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BOND Property Marketing Group Hardcover

Published by CARLA HARRILAL, 2018-01-30 14:10:37

Description: BOND Property Marketing Group Hardcover


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BOND PROPERTY MARKETING GROUPAs your exclusive marketing and sales or leasing agent, BOND Property Marketing Group(BPMG) works as your collaborative partner to create a distinctive identity for your newdevelopment or redeveloped residential property. BPMG is your single resource for research,consulting, marketing, art direction and design, project management, model unit staging,onsite sales or leasing programs, transaction administration and move-in coordination all atthe lowest costs available in New York. We engage with many projects at the very beginningof planning, sometimes years before ground is broken.


CONSULTING PHASE Our role evolves during each project, starting as your expert market consultant on matters such as project concept, unit mix, apartment design and layout, amenities planning, facade appeal, and competitive market analysis -- all of which will affect the ultimate pricing of the units. As your architects plan and decisions are made about interior kitchen, bathroom and living packages, our recommendations come with the benefit of our wide exposure to the competing projects and other developments among which your development will come to life. Members of our team regularly visit and preview new residential projects as part of their routine job responsibilities, and BOND’s 500+ agents regularly conduct business in the newest rental and condo projects so that we are always up-to-date on new happenings in the New York City marketplace. We have access to every research tool and pricing resource available in the marketplace. Two decades of experience in this area has given us the confidence and expertise to project pricing and timelines in both sales and rentals. We regularly provide Schedule A recommendations, and we sign off on the broker opinion of value for your offering plans. For developers who are just beginning, we can introduce legal counsel who can create offering plans and provide the appropriate guidance.


CONDODEVELOPMENTMARKET RESEARCH AND ANALYSISBPMG partners with you in the planning stages to identify and report on the competitive environment, both in terms of availableunits and aesthetic trends. Our constant role as a leading residential broker gives us real-time exposure to the demands andpreferences of buyers as well as to day-to-day statistics on what’s selling throughout the NYC market. Our research culminatesin recommendations for Schedule A filings and relevant offering plan content.COMPETITIVE DESIGN AND IDENTITY PLANNINGOur agents see thousands of properties weekly. We have an objective view of what the competition looks and feels like,and how buyers are reacting to the market’s daily offerings. From apartment layouts to fixtures and finishes, from unit mix tobuilding amenities, we can reflect the many moods of builders and buyers in a strategy to distinguish your development as akey destination in the marketplace.EXCLUSIVE MARKETING AND SALESAs your singular representative to every buyer and every broker in the market, BPMG executes a well-organized and highlypersonalized selling campaign which coordinates advertising design and placement, public relations, social media, websitecreation and optimization side-by-side with high touch, sophisticated and elegantly personalized one-to-one sales presentationsdesigned to produce the highest possible financial results.ON-SITE MARKETING AND ADMINISTRATIONIn order to achieve the highest financial returns, you must create the most favorable consumer experience. From a customer’sinitial contact with the development, through their first visit and well-designed follow-ups and return visits, we guarantee thatexperience. Our Onsite Marketing Program designs and develops a tailored brand experience to leave a lasting impressionwith the buyer. Apartment staging, office design and interaction, sales agent engagement and concierge quality communicationconverge to deliver a sense of privilege and place for prospective buyers.We also provide real-time reporting for developers who wish to review consumer traffic, advertising results, and pending salesbusiness through secure online login.


LEASINGDEVELOPMENTB​ PMG will conduct a Review of current tenant rent rolls, marketing strategies, policies and procedures, competition, demand,fixtures and amenities and project brand in your marketplace.PRE-DEVELOPMENT CONSULTINGOur combined experience provides a wide perspective on market conditions, comparable properties, unit mix, unit layouts,design trends in finishes and fixtures, amenities analysis and creation of project identity to advance your brand.RESIDENTIAL LEASING AND MARKETINGWe collaborate with developers and landlords to maximize future revenue on project marketing budget and timeline, marketingcampaign, creation of collateral materials, advertising, onsite leasing, website and online marketing, social media, leaseadministration including tenant screening and verifications, future vacancy and pre-leasing to accelerate cash flow, publicrelations and event planning. Our broker network is over 10,000 licenses strong, and our position as an Associate Brokerof the largest relocation firm in the world, allows us to serve clients and customers on a global level.TENANT EXPERIENCEYears of working with landlords and tenants gives us perspective on maintenance leasing focused on preserving highoccupancy levels based on real time market conditions and competition. This effort is supported by the supervision of residentialprogramming and tenant conflict resolution, through which we support the property’s ownership as quality of life ambassadorsfor the tenants we place.


MARKETINGPHASEOnce building design is finalized and construction is commencing, BPMG’s role evolves to the Marketing phase.We work with you to determine the brand for your project that will ultimately reach the general buying or leasingpublic. We help you to maximize your ultimate return on investment by recognizing and defining how your projectwill have the greatest appeal to the largest possible audience.Other real estate marketing companies traditionally outsource the creative elements of a new developmentcampaign, and their role becomes one of project manager, chasing deadlines and deliverables, until the physicalproperty is ready to be sold or leased. BPMG does not outsource - we handle everything in-house, which savesyou time, money and considerable headaches.We involve our own powerhouse art department to work with your team in creating an identity for your projectthat will make it instantly recognizable, distinguished and impactful to potential buyers or tenants. We offer fullservice graphic design and production, including creation of project logos and brand packages that may beused beyond your initial sales or leasing campaign. We coordinate all identity assets throughout planning ofadvertising and marketing, for both online and physical collateral. We can design websites, apps, blogs andsocial media profiles in support of your overall campaign. As the project developer, you will always have finalapproval.BPMG creates a unique and coherent campaign timeline, with its own deadlines and deliverables, which ismanaged and maintained in-house. Because we are not project managing external vendors, we are not at themercy of their competing workload. We have full priority management of our own staff, which allows us to meetdeadlines and provide very speedy turnaround for edits and revisions. We provide work-in-progress samples toyou for feedback and approval, and we do not charge extra for revisions or changes in content. When enoughcontent has been adopted to create a brand for the development, BPMG will publish a style guide which maybe used beyond your initial campaign.


DESIGN AND PRODUCTION SPECIALISTSIN-HOUSE CREATIVE TEAMCreativity plays an essential role in our strategy. Our dynamic, experienced team of in-house graphic designers, dedicatedphotographers, programmers, videographer, copywriters, and stagers, work together to present expertly crafted marketingmaterials that will bring each individual building’s personality to life. They are there from the very beginning and part of theentire process to ensure your building’s identity is created and communicated effectively and seamlessly.IN-HOUSE DIGITAL STRATEGISTSWe are as analytical as we are creative. In order to maximize your digital impact, we make sure these two components areworking hand-in-hand. We assess what content is being consumed by your target audience and match it to connect to yourpotential clients. We also manage content creation and provide real-time monitoring to control what is being put out thereand ensure your property is consistently presented in accordance with your mission.IN-HOUSE EDITORIAL SPECIALISTSOur editorial specialists create original editorial content that goes beyond the generic communications of most brand awarenessapproaches. All of our editorial content is designed to build your brand through non-traditional channels that are relevantto your target audience’s specific needs and interests. We are fluent in automation and other long-term content-driven emailcampaigns.IN-HOUSE PUBLIC RELATIONSOur public relations experts will give meaning to your building, its logo, and slogans and create a long-term position in themarketplace. As veterans of the real estate business, our communications team has strong relationships with the industry’s topeditors and writers in all the critical media outlets from the New York Times to The Real Deal as well as integral connectionsto editors and writers at media outlets outside of the traditional communications channels.IN-HOUSE SOCIAL MEDIA TEAMBPMG has succeeded in building a strong presence through social media. Our social media campaigns work to get yourproperty to its target audience but also to get to know your potential customers and build a relationship with them. We areconsistently ranked among the top real estate social media channels nationwide and have a dedicated team responsible forour social media outreach.


LAUNCHPHASEAs your project becomes ready to launch, we work with you to plan and implement a leasing or sales campaign. Wecoordinate, design and set up onsite sales or leasing offices, where appropriate. If apartment models are to be staged, weprovide the creative input on staging and source furnishings, accessories, artwork and interior design at no additional cost.As the developer, you only pay for the physical furnishings and accessories.We handle the production of all collateral materials, ad placement, online syndication and listings distribution to cooperatingbrokers.STAFFINGWe include you in staffing decisions, providing licensed onsite leasing or sales agents for your consideration. Once hired withyour approval, we train the staff according to your specifications, and we coordinate the ongoing schedule for the leasingor sales office.SPECIAL EVENTSWhen special events such as launch parties, cocktail open houses, or broker tours are appropriate, BPMG will handleinviting guests and will synchronize building tours, bar, food and music for each event. BPMG is especially well-known forits excellent parties!PUBLIC RELATIONS CAMPAIGNOur public relations team, under the direction of the ubiquitous Kelly Kreth, will place pitches for stories about your projectin New York industry and lifestyle publications including the New York Times, New York Magazine, the Observer, LuxuryListings, Curbed, Brick Underground,, YIMBY, Brownstoner and The Real Deal.The property will be regularly featured on BOND’s social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagramand YouTube.


LAUNCHPHASE [CONTINUED]ADMINISTRATION DURING CAMPAIGNSWithin each leasing or sales campaign, we manage all purchase offers or lease applications all the way through signedcontracts or leases. For condos, we work with your legal team to organize transaction summaries and contracts. For rentalprojects, we handle all leasing administration including credit reports, supporting financial documents, housing court checks,landlord and employment verifications and actual lease signings. When appropriate, our onsite agents can even handlemove-in scheduling and supervision of insurance certificates, elevator schedule, and final punch list reports.BPMG AND THE CO-BROKERAGE COMMUNITYYour new development will be shared with broker members of the RLS, which now has over 510 cooperating broker firms inManhattan and Brooklyn. All firms are members of REBNY (the Real Estate Board of New York) who exchange listings digitally,in real-time, among 15,000 licensed real estate salespeople. Co-brokers would receive the same welcome to the propertyas any in-house BOND agent. We recommend use of REBNY’s New Development Universal Co-Brokerage Agreement forcondo sales.ANALYTICSThrough our own proprietary system, BPMG is able to track advertising responses for each project we manage. We areable to keep track daily of which customers have responded to which ads, and from which search engines or cooperatingwebsites the most customers have come. Subsequently, we are able to calibrate our daily advertising budget to favor thoseonline markets that generate the most ads. We waste no time advertising in websites that do not generate results. The analysisreports are available to be shared with you upon demand.


BOND PROPERTY MARKETING GROUPWhile there is an obvious cost savings to choosing BPMG as your one-stop single resourcefor marketing and sales/leasing management, having one of the leading brokers in the cityat the center of your creative agency is invaluable. Our hybrid of market expert - creativeproduction house - onsite sales and leasing manager is unique in the marketplace. BPMGtakes your ideas from concept, to reality, to execution, to closing and beyond. We lookforward to meeting with you to learn more about your projects.Phone: 212.582.20091776 Broadway, 19th FloorNew York, NY

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