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DEPARTMENT OF MEDIA STUDIES School of Arts and Humanities, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Presents Pop Culture RAABTA SPECIAL EDITION VOLUME 4 | APRIL 2022

RAABTA is a flagship fest organized by the Media Studies Association ‘MESTA’ under the Department of Media Studies, CHRIST (Deemed to be University, Bannerghatta Road Campus, Bangalore. One of the most eagerly awaited bi-annual fest held in the University, Raabta, takes place over two days and includes numerous riveting workshops that beguiles extensive participation from Media Studies students. Since inception, Pop Culture has been defined as “what was left once high culture (of the elite) was defined.” This understanding of popular culture developed owing to its study by scholars belonging to affluent classes with niche cultural capital. Soon, the study of popular culture went through its phase of decoloniality and its conventional meanings were contested. These ambiguities have an important bearing on the study of popular culture, since they make it very hard to specify an easily agreed object of study. What ‘counts’ as popular culture depends to some extent on whether you are interested in what meanings are pro- duced by or for ‘the people’, and whether you actually take these meanings as evidence of ‘what the public wants’ or of ‘what the public gets to see.’ The intriguing theme aims to explore pop culture and the demographics that revolve around it. We bring to you workshops ranging from Video Games, Cover Art, Comic Book Making, and K-Pop fusion besides competitions and exciting performances. This year, RAABTA, will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of April. This two-day coveted fest brings along numerous intriguing and engrossing workshops ranging from Cosplay, Cover Art, Comic Bookmaking, Video Gaming and K-pop. As RAABTA begins with some riveting cultural and band performances, we welcome all the spectators from every nook and corner to witness one of the most enthralling fests of the Media Studies Association of CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bannerghatta Road Campus.

Workshop on the Role of Media in our Lives Reporters : Toshank Bhardwaj (2JOUH) | Varnikha Shekar (2JOUH) | Rupam Shukla (2JOUH) The beginning of ‘Raabta,’ the flagship event and Pop Culture. The presentation aimed at of the Media Studies Association (MESTA), enlightening the staff about the media around was marked on 9th April, 2022. With the idea them and enhancing their skills relating to the of connecting with one and all, the first pre- same. The staff was taught about various social buzz workshop was dedicated to the support media platforms and online banking systems. staff aiming to spread awareness about the event revolving around Pop Culture. The event Sharing their experience about the entire event, was divided into two segments, the first being one of the staff members said “We were glad to an introductory ice-breaking session which was be a part of the event, the information was new followed by a presentation on the origin and to us and we were excited to explore the features. evolution of pop culture. In the first segment, the Games were a kind of stress buster for us. We got staff was involved in fun activities like ‘passing the opportunity to sing and dance which was a the parcel’ and ‘Antakshari’ which was followed wonderful memory we would be cherishing.” The by a dance by one of the representatives of the success of the event was also the result of the MESTA committee. The support staff was seen hardships of the organizing committee. Speaking tapping their feet to some Telugu, Hindi, and about their plan of action, Organizing Committee Kannada dance hits and some melodious musical member Surabhi Suresh Quoted “We conducted ode by their fellow mates. Further, the event was a survey and tried to identify the awareness followed by an interactive learning session by about pop culture amongst the non-teaching MESTA volunteers. staff. The survey helped us in planning the entire event.” The event was concluded with a Q&A The second half of the session consisted of session aiming to answer the queries regarding a PowerPoint presentation on Media Literacy the session.

Pre Buzz Workshop KPOP Reporters : Snigdha Chatterjee (2JOUH) | Ananya Zharotia (2JOUH) The Raabta buzz hit the campus early on asked to share their favourite K-pop band and by the 12th of April. A pre-buzz workshop on if they have any experience in dance. There was Kpop Dance was organized in the Seminar a warm-up exercise to popular K-pop songs like Hall of CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Money, Mic Drop and Tomboy. Some of the Bannerghatta Road Campus. Kpop is the Korean Faculty members also shook a leg, joining the Pop music industry that has gained immense practice to Itzy Loco. The participants learnt global recognition and its well-coordinated and the essence of Kpop as they danced to Crazy well-choreographed dances create a special Love. There was a break for refreshments and distinction as well. more popular dances from the Kpop Band BTS were taught. The session continued till 4:15 pm The event was hosted by Tanmay and Anaira followed by a note of thanks by the Emcees. The while students from the events committee event was a success and the participants and grooved to a few dance steps. The guest dance guests left the location content and satisfied. group was introduced by the emcees. We were graced by Sanjana, Moon and Sneha, who very On being asked the guests’ experience enthusiastically took over the workshop and with Christes, they said “We had super fun, made friends with the participants. The Faculty everybody was like, so nice and they are very members presented tokens of appreciation quick learners and it’s very nice that they’ve followed by an address by the guests. incorporated k-pop in this mesta thing, like more people get to know about it.” As the workshop began participants were

INAUGURATION CEREMONY Reporters: Sakshi Gupta | Muskaan Kukreja The inauguration, held on April 22, 2022, event was that pop culture has some- marked the beginning of the fourth edi- thing for everyone and is ever- evolving. tion of the Raabta and set the tone for The event began with the lighting of the the six workshops that followed. The lamp by the dignitaries and the MESTA theme of this year’s Raabta, organized by heads, followed by the gathering being the Media Studies Association (MESTA), addressed by Dr. Pradeep Thomas (MES- which was the first mega event in the TA coordinator), Director Dr. Father Biju college post-pandemic, was ‘Pop Culture: K. C., and HOD of the Media Depart- Make it Pop.’ ment, Dr. Parashurama Kamath. Held in the main auditorium of CHRIST It then moved on to what was arguably (Deemed to be University), Bannerghat- the highlight of the inauguration- the ta Road Campus, the event was charac- stand-up comedy set by Sahil Shah. He terised with Dr. B.K. Ravi as the keynote had the audience in stitches from his speaker. Sahil Shah, the famous stand-up very first sentence - “I have performed comedian and the founder of the East In- for twelve years. This is the first time I’ve dia Comedy was the guest of honor. The done a show at 9 o’clock in the morning.” director Dr Fr Biju KC and the faculty and His comedy set had everything - improv, students of the Media Studies Depart- observational comedy, crowd work and ment graced the inauguration. audience interaction, and a stable envi- Pop Culture can be defined as “a set of ronment of joy and laughter. Following his comical bits was a Q and A session practices, beliefs, and objects with a mix of humorous and slightly con- that are dominant or preva- troversial questions. lent in a society at a given point in time.” However, “Pop culture has a recurring message disseminated by the made global society a reality.” By B K Ravi

The inauguration also consisted of band ing the global reach of K-pop). According performances to match the enthusiasm, to Dr. Ravi, pop culture is a highly inclu- as students cheered to the rhythms of sive phenomenon - nobody is an out- Hridayam, Limitless, and Parindey. cast. The event came to an end with Dr. B. K. Everything drew to an end with the Ravi’s address. In his speech, the keynote Events Committee Head, Ayesha speaker captured the media’s strengths, Rathore, thanking the event’s or- the social responsibility that comes in- ganisers and sponsors on behalf of tertwined with it, and the very essence the Media Department. of pop culture. His speech moved effort- lessly between Indian culture (wherein the Indian cinema was referred to as a ‘dream factory’) and the culture of other parts of the world (a glaring example be- “Saare jahaan se achcha, Sahil Shah humara” Photo Credits: Vandita, Aneesh, Jishnu

VIDEO GAME DESIGNING Designing Games! Devising futuristic entertainment “The way you play the game transcends languages. ” By Mayur Bhimjiyani

Reporters: Hemaxi Agrawal | NL Shrinidhi The two day workshop of Video Game de- to reach you than water”, commentedn Mr. signing as a part of the bi-ennial cultural fest Bhimjiyani while detailing the utility and ac- Raabta, organised by MESTA, in BGR campus cessibility of the video game market. kickstarted on the 22nd and 23rd April from Furthermore, the concept video of his up- 1.30pm at room no. 505. The workshop su- coming project ‘Underworld-Mayanagari’ pervised by the faculty incharge Dr. Ajay Ku- was played to outline the pertinent struc- mar had the august presence of Mr. Mayur tures of game concepts such as genre, tar- Bhimjiyani who encouraged the participants get audience and character functions. An en- to produce as much creative content as pos- gaging Q&A session followed, during which sible by familiarisng them with the tangible questions about the customer base, psyche skills required for doing so. “Imitate, Innovate behind outreach of diverse game genres, and and Invent”, said Mr. Bhimjiyani as a three- moral hindrances of a new age developer fold funda to make it big in the industry. were answered. The workshop began with the emcees wel- The next day of the workshop had students coming the guest of honor Mr Mayur Bhim- brainstorming compelling game concepts as jiyani, the faculty incharge Dr. Ajay Kumar, a part of an activity. The stimulating prompt and the enthusiastic participants. Mr. Bhim- - a mobile game concept on the theme ‘Uni- jiyani, is the studio chief of Hypernova, an versity’, was assigned by Mr. Bhimjiyani for interactive game studio known for develop- this. Gayathary K. Menon with her cross-plat- ing games like Farmville & Castleville, among form game concept ‘Uni-WAR-sity’, a student others. He set forth the session by providing of 3rd year BBA (FIB) said “To get first hand an outlook on the current status of the vid- experience from a person in the field made eo game industry in India and its challenges, all the difference” when asked about the emphasizing the dearth of game developers. takeaways from the workshop.The myriad Additionally, aspects like the nuances of the of vibrant ideas brought to the table by the creative economy, escapism through video students such as zombie apocalypse, multi- games, and booming viewership of Indian lo- player sports tournaments, story running and cal language content on streaming platforms various others corroborated Mr. Bhimjiyani’s were discussed. “It’s easier for a [video] game teachings. Media Fest 2022 Photo Credits: Shrinidhi

FUSION MUSIC Anvanti Nagral leads the enthralled participants into The World of Music “When it comes to arts or music, nothing is original. Everything is drawn from something and that’s what it makes beautiful” By Avanti Nagral Photo Credits: Mahek Khan

Reporters: Likitha Sudhir and Cassandra C Carvalho The two-day workshop on fusion music sponse exercises progressed into complex lyric-drafting techniques. conducted as a part of Raabta , a biennial Avanti believes that the strongest element flagship event hosted by the Department of music is the emotion and energy that confluences with the vibrations and char- of Media Studies, at CHRIST (Deemed to acteristics of sound. She not only made the participants adept with technical knowl- be University) BGR Campus, commenced edge but also emphasized the evolution of music, its symbolism, psychological and so- on April 22, 2022. The attendees were ciological aspects, and its diverse genres. To put it in her own words; “ Rhythm is a way overjoyed to learn that the guest host was man can move in an organised manner.” Kriti Giri, a first year student of Journal- Avanti Nagral. Avanti is a Harvard graduate ism Honours, who was a participant of the workshop, shared with us how she didn’t who has been interested in Indian music expect the workshop to be as lively, engag- ing and fun as it got. In the words of Abhyu- since her childhood. She got her passion for dai Sinha, a first year student of Econom- ics, Media Studies and Political Science, music from her father, who plays the tab- “The event has been really exhilarating, I’ve been a fan of Avanti for a very long time, la as a hobby. She started her training in so it is really unreal for me right now.” On Day 2, the participants continued to work Shastriya Sangeet right after moving back on their original compositions. They creat- ed an amalgamation of various genres and to India. languages, primarily imbibing Hindi and English phrases into their lyrics and fusing On day 1 of the workshop, Avanti main- tunes. tained a continuous creative spurt amongst the attendees, despite conducting a five- hour workshop! She initiated the introduc- tion with a twist, by asking the audience to state their names by preceding with an ad- jective to describe themselves. She gradual- ly explained the integration of various tech- nical concepts to the participants through short group exercises that stimulated and enthralled them. Tasks involved drumming to a metronome, singing at various pitch- es and even com- posing songs from random words. Simple call and re-

COVER ART INSPIRATION IS EVERYWHERE Gothic beginnings to 50 covers under her name - Saloni Sinha EXPLORE AND EXPERIMENT Photo Credits: Jishnu Sinha

Reporters: Manush Shah | Nidhi Premkumar Under the ‘Pop culture’ theme of Raabta and the final output. This was followed by 2022 - the flagship event of MESTA - a an interaction with the fellow participants two-day Cover Art workshop was orga- in which she answered questions on vari- nized at CHRIST (Deemed to be) Universi- ous topics from interpretation of music to ty, BGR Campus, for digital art enthusiasts artists’ block and her fascination towards who have a penchant for the latest pop natural elements. After this, she encour- culture references. Professional designer aged the participants to choose an album and illustrator, Saloni Sinha, who has made or a song for which they wished to design over 50 album cover artworks over the last a cover and to then experiment with their decade, was the guest facilitator for this creativity. The manifestation of their ideas event. was then dis- The workshop played through began with Ms a presentation Sinha giving an of these art- introduction works by the about her jour- students. ney and the unique style On day two, and inspiration the participants that she derives proceeded to from nature. digitize their She also briefed rough sketch- the participants es which they’d with the dras- further made tic evolution of changes to her artistic jour- based on the ney from her guest’s feed- “gothic” teen- back. Post-dig- age years to her itization, there current “contemporary” twenties. With was yet another over 50 album cover pieces to her credit presentation of the participants’ completed over the past decade, Ms Sinha even in- pieces, and the pieces were also displayed troduced some of her past works to the for the audience to view. In the words of enthusiastic participants which ranged Ms Sinha, “My art has evolved over the from album covers, gig posters to music years, and what it is now represents who I videos. She highlighted two of her past am as a person today”. The workshop was works - Machine Men for Riatsu and IV al- a great success with participants saying bum cover for Amogh Symphony - and ex- they “learnt several new and artistic skills” plained the development process for each, which would “supplement their interest” right from the ink sketch to its digitisation and help them further explore the world of Cover Art. Media Fest 2022

COMIC ART Caricatures in print! Reporters: Vishal V Prabakarn | Nupur Bosmiya On April 22nd, 2022, Christ Universi- accordance, he called students to his table ty BGR Campus kicked off with the as he pens down a simple comic based on celebrations for Raabta 2022, the biennial the COVID-19 vaccine. Mr. Chandrashek- workshop fest, one of which was the Com- har was extremely happy with the work ic Book Making Workshop. This workshop the participants put in, “The students are was conducted by Mr. V.R.Chandrashek- very interested, they are very good”, he har, a renowned cartoonist. The workshop fondly noted. commenced at 1:45 pm in the presence of After he executed this small visual les- Dr. Neelatphal Chanda, faculty coordina- son, he assigned the students to make tor and other participants. their own comic sheet of four panels. Par- Mr. Chadrashekhar introduced the art of ticipants promptly got to work using the cartooning and explained that it started in materials provided. Mr. Chandrashekhar the British Era but flourished in India. Fol- took some time to solve any doubts and lowing this history snippet, he dove right provide expert guidance on building a sto- into the artistry and started off by drawing ryline. Following this, participants were faces. The participants were later told that allowed to showcase their work to the this was done to show them how the inten- speaker and dispersed soon after. There sity of each expression can be presented in were, however, discordant expectations multiple ways. The next examples were all about the workshop from the students, tips that students must keep in mind while Talat, from third year Economics, Media drawing a cartoon. He explained how age Studies and Political Science course, not- and profession can be easily expressed ed, “I had different expectations from the through simple techniques like drawing a workshop, it was still very good, but I was large forehead or drawing the eyes closer together. expecting to learn how Going a step further, he to construct a comic, in- also drew some examples, stead we learnt how to like a woman doing puja at turn one caricature into an anthill, out of which a another and one emotion snake jumps out startling to another.” While the air her. With his illustrations stayed abuzz with illus- at hand, he was able to trations, the participants show the students the di- were extremely delighted versity of the cartoons. In and satisfied with their presentations of skill and Photo Credits: Aneesh | Shrinidhi

“Comic art is the very foundation of a rich heritage and culture, that doesn’t fail to impart important messages and values to the public” By V.R.Chandrashekhar FOLLOW YOUR PASSION Media Fest 2022

K POP Vibing off with Hallyu Media Fest 2022 Photo Credits: Vandita Arya

Reporters: Nikita Nag | Michelle Singh | Shumbam Kumar The K-Pop workshop of Raabta ‘22 was con- Twice. By the end of the first day, participants ducted by MESTA on 22 and 23 April, 2022, had, with the accommodative guidance of the at Christ (Deemed to be University), BGR guests, learnt the choreography to two of the Campus starting from 1:50 PM on day 1. The six chosen songs and fine-tuned their perfor- workshop was conducted by the K-Pop group mance to those. Helix, consisting of Sanjana, Moon and Sne- ha, all experienced dancers in the field. The On day two, the participants completed the guests set out to teach the participants cho- choreography of the remaining songs as four reography to parts of six different songs, to separate groups and put up a complete per- be performed within a total time span of four formance of the moves they had learned over minutes at the end of the second day of this the course of the nearly 6-hour long work- workshop series. shop. Participants were deeply appreciative of the teaching style of the members of Helix. The event was managed by the faculty in- Muskan Yadav, from Second Year Journalism charge, Dr Embassy Lawbei, and the student Honours, stated that “[they] were consider- volunteers who ensured its smooth running ate of the difficulties faced by the beginners” from start to finish. The workshop, attended and enabled them to learn “at their own pace by enthusiastic and excited participants, also and under proper guidance”. The choreogra- acted as a medium through which a common phers (Helix) also spoke of how they sought appreciation and love for K-Pop culture was to dispel misconceptions of relating K-Pop showcased. Students learned the steps to ex- to “femininity” or “homosexuality”, and rath- tremely popular songs such as Fake Love by er highlighted the pride and joy one obtains BTS, How You Like That by BlackPink from being able to hail and Fancy by themselves as K-Pop dancers.

Breaking the Stigma with COSPLAY Reporters: Anwesha Banerjee | Avni Bohra | Priyanjali Papni The Cosplay workshop was an enthralling patterns, how to pick a character in cosplay experience wherein the students experi- and how to choose the basic material. Ro- enced the various dimensions of dressing up hit Kailashya sprayed and showed how to and curating costumes. The event was con- remove and add colour to the material if re- ducted under Raabta, a biennial workshop quired. He said some of the basic materials series by MESTA, the Media Studies Depart- which are used to make the costumes are ment of Christ (Deemed-to-be) University. EVA foam sheet, pattern box cutter, pen, and The workshop was conducted by the guest heat gun. lecturer Rohit Kailashiya A.K.A Redemption On a concluding note, while sharing his peri- Prop and Vanna Calista Da’Costa. Rohit is a ence about the workshop, Mr. Kailashya said professional cosplayer and costume designer “The workshop was really fun. This was my for the past 10 years. He specializes in prop first time doing a workshop with complete making and weapon making. TheCosplay amateurs. We started with very basics and workshop was conducted on April 22, 2022 went into details.” Ms.Vanna further said, “I and April 23, 2022 at classroom number 702 had a lot of fun, I’m an extrovert person and and was attended by 10 participants and meeting new people and helping them the MESTA faculty coordinator, Dr. Pradeep was an amazing ex- perience.” “Not be- Thomas. ing a crafty person, to be able to create While talking about people’s initial expe- armor by myself was something unbeliev- rience as a cosplay artist, Rohit said that able. This workshop has broadened my un- people do feel anxious about being judged. derstanding of what cosplay really is.”- Tan- Finding the first character is always difficult. ishq Rathore, a first year Journalism Honors However, the field of cosplay has no bound- student. In a nutshell, participants really en- aries and no gender or racial bias, i.e., no re- joyed attending the workshop. Many partic- striction at all. ipants who were hitherto unaware of how Although cosplay can be an individual activ- cosplay really works learned that cosplay is ity and performed solo it is always recom- not only about dressing up a character but mended to perform cosplay in groups as be- also to make costumes from scratch and ing in a group in cosplay is a lot more fun and representing a character. makes you feel more confident and secure. From learning as basic things as sticking The unavailability of material for cosplay is a EVA sheets using fevibond or cutting out huge drawback as a lot of material needs to paper with the help of a cutter to making ar- be imported from abroad. mors and presenting their costumes in the The guest displayed how to make armour cosplay show to the masses, this 2-day Cos- by giving the participants props and tools to play workshop was nothing less than a series make it. The guests also taught how to make of learning experiences and a lot of fun! Photo Credits: Mahek Khan

“Cosplay is a medium to explore all sorts of hobbies.” By Rohit Kailashiya

INTERVIEW WITH SAHIL SHAH EAST INDIA COMEDY By Muskaan Kukreja Photo Credits: Aneesh Media Fest 2022

Today, the Press Committee brings to you Sahil Shah - a man who has actually made a career out of stringing words into sentences – almost as if to tell us writers and journalists that there is still hope. Sahil Shah hails from a family of doctors. He is a stand-up comedian because he had to continue this legacy, and, after all, laughter is the best medicine. Along with being a stand-up comedian, he is also a writer, an emcee, an all-around punster, and has given a TED talk. WE CALL THIS INTERVIEW EPISODE ‘SOUTH INDIA COMEDY.’ Since you’re a co-founder of East India spread laughter; they suppress it.” Comedy, could you tell us how the comedy group came into being? How do you take a break from your career? Do you just stop being funny? Sahil Shah does not just call it the story (Note to reader: “The best way to take breaks of how EIC came into being. Instead, in his from careers is you perform and then do an version, it is how “four lonely people who interview backstage” – Sahil Shah) found friends.” The short version of this story is based in a Sahil did not hesitate before saying, time when comedy in India didn’t exist on such “Honestly, my career is a break.” A big part of a recognized scale as it does now. Sahil loved his work is watching and consuming content, Sourabh Pant’s work, and Sapan Verma was which is what most people do while taking a his college friend. One day, they, along with break. “Everything that I read, everything that the fourth member, Kunal Rao, decided to do I watch, every person that I meet – everything a show together, which later translated into can be a potential story.” East India Comedy and everything it stands for today. How did the pandemic affect your career besides your shows being canceled or put on a What is it with every comedy group choosing temporary halt? three letters of the English alphabet – AIB, BJP, TVF, and EIC, to name a few? To this question, the comedian’s response (Note to reader: Sahil Shah stays as far from was, “It didn’t.” Sahil was quick to adapt to the controversy as the people on this campus do new way of living digitally. from the airport. While he called this a good He recalls his favorite day during the pandemic question, he tried his best not to give an answer – the 23rd of March, 2020. While on the one that would land him in trouble.) hand, the Prime Minister of the nation asked everyone to bang thalis at 5 PM during the His theory is that everyone took random Janta Curfew, on the other, Sahil Shah did a words and strung them together. The terms did show from 3:35 to 4:45. When his performance not have any meaning, except for, of course, the ended, the entire country applauded him and second. However, he did draw attention to the his comedy. “The entire country is going tang contrasting ways of operation; the comedian tang tang; I’m on my balcony going, “Thank said with humor dripping from his tongue, “We you, guys!” Media Fest 2022

bnms,jInterview with Mr. Arko Mukherjee By Snigdha C Photo Credits: Jishnu

This interview is of the chief guest of the entire event, yes the very talented Arko Pravo Mukherjee. He has not only left a mark on the Indian music industry but also has been a global inspiration to us all. After pursuing medi- cine for quite a while Mr. Mukherjee has shown us what it truly is to follow your dreams without being worried about any repercussions. Who would you say is your inspiration? Is hobby musician like my mother but I found the passion for singing a family thing or the courage I mean it did take me a while have you been exploring on your own? but I found the courage” “Yes this passion runs in the family, like a typical bengali family we have been hearing Who do you think is the best in the industry, everyone sing but I belong to an academic someone you’d be honored to work with? family so nobody has really taken up arts as “ Well it has been AR Rahman for quite a long a career per say, nobody from my family has time now, I think just before high school we been from the entertainment background. are all very emotionally vulnerable and that We are all hobby musicians so to speak is when I was introduced to AR Rahman’s and also to answer the first question, it is music and yea I really look forward to very difficult to just point out one person working with him. It might happen sooner although as a bengali kid I was always forced than you think maybe the end of this year to listen to rabindranath tagore i mean now but I will refrain from saying more” i know what that means and how beautiful it is but at that time it was a bit boring for How was your experience in Christ a child so naturally the mind gets attracted University and Bangalore? to something that is drastically different so “By Jesus Christ it has been great, and i went for rock and edm music but now as i ofcourse I love being in colleges and for look back rabindranath tagore is one of the two years now everything was online and most inspiring musicians in my life for sure” we were not visiting anywhere so it was not really fun. Being in a college where media What made you choose music as a career studies is a primary subject is absolutely after you had already been pursuing music great because I am involved with this for a while? field somewhere or the other. And I love “ I did not really choose music I just found bangalore as a city I have been to bangalore the courage to chase it as a profession, I several times and I am sure that I can be think these things choose you, I would have prove to be a good tour guide for some of played music even if I did not explore this these places here” career option, I probably would have been a

THE FINALE Reporters: Sohini Banerjee The second day of Raabta commenced with of the six workshops - Kpop Dancing, Game the highlights of the eventful first day at the Designing, Cosplay, Cover Art Making, Com- Main Auditorium of CHRIST BGR Campus. ic Art Making, Fusion Music - started to give Trailers, teasers and promotional videos final touches to what they learnt and pro- were aired while the crowd eagerly awaited duced the previous day. After the first ses- the Slam Poetry performance by Ms Chan- sion, the participants, volunteers and guests drama Deshmukh. The artist enthralled the parted for a break by the mid-day, gearing audience with her pleasing spoken word pre- up for the most exciting part of the fest. sentation. She performed two poems dedi- As soon as the break ended, the Main Au- ditorium started swarming with attendees. cating to her mother. Half an hour into It was time for the ‘cherry-on-the-top’ part the beginning of the programme, of Raabta’22. The auditorium roared with Team Moodboard, a magnificent applause as it welcomed Mr Arko Pravo electric rock band from CHRIST Mukherjee, an eminent artist of the Bolly- BGR took to the stage and what wood music fraternity. Taking us on a sweet followed was thirty min- tour of melodic nostalgia, Arko performed utes of pure magic! some of his classic hits, including Nazm As the Nazm and Dariya. Students across different beau- courses couldn’t help but crowd the audi- tiful torium and wave to the musical magic he perfor- sprinkled. mances After what felt like an intoxication of the ended, Ms most beautiful kind, it was time for the most Avanti Nagral exciting Talent Display of the workshop at- took to stage tendees. The participants of Kpop Dance, and swayed the Fusion Music and Cosplay presented their crowd to her tunes performances in the main auditorium, while of melody! As time the art created by the participants of Cov- passed by it was time er Art, Comic Art and Game Designing were for workshop participants exhibited and displayed digitally. It was a to move back to their re- wonderful show of how much the partici- spective allotted venues, pants had learned and created in a span of and prepare for their just a few hours. mega presentation. Over the next couple of hours, all the participants “Music comes from heart and you have to feel it, then it becomes directly connected to your emotions!” By Avanti Nagral

As we neared the valedictory session of goofy committee videos of the heads and Raabta by late afternoon, The Head of the their volunteers, followed by the teaser to Department of Media Studies, Dr Parashu- Khwabeeda Talkies 2023. The mood of the rama Kamath emotionally yet cheerfully auditorium turned emotional as the overall addressed the august gathering. Following MESTA Heads - Aaditya and Bartika - paid this, The Raabta Edition of The CU Edge their gratitude and bid goodbye to Raabta. was launched by The Press Club heads - The two days of fun, chaos and madness Sohini and Dhriti - which was a beautiful finally came to an end with the beautiful amalgamation of everything that went on aftermovie that played, as everyone left for the two days. the venue with sighs and smiles on their A surprise element to the valedictory had faces. been lined up. What followed next were An end is only a beginning in disguise!

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Special Edition Volume 4 | April 2022 A Media Studies Association Production

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