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Passion Project Magazine (2)

Published by s.jabri24, 2021-01-11 12:53:17

Description: Passion Project Magazine (2)


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INTRODUCTION With the love of art I've gained throgh this project made me relize how much colors mean and what they symoblize. In this project I wanted to know what truly people felt looking at different ascpects of colors. My goal was My goal is to know if people's expressions is different from others. I'm going to test by making 3 artwork with different emotions. I will be testing it by sending google forms for others to fill in. For this project to succeed I will be needing at least 50 different responses about people's emotions towards my artwork. SARAH ALJABRI

PURPOSE OF LEARNING My purpose through this project is to understand the meaning of colors. I want to know what do paintings really represent and stand for. I demanded to know what these famous painters felt during painting their art work. SARAH ALJABRI

PROCESS I've started off by reaserching the defenition of art and the famouse painters. Not only I've learned about art, but I also learned about emotions and how it works. After a while, I went to the shop and bought all the supplies I need for this project. I've bought 3 canvases and some paint. During that day I started my first painting at the park. I've drew the sunset, but added some colors I love and that represents happiness. 3 weeks by and I finished all the painting. I made a google form for everyone to fill in. I got 76 responses about what thry feel about my paintings. Some of the responses was what I truly felt while making the art work. SARAH ALJABRI

RESPONSES -I don’t know it gives me good vibes -I feel like it is very joyful with all the colors together. If it was concentrated on one color I would think differently, but since it's a mix of warm colors and some bright, I think it's joyful. -Joyful -Relaxed because it reminds me of the beach. -Tbh it kinda felt normal. Like neutral I guess. -This art makes me feel calm because the sunset and the ocean always calms me -Calmness, warmth, happiness. SARAH ALJABRI

RESPONSES -It’s a bit gloomy it gives me a bit of Burberry vibes -The art piece has a depressing and confusing feel to it. I feel dark and scared when I read the title, not actually scared but the name of the art piece sounds dark and unpleasant, by unpleasant I mean something bad. -This picture makes me feel cold. It reminds me of snow. -I feel sadness and confusion. It creates this sorrowful scene. SARAH ALJABRI

RESPONSES -The picture above portrays anger because the strokes made are harsh and not defined. -I feel like someone was angry when drawing this piece or this art piece expresses anger. -This picture makes me feel like I want to release all my anger out. -I feel anger and rage. -I can see in the painting at the top right looks like a person holding his head with both hands, he seems rather mad. SARAH ALJABRI

MEANING OF ART Art is a range of human creativity that the author uses his/her imagination and expression. Art changes over time as people create and develop new styles and ideas. Art could represent the human condition and the attempt at a deeper understanding life. Art is after examining through the interaction of the principles of art. The elements include forms. Shape, color, value, etc. Art could be a therapy. SARAH ALJABRI

FAMOUS PAINTING The first version Munch displayed was a painting. Two years later he made a lithograph based on this work, with the title ‘The Scream’ printed in German below. The printed versions of the artwork were central to establishing his international reputation as an artist. The original German title given by Munch to his work was Der Schrei der Natur (The Scream of Nature), and the Norwegian title is Skrik (Shriek). The face in the painting has become one of the most iconic images of art, seen as symbolising the anxiety of the human condition. While the painting has obvious a personal significance for Munch. One reason why The Scream painting is still so famous even today is because it is so universal in its meaning. SARAH ALJABRI

OVERALL I've learned a lot through this project. I've learned that every color symbolizes an emotion. The most important thing I would take away for this project is everyone's perspective is different and everyone has different meaning.The biggest challenge I've faced is not all understood my project. Another challenge I've faced is that I was a bit late on painting and creating the form. SARAH ALJABRI


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