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TOURISM 3 student’s book + workbook

CONTENT TOURISM 2 Theme Grammar / Contact Vocabulary nationalities / Unit 1 revision of verb to be countries / continents Greet with a Smile review of tenses extreme holiday activities Page 7 making small talk parts of a resumé career related words Unit 2 Recruitment question types revision of modals Page 15 interview expressions Unit 3 articles: a /an, the, zero article hotel types Extreme Hotels be used to /get used to hotel furniture Page 25 expressions for asking for or offering help Unit 4 countable/uncoountable nouns and quantifiers food and beverages Professional Kitchens verb patterns: gerund / infinitive methods of cooking Page 35 communicating at the restaurant types of holiday tourist attractions Unit 5 Tiring Tours passive voice: is done / was done causatives clothes and accessories Page 43 guiding people telephoning expressions Unit 6 conditionals: zero / first conditional kitchen utensils / cutlery Guest Relations wish clause serving in a restaurant Page 51 telephoning air travel Unit 7 flight vocabulary indefinite pronouns 1 Page 59 Etiquette of Serving indefinite pronouns 2 describing people: appearance and personality conjunctions (because / so / and / but) making and responding to a request Unit 8 future plans Future of Tourism future predictions Page 67 making suggestions Unit 9 Angry Guests relative clauses with who / which / that indirect questions and requests Page 75 complaining and apologizing Unit 10 present perfect simple vs. present perfect continuous geographical features Secret Destinations conditionals: second conditional adjectives describing destinations Page 83 asking for and giving directions

Reading / Listening Speaking Writing read an article about how to greet guests at the airport read an article about Avanos Hair Museum role play: a greeting situation fill in a hotel reservation form listen to two different dialogues about ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ read an article about great jobs in tourism and the travel industry talk about your likes and write a short paragraph to listen to an interview about a day in the life of a front desk receptionist dislikes introduce the guests of a hotel read an article about the steps for a successful job interview talk about the daily routines fill in a resume (CV) form read an article about an extreme (capsule) hotel listen to an interview with a guest who stayed in a capsule hotel of different jobs write your weekly schedule read an article about the largest hostel on the planet write an e-mail to the read an article about a luxurious holiday destination guest describing your hotel’s read an article about hierarchy in hotel kitchens amenities fill in a table with details about a popular hotel in your country role play: an ordering write your favorite recipe situation in a restaurant create a restaurant dinner menu read an article about a day of a tour guide talk about holiday types write a short paragraph about a read an article about a sightseeing tour in Istanbul role play: a conversation housekeeper’s daily life between a tour guide and a read an article about the duties of a guest relations officer tourist read an article about interesting guest demands talk about types of clothes write an email to response a read an article about the etiquette of serving you prefer at work reservation request read an article about monkey waiters talk about significant events in your life talk about kitchenware write a complaint e-mail role play: a conversation between a waiter and a guest read an article about space travel talk about future predictions read an article about holiday islands talk about future plans read an article about complaint e-mails talk about peoples’ write a complaint e-mail listen to a dialogue about complaining between a receptionist and a customer appearances and personalities talk about a complaining situation read an article about places to visit in Hangzhou write an informative e-mail. read an article about Krubera Cave

U N I T 1 Greet With A Smile

PART 1 Read the sentences and fill in the gaps with the cities and continents from the box. Moscow London Dublin Rabat Beijing Warsaw Tehran Copenhagen New York Batumi Warm Up Asia x 4 / Europe x 4 / Africa / North America Work in pairs. Read the definition and 1 ____ is in Russia and Russia is in _______. discuss the questions below. 2 ____ is in England and England is in _______. 3 ____ is in Ireland and Ireland is in _______. greet (v.): to welcome someone or a group of 4 ____ is in Morocco and Morocco is in _______. people 5 ____ is in China and China is in _______. 6 ____ is in the USA and the USA is in _______. 1 Look at the photo. 7 ____ is in Georgia and Georgia is in _______. Who are these 8 ____ is in Poland and Poland is in _______. people? What are 9 ____ is in Iran and Iran is in _______. they doing? 10 ____ is in Denmark and Denmark is in _____. 2 Do you often meet people from Look at the pictures and fill in the gaps different countries? with the words in the box. How do you greet them? Arab Irish Chinese Russian Chinese French Vocabulary nationalities /cities countries/continents 1 We are from France. We are ________. 2 I am from Russia. I am ________. Read the countries below and match 3 He is from Saudi Arabia. He is ________. them with the flags. 4 He is from China. He is ________. 5 We are from Ireland. We are ________. a. Russia b. Holland c. France d. the UK e. Morocco f. China g. Poland h. Japan i. Iran j. Denmark k. Finland l. Georgia m. Greece n. Italy o. Ireland 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 8

Read the nationalities below and PART 1 match them with the countries from the box. to smile when you meet the guest. Try to keep eye contact and give a short pause before you greet Japanese Chinese French him / her. Use simple greeting phrases like, “good evening, good afternoon, welcome to Turkey\", Greek Danish Moroccan then introduce yourself and your company briefly. The next thing you should do is to ask the guest if Dutch Polish Russian Iranian he / she needs a refreshment in the airport lounge before leaving the airport. After that escort your Irish Italian Georgian guest to the car. The last thing to do is to start a short and formal conversation with your guest. English Finnish You might start some small talk, asking or making comments, simple questions such as; “How was I’m from... I am... I’m from... I am... your journey?” or “I hope you had a nice journey.” a. Russia _______ Do not ask any personal questions. It might offend b. Holland _______ i. Poland _______ your guest. c. France _______ d. England _______ j. Japan _______ Greeting a guest at the airport will be less stressful e. Ireland _______ with these simple steps. Always keep in mind that f. Morocco _______ k. Iran _______ greeting a guest properly is the first step towards g. China _______ having satisfied and happy guests. h. Italy _______ l. Denmark _______ Read the article and mark the following m. Finland _______ statements as true or false. n. Georgia _______ 1 Greeting a guest properly is important to make a good first impression. o. Greece _______ 2 According to the text, greeting a guest is a very easy thing to do. Reading 3 It is a good idea to get to the airport fifteen minutes before the guests’ Read the title of the article and discuss arrival time. the following question. 4 When greeting the guests do not smile all the time because it is rude. 1 Is it easy to greet guests at the airport? 5 Asking personal questions to the guest Why? Why not? might be offensive. How to Greet Guests at the 9 Airport Most people think greeting a guest is simple, but in the tourism and hospitality industry greeting is a detailed and important procedure. It is important because a guest gets the first impression of, a hotel, a restaurant, or a shop during the greeting ritual. Therefore greeting is mostly a stressful and difficult activity for people in the guest relations departments. Greeting is even more stressful if you are trying to welcome a guest at the airport because airports are usually crowded and busy. There are crucial things that you should always remember about welcoming a guest at the airport. The first thing to keep in mind is the timing. You should be in the arrivals hall at least fifteen minutes before the plane lands. In order to be sure, check the actual arrival time beforehand. The second important thing is about the name of your guest. If you want to carry a paging board, make sure that your guest’s name is spelled correctly. Thirdly, do not forget

PART 1 Read the words written in bold in Listen to the conversations again and the text and match them with the answer the questions. definitions below. Conversation 1 1 hospitality industry 2 guest relations 1 Where are Ryan Adams and his wife from? 3 arrivals hall _______________________________ 4 arrival time 2 Is this their first time in Turkey? 5 paging board _______________________________ 6 lounge 3 Where will Mr. and Mrs. Adams stay? 7 small talk _______________________________ a a place for sitting or waiting at the Conversation 2 airport b an informal and short conversation 1 Where is Eva from? c a part of the service industry that _______________________________ include lodging, transportation, event 2 What nationality is Juan? planning etc. _______________________________ d a placard with the name of a guest on it 3 Does Eva have any friends in Turkey? e the area of an airport where the _______________________________ passengers arrive f the department that helps the guests Grammar verb to be with their needs and complaints g the time at which a plane is scheduled to Read the sentences and underline the arrive forms of the verb to be. Listening 1 I am very busy today. 2 Kate was at school yesterday. 3 Jeremy will be in his office tomorrow. 4 We have been to London many times. Work in pairs and read the Read the rules about the verb to be and expressions below. Then listen 1.1 circle the correct words in italics. to the conversations and put a tick near the expressions 1 We use was / were - am / is / are in you hear. Present Simple. 2 We use will be - have been / has been 1 Good morning, sir. in Present Perfect. 2 Good afternoon. 3 We use will be - was / were for future 3 Welcome to our country. states. 4 Welcome back. 4 We use was / were - have been / has 5 Thank you. been in Past Simple. 6 Thanks a lot for your help. 7 Where are you from? Look at the table below and fill in the 8 I am from Kuala Lumpur. gaps with the words from the box. 9 Pleased to meet you. 10 Nice to meet you. is will be has been were am 11 Hope to see you again. 12 See you soon. tense present past future perfect to be 10 _____ / was / _____ / have been _____ / _____ going to /_____ are be

PART 1 Circle the correct forms of the verb to be. 1 My father is / was very tired last night. Writing 2 Nina has been / will be to Kuala Lumpur twice before. Look at the hotel registration form 3 I will be / have been at the airport at below. Fill in this form with your around ten o’clock tonight. personal information. 4 We have been / will be out of this crowded city next summer. Title: Mr. ___ Mrs.___ Ms. ___ 5 She was / is not at home yesterday evening. Last Name: 6 They have been / are very nervous recently. 7 Tim is / will be a good teacher. His students are successful. First Name: Fill in the gaps with the correct form of Gender: the verb to be. Nationality: Date of Birth: 1 Hanna ______ a member of our group Arrival Date: next week. 2 Frank ______ still a student but next Departure Date: year he will graduate and become an engineer. Address: 3 I ______ to many interesting arts galleries with my wife. Town/ City: 4 Blair ______ not successful in the driving test so he could not get Country: his license. 5 Donna and Jane ______ doctors. They Phone number: work in the same hospital. Type of Room: Single__Double__ Suite__ Mode of Payment: Credit card__ Cash__ Other__ Please see page 95 for details and more àactivities on grammer. see p. 95 Speaking Work in pairs and role play the situation below. 1 Student A is a tourist guide and Student B is a tourist. Student A will greet Student B at the airport. 11

PART 1 e.g. A: Hi, I’m Valerie. Professional Life small talk B: Hi Valerie, my name is Elton. A: Do you live here, Elton? It is important to know how to start, B: Yes, I do. But actually, I’m from … maintain and end a conversation A: Really? That sounds great. I know there well. properly. You can find some useful expressions below that will help you. Read the conversation and fill in the gaps with the expressions in the box. greeting and general questions I’m … (name) a How do you know him Nice day, isn’t it? b My name is Nicky Nice to meet you. c Hope to see you soon Do you live / work / study here? d That’s interesting What do you do? e Well, a dark coffee would be fine How’s it going? f Do you work here How’s everything? How’s life? Fred: Hi, I’m Fred. Nicky: Hello, Fred. ________________ (1). asking and telling about recent events / Fred: Nice to meet you, Nicky. details / offers ________________ (2)? What’s up? Nicky: No, I don’t. I’m just here to visit my What’s new? friend, Tim. What’s happening? Fred: Tim? He is my office mate. Where are you from? ________________ (3)? How was your weekend? Nicky: Really? He is my next door neighbor. How do you know …? Fred: ________________ (4). What about What about …? having a drink while waiting for him? Nicky: Thanks a lot. ________________ (5). ending the conversation Fred: Okay. Here you are. It was nice to meet you. Nicky: Thank you Fred. _______________ (6). It was nice to see you. Fred: See you, Nicky. Hope to see you soon. Hope to meet again soon. See you later. giving quick responses / showing interest (Oh) Really? That’s interesting. Is that right? That’s great! That’s too bad. That sounds good / bad / interesting / great. 12

Warm Up PART 2 Discuss the following questions in groups. 1 What kind of activities do you prefer on your vacation? Why? 2 Have you ever tried an extreme sport before? If yes, give more details about it. If no, which sport would you like to do? Why? 3. Vocabulary extreme holiday activities 4. 5. Match the activities in the box with the images below. a. high altitude riding b. rock-climbing c. running with the bulls d. sand boarding e. shark-cage diving f. white-water rafting 6. 1. Read the activities in exercise A and guess the spots where each can be done. Share your ideas with your classmates. 1 on the ‘road of death’, northeast of La Paz, Bolivia 2 on Kalymnos Island, Greece 3 in the oceans off the coast of South Africa 4 in Pamplona, Spain 2. 5 in Dubai Desert 6 on River Coruh, Artvin, Turkey 13

PART 2 Read the article and mark the following statements as true or false. Reading 1 Cappadocia is a popular place for Scan the article and discuss the tourists. following question. 2 There are underground cities in Cappadocia. 1 Where was the article taken from? 3 Avanos is a busy and overpopulated city. a a novel 4 The number of hair locks in the museum b a tourism magazine is a world record. c a brochure 5 You cannot stay overnight in the hair museum. A Unique Experience: Avanos Hair Museum hair lock: a curl of hair Cappadocia is a well-known tourist attraction in Read the words in bold and match central Anatolia. Every year thousands of tourists visit them with the definitions. this exotic region and do different activities. Hot air ballooning and exploring underground cities are only 1 tourist attraction two exciting and popular activities in the region. 2 underground city 3 site However, a small town called Avanos offers a unique 4 guest house experience to its visitors. The town has a history of ceramics and pottery but a couple of years ago a new a a type of hotel site began attracting visitors. This new site is called b a city built under the sea level the hair museum. Thirty years ago the place was only c a place / building where tourists one of the many pottery centers which also served as frequently visit a guest house. One day a satisfied and happy visitor d a location or a place cut off a piece of her hair as a reminder. The owner of the guest house put it up in his shop and told the story to other visitors. Then more visitors cut their hair off and this started a tradition. Today there are more than 15,000 hair locks in the museum and the place is already in the Guinness Book of World Records. The place still serves as a pottery / guest house and you can also walk through the amazing collection of hair locks and have a unique experience. You might even contribute to the museum by sparing a small piece of your own hair. 14

Listening PART 2 Listen to the people talking verb tenses review about their ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’. Complete the table 1.2 Listen to the recordings again. Answer according to the recordings. the questions. nationality likes dislikes 1 Who likes doing sports? 2 Which person is the oldest one? Anna 3 Who thinks that visiting museums are boring? Martin Akira Grammar Read the sentences below and complete the rules with the correct tenses. a I hate living in this city because it is usually rainy and windy. b Your Spanish is getting better, Fiona. Congrats! c When you knocked on the door, I was reading a fashion magazine. d I think I will finish typing this document in two hours. e I haven’t tasted Mexican food in this restaurant before. Rules 1 We use _____________ to talk about something that is always /usually true in the present; our habits, routines and schedules. 2 We use _____________ to talk about changes happening around now (often with the verbs get, become, increase, grow, etc.) 3 We use _____________ to talk about predictions, promises and voluntary actions in the future. 4 We use _____________ with simple past to express interrupted actions in the past. 5 We use _____________ to talk about our experiences that happened before now without telling their exact time. 15

PART 2 Speaking Match the sentences with the correct Work in pairs. Read the prompts below time expressions. and make sentences with the phrases expressing ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’. soon / yesterday / ten years ago / never / already e.g. I like cooking but I don’t like tidying up beds. 1 Lucy __________ eats cheese. It cooking smells bad to her. tidying up beds 2 I suppose Dr. Jimenez will see you __________. serving lunch/dinner 3 Nina texted me to remind the project welcoming guests __________. guide people 4 We have __________ watched this giving information about a place boring movie. entertain people 5 Ms. Dawson was teaching at school selling souvenirs and gifts __________. Writing Read the paragraph below. Circle the correct alternatives in italics. Work in pairs. The table below describes four guests at a hotel. Write Peter originally comes / was coming from a short paragraph to introduce each Hungary, but he has lived / lived in Germany guest. Read the example to form your for almost five years in the 1990s. He is working paragraphs. / was working at a textile company during the day, and he is / was also working as a bodyguard Tittle Last Name First Name Date of Birth at nights. He really has / had a tough life. In Mr. Di Antonio Luciano 11.07.1977 2001, he has moved / moved to Turkey with his Ms. Collias Maia 02.01.1985 family. He buys / bought a property in Istanbul Mrs. Liang Chen 25.10.1965 and started to run his own business. Now, he was Mr. Krishnan Amar 10.08.1950 / is the owner of a famous clothing store chain. He has / is having more than sixty shops around Nationality Bed & Room Extra Info Turkey. When people ask the secret of his Breakfast Type success, he says, “Being hardworking and patient Italian Has a child is important. I’m fifty years old now, and I have Greek Double Non-smoker been waking up / woke up before 6 am since I Chinese Asks for wake was / am fifteen. I am loving / love getting up Single up service and working early in the morning. I hope I am / Indian Asks for will be the same until I die. I am having / have Suite extra pillow three children and I often share my experiences with them. I want them to take lessons from my King life.” e.g. Luciano di Antonio is forty one years old. Please see page 95-96-97 for details and He is from Italy/ He is Italian. He wants to more activities on grammar. have breakfast. He wants a double room. He has a child. à see p. 95-96-97 16

U N I T 2 Recruitment

PART 1 Read the words in exercise A and classify them. Warm Up personal info Answer the following questions with e-mail address your partner. education 1 Have you ever applied for a job? If yes, university / college what happened? 2 Think about your degree. What type employment history of jobs will be suitable for you in the names and locations of employers, and future? Why? dates employed Vocabulary parts of a resumé competencies Read the words below and match them foreign language(s) with their definitions. 1 degree 2 permanent address 3 former positions 4 internship 5 hardware and software knowledge 6 marital status 7 mother tongue 8 vocational training a an academic title given by a university or a college b a fixed place of residence or business where someone lives c a job that a student takes to learn a profession d education that includes skills and knowledge required for a particular job e knowledge about the computer itself and its operating systems f a person’s relationship situations with another person (e.g. single, married, etc.) g previous jobs h native language 18

Reading PART 1 Read the title of the article and answer 2. Chauffeur the questions below. Duties: Picking up tourists from airports, driving visitors to unfamiliar destinations, 1 Have you got a dream job? What is it? driving for city tours. 2 Name three jobs with a high income in Working Hours: 5 - 6 hours a day the tourism and travel industry. Income: $ 25 per hour Five Great Jobs in 3. Bed Warmer Tourism and Travel Duties: Warming beds for the guests before they sleep in their rooms. Industry Working Hours: 2 - 3 hours a day Income: $ 10 per hour Holidays are always fun all around the world. People visit new, exotic, and beautiful 4. Food Taster places. They meet new people and have Duties: Tasting food and beverages before new experiences. They also learn a lot about they are served to the guests. different cultures and their traditions. In Working Hours: 5 - 6 hours a day short, they explore the world. Income: $ 50 per hour There are also people who work hard for 5. Cruise Ship Guide tourists. Some people work, in hotels, Duties: Guiding guests in cruise ships. restaurants, airports and shops to please the Working Hours: 5 - 6 hours a day guests and visitors. They work day and night Income: $ 30 per hour and make the holiday more enjoyable and pleasing. Read and answer the questions below. The jobs of these hardworking people are 1 What are the duties of a chauffeur? usually very difficult and tiring. Also, in most 2 How many hours does a bed warmer countries, the salaries of these jobs are quite work in a day? low. However, in the tourism and travel 3 How much money does a food taster industry, there are some jobs that provide make in a day? enjoyable lifestyles and high income. If you 4 Who guides the guests in a cruise ship? are thinking of having a career in tourism, the 5 Who works less than 4 hours in a day? jobs listed below might be your dream job. Read the article again and match the 1. Amusement Park Attendant words below with the definitions. Duties: Operating amusement park rides, driving golf carts, setting up games. 1. guest a. drink Working Hours: 6 - 8 hours a day 2. attendant b. driver Income: $ 10 per hour 3. unfamiliar destination c. instructor 4. beverage d. unknown place 5. chauffeur e. fair 6. amusement park f. visitor 7. guide g. assistant 19

PART 1 Listening Listen to an interview 2.1 about a day of a front desk receptionist and mark the following statements as true or false. 1 The receptionist checks the reservation list. 2 The receptionist does not send e-mails. 3 The receptionist processes documents. 4 The receptionist does not greet the customers. 5 The receptionist answers and forwards phone calls. 6 The receptionist does not monitor the guests or visitors. 7 The receptionist escorts the guests. Listen again and fill in the gaps in the sentences below. Use the words in the box. generally never usually always often rarely sometimes 1 I ________ check the reservation list first and then process some documents. 2 I ________ spend fifteen minutes to check the lists and fill in the documents. 3 I ________ answer or forward a lot of phone calls and ________ send e-mails. 4 I ________ monitor the guests and visitors. 5 I ________ escort the guests if they need it. 6 I ________ carry their luggage. 1 Listen again and discuss the questions below. 2 Do you think working as a receptionist is 20 difficult? If yes, what are the difficulties?

Grammar PART 1 question forms: subject / object questions Read the following sentences and answer the questions. a Who knows the Fergusons in this Speaking neighborhood? b Who do the Fergusons know in this Work in groups. Read the jobs in the neighborhood? box and discuss their daily routines. 1 What is the difference between the waiter flight attendant bellboy sentences above? 2 Which question asks the object, and Writing which one asks the subject of the sentence? Look at the weekly schedule below. Write people’s duties in simple present Match the following questions with the tense. answers below. a to my sister William (Manager) Helen b chocolate cake and ice-cream hold meeting and prepare breakfast, c Fred distribute the cook lunch and d a fancy dress weekly duties dinner e in Albania f a traffic accident Jackie Alan take the trash out awake the guests 1 Who loves Celine at school? 2 What are they going to serve at the wedding? 3 What happened on the street? 4 Where do you live? 5 Who did you give that gift to? 6 What do you want to wear tonight? Make subject or object questions using Kate Ryan the underlined words in the sentences. clean and sanitize fix the electrical all the rooms wiring and 1 I need a bigger apartment. plumbing 2 Vanessa lives with eight cats and three Greg dogs. serve the morning Will holds the 3 They can play the violin well. coffees meeting and distributes 4 I invited her to the party. the weekly duties every 5 I think a mosquito bit my arm. Monday/ on Mondays. 6 Edison invented the light bulb. Please see page 98 for details and more activities on grammer. à see p. 98 21

PART 2 Complete the sentences with the words from Exercise A. Warm Up 1 I have sent _________ for three Look at the picture below and discuss different jobs. the following questions. 2 He has a very good _________ in the 1 Why is the woman nervous? company but he is still not happy with 2 Do you think finding a job is easy? his job. 3 Being the hotel manager of a five-star hotel is a great _________ in tourism industry. 4 My old employer wrote me a very good _________ for my application. 5 When you graduate from a master’s programme you get a masters _______. 6 I am sorry but you do not meet the _________ for this job. 7 I do not have a driving _________ so I cannot drive a car. 8 David got a _________ last month so his salary is higher now. Reading Vocabulary career related words Work in groups. Read the first paragraph of the text and discuss the Match the words with their definitions. questions below. 1 position 1 Why is it difficult to find a job? 2 promotion 2 Why do people feel nervous before job 3 application interviews? 4 achievement 5 qualification Steps to Have a 6 reference Successful Job Interview 7 certificate 8 degree Finding a job is not easy. There are millions of unemployed people all around the a the grade that you get after an world. A great number of them are qualified education period and experienced. So, for most people job b a letter from your previous employer interviews are very challenging and stressful. outlining your skills This heavy stress makes the candidates c skill uncomfortable and nervous. However, there d an official request are some simple steps to a successful job e a document that is official proof that interview. If you want to get your dream job, you have finished a school or a course just follow these steps. f a level in a company g getting a higher position in a company h accomplishment, success 22

PART 2 First, you should prepare for the Read the article and list the phrases in interview. Before the interview do a quick the box under the correct heading. research to have an idea about the vision and principles of the company. Then prepare yourself speak slowly and accurately for possible questions about your education life smile when you leave the interview room and work experience. This preparation will make do research about the company you more confident. Sleep well the night before get ready for the possible questions the interview and try to arrive ten or fifteen arrive fifteen minutes before the interview time minutes early. listen carefully The second step for a successful do not ask questions about the salary interview is to give accurate answers to the go to bed early the night before the interview questions. Listen to the interviewer very carefully and speak slowly. Short but clear answers are before the Interview during the Interview always better than long and unclear ones. The employee should feel that you are a reliable and mature person. Lastly do not ask questions about the salary or the working hours. Keep in mind that these things should be discussed after you get the job. When the interview is over leave the room with a warm smile. Do not look upset or disappointed at the last minute. Always remember that everything is possible in life. These three simple steps will help you a lot to have successful interviews. Follow them you might just get the job of your dreams. 23

PART 2 Grammar revision of modals Complete the table with the correct modal verbs. Read the article again and mark the Usage Modal verb following statements as true or false. Ability / possibility Inability / impossibility Can, … 1 It is a good idea to learn about the Ability in the past company before the interview. 2 Being fifteen minutes late to an Advice Ought to, … interview is not a big problem. Recommending action 3 In an interview we should talk very fast. 4 We should ask for a high salary during Asking for permission May, … the interview. Obligation, necessity, Read the article again and decide if the deduction adjectives have a positive or negative meaning. Use a dictionary if necessary. Prohibition Request Will, … Offer unemployed qualified experienced uncomfortable nervous challenging stressful Rewrite the sentences with given modal verbs in brackets. confident accurate successful reliable mature unclear disappointed upset e.g. It is necessary for new employees to attend the negative positive next meeting. New employees must/ have to / need to attend the next meeting. 1 It is forbidden to use the electronic devices here without any legal permission. (mustn’t) ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ___________________________________. 2 It is necessary for college students to read as many books as possible in their field of study. (need to) ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ___________________________________. 3 It’s possible that the company won’t hire an experienced person for the mentioned position. (might) ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ___________________________________. 24

PART 2 4 I advise you to see a doctor for your earache. (should) ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ___________________________________. 5 Do the students have permission to use Character Card mobiles during the lesson? (can) Name: Tarık Kurt Age: 23 ____________________________________ Education: Tourism at Ege University ____________________________________ Experience: worked as hotel receptionist for two ___________________________________. years 6 It is not necessary for you to come to Strengths: qualified, experienced, confident, the office today. We have little work to reliable, successful do. (don’t need to) ____________________________________ Writing ____________________________________ ___________________________________. Please see page 99 for details and more Fill in the job application form below. activities on grammar. Speaking à see p. 99 Desired Position: Desired Location: Work in pairs and read the job Desired Salary: Wednesday__ advertisement. Student A will read Days available: Saturday__ the character card and get ready for Monday__ Tuesday __ the interview. Student B will be the Thursday__ Friday __ interviewer and ask interview Sunday __ questions to Student A. Job Advertisement Employment Desired: Part time __ Full time __ RECEPTIONIST REQUIRED Last Name: An exclusive five-star First Name: hotel requires a Address: receptionist for front Phone number: desk in Antalya. Date Applied: The ideal candidate must: * have a university degree on tourism * have at least one year experience * be under 30 years old 25

PART 2 Professional Life Read the questions about asking for personal information. Circle asking for and giving personal information in a the correct alternatives in italics. job interview 1 Tell / Ask me about yourself. interviewer applicant 2 How / Which adjectives can you use to describe yourself? Tell me This is not a question, but a request. 3 Which / What are your strengths? about You can tell your name, age and talk 4 What / How are your weaknesses? yourself, about education, experiences etc. please. Try to limit this information with Match the answers with the correct work-oriented words. questions. e.g. I am Jenny Taylor. I am 22 and I have just graduated from the 1 Tell us about yourself, please. college. 2 Which adjectives can you use to describe yourself? Which Try to use positive and career- 3 What are your strengths? adjectives related adjectives. 4 What are your weaknesses? would you e.g. I am hardworking, trustworthy 5 How many hours do you usually work use to and ambitious. in a week? describe 6 What are your hobbies? yourself? a I like playing squash on weekends. What Point out your positive traits. You b I am afraid, I sometimes have lack are your can use ‘I am good at …’ to describe of concentration after a long day. strengths? your strengths. c I am honest, ambitious and funny. e.g. I am a good team player, I am d My name is Sam Mclean and I am 34. very motivated by my career goals, I e I think I am good at guiding other am a well-disciplined person. people at the office. f I do not work less than 8 hours a Do not forget that everybody has day. weaknesses. So, be honest but do not give too many details. Try to state your negative traits with What positive ones. are your e.g. I have lack of experience, but I weaknesses? had a good college education. I am sometimes excessively meticulous. (For some employers the word ‘meticulous’ has a negative meaning while the others find it positive.) How many Each company has its own working hours do you schedule, so it is good to say ‘I work usually work as much as necessary to achieve my in a week? objectives.’ What This question is not directly related are your to your career; however, you can say hobbies? something about sports or some creative activities. Talking about sports makes the employer think you are strong and healthy. 26

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