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MA Engineering Consultants, Inc. - Geospatial Brochure

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OVERVIEWHeadquartered in Cary, North Carolina, MA Engineering Consultants, Inc. (MAEC) has provided our clientswith on-time, cost-e ective, and innovative solutions for over 23 years. Our sta of 33 includes 8 ProfessionalEngineers, 1 Engineering Intern, 4 Professional Land Surveyors, 5 Survey / SUE Crews, 1 Certi edPhotogrammetrist, 1 Construction Administration Manager, and 1 Utility Coordinator.We provide the following geospatial services to our clients:Conventional & GPS HD Laser Scanning-Records Research Architectural & Civil-CADD Mapping-Boundary Surveys - BIM Survey-Topographic Surveys - As-Built Survey-Hydrologic Surveys - DTM Survey-Route Location Surveys - Structural, Bridge & Component Survey for Inspection-Subdivision Layout - Monitor Construction Progress & Activities-Bridge Surveys Inspection and Reverse Engineering-Easement Plats - Reverse Engineering when plans are-“As-Builts” incomplete/absent-Construction Stake-Out - Interior Fixtures and Fittings SurveyGIS Mapping - Manufacturing Documentation- Land Planning mapping - Quality and Integrity Inspections- Utility Mapping Restoration and Historic Documentation- Tax Parcel Mapping - 3D CAD Documentation- Highway/Street mapping - Digital Orthophotos- Contour Mapping Forensics and Accident Scenes- Flood Insurance Rate Mapping - 3D Archive of crime and accident scene- Soil and land use for agriculture - 3D Simulation of the crime or accident- Wetlands Mapping Industrial- Airport Mapping - Conversions or Extensions of Existing Facilities- Rail Mapping - O site Production or AssemblyGIS Services - Asset Management- Update Existing GIS Mapping & Aerial Mapping -Aerial Photography Conversion -Aerial Triangulation- Digital Image Processing -Planimetric Mapping- Facilities Mapping -Volumetric Calculations- Recti cation of Orthophotographs -DTM- GIS Conversion of Paper Maps & Materials -OrthophotographyDatabase Services SUE Services- Marketing Databases -CADD Mapping- Consumer Data & Sales Transactions -Records Research- Line of Business Database Applications -Level Service D- Inventory Database Systems -Level Service C- Custom E-Commerce Database Systems -Level Service B- Custom Customer Relationship Mgt -Level Service A- Data Marts and Business Intelligence

PROJECT EXPERIENCE SUMMARYProject Description \ Geospatial Services HD Laser Scanning Ortho Imagery Digital Aerial Triangulation (DAT) Planimetrics \ Topographic Surveys Obstruction Analysis Aerial Mapping Aeronautical Surveys DTM & Feature Extration Photo / GPS Control GISWAAS Aeronautical Surveys for FAA, 176 Airports XX XXX XX(Phases 9-12) XX XXX X XXSCAC Part 77 Obstruction Surveys, Digital Orthophotos X XXand AC-18B Obstruction SurveySFQ Suffolk Executive Airport Part 77 AnalysisObstruction Design for Tree Removal Ft. Bragg / Pope Air X XXX XForce Base, Fayetteville, NC XX XXX XXEagle Air Med, Aeronautical Surveys for Airports E91 &0V7, Apache and Navajo Counties, AZ XXX X XXPNGNNeepwhrWonilmPihnagrtmonaIcneteurtcicoanlnseCcot rSptoartiaotnioanndNeLiwne 9L XXX X XXLooping, Wilmington, NCPNGNHeapwhrRoinvePr hPaiprmeliancee, uBtuicrlainlsgtCoonr,pNoCration NewCDBG Economic Development Project, Severn Peanut X X XCompany, Northampton County, NCCharleston Transportation Committee Project – XXX X XXLincolnville Roads Improvement, Charleston County, SCTerminal A Security Checkpoint, DCA, Washington, DC X XNephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation New X X XOperations, Lexington, South Carolina XCity of Raleigh Moore Square Transit StationRaleigh, North CarolinaSCAC ALP Development and Digital Ortho, GMU, X X X X X X X XXGreenville, SC2011-2013 NCDOT Open End Photogrammetric Mapping XXX XContractPart 77 Approach Obstruction Analysis, Reagan National X XX XAirport, Washington, DCObstruction and Site Topography Surveys for a PAPI XXX XXFacility at Roanoke Regional Airport (ROA), VAM A Engineering Consultants, Inc.Innovative People. Your Advantage.

ORTHO IMAGERY & OBSTRUCTION ANALYSISWide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) Surveys for FAA: Phases 9-12MAEC provided geospatial and aeronautical survey services to the FAA in support of GPSinstrument landing procedure development under a contract with Parsons Infrastructureand Technology Group. Work included runway surveys, navigational aid surveys, photocontrol establishment, obstruction surveys, and obstruction mapping to meet thespeci cations in FAA Advisory Circulars AC 150/5300 16A, 17B &18B. Runway surveys wereperformed to determine accurate geodetic positions of end of runways, thresholds, anddisplacements. Navaid surveys were performed to determine the accurate geodetic positionand elevation of all electronic and visual navigational aids at each airport. MAEC collecteddigital aerial imagery which was geo-referenced using the photo control points establishedby our eld survey crews. This imagery was used to analyze the airspace around each airportand map obstructions to the FAA AC-18B / WAAS de ned Airport Airspace Survey Surfacesper the circular associated with each runway assigned to MAEC to analyze. MAEC processed,mapped and created GIS Shape les of all required deliverables. The GIS data and allsupporting eld survey documentation were submitted to FAA for review and approval byNGS. MAEC’s geospatial department has received four task orders to date consisting of 127airports located in the states of VA, NY, MA, ME, VT, CT, MS, FL, GA, NC, PA, SC, TN, RI, NH, NJ,MD, AL, and DE.Sta Involved:Matt Elious, CPHart Weatherford, PLS, PE, CFM

ORTHO IMAGERY & OBSTRUCTION ANALYSISSCAC Part 77 Obstruction Surveys, Digital Orthophotos and AC-18BObstruction Survey CAD Files (multiple airports in SC)MAEC performed Part 77 Obstruction Analysis for ve (5) airports, namely: CQW (Cheraw),HVS (Hartsville), LUX (Laurens), MAO (Marion), and FLO (Florence). The surfaces wereanalyzed in accordance with the geometry for runway ends provided by the South CarolinaAeronautics Commission (SCAC). MAEC produced 0.75ft pixel resolution tiles and a single 2ftpixel resolution composite digital orthophotos for airports CQW, HVS, LUX, and MAO. Thetiles for FLO were 1ft pixel resolution. In addition, MAEC produced a single 43in x 44inwall-mountable photo size for FLO at 1”=400’ plot scale.MAEC produced obstruction survey in AutoCAD les format that were developed inaccordance with the requirements found in FAA Advisory Circular AC 150/ 5300-18B for eachairport. The features and associated attribute information were collected in accordance withFAA WAAS ANA/LPV Surveys speci cations. For all airports, MAEC utilized digital imagerythat was acquired for FAA WAAS Aeronautical Survey Task Order assignments performedunder contract with Parsons TSSC-III.Sta Involved:Matt Elious, CP M A Engineering Consultants, Inc. Innovative People. Your Advantage.

ORTHO IMAGERY & OBSTRUCTION ANALYSISSFQ Part 77 Analysis,Su olk Executive AirportMAEC was contracted by Talbert & Bright, Inc. to perform a Part 77 analysis re ecting theshifted conditions of Runway 4-22 at the Su olk Executive Airport (SFQ). MAEC provided thenecessary feature extraction from the 2009 aerial photography and performed the Part 77analysis of Runway 4-22 based on shifted Runway-End coordinates provided by Talbert &Bright, Inc. MAEC compiled the obstruction survey information into an AutoCAD leconforming to FAA's FAR Part 77 speci cations.Sta Involved:Matt Elious, CP

ORTHO IMAGERY & OBSTRUCTION ANALYSISObstruction Design for Tree RemovalFt. Bragg / Pope Air Force Base, Fayetteville, NCMAEC provided obstruction analysis using acquired digital aerial imagery. MAEC used acombination of ABGPS/IMU, along with the runway end points and 17 photo control pointsspread through the project area as a basis to geo-reference the imagery. MAEC’s Certi edPhotogrammetrists used Intergraphs ISAT software to aerotriangulate the imagery andensure that positional accuracies were achieved. MAEC used BAE SOCET SET softwareVersion 5.6 for the image display and obstruction analysis. A limited FAA AC-18B airspaceanalysis was performed on the runway approaches to determine obstacle penetrations.Speci cally, tree heights of individual trees were mapped, and in large areas of treecoverage, the elevation of the highest tree in the cluster was reported. This information willbe used by Ft. Bragg to identifytrees that need to be removedfrom the approaches to eachrunway end.Sta Involved:Matt Elious, CPHart Weatherford, PLS, PE, CFM M A Engineering Consultants, Inc. Innovative People. Your Advantage.

ORTHO IMAGERY, PLANIMETRICS, & OBSTRUCTION ANALYSISEagle Air Med, Aeronautical Surveys for Airports E91 (Chinle Municipal) and0V7 (Kayenta) – Apache and Navajo Counties, AZUnder a contract with Eagle AirMed of Blanding, Utah, MAEC performed non-verticallyguided airspace obstruction surveys in an e ort to request from the FAA private approachesand departures procedures for the two airports in accordance with FAA Advisory Circulars150/5300-16A, 150/5300-17B and 150/5300-18B. To this end, MAEC provided the followingservices: • Development of a Statement of Work (SOW), Survey Work Plan, Quality Control Plan and Imagery Acquisition Plan subsequently approved by the FAA/NOAA • Flight Planning and Imagery Acquisition • Recovery of existing survey control (PACS, SACS and other NGS control) • Establishment of photo control points for the collection of aerial photography of the runways and approaches as de ned in FAA Advisory Circular 17B • Runway surveys including end of runway points, displaced thresholds, touchdown zone elevations, and runway pro le surveys • Obstruction survey using the collected imagery of obstacles penetrating the seven (7) Non-Vertically Guided (NVG) Surfaces de ned in FAA Advisory Circular 18BSta Involved:Matt Elious, CP

ORTHO IMAGERY & PLANIMETRICSPiedmont Natural Gas – New Wilmington Interconnect Stationand Line 9 Looping, Wilmington, NCMAEC provided design, survey base mapping, permitting assistance and constructionadministration support for a new gas utility infrastructure, installed as part of this systemstrengthening project, for the greater Wilmington area. MAEC completed the existingcondition survey via a combination of conventional ground survey and aerial mappingalong a 2-mile pipeline corridor. Project included surveying and design of the following: • The installation of a new 10-inch steel transmission line between the new Wilmington Interconnect Station and the intersection of Line 9 and Line 9A • The installation of a receiver and associated piping at the end of Line 9A at the Wilmington City Gate #1 Station, which will allow for the internal inspection of Line 9A, Line 4, and the new line 9L • Redesign and relocation of the Wilmington Transmission Pipeline Interconnect Station from its current location at the Progress Energy Sutton Steam Power Plant to a location just east, outside the secured perimeter of the plant • Reconfiguration of Lines 4, 9 and E2 as part of the relocation of the Wilmington Interconnect StationSta Involved:Hart Weatherford, PLS, PE, CFMMatt Elious, CP M A Engineering Consultants, Inc. Innovative People. Your Advantage.

ORTHO IMAGERY, DTM & PLANIMETRICSPiedmont Natural Gas - Haw River 12-inch Transmission Pipeline,Burlington, NCMAEC is providing complete aerial mapping, digital orthoimagery, survey, design,permitting, materials procurement and construction bidding services in support of theinstallation of 22,000 feet of 12-inch natural gas transmission pipeline in Burlington, NC.Speci cally, MAEC is providing the following services: • Aerial mapping, orthophoto production, and photogrammetric services • Field survey and utility location services • An existing condition survey utilizing conventional ground survey and aerial mapping • Preliminary and final routing determination of the new pipeline • Development of permanent utility easement and temporary work space exhibits to be used to secure the necessary right of way and work space to construct the pipeline • Development of transmission pipeline alignment plans, mechanical plans, and erosion & sedimentation control plans • Horizontal directional drill design of NCDOT state road crossings, including Interstate I-85/I-40, and a crossing of the Haw River • Development of a construction bid package • Securing the necessary NCDOT, NCDENR, and environmental permits required for the construction of the pipelineSta Involved:Hart Weatherford, PLS, PE, CFMMatt Elious, CP

ORTHO IMAGERY, DTM, PLANIMETRICS & CONTOURSCharleston County Transportation CommitteeLincolnville Road Project, Charleston, SCMAEC performed aerial mapping and control survey tasks to support preconstructionroadway services in accordance with SCDOT standards and speci cations on behalf of theCharleston County Transportation Committee (CTC). These tasks involved pre- ight photocontrol paneling, color aerial photography acquisition, digital aerial triangulation (DAT),planimetric feature extraction, DTM/topography extraction for 1-ft contours, and digitalorthophotography production at ½ ft pixel resolution. Horizontal and vertical controlsurveys were performed and referenced to the State Plane Coordinates System (SPCS),NAD83 (86 adjustment) horizontal datum and the NAVD88 vertical datum. MAEC alsoperformed complete eld survey and electronic deliverables. This included collectingtopographic features and right-of-way boundary limits. Topographic features included: • Centerline and edges of roadways and drives • Cross-section every 100-ft at a width extending to the right-of-way boundary lines • Drainage features and structures including pipe size, materials and inverts • Buildings and cultural features within the survey extents • Property boundaries necessary to establish the right-of-ways and drainage easements • Location and mapping of all above ground utility and appurtances • Rim and invert elevations of sanitary and storm drain featuresSta Involved: Matt Elious, CP David Lukac, PLSHart Weatherford, PLS, PE, CFMM A Engineering Consultants, Inc.Innovative People. Your Advantage.

HD LASER SCANNINGCDBG Economic Development Project to Severn Peanut Company,Northampton County, NCMAEC is providing design, permitting and construction administration support for an 8-mile8-inch medium density polyethylene gas distribution main extension to Severn, NC tosupply gas to the Severn Peanut Company. In support of the design and permitting, MAEC’sgeospatial services department collected existing condition information along theproposed pipeline route via conventional ground survey, aerial imagery and HD laserscanning. A tripod mounted laser scanner was used to collect all the planimetric features atfour separate at grade railroad crossings. Additionally, topographic data was collectedwhich was used to develop a digital terrain model (DTM) in AutoCAD. This information wasused by MAEC engineers to develop full plan and pro le details for the proposed gas linecrossings at each railroad.Utilization of the laser scanner technology assures that all of the information needed todevelop the base map is collected during one eld mobilization, thus eliminating any returntrips to the project site to pick up missing data.Sta Involved:Hart Weatherford, PLS, PE, CFMMatt Elious, CP

HD LASER SCANNINGTerminal A Security CheckpointRonald Reagan Washington National Airport, Washington, DCMAEC served as a sub-consultant to URS Corporation and provided surveying, utilitylocating, and mapping services for the expansion of the Terminal A TSA SecurityCheckpoint. The conventional survey encompassed an area approximately 30,000 squarefeet in size. An additional 5.8 acres of planimetric features were mapped in the vicinity ofTerminal A by MAEC’s Geospatial Department using photogrammetric methods. MAECcompiled the surveyed information into an AutoCAD base map conforming to the latestMWAA CADD Manual requirements to support the development of design drawings.Additionally, MAEC performed ground-based LiDAR scanning of both the exterior andinterior of the terminal. The LiDAR data was post-processed by MAEC’s GeospatialDepartment into a point cloud format to be utilized by the design team to develop anexisting condition model for this part of the terminal.Sta Involved:Matt Elious, CP M A Engineering Consultants, Inc. Innovative People. Your Advantage.

HD LASER SCANNINGNephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation New OperationsLexington, SCMAEC was a subconsultant to AdvanceTEC, a cleanroom design and construction company,and performed ground based LiDAR within the interior of the new operations building forNephron Pharmaceuticals. MAEC scanned the existing column locations as well as theinterior space of the building toassist AdvanceTEC in the design ofthe clean room being constructedwithin the space.Sta Involved:Hart Weatherford, PLS, PE, CFMMatt Elious, CP

HD LASER SCANNINGCity of Raleigh Moore Square Transit Station, Raleigh, NCMA Engineering Consultants, Inc. (MAEC) performed High De nition Laser Scanning of theentire transit terminal as well as the associated city block and parking garage. Projectincluded NC State Plane Control, boundary survey, and SUE Level C. Our in-house Certi edPhotogrammetrist provided 3-D data extraction. “Fly Through” animation was developedfrom Point Cloud data for use in project development.Sta Involved:Matt Elious, CPSteven Bailey, PLS

AERIAL TRIANGULATION & DIGITAL MAPPINGDigital Airport Layout Plan (ALP), Aeronautical Surveys, and DigitalOrthophotography, Greenville Downtown Airport (GMU), South CarolinaAeronautic Commission (SCAC)MAEC acquired digital aerial imagery of the project area at high and low altitudes, andperformed aeronautical and photo control surveys, aerotriangulation, DTM generation andphotogrammetric map compilation to produce 1”=50’ GIS mapping with 2-ft contours aswell as digital orthophotography at ½ ft resolution in support of SCAC’s e ort to developairport master plans for future development and expansion. MAEC also producedobstruction analysis on the AC-18B vertical guided protection surface (VGPS) using the lowaltitude imagery while using the high altitude imagery to perform obstruction analysis onFAR Part 77 surfaces. GIS ALP deliverables were submitted in ESRI shape files in conformancewith AC-18B feature de nitions and speci cations.Sta Involved:Matt Elious, CP M A Engineering Consultants, Inc. Innovative People. Your Advantage.

AERIAL TRIANGULATION & PLANIMETRICS2011-2013 NCDOT Open End Photogrammetric Mapping ContractMAEC is providing photogrammetric mapping services to NCDOT under an open endcontract. These services include: • Digital Aerial Triangulation (DAT) to support stereo restitution for map compilation, digital orthophoto production and imagery quality control • Photogrammetric 3D map feature extraction of planimetric, topographic, and Digital Terrain Model (DTM) data • Providing field classification of planimetric features • Collecting and mapping cadastral data from existing county tax bases • Merging the compiled photogrammetric data with field data such as planimetric classification, cadastral data, and utility dataAll mapping and base plan sheet digital data are delivered in MicroStation design file formatin conformance with NCDOT Photogrammetry Unit level structure and symbologyspecifications. Digital orthophotography production is performed and delivered in bothMrSID and TIFF formats with associated world files.Sta Involved:Matt Elious, CP

OBSTRUCTION ANALYSIS & TREE REMOVALPart 77 Approach Obstruction Analysis,Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Washington, DCMAEC served as a sub-consultant to Airport Design Consultants, Inc. (ADCI) and provideddetailed surveying, photogrammetric, and geospatial mapping services for the FAR Part 77Approach Obstruction Analysis for runway approaches 01, 19, 15, 04 at the Ronald ReaganWashington National Airport (DCA). MAEC set photo aerial control points and tied to the VAand DCA airport grid systems using ground based GPS observations. MAEC coordinatedwith MWAA and TSA for low- ight aerial imagery collection over DCA airspace. Color aerialphotography was acquired with a digital UltraCam-X camera at 3000’ AGL (Above GroundLevel) yielding GSD (Ground Sample Distance) of 0.21 ft or 6.5 cm. Limited planimetrics andcontours were compiled for 1”=50’ map-scale accuracy and 1-foot contours. Obstructionswere analyzed to the Part 77 surfaces and penetrations were highlighted and mapped.Penetrating obstacles and areas were tabulated and entered into a GIS (GeographicInformation System) format for ultimate incorporation to the FAA’s AGIS database.Collection and mapping standards were in accordance with FAA Advisory Circulars150/5300-16A, 150/5300-17B, and 150/5300-18B. Quality control checks were performed tooutside control networks (OPUS and on-board GPS/IMU) to ensure aerial triangulation andmapping accuracy.Sta Involved:Matt Elious, CP M A Engineering Consultants, Inc. Innovative People. Your Advantage.

OBSTRUCTION SURVEY & TOPOGRAPHIC MAPPINGObstruction and Site Topography Surveys for a PAPI Facility at RoanokeRegional Airport (ROA), VAMAEC was contracted by Parsons – TSSC-III Eastern Region under a statement of work toperform surveys for the purpose of establishing a Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI)Facility for Runway 24 at the airport. Two (2) sets of surveys were performed: A sitetopography survey to establish the PAPI site layout based on photogrammetric surveymethods, and an obstruction survey to determine and show all obstacles that may penetratethe PAPI “Obstacle Clearance Surface”.Initially, color airborne GPS aerial photography was own with lm at 1”=250’ photo scale tocover the site topography area. This imagery was used to perform topographic mappingsuitable for 1-ft contours and 1”=50’ scale mapping. The deliverables included eld surveyelevations at 100ft intervals along runway pavement, and along runway centerline from Sta.1+00 to Sta. 14+00. MAEC also described all existing aboveground features, runwaypavement, runway shoulder, access roads, fences, Runway Safety Area (RSA), and TaxiwaySafety Area (TSA) limits within the de ned area.For obstruction survey, MAEC acquired aerial photography at 1”=800’ photo scale and thenperformed aerial surveys to show locationand elevation of the obstruction clearancesurface as well as identi ed and gavelocation and elevation on drawings of anyobjects/obstacles which penetrated theobstruction reference surface.Sta Involved:Matt Elious, CP

GEOSPATIAL EQUIPMENTHardware3 Dell Precision T7500 Stereo Workstations & 1 Dell Latitude E55003 3D Vision Bundle w/ Samsung ‘SyncMaster’ 2233RZ3 Input Device Stealth S2-Z 3D Mouse1 Océ ColorWave 650 & TC4 Scanner & 2 Océ ColorWave 300 & Scanner Express28 CAD work stations & 1 Dell Precision T7500 CAD Workstation2 Konica Bizhub color copier/printersSoftware1 FARO SCENE 3D Scanning Visualization Software1 Trimble RealWorks 8.1 Scans Management and Processing Software2 BAE Systems SOCET SET & 2 BAE Systems Clear Flite2 DAT/EM Summit Evolution & 2 DAT/EM Capture (MicroStation)1 DAT/EM Airport 3D & 1 DAT/EM Map/Editor & 1 DAT/EM OrthoSuite1 Intergraph ISAT (Aerotriangulation) & 1 Intergraph ISAE (AutoDTM)2 Global Mapper Pro22 MicroStation V8i3 ESRI ArcGIS 10.01 Bentley WaterCAD, version 7.0, Service Pack 37 AutoCAD Civil 3DMicrosoft 2000 and O ce Suite on each work station3 GeoPAK Civil Engineering Suite & 10 GeoPAK SiteTerramodel 10.4Ashtech Solutions3 ArcView GIS version 10MapTech Terrain Navigator Pro – NC, SC, VATrimble Geomatics O ce Version 6.2 – RTK – StaticLeica Geomatics O ce Version – RTK - StaticGNSS SolutionsArcPad Version 7.1.1Virtual Geomatics VG4D-Smart LiDAR Explorer BundleSpectra Precision Survey O ceField Equipment4 Focus 30 5” Robotic Total Stations4 Spectra Precision Ranger 3RCData Collectors w/SP Max4 Spectra Precision Ranger 3LData Collectors w/SP GNSS8 Spectra Precision SP80 GNSS Receivers w/UHF Radios1 FARO Laser Scanner Focus 3D X 3301 Trimble RTK/PP System5 TopCon GTS 220 Series Total Stations6 Ranger Survey Pro Data Collectors1 JENA level1 Leica GPS Set2 Zeis level & 3 Topcon-AT-G2A levels1 TDS Ranger 500x Collector4 Schonstedt Magnetic Locators5 vLoc Pro 2 Locators & 5 vLoc 10-Tx Locators1 MALA Easy Locator System12’ Jon Boat1 2003 GMC Vacuum Excavation Truck (fully equipped)2 2012 Toyota Tacoma (fully equipped)1 2011 Toyota Rav4 (fully equipped)1 2011 Toyota Tundra 4x4 (fully equipped)3 2014 Toyota Tundra 4x4 (fully equipped)3 2014 Toyota RAV4 (fully equipped)17 Motorola two-way radio systems3 ICOM Model 1C-A6 VHF Air Band Transceiver Radios10 Verizon cell phones M A Engineering Consultants, Inc. Innovative People. Your Advantage.

DAVID LUKAC, PLS - GEOSPATIAL MANAGEREducation:Associate of Science / Columbus State Community College / 2001A.A.S/Civil Engineering Technology / Columbus State Community College / 2003Land Surveying Certi cate / Columbus State Community College / 2003Registration:Professional Land Surveyor (SC, AZ)Training:OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry Outreach Training/2010OSHA 30-Hour Construction Industry Outreach Training/2010OSHA 510: Standards for the Construction IndustryYears of Experience: 13Geospatial Experience:• Cherry Point Building 244 Repairs• Cannon Creek Conservation and Mitigation Project, Berkeley County, SC• PNG Wilson Tap Project• PNG Charlotte Plantation Pipeline Project• Sanderson Farms Natural Gas Pipeline Extension• Guilford Mills Pipeline Extension• Charleston County Transportation Committee Projects• SCDOT S-24 Bridge over Je reys Creek, Florence, SC• SCDOT US 15 Bridge Replacement, Sumter, SC• SCDOT I-26 Bridge Jacking Project, Spartanburg and Laurens Counties, SC• SCDOT Aynor Overpass, Horry County, SC• North Carolina Turnpike Authority Monroe Connector / Bypass• NCDOT Highway 24 Interchange, Camp Lejeune, NC• TP406 Building Topographic Survey, Camp Lejeune, NC• Gate Surveys, Camp Lejeune, NC M A Engineering Consultants, Inc. Innovative People. Your Advantage.

GARY THURMAN, LS - GEOSPATIAL MANAGEREducation:Certi cate in Land Surveying / Community College of Baltimore CountyCerti cate in Engineering Design / Community College of Baltimore CountyCerti cate in GIS Development / Ferris State UniversityRegistration:Professional Land Surveyor (VA, DC, NJ, DE, SC)Professional Line Surveyor (MD)Professional Surveyor & Mapper (FL)Years of Experience: 42Geospatial Experience:• MGP Retail Consulting, Frederick, MD• Locust Point, Seagirt, Fair eld and Dundalk Marine Terminals, Baltimore, MD• Solley Road Hazard Waste Land ll – Anne Arundel County• Maryland State Highway Administration• Maryland Transportation Authority• Maryland Port Authority• Maryland Aviation Administration• Maryland Transit Administration• Maryland Department of General Services• Southeast Pennsylvania Transit Authority• Pennsylvania Department of Transportation• Baltimore, Montgomery, and Anne Arundel Counties• District of Columbia WASA• University System of Maryland• Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Clinton Water Zone Improvements• US Army Corps of Engineers - Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Europe Districts

STEVEN BAILEY, PLS - GEOSPATIAL MANAGERRegistration:Professional Land Surveyor (NC)Years of Experience: 20Geospatial Experience:• Piedmont Natural Gas, Wilson Tap• City of Wilmington Limited Services Agreement, 41st Street Route Survey, New Hanover, NC• Piedmont Natural Gas Master Service Agreement, U-2525/I-840 Extension, Greensboro, NC• City of Raleigh, Moore Square Transit Station, NC• Piedmont Natural Gas, Farmville Regulator Station #19• Don Holt Bridge (I-526 over Cooper River), Airspace Survey, Charleston, SC• SC-5 Widening, York County SC• Bobby Jones Expressway, North Augusta, SC• SCDOT John Hardee Expressway, Columbia, SC• Stormwater Study, Army Corps of Engineers, Princeville, NC• NCDOT B-4469 SUE Services• Preliminary Design of Fourth and Fifth Runways and Associated Taxiways, Washington Dulles International Airport• City of Raleigh, Edward’s Mill Road Extension• City of Raleigh, Jones Sausage Road Improvements• City of Raleigh, Leesville Road, Raleigh, NC M A Engineering Consultants, Inc. Innovative People. Your Advantage.

CONTACT USCorporate Headquarters598 East Chatham Street, Ste. 137Cary, NC 27511Contact: Arvin ManiktalaPhone: 877.MAEC.123 x 134Fax: 919.297.0221Email: [email protected] O ces44965 Aviation Drive, Ste. 270Dulles, VA 20166Contact: Keith Gualtieri, PEPhone: 877.MAEC.123 x 201Fax: 703.661.6999Email: [email protected] Savage Road, Ste. 400-DCharleston, SC 29407Contact: Hart Weatherford, PLS, PE, CFMPhone: 877.MAEC.123 x 301Fax: 843.556.1565Email: [email protected] La Salle RoadSevern Building, Ste. 402Towson, MD 21286Contact: Gary Thurman, LSPhone: 877.MAEC.123 x 401Email: [email protected]

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