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2019-04 HL Highlights Newsletter April

Published by HLCS News, 2019-10-25 21:45:04

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Heritage Lake HIGHLIGHTS EMAIL > [email protected] APRIL 2019 Page Heritage Lake HIGH- Publisher: Heritage Lake Community Services, Inc. APRIL 2019 Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, APRIL 20 10 A.M. for children ages 6 to 10 11 A.M. for children thru age 5 (ONE HUNT/PARTY PER CHILD, PLEASE!) Remember: the hunt starts promptly on the hour!!! Bring Easter Basket to carry your eggs!!! Children & Parents are invited to the POA Clubhouse for an Easter gift, Crafts, Cookie Decorating & Pictures with the Easter Bunny. Easter Pictures available thru donations to benefit North Putnam High School Commercial Photography Students. Event Sponsor HLNAC needs donations of plastic eggs and small individually-wrapped pieces of Easter candy to fill our plastic eggs. You can help by bringing donated candy to POA Office by Thursday, APRIL 18 If you would like to help fill eggs, please join us at the clubhouse at 6 P.M., Thursday and Friday, April 18 & April 19. Also, volunteers are invited to help with the APRIL 20 Easter festivities. Come enjoy EASTER BREAKFAST at the Clubhouse, APRIL 20th 8:30 to 11:30am, and support our Heritage Lake Scholarship Program for Heritage Lake college-bound stu- dents! This breakfast is ala carte & held in conjunction with the annual Easter Egg Hunt & children's Easter activities including pictures with the Easter Bunny. Breakfast includes biscuits & gravy, cinnamon rolls, French toast sticks/syrup, egg/sausage muffins, & juice. $1.50 3 28 2019

Page 2 Heritage Lake HIGHLIGHTS EMAIL > [email protected] APRIL 2019 GENERAL Manager: Harold O. Paetow SAVE THE DATE!!! EDITORS: Tom & Marianne Novak Red Cross Blood Drive TREASURER: Dee Heavin June 4, 2019 from 2-7 P.M. PHOTOGRAPHER: Carey Paetow Heritage Lake‟s Lower Level @ the Clubhouse Sign Up at HLCS Inc. PUBLISHER & PRINTER Heritage Lake Community Services, Inc. Or call Marianne Novak @ 765/386-2077 Chairman: Roseann Paetow The Heritage Lake HIGHLIGHTS POLICY is NO negative comments are allowed and all minutes, if needed are condensed to fit by the staff of the Heritage Lake HIGHLIGHTS. The POA office staff, Conservancy Board, Fire District, Trustees and/or POA Board Members do not necessarily agree with any of the material contained in the Heritage Lake HIGHLIGHTS. Only the volunteer Board of the Herit- age Lake Community Services, Inc. has any influence on the policies for the Heritage Lake HIGHLIGHTS. Expenses are covered by the revenue created by the sale of advertising in the yearly Heritage Lake Telephone Directory and the monthly Commercial / Business Ads in the Heritage Lake HIGHLIGHTS newsletter. HeInBGtlruHaeLnBcIGeoxtHoDTtihSsepaeCvnalsuielbrahsbolaeut sitnehe&the ICf eommatpmtthyuencMiotnyatSaricentravHiecenerstirt(aaHgneLceCL. aSk).e Also can viewed & downloaded httopn:u/t/nhhdeeerHritLNagPeeOwlasAkleeWtpteeorbass..citoem/ Advertising in the Heritage Lake HIGHLIGHTS Newsletter 6” X 8” Landscape Ad $150.00 4” X 8” Landscape Ad $100.00 4” X 6” Portrait Ad $75.00 Articles & Ads can be emailed to: 4” X 4” Square Ad $50.00 [email protected] 2” X 3.5” Business Card Ad $30.00 or be dropped off at the Clubhouse Ads can be e-mailed To: [email protected] All material must be signed and include a telephone number (in case of questions) MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO : HLCS and Mail to: HLCS 189 Mill Springs Coatesville, IN 46121

Heritage Lake HIGHLIGHTS EMAIL > [email protected] APRIL 2019 Page 3 HLPOA INFORMATION Office phone: 765-386-7447 Office Hours March & April Monday thru Thursday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Friday & Saturday 8:00 a.m. to Noon MANAGERS REPORT Marina Hours 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday through Sunday Please be considerate of the closing time, and allow a half hour for watercraft registration Please note our lake rule regarding personal buoys No personal lake buoys or lake markers of any type are permitted in Heritage Lake without approval by the HLPOA Manager or the Board of Directors. A sticker provided by the office will identify any buoys that are approved in advance Also, Spring is a time that heavy rain showers can occur, including rain over several days. When high water occurs, please pay close attention to the 4 different flagpoles that are in place for communication regarding lake conditions. A yellow flag will indicate “idle only” and a red flag will indicate the lake is closed to all boating and swimming. During these times, please pay close attention to the color of flag before blasting across the water at high speed. The four flagpole locations will be located at the North end (Lincoln Hills Beach), Clubhouse Point, Marina, and Clear Creek Conservancy area. Respectfully, Ken Rozelle HLPOA Manager

Page 4 Heritage Lake HIGHLIGHTS EMAIL > [email protected] APRIL 2019 HERITAGE LAKE PROPERTY OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Unapproved minutes of the HLPOA Board of Directors meeting February 11, 2019 The HLPOA Board meeting is held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM. at the Clubhouse & open to all Heritage Lake POA members in good standing. The Board Meeting agenda includes a forum that allows members to express their views to the Board. ALL MEMBERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND. The POA official and approved minutes can be obtained and read at the POA Office or on the HLPOA Website. HERITAGE LAKE PROPERTY January 28th Operations Meeting Siltation: Meetings will resume in March OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION Approved as submitted 2019. BOARD OF DIRECTORS MINUTES Emergency Planning Team: February 11, 2019 Treasurer’s Report: Meetings will resume in March 2019. Attending: Chris Schafer, Jim Johnson, Jim Johnson reported total income for Misc. Reports: the month of January is $74,073; total Thomas Novak, Ken Riggen, AJ Stafford expenses were $67,560 leaving an Manager’s Report: KEN ROZELL: and Grant Feldhake (Paul Forbes absent, income balance of $6,513. The total Since our January 19th IU/Purdue basket- giving his proxy to Jim Johnson). Staff income year-to-date is $74,073; total ball party was cancelled due to the attending was Ken Rozelle (Debra Napier expenses year-to-date were $67,560 weather, we have another chance at absent). Also present, were 12 members. leaving an income balance of $6,513. (partial Live stream via You Tube). this rival gathering. Tuesday evening February 19th, at 7 p.m., we will gather As of January 31, 2019, our short-term Call to Order: Chris Schafer called the cash was $156,275, and total invest- again for this event, and I hope IU shows meeting to order at 7:00 pm. ments, which are made up of Certifi- up to play. Please bring your drink of Announcements cates of Deposits and Money Market choice. A. Clear Creek Conservancy: No report. Checking Accounts, $688,738. On Monday February 4th, Jody DeFord, B. Floyd Township Fire Department: Board Committee Reports Marilyn Bear, Cindy Huddleston and myself, met with the Park Manager at Brian Ervin was unable to attend the A&E: Ben Fuchs reported the committee Eagle Creek for a question & answer meeting , but Jeff Brooks thanked approved 5 permits for the month of session pertaining to the possible Bark Shannon McCullough for his work to January; 1 garage, 1 house, 2 docks, and Park discussion at Heritage Lake. We support the practice burn that the 1 lift. Ben also indicated that William will be compiling the answers to our firefighters used as a training exercise. Goupell has attended the last several questions along with some cost and C. Neighborhood Watch: The “Chili A&E Committee meetings and was re- identified locations to present to the Cook off” has been rescheduled for questing membership to that Board for discussion. March 2nd. All interested in partici- Committee. The Board approved 6-0. March 11th, the Building and Zone of pating please call April Land 765-386- Campground: Ron (Ken) Riggen report- Putnam County, will be meeting to 7447. Meetings will resume in March ed the campground is to open March 29, discuss the demolition of the abandon 2019. 2019. The next meeting is March 3, 2019 at D. HLCS: Harold Paetow was unable to and unsafe building at 8 Mill Springs. the Clubhouse for selection of campsites. This is during the same evening of our attend the meeting, but Tom Novak Clean Up: Tom Novak reported in Jeff next Board Meeting and Rick Huddle- reported that all phone directories Blaydes’ absence that meetings will ston will be attending on my behalf. should now have been delivered. The resume in March 13, 2019 and subse- This demolition will be at no cost to the HLPOA office has them If you have not quent meetings will be held the 2nd POA. Wednesday of each month at 7pm. received one. Tomorrow approximately around 10 a.m. E. POA Security: No report. Government: No report. Open chair po- Conservation Officers will be removing sition. (Volunteers needed to support Presentation of Agenda: our Community) the two ATV’s from the lake that was Approved as submitted. part of the accident on February 2nd. Lake: The committee will resume Presentation of Minutes: meetings in March, 2019. The Marina parking lot will be closed to any traffic. The leads into a message I January 14th Board Meeting Clean Water: Meetings will resume in typed to read to everyone listening. Approved as submitted March 2019. “Ten short days ago, this community lost Brett Crowder to a tragic accident on January 14th Board Executive Meeting Long Term Planning: Meetings will the lake. Brett would have never taken Approved as submitted resume in March 2019. (Continued on page 5)

Heritage Lake HIGHLIGHTS EMAIL > [email protected] APRIL 2019 Page 5 his RZR out on the ice if he felt there comment that this accident was caused New Business: was a chance he would never come by lowering the red flags. I am begging Replacement Boat Tie-up Poles (55): back. That is why things like this is you…Please stop with these incentive Ken would like to replace the current tie called an accident. remarks that are posted by these few -up posts at the Clubhouse Cove tie-up individuals, that is hurtful to others in- location (near Jefferson Pond), and at As being in law enforcement, I was in volved. the area, and arrived within just a mi- the Lincoln Park location. He counted nute of this happing, and approximately I plead with the administrators of these 55 posts today in need of replacement, 8 hours later was the last to leave. The sites, please take a long look at these to be improved by using 4” steel pipe response from all agencies that arrived individuals, that if they continue, please instead of the much smaller 1 ½” pipe to assist, in the case they were needed consider removing these people from currently in use. This will allow for was nothing short of impressive. To all your page. If you have taken the steps much sturdier tie-ups, uniform spacing, of those agencies involved, especially to delete such comments posted, thank better access for boats using the the Conservation Officers dive team, you for doing so. tie-ups, and a much better appearance. we thank you! I knew Brett, but my only regret is, that I Depending on how many posts can be driven by land or by barge, the cost will Within just minutes of the accident, so- did not know him much better. Be- be somewhere between $12,375 and $16,500. That does not include any cial media around here at Heritage Lake cause from what I hear, he would have additional PVC covering, which was agreed to be included. To avoid Ken began to blow up with mostly very con- been a fun guy to hang around. Rest in having to come back to the Board if additional money was required, cerned people, when witnessing all the peace Brett, and may your family and AJ Stafford made a motion to approve $20,000 in a single vote (to take ad- emergency personnel arriving at the friends find some comfort and peace! vantage of the frozen ground before it thaws) for the project and Ken agreed marina parking lot. It is just human na- Thanks for listening that he would very likely come in well ture to wonder what is going on in the under that budget. The motion was community. It was so comforting to see Old Business: passed 7-0. how concerned and caring people can Security Cameras: Chris and Jeff Brooks be, with their prayers, concerns, sup- met with K&M Fence on Saturday, Feb- port and generosity that was displayed ruary 9 to discuss options around a gate towards Brett’s family. That kind of at the burn pile. AJ Stafford also is support is what truly makes an impres- working on getting camera information sive display of great people. To all of from his company. After discussion, it you, the Crowder family and his friends was agreed to try and get a “starter Open Forum: thank you! gate” that would include a sensor open- Phil McKinley added that the new er, much like a garage door opener sen- posts would also make the lake look The rest of my statement is merely spo- sor laser. This would force people to better, considering the Marina ken out of respect to Brett and anyone stop at the gate to wait for it to open/ else in the future. close, allowing for a camera to record update project will do a lot for the their vehicle, contents, and license look of the marina area. Unfortunately, there is always a few on our local social media sites that contin- plate. Additionally, driving 4x4 or 6x6 Jeff Brooks on behalf of the Floyd ue to post negative comments, or re- posts to prevent people from driving Township Fire Department, other marks that simply have no basis of truth around the gate would be an additional that are so hurtful to the families and to deterrent for illegal dumping. The addi- surrounding agencies and volunteers, their friends. This message is for these tion of a camera that could be mounted we would like to THANK Shannon individuals! Please stop and think twice on one of those posts, along with sign- McCullough for opening up his house, about what you are posting. We are better than this. Don’t get me wrong, age that the entrance/exit gate is under donating food and drinks during this social media has a lot of great use, but electronic surveillance should provide unfortunate accident at our lake. not to become an arm chair quarter- back, to set in front of a key pad and us a good starting point to see whether Adjournment: Meeting adjourned a make comments you have no clue what additional features would even be nec- you are talking about. Things such as, what could have been done, what essary. It was agreed to bring the issue should have been done, mistakes that were made, why our fire department back to the next Board meeting, at Submitted by Chris Schafer and Debra made up of nothing but volunteers, which time additional pricing options would be provided by AJ/Jeff. We HLPOA OFFICE would like to get this work done in time for spring yard cleanup season. 765-386-7447 does not have rescue divers. And also

Page 6 Heritage Lake HIGHLIGHTS EMAIL > [email protected] APRIL 2019 Hello Fellow Heritage Lake Friends and Neighbors, If you‟re not already aware, I‟d like to inform you of the campaign that‟s about to begin to change our Covenants. This is something that we‟ve attempted several times in the past, but have been unsuccessful because we‟ve not previously been able to obtain the number of “Yes” votes to make the proposed changes. We‟ve also not previously received enough “No” votes to fail the proposed changes. The previous attempts have failed because we‟ve not been able to obtain the required number of “Yes” or “No” ballots back from the membership. The power to dictate whether Covenant changes can be made has been with the non-voting members of the community! Those who have voted have essentially been stripped of the power of their votes. Are you aware that only members of the community have the power to change the Covenants, through a community vote? The Board has NO power to change the Covenants and will not have that power in the future. The power is ALL YOURS!!!! You will see a lot of information around the details of what‟s being proposed, along with instructions on how to vote this year. Our drive is to make sure that members of this community understand the issues on the table, the impact of passing or failing this campaign, and we will be pushing hard to make sure that people vote. We want you to have all of the information you need to make an informed choice when you cast your ballot. There will be opportunities for people to ask the Board any questions you may have around the Covenant Changes after every Board Meeting (second Monday of every month) and Operations Meeting (last Monday of every month). Additionally, you can ask us questions wherever you see us….at the Marina, Clubhouse, Community Events, on Social Media, at meetings…. we are here to help!!! We want you to know and understand what‟s being voted upon. The information around the ballot will be available on the Website, YouTube, here in the Highlights, and any member of the Board would be happy to talk to you directly. More than anything, we want you to vote. I only ask that you meet us halfway and take advantage of your opportunities to understand the issues and ask questions if you have them, before you cast your vote. For the first time ever, we‟re enabling electronic voting capability to allow for ballots to be returned via text, email, fax, and through a new voting website. Each of these methods is secure and has been reviewed by our legal counsel. This is another effort to take advantage of methods that could improve our chances of obtaining the required number of ballots to officially pass or fail this campaign. We are trying hard to remove the reasons why people abstain from voting their lots. Please keep an eye out for the communications coming out around this campaign. Let‟s all take responsibility and vote for the direction and future of our community. Sincerely, Chris Schafer Neighborhood Watch “2019” GOLD BOWL CHILI COOKOFF RESULTS… What a GREAT turnout, THANKS to all who came to support the event, it was a GREAT time with GREAT people. There were a total of 10 crockpots, and we are hoping to add a few more next year. THANKS again to all the Neighborhood Watch captains and volunteers for all they did to help with the event and cleanup afterwards. “2019” GOLD BOWL went to Michelle Scott; 2nd Place Ken Rozelle; 3rd Place Jeanette Newkirk

Heritage Lake HIGHLIGHTS EMAIL > [email protected] APRIL 2019 Page 7 CLEAR CREEK CONSERVANCY DISTRICT The Clear Creek Conservancy District board of directors met FEB. 28, 2019, at 10 a.m. at the district’s office. Directors Present: J. Duane Kelly, Chris Schubert, & Jerry D. Wood Also attending: Kathy Deer, Administrative and Financial Manager; Doug Clodfelter, Plant Operator and Operations Manager; Ken Rozelle, Heritage Lake POA Manager; Tom Novak, William Goupell, and Harold Paetow. Jerry Wood moved to approve the minutes of the Jan. 17 and February 1 meetings. Chris Schubert seconded. Vote unanimous. Kathy Deer reviewed the financial report for the month ending January 31, 2019. Chris Schubert moved to approve the financial report and Register of Claims, January 18 through February 28, 2019. Jerry Wood seconded. Vote unanimous. Kathy Deer provided a written report. The annual reports have been completed on the State Board of Accounts Gateway. The board reviewed the proposed response for information to be included in the Emergency Action Plan for the dam that Banning Engineering is prepar- ing. PNC Merchant Services and charges will be reviewed again at budget time to consider whether the fee for when a credit card is used to pay sewer access fees should be increased. The shortfall for Dec/Jan was $38.93. The old RTV has to be titled since it was sold and the title work and registration for the new RTV has been submitted. There are 1,425 account locations with 5 homes added to the billing system – PL064, LH108, PL093, JV095 and GB452. The Dec/Jan sewer access fees were due March 15. Late fees of $1,582.91 were added to 278 accounts. No work orders were generated for I/I inspections due to deed transfers in January. Doug provided a written report. In December, Mark Stevenson hauled and knifed in 130,000 gal. of sludge in the district‟s 8-acre field and 245,000 gal. of sludge in Jim Greeson‟s field. On 2/25/19, Alpha-Liberty performed the annual calibration on the laboratory scales. The snow guard/stop for the metal roofs at the treatment plant will cost $878.17. Buildmore, Inc. has not yet completed the work. The new sewer camera trailer was used to verify the sewer lateral at PL064. There are several sewer connections pending in Mill Springs where McCullough will be locating the deep sewer lateral connection and raising it for the lot owner‟s contractor to complete the connection. MacAllister performed a Level 1 inspection on all the generators. Michael replaced a start capacitor at LS G4 and a motor started at LS V1. A 2” schedule 80 connection join blew apart in the wet well near pump #2 in LS G2. BBC Pump will be making a repair. Don and Michael had to pull a pump and clean the rages out of LS G5. The next day Michael and Doug pulled a pump full of rags from LS P2 and replaced the pump with the Hydromatic chopper pump BBC had brought back. On Tuesday, March 5, Dave Dunnuck is scheduled to meet with Doug to discuss the worn parts they replaced in that pump. Doug provided a copy of “The Cost of Flushing „FLUSHABLES‟” and Duane Kelly reported he had given a report based on that information along with pictures of rags in the pumps at the recent annual POA meeting where 30 to 40 people were present. Discussion of the difficulties in reaching customers to educate them about the damage “flushable” wipes are causing to the sewer collection system pumps, the need for homeowners to have backflow prevention devices installed and maintained on a sewer system relying heavily on electric power and mechanical systems, and insurance coverage homeowners should have in place should a backup occur – that is, until it happens to them. District personnel can provide facts to homeowners if assistance is requested, especially for new homeowners unaware of whether their home has a backflow prevention device or adequate outside cleanout setup. The district does not require older homes that do not have an outside cleanout to add one, but it is highly recommended every home have an outside cleanout. Doug explained that a loose cap or special “release” cap on the outside cleanout will allow sewage to flow in the yard causing way less damage than having a backup into a house. All newer homes are required to have an outside cleanout under current code. It was noted that the “Sewer Care Brochure” on the district‟s website covers some of these topics. Tom Novak plans to prepare an article for the Heritage Highlights in the near future. The Clear Creek Conservancy District board of directors met MARCH 21, 2019, at 10 a.m. at the district’s office. Directors Present: J. Duane Kelly, Chris Schubert & Jerry D. Wood Also attending: Kathy Deer, Administrative and Financial Manager; Doug Clodfelter, Plant Operator and Operations Manager; Jim Hazelwood, William Goupell, and Harold Paetow. Jerry Wood moved to approve the minutes of the February 28 meeting. Chris Schubert seconded. Vote unanimous. Kathy Deer reviewed the financial report for the month ending February 28, 2019. Chris Schubert moved to approve the financial report and Register of Claims, February 28 through March 21, 2019. Jerry Wood seconded. Vote unanimous. Kathy Deer provided a written report. There was no update on progress for the emergency action plan for the dam. The title and registration have been received for the 2018 RTV. The BMV returned the paperwork for the 2004 RTV not recognizing that the payment form was included for an electronic check instead of a credit card. After contacting the BMV, they agreed the paperwork was correct and requested I mail the packet back to them for processing. North Salem WWTP was billed $300 on March 4 for services to set a pump. The invoice has already been paid. There are 1,426 account locations with 1 home added to the billing system – JV102. The February/March sewer access fee bills were mailed March 7 and are due April 15, 2019. Amy Tharp requested the late fee of $5.80 be waived on her Dec/Jan sewer billing since the payment mailed February 6 was damaged in the mail but received March 2 in a USPS protective envelope. Chris Schubert moved to waive the late fee on this account. Jerry Wood seconded. Vote unanimous. Two new work orders were generated for Inflow/Infiltration inspections due to deed transfers in February – JV525 and PL147. Doug was unable to attend. He is attending class for continuing education credits required to maintain his operator‟s license. The next regular meeting will be held at 10 a.m. on Thursday, April 18, 2019, at the district‟s office.

Page 8 Heritage Lake HIGHLIGHTS EMAIL > [email protected] APRIL 2019 Heritage Heartland Homemakers by Marianne Novak HHH met on March 19, 2019, and enjoyed a delicious lunch of several salads, bread choices, and more desserts than we needed thanks to Bev Spires and Donna McGinley. Besides looking ahead to spring/summer activities, we spent most of the meeting recapping the successful Spring District Meeting on March 15, 2019, at the Putnam County Museum. The event began the night before with a progressive dinner for the State Officers, hosted by Appetizers (Marianne Novak); Entrée (Mary Ellen Deegan & Mary Pertruzzi); and dessert (Penny Steur). The chauffeur for the venue was Meegan Ebacher. The next day, the over 100 Homemakers who attended were fed breakfast prepared by Bev and Sue Hoff (servers included Mary Ellen, Mary, Penny, and Marianne). Penny made decorations/table door prizes & placed them at the tables. Ethel Stafford, Pam Miller, and Marianne Novak registered all Homemakers & supplied them w/raffle tickets & PC Museum scavenger hunt sheets along w/pens donated by North Salem Bank. Meegan introduced our guest, John Hathaway, Guidance Counselor at Putnam County Middle School, who thanked members for their generous donation of toiletries for PCMS students. Everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by Myer’s Market. After the afternoon session & everyone left, Lisa Mock, Putnam County Mu- seum, who provided the amazing museum for our meeting, helped Mary Ellen, Meegan, and Marianne to clean up. The Homemakers‟ next meeting will be on April 16 at 11:30 A.M. Meegan Ebacher and Mary Petruzzi are the hostesses. For more information about Homemakers, call either Mary Ellen Deegan at 317/846-2979 or Bev Spires at 765/246-6558. Heritage Lake Book Club by Marianne Novak In March we stepped through the doors of Tranquillum House in Sydney, Australia, to the boutique health/wellness resort for a life-changing experience. There we met the main characters of Liane Moriarty‟s Nine Perfect Strangers. How we described this resort experience…gratifying, transformative, enlightening, bizarre, derailed. The idea for this novel came from Moriarty‟s fascination with the wellness industry in Australia which is growing by leaps and bounds! If you enjoy comedic satire, you will enjoy this book. Question: Is Frances Welty really supposed to be Liane Moriarty? We rated the book 3.6. April 10 In the Midst of Winter by Lisa Allende May 8 Where the Crawdads Sing by Deliah Owens If you‟d like to come join us, call Marianne Novak at 386-2077. Heritage Lake Garden Club by Marianne Novak Our first garden club of the 2019 season began with lots of “catch up on each other‟s news.” After recapping our Wreath Fund-raiser, we dove into new ideas for the year. Our main pursuit will be pollinator gardens here at the lake. Excitement was in the air since March 14 was the first time we held two garden club meetings for the month (one at 9 A.M. and the other at 7 P.M.). But the real “buzz” came next when Anita Johnson told us all we needed to know about encouraging Mason Bees in our gardens. They are among the 91% of solitary bees that live in reed tubes, yet do not produce honey…and they are great pollinators! Pollen collects on their underbodies and while they flit around looking for food, they leave pollen on flowers and trees. About 400 Mason Bees live in a hive. If you want to know more, check out crown- and sign up for beemail! Join us on April 11 at 9 A.M. or 7 P.M. – Linda Lawler is the hostess & will give the lesson on container gardens: Fillers, Spillers, and Thrillers.” For more information, contact Linda Lawler at [email protected]

Heritage Lake HIGHLIGHTS EMAIL > [email protected] APRIL 2019 Page 9 **GARAGE SALE FUNDRAISER FOR PUTNAM COUNTY KIDS COUNT** YOUR STUFF IS GREATLY NEEDED! If you are not having your own garage sale for our HL Community Sales & have “treasures” you don‟t want or need, please donate to our annual PCKC Garage Sale! OUR SALE WILL BE HELD AT THE POA CLUBHOUSE LOWER LEVEL THURSDAY, MAY 2, FRIDAY, MAY 3, SATURDAY, MAY 4 Your “ treasures” are welcome there Sunday, April 28, 1-4pm, & Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, April 29 & 30 & May 1, during POA office hours. Please tell your friends & family members that their “treasures” are welcome too! Help is always needed & welcome! To volunteer to help with our sale or food concessions or for more info, please call Cindy, 317-627-6982, or Jan, 317-730-0543. PLEASE DONATE any of these items: household, home decor, jewelry, bicycles/sports items, dishes/glassware, garden/power tools, video games, baby/toddler/kids clothing/toys, high quality items incl furniture (if large items, please call Cindy first, 317-627-6982). PLEASE NO ADULT CLOTHES or TVs. PLUS FOOD CONCESSIONS (grilled hamburgers/hot dogs/etc) ARE AVAILABLE ON SALE DAYS! COME ON OVER! The Heritage Lake Emergency Preparedness Team meets the first Wednesday of each month from 7-8:30pm in the Clubhouse Emergency Communications Center Room. Please join us as we prepare ourselves and our community for unexpected events, including health, weather & unforeseen events! Contact John Deegan @ 317-846-2979 or Darcey Schafer at 317-590-0981 with any questions, ideas or for more information.

Page 10 Heritage Lake HIGHLIGHTS EMAIL > [email protected] APRIL 2019 FOOD FOR THOUGHT: HATE SPEECH With the New Zealand mosque shooting, fueled by the killer’s manifesto, the issue of “hate speech” is in the limelight again. This mourning nation has handled the tragedy in a proper and delicate manner. They are striving to prevent any such crime from ever happening again. Their strategy prevention involves a balancing act with laws against “hate speech.” I think we can all appreciate that the real problem is not the words, but the hearts that produce them. To limit hate speech is an effort to keep the infection from spreading. We get that. It is wrong to incite hatred against individuals. The sticky point is, individuals are tied to life-practices, world views, and personal sets of values. These are all choices; choices that can lead to death, in this life and the next. Choices become social norms, and the wrong norms can lead to toxic and evil societies. The Gospel of Christ in a nutshell, hates the lethal choices. It warns against them, and offers another way, for the individual and for the culture. There are choices we must embrace, and others we should hate. For life to flourish, there must be a place for hate. It’s just a question of what we are hating. There is a time to speak out, and warn. So by a certain definition, there must be a place for “hate speech.” However, humanity doesn’t have a very good track record at limiting “hate speech.” A case in point is the Easter account. Christ was executed as much for the warning of what He hated, as for what He loved. He spoke against religion. Not that He spoke against Judaism, but He hated what the system had become. Here is one of the greatest “hate speeches” of all time, in summary: But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for you neither go in yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in. …“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel land and sea to win one proselyte, and when he is won, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves. “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you pay tithe of mint and … have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faith. …Blind guides, who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel! …“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness. Even so you also outwardly appear righteous to men, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness. (Matthew 23:13-28) Jesus hated the empty façade that religion had become (yet again). He hated the loss of God’s true message, and real essence. He hated how it was costing the life and after-life of its followers. They had abandoned authenticity, and this indictment was the basis for His execution. Pretend religion, even with the most clever alterations, is fatally misleading. Christ promised eternal life, but a real empty tomb only comes after a real cross is carried, which is the product of the real path God opens for one’s life. This Easter Sunday our church won’t include “hate speech” though, it will be love for the authentic. However, if we are to have a hate manifesto, let it be this: We hate falsehood in any form. We hate the death and crippling it brings. May what we hate be overshadowed by the real Christ, the real cross, and the real resurrection. Anyway, it’s certainly food for thought. Pastor Kevin and his editor wife Kathy, are happy members of Canaan Community Church. Bible Study WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY Wednesday ... 9:30 AM to 11:00AM .. at the clubhouse. FRIDAY ‘s at 7:00 PM Wednesday ... 7:30pm 8:30pm .. See Calendar at New Maysville Community Church Address : 6817 CR 900E , 10 min. from the Lake in the CLUBHOUSE small Meeting Room. The Bible is more than just another book. It's like working a big jig saw puzzle. Please contact : The more pieces that come together, the clearer the picture becomes. All are invited to join us in putting together the pieces of this wonderful book, the Bible. Contact: Jim Limp 386-7512

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Page 12 Heritage Lake HIGHLIGHTS EMAIL > [email protected] APRIL 2019 AOLpoecraatlelydOBwusniendes&s

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Page 14 Heritage Lake HIGHLIGHTS EMAIL > [email protected] APRIL 2019 KIDS COUNT Advertising in the Heritage Lake YELLOW TRASH BAG SALE! HIGHLIGHTS Newsletter . . . is an ongoing sale to benefit Kids Count, 6” X 8” Landscape Ad $150.00 sponsor of the annual Character Day Camp 4” X 8” Landscape Ad $100.00 4” X 6” Portrait Ad $75.00 held at Heritage Lake 4” X 4” Square Ad 2” X 3.5” Business Card Ad $50.00 These bags are available at the Office. $30.00 contact Cindy (386-6338) or Jan (317-730-0543) Ads can be e-mailed To: [email protected]

Heritage Lake HIGHLIGHTS EMAIL > [email protected] APRIL 2019 Page 15 For Sale: Fish & Ski 2014 Lowe FM 175 Pro SC, Board Meeting 115 HP Motor 4-Stroke, Rear conversion Bench Seat, Monday, APRIL 8, 2019 at 7:00 PM Fish Locator, Trolling Motor, Built in Battery Charger, at HLPOA Clubhouse Boat Cover & Trailer. Only used at Heritage Lake and Stored inside. Price $18,500. Next Board Operations Meeting Contact: Wally Barnes 317-201-2728. APR 29, 2019 at 7PM at Clubhouse If you have a classic car or love classic cars then this is for you. We SECURITY TIP LINE have started a new car club for Heritage Lake. We meet on Second IN CASE OF AN Thursday of the month at 7pm. EMERGENCY Location of meetings may vary from month to month. My address is DIAL 911 658 Jefferson Valley, I am right on Heritage Drive just up from the silt pond. If you have any questions feel Call the HLPOA Office free to contact me, Gary Owens at 618-830-4699. 386-7447 Look forward to seeing you, please let me know if you plan on attending so I can provide the and dial extension 111 to access the location for the meeting. voice mailbox of the HLPOA’s Security First meeting this year will be at my house April 11, 2019. Officer & leave a detailed message. Please report suspicious activity, information about an incident, etc. NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH needs YOU, next meeting! SEE THE CALENDAR IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY, CALL 911 DO NOT CALL the HLPOA security line if you have an emergency. Jack’s Trash RECYCLE ONLY BIN at HERITAGE LAKE on westside of Heritage Drive by the HLPOA Maintenance Building

PHagEeR1I6TAGE LAKEHCeOriMtaMgUeNLIaTkYeSERHVIIGCHESL, IGNCHTS EMAIL > [email protected] APRIL 2019 189 MILL SPRINGS U.S.P.S. COATESVILLE, IN 46121 POSTAGE ADVERTISING ‚in the ‛ Heritage Lake HIGH- STAMP LIGHTS SEE PAGE 2 or Contact: Harold Paetow ~ 189 Mill Springs ~ Coatesville, IN 46121 View The HIGHLIGHTS at: HLPOA Website Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat MAR 29 MAR 29 MAR 30 HIGHLIGHTS 7PM Women’s Bible AVAILABLE Study MAR 31 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 1PM Stitch & Quilt 9:30AM BIBLE 7pm A & E Cmte 7PM DOMINOS 14 9AM Putnam County STUDY 21 COMMISSIONERS MTG 28 1PM DOMINOS 08 09 7PM Lake Cmte 11 12 13 7PM HLEPT 7PM Women’s Bible 7PM EUCHRE CLUB 9:30AM Garden Study 10 Club 7PM HLPOA 1PM Stitch & Quilt 9:30AM BIBLE BOARD MTG 7PM HLNAC STUDY 1PM Book Club 7PM Garden Club 7PM Car Club Mtg 7PM Clean-Up Cmte 15 16 17 18 19 20 10AM CCCD 7PM Women’s 9 AM 11:30AM Homemakers 9:30AM BIBLE 7pm A & E Cmte Bible Study EASTER EGG STUDY HUNT PC Commissioner’s Mtg. 1PM Stitch & Quilt HIGHLIGHTS 7PM Nbhd Watch articles due 10AM & 11AM 6:30 PC COUNCIL 22 23 24 25 26 HIGHLIGHTS 27 1PM Stitch & Quilt 9:30AM BIBLE 7PM Siltation Mtg 29 STUDY AVAILABLE 9AM-11AM 7PM HLPOA 30 May 2 7PM Women’s 1PM Stitch & Quilt 7PM Lake Cmte SPRING Bible Study CLEAN CITY OPs MTG BIKE ’N HIKE May 1 GARAGE SALE 7pm A & E Cmte May 3 May 4 9:30AM BIBLE STUDY SPRING SPRING GARAGE SALE GARAGE SALE 7PM Women’s Bible Study

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