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Published by coeditor, 2021-05-05 09:20:07

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INSIDE THE LIFE 3 9 CONTENTS 15 21 UNIT 1 A Visit To A Zoo 27 UNIT 2 At The Market 33 UNIT 3 A Visit To A Cinema Show 39 UNIT 4 A Short Trip 45 51 2 57 UNIT 5 Hairdressing UNIT 6 Good Old Days UNIT 7 My Scary Dream UNIT 8 Are You A Risk Taker? UNIT 9 Natural Disasters UNIT 10 First Experience Of The Match

A VISIT TO A ZOO UNIT 1 BEFORE YOU READ 3 1) Have you been to a zoo recently? Should animals be kept in a zoo? GLOSSARY Environment: the air, water, and land in or on which people, animals, and plants live Make up your mind: to decide Prepare: to make or get something or someone ready for something that will happen in the future Cage: a structure shaped like a box but with bars or wires as its sides, for keeping pet Experience: practical awareness or knowledge of something.

MAIN READING A VISIT TO A ZOO During the summer holiday, I decided to visit a zoo with some of my school friends. I always wanted to visit the zoo for a long time. Because of my school activities, I was unable to visit it. People have always talked about their zoo experiences. They always said good things about the environment and the different animals in the zoo. Everyone around me said nearly the same things, so I began to wonder about going to a zoo. Then, I made up my mind to visit a zoo in the summer vacation time. We had to travel five kilometers to the place, but I was happy that 4 I was going to visit the zoo in my city. I had always watched the documentaries about animals on television, but I loved to see those animals in real life. We all prepared to visit the zoo. When we arrived at the zoo, we needed to buy a ticket. After buying the ticket, we entered the zoo. There were different types of animals and lots of people. Many people were taking pictures and walking around the zoo. The animals we saw there were lions, tigers, elephants, ostriches, and bears. They were all in their cages. Seeing those animals in real life was a memorable experience for me.

UNIT 1 AFTER READING A. Answer the following questions by choosing True or False. 1) The speaker made up his or her mind to visit a zoo during school activities. True False 2) They had to travel 25 kilometers to the place. True False 5 3) They needed to buy a ticket before entering into the zoo. True False 4) The animals they saw were crocodiles, wolves, antelopes, gorillas and monkeys. True False 5) They took pictures in the zoo. True False 6) There were many people in the zoo. True False

UNIT 1 B. Answer the following questions; choose the correct answers from the options a, b, c or d. 1) When they arrived at the zoo they needed to------------------ before the entrance. a) Buy biscuit b) Buy sweet potatoes c) Buy a ticket d) Buy a pencil 2) The speaker decided to visit a zoo with------------------------ a) His or her relatives b) His or her family members c) His or her elder brothers and sisters d) His or her school friends 6 3) How did the speaker know about animals before going to the zoo? ----------------------- a) On the television and through the description of the people b) Only on the television c) From the class lessons d) From his or her parents 4) How did the speaker in the text feel while preparing to go to the zoo? ------------------ a) The speaker was not very happy b) The speaker was a little happy c) The speaker was extremely happy d) The speaker was happy 5) In which season did they go to the zoo? ------------------------ a) Summer season b) Spring season c) Fall season d) Winter season

UNIT 1 C. Match the words with the pictures below. • zoo • happy • ticket • documentary • summer • ostrich 1) 2) 3) 7 __________________ __________________ __________________ 4) 5) 6) __________________ __________________ __________________

UNIT 1 D. Put the words in order to make correct sentences. 1) I / always / had / watched / the / about / documentaries / animals / television / on 2) after / the / entered / ticket / and / we / buying / the / zoo 3) I / to / visit / decided / a / zoo / with / some / of / friends / my school / 4) we / prepared / all / to / visit / zoo / the were / they / all / in / their / cages / different 8 5) E. What is the best title for the text? 1) One day in a zoo 2) My second visit to a zoo 3) Zoo is a good place to visit 4) You must always visit the zoo

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