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Talking about sports

Published by ronnel, 2021-10-31 05:33:01

Description: Talking about sports


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Do you like sports? I enjoy some I really love I have always I can watch Sport is my sports. watching any been really sports all day favorite type of sports. sporty. pastime. long.

Do you like sports? I don’t enjoy I feel bored I am not really I feel sleepy I am not into watching when watching sporty. watching sports, to be sports. sports. sports. honest.

Team Sports Individual Sports Football Basketball Diving Swimming Volleyball Hockey Golf Badminton Water Polo Baseball Ice Skating Cricket Martial Arts Rugby Lacrosse Archery Skiing Handball Tennis Gymnastics

Categories of sports PLAY If it is a sports with a ball, we use the verb PLAY. Ex. I play baseball, He plays football, Jack plays tennis DO If it is a sports without a ball, we use the verb DO. Ex. I do ballet, He does gymnastics, Jack does yoga every morning GO If it is a sports without a ball, and are usually end in I-N-G form, we use the verb GO. Ex. I go swimming, Jack likes to go skiing, He goes climbing.

Practice! Choose among Play, Go, and Do She _______ volleyball He _______ cycling

He _______ gymnastics I _______ surfing John _______ baseball

She _______ ballet They _______ taekwondo He _______ skiing

He _______ football He _______ basketball They _______ diving

Answer the following questions in a short/A4 bond paper 1. What is your favorite sport? ___________________________ 2. Why do you like it? ________________________________________________________________ 3. How often do you play it? _________________________________________________________________ 4. When do you play it? _________________________________________________________________ 5. Where do you play it? ______________________________________________________________ 6. Who do you play it with? _______________________________________________________________

7. Is it a team sport or individual sport? _________________________________________________________________________ 8. What equipment do you usually need to do it? _________________________________________________________________________ 9. What do you usually wear when you play it? ________________________________________________________________________ 10. Who is your favorite sport champion? ________________________________________________________________________ 11. Why do you like him/her? _________________________________________________________________________ 12. What sport does he/she play? _________________________________________________________________________ 13. How will you describe him/her? ___________________________________________________________________________

Answer the following questions in a short/A4 bond paper

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