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Dark Blue and Ligth Yellow Photography Classroom NewsLetter (1)

Published by matienzokrizzamae44, 2022-11-13 14:17:50

Description: Dark Blue and Ligth Yellow Photography Classroom NewsLetter (1)


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Wardiere 16 NOVEMBER 2022 10 Different Countries a destination for every dream CAMBODIA The flag adopted was the plain red field with five towered m yellow monument similar to the Angkor Wat in the centre. In 1989 the country became the State of Cambodia and the flag became a red-blue horizontal bicolour with a more ornate yellow depiction of Angkor Wat at the centre. LAOS In 1975 a new communist government assumed power and a new flag that was previously the flag of Pathet Lao adopted. The flag is a red-blue-red horizontal triband with a white circle in the centre. The white disc representing the power of the people, the red is the blood shed, the blue is prosperity.


THERAVADA BUDDHISM Cambodia's type of is the official religion in government is Cambodia practiced by 95% of its population CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY Literary Cambodia has an Pieces estimated population of 16, 334, 900 million THE CROCODILE & THE FIVE JUDGES BED BUG & THE LOUSE THE TWO WOMENSCRAMBLED FOR ABABY WHAT'S IN CAMBODIA? THE CAPITAL OF CAMBODIA IS PHNOM PENH

NEW Litweorrakrsy Bed Bug and The Louse The Crocodile and The Five Judges This short story talks about a girl who is not hygienic and self- The Crocodile and The Five conscious, she is not aware on Judges is a short story how to properly clean her body. reflecting that people judged The girl hair was full of bed bugs differently. People or the and lice where it one night they society was always the one fought, bed bugs and lice, who can easily judged. Some because of the place and blood may be biased and some may that they will eat. And because not. they envied each other they both makes the girl's head suffer. With Be grateful enough for every that, she asked her mother to help. But sometimes we should shave her hair in order to sleep not put all of our faith in one her comfortably. She took all of person because just like what her belongings becuase she saw happened in the short story, that there are lots of bed bugs which the monkey rendered a and lice there; she soaked it in decision partly due to boiling water to kill them. ignorance and being tricked by bribery without a deal. Moreover, it is essential for all of us the self-care management , not just for girls but for everybody. While when it comes to lice and bed bugs, you should not envy others, but rather help those in need. We should not pass any prejudiced judgments because it will ruin someone's life and lead them to suffer for the rest of their lives. EDITION 123 16 NOV, 2022 STORY | POEM

NEW Litweorrakrsy This story proves that no matter how hard the situation is, you will never give up on the one you love. Nowadays, even we have some misunderstanding on our mother even we've done a lot of bad things, our mother always on our side and never give up on us no matter what happen. The Two Women We must value our mother and Scrambled parents we should take them back for a Baby what love they give on us, we should reciprocate the love and care they This short story entitled The given to us because they are the one Two Women Scrambled for a who understand us in the end of the Baby depicts that a genuine day. love can reveal the truth. Additionally, this kind of story literally happened a long time ago, during the ancient era where some places on that period is under and controlled by the power of the kings and queens. The real mother who’s fighting for her innocent child seen a genuine love for the child that brought him/her to life. Even though, the impostor mother who also want to have a child because of bereavement to her baby loss becomes an evil. Moreover, commend to the decision of the King because he uses his wisdom to make an unbiased decision for such a complicated situation. EDITION 123 16 NOV, 2022 STORY | POEM


WHAT'S IN BUDDHISM LAOS ? Lao People's Democratic Republic Communist Government Have an area of 91,429 square miles (236,800 square kilometers) LITERARY PIECES THERE IS NOT ONLY YOU THE BEWAIL OF MOTHER THE MOSQUITO Most meals in Laos are based on sticky rice. The locals roll it into balls in the palm of their hand and then dip it in delicious sauces. EDITION 123 16 NOV, 2022 STORY | POEM

NEW Litewrorakrsy THERE IS NOT ONLY YOU The poem reflects the widow feels down and pities herself just because she is a widow or a single parent. She cannot even see that she’s fortunate receiving help from others and still provided some assistance. And compare to those who experience difficulties and others who are much worse, she is very fortunate still.. We all experience different hardships in life wherein we should stay positive, face these with positivity. Being a widow is not that easy especially if you are in that position yourself. THE BEWAIL OF MOTHER The poet entitled The Bewail of Mother depicts an image of a mother lamenting over her daughter being so cold and ungrateful towards her. The relationship between the mother and her daughter sadly not in good but we can see how s the mother would be willing to sacrifice herself for her daughter’s sake. Sadly, as time passed, the daughter seemed to forget everything that her mother did for her, which left the mother in deep sorrow. The Mosquito The story of \"The Mosquito\" shows that Mosquitoes are whining because simply like Nhan deep, she handily concealed her preferences and desire from her better half. She appears to keep everything hidden from her own better half and doesn't need her to hear it. Besides, in the last piece of the story when Nhan deep at long last transformed into a mosquito, she articulated the name of her significant other in a voice bit by bit getting little. EDITION 123 16 NOV, 2022 STORY | POEM


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