset, but it is much harder Director of the Advanced where numbing drops fluids. Ocular hypertension instrumental in bringing together ARAI and the University of to pinpoint a group of Manufacturing Group at the followed by non-toxic dye is caused by an imbalance Birmingham to draw up the agreement. people at risk from University of Birmingham, are applied to the patient's in production and drainage Alan Gemmell, Her Majesty's Trade Commissioner for glaucoma. commented: “We eyes. There are problems of aqueous fluid - most South Asia and British Deputy High Commissioner for Glaucoma is associated discovered a relationship and measurement errors common in older adults. Western India, commented: “The UK wants to be at the with elevated levels of between the internal associated with this method. Risk increases with age, in cutting edge of green and EV-transport systems and we see a intraocular pressure (IOP) pressure of an object and its An independent risk factor turn increasing the real opportunity to partner with India on this critical agenda - and an accurate, non- acoustic reflection of glaucoma is having a thin likelihood of an individual including through this new agreement between the invasive way of monitoring coefficient. With further central corneal thickness developing glaucoma. University of Birmingham and ARAI. Last month COP26 an individual's IOP over an investigation into eye (CCT) – either by natural Glaucoma is a disease of President Rt HonAlok Sharma MP visited India to strengthen extended period would help geometry and how this occurrence or a common the optic nerve which is our partnership on climate change in advance of the summit to significantly increase affects the interaction with procedure like laser eye estimated to affect 79.6 in Glasgow this year. The UK was the first major economy to their chances of soundwaves, it is possible surgery. million people world-wide commit to cut emissions to net zero by 2050.” maintaining their vision. to use a smartphone to A thin CCT causes and, if left untreated, causes ARAI undertakes multidisciplinary and collaborative Soundwaves used as a accurately measure IOP artificially low readings of irreversible damage. In applied research in the field of vehicular exhaust and ambient mobile measurement from the comfort of the IOP when using applanation most cases, blindness can air quality management. A comprehensive India specific method would detect user's home.” tonometry. The only way to be prevented with database of vehicular emissions and source profiles has been increasing values of IOP, Risk factors for other eye verify the reading is by a appropriate control and developed at ARAI and the same is being extensively used by Indian researchers for conducting their studies at various locations. The organisation undertakes projects on development and evaluation of alternate fuel engines and projects to understand the challenges with the use of alternate fuels, emissions and performance. ARAI also supports automotive and component industry through developmental and certification testing at its Centre of Excellence in E-mobility 'FMGs SHOULD ALSO GET STATE QUOTA IN NEET PG COUNSELLING' The NEET PG 2021 is on 18th April, 2021. The counselling will begin and during the same, the aspirants who have done UG from India will get State as well as All India Quota but, the FMGs will not get State quota being the citizen of that state and they are only eligible for All India Quota. The Foreign graduates are completely stuck as they do not get State quota and it is very difficult for them to get a seat of their choice for PG degrees. They are hence not treated as the citizens of their home state and they are given counselling in NEET PG only on the basis of All India Quota not the State Quota. Indian students who completed MBBS abroad in countries like Russia, China, Philippines, Georgia, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Bangladesh & other foreign countries must clear MCI Exam for Foreign Medical Graduates to get the license to practice in India.

16 Curriculum March16, 2021 News UpdatePsotpouri/Extra News Veteran entrepreneur Dr Sanjay Gupta Publishers should work towards receives honorary doctorate degree from OIUCM Colombo NEP objective of making India a Dr Sanjay Gupta, Ramagya School affiliated to Wall, Open Doors and the ancient scriptures in an Chairman, Ramagya Group CBSE & CIE boards is school's own customised engaging and interesting knowledge society: Chairman, has been awarded doctorate located in the heart of Noida, 'flexi learn technology' at the way to enhance their life degree by the Open Sector 50. The school's secondary and senior skills and prepare them for NBT International University for enviable scholastic and co- secondary level. The leadership roles. The school complementary medicines scholastic attainments are curriculum followed at has also incorporated Prof Govind Prasad Sharma, Chairman, National Book – Colombo (OIUCM- attributed to an eclectic mix Ramagya boasts of its global Transcendental Meditation Trust, India, Ministry of Education, Govt of India today Colombo, Sri Lanka) for his of faculty having more than lineage with wide-ranging as a 'Quiet Time Programme' urged the publishers to work towards the objective of the exceptional contribution to 15 years of teaching core subjects, students and for children and teachers New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 in order to make India a education sector and his experience. As part of the teachers exchange which helps in minimizing knowledge-based society. service to the mankind. The management policies, programme for global anxiety, managing stress and Addressing the virtual session 'CEO Speak – a forum for degree was bestowed on Dr teachers of Ramagya School exposure and an ideal also improve brain publishing' on the theme NEP 2020: Role & Opportunities Sanjay Gupta at a Noida are regularly student-teacher ratio of functioning thus making for Publishers & Content Creators, organized by FICCI, conferment ceremony held attending international and 25:1. For a greater balance teaching and learning a jointly with NBT India, Prof Sharma said that books play an at Kualalumpur in national seminars and of mind-body-soul, simple and enjoyable important role in education and without books it is not Malaysia. conferences thus broadening Ramagya School has activity. In sports education, possible to get modern education. “Books are needed in With the potential to excel their horizons of academic devised education as a way the Ramagyans have special today's education. To create a global citizen with knowledge and the desire to succeed, Dr excellence both at national as of life for the students under access to Noida's top sports we need to have books designed in that format. It is time for Sanjay Gupta has well as international its roof. Programmes like academy (Ramagya Sports quality education,” he asserted. accomplished various feats platforms. 'Know your Brain' and 'Baal Academy) that offers world- Speaking on the vision of NEP, Prof Sharma said that it and won prestigious awards Ramagya School, Noida is Saathee' help in promoting class training in 35+ sports, clearly says that Indian education system should be designed and recognitions from one of the trendsetter schools physical, emotional and in association with Indian on Indian values. NEP also envisages India to become the renowned institutes of the in India due to its psychological wellness of sports legends like MS knowledge hub. “We need to create content for creating a country. For his contemporary teaching the students and boost their Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, and knowledge-based economy and NEP will have to be kept in extraordinary contribution pedagogies which confidence to achieve Bhaichung Bhutia. mind while creating the content,” he added. to education, he has also incorporate best practices of greater heights. Also, Ramagya School has also The NEP 2020, Prof Sharma said also includes structural been conferred the Asia Maria Montessori, Howard programmes like 'Geeta joined hands with globally changes and pre-school education is now under the ambit of Pacific Achievers Award by Gardner's multiple Saar' and 'Stories of acclaimed and famed the policy. “Publishers will now have to design content and Uttar Pradesh Chief intelligence, Montessori Panchtantra' help the universities and books, even for the pre-school students. This is a new Minister YogiAdityanath. Learning Corridors, students by imparting organizations such as opportunity for the industry. We will have to design content Accepting the honorary Reflective Corners, Word wisdom and knowledge of UCLA, Cambridge for almost 1 crore new students,” he said. doctorate , Dr. Sanjay University, British Council Prof Sharma also stated that the NEP 2020 also focuses on Gupta, Chairman, Ramagya and Goethe Institute, regional languages which is also an opportunity for the Group said, “I am honoured Germany, which share the industry to tap. Publishers will get a new opportunity to to have been awarded this common goal of enhancing create content in different languages for students. doctorate. I would like to student learning. The Speaking on the quality of education, Prof Sharma said, express my great collaborations have been “Average is over. It is now time for quality education.” To appreciation for this made with a commitment to achieve this, we all stakeholders must design the content recognition of our efforts enrich educational keeping quality as the base and it should be independent. towards transforming the experiences for the students. He further urged the industry to come forward and take country's education system For these reasons, Ramagya advantage of the immense opportunities arising in the sector. on international platform. In School, Noida has been We must work to make India a capable nation with a way, it has added to my voted as one of the top 5 knowledgeable society along with good citizen, noted Prof responsibilities of senior secondary schools in Sharma. continuing to live by Delhi- NCR and is also Ratnesh Jha, Chair, FICCI Publishing Committee said that as example while taking listed amongst the 30 great we start the new academic session this year, we see the Ramagya Group of Schools Indian Schools. learnings of digital side along with other innovative ways of to the next level of publishing segment will help us create a more holistic excellence.” ecosystem. “We need to see publishing as an industry a part of the larger ecosystem. We need to be integrated with NEP 2020. While framing policy is one thing but executing policy is an area where we play a very important role,” he added. Over 3000 children participate in National WE INVITE YOU TO BECOME PART OF FinanZe Quiz INDIA'S EDUCATION STORY! The National FinanZe quiz, supported by NSE saw participation from 3250 students across the country. The You can advertise in curriculum magazine or and also put an advertorial quiz held between 6-28th February with preliminary, highlighting your company/services/campus/ products etc. This will greatly regional and national rounds saw 1211 participants from the support your marketing effort and encheantnrce efoyr oouner vyeiasrib-il2i0t2y1-a22ndwirthecoanlgloivnaglusuepport. North, 119 participants from the East, 588 and 1622 with your current and potential clientRsegular assessment and training of the students will be participants from the West and South respectively. Explaining the large number of participants, Sachin Ravi, the conducted to ensure that they are given the best co-founder of QShala says, “Internet penetration in the treatment. country has helped students to expand the boundaries of Tracing FICCI Flo Kolkata's association with Samaritan regular K-12 education and learn more about the subject that Help Mission, Mrs Chamaria, said, “Our association with interests them. A large number of participants from across Samaritan Help Mission began last year when we had an the country for a finance quiz is a testimony to this fact.” Raghav Chakravarthy, the co-founder of QShala commented OUR FOCUSopportunity to help provide entrepreneurial training to on the success of the quiz, by saying, “The National FinanZe some ladies from the local community. The work, the Quiz aimed to kindle the interest in financial literacy, vision, and the passion with which Mr. Mamoon Akhtar money-saving, investing and other such topics from a young (founder of Samaritan Mission School) has gone about age. The National FinanZe Quiz is a great initiator for this landmark transformation, touching hundreds of lives children to start their financial journey, and parents have come back to us thanking us for bringing such open — We cover latest news, producatnldauhenlpchbueislt,acbuertrteernctomevmeunittsy, atonudchterdeunsd, asnd we conversation to the table.” — News features, Guest Articles,tdhEeacxtidpheederitstodchooeilnlpgu.smtIrtennissgtthoetnhahtisenhdantdhsatinthteheocncoubpleatwioonrakl — Career counselling, Skill Indiath,eEranptyrecpernetrneeuforrshsippescially-abled children was Occupational Therapy Centre at Samaritan — School/College /university evevnistusalised.” Mission School — Achievements by students, faculty, institutions — Education Technology — Study Abroad Kolkata FLO opened up an Occupational Therapy Centre — Institution/people profiles with the launch of Samaritan Mission School centre at Howrah. “Occupational therapy has evidenced progress in a range of disabilities starting from cerebral palsy to Autism to physical disabilities. It works on sensory and cognitive problems besides physical issues. It helps people get independent in their daily activities, build self-esteem, and can help academic performance as well,” said Mrs Sunira Chamaria, Kolkata Flo Chairperson. Mamoon Akhtar, Founder of Samaritan Mission School, thanked the FICCI Flo team .

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