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BPM - Newsletter summary FIRST ISSUE

Published by bogdanaceraceanu, 2016-06-28 16:50:40

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NEWS letter01 / H1 2016 BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT GBI, PRM & Analytics The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. Malcolm X10 months ago a group of passionate people about BI embarked on an exciting journey to set the foundation for a new company, anew team, a new reporting experience for our stakeholders … I am extremely happy to see that during this time we became aTEAM, built relationships with our stakeholders and left our imprint on HP Inc's BI environment.Everything is changing around us, from the recent announcement of the CRM Migration (from SFDC to Microsoft Dynamics) to theEDW TSA Exit program (which will redesign the BI architecture landscape), so we are embracing this opportunity to revolutionizethe BI sales & marketing and overall business performance environment!Stay tuned to hear more about the great things we are working on! Teodora Rada, GBI BPM Manager When looking back to all these months i see times full of exciting adventures, challenges, difficulties to surpass but most of all a great team. I see a rainbow since in BI we have so many cultures, countries, experiences, backgrounds. But most of all we have a team full of HEARTS. Please join us in our endeavors passed and yet to come and stay tuned, we have lots of great NEWS to share !!! Bogdana Ceraceanu , Strategy & Planning

SUMMARYPOPcRoromTjepFclOetstLewdIeO, PROCESSES TECHNOLOGY PEOPLE TRAININGS & & & projects we still work on, future QUALITY BAU EVENTS plana … page Numbers in briefNumbers in brief Numbers in brief Numbers in brief Numbers in brief Page 2Page 2 Page 2 Page 2 Page 2Want to know Planners? Want to see how Abhik Meher, Back to school?more on D & A Registries? we are doing in Raluca Well …. Yes !Project, APJ BMD, Optimizing? TSA EDW Exit Mototolea, Page 7or ISR Reporting We love all Program? Georgiana CretuDashboard? those so We sure are What is with allDon’t be shy ! check it out ! busy ! those names?Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6Ongoing and Ongoing and Next to happen? Next steps? Next on the row?future projects? future planning There is only one Page 36 Page 7Sure we have, or optimizing way to find out !just take a look processes? Page 5Page 3 Nothing can stop us ! Page 4GUEST STARSThey supported us, they worked hard with us, they solved all issues and surpassed difficulties with us.Who?Page 8© Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

Our Numbers at a Glance for H1 FY16Portfolio Processes & Quality Technology & BAU People Trainings & eventsProjects Planners Maintenance Requisitions Delivered 11 completed out of 2 availability and support 20 project based 3 for New Comer Pack 25 active projects activity 15 QV dashboards positions opened 1 VBA workshop planners 1 SQL workshop / 12 closed 4 QV dev / non-dev 3 new 1 BAU average time 103 offline reports 2 team based 3 platforms trainingsdashboards launched setting tool positions opened Platform 4 dashboard roll-out 25 enhancements Inventory transformation / 1 hire finalized & key facts TSA EDW Exit trainings for existing New comers dashboards 1 registry for dashboards 27 deep dive 1 new requisition to SupportedOptimization and accesses sessions cover existing position 3 dashboard awareness 13 offline reports trainings 1 registry for stationery 46 Reports and 8 project based retired Attended orders and allocation dashboards 1 Agile, POWER BI,20% of 1 FTE saved analyzed 1 registry for accesses Hadoop / project based Delivery and memberships 1 management … 1… $352 M claims Data collection 15 features Awards & 1 template for 30 user stories recognitions, role submitted changes by newsletter data collection 2 career / roles changes HP partners76 SFDC cases processed40 1 342 7©CopyrighItS2R01T2DHteiwckleettt-sPackarddDaesvtheelbmooppmalraedntetkCefooymrfppaapcnttys., L.P. The information contained herceoinmispslteuabtsejekdcst to change without notice.processed presentation special awards

PORTFOLIO PPS APJ BUSINESS IN THE MAKING PPS EMEA ENS ACTUALS PERFORMANCE We are about to launch a new QlikView FORECAST DASHBOARD dashboard, which brings together telephony (Avaya) and Opportunities DASHBOARD As in WW BI many good things come as a (SFDC) data. Currently this is done via special offer, PPS APJ Performance (also offline reports, built individually andPPS EMEA ENS Actuals Forecast is, in fact, the generic known as PPS APJ BMD), is also hiding a then distributed via for 2 QlikView dashboards, differentiated by the group of three QlikView dashboards,security type and target audience. accessible through a single gateway Analysis, Development, UAT and user training forAlso known as ENS Dashboard, one of them was based on user’s access. the INSIDE SALES REPORTING DASHBOARD weredesigned to support the activity of EMEA PPS Business PC, Print and GSB are the three successfully closed and Warranty Period is dashboards, displaying weekly and scheduled to end by 31st of May.Analysts, Country BA’s and CEP Finance so they can Quarterly performance metrics, mainlyanalyze performance and drive the additional activities actuals, Finance data included – at PROJECT TEAM:needed to ensure countries will achieve sales goals. The country level. The metrics are available PM: Daniel Bozgan / Sridhar Narayanamoorthisecond one, aka Sales Reps Dashboard, supports Sales through such views as Sub Region – ARCHITECT: Suman P VManagement and Sales Reps community by displaying QTR, Sub Region Week, Sell-Thru and DEVS: Ramgopal Bollimuntha, Senthil Kumar Glatest updated information on sales funnel, pipeline and WW-Flash. Stakeholders: Joey Hah, Wei Yee Lee / APJ ISRactuals data. The dashboards have as target audienceFor both dashboards the users number and usage grows a very active and large region, APJ, and Q: Charles Artner, SFDC and QV walk in BI. Whatevery month thanks to a dedicated team from EMEA BI therefor enhancement projects are happens?and WW BI BPM. Data is constantly enriched by adding always on the plate for joined forces of A: A new dashboard starts being metrics, more granularity, new business logics PPS APJ, IT and WW BI teams.(Pipeline data at opportunity level, Quota – Finance / PPS One of those projects delivered for PC Another ambitious project is the EMEA DQMaster file, MPS TCV, Actuals both for direct & indirect and PRINT Dashboards 1 new tab, Dashboard. The QlikView dashboard is intendedbusiness, Actuals Omega, Actuals Supplies, mapping replacement of the old Initiatives KPI’s to be the automated and centralized replacementdata for account level information - PPS Master & NCRF), with the new Initiatives and changes in for the current pilot of the offline dashboard forall aiming to add more and more value to the business by QTR and QTD tabs. Newly added CEP. The declared scope is to walk along andoffering centralized and reliable reporting and also Summary Tab came with new chart support the efforts of increasing the SFDC usageeliminating waste such as time allocated to reports types such as Circular Gauge charts and data clean-up as well as the sales force itselfmaintained manually for example. (QTD information for Revenue, Order by providing accurate information based on which Load US$, Sell Thru US$), Bar and actions to be taken to reach company sales goals. Trend combo charts (Revenue vs Target Revenue and Gross Margin vs TargetD & A country reporting project (initially known as DACH) Gross Margin with a five quarters PROJECT TEAM:was one of the valuable initiatives the EMEA BI team had, history displayed), Water Fall chart PM: Bogdana Ceraceanu / Raluca Mototoleadeclared scope being to reduce local country reporting. (Order Load US$ and Sell Thru US$ with VERTICA Architect: Suman P VSeven requirements were delivered in this pilot project, weekly breakdown for current DEVS: Catalina Carabas, Veronica Pietreanuand roll-out to the rest of the countries is also in scope. quarter). BA: Cristina Dragnea/ EMEA BICountry teams thus moved from multiple reports created Stakeholder : Charles Artner / EMEA BIwithin local databases towards a centralized and flexible PROJECT TEAM and dashboards WHAT’S NEXT?solution. Sub PL for 2P (installed base versus new support:business), increase frequency to daily for indirect revenue PM: Bogdana Ceraceanu We will start working on 2 new releases for the PPSactuals, indirect shipment actuals for Printing and DEV: Sridhar Narayanamoorthi ENS Actuals Forecast Dashboards, meant to ensureComputing, additional sales org under country level are Stakeholders: Krish Pichandi and the H2 alignment to business changes and alsoonly a few of the enhancements delivered. Shankar Bora / APJ BI more granularity for revenue data.PROJECT TEAM and dashboards support:PM: Bogdana CeraceanuDEVS: Catalina Carabas and Veronica PietreanuBA: Cristina Badoiu and Thomas Stanke / EMEA BIInfrastructure teamSPECIAL THANKS TO: Jean Ramel and Tina Wihler / EMEABI,©foCrotphyeriigrhetn2e0r1g2yHaewnldetcto-PnasctkaanrdtDseuvpeplooprmtent Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.Stakeholders: Xavi Perez and Christian Novotny / EMEA BI Page 3

PROCESSES & QUALITY IN THE MAKING OPTIMIZATION Part of the PORTFOLIO FORUM OPTIMIZATION is also MOVE TO OPERATIONS another project As great ideas are always recognized in our team, currently ongoing,The idea to manage the QV dashboards within the Victor Marusic (our Optimization Lead), had the focused on SFDC.operations is not a new one. What is new is that we want initiative to also continue the OPTIMIZATIONto implement this process as a standard one, both for FORUM in HPI (Victor was a valuable member of BI PLAYBOOK is a very ambitiousnewly launched dashboards as well as for the existing this forum in former HPQ). project with 2 major components:ones. design a set of best practices for users and provide a good start upScope? Have a clear split between two types of activities – Scope? Increase automation, upgrade technologies by doing a general clean-up ofuser support and error fixing/development, and thus used and reduce actual time of refresh for the folders.easier to manage from time allocation perspective. offline reports portfolio. SFDC is acknowledged as a very powerful tool and our teamBenefits? Increase efficiency by reducing current slide of Benefits? Reduce time spent by our operational intends to align with otherdevelopers between error fixing - user support - new owners on manual refresh and redirect it to new projects aiming to increaserequirements or knowledge sharing, increase knowledge and valuable projects for the business. adoption and optimized usage,and offer new career path to our colleagues currently thus supporting sales strategies,assigned as operational owners, so increase the pool of How does the forum work? We create a list of demand generation, build clienthigh level trained professionals. priorities based on time of refresh and technology relationship and manage and get to work. opportunities in the most effectiveHow does MTO work? This process was included as way for both new and existingstandard step for QV dashboards maintenance (new Accomplishments? In the past 6 months we business.launched or existing ones). Each is assigned to a main succeeded to reduce the actual time of refresh with Stay close as there is a lot more toresponsible and a back-up as to ensure continuity and over 30 hours per month. Also we worked on share on this topicextra-volumes processing when needed. migrating the CEP offline reports from Access toOwnership for Level 1 / Level 2 Support: SQL which led to a total of 12 hours saved per PROJECT TEAM operational owners / Level 1 Support: maintains month (thank you Victor Marusic, Cristian Neacsu PM: Mariel Castaneda and Alin Dudau). SFDC Capability Lead: Julia relationship with the users, gathers and solves Rhomberg questions/errors within area of expertise or assigns FORUM MEMBERS OPTIMIZATION LEAD: Victor Marusic them to our own team members or external teams as PM/Optimization Lead : Victor Marusic EXECUTION: Asha Jayaprakash C per case and ensure supervision of fix delivery DEVELOPERS/OPS OWNERS: Cristian Neacsu, Alin developers & architects / Level 2 Support: errors fix Dudau, Sridhar A Narayanamoorthi, George Petcu WHAT’S within area of expertise and maintains relationship NEXT? with operational owners on status and details Did someone say CRM migration?Accomplishments? We already delivered Qlikview *Anyone from BI BPM can join the forum if driven Well, we already started planning.trainings (front-end and back-end) to our operational by the desire to learn and develop new skills and Just to let you know.owners and started trainings for specific dashboards as to also contribute to such activity impacting our As officially stated the new tool byprepare the handover. entire team and the business. Microsoft Dynamics is the go- forward CRM platform so this isThe first dashboard subject to MTO is the INSIDE SALES SILENT PLAN the second major TSA EXIT Project in which the BI BPM team is proudREPORTING DASHBOARD, who is about to be launched to Another great initiative we chose to continue, also to announce that we will bethe user community starting with June 1st. Trainings were thanks to Victor Marusic, is the SILENT PLAN. involved. Although its given name, we love to talk about it as Next step is setting plans in placedelivered to both level of supports and also it brings more optimization to our portfolio in terms with declared scope of assessingdocumentation. of constant scrutiny of reports not being used transition effort, measuring the impact, ramp up resourcing,*Detailed project plan and process will be communicated anymore and therefor obsoleted. Two reports were schedule and©eaCcohpysrtigahkte2h0o1l2dHeerw/ulestet-rPcaockmarmd uDneviteyloapms epnetrCMomTpOahnya,nLd.Po. vTehre stopped and 6 more are in WARRANTY PERIOD forplan. infotrmheatfioirnsctonwtaaivneed, hlaeureninchisesdubijnectFteobcrhuaanrgye.wMitahoinuttennoatincec.e Page 4 time for the offline reports was thus reduced and again time gained is now much better spent.

TECHNOLOGY & BAU IN THE MAKINGTSA EDW EXIT PROGRAMMore and more we here these days about the TSA EDW NE W TECHNOLOGIESTransformation Program. Now it has a brand newname , KAI, and lots of challenges to overcome. ……..KAI (“Ocean” in Japanese) will group all efforts to movecurrent EDW capabilities to the new BI landscape. ………. POWER BI DISCOVERY WHAT’S NEXT?© Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Page 5

PEOPLE AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS The inspiration as well as the dedication of our colleagues are very strong in our team. We are proud to see that their qualities are widely recognized.NEW COMERS So let’s see who won the Oscars and why ! IN THE MAKING CRISTINA CHIRIAC* forIn May we welcomed ABHIK MEHER as Our little army of minions, aka theReporting Developer. Abhik is not new to HP, CRISTIAN NEACSU for a quick ramp up to the role of dedicated colleagues to the TSAhe is with us from 8 years now and chose Capability Lead for ISR domain and Vertica, for being such a EDW EXIT Program, is still underour team as his next journey. He has fast learner, for his proactivity and the high quality support construction.experience in QV, SQL, MSBI, VBA offered to the end users. We still have 7 more positions to filldevelopment, process automation using SUMAN P V for his overall contribution to our projects up (4 in Guadalajara and 3 inExcel & Access and as domain experience in portfolio. As an experienced Architect he is always there to Bucharest) so currently interviewsSupply Chain and Sales Operations. He is a help, energetic and full of initiative, from the data model are ongoing process. Fingersvery enthusiastic person and anxious to design to functional architecture. In fact it is quite hard to crossed and a big thank you to alllearn, therefore he is already involved in 3 find a project in which he is not involved ! ENS Vertica MOON, our colleagues helping with that !projects ! EMEA DQ, Inside Sales Reporting to name only a few. (Teo Rada, Mihaela Tocitu, DanaGood luck Abhik !!!! ALIN DUDAU for the contribution to the OPTIMIZATION FORUM Stroescu, Victor Marusic, Cristian (11.7 hours saved per month for 5 reports), for the effective Neacsu, Mihai Lupa and BogdanaWe are very pleased to announce that now handling of production issues we ended up into during the Ceraceanu).we have our own little army of minions environment upgrade for Visual Studio for Reportingready to conquer the world !!!!! Or at least Services. And let’s not forget that the user community WHAT’S NEXT?the TSA EDW Exit program. continued to beneficiate of the same level of support.Targeted HC is 20 (15 in Bucharest and 5 in VICTOR MARUSIC for his overall contribution to the team – We have 5 new colleagues joiningGuadalajara), of which 8 joined until end of from leading the OPTIMIZATION FORUM and the OFFLINE soon (part of already famous TSAMay. REPORTS SILENT PLAN, to developing new tools for usage EDW EXIT Program) and one joiningMeet in the order of appearance and roles: measurement, taking over orphan reports and designing and in the regular team to cover anas PMs - RENATO BARDA, RALUCA sustaining Excel/SQL/QV trainings and workshops for GBI BI open position left empty when oneMOTOTOLEA and OVIDIU RAUCA, as as well as for the other teams. of our developers left the team.Reporting Analysts - ALEXANDRU Want to know who they are? ThenGHEORGHE, GEORGE PETCU, GEORGIANA stay tuned !!!CRETU and DENISA ICLEANU, as ReportingDeveloper - SIMONA COJANU. All of them are Page 6located in Bucharest Hub. CAREER MOVES VERONICA PIETREANU for the critical contribution to the migration of the ENS MOON DB from SQL to Vertica, while navigating through a totally new technology & managing the Sometimes great discrepancies between 2 different environments, each with challenges lie in pretty its own behavior, and, at the same time, continuing to ordinary looking things. provide quality support and continuity for the end user Like the change of role community of the EMEA EnS Dashboards. CRISTIAN NEACSU did, from Reporting Analyst to Capability Lead. BOGDANA CERACEANU for managing several roles at the same time: PM, Strategy & Planning, BI Bucharest HUB Lead -His full potential showed up fast proving he running activities & logistics for the local team. Also forwas a great choice ! Not only he learnt veryquick (see also Awards section) but now he is taking over the coordination of the EnS MOON DB migration and driving it to success in a record time together with mixeda key member in the TSA EDW EXIT Program. team members from GBI BI BPM and EMEA PPS IT.CAon©ndgCtorhapatyurnilgkahsttio2T0ne1oC2rHfisoetrwialyentot!u-PractkaalrednDteivnelosppmoetntitnCgompany,*L.CP.urTrheenintlfyorsmhaetioisnvalue !!! contained herein is subject to change without notice. no longer part of HP. But, nevertheless, the results still remain.

TRAINING & EVENTS NEW COMER PACK IN THE MAKINGThe training program was always an important aspect in BI as we want our teams to be not only well prepared in The PPS ENS ACTUALS FORECASTtheir dedicated area but also aware of the business they bring their contribution to. The entire BI worked SALES REPS Dashboard roll-out tohard to design and prepare a more-than-welcome pack for new comers, simply named NEW COMER PACK. countries continues with new salesThe new pack of trainings also brings the novelty of the audience. Although its name, not only new comers reps communities added to thewere invited to these sessions, but also the existing team members in the idea that either they might want training schedule. We will visita refresh/recap either they did not attend at all such sessions due to various reasons. IBERIA, MEMA and CEE & I so we areWas this new approach the right one? We definitely think so !!! The participation and active involvement of already busy like a bee !!!!the target audiences were great and proved that once in a while a refresh of information is welcome. So far the usage of the dashboard has increased significantly for theVictor Marusic (SQL Basics), Asha Jayaprakash C (Reporting in SFDC), Manikandan Anandan (Basics of already trained countries so we areMarketing) are the first of our team who joined the NEW COMER PACK training series led by BI teams. Not very motivated.only they were the presenters, but they in fact designed new support presentations with HPI specific andenriched information on the business processes and tools used. WHAT’S NEXT? REGULAR TRAININGS DASHBOARDS RELATED The NEW COMER PACK adventures AND WORSKHOPS / TRAININGS continues. Want to know more on TOOLS the training subjects and areas to Having 15 QV dashboards in our portfolio is quite impressive, be covered in June? Then stay closeOur team is constantly delivering don’t you think? But along with pride comes also the !!!!trainings, either on demand either as responsibility. That’s why we have an ongoing trainingsupport for needs identified within program, on demand basis, to support end-users (existing or Page 7various projects we run or BAU (business new ones), new comers in BI teams,as usual) activities, targeted audiencebeing teams from inside and outside BI. For the new INSIDE SALES REPORTING Dashboard which is about to be launched the project team delivered trainings toOur colleague Victor Marusic, the target users and also to all developers and operationalOptimization Lead, is an experienced and owners in our team. Sridhar Narayanamoorthi (PM), Suman Ptalented trainer covering SQL, Excel and V (Architect), Ramgopal Bollimuntha and Senthil Kumar GVBA topics and delivered several session (Developers) designed the dashboard documentation as wellacross H1. as the training materials and presented the new solution to the mixed audience.Cristina Chiriac*, QlikView expert, EMEA BI has amongst its projects one aiming to roll-out thedelivered constant trainings for PPS ENS ACTUALS FFRECAST SALES REPS Dashboard to adevelopers and non-developers on larger audience and also to raise awareness among existingfront-end and back-end of this tool. ones. We did our best to support this strategic initiative so we learned French, Italian and Nordic languages (GWE). No, we’re* Currently she is no longer part of HP. But, kidding, we didn’t go as far as to that, but we did support ournevertheless, the results still remain. colleagues Thomas Stanke and Cristina Badoiu (acting as trainers) with organization and training materials.EVENTSBucharest and Bangalore HUBS hosted COFFEE TALKS and visits from high management team from wherewe had the chance to find out where we stand as a company, more on the strategy and important updateson products portfolio and projects.Fro©mCoMpyaryigh1t62t0h1t2oHMewaleytt2-P0atchkGarudaDdevaellaojpamraenht Coosmtepadnyt,hLe.P.HTPheWinAfoYrmWaEtioEnKc.oInttawinaesd haerweieneisksufubjlelcot tfomchaansgseivweithtroauitnniontgicse.,talks, games and activities meant to transmit the HP values, learn about the company, the opportunitiesand the impact of HP in the world.

GUEST STARS This section is dedicated to special colleagues from other teams with whom we had the honor to collaborate and who are constantly supporting us, making the impossible possible, always ready to help and overcome any challenge we might have. Nothing is too heavy and nothing can stop them when helping deliver great projects !Our brave doc admins BRIAN RODRIGUEZ, PALANI S, KARINAALFARO and ARUN KUMAR A V from the BI Customer Intelligenceteam for helping with the MTI / MTP process. Nothing is too hardfor them, they just get it done !They are patient, eager to solve no matter what the challenge isand they are always by our side. PABLO BUTRON, SARKUNAN HARIKRISHNAN, MAHESH KUMAR and SUHAS S from PPS EMEA IT team for all the energy and dedication shown throughout the challenging journey of Vertica MOON project. They did incredible efforts, especially that we were all working with a totally new technology, so challenges and surprises were in the daily menu. They didn’t give up and always kept positive.THOMAS STANKE, CRISTINA BADOIU and JEAN RAMEL from theEMEA BI Infrastructure team for dedicated work on ENSDashboards, from projects to support for end users. No dataextract is too big, no metrics to stop them !They never give up, no mountain of extracts to check sets themaback.© Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Page 8

© Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

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